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5 Best Universal Multi Charging Cables Find which one works best for you right away




Multi-charing cables are the perfect companion for those on the go with several devices.

The cable helps charge different devices, be it an Android device, a tablet, or an iPhone.

Many of the cables are available at discounted rates, so get them before the offer ends.

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Everyone knows that USB cables come in handy not only for charging your Android smartphones and tablets but also for charging a vast host of other electronics and accessories around the house as well.

With these universal USB charging cables, you will be able to keep all your gadgets charged and in sync at all times. So, check out the best USB charging cables that work across devices and decide which one’s your favorite!

Universal compatibility

Comfortable nylon braided cord

Heat resistant aluminum alloys terminals

Fast charging speed

12-month warranty

Not the most elegant choice

Check price

You should also take a closer look at this multi-charger cable 4ft nylon braided universal pack since it meets various needs.

You can charge multiple devices simultaneously with a 5V/2A –2.4A wall charger, including the latest Android phones, tablets, and many other devices.

This choice is ideal for families with numerous members or guests. You can all continue your daily activities without worrying about sudden power off or short length.

State-of-the-art 4-in-1 design

Nylon braided and aluminium alloy

Special indicator light design

Lightweight and portable

Long service life

Unfunctional indicator light

Check price

As you can already guess, here’s another great choice. This multi-charging cable USAMS 2pack is most suitable for families, long trips, work, and similar occasions.

That’s a mini 4-in-1 cable that can easily satisfy all your charging needs. Even more, the multi-color connector is a very nice touch.

If you have different brands of phones and cameras, for example, it makes it convenient to grab the matching connector by color.

Modern 3-in-1 design

Universal and multi-function

Aluminum alloy casing

Gold plated connectors

6 ft length

Quick charge isn’t supported

Check price

If you like buying 2pcs 6ft multi charger cables, then these may be precisely what you’re looking for. There’s no need to carry any other cables when you are in a car, office, or on the go.

Just keep in mind that you need to use 5V/2A –2.4A power sources when charging multiple devices at once.

TYPE C Charger cable

Simple and lightweight

Colorful cord option

High compatibility

Support for multiple charges

Not particularly fast charging speed

Check price

This is a retractable 4-in-1 multi-USB cable that will be extremely useful for charging your electronic devices.

This USB charging cable retractable USB charger is made with a high-quality wire core. This helps reduce resistance efficiently, making the charging speed more stable.

It’s perfect for home and office as well. Remember that this multi-USB cable must be used with an output below 5V/2A.

Micro USB plugs

Simple design

Convenient to carry around anywhere

Multiple charging

Compatible with the latest phone models

No data transmission features

Check price

This is a premium quality multi-USB cable for most phones on the market. You don’t need to carry your existing cables to do the charging because this one will do the trick perfectly.

It is three feet long, and it comes with a simple design. All these make it a great solution if you are looking for a 4-in-1 charging USB cable featuring 8-pin lighting, a 3-pin micro USB, and micro USB 3.0 connectors.

However, note that this cable is just for charging and doesn’t have data transmission features.

This is where our roundup of the five best universal USB multi-charging cables comes to an end. Identifying the best one for you will depend only on your needs and budget.

Before you leave, check the best charging accelerators to increase the charging speed.

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5 Reasons Why Not To Use Smartphone While Charging

Is that safe?

Is it harming your Smartphone’s battery in some way?

Could it create serious problems in future in your Smartphone?

There’s one simple answer for all the above questions, “Yes”.

Now you wish to know that why am I saying so? You wish to get one appropriate reason for not doing such a thing again?


Yes heating, that’s the first thing which will happen to your device in case you are using it while plugged in charging. So is it that you think, the heating of your Smartphone doesn’t requires much attention. Well you are wrong, if you are practicing this very often, kindly end it as soon as possible. Getting your Smartphone heated for a prolonged duration will lease to over-heating and you could simply compare and imagine as of what over-heating does to your car in a Layman’s terms. Some of these could probably happen to you:

Lead to leakage of the harmful chemicals in the battery.

Lead to explosion of your Smartphone’s battery.

Could probably stop your phone from turning “ON”.

Bulge in the size of your smartphone’s battery

Charging your phone while using it creates yet another problem, that’s enhancing the size of your phone’s battery. Some of you might have noticed it happening in earlier feature phone/Candy-bar devices. And if you have noticed it then you must be well, aware of what happens next when your Smartphone’s Battery bulges in size. Let me tell you some issues you could face after your phone’s battery swollen:

It might burst, get flammable and so on (i.e. in short – it might hurt you).

It would in-take less charging than before.

With persistent usage, your phone might even stop turning “ON”.

Decrease your smartphone’s total charge capacity

The simplest of all effects would be leading to a decrease in the total battery charge capacity of your Smartphone. Earlier if after a full-charge your Smartphone gave you around 15-18 hours of average playback/usage time, then after the issue created by using your phone while charging; now it might give an average usage time of around 7-8 hours or even below. Leading to which it might decrease to 3-4 hours of average play-back time or even worse if you persist doing this.

Create issue in the smartphone’s battery-charger

Using your phone while charging might even create a pressure on your phone’s Charger, leading to its heat up or total mis-functionality later on. You might even need to buy a new charger afterwards. Well, that initially might not seem a serious issue, but thinking over it you might realize :-

A poor charger will charge your Smartphone slowly and in-efficiently.

Buying a new charger of the same brand and handset wouldn’t be very much economical.

Buying an anonymous local charger afterwards could be even disastrous.

Could end up harming yourself

Well, let’s forget everything written above. You are a rich and have multi-millions in your bank account and could easily dump one Smartphone and buy another one if anything such happens. But wait, could your money bring back you?

If due to any of the above, there’s a mishap with you, Then?

Don’t you believe anything as such could happen? I thought so, that’s why i brought you some of the incidents which you could easily verify on Google.

January 2014: 10-year old in India injured while phone charged

November 2013: Thai man dies from alleged electrocution while charging iPhone

July 2013: Woman in China dies while using iPhone 5


Best Iphone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Cases In 2023

Wireless charging was a long-awaiting feature Apple introduced last year in iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. The feature continues to make your life more comfortable in the newly released iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, and iPhone Xs Max in its second year. If you own an iPhone Xs phone, you can get the best out of the wireless charging feature by buying the best iPhone Xs wireless charging compatible cases.

1. Ringke

Ringke is a leading brand of iPhone accessories. This impressive case supports wireless charging and protects your iPhone against shocks and other impacts. You can put your iPhone facedown as the raised bezels guard the touchscreen when you lift the phone.

Minimalist design catches your attention as the case displays immense simplicity in design. Ringke Air is a notable feature of this case as it prevents scratches on your iPhone.

2. ESR

ESR has come up with SGS certified military drop protection case for your iPhone XS. The case has already been tested for its strength, hence, you can trust this case.

A notable feature of this case is a two-way stand; you can use the vertical and horizontal stand of this case. Moreover, you will enjoy multiple viewing angles on the sturdy metal kickstand. Feast your eyes with the incredible viewing experience.


An elegant looking case like DTTO deserves to be in the roundup. The case is pretty slim and made of flexible TPU. So, snapping on the cover and removing it shouldn’t be a problem.

But what calls for instant attention is the metal luster edge that ramps up the style quotient. And with the clear profile to boot, your iPhone Xs can fully showcase its design. Aside from the nice-looking design, DTTO comes in five color options including the glossy red and shining gold.

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Yet another clear case in this lineup! But this one is a bit different and has packed in a bit more protective profile to fight out shock with ease.

The case is powered by air cushion technology that makes it very sturdy. Thus, it’s capable of providing the certified military-grade defense.

Check out the flexible bumper that doesn’t allow the smartphone to slip from your hands. Besides, the five color options like space crystal and elegant red look really cool on it.

5. EasyAcc

EasyAcc believes in delivery quality accessories for iPhones. The skid-proof design makes all the difference here. Check those grooves carved at two sides of the frame to give you a solid grip and protect your iPhone from accidental drops.

The slim and sleek design comes from soft and flexible TPU; this case snugly fits on your iPhone Xs without adding any bulk to the profile. Accurate cutouts help you access all the essential buttons and features quickly.

6. Jazliv

At first sight, Jazliv’s case does not look like a wireless charging compatible case; instead, it creates an impression of a kickstand case. Since it is robustly built, the case tests our vision to decide its category. Jazliv has used a durable material to manufacture this wireless charging compatible case.

This gunmetal case looks sleek and flaunts contemporary design. Check ID and card slot, which is hidden under the metal iron case. Simply slide the iron case and you can store your credit/debit cards in the slot.

7. Torras

Torras presents three-in-one stylish and luxurious wireless charging compatible cases for your iPhone Xs. It is a 360-degree case providing full body protection to your phone. Check that raised bezel lips around the screen to protect the touchscreen and camera.

This slim case has a matte surface that gives you a comfortable non-slip grip when you hold this impressive phone in your hands. The superlight case doesn’t add bulk to the elegant profile of your phone.

8. Vena

A wallet case with wireless charging compatibility? Sounds incredible? Vena has done this effortlessly by manufacturing one of the best wireless charging compatible cases for your iPhone Xs. You can use its hidden card slot to store your IDs, credit/debit cards, and cash.

The case is made of dual layer polycarbonate and TPU that meets military drop test standards. For wireless charging, you need to open the card flap and put your phone on Qi charger.

9. Unov

Unov brings higher bezel for screen and camera lens to protect both hardware on your iPhone Xs. The use of embossed print technology is uneasy to fade away.

This case is lightweight and gives you a comfortable grip for everyday use. You can conveniently charge your iPhone as the case has open cutouts.


Does your smartphone fancy a case with marble design? If yes, GVIEWIN should be the way to go.

The case has a sleek design, and with the glossy marble pattern, it gives a nice look to your smartphone. Thanks to the presence of corner bumpers, it’s able to resist impact with ease.

The smooth material also ensures you have the desired grippy feel. Beyond the comfortable hold, GVIEWIN comes in multiple color combinations.

That’s all, guys!

What is your case?

Wireless charging allows you the comfort of using your iPhone while it is being charged on a pad. You can continue to work on your iPhone. For example, you can use FaceTime calls, type long texts using Bluetooth keyboards, watch movies and videos on YouTube etc.

You may like to explore more accessories:

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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

This Phishing Kit Can Bypass Multi

Security researchers have discovered a wide-reaching phishing campaign that attempts to phish for Microsoft email credentials in order to compromise business accounts. Even worse, it can bypass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Whilst password managers can be used to create passwords long enough to withstand brute-forcing attacks, MFA-busting techniques are starting to become increasingly common.

The threat actor, in this case, is still on the loose and creating malicious domains at a “relentless” pace.

Phishing for a Catch

Researchers from security firm Zscaler noticed a sharp uptick in the number of phishing attempts taking place across specific industries.

All the phishing attacks, according to the security team, began with an email sent to the victim. Some of the malicious links were located in the email copy, whereas others were loaded into a HTML file.

The attackers have set up a number of new domains, many of which use a classic technique from phishing campaigns called typo-squatting (creating a phishing domain that is a legitimate domain name spelled slightly incorrectly). These attacks are targeting end users in Enterprise-level companies.

Once the malicious code gets to work and a given business account is compromised, that same account is then used to send further phishing emails to other business accounts.

Sectors affected include lending, insurance, accounting, and federal credit unions in the US, Australia, UK and New Zealand.

This threat was ongoing when Zscaler published its report less than 48 hours ago. They tracked the threat actor registering domains.

How Is the Threat Actor Bypassing MFA?

MFA can thwart a lot of phishing campaigns because even if the threat actor manages to obtain a person’s account credentials, they can’t get past the MFA barrier.

The threat actors are using what is called an “Adversary in the Middle” (AiTM) technique to bypass MFA, a function of the phishing kits being used here.

The security community is aware of popular AiTM kits that do the rounds, but Zscaler’s team thinks this is a custom kit.

The kits allow the threat actor to operate a proxy in between the person’s device (or the “client) and the mail server they’re sending requests to (hence “in the middle”).

The proxy means the threat actor can relay all the information between the client and the server.

MFA Weaknesses Reinforce Need for Strong Passwords

Multifactor authentication methods, unfortunately, aren’t as secure as they used to be. Hackers and scammers have developed new techniques that are becoming increasingly common to bypass it.

Sim-swapping — the process of impersonating a victim whilst on the phone to their telephone carrier to essentially swap their number to a SIM to your phone, and thus receive their two-factor authentication text — has been one method that hackers have used to steal cryptocurrency.

MFA’s fragility places a renewed importance on two things: firstly, training all staff in your organization to be able to spot the telltale signs of a phishing campaign and protect themselves, and secondly, having a sufficiently strong first line of defense: long, unique, diverse passwords.

The best way to ensure everyone in your organization has a strong password is with a password manager. Password managers facilitate the creation of not just sufficiently long, but also completely unique passwords for every site your staff have an account on.

Multi-factor authentication methods are not the silver bullet in the world of account security that many thought they once were. So, make sure to use all the resources at your disposal — it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Beginner’s Guide To Universal Approximation Theorem


This article puts forth one explanation – the universal approximation theorem.

Let’s start with defining what it is. In simple words, the universal approximation theorem says that neural networks can approximate any function. Now, this is powerful. Because, what this means is that any task that can be thought of as a function computation, can be performed/computed by the neural networks. And almost any task that neural network does today is a function computation – be it language translation, caption generation, speech to text, etc. If you ask, how many layers will be required for any function computation? The answer is only 1.

In this article, we will try and understand why the theorem is true.


There are two important facts to be noted.

1. It is important to realize that the word used is approximate. This means that the function computed is not exact. However, this approximation can be improved as the number of computation units i.e. neurons are increased in the layer and it can be fit to the desired accuracy.

2. The function we compute this way are continuous functions. The generality does not hold for discontinuous functions. However, more often than not, continuous functions prove to be a good enough substitute for discontinuous functions, and therefore, the neural networks can work.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and understand this very important theorem. Before jumping to the visual proof though, let us have a look at a perceptron – the basic unit of computation.


A perceptron can be understood as the basic computation unit of neural networks.


In the above diagram, inputs xi through xn is multiplied with their respective weights wi through wn . This is what forms the weighted inputs which are then summed up (Σ wi xi). Next, this sum passes through a threshold/activation function which functions as an on/off switch. It allows the neuron to fire if the value of the sum is greater than a certain threshold otherwise the input is inhibited. This is the final value that constitutes the output. Activation functions are also the magical ingredient of non-linearity without which, a perceptron and eventually, the neural network would just be a linear combination of inputs. We will use the activation function sigmoid to understand the basics.


We intend to output 1 for inputs greater than a threshold and 0 for inputs less than the threshold. A sigmoid function does exactly that.

But, there’s a problem- the slope of the sigmoid function. In the output layer, we intend to add up outputs of hidden layer neurons. It will be easier to work with adding integers directly than adding the real numbered outputs of the sigmoid function. Therefore, we will need a step function. Turns out, when applied enough weight, the sigmoid function can be tuned to behave just like a step function. So, to make our lives easier, we will do just that.

The weight 1000 seems a good choice. Adding the bias will help shift the curve to the value of x we intend. Since, we have confirmed for ourselves, from here on in the article, we will treat the outputs from individual neurons in the hidden layer as if by a step function.


Let’s start computing functions with a single perceptron in the hidden layer ( hidden layers are the layers except for the input and output layers ).

Let us plot a boolean AND function just to try (it is not related to proof). Both the domain and range of this function are the boolean values {0,1}. In the output ( the bigger circle) the inputs are getting added. This neuron will fire only if both the inputs it receives are 1 otherwise it won’t. By firing, we mean the output is 1, and by not firing we mean, the output is 0.

So, we know how to plot a function. Moving on, let us plot a function using perceptron which outputs 1 on the input being greater than a threshold value T1 and 0 on being less than that. As described in the cases of the previous section, we will have to assign a high weight value and a bias T1 to get the following graph.

Since we have brushed up the basics, let’s move on to understanding the visual proof of the universal approximation theorem. This proof follows closely the visual proof provided by Michael Nilson in his textbook on Neural networks, the link to which is provided in the references section.

What if we want to plot the function wherein 1 is output only when the input value lies between T1 and T2 and in all other cases, the value that is output is 0? For accomplishing this, we will need two perceptrons accepting the same input but with different thresholds as shown here. The network of 2 perceptrons forms an MLP – multi-layer perceptron. Note that the output layer has additive activation yet.

This graph seems like a rectangle. In the face of a continuous function, many rectangles like this can be combined of varying heights to suit the boundary of the function. In terms of architecture, several perceptrons can be stacked together to achieve this function.

This is the approximation of the function we were talking about.

But wait, whatever we have seen till now is only the combination of weighted inputs. We never passed it through the sigmoid function of the final neuron (In the above image, the bigger circle has addition as its function and is never followed by sigmoid). So? It’s easy. Assuming the bias of the final output neuron is 0, we need this hidden layer to calculate σ -1 of the original function. The inverse of a function gives the original value for which the function gave an output. Or in other words, the important property of inverses is:

f(g(x)) = g(f(x)) = x where f(x) is inverse of g(x) ( also denoted by g-1(x) ).

Therefore, σ -1( σ(y) ) = σ ( σ-1(y) ) = y where y is the original function we intend to compute.

So the hidden layers instead compute the inverted function and the final activation inverts it back to the original. The inverted function is still a function and can be approximated using the idea of rectangles described above.

For any continuous function, this approach can be adopted. All the stacked perceptrons form, however, only a single layer in the neural network. The purpose is achieved!

Thus, we establish a visual proof to the universal approximation theorem in two dimensions. This proof stands true for the higher dimensions too, wherein visualization becomes difficult but the concept remains the same.


The media shown in this article are not owned by Analytics Vidhya and are used at the Author’s discretion.


7 Best Ways To Fix Samsung Galaxy Buds Not Charging Issue


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds line of wireless earphones has had plenty of success in the TWS market thanks to their premium design, excellent sound quality, and impressive battery life. But sadly, all of these features matter little if your Galaxy Buds are not even charging. While the reason behind the issue could be many, in this guide, we’ve put together a list of a few troubleshooting tips that should help fix the issue. So, let’s get right to it.

Before We Begin

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. In order to charge your Galaxy buds, you need to be using the included USB cable and a Samsung-approved wall adapter. Additionally, you’ll also need to ensure that the charging cable isn’t damaged in any way.

Next, you can try restarting your Galaxy Buds to see if that works. To do so, place the earbuds into the charging case, and then close the lid. Wait for at least 7 seconds or more, before removing the earbuds from the case. Now try putting them back in again to see if they charge.

If the problem persists even after this, then you can work your way through the troubleshooting tips below to resolve the issue.

1. Ensure That Buds Are Placed Correctly in Case

This may sound simple but it happens to the best of us. If you haven’t placed your earbuds correctly, then the charging pins in the case won’t connect with the earbuds and your Galaxy Buds won’t charge. So, make sure to seat the earbuds in their corresponding slots.

2. Check the Charging Status

If the earbuds are placed correctly, then the battery indicator light located inside the charging case should turn red or green. This indicates that your earbuds are charging correctly. 

But if the charging indicator flashes red, then it means that the charging is blocked due to abnormal temperatures. Now, this can happen due to several reasons. If you’ve been using your earbuds outdoors for an extended period of time or if your case was in direct sunlight for a few hours, then you might see a red LED flashing. Likewise, the charging indicator may also flash red if you’ve accidentally washed your galaxy buds in the washing machine or used them in the rain and the charging pins are still wet.

If that seems to be the case, it’s nothing to worry about. You just have to let your earbuds and charging case cool down (or dry out) for a while before charging them again. 

Similarly, the battery indicator on the front of the charging case will also start blinking red and block the charging if it detects any abnormal temperatures. 

3. Clean Earbuds and Charging Case

One of the most common reasons why your Galaxy Buds will stop charging is if the earbuds’ charging contacts are dirty and can’t connect with the case correctly. To avoid this, you should regularly clean your earbuds and the inside of your charging case with a microfiber cloth.

4. Charge the Case Separately

If the problem persists, then you can try charging your case separately. This should help verify if the issue is with the case or the earbuds themselves.

Use a Samsung-approved wall adapter to charge your case fully. Once charged, place your earbuds inside the charging case to see if they charge.

5. Switch to a Different Charging Method 

If the buds or the case is still not charging, then you can turn to alternative charging methods. Apart from using a USB cable, you can also charge your Galaxy Buds with a wireless charger or a phone that functions as a wireless charger. 

6. Reset Earbuds

If the Galaxy buds not charging issues are limited to one of the earbuds or if you’re facing this issue occasionally, then you can try resetting the earbuds and start afresh. 

Note: Factory resetting the Gear IconX deletes all music stored in the earbuds.

1. Open up the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and head over to Earbuds settings.

2. Scroll down to tap on Reset. Select Reset when prompted.

7. Inspect Buds and Case for Damages

Lastly, you can check your Galaxy Buds and the charging case for any visual damages. If either of them is damaged in any way, then your Galaxy Buds will not charge. 

If your Galaxy Buds or the charging case is damaged, then you’ll have to visit the nearest Samsung service center to get them fixed or replaced.

Charging Ahead

Probably the last thing you’d want is to face issues while using your favorite Galaxy buds. Hopefully, the above-mentioned solutions have fixed any charging issue you might have been facing with your Galaxy buds and you’re back at jamming to your favorite tunes. 

Update the detailed information about 5 Best Universal Multi Charging Cables on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!