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3 Best Browsers To Watch Sonyliv On Your Devices When paired with a top-notch browser, SonyLIV is stunning




The best browser to watch SonyLIV on many devices should have wide compatibility and syncing features.

Browsers with built-in adblocker and VPN or those that use the extensions offer great value for SonyLIV.

Data security and privacy should both be top of what you consider in any browser for streaming purposes.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

SonyLIV is a popular over-the-top streaming platform for watching quality shows and programs. It has made a name for itself in streaming the most-followed events, as it is used to watch the Champions league online on PC, among other programs.

While it has a mobile app that you can download on the various app stores, it still does not have a PC version. This leaves users only the option of using the online version on browsers.

Thankfully, the web version of SonyLIV is stunning in itself. When paired with an equally top-notch browser, the result is a lightning-fast, high-quality stream with no lag.

This guide contains the three best browsers you can use to watch SonyLIV on different devices.

Can I watch SonyLIV on my laptop?

SonyLIV does not have a laptop app that you can download. However, there are two methods you can use to watch Sony LIV TV shows on your PC.

One way is to use an Android Emulator to use the mobile app. Another effective method we recommend is watching the web version streaming platform on your browser.

How many devices can use SonyLIV?

The number of devices that can use Sony Liv TV depends on the type of subscription. Some support just a single device; some are two, and the list continues.

To know the number of devices, you can use, make sure to read what your subscription package has to offer before committing to it.

What are the best browsers for SonyLIV?

Opera One is undoubtedly the best browser to watch SonyLIV on any device. This is thanks to its built-in feature allowing you to access the website anywhere. 

SonyLIV only works in India and on another website in the United States. To access it from other locations, you need to use a VPN, which is one of the built-in features of Opera One.

Other features:

Highly secure

Built-in anti-tracking and anti-phishing feature

Simple and clean interface

Built-in AI

Opera One

The VPN and the ad-blocker can significantly increase the quality of streaming SoyLIV.

Free Download Visit website

Google’s default browser is the biggest fish in the pond industry, and it is not surprising that it features on this list. It is one of the best browsers to watch SonyLIV, thanks to its availability on almost all devices.

Expert tip:

Other features:

Intuitive interface

Standard security

Fast browsing speed

⇒ Get Chrome

The default browser for Mac and iOS devices is unsurprisingly ideal for watching SonyLIV on those devices. Safari is an app designed with speed and user security at the top of the priority.

Another impressive feature of this browser is that it can use extensions like most modern browsers. With this, you can extend its features to suit your needs.

Other features:

High security

Incredible browsing speed

Minimalistic design

⇒ Get Safari

What do I do if the SonyLIV browser is not working?

We have used Opera One as an example, but you can surely apply this fix to other browsers with the problem.

2. Clear browser cache

The browser cache can prevent SonyLIV from working if they get corrupted. Clearing them and restarting your PC should help fix the issue.

The SonyLIV platform, when accessed on a top-notch browser, takes your streaming to another level. With the options provided in this guide, nothing stops you from watching your best TV shows on different devices.

If you need the best browsers to stream Hulu live TV, check our guide for compatible options with great features.

Feel free to let us know if the fixes provided in the guide helped get SonyLIV working on your browser again.

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Tips To Secure Your Iot Devices

IoT, or Internet of Things devices are network-connected, and generally internet-connected smart devices. They can have a broad range of purposes, such as allowing you to turn your lights on and off from your phone, checking what food is in your fridge while shopping, enabling a smart speaker, and more. The problem is that these internet-connected devices have a history of having security issues that allow hackers to co-opt them as part of a botnet to mine Bitcoin or to perform DDOS attacks. In the worst-case scenarios, it can even be possible for a targeted attacker to learn your movement habits and use your location data to identify when you won’t be home so they can break-in with minimal risk of being caught.

To help you protect your devices and yourself we’ve collected a list of tips to help secure your IoT devices.

Change default usernames and passwords

All IoT products come with some form of default credentials, even if these are literally blank. Unfortunately, these default credentials are typically well known or easily accessible. To prevent other people from being able to access your devices, ensure that you change the default credentials.

As part of setting a new password, ensure you create a strong and unique password. It’s recommended that you use a password manager as this helps you create and remember, long, complex, random, and unique passwords for each device and account.

Disable features you may not need

IoT devices come with a lot of features but you may not necessarily need or want to use all of them. By reviewing the available features and disabling those that you don’t want to use you can reduce the attack surface of your devices. For example, while you may want to control your smart lights with your phone, you probably don’t need to do so when you’re not home. In this scenario, you can disable internet access for the devices and control directly over your Wi-Fi network instead.

Similarly, you should review the data privacy settings for any of your internet-connected devices. You may find that your data is being actively tracked and used for purposes with which you may not be comfortable. For example, your voice data may be stored by a smart speaker manufacturer.

Keep your software up to date

It’s easy to configure your IoT devices the first time you set them up and to then forget about them and never check the settings again. It’s really important to ensure that all IoT devices are regularly updated. Ideally, you should enable automatic updates, so you don’t have to remember to update all of your devices manually. Updates are especially important for devices that can be accessed over the internet as these are significantly easier for hackers to target as part of an attack.


If your IoT devices, especially those connected to the internet, support 2FA, aka Two Factor Authentication, then you should enable it. 2FA locks down access to your device so you need the username and password as normal and then you need to approve the sign-in via your phone. 2FA is an incredibly effective tool to deny hackers access and is generally easy to set up.

Guest network

Most home routers support the creation of two or more home wireless networks. By creating a separate network for your IoT devices you create a gap between your personal computers and your IoT devices. This separation makes it harder for malware to spread from your personal devices to your IoT hardware or vice-versa.

Tip: Many home routers only support two networks. If this is the case, you have to choose between creating a guest or an IoT network. While having a guest network can help protect the rest of your devices from untrusted guest hardware, you really don’t want that untrusted hardware to have access to your IoT gear. 

How To Efficiently Charge Your Devices

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You can just use the charger that came with your device. Or you can do better. Your call. Steve Johnson via Unsplash

Back in the good old days of the early 2000s, every device had one charger. Some gadgets were a little more practical and used one of a variety of USB connections, but it almost felt like there were as many standards as manufacturers. Almost 20 years later, most of the industry is moving toward USB-C, and even Apple, known for doing its own thing, uses USB-C for its latest MacBooks and iPad Pros. Now, it’s possible to plug the same charger into your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and soon, I’m sure, your toothbrush.

While this is largely a good thing, it’s not without pitfalls. Have you ever tried to charge your computer from a phone charger? Or an iPad from your computer’s USB port? It happens at a crawl. If you want to charge all your devices efficiently, you need to understand what’s going on.

How charging works

Charging is a factor of three things you probably remember from high school: power (watts), current (amperes or milliamperes), and voltage (volts). An 87-watt MacBook Pro charger, for example, can provide 20.2 volts at 4.3 amperes (87 watts), 9 volts at 3 amperes (27 watts), or 5.2 volts at 2.4 amperes (12.5 watts).

In other words, simply multiply current and voltage together to get a charger’s total power output. The higher that number is, the faster a charger will replenish your devices. If you’re wondering how to find this information on power supplies you own or are looking to buy, output options are written somewhere on most chargers.

Big devices like laptops have much larger batteries than smartphones and other small gadgets (a 15-inch MacBook Pro has a battery eight times as big and powerful as an iPhone X). So to fully charge a laptop in the same amount of time as a phone, you’d need a charger that’s throwing around a lot more power.

So why don’t we just plug 1 million-watt chargers into our phones and have them charge instantly? Unfortunately, there’s safety to consider: the more power involved, the more heat and stress it puts on device components. Even if you could generate 1 million watts—and you’d need your own power plant to do so—it would only set your phone on fire, and you with it.

So, in an effort to get everyone on the same page, the USB standard limits charging to certain ranges. For USB 1.0, it was 5 volts at 500 milliamperes for a maximum power of 2.5 watts. But USB Power Delivery (USB PD), a feature many USB-C devices support, complicates things by enabling “fast charging.” This means chargers with USB PD can generate between 0.5 and 100 watts by operating at 5, 9, 15, or 20 volts, and between 100 milliamperes and 5 amperes.

Now, even though a USB-C charger may support it, you can’t just shoot 100 watts straight into your phone and expect it to work. Devices have built-in limits and will reduce the current so they’ll only draw as much power as they’re capable of handling. So if you plug your MacBook into its charger, it’ll use the full 87 watts. Plug a smartphone in, however, and it will use one of the lower-power options. That’s why it’s possible to charge your smartphone off your computer’s charger, but it takes forever to fuel up your computer with your smartphone’s charger.

Finding the best charger

What? You haven’t read what’s on your charger before? Harry Guinness

Knowing what voltages a charger supports is easy, but finding the right one for a specific device can be a little more complicated. Obviously, the charger that comes with a product will work, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Apple ships their latest iPhone with a 5-watt charger, but it will charge quickest with one that puts out at least 18 watts, as long as you have a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. And don’t worry—using a higher-voltage charger will not fry your phone’s battery, since the phone controls the amount of power it draws, not the charger.

Further complicating things, while USB PD is the official USB fast-charging standard, manufacturers including Qualcomm, OnePlus, and Huawei have each developed their own. For example, a OnePlus phone will charge from any USB-C charger, but will charge significantly faster if you use a OnePlus charger that supports the company’s own standard, WarpCharge 30.

There’s also the financial aspect to consider: a lower-powered charger will replenish a device that supports a higher-powered one, only slower; whereas a higher-powered charger won’t charge devices with lower power requirements any faster. The latter will, however, cost more.

Here’s an example—a 15-inch MacBook Pro will charge fastest with an 87-watt charger (which it’s typically sold with), although it will charge well enough with a 61-watt one. On the other hand, a 13-inch MacBook Pro will charge at the same speed with either the 61-watt charger it comes with or an 87-watt one. In short: try to charge the 15-inch laptop with a lower-powered charger, and it’ll replenish slower, but try to speed up the 13-inch MacBook’s charging time by buying the 87-watt power supply and you just spent $79 instead of $69.

All the information on what power options will charge a given device quickest is written somewhere in its product manual, but if you’re anything like me, most of those ended up in the bin. This means Google is probably your best friend. Search for things like “[phone model] fast charge spec” or “[computer model] power requirements,” and you’ll either find a useful article or the company’s own specifications documents.

Tips on effectively charging your devices

Different chargers for Android phones and iPhones? That’s so ten years ago! Steve Johnson via Unsplash

Now that we’ve covered what’s going on when you charge your devices, let’s recap how to do it most efficiently.

Use the right charger

Most devices ship with the best charger for them, especially laptops and phones made by any company that trumpets the benefits of fast charging in their press materials. There are, however, a few exceptions (looking at you, Apple). When you get a new device, it’s worth doing a little research to see if the manufacturer is providing the fastest charger, or if there’s a better option out there.

Be careful with generic chargers

If you’re replacing a first-party charger with a generic third-party one, be careful and make sure to buy a reputable brand from a reputable store. USB power devices have a long history of being counterfeited, and if you end up with one, the best-case scenario is that it probably won’t operate as well as it claims to. At worst, it could set your house on fire.

Use a compatible charger if your device has a proprietary fast-charge standard

USB PD is now the most widely supported fast-charge standard, and even some others, like Qualcomm’s QuickCharge, are compatible with many manufacturers’ devices. However, a few companies, like LG, Huawei, and OnePlus, still use their own standards that will work best with their devices. If your device is one of those, make sure to use the proprietary charger.

Wireless charging is a trade-off

Although wireless charging is getting better, the best wired charger for your device will still do a better job juicing up your phone as fast as possible. But if you just can’t go back to a wired life, there are very good options out there that may be compatible with your device.

20 Best Dubbed Anime To Watch On Hulu

Are you a fan of anime and looking for new, exciting shows to watch? Look no further! Hulu is home to some of the best anime to keep you entertained. From classics like Cowboy Bebop to recent hits such as My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, there’s something for everyone here.

In this article, we’ll explore our top picks of the best-dubbed anime available on Hulu so you can start binging your way into the world of Japanese animation.

Table of Contents

Also, if you ever run out of anime shows on Hulu, check out our top picks of Netflix original anime and the best apps to watch anime for free.

Genre: Action, Adventure

IMDb Score: 9.0

Although Eren joined Survey Corps, a military organization that fights against Titans, he realized there is more to the monsters, and to beat them, he’ll first need to understand them.

Genre: Action, Adventure

IMDb Score: 8.4

This anime is set in a world filled with superpowers (called quirks) and where anyone can become a hero. But the story follows Izuku Midoriya, a middle schooler born without quirks. Will that stop him from becoming a superhero?

Izuku was chosen by the number one superhero, All Might, to inherit his quirk and become his successor. The young boy’s life changes, and he is accepted into a special school where superheroes are trained.

Genre: Crime, Drama

IMDb Score: 9

Death Note is a well-known Anime, and now you can watch it dubbed on Hulu. If you are unfamiliar with it, this is the perfect opportunity to see what all the craze was about back in 2006 when the series came out.

Get immersed in a world where a high school student, Light Yagami, discovers a magical notebook that gives him power over life and death. Light uses the Death Note to create a world without criminals. All he has to do to eliminate someone is to write the name in this magical notebook. Light becomes a god, but this immense power will put him to the test. Will he be good or evil?

Genre: Action, Adventure

IMDb Score: 9

If you are looking for a unique Shounen show, try Hunter X Hunter. Gon Freecs is a boy determined to become a Hunter, just like his father was. Other Hunters search for treasures or capture criminals, but Gon is different. He wants to become a hunter so he can find his father.

Genre: Action, Adventure

IMDb Score: 8.4

Naruto is a story of a young Ninja whose only dream is to become a Hokage, the village leader, just like his father was. But he is shunned away by society since the day he was born because he is a vessel for a demon known as the Nine-Tail Fox.

Naruto never abandoned his goal of becoming a village leader, but the path to it was filled with training and hardship through which he earns new friends.

Genre: Action, Adventure

IMDb Score: 8.2

Ichigo Kurosaki is an ordinary teenager but can see ghosts. His home is attacked by an evil spirit known as Hollow, and his parents are killed. An injured soul reaper Rukia Kuchiki made Ichigo an immortal soul and tasked him with protecting the innocent souls on their way to the afterlife.

Ichigo must find the hollows and heal Rukia, but he quickly learns that the Soul Society and his world are much more complex than he initially believed.

Genre: SciFi, Adventure

IMDb Score: 8.9

In the future, humans live in colonies throughout space. The peace and order in the colonies are preserved by the Inner Solar System Police and hired bounty hunters known as the Cowboys. Spike Spiegel is one such bounty hunter.

Genre: Action, Comedy

IMDb Score: 8.7

Saitama is a superhero known as the One-Punch Man because he can defeat any enemy with just one punch. Unfortunately, that means that no one threatens Saitama, and he is bored as no one can challenge him.

Soon enough, he joins the Hero Association but fails to be recognized for his deeds. That is until the whole world is in danger, and only One-Punch Man can save it.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

IMDb Score: 8.1

Souma Yukihira has dreams of taking over his father’s family restaurant. Even as a child, he entertained the guests with his culinary skills. But when his father gets a new job, he is forced to close the restaurant.

Young Souma was taken to an elite culinary school, the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, where only a handful of students graduate. He must compete against other students and alums to prove his worth and graduate.

Genre: Fantasy, Action

IMDb Score: 9.1

Brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, gifted alchemists, tried to use the taboo human transmutation to bring their deceased mother back to life. Then the experiment goes wrong, and Ed loses his hand. But his brother, Al, lost his whole body, and his soul had to be trapped in a suit of armor to stay on earth.

On their quest to become recognized alchemists, the brothers discover a government conspiracy regarding a philosopher stone, neighboring nations, and their father’s past.

Genre: Action, Adventure

IMDb Score: 8.3

Goku and his friends live peacefully on a farm when a God of Destruction, Beerus, wakes up and starts threatening the world. Goku transforms into a Super Sayan God and accepts to fight Beerus.

Genre: Fantasy, Action

IMDb Score: 8.5

The story of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the Joestar family through the ages. Each generation spawns a family member whose initials form the title’s own JoJo, and who has intense psychic strength.

Genre: SciFi, Horror, Drama

IMDb Score: 8.3

Aliens attacked Earth, and they came in the form of parasites. They burrow into the human brain and take complete control over their bodies. Shinichi Izumi avoided having a parasite take over his mind, but one burrowed into his right hand.

The alien and the human have no choice but to cooperate to survive. As soon as other aliens learn about their coexistence, they want to kill them. Migi, the parasite, agrees to help Shinichi free humanity from his own kind.

Genre: Historic, Action, Adventure

IMDb Score: 8.6

Mugen and Jin, an outlaw and a ronin, save Fuu Kasumi, but in the process, they kill the local magistrate’s son in the process. They are sentenced to death, but Fuu saves them by hiring them as her bodyguards.

Genre: Comedy, Action

IMDb Score: 8

A strange yellow tentacled creature breaks the moon, and promises he’ll destroy the Earth in a year. But he decides to give humans a fighting chance. He gets employed as a high school teacher, where he trains students how to become skillful assassins.

The students eventually learn the truth behind their strange new professor and decide he must be stopped. They have until the end of the school year to kill the creature, but it’s not an easy task. They come to know him as Koro-sensei, a teacher with many superpowers, impossible to kill.

Genre: Fantasy, Action

IMDb Score: 8

Thousands of people get trapped inside a Virtual Reality Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. If they try to break out by force, they die. If they die in the virtual world, they die in the real world too. They have to play through 100s of game levels and survive until the end in order to free themselves.

Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya plays through different virtual realities discovering that there’s a much bigger secret hiding behind the games, one that involves even the government.

Genre: Action, Drama

IMDb Score: 8.7

Set in an alternative world, Code Geass follows the story of a rebel known as Zero. The Holy Empire of Britannia conquered the whole world, and the imperial family rules it ruthlessly. Zero has the power of Geass, which allows him to command people with just one word.

But Zero is not only giving hope to the ordinary people of Japan, now known as Area 11, under the rule of Britannia. He is also trying to get revenge on his own family, as he is none other than the emperor’s exiled son.

Genre: Action, Comedy

IMDb Score: 7.9

A high school girl, Ryuko Matoi, is investigating her father’s death. The clues lead her to the Honnouji Academy, where she enrolls as a student, but the school is completely under the control of student council president Satsuki Kiryuin and her four underlings. They wear special Goku uniforms that give them superpowers.

Ryuko must challenge the elite four and Satsuki. She wields a scissor-shaped sword that can cut through Goku’s armor, but as the story progresses, Ryuko learns the truth about her father and the alien parasites known as the Life Fibre, of which the Goku clothes are made.

Genre: Crime, Action, Drama

IMDb Score: 8.2

If you are into cyberpunk psychological thrillers, Psycho-Pass is the perfect anime for you. Akane Tsunemori is a novice inspector who was just assigned to the Division One of the Public Safety Bureau. She needs to solve crimes involving potential criminals.

Tsunemori and her unit need to find a criminal mastermind Makishima, capable of hiding his criminal potential even from the Sibyl System, a powerful computer that can predict human behavior.

Genre: Action, Adventure

IMDb: 7.6

Afro is a Samurai, and he is a No 2 warrior in futuristic, but feudal Japan. In order to become the No 1 warrior, he needs to kill the samurai who currently carries that title. But Afro’s reason for defeating Justice, the current No 1 warrior, is much more personal. He needs to avenge his father’s death.

Where To Buy The Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch Series 3 was announced at Apple’s September 2023 launch event and is now officially on sale. It brings with it a handful of tweaks and features, including one big one: the option for a version with its own cellular connectivity.

So, if the new Apple Watch has piqued your interest, where can you get one? Here are all the places you can pick up an Apple Watch 3, with or without the cellular data option.

Buy it from Apple

Naturally, Apple’s own store will be the first port of call for most people looking to buy the Apple Watch. You can either visit a physical Apple shop (which we’d recommend for first time Watch owners purely so that you can compare the 38mm and 42mm models on your own wrist) or head to the online shop.

Buying from Apple online lets you buy either the regular GPS model (from £329/$329) or the GPS + cellular edition (from £399/$399) and you can buy either in a variety of different cases and bands.

Bear in mind that if you buy the cellular edition of the watch from Apple, you’ll still need to pay your phone carrier to link the Watch to your phone number – in the UK, it’s an EE exclusive, but US owners will get more choice.

The Apple Store also offers the Nike and Hermès versions of the Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition, which comes in a ceramic case.

Finally, Apple naturally also sells a whole range of other straps and accessories for the Watch (including several straps that aren’t options when you’re buying the Watch itself), so you can further customise it to your liking.

Buy from another retailer

If you don’t want to buy directly from Apple, you might find a better price by looking at alternative retailers.

You can also buy the Apple Watch from most major electronics retailers, which might help you find more competitive prices or offers – especially during big sales events like Black Friday. Bear in mind though that they’ll usually have fewer case and band options than Apple itself.

In the UK, take a look at Currys, John Lewis, Amazon, and Argos; if you’re in the US you probably want to look at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

Buy from a carrier

Finally, if you’re specifically looking for the new cellular version of the Apple Watch, you might want to try buying it directly from a phone carrier. Bear in mind that you’ll need your Apple Watch to be on the same carrier as your iPhone, and that you’ll have to pay a £5/$10 monthly surcharge for adding the Watch to your plan – not including data usage.

In the US, the Apple Watch 3 will be supported by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, so as long as you’re already on one of those networks you should be able to easily add the Apple Watch on. All of those are selling the Watch either outright or on credit, and will be charging $10 per month to add an Apple Watch to a plan, along with waiving their usual activation fee – and in some cases reportedly offering the first few months of service free.

It’s a little tricker in the UK – EE is the exclusive launch partner for the Apple Watch, so you can only use the cellular capabilities if EE is your network – meaning you not only have the buy the Watch, but you might also have to change your phone contract.

You can buy the Watch directly from EE, though it only stocks three variants: Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band, Stainless Steel Case with Soft White Sport Band, and the Nike+ Space Grey Aluminium Case with Anthracite/Black Nike Sport Band – all in either 38mm or 42mm.

The bigger issue with buying from EE is the available plan – right now the company is only selling it on a £25 per month plan with unlimited data. That gets you the Watch with no upfront charge (or £29.99 for a 42mm size and more for the stainless steel), but costs £600 over the 2-year contract for the cheapest model – so you’re paying £200 just for the data, on top of your main phone contract.

That means you should be able to get better value by buying the Watch elsewhere and paying EE’s £5 monthly surcharge – which only kicks in after the first six months anyway, and includes a generous 10GB data a month. That would only cost £90 over the equivalent 2-year period – far less than £200 – without locking you into a contract.

It’s a similar situation in a few other countries too – check Apple’s list of partners to find out which carriers support the Apple Watch in your country.

Do note that the Apple Watch 3 LTE does not support roaming, so any additional features enabled by the e-SIM will not work when you take it abroad.

How To Record Audio On Iphone Devices

Smartphones came to make out lives easier and replace many devices we used to own. Among them are voice recorders, often replaced by smartphone apps and tools. And sometimes even those whit specialized needs can avoid getting a dedicated recorder. Apple users trying to learn how to record audio on iPhone devices have come to the right place. We’ll show you exactly how to do it, and talk about some of the best options available.

Also: How to record audio on Android


The simplest way to record audio on iPhone is to use the Voice Memos app. Simply launch the application and tap on the red Record button. Tap on the Stop button when done. Once recorded, you can select the recording and tap on the three-dot menu button to access more settings. There is also an Options button (which looks like an equalizer) with a few more editing capabilities.


Apple’s Voice Memos app

For students

For the pros

Consider an external microphone

Apple’s Voice Memos app

You should definitely try Apple’s Voice Memos app, as it is free and comes pre-installed on all modern iPhones. This means you may not even need to download another app if this Apple tool meets your needs. This is especially helpful, considering many voice recording apps are paid.

How to record in the Voice Memos app:

Launch the Voice Memos app.

Tap on the large red Record button to start recording.

The same option will turn into a Stop button. Tap on it when done recording.

Voice Memos will automatically organize your recordings in chronological order. You can later rename them and organize them in folders if you prefer.

How to rename and organize recordings in the Voice Memos app:

Launch the Voice Memos app.

Select your recording (the last one will be selected and expanded).

Tap on the three-dot menu button to the right of the recording.

Hit Edit Recording.

Tap on the Name and type in the new name. Hit Return, close the page, and select Done.

From the All Recordings page, tap Edit.

Select the recordings you want to move.

Hit the Share button.

Pick Move to Folder.

You can pick the folder in the My Folders section. If you want to create a new folder, hit the New Folder button and make it. Select the desired folder.

How to edit recordings in the Voice Memos app:

Launch the Voice Memos app.

Select your recording (the last one will be selected and expanded).

Tap on the three-dot menu button to the right of the recording.

Hit Edit Recording.

You can select the Options button (equalizer one) to change the Playback Speed, Skip Silence, or Enhance Recording.

You’ll see a Crop option to the right, as well. Tap on it and drag the sliders as desired. Select Trim and then Save.

Delete recordings in the Voice Memos app:

Launch the Voice Memos app.

Select your recording (the last one will be selected and expanded).

Tap on the Trash icon.

Recordings will stay in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, just in case.

You can also hit the Edit option, select recordings, and tap on the Trash icon to delete multiple recordings at once.

How to sync Voice Memos to iCloud:

Another great thing about Voice Memos is that, as an official Apple app, it has full integration with iCloud. Your recordings will follow you to other Apple devices, and will be there when you switch phones (as long as it’s another iPhone). You need to ensure iCloud syncing for Voice Memos is enabled, though.

Launch the Settings app.

Tap on your Apple ID button, which is the one with your name on it.

Go into iCloud.

Under Apps using iCloud, select Show All.

Toggle Voice Memos on.

How to export recordings in the Voice Memos app:

It’s time to get your recordings out of your phone. Let’s show you how!

Launch the Voice Memos app.

Select your recording (the last one will be selected and expanded).

Tap on the three-dot menu button.

Hit Share.

Select where you want to send it and follow the instructions.

iPhone audio recording options for students: perfect for recording lectures

Of course, students will want something a bit more elaborate to record, edit, and manage their recordings. There are plenty of third-party voice recorders in the Apple App Store. While we can’t give you direct instructions for each, we can certainly recommend some and highlight their main features.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

One thing AudioNote 2 is missing is transcription, and this is where Voice Recorder & Audio Editor excels. It can transcribe recorded voices, but it will cost extra. You’ll have to add the feature through an in-app purchase. There’s also call recording, which requires a monthly subscription.

For the pros: audio recording apps that go above and beyond

If you work with audio in a more specialized manner, you may be able to get away with using your iPhone. These apps are ideal for podcasts, some pro audio work, meetings, and more.

MultiTrack DAW

Names are getting pretty descriptive. MultiTrack DAW is best at editing, thanks to its support for mixing up to 32 tracks. This allows for merging separate audio recordings, making it an especially great tool for musicians, podcasters, and more.

It’s full of complex features like a track compressor, equalizer, region-specific volume controls, bus effects, Audiobus 3 support, sidechain capabilities, multiple bit-recording options, up to 16 simultaneous inputs, and much more.

Consider an external microphone

Ankit Banerjee / Android Authority


You may not need to download another app to record audio. Voice Memos comes pre-installed on all recent iPhones. Its features are pretty basic, but it works, syncs with iCloud, and is entirely free.

Not all voice recording apps can transcribe text, but some offer it as a premium feature. Our favorite one is Voice Recorder & Audio Editor.

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