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6 Best USB Software For Locking Your PC [2023 Guide]




If you want to secure your PC at maximum it is necessary to be precautions and lock your device better.

Using a USB flash drive key to unlock your Windows computer represents a safer solution than just using passwords.

Plus, you can get high-end technology to encrypt your PC using specialized software solutions, keeping cyber attackers away. 

To strengthen your security with a USB drive key, you have to lock the USB drive with useful software you can find on our list. 

Don’t try to remember all your passwords, you will need only one to manage them all! Keep all your passwords safe in one single place and access them easily with this dedicated password manager. This is what it does:

Generates strong random passwords for you

Synchronize the login data between your devices

Store your passwords and login data in a personal encrypted vault

Auto-pilot for all your passwords

Data is one of the most important assets in an organization and the importance of keeping it safe cannot be underestimated.

To enhance data security, it is important to lock your PC even if you step out for just a few minutes. Why? An unattended PC with an unlocked desktop is an invitation for unwanted attention.

Even if you are at home, leaving your computer unlocked and running may expose your personal data to prying eyes or even leak confidential information that may end up in the hands of competitors.

There are several ways to ramp up your personal security on your desktop. You might choose to lock it with a strong password, a lengthy PIN, or even try the Windows Hello.

What if I told you there is a way to even up your security by making your USB drive act as a control key to your computer?

This is not an armchair theory; it is a proven technique that works effectively and it’s also very easy to use. All you need to do is take out your USB drive and boom, your PC is locked—and the moment you plug it back your PC will unlock. However, it’s not always sunshine and roses.

USB lock keys: The Good and the Bad

Even if you create strong passwords, relying on passwords alone is a big security misstep. For those unaware, Windows login passwords are vulnerable and can be cracked via Brute Force Method.

The Brute Force method is one of the most popular hacking methods and it employs ‘permutations’ to pull all the possible combinations.

When used with a powerful Graphic Card such as the latest GeForce GTX 1080 that comes with 2560 processors, it will probably take a few days to weeks to crack the password using the Brute Force method.

This is why the best password is both hardware and software-based. Turning your USB flash drive into a security key is what makes your desktop impenetrable.

Another benefit of using a USB flash drive to unlock your computer is that you relieve yourself of the burden of memorizing the passwords. But it’s not all good.

For one, you will get a headache if you lose or damage the USB lock key. You might not have access to your own computer if you lose the key.

Always make a backup of the USB security key so as not to lose important data in the event the key is lost.

In this article, we are going to take you through the various software you can use to password-protect, lock, and unlock your Windows PC with a USB pen drive. Let’s have a look at them.

What is the best software to lock USB in Windows 10?

Gilisoft USB Lock is a full encryption method to lock your PC safely and protect your data through high-end technology. With USB flash drive locking, you can increase your security exponentially right away.

Your virtual activity is a very significant aspect of your digital experience. And no matter what actions you perform on the computer, it’s impetuously necessary to encrypt your data safely.

To do this, you can adopt a USB encryption offered by third-party software. Think of it as the most convenient way to assure the safety of your password.

Practically, you can use Gilisoft to protect your PC’s data with features like password protection, files protection, multi-layered patented security, no data loss, support for all kinds of external portable media.

To have a better idea, using this solution you will set the USB stick divided into two areas, public and secure areas. So with this facility, your data can be stored according to the confidentiality of your files.

Here are the main features of Gilisoft USB Lock:

Great compatibility with various portable devices

User friendly interface and very intuitive

No leaking of sensitive data

Supports all Windows OS (2000 to 10)

Lifetime upgrade for free

Gilisoft USB Lock

Don’t let your data slip into inappropriate hands and increase your security with Gilisoft USB Lock!

Check price Visit website

Predator is one of the most popular software to turn your USB into a security control device. It is a free Windows program that turns your USB drive into a key that locks your computer once unplugged.

To unlock the computer, you will need to plug the USB drive back in. Anyone who tries to access your computer without the USB drive receives an epic message “Access Denied”. To get started, follow the instructions below.

Predator is one of the most powerful security tools and it comes with per-user customization and a built-in scheduler. The built-in scheduler can limit computer access to certain times of the day.

In case you lose the USB lock key, the per-user password can be entered instead. These are very powerful features that you won’t find in its competitors.

⇒ Get Predator

Rohos Logon Key is a multi-platform access control program and a secure authentication tool that makes use of a USB drive to lock and unlock your computer.

There is a free version and a paid version. Just like Predator, Rohos works by storing your login info and automatically inputs your credentials when the USB drive is plugged in.

Expert tip:

This makes Rohos more secure as it does not allow anyone to make a clone or a duplicate copy of the key.

It’s also very convenient as it has an emergency login system that grants you access in case of lost or broken USB. Follow the steps below to set up and use the Rohos Logon key.

Once you have Rohos up and running, you will realize it’s simpler and more straightforward than Predator.

⇒ Get Roho Logon Key

USB Raptor enables you to turn any USB drive into a security key that can be used to lock and unlock your computer.

The tool automatically locks the computer when a specific USB drive is unplugged from the computer and unlocks when the USB is plugged back.

USB Raptor works by constantly checking the USB files for the presence of certain unlock tokens with encrypted content.  If this specific file is found, the computer unlocks otherwise it stays locked.

The program interface gives you clear and simple configuration options. All you need to do is create a password for your chosen USB drive and the software will create the lock file it requires to lock and unlock your computer.

To avoid potential problems in case you lose the USB drive, you can enable two additional ways to unlock the system: via network message or password.

You can even set the time frame within which the system should lock after removing the drive and the system won’t lock during this timeframe, which is also necessary so as to avoid unwanted locks.

⇒ Get USB Raptor

WinLockr is another popular freeware that lets you lock or unlock a Windows computer using a USB flash drive. It features a simple interface that displays the main functions of the application in a single Window.

The first step in using WinLockr is to create a master password which will be needed in the unlocking process. When your PC is locked, the unlocking window is displayed in two modes: a full-screen mode or a mini window.

The program supports automatic keyboard locking. In addition, it features a unique shutdown prevention feature that prevents restarts or shutdowns when the computer is running.

WinLockr also disables both the keyboard and mouse for extra protection and can only be released by a key combination.

Even if someone discovers your password, their attempts will fail because they will need a key combination to unlock the keyboard.

This adds an extra layer of safety and keeps off any unauthorized access to your computer. To use this software, simply launch it after the installation process is complete and create a password.

Once prompted plug in the USB and choose ‘Install on USB’. This automatically configures the device to act as a locking mechanism.

⇒ Get WinLockr

USB System Lock is an open-source locking freeware that enables you to unlock your computer when a specific USB drive is plugged in and automatically locks the system once the drive is unplugged.

The software can run on almost all USB devices including Card Readers, MP3 players, etc.

The only limitation with this software is that it can only protect your computer under the normal boot. It does not run under the safe boot.

Other than that, the program is really good and simple to use, adding an extra layer of security to your PC. You can lock your PC safely using multiple external storage drives in order to increase the security of your computer.

Hence, using USL software you encrypt your files and better secure sensitive information with USB key system locking.

⇒ Get USB System Lock

USB lock keys are very convenient as they don’t require you to memorize passwords from time to time.

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5 Best Brother Printer Scanner Software For Pc

5 best Brother printer scanner software for PC






produces printers for home but also industrial printers, among other electronic products.

We bring you a


with the best


software that you can use together with a



If you need any suggestions for your next purchase, visit our Buying Guides section.

For more digital tools feel free to explore our Software Hub.

Brother Industries is a multinational electronics and electrical equipment company that manufactures a wide variety of products.

One of their crowning achievements is their line of extremely reliable printers. Of course, given how good they are, you need some very good software to go along with them.

For example, scanning software is compatible with all Brother printers. However, if you want to get the most out of your printer, then you better get the right scanning software for the job.

That is why we’ve compiled a list of the best scanning software that you could pair with a Brother printer.

Just by saying Adobe you know you’re dealing with some serious software. Adobe Acrobat DC continues this trend by being an extremely professional and versatile tool.

Not only will it let you scan files efficiently, but you will also be able to do so from a lot of platforms, even from the mobile app without any difference in quality.

More than five million organizations use Acrobat DC to handle their documents so you know that you have the safest tool out there.

You can create and edit PDFs, convert them to Office formats, and when needed, can collaborate on documents with your colleagues all over the world.


An extensive range of tools

Frequently updated

Can be integrated with a lot of other programs


The subscription can be a bit pricey

The scanning functions are basic

Adobe Acrobat DC

The scanner options are even available for the web app and that’s only a fraction of what this professional software can do.

Free trial Visit website

Abbyy FineReader can be considered a multi-purpose tool, as scanning documents is only one of the many things that it can do.

And if you open a PDF document and it’s not searchable, FineReader detects that and automatically applies OCR to make them searchable.


Easy to use

Supports batch processing

One-time payment

OCR scanning


The price tag

The OCR scanning is not the best

Abby FineReader

Free trial Visit website

Expert tip:

In fact, a common trend is to simply ignore whatever scanning program a printer usually comes with, and simply go with a third-party one like PaperScan.



Offers a free version with limited functionality

It’s a dedicated scanning solution


Doesn’t go well with cloud use

It has pretty basic features

⇒ Download PaperScan

While Readiris is a great software tool for scanning documents efficiently, what makes it so special is how it can efficiently convert scanned documents to audio files.


You can convert scanned documents into audio

You can try it for free



Some limitations with the lowest subscription tiers

The audio quality is not so great

⇒ Download Readiris

The key selling point of OmniPage Standard is the OCR that it comes equipped with allowing you to efficiently scan documents and convert them efficiently and fast.

Additionally, it provided great image quality even if the scanned source material isn’t all that great, allowing your printer to produce perfect copies of the original document.


High-quality scans, OCR, and format conversion


Can be integrated into a lot of other services


The price tag

The scanning software is limited

⇒ Download OmniPage Standard

Closing thoughts on scanning software for Brother printers

Of course, if that program can do a whole lot more than just that on the side, then it is all for the better.

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6 Best Font Manager Software For Mac In 2023

Choosing the right font is essential for creating compelling content. But how do you find the preferred font if you have thousands of them? If you’re a designer or someone who works with hundreds or even thousands of fonts, having a good font manager to organize font collections is essential. 

There are different font apps, but the question is, how to choose the best manager for your work? 

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the best font management apps for Mac and the key features of each font manager. I’ll also include some useful information that can help you decide whether or not you need a font manager and decide which one to use.  

Key Takeaways

Font managers are essential for heavy font users like designers and businesses that need to keep fonts organized and use a variety of fonts.

A Font manager is ideal for font users who want to save computer space, work with fonts in different apps, and speed up workflow.

Typeface is the best overall option for any font lovers, designers will love Connect Fonts for its creative app integrations, and if you’re looking for a free option, FontBase is the go-to.

Wordmark can be a good option if you’re looking for a web-based font manager. 

Note: you’ll only see the Library option when you hold down the Option key. 

Yes, Font Book is a free font management software pre-installed on Mac. You don’t need any extra steps to download it. When you download and install a font, it’ll automatically open the Font Book. 

What is a Font Manager and Do You Need One

If you work with creative projects, then yes, it’s a good idea to use a font manager to organize your font collections or use cloud base fonts that can save up your space. 

Of course, a font manager isn’t only for designers, for example, it’s good to organize your fonts for publishing and even presentations. In this case, you don’t have to choose a fancy App. Being consistent with font and using the right font for different usage always add points to your professionalism. 

It’s true that we can memorize some font families by name, like Helvetica, Arial, or some of the frequently used fonts, but we can’t memorize all. What if you want to find a font that you used a while ago for a new project? 

Here is when an easy-in-use font manager comes especially in handy because you can quickly grab what you need without wasting time going through the font book or searching for the old document. 

Apart from protecting system fonts from accidental deletion, the best font manager is also able to search, view, sort, and rename fonts as well as fix or uninstall corrupted ones.

What is excellent about the font manager is that it’s designed for maintaining system stability. It can activate/deactivate a font or group of fonts manually or automatically only when required, without wasting system resources.

I know, Apple already has its own management app – Font Book, but it’s pretty basic and has a limited set of features. 

If you have a vast collection and use many fonts a day, the Font Book’s basic features might not be enough. In the sections below, I’ll show you how I test/use some of the best font managers and why I’m recommending them to you. 

6 Best Font Manager for Mac: The Winners

1. Typeface (Best Overall)

Whether you’re a professional designer or just a font lover, Typeface is suitable for everyone because of its simple UI and minimalistic design that allows you to quickly navigate and organize your fonts. 

You can search for fonts by category or style/font family like sans, serif, script, monospaced, etc. You can also create your own font collection by categories or add tags like modern, retro, web, title, logo, summer vibe, etc, you name it! 

A cool feature Typeface has is the Toggle Font Compare which allows you to choose one font and compare it with other selected collections of fonts on top of each other. 

Another thing I really like about Typeface is its flexible viewing options. You can decide how many fonts are shown on a page, adjust the size, and see how the font looks in different styles of text content. 

Typeface has many features that are not shown in the basic panel but you can easily find them from the overhead menu. For example, you can export Adobe font, and change the viewing mode. 

You can get Typeface App from the App Store for free, and after a 15-day trial, you can get it for $35.99. Or you can get it for free with a subscription on Setapp together with other commercial Mac apps.

2. FontBase (Best Free)

Pricing: free

Compatibility: macOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later

Key features: Seamless font organization, activate/deactivate fonts, access to Google fonts

Pros: Free, easy to use, affordable upgrade option 

Cons: Nothing to complain about considering it’s free 😉

You’ll find various categories, collections, folders, and other filters on the left sidebar. On the right, there is a list of fonts with previews.

You can change the font size and regulate how many options are shown on a page. Also, you can choose the preferred color both for fonts and background, which is great for previewing how your font will look in a project.

FontBase runs smoothly when it comes to Google Fonts support. You can also sync your fonts across multiple desktops by moving the app’s root folder to Dropbox or Google Drive.

3. Connect Fonts (Best for Designers)

Pricing: 15-day free trial, annual plan $108

Compatibility: macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) or later

Key features: sync and organize fonts, integrates with many apps, detect fonts from software

Pros: Integrates with professional apps, cloud-based, good categorization

Cons: Expensive, complex user interface

It’s not the most intuitive font manager to use compared to other options. However, once you figure out the settings, you can easily sync font collection via the cloud, and make it accessible across devices. There is also a FontDoctor, a tool focused on font corruption detection and repair.

A cool feature I really like is that if you drag a design file into Connect Fonts, it can show you which fonts are used in the file (if the text in the original file isn’t outlined). 

The only reason that would stop me from getting Connect Fonts is the cost and there’s no one-time purchase option. 

The annual plan is $108 (about $9/month), which I think is kind of pricey. It does offer a 15-day free trial, but the downloading process is quite tricky and you’ll need to create an account for it. I still think it’s worth a try though if budget isn’t a concern.

Read my full review of Extensis Connect Fonts for more.

4. RightFont (Best for Pros)

RightFont is designed for professional designers and teams. Therefore, the app’s user interface is slightly more complicated, meaning you don’t see certain options at a glance. It can be confusing for some beginners who are not familiar with font managers. 

The font management features allow you can easily sync, import, and organize system fonts, or activate Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts. Most importantly, I like how it integrates with many creative apps such as Adobe CC, Sketch, Affinity Designer, and more. 

As a designer myself, I find it handy to choose fonts for my project and share them with my team. 

With your software open, if you hover on a font in RightFont, you can directly change the font of the text you’re working on in the software. 

If you’re doing a team project, RightFont lets you sync your font library and share it with your team via Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and other cloud services. So there won’t be an issue having missing fonts, etc.

Besides the awesome features, I think RightFont offers a pretty reasonable price. You can get a single license for $59 for one device only, or a team license starting from $94 for two devices. Before any commitment, you can get a 15-day fully functional free trial.

5. WordMark (Easiest to Use)

Pricing: Free, or upgrade to WordMark Pro for $3.25/month

Compatibility: Web-based

Key features: Font preview, compare fonts

Pros: Free access, easy to use, browser-based (doesn’t take up your computer space)

Cons: Few features with the free version

Wordmark searches users’ hard drives for all the fonts and allows scrolling through the results to pick the best options. If you want to know which font it is, simply hover on the text and it’ll show you the name of the font (as shown in the red box I drew). 

It’s as simple as that! This tool is a perfect choice for casual users who are looking for font ideas for their new projects.

Compared to previously mentioned apps, Wordmark lacks some main features such as activation/deactivation of the fonts, and the free features are quite limited.

For instance, to unlock Google Fonts support, Tagging, Night mode, and other helpful features, you can upgrade to Wordmark Pro for as low as $3.25/month. However, you do get to try them for free for 24 hours.

6. Font Agent (Best for Businesses)

Pricing: 15-day free trial, annual plan as low as $59 

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or above

Key features: preview fonts, share and organize fonts, smart font search

Pros: Powerful tools for enterprise needs, great sharing, and cooperation functionality

Cons: Old school interface, not beginner-friendly

I know I rated RightFont as the best font manager for professionals, but FontAgent is just a bit more powerful as this software is designed for businesses and enterprises for its sharing features that allow multiple users to manage the fonts. 

Plus the latest version is optimized for Apple’s M1 and M2 chips which makes it run smoothly on your Mac. 

FontAgent has all the basic functions such as importing, syncing, adding tags, sharing, comparing fonts, app integrations, etc. 

I’m not a fan of its user interface, but well, that’s not the most important thing to consider if other functionalities work great. Well, I have to say that it’s not the easiest app to get started with but you’ll get it after a couple of times. 

Generously, FontAgent offers a 30-day free trial for new users. If you like it, there are a couple of options depending on what you’ll use it for. The basic version is $59, the standard version is $99, and if you’re an existing user, you can upgrade the software for $65. 

How We Picked and Tested These Mac Font Managers

These font managers are tested and picked out based on their user interface/ease of use, organization features, integration/compatibility, and pricing. 

I used MacBook Pro to test these apps and tried them with different design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Here’s how I test each aspect of the font management software. 

User interface/Ease of use

The best software lets you customize the viewing options and manage font collections, so we’re looking for a font manager with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to find the font you need right away.

Another important factor regarding the viewing options is that you should be able to compare fonts at a glance. For example, you can type in the text and see how it looks with different fonts at the same time from the viewing panel. 

Organization features


Support for cloud services such as Adobe CC, Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyFonts will help you copy your font collection to every device you use as well as share it with others. Third-party software integration is a useful feature, especially for designers, teams, and agencies.


The price tag of the software must be reasonable compared to the features it offers. If an app isn’t free, the price should be fair and it should at least provide a free trial for you to check it out before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right font management software for you really depends on your workflow (and budget for some). Hope this guide can help you pick the best option that meets all your professional needs. 

10+ Best Sandbox Software To Protect Your Pc Against Malware

10+ best sandbox software to protect your PC against malware




You will need powerful sandbox software if you wish to run or test a potentially dangerous app that appears suspicious or causes harm to your PC.

Some antiviruses and browsers provide runtime environments to contain items that represent a threat to your operating system, however malware can often be disguised.

To avoid a dreadful situation, we suggest implementing a specialized program that protects against phishing, malware, and identity theft.

In this post, we will walk you through the finest sandbox software for running new operating systems alongside the primary one, so make sure you read them all.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Malicious software can cause many problems, and this is why many users rely on antivirus tools to protect their PC.

However, in some rare cases, your antivirus tool isn’t enough to contain the virus from spreading.

If you’re concerned that a certain application or file is malicious, you should be able to run it safely by using sandbox software.

Sandboxing is a security feature that can isolate potentially dangerous applications in order to prevent them from causing damage to your PC.

Many applications, such as web browsers, already run in a sandbox mode with limited privileges thus keeping you protected from malicious websites and users.

As you can see, sandboxing isn’t a new feature, and if you use Google Chrome, you’re already running an application in a sandbox environment.

The best sandboxing applications practically are virtual machines that can run whole operating systems along with the main OS.

How to choose the best sandbox software

There are many great third-party sandbox applications, and you can use them to create your own sandbox environment and run potentially malicious applications without risk.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, the information table below will provide answers to some of the most important questions regarding the products on our list:

Can you download it for free?

Is the sandbox software compatible with your antivirus software of choice?

Does the tool create a sandbox virtually?

Can you make a restore your system after using a sandbox software?

Does it isolate malicious files while working?

Can you use it for testing new apps?

 Rating (1 to 5)Free/PaidUsing HDD spaceAntivirus compatibilityRestore the systemTemporary File IsolationAvast Internet Security4.5PaidNo YesYesYesMalwarebytes4.5PaidYesYesYesYesKaspersky Internet Security4PaidYesYesNoNoAny.Run4PaidNoYesNoN/A VMware Workstation 16 5FreeYesYesYesN/AComodo Internet Security 5FreeNo NoYesYesCameyo5FreeNoNoN/AN/AEnigma Virtual Box5FreeNoNoNoNoTime Freeze4.5FreeNoNoYesNoShade Sandbox4.5FreeYesN/AN/AYesSandboxie4FreeYesYesYesYesShadow Defender4FreeYesYesYesYes

Another antivirus software with built-in sandbox support is Avast Internet Security. The sandbox feature allows you to run suspicious files in a safe environment without affecting your PC.

In addition to sandboxing, this tool will encrypt your data and protect you from fake websites.

The application can scan spam emails, but it also offers a built-in antivirus software that can recognize and remove security threats.

Avast Internet Security has a Behavior Shield feature that will analyze app behavior in real-time. This feature will alert you if an application tries to perform anything suspicious.

The antivirus also comes with a Wi-Fi Inspector feature that will detect any possible vulnerabilities in the local network and your router.

Actually, Avast comes with a SafeZone dedicated browser that will ensure perfect protection during online transactions.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Built-in firewall so you can easily restrict applications from accessing the Internet

Wi-Fi Inspector feature that can check your router and see if your network is vulnerable

Browser Cleanup feature to remove sneaky toolbars, add-ons, and extensions

Built-in password manager that will keep your login information safe from malicious users

Real Site feature that can recognize fake websites

SafeZone Browser to provide you with extra security while browsing

You will always be protected when browsing because you will even be warned if you’re visiting a fake website that is disguised as the real one, preventing you to disclose your credentials.


Enjoy real-time protection with a leading digital security pack powered by Avast.

Check price Visit website

Malwarebytes needs no introduction as its reputation precedes its name simply because it reaches (and effectively eradicates) malware where traditional antiviruses stumble.

This is what sandboxing is all about – creating a safe environment for unsafe apps to be executed, which is something that a regular antivirus simply cannot perform.

Malwarebytes gives you the peace of mind you are seeking by actively using a triple-layered next-generation anti-malware protection solution to keep anything from trojans, rootkits, spyware, and worms to bots and rogues at bay.

With the latest version, the antivirus will use 50 percent fewer CPU resources during a scan, and with a feature called Play Mode, you won’t be interrupted by any notification or update.

Apart from the sandboxing and defense features, it can also remove the potentially unwanted programs that are slowing down your system.

Moreover, the software has a very simple interface that is easy to understand and use by anyone, regardless of their technical skills.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Not even the most sophisticated emerging threats stand a chance when facing this tool’s powerful AI-powered detection technology that quickly identifies, isolates, and eliminates malware.


There is no room for compromise when it comes to your security. Go for the best sandboxing software!

Check price Visit website

An alternative software that can isolate any security issues is Kaspersky Internet Security. Giving the name, the internet connection and security are greatly managed by this tool.

First of all, this offer guarantees qualitative services like free VPN, secure chats, online purchase protection, or even webcam protection from risky surveillance. So browsing the web won’t be vulnerable anymore.

Such a solution gives full-scale protection from malware or dangerous viruses like botnet or rogue. Thus you can improve the sandbox environment exponentially when you choose this tool.

Moreover, anyone can benefit from protection against hackers’ tactics to steal your data, like keylogging. So it’s very recommended to get network security using dedicated software.

For instance, Kaspersky provides two-way firewall protection, multi-devices payment protection, or high-security app lock. All that to prevent any threats away from you.

In addition, other high-tech protection tools offer security from malicious links or software that contains risky malware

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Instant Neutralization of any dangers

Real-time security for cyberthreaths

VPN online privacy

Protection for banking or purchasing actions

Home protection for Wi-fi network

Anti-phising and network privacy tools

Security dashboard on the go

In conclusion, this program can represent a vital choice for your PC system protection against numerous threats online. It’s also available on multiple devices with full-rounded solutions to security issues.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Protect yourself and your family in any circumstances using highly potent software like Kaspersky.

Check price Visit website

chúng tôi is a great online service that provides detailed analysis about malware to protect anybody online, offering cloud-based sandboxing.

This tool is actually a malware hunter that can show you real-time online threats and gives interactive access to secure your computer instantly.

So using it you can analyze your files or software and benefit from process monitoring. Other features entail network tracking, threat intelligence platform, or real-time interactions.

Moreover, the value of chúng tôi consists of a comprehensive analysis of risky files, and besides giving the user possibility to see it and modify if it’s needed.

It can also track behavior activities and observe new processes creation, malicious files, or URLs that can harm your PC. All that in real-time to help you make conclusions during task execution.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Cloud-based interactive access

Effective detecting of new malware

Easy to share reports with video or screeshots

Faster service compared to automated sandboxes

Large number community of researchers

Another incredible service is the threat intelligence platform created by various researchers. So these researchers from more countries contribute to provide insights about new malware at early stages, thus protect millions of users.

⇒ Get

As a result, changes in the virtual environment won’t affect your PC in any way. This makes these applications perfect for testing potentially harmful software.

It also supports snapshots, thus allowing you to restore your virtual environment to the previous state with ease.

Although this tool is extremely useful, it requires a bit of setup and hardware power in order to work properly, so if you don’t have enough hardware power you might want to skip it.

When you start a virtual machine, you can’t set the same amount of RAM as the available physical memory available or your system will likely crash.

So, not only that you can sandbox any apps and browsing, but you can do the same for a complete system and test it safely.

Let’s see what are this tool’s best features:

Run Windows DirectX 11 games and apps

Deploy Kubernetes Environments on the desktop

Supports the Windows Hyper-V mode

Dark mode interface

Easy to use, friendly interface

Increased VM scale – 32 vCPU, 128GB RAM, 8GB VRAM

VMware Workstation 16 is especially helpful to use if you want to install Windows 11 and test it without any possible harmful implications.

⇒ Get VMware Workstation 16

The application will isolate unknown files into a sandbox environment thus preventing any damage to your PC.

Isolated files won’t affect other processes, applications, or data on your PC. In addition to suspicious files, you can also run specific programs always in sandbox mode thus increasing your PC’s security.

This application also offers an integrated firewall that will prevent certain applications from accessing the Internet. In order to achieve maximum security, there are antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit features.

Comodo Internet Security can also prevent bot attacks and thanks to the Defense+ feature it will keep your critical system files safe from malware.

The application also offers a Memory Firewall feature that will protect you from buffer overflow attacks. In addition, there’s a powerful anti-malware feature that will terminate malicious processes.

Moreover, note that it comes in three versions. The Free version offers all the aforementioned features along with the sandbox.

If you don’t have antivirus software, Comodo Internet Security might be perfect for you. With a built-in sandbox feature, it should keep your PC protected at all times.

⇒ Get Comodo Internet Security

Cameyo is another application that allows you to run software in a safe environment without installation.

All your virtual programs will run in a virtual environment separated from your system. As a result, your computer won’t be affected in any way by them.

This application will create an entire application virtualized as a standalone .exe file. This allows you to run the application on your computer without installation.

In addition, you can also publish your application to Cameyo cloud servers and run it from any HTML5 browser.

This is perfect if you want to showcase your software to other users. If needed, you can also run your applications from a USB flash drive.

It’s worth mentioning that this tool also allows you to run Windows applications on any other platform with ease.

Expert tip:

⇒ Get Cameyo

Another application that can create virtualized applications and run them in a sandbox environment is Enigma Virtual Box.

This tool allows you to move all files related to a certain application to a single file. The application supports a wide range of file types, and you can easily virtualize any file.

All your virtualized files and apps will run in a sandbox environment without affecting your current system. The application doesn’t extract any files to your hard drive, so the emulation is performed in the process memory.

It also supports the virtualization of any files and allows their compression. This will significantly reduce the total size of an application.

Another interesting benefit is that with this tool, you can register ActiveX/COM components without administrator privileges.

Enigma Virtual Box might not be the best sandbox software on our list, but it’s completely free, so you should try it out.

⇒ Get Enigma Virtual Box

This means that any changes you perform to your system won’t be saved. However, you can add files to the exclusion list in order to make permanent changes.

Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to create an isolated space since your entire system can work as a sandbox.

Using this tool, you can create a virtual environment from your system. This means that you can run all your installed applications in a virtual environment while keeping your system frozen and protected from malicious software.

As a result, your system will be completely malware-free while Time Freeze is running. Using this tool, you can run multiple operating systems at the same time.

The list of supported systems includes both real and virtual ones, and you can easily switch between them without restarting your PC.

Time Freeze allows you to easily restore your system and revert any changes by simply restarting your PC. Any downloaded files can be removed, so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your PC.

It is a solid sandbox software, as you most likely expected it to be, but before you can use it it’s required that you disable scheduled defrag and Windows backup.

Regarding the availability, this tool should run on all versions of Windows and it’s completely free, so if you want a simple sandbox software option, we recommend that you check out Time Freeze.

⇒ Get Time Freeze

Using this tool, you can open suspicious websites without any fear of malicious users and applications. The application has a simple interface, so even the basic users should be able to handle it.

It’s worth mentioning that this application is fully compatible with other security tools, so you won’t have any issues.

Shade Sandbox will isolate malware or any other harmful application inside the sandbox environment thus keeping your operating system malware-free.

You can also add a certain application to the sandbox environment simply by dragging and dropping the application to the dedicated Shade Sandbox.

All your files such as history, cookies, and temporary files are stored in a sandbox environment so they can’t affect your operating system in any way.

This means that your registry and system files are secure from viruses and malicious applications at all times.

Shade Sandbox is a great sandbox software, and with its simple user interface, it will be perfect for basic users who want to enhance their security.

We have to mention that this application is completely free for personal use, so if you like the sound of it, we recommend that you download and install Shade Sandbox.

⇒ Get Shade Sandbox

One of the best-known sandbox software is Sandboxie. This application will create an isolated space on the hard drive that you can use as a sandbox.

This space is separated from your other files, so even if you use a malicious application inside the isolated environment it won’t spread to your PC and make any changes to it.

This application allows you to secure your web browser and block any malicious software from affecting your computer.

In addition to your web browser, you can run your email client in sandbox mode and protect your device from malicious attachments.

This application also blocks websites and applications from accessing your data thus keeping your PC secure at all times.

Sandboxie is also great if you want to test new applications. If you’re concerned that a certain application can cause system-wide changes, you can always run it in Sandboxie to prevent that.

The application supports legacy Windows operating systems as well as Windows 10. There’s also support for all major browsers and support for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Plus, it is rather lightweight so it should work on any PC without issues. Sandboxie is a great sandbox software that will protect you from malicious applications and other threats.

We have to mention that this application isn’t free, but you can download the trial version free of charge.

⇒ Get Sandboxie

A great sandbox software that you might want to consider is Shadow Defender. This is a simple application that can protect your PC from malicious applications and unwanted changes.

This tool can run your PC in a Shadow Mode that applies system changes only in a virtual environment. As a result, your operating system will remain unaffected by these changes.

It is simply perfect if you encounter any malicious applications or unwanted changes on your PC. To fix the problem, simply restart your PC and you’ll restore your system to an earlier state.

If you want, you can set which files and folders will be saved permanently. These files won’t be affected by the restoration process, and they will preserve all changes.

Shadow Defender can protect you from various malicious applications, but it also allows you to surf the Internet without any risks.

In addition, you can test any application in a safe environment thus preventing any damage to your PC.

Shadow Defender is a solid sandbox application, but unfortunately, it’s not free. If you want to try out this tool, just download the free trial version.

⇒ Get Shadow Defender

Getting started with sandbox software: best tips

The main goal of sandboxing is to protect your system from any dangers associated with all types of threats.

At the same time, you can use sandboxing platforms to test experimental features or apps without the fear of crushing your main system.

Here are some tips that you can use all the time to improve your sandbox usage:

➡ Allocate as many resources as possible

The virtual machines are the most complex sandboxes because they can emulate entire operating systems along with yours, but they can also drain the most resources from your physical system.

The key to having the best performance from the virtual machine is to allocate as many resources as possible but you can’t set it to use all your resources.

For instance, if you have 8 GB of physical memory on your system, you can only grant 7 GB for your virtual machine. That is why you have to have a powerful configuration to run a virtual machine.

For instance, in our screenshot above, VMware recommends using 6.1 GB of memory out of 8 GB to run the virtual machine.

➡ Always sandbox before trying something new

If you want to run an app or a process that you don’t know what consequences will have on your system, always back up your data and use a sandboxing application.

You will see that some of the apps recommended in our list also create instances of your systems that you can go back to in the most convenient way, so everything you do after that point can be reverted.

➡ Quarantine any suspicious files

Did you receive a file in an e-mail from an unknown recipient? We would always recommend not to open or execute the file before making sure it’s safe to do so.

At the same time, if you have an antivirus with sandboxing capabilities, you can still open it using that feature and know exactly what is all about without any possible safety issues.

You will find a few antiviruses with sandboxing features just like the one from Avast (shown in the screenshot above) in our list so take them into consideration if you get easily distracted and tend to open such files.

We hope that our list of the best sandboxing application gave you enough options to find yourself the ideal one for your needs.

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6 Best Games To Play With Your Cat On Pc

6 Best Games to Play With Your Cat on PC Choose from touchscreen games to mouse games for cats




If keeping your Tommy entertained is your top priority, get the best computer games for cats.

The first option on our list is actually a complex one with 3 free games and other 3 in-app purchasable ones.

Simulating a fish tank for your cat can be an all-time hit, especially if you want to distract the cat from the real, life-size one.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Technology is so invasive that it has taken over even the pets that surround us.

If exposing your kid to your Windows 11 tablets sound too dangerous, what about installing some games that your cat could enjoy on your computer?

We have a wonderful Tom, and we can surely tell you that he was delighted with our decision. There are a lot of iPhone, iPad, or Android cat games that you can install and entertain your little feline with.

The Microsoft Store has a nice collection of these games, but we will select only the best for you in this guide with a mixture of online games. These apps may be basic, but they will surely make an impression on your cat.

Can cat games be played on PC?

There are a series of games for cats your best buddy can play on your PC. The list of options available to be played on your computer is endless, from touchscreen games to mouse games for cats.

What’s more, there are online games to play without downloading and also apps you can download on your PC. So, you are definitely not short of options.

Quick Tip:

A great way for getting the best out of your cat games is using a dedicated browser like Opera GX.

This fast browser is specifically created for gamers that need optimized navigation for gaming. You can use the CPU or RAM limiters or the GX Corner to find entertaining cat gameplay.

Opera GX

Enjoy playful times with your dear cat using this gaming-oriented browser today.

Free Visit website

What are the best games to play with your cat? 1. The game for pets – 3-in-1 cat game

This fully packed app is one of the best games you can download for cats on your computer. You have three other games inside this game that will keep your cat entertained.

You have a laser chaser, a Fish Pond game (paw at the fish), and Whack a Mouse (hunting mice). This app is tested on cats and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

And if you’re happy with the included games, you can extend the fun with three more games available for in-app purchase: Firefly, The Wiggler, and Creepy Crawler.

We’ve seen the best attraction for the whack a mouse game, where the kitty had a wonderful time clawing the virtual mouse.

Of course, no crawlers and animals were hurt in the process, and that’s the best thing about a virtual, visual game like this one.

⇒ Get The Game For Pets

2. Fish Game For Cats – Hunting game

A whole pond with colorful fish that can be hunted to their demise? It sounds like a good plan to improve your meowing creature’s hunting skill.

With a simple blue background, this is one of the most basic games for cats on a computer. Also, it can be played on Windows 10 tablets.

This app will be especially attractive if you have a real fish bowl and want to distract the predator’s attention to a more harmless activity.

This simple game works on all systems, including x86, x64, ARM, and ARM64.

⇒ Get Fish Game For Cats

3. Real Cat Sounds – Fun-filled game

Real Cat Sounds isn’t a PC game per se, but it’s an app that’s bound to give you tons of fun hours with your cat.

We have been using the app on an Android smartphone, but it quickly downloaded on a Windows tablet immediately after it became available in the Microsoft Store. As it is available on tablets, you can use on some 2-in-1 computers.

You can use the 30 unique cat sounds to play with your cat, or, why not, with your dog, since we know about the rivalry between these two species.

The Cat Sounds game has many sounds, including an angry cat, a hungry one, meows, purring, silly, happy, hissing, fighting, and many more.

The sound effects are entertaining, and you can mix and match the sounds for fun. Cat Sounds can also be fun for kids.

⇒ Get Real Cat Sounds

4. Frisky! Game For Cats – Paid cat game

Expert tip:

The cat will desperately chase for hours until it hopefully falls asleep. The app is very light, so you don’t need to worry about the space on your tablet.

The options include mice moving on a cheese background, fish in a tank, beachballs on a sandy beach, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that this app isn’t free, but it’s so cheap that it is worth giving it a try and testing your cat’s agility.

⇒ Get Frisky! Game For Cats

5. Smash these ants! – Multipurpose game

Albeit, Smash these ants! isn’t a computer game aimed at cats but for humans. However, the hurrying ants on your Windows tablet will definitely attract your cat’s attention.

And when your pet notices that it can smash them, it will just turn her on and keep her busy for a while.

There’s the Classic Mode, where ants move in a straight line, and the Crazy Mode, where ants move in a zigzag line.

The only problem is that the cat will not get the job done in protecting the food from the bottom of the screen, so you will need to refresh the game pretty often.

⇒ Get Smash the ants!

6. Cat App – High creativity

This is an ant-smashing game that is sure to give your feline immeasurable excitement.

The gameplay is simple; your cat only needs to smash the moving ants on the screen. The sound and the squishing of the ants will surely make your cat enjoy the game.

The good thing about this game is that the developers are fully committed. They release frequent updates to improve the gameplay constantly. So, it is one of the games for cats on a computer you can commit to in the long term.

⇒ Get Cat App

How can you play with your pet on the tablet?

It’s only for a few years we discovered that there are apps for our pets, and even if it sounds unusual, they seem to work on many of our cats, anyway.

We’re not saying that you should leave your cat to play on the tablet all day long, but it can be fun and engaging for a few minutes at least. Here’s what you should look for.

1. Make sure your device is protected

First of all, ensure your tablet or device is safe. We are not telling you anything new, but we must remind you that cats have sharp claws.

And cats can also push your computer or tablet with their paws easily when playing games. So, make sure you have a scratch-resistant screen before starting the game.

Also, ensure that the tablet or smartphone is not on an unstable surface or in a position to drop or hit in any way.

A glass protection foil over the screen should do just great in protecting it if you don’t have a Gorilla Grass scratch-resistant screen already.

2. Look for moving objects apps

Any app with moving objects can be fun for your cat as they easily get distracted by any movement.

3. Make sure the cat is safe

As we already mentioned, you need to protect the cat’s eyes in the same way as you protect yours or your kid’s.

In other words, don’t leave your cat staring at the screen. Most of the time, they will naturally get tired and abandon the game but if they don’t, close the session after a few minutes.

After all, let’s face it, even though the games can be entertaining even for them, a tablet or computer is not for cats.

And while we’re on the pet subject, you can also look at our selection of the best virtual pet games online for your or your kid’s entertainment.

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Free Game Monitoring Software For Windows Pc

Looking for free game monitoring software for a Windows computer? The best options will be discussed in this article, so give them a shot. Gaming is one of the tasks that use a lot of resources on a computer, thus, it can occasionally cause lags or high memory usage. However, if you are able to monitor your system’s performance as you game, you may at least give it a fair shot against any issues that might occur.

While your computer comes with a built-in program called Windows Task Manager for keeping track of processes, using game monitoring software will give you a greater chance of tracking your system performance and preventing issues from occurring. In addition, game monitor software is crucial to your computer’s overall health as well as the efficacy of your gaming process.

Hence, we are going to talk about the best free game monitoring software for Windows PC in this article so that you can choose one to start using on your computer.

What is Game Monitoring Software, and what is it for?

Game monitoring software is an application designed for monitoring and analyzing hardware functionalities while gaming so that you can have a report of the information it gathers from the core components of your computer, much like the Windows Task Manager is used to keep track of your CPU and GPU performances.

In addition, game monitoring software alerts you to any potential issues with your hardware due to gaming. In its basic form, game monitoring software is a tool created to assist you in keeping track of your hardware system’s performance metrics, including CPU, RAM, and GPU usage; CPU and GPU temperature; game frame rate; fan speed and many other useful hardware data.

What are the best free game monitoring software for Windows PC?

Below are the best free game monitoring software you can use on your Windows computer:



FPS Monitor


MSI Afterburner

Open Hardware Monitor


1] HWMonitor

Topping our list of the best free game monitoring software is HWMonitor, a program that can be used to keep track of important sensors such as speed, voltage, temperature, fan speed, as well as utilization of major hardware installed on your computer.

The application has a pretty straightforward interface and is lightweight. Besides, it gives real-time updates of the sensors while gaming, so you can easily know what’s going on with your CPU, GPU, and the like.

Key Features

Shows important sensors for your computer’s hardware devices.

Free to use.

Uses A.M.A.R.T to display the hard drives’ temperature.

HWMonitor is available for 64-bit and 32-bit computers and can be installed on any Windows version.

2] GPU-Z

GPU-Z is a lightweight but powerful tool made exclusively to read and present real-time information about your video cards and GPUs. You can monitor your graphic card’s clock rates, temps, memory usage, voltages, and a variety of other variables with the aid of this program.

The program supports various graphics devices such as NVIDIA, AMD, ATI as well as Intel. Also, GPU-Z has a user-friendly interface, and the GPU reports are very well-detailed.

Key Features

It’s a light weighted program

Supports several graphics devices

Gives a detailed GPU report

Download GPU-Z.

3] FPS Monitor

FPS Monitor is another free tool to monitor your Windows computer’s performance while gaming. The program not only shows the FPS counter but also displays several other parameters for hardware devices like GPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, and others.

One good thing about this app is that it is an in-game overlay tool which makes it easier for you to access its readings even while gaming. Also, FPS Monitor has a hardware alerts option that lets you know when your hardware is running in a critical or dangerous state.

The tool has a very customizable interface, and it works a try if you are looking for free game monitoring software for Windows PC

Key Features

In-game overlay

Hardware alert system

Customizable interface

Download FPS Monitor.

4] SpeedFan

If you’re looking for a way to monitor voltages, fan speeds, and temperature while gaming on your Windows computer, SpeedFan is a fantastic tool you can use. Depending on the sensor chip and capabilities of your motherboard, SpeedFan also allows you to control fan speeds and monitor temperature sensors on your computer.

Key Features

Allows you to control fan speed.

Supports several Windows versions.

Additionally, this utility can display CPU usage, read S.M.A.R.T. information from your HDD, and analyze voltages and other computer parameters. SpeedFan is a free tool and is compatible with any Windows version.

5] MSI Afterburner

When talking about the most popularly used graphics card software, MSI Afterburner is one of the top options. It works not only with MSI cards but with other graphics cards. The program is designed for Windows PC with features like in-game GPU monitoring, easy customization, and a lot more.

You may adjust your fan speed with this tool, just like SpeedFan. Overall, MSI Afterburner is an excellent program to use if you want to overclock your graphics card to increase performance while gaming or performing other tasks on your computer and also keep track of the GPU’s general performance.

Key Features

Has in-game GPU monitoring

Allows you to adjust your fan speed

Show comprehensive information about the performance of your GPU

Download MSI Afterburner.

6] Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is an open-source game monitoring software for Windows computers. It lets you monitor temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load, and clock speeds of your computer.

It displays information about your hardware components in a very organized way making it easy for anyone to use. The utility is compatible with most hardware monitoring chips on modern circuit boards. You can overclock your computer’s components by using the Open Hardware Monitor, too.

Key Features

It is open source

Has a neat interface

Can be used in overclocking

Download Open Hardware Monitor.


NZXT CAM is a free PC monitoring software that is best for Windows PC users to keep track of the performance of their computers while gaming. With this app, you can monitor the status of your computer hardware component in real-time.

For gamers, this program shows every detail you need to know how your computer is running while gaming. Besides, NZXT CAM is very well designed, lightweight, and has a user-friendly interface.

Key Features

It is free.

Allows you to track PC

performance while gaming.

Download NZXT CAM.

Read: Best free FPS Counter Software for Windows PC

How can I monitor my PC performance while gaming?

There are several applications that can be used to monitor things like CPU, GPU, and RAM usage, temperature, fan speed, and other things like that on your Windows computer. The best of these applications have been covered in this article so that you can try them out and easily monitor your PC while gaming.

Read: Best free Game Backup software for Windows PC

Do I need to monitor my Windows PC while gaming?

Monitoring your Windows computer as you play games allows you to keep tabs on your PC’s performance. This will help you keep your computer in good working order since you can identify system problems and find a quick fix. To get started, you can check the aforementioned apps.

Update the detailed information about 6 Best Usb Software For Locking Your Pc on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!