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Understanding and addressing the voice of the customer is critical for businesses to remain successful in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Businesses must consider their customers’ perspectives in order to create seamless and personalized experiences that foster loyalty and drive growth. 

In this article, we’ll look at the key statistics that show the value of customer feedback and the impact of the customer voice on businesses in 2023.

Market statistics

1- ~85% of marketers agree that customer satisfaction is an essential part of company success.

2- 75% of CEOs acknowledge the importance of customer feedback analysis in business growth.

3- Only %14 of marketers say their strongest capability is customer experience.

4-  ~90% of companies regularly use online surveys to collect customer feedback (See Figure 1).

Source: Statista

Figure 1. Methods companies use to measure the voice of the customer

5- Companies can only hear 4% of their customers’ voices.


Use their survey participant recruitment service to reach your target audience.

Be able to assign unique survey links to each survey participant

Acquire relevant customer data with ease.

Leverage human intelligence to accurately determine customer sentiment

Enhance the value of your website

Appeal to your most respected customers.

Watch their short video clip to get a grasp of their survey participant recruitment services:

7- A Gartner report shows that LinkedIn is the top source in organic social marketing for B2B content marketers.

8- The top challenge marketers face is to build confidence in customer purchases.

B2B customer statistics

Source: Marketing Charts

Figure 2. Top decision influencers according to B2B buyers

9- 90% of B2B buyers say they would buy from a competitor if the company’s digital channels did not meet their needs.

10- 57% of CEOs prefer to be called through the phone.

12- The most influential factor in choosing a vendor is how authentic their services/products are.

123- Successful brand awareness is achieved through emotional strategies rather than rational ones (See Figure 3).

Source: LinkedIn Ads Blog

Figure 3. Emotional vs rational strategies in B2B marketing

14- Marketing functions that are adaptable are likely to see stronger customer satisfaction (CSAT) and retention (See Figure 4).

Source: Gartner

Figure 4. The correlation between customer satisfaction and the level of adaptability

15- More than 90% of B2B buyers read product or service reviews before any purchases.

B2C customer statistics

16- 78% of customers make purchases based on service quality (See Figure 5).

Source: Statista

Figure 5. Factors influencing buying decisions

17- Less than half of customers state that they are satisfied with the services/products provided by companies. 

18- In the U.S., the customer satisfaction rate was around ~73% in Q4 2023.

19- For every satisfied customer, there are 26 dissatisfied customers.

20- A recent study shows that ~75% of customers consider customer experience one of the most significant factors influencing purchasing decisions.

21-  ~55% of companies think that they fail to cover all the needs of customers. 

23- Personalized experience is a must for 70% of customers.

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Blockchain Statistics – Why Blockchain Matters In 2023

Not everyone believes blockchain technology is the future, and these concerns shouldn’t be taken lightly. If blockchain tech isn’t adapted as a widely used standard, it won’t be useful enough to stick around in the long term. Here are the biggest reasons why it might eventually fail.

Blockchain uses a lot of resources

Just one bitcoin transaction takes an amount of power equal to what the average American household uses in a month. Replacing Visa transactions with a bitcoin transaction increases the carbon emissions by a factor of roughly 1.78 million, according to Digiconomist. One bitcoin transaction is also estimated to be equal to the carbon footprint of more than 130,000 hours of watching Youtube. These costs will increase with time, too.

Just one bitcoin transaction takes an amount of power equal to what the average American household uses in a month.

The total annualized carbon footprint of all bitcoin back in 2023 was 68.98 Mt CO2, or about the same as the country of Israel, while the annual electrical energy was 145.21 TWh, comparable to the power consumption of Ukraine, and the total annual electronic waste was 7.08 kt, or about the same as that of Luxembourg.

Switching to renewable energy can reduce carbon emissions while maintaining the same energy consumption. Lowering the amount of bitcoin mining through local regulation can also help, as China has shown: The country dropped from 75.5% of the power used for bitcoin mining globally in September 2023 to just 46% in April 2023. But even impressive measures have limits, and as bitcoin use grows, that environmental impact grows with it.

Difficult to scale

The more nodes that join a blockchain network, like a bitcoin network, the slower that network becomes. The records (also called blocks) have built-in limits on size and frequency of use. How slow? Bitcoin can manage 4.6 transactions per second currently, compared to a centralized system like Visa, which can do 1,700 transactions per second.

Bitcoin can manage 4.6 transactions per second, while Visa can do 1,700 transactions.

There are some adjustments that could help blockchain networks scale up to an extent — for instance, bitcoin’s block size is set to 1MB right now, but could be reset as high as 4MB, and block generation time can also be decreased — but there’s no fix that can get rid of the hard limits surrounding blackchain scalability.

Backend isn’t 100% secure

Blockchain enables total transparency, which gives users transactional integrity. So why isn’t it totally secure? Well, blockchain needs to work with other, less secure software, and hackers can get into the backend of an implementation system: Hackers successfully stole $460 million from one bitcoin exchange site in 2010 with this method.

Opportunistic fraudsters are a concern

Those operating behind the scenes might not be trustworthy, either. Some cryptocurrencies have already collapsed due to fraud: Centra coin was one, with more than $25 million raised in order to go public in 2023 with an initial coin offering (ICO), until the cofounders were arrested by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for fraud. One cofounder has been sentenced to eight years for the debacle.

It’s worth noting that the FBI owns 1.5% of the world’s total bitcoins — this doesn’t mean they’ll be able to track them or prevent fraud, but it’s a sign that governmental powers aren’t looking the other way when it comes to cryptocurrency.

A built-in security flaw: the majority attack

The “majority attack” is one major flaw built into how blockchain works: It refers to the fact that if a group of attackers can gain the majority of control over a blockchain (owning 51% or more), they will be able to control the distributed ledger and confirm fraudulent actions as if they were secure transactions. This is possible because the tech uses a consensus model rather than a single arbiter.

Granted, it’s unlikely that a majority attack will ever happen, given the huge amount of coordination required, but it’s an upsetting potential security hole given that it can never be prohibited.

It can be inefficient and complex to set up

Small operations setting up bitcoin technology will face a few challenges, such as the bitcoin ledger, which can easily take up hundreds of gigabytes and grows in size with every update. Larger operations will face additional cost items including: hiring web developers, managing a team of blockchain specialists, and licensing fees for a software solutions.

All that can add up quickly, reducing the financial benefits that blockchain tech can bring in to a business.

Blockchain Case Studies

Normality Test In Minitab: Minitab With Statistics

Normality is a key notion in statistics that is employed in a variety of statistical procedures. The normality test determines whether or not data follows a normal distribution. A normal distribution is a symmetric bell−shaped curve around its mean. Because approaching normality occurs spontaneously in many physical, biological, and social measuring circumstances, the normal distribution is the most frequent statistical distribution. Many statistical studies demand data from regularly distributed populations.

Minitab may be used to run a normality test. Minitab has statistical tools that make it simple to do statistical computations. Let’s look at how to do a normalcy test in Minitab.

What Exactly is a Normality Test?

Also known as the Anderson−Darling Test, a normality test is a statistical test that assesses whether or not a data set is regularly distributed. A normal distribution is often known as a “Bell Curve.” Which tests or functions can be used with a given data set are determined by whether the distribution is normal.

How to Perform a Normality Test on Minitab?

Before beginning any statistical analysis of the provided data, it is critical to determine if it follows a normal distribution. If the presented information has a normal distribution, you may utilize parametric tests (test of means) to do additional statistical analysis. If the submitted data does not have a normal distribution, you must perform non−parametric testing (test of medians). Parametric tests are more powerful than non−parametric tests. Checking the normalcy of the presented data becomes much more critical as a result.

Make a hypothesis − A smart technique to begin any statistical study is to write the hypothesis. The null hypothesis for the normality test is “Data follows a normal distribution,” whereas the alternative view.

Be careful that the name of the selected data will appear on the “Variable” tab.

Also, remember that “Anderson−Darling” is already checked under “Tests for Normalcy.” The most often used Normality test is the Anderson −Darling. As a result, the default selection of Tests for Normality in Minitab is “Anderson−Darling.”

Recognize the p−value shown in the Normal Probability Plot − A normal probability plot will emerge on the screen.

Please check if the p−value indicated in the normal probability plot is more than or less than 0.05.

Assume the outcomes − If we fail to reject the null hypothesis, as indicated in the drafting phase, the inference will be “Data follows a normal distribution.” If the null hypothesis is rejected, the conclusion will be “Data does not follow a normal distribution.” Let us now connect the p−value to the written thesis.

Do not reject the null hypothesis if the p−value is larger than 0.05 − The null hypothesis is not rejected if the p−value found in the normal probability plot is more than 0.05. As a result, the conclusion is “Data follows a normal distribution.

If the p−value is less than 0.05, reject the null hypothesis− We leave the null hypothesis if the p−value in the normal probability plot is less than 0.05. As a result, the conclusion is “Data does not follow a normal distribution.”

Graphical Methods

A histogram of the sample data can be compared against a normal probability curve as an informal method of assessing normality. The data’s empirical distribution (the histogram) should be bell−shaped and similar to the normal distribution. If the sample size is tiny, this may not be easy to observe. In this scenario, regressing the data against the quantiles of a normal distribution with the same mean and variance as the sample could be appropriate. A lack of fit to the regression line indicates a deviation from normalcy (see Anderson Darling coefficient and Minitab).

The normal probability plot, a quantile−quantile plot (QQ plot) of the standardized data versus the standard normal distribution, is a graphical tool for testing normality. The correlation between the sample data and normal quantiles (a measure of goodness of fit), in this case, indicates how well a normal distribution describes the data. The dots depicted in the QQ plot for normal data should fall roughly on a straight line, suggesting a high positive correlation. These charts are simple to read and have the added benefit of highlighting outliers.

Back-of-the-envelope Test

The 68−95−99.7 rule states that a normal distribution will underestimate the maximum magnitude of deviation if it contains a three event (properly, a 3s event) and substantially fewer than 300 samples or a 4s event, especially rarer than 15,000 samples. A simple back−of−the−envelope test uses the sample maximum and minimum to compute its z−score, or more appropriately, t−statistic.

A Normality Test Example

A processed food manufacturer’s scientist attempts to determine how much fat is included in the company’s bottled sauce. 15% is the stated percentage. In 20 random samples, the scientist calculates the proportion of fat.

Before conducting a hypothesis test, the scientist wishes to confirm the validity of the assumption of normalcy.

Describe the Findings

The fitted normal distribution line and the data points are rather close. The p−value is higher than the 0.05 threshold of significance. As a result, the scientist cannot prove that the data do not follow a normal distribution.

Emerging Trends Of Content Marketing In 2023

In 2023, content marketing was characterized by swift changes in strategy and agility of the brand. Likewise, in 2023, brands with higher adaptability and agility will likely succeed. Content creates brand awareness, demand, and conversion when its created tactfully.

So how can you create content that’s apt for your brand? Following are the emerging trends in content marketing that can help your brand to grow lucratively in 2023.

Topical Authority will Substitute Keyword Research

How well are you aware of the subjects that you create content about? Google will primarily emphasize the depth of expertise compared to other factors, such as link building. Backlinking was once the primary factor in developing authority in the SEO-verse, but subject expertise is now becoming more important.

The Content must Provide Value

Customers engage with a variety of content daily, meaning they will become particular about where their attention goes. Hopefully, we will experience the end of gated content for everything but the best and most authentic research.

The cycle of giving away emails for half-baked e-books and guides is over. Users will refrain from sharing their personal information in exchange for mediocre and invaluable content, so brands need to provide insightful and value-driven content immediately.

Original and Well-Researched Content will be Popular

The Internet has become a sea of content; it can be difficult for brands to differentiate by producing unique and original content. Blogs with original research and content are likely to get featured on google because of their unique selling proposition and originality.

The field of content marketing is incredibly monopolized by influencers and thought leaders; however, they are exactly unhelpful in determining what works and what doesn’t in the ever-transforming digital landscape of google.

Whereas original research gives you profound information into what industry professionals and startups are doing, whether it is beneficial or deteriorating. As companies are likely to seek ways to help customers, they can reach out to established influencers in the content marketing industry to help create original and well-researched content.

Content must become Engaging and More Interactive

In 2023, the content must grasp the user’s attention. Otherwise, they won’t engage with it, which would not convert the interaction into sales. To convert more, the brands must create interactive content. Users are looking for content that ignites an emotional response, maybe laugh and relish in aha moments when they have successfully found the answer to their query.

Creating engaging and interactive content will become more critical, especially as B2B brands continue to practice the marketing strategies of B2C companies.

Pro-Tip: Make sure your content has a jovial tone, relatable memes, and funny GIFs, and there you have a highly engaged audience.

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Top 10 Best Software Companies in India

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Though you cannot use the content for high-quality blog posts, SEO spammers will start adopting this AI tool for massively producing content to increase the noise in search engine results pages.

Although, creating high-quality and in-depth content won’t be possible with the current capabilities of AI software. But it is a future that all content marketers should be ready for.

User Experience is Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

When creating content, especially SEO content, many content marketers focus on catering the google’s requirements, but google will be catering much more to its consumers. Rather than optimizing for keywords, google will emphasize user experience to create a more user-friendly and delightful web.

Content Templates are The Future

Before progressing and performing another task, we humans like to reflect retrospectively on how our competitors have done it before us. D2C brands emphasize using how-to guides and explainer videos for their products. B2B companies use demo templates. Another way is to use template libraries.

The Launch of Google’s Core Web Vitals

Google’s emphasis on user experience will stretch to more than just making alterations to their search algorithm and hoping brands will adapt. Core Web Vitals will have a greater impact on the search results.

Core Web Vitals reports are easily available in Google Search Console and illustrate how your pages perform based on real-world usage data, also known as field data. Brands can use these reports to direct the content marketers on pages that need to be fixed so that they are adequately prepared once the alterations are made.

Google constantly updates its search algorithm, but with these reports, brands have a way of continually monitoring and evaluating what is happening on the pages instead of just relying on the traffic reports or waiting until the traffic has reduced.


Content Marketing is a growing field, and only those who are well-versed in the updates made by google are likely to remain successful because the search algorithm and criteria keep changing. So, there you have it. What other content marketing trends do you think SEO experts will experience in 2023? Comment below.

C# Certification Course (24 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About C# Programming Certification Course

Course Name Online C# Programming Course Bundle

Deal You get access to both the 24 courses, Projects. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 111 Video Hours

Core Coverage A comprehensive guide to learning one of the best and popular programming language C#

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone who is serious about C# programming languages and wants to make a career in web development

Pre-Requisites A basic idea of programming, passion to learn and apply

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 24courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/LinkedIn profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

System Requirement 2 GB RAM

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online C# Certification Course Curriculum



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


This course is intended to introduce C# programming language to develop well-documented programs. This course provides knowledge of how features of .Net are used in developing applications with OOPS concepts also.


Students will be able to gain:

Knowledge of creating, compiling programs and features of C# for beginners.

Provides the knowledge of structure and models of C# programming language.

Introduction to .Net frameworks that can be applied for windows applications, order management systems, tracking management, etc.

It also provides knowledge of how C# is an object-oriented language with the OOPs features like inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation which are applied in implementation.

Course Highlights

This course helps you to learn and easily code and run the C# programs which help for beginners to learn this course from scratch.

This course helps you to learn about Async and Await features in C#.

This course also will provide you to upgrade your skills to new features of C #.

In this course, chúng tôi in C# which helps to develop windows applications with hands-on projects and examples to make it understand better.

In this course, you will also learn Visual Basic scripts which will help you in hands-on projects. VB script is the small version of Visual Basic which is a client-side scripting language that will be helpful to develop web pages.

This course provides you with case studies on Java versus .net to understand what the differences are and when to use .net and Java. This also includes a hands-on project to understand it. As .net works only on the version of windows but Java can work on any operating system.

Project Highlights

In this course, firstly after understanding the concepts of .Net and C# you will be given a project order management system which is a system for automating and streaming the orders for business purposes. In this, you will learn how and which database is used with ODBC concepts.

Another project similar to the above is a fever tracking system. This system will track the records of the body temperature of adults or children with this app. It will notify the parents or guardians about the high fever.

In this course, you will have a project to develop an app for kids play zone which is done using C#, SQL database, and chúng tôi In this chúng tôi is a framework that interacts with data in the database which means it allows connecting to database or data.

In this course, you will have other projects like Restaurant management for managing the table booking for people, Rainfall measurement system to measure or predict the rain for upcoming years, conference room booking, online room booking, etc.

In this course, you will also work on projects to develop applications for color weigh scaling, calls management solutions, etc.

This course also helps you develop Holiday list web services in which you will get a list of holidays of all countries which includes national and public holidays all these data will be stored in the database and the app will be connected to it.

In this, you will also have one project using VB scripts to develop a website for product listing.

Certificate of Completion

What is C# Programming Language?

C# is a programming language that is general-purpose, functional, declarative, object-oriented, component-based. It was designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation. It of strong, static and dynamic typing discipline. It supports common language infrastructure platform. It was standardized by ISO and ECMA standard bodies. It belongs to family of C Programming language and its related features. It first appeared in the year 2000. It was licensed under dual General Public License and CLR etc. It was influenced by C++, Java, Pascal, Haskell, etc. The C# programming language was developed based on the other programming languages such as Java, C++, Pascal, and few other object-oriented based programming languages.

The set of skills those which are obtained after completing this C# course are C# Programming, Async, Await, chúng tôi Windows Application, Structure of C# Program, Variables, Operators, Conditional Constructs, Looping Constructs, Arrays, OOPS, Working with Methods and Abstraction, etc.

There are also other skills that can be acquired upon completion of this C# training are such as Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Static and Dynamic, Unary, op Overload, Dynamipoly, Streamreader, Binary Io, Trycatch, Custom Exception, Multi-Threading, Operator Overloading and Indexers etc.

This C# training certification is very useful for the prospective Data Analyst, C# chúng tôi Developer, chúng tôi Software Developer, Dot Net Developer, Software Engineer, Software Programmer, Application Developer, System Engineer, etc. in larger organizations to develop the web-based applications along with .NET or any other frameworks by using web application framework tools and frameworks like Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual Basic or Visual C++, etc.


Target Audience

C# Developer Tester or chúng tôi Software Developer: The learners of this C# course will be able to learn several concepts of C# programming, .NET framework and its relative framework components from the contents of this course which will further enhance the learners’ career growth as a Data Analyst, Data Analyst, C# Developer, .Net Developer, chúng tôi Software Developer, Dot Net Developer, Software Engineer, Software Programmer, Application Developer, System Engineer, Team Leader, chúng tôi Web Developer, etc. This C# course can be chosen as it has good career opportunities in the area of web development currently.

Bachelors or Masters in Engineering or any other technical streams: Any Bachelor or Master Degree holder in Engineering or any technical field can choose this Edu CBA – C# training certification to become a .NET Engineer or C# Developer or chúng tôi Developer in any web applications-based development or Microsoft technologies related Developer roles in the larger companies.

FAQs- General Questions Why should a learner opt for this C# course? I don’t have expertise in Engineering or Computers or C# related programming, is this C# course a good option for my career?

YES, this C# certification is still a good option for your career to choose without any programming knowledge as well, but this course can be easily mastered and does not need any pre-requisites of programming basics or C# programming knowledge. Any learner who is interested in learning .NET or C# concepts can opt for this course. This course can be easily mastered because of the high comprehensive content which is in more detail about the C# and .NET framework.

Will this course add any value to the learners’ profession?

Yes. this course will add greater value to the learners’ profession and profile in terms of the .NET Web Development and C# Programming to the learners’ career including verifiable certifications from EDUCBA that is of greater benefit in obtaining further career roles.

Is this quick resolution for job interview preparation or any other exam preparation to learn this C# course?

Career Benefits

This C# training is a package of 4 online courses for the C# programming to develop the web applications using .NET or Visual Basic programming constructs by using OOPS concepts and related tools and frameworks related to Microsoft and its core concepts with hands-on content.

There are also other benefits to a career upon choosing this course such as the C# course certification which has also been a part of the learners’ profile as a verifiable qualification.


Proper Guide


Claudio Santo Longo

Review of Course


Josip Babic

Course on Intermediate to Advanced C#


Ryan McDonald

Online C# Programming

This is a great C# Training Certification for someone starting with C# including good overviews from basic programming ideals to a nice OOP overview covering all the basics. A bit slowly spoken if you’re already a programmer but then with a speed plug-in for your browser it works OK and the C# Certification is split nicely so you can just go straight to any topic you want a refresher on.

Jeffrey Crewe-Brown

C Sharp Advanced – Review


Patrice Roux

How To Add Voice Control To All Of Your Smart Home Devices

Our homes are getting smarter all the time, thanks largely to popularity of smart speakers like Alexa.

And if you’re one of the many people with a Google Home or Amazon Echo on your mantle or kitchen counter, you’ve got the capabilities for easy voice command of all kinds of smart home gadgets.

As long as your smart home kit is confirmed as compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit, you can add voice control. Here’s how to go about it.

Voice control support

Don’t get rid of your original app. David Nield

No matter what type of smart home gadget you buy for your home, it’ll usually come with a mobile app of its own. This app will let you do things like control the device from your phone and set up automated routines. When a piece of hardware is also labeled as compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit, that means you can add voice control to your smart device. In other words, you can tell Alexa to turn off the lights in the kitchen from your bed.

Going through the process doesn’t make the original app bundled with your smart lightbulb redundant, it just gives you another way to control it. The provided app will always give you more features and options, but Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit let you use a variety of smart home devices together. You can even combine smart home kits from different manufacturers, or set up your devices to work with more than one smart assistant. In the guides below we’ll assume you’ve already got your smart device up and running and working with its own app.

Adding devices to Google Assistant

The Google Home app. David Nield

The key to connecting smart home devices to Google Assistant is the Google Home app, which you can download for free to your phone for Android or iOS. If you’ve previously set up a Google Home speaker or a Chromecast, you might already have it installed. Assuming you’ve already set up the smart home device you’re adding using the app that came with it, from the front screen of the Google Home app choose Add, then Set up device, then Have something already set up?

Next, you get a list of partner accounts that can connect to the Google Assistant—everything from Philips Hue (smart lights) to Ecobee (smart thermostats). Tap the brand name that matches the device you want to control and log in using your account credentials. Your devices should appear.

Once you’ve got the list of third-party devices, the next screen will add them to a specific room. This means that, for example, you can tell Google Assistant to “turn off the lights in the bedroom” and all the bedroom lights are switched off instantly. After you’ve added an account (like Philips Hue or Ecobee), new devices added to those accounts should show up in the Google Home app automatically, so you can add them to a room.

With your devices added to Google Assistant and the Google Home app, you can control them through the app by tapping on them and their options, or use your voice within earshot of Google Assistant (on your phone or via a smart speaker). You can refer to them by name (“turn the Ecobee up to 68”) or by room (“turn on all the lights in the study”).

Adding devices to Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa app. David Nield

Amazon Alexa’s process is similar, only this time you’re using the Alexa app for Android or iOS instead. Once you’ve got your smart home device set up and configured using its own app, head into the Alexa app on your phone or tablet.

Tap Devices, then All Devices, then the Plus icon (top right), and Add Device. Pick the brand of your smart home device at the top, or use the categories underneath to find it. If it’s not listed, then it might not be supported by the Amazon Alexa platform. You’ll need to add the necessary Alexa skill when prompted and log in to the third-party account.

With all the account connecting completed, tap Discover devices to do exactly that—you should then see the smart device. You’ll be asked to assign the new device to a room, which is necessary if you want to control your devices in groups. If you later add more smart home hardware from the same brand, go through the discovery process again, minus the account connection stage.

After that’s done, you’re ready to go: Your smart home devices will appear in the Alexa app and can be controlled from there with a tap, or via Alexa voice commands if an Amazon Echo speaker is in range. For smart lights, for example, you could say “turn the study light on” or “set the study light to 50 percent.” Check the instructions that came with your device for all of the options.

Adding devices to Apple HomeKit

The Apple HomeKit app. David Nield

Finally, you can also add devices to Apple HomeKit and control them via Siri voice commands. In the Home app that comes pre-installed on iOS, tap the Plus button (top right), then pick Add Accessory. If the device packaging has a wireless symbol on it, you can hold your iPhone or iPad close to it while it’s powered on, otherwise you need to scan the HomeKit setup code on the device itself.

With that done, the Home app should recognize what you’re trying to add and begin the integration process. The subsequent screens let you add specific accessories to specific rooms for easier control, and ask you to add devices to your list of favorites, which appear on the front screen of the Home app.

Depending on the device you’re trying to add, you might have to do a little bit of extra setup inside the third-party app that came with your device. For Philips Hue smart lights, for example, you need to open up the Siri voice control option in Settings to make the connection.

With everything connected, your devices appear in the Home app, so you can (for instance) turn smart plugs or smart lights on or off with a tap of your finger. If you want to use Siri instead, use a command like “turn the bedroom plug off” or “turn the study lights on” to get your smart home devices to respond.

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