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Child psychologist Lev Vygotsky famously wrote , “In play, a child always behaves beyond his average age, above his daily behavior. In play, it is as though he were a head taller than himself.” It is through play that the zone of proximal development (PDF) — the space where students move from novice to master — occurs. Playful learning is the true value of game-based learning. Without freedom to play, learning through the zone of proximal development becomes stifled.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the New York Toy Fair . I felt like Tom Hanks in the film Big — a grown-up surrounded by almost every toy imaginable. It was the largest event of its kind in the Western Hemisphere! While there, I was fortunate to speak with several innovators in the game business about how playfulness can afford, or invite, learning. After all, play is what occurs within the construct of a game. Below is an incomplete, unranked list of new educational toys and games that I had the opportunity to preview:

1. Tiggly

There are three separately-sold Tiggly sets: Shapes, Words, and Math. There are also class sets. Each box includes five tactile toys, made from silicone, that interact with its growing library of mobile apps (download instructions are included in each set). Learning through tangible play is embedded in Tiggly’s pedagogical approach. Late 2024 saw the release of Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen, a sight-word game featuring Cookie Monster and working with (and without) Tiggly’s Words vowels. Playing the app, children experiment with letter combinations while learning sounds associated with spelling. At the Toy Fair, I tested the new Tiggly Shapes Got Talent, which uses its Shapes toys to tell an interactive story about the properties of shapes. It was developed with Herbert Ginsburg, PhD, the Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Psychology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Along with Carole Greenes and Robert Balfanz, he developed the math curriculum Big Math for Little Kids for four- and five-year-olds.

2. Bloxels

Another exciting new toy that I saw was Bloxels, a visually-based game-design system from Pixel Press. The box includes 250 colored cubes, a square board with cube-sized cutouts, a link to a free app, and easy-to-follow instructions. To play, place the physical cubes anywhere on the board. Next, open the free app and capture the cubed arrangement with the camera. Each cube has a different assigned property: for example, blue cubes become water and red cubes turn into lava. Rather than coding, children build games through tactile play — computational thinking is part of the experience. Recently, Bloxels hosted a Kids as Video Game Makers award show celebrating games built by entrants as young as age six.

3. Balance Beans

From ThinkFun comes Balance Beans, a simple-yet-challenging, non-digital math game. The set includes a seesaw, with nine gridded indentations on each side, and multi-colored plastic beans. The beans are either single, double, or in groups of three. The seesaw’s fulcrum indicates equality — when one side is tipped upward, that side is literally greater than the other. Moving the beans back a row on the seesaw grid visually and mathematically represents an increase in power. This abstract concept, as well as algebraic thinking, becomes meaningful through actions of play. The teeter-totter mechanic effectively illustrates what an equation actually is: balance on both sides of the equal sign, not an output. After having students play Balance Beans, a teacher can introduce mathematical expressions, thus facilitating knowledge transfer from skills learned through play.

4. Circuit Maze

Also from ThinkFun, Circuit Maze uses a maze mechanic to teach electrical circuitry in a playful way. Players choose from one of 60 challenge cards and then place game tokens (parts of the circuit) from the battery source to a beacon, causing it to light up. STEM skills are presented as a puzzle — as players learn the rules of the game, they learn the rules of electronic circuitry. The set includes switches, too, just like an actual circuit board. Using the switch interface alters the direction of the current in the maze. When I played, I saw how computational and logical thinking were deeply imbued in the design. Not only did I have fun playing, I also learned some of the fundamentals of electronic circuitry.

5. Bring Your Own Book

An inventive party game, Bring Your Own Book, published by Gamewright, is perfect for English language arts classrooms. As the title suggests, you must supply your own books. Next, select from a deck of category cards and race to find a sentence or phrase in your book to fit that particular category. Bring Your Own Book is a fun, non-digital way to play with text. Students can pick out literary devices, learning ELA Common Core Standards without even realizing it! Also, it’s an engaging and highly social approach to having students share reading assignments. Up to eight students at a time can play, and the game takes about 20 minutes — perfect for any class period.

6. Happy Atoms

Designed by Schell Games and published by Thames & Kosmos, the Happy Atoms game brings an element (pun intended!) of fun to molecular theory. Happy Atoms is a physical kit of interlocking molecules that can be scanned with a mobile app. It’s the result of a competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences and is intended to improve how chemistry is taught. I first saw it demonstrated at Schell Games’ studio during an open house at the 2024 Serious Play Conference. As a playful toy, students can use it to experiment with molecules, discovering which combinations result in different properties. The Next Generation Science Standard of covalent bonds (PDF) between molecules is part of Happy Atoms’ core mechanics of play. A fourth-grade child can piece together two hydrogen molecules with an oxygen, hold the tablet camera to it, and watch the model transform to water — right on the device’s screen! For more, check out this video:

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Wellness Fair For Bu’s Bipoc Community At Thurman Center Wednesday

Wellness Fair for BU’s BIPOC Community at Thurman Center Wednesday Student-run event includes therapy consultations, free products, and visits from local community mental health organizations

Several BU student associations have joined forces to organize the first-ever BIPOC Wellness Fair. Illustration by nadia_bormotova/iStock

BIPOC Wellness Fair

Wellness Fair for BU’s BIPOC Community at Thurman Center Wednesday Student-run event includes therapy consultations, free products, and visits from local community mental health organizations

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on mental health, current research indicates that it is especially true for BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color) individuals, who already face significant barriers when needing mental health care.

Data show that BIPOC groups are less likely to have access to mental health services, more likely to receive poor care, and more likely to stop attending treatment. What’s more, barriers like systemic racism, cultural stigma around mental illness, mistrust of mental health care providers, and cultural insensitivity from mental health care providers make matters worse. 

Spurred by these findings, the student associations Queer Activist Collective (or Q, as members call it), the BIPOC Mental Health Collective, and the BU Student Government Mental Health Committee have joined forces to organize the first-ever BIPOC Wellness Fair, which will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, February 16, in the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground.

The fair will feature representatives from BU and Boston-based community organizations that provide wellness resources to communitities of color and LGBTQ+ folks (find the full list here), consultations with BIPOC therapists, free self-care supplies, as well as free gender-affirming products, including chest binders, tucking underwear, and femme shapewear (see our story on this initiative tomorrow).

Among the local organizations participating are Boston GLASS, which provides services such as free STI/HIV testing and safer sex supplies for LGBTQ+ students of color; IMPACT Boston, which teaches self-defense programs and workshops on topics like conflict de-escalation and assertive communication; and Casa Esperanza, a Roxbury nonprofit that assists Latinx community members who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health illnesses. 

BU groups and departments at tomorrow’s fair are BU Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center (SARP), the College of Arts & Sciences Anti-Racist Initiative, and College Mental Health Education Programs, which is run out of BU’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

The fair’s organizers started planning the event at the beginning of the semester, called to action after hearing from students about their difficulties finding BIPOC therapists in the area. They weren’t mistaken—less than one fifth of therapists in this country are BIPOC. Psychology major Sanjana Doshi (CAS’24) says the lack of diversity in her chosen field is one of the reasons she wants to pursue it.  

“Finding someone who understands the experience minorities have—whether you’re queer, whether you’re a person of color—it’s very hard to find this specialized care,” Doshi says. For this reason, the organizers hope the BIPOC therapy consultations will be especially useful to attendees.

Rose says many students struggle with how to find a therapist and how to navigate insurance, and some students—specifically LGBTQ+ individuals—may be concerned about accessing therapy discreetly, especially if they’re on their parents’ insurance and don’t want them to know about their appointments. Students have said that the waitlist to get an appointment at BU Behavioral Medicine can be very long, she says, “and the staff have been notorious for misgendering and deadnaming students, so folks just do not feel comfortable. So really these sessions are meant to answer those questions and tackle all these things, and ultimately just be more affirming and comfortable sessions with therapists and help students connect with a therapist or learn more about mental health care options.”

The Wellness Fair is just one more way students can erase the stigma around mental health, organizers say, and their goal is that mental health concerns should have the same seriousness as a physical issue. For instance, a student isn’t shy about letting a professor know they need to miss class for a stomachache, and the same should hold true for a panic attack. 

The organizers chose the Howard Thurman Center since it is a “safe space for people of color,” Doshi says.

The Howard Thurman Center is mobility device–accessible. All-gender bathrooms are on the building’s first floor. Contact Q at [email protected] for questions about accessibility or to request an accommodation.

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6 Fun Online Games For The Geography Geeks

Maybe you’ve just discovered the Google Maps version of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” and are disappointed at how soon it was over/how easy it was. Maybe you’re a geography nerd looking to hone your skills. Maybe you’re just bored and looking for a lightly educational way to waste some time. No matter, you’ve come to the right place: the Internet is full of ways to learn more about the world we live in.

1. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? on Google Earth

2. GeoGuessr

Ever want to get dumped onto a road in the middle of nowhere and have to figure out where you are using only the information you can glean from your surroundings? If you’re not sure how you’d feel about that, you can find out on GeoGuessr, a game that randomly picks locations on Google Street View and asks you to guess where in the world you are. It’s well-designed, plays smoothly, and comes with lots of features, challenges, and even leagues for playing against others. It does have an unfortunate habit of dropping you into the middle of forests, though, so you may have to do some travelling before coming across street signs or signs of life.

3. Sporcle Geography Quizzes

Sporcle isn’t just for geography – it’s a general quiz website – but their geography section is excellent. The huge selection of quizzes will test you on pretty much any geographical category you can imagine, and you’ll probably run into more than a few that make you question whether you have the right to call yourself a geography geek.

4. Seterra

Do you like finding things on maps? Seterra has many maps and many things to find, so it’s worth checking out if you get a rush out of correctly identifying every region of Colombia. They also have apps for Android and iOS.

5. Language Squad

If you’re into geography, chances are you also enjoy dipping your toes into other languages. Language Squad is a minimalistic but very usable site that challenges you to identify a language using either an audio clip or its alphabet. Think you can tell the difference between Bengali and Tamil? Lao and Thai? Good luck with that!


This site promises to teach you “every country, state and province on earth,” which may be a bit of a grandiose claim, but if learning names of places through determination and repetition is your thing, you’ll love the format on this site. When I started I could identify about half of South Korea’s provinces. I will now never forget the difference between North and South Chungcheong, even though I feel like they should have gone with “East and West Chungcheong.”

Can’t Travel? You Can Still Learn!

Booking tickets and putting your feet on the ground will always be the best way to really get to know an area, but if that’s not exactly in your money or time budget, an Internet connection can still take you a long way from home! GeoGuessr lets you explore parts of the world you wouldn’t even think to go see in person, Sporcle will make you an absolute beast at maps and trivia, and Language Squad will introduce you to more alphabets and languages than you probably knew existed. Who knows – all that knowledge might come in handy one day if you get kidnapped and/or threatened by a roaming gang of geography nerds whose only weakness is correctly naming Central Asian capitals.

Image credits: World Map Internet

Andrew Braun

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Offering A Fair Offering An Equal And Fair Opportunity With Nemesis Dao

Known as a decentralized reserve currency protocol, Nemesis DAO was built on the Binance Smart Chain with its native token, $NMS, backed by a receptacle of assets in the treasury, giving it an inherent value that it will not go below. It aims, per the project white paper, to build the go-to reserve currency on the Binance Smart Chain network at the same time guaranteeing short and long-term profits for all of its token holders.

It hopes to become the ideal trading pair on the network backed by real assets.

Nemesis DAO will offer community members a ton of rewards for staking and minting, and through the integration of DAO, it aims to run a community-governed project where $NMS token holders reserve the right to vote on suggestions and proposals on future developments. Additionally, Nemesis DAO has a vision to become the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem—offering an equal and fair opportunity to users while delivering a transparent and safe playground devoid of rug pulls, manipulation, and other malicious activities.

What Nemesis DAO Has Done Until Today 

Since its launch, Nemesis DAO has recorded remarkable feats—delivering on its promises while introducing certain unique concepts to the market.

Two weeks after the launch of the project, DREX, the lead developer announced a small yet strategic roadmap for success. All of the promises have been fulfilled by the team, helping build trust & transparency and pushing the project further,  some of them including the new faster and more responsive website UI, CEX listings, media collaborations, marketing campaigns, buyback & burns, new contests & events along with the launch of certain innovative products.

CertiK Audit Passed

The importance of a third-party software audit cannot be overemphasized, especially in the crypto industry where hacks and vulnerability exploitations are the other of the day.

Like other well-meaning projects, Nemesis DAO has authorized a 3rd party software audit, and not surprisingly, has passed the test, with results showing that the protocol is secure and at no risk of a security breach. This is in line with the development team’s core value of building a transparent, fair, and secure blockchain ecosystem.

Private KYC Done

Integration of Multiple Signature Wallet 

Another yet impressive task accomplished by Nemesis DAO is the assignment of privileged roles to multiple signature wallets [Multi-Sig]. In a bid to prevent any point of failure caused by incessant security breaches, Nemesis DAO has pushed the management and ownership of the contract to a multi-sig wallet and security policy that has been devised to request a ⅔ consensus before any activity is executed. 

House of Degens: Governance System 

Aimed at building a strong security policy characterized by a controlled behavior of NMS by DAO [decentralized autonomous organization] in a way that gives power back to the people, Nemesis DAO has segued to a decentralized voting system. Leveraging sNMS and wsNMS decision tokens, participants will reserve the right to cast their votes on proposals and suggestions made. Akin to most DAO-powered protocols, Nemesis DAO will calculate the voting power of each participant based on the sNMS and wrapped wsNMS held during the time of the voting snapshot. 

Roadmap 2023: Driving Nemesis to the Future

Nemesis DAO aims at being the most secure, rewarding, and constantly-evolving decentralized application system. Furthermore, it hopes to be a haven for all crypto traders. 

Embracing the “strategy before structure” model, Nemesis DAO will try to identify the problems that have deterred the streamlined migration to blockchain technology, and with the newfound information, it will create specialized tools and systems that will aid in the maximization of collective success. With a new roadmap introduced, this BSC-based reserve currency protocol will hope to accomplish these feats; 

Development & New Features

Angel Nodes

Nemesis Pro

Nemesis NFT Zone

NFT Box Openings

NFT Staking + Farming Protocols

NFT Marketplace with Custom Tokens

Cross-Chain Integration

New Mining, Staking, and Farming Protocols

Various Capital-Oriented Operation Games

Implementation of Tier-Based Loyalty Mining

Nemesis Clubhouse: Luck- and Roll-Based Games

Nemesis Lottery and similar Multi-User Competitive Games

Algorithmic Stable-Coin

Marketing – 6 Month Plan

Build a new Brand Identity. 

Drive traffic to its social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, etc. 

Plan and create SEO-focused content for marketing campaigns. 

Outsource tasks to more marketing agencies in an attempt to drive traffic. 

Collaborate with influencers.  

Hold AMA [Ask Me Anything] sessions regularly. 

Asian market expansion—India, China, Japan, Korea. 

CEX and DEX partnerships—establishing relationships, setting up contests, and negotiating listings. 

Angel Nodes 

As the first promise of the roadmap, Angel Nodes, another product of this BSC-based protocol has been already launched and will have a specialized treasury called “Arch Treasury” which will strengthen the Nemesis ecosystem further.

Nemesis Pro 

Nemesis DAO is introducing a remarkable feature—Nemesis Pro—a new staking incentive with an array of features members of the Nemesis community have dreamed of. Slated for launch in February 2023, this product will come with hyper-staking (4,4) and anti-whale protection, therefore enforcing the concept of true decentralization. Furthermore, this product will address the problem of unsustainable returns promised by DeFi protocols.

It will have an epoch time of 1 hour and a 5-day ROI rate at around 5%. To encourage extended staking periods, Random and Consecutive Golden Epochs will show up and, in turn, increase the 5-day ROI to 8%. 

Securing A Brighter Future

With all upcoming developments and marketing campaigns, adding the team’s dedication to delivering everything promised as they did before, Nemesis DAO holds a great potential to attract investors of all sizes very soon. Nemesis DAO’s solutions and improvements seem like what the DEFI space needs the most, like DAO anti-inflation measures, anti-bots, treasury boosters, staker-friendly features, and so on. Not only that but new plans such as NFTs, cross-chain integration, algorithmic stablecoin, luck-based & competitive games and many more will surely boost the platform to another level. The team is confident and aware that there is so much work ahead, they express that Nemesis DAO will be here to stay for years and they will continue to bring roadmap features as promised to start 2023 much stronger.

About Nemesis DAO 

Known as a decentralized reserve currency protocol, Nemesis DAO is a BSC-based project that seeks to create a reserve currency for the network while enhancing short and long-term profits for its token holders. Running a democratic protocol, thanks to DAO, Nemesis DAO will allow community members to vote for proposals and suggestions made on the protocol.

Social Links 

Media Contact 

Company Name: Nemesis DAO

Company Contact Persons: Arwand Madison, [CMO]

Company Email: [email protected]

6 Best Games To Play With Your Cat On Pc

6 Best Games to Play With Your Cat on PC Choose from touchscreen games to mouse games for cats




If keeping your Tommy entertained is your top priority, get the best computer games for cats.

The first option on our list is actually a complex one with 3 free games and other 3 in-app purchasable ones.

Simulating a fish tank for your cat can be an all-time hit, especially if you want to distract the cat from the real, life-size one.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Technology is so invasive that it has taken over even the pets that surround us.

If exposing your kid to your Windows 11 tablets sound too dangerous, what about installing some games that your cat could enjoy on your computer?

We have a wonderful Tom, and we can surely tell you that he was delighted with our decision. There are a lot of iPhone, iPad, or Android cat games that you can install and entertain your little feline with.

The Microsoft Store has a nice collection of these games, but we will select only the best for you in this guide with a mixture of online games. These apps may be basic, but they will surely make an impression on your cat.

Can cat games be played on PC?

There are a series of games for cats your best buddy can play on your PC. The list of options available to be played on your computer is endless, from touchscreen games to mouse games for cats.

What’s more, there are online games to play without downloading and also apps you can download on your PC. So, you are definitely not short of options.

Quick Tip:

A great way for getting the best out of your cat games is using a dedicated browser like Opera GX.

This fast browser is specifically created for gamers that need optimized navigation for gaming. You can use the CPU or RAM limiters or the GX Corner to find entertaining cat gameplay.

Opera GX

Enjoy playful times with your dear cat using this gaming-oriented browser today.

Free Visit website

What are the best games to play with your cat? 1. The game for pets – 3-in-1 cat game

This fully packed app is one of the best games you can download for cats on your computer. You have three other games inside this game that will keep your cat entertained.

You have a laser chaser, a Fish Pond game (paw at the fish), and Whack a Mouse (hunting mice). This app is tested on cats and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

And if you’re happy with the included games, you can extend the fun with three more games available for in-app purchase: Firefly, The Wiggler, and Creepy Crawler.

We’ve seen the best attraction for the whack a mouse game, where the kitty had a wonderful time clawing the virtual mouse.

Of course, no crawlers and animals were hurt in the process, and that’s the best thing about a virtual, visual game like this one.

⇒ Get The Game For Pets

2. Fish Game For Cats – Hunting game

A whole pond with colorful fish that can be hunted to their demise? It sounds like a good plan to improve your meowing creature’s hunting skill.

With a simple blue background, this is one of the most basic games for cats on a computer. Also, it can be played on Windows 10 tablets.

This app will be especially attractive if you have a real fish bowl and want to distract the predator’s attention to a more harmless activity.

This simple game works on all systems, including x86, x64, ARM, and ARM64.

⇒ Get Fish Game For Cats

3. Real Cat Sounds – Fun-filled game

Real Cat Sounds isn’t a PC game per se, but it’s an app that’s bound to give you tons of fun hours with your cat.

We have been using the app on an Android smartphone, but it quickly downloaded on a Windows tablet immediately after it became available in the Microsoft Store. As it is available on tablets, you can use on some 2-in-1 computers.

You can use the 30 unique cat sounds to play with your cat, or, why not, with your dog, since we know about the rivalry between these two species.

The Cat Sounds game has many sounds, including an angry cat, a hungry one, meows, purring, silly, happy, hissing, fighting, and many more.

The sound effects are entertaining, and you can mix and match the sounds for fun. Cat Sounds can also be fun for kids.

⇒ Get Real Cat Sounds

4. Frisky! Game For Cats – Paid cat game

Expert tip:

The cat will desperately chase for hours until it hopefully falls asleep. The app is very light, so you don’t need to worry about the space on your tablet.

The options include mice moving on a cheese background, fish in a tank, beachballs on a sandy beach, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that this app isn’t free, but it’s so cheap that it is worth giving it a try and testing your cat’s agility.

⇒ Get Frisky! Game For Cats

5. Smash these ants! – Multipurpose game

Albeit, Smash these ants! isn’t a computer game aimed at cats but for humans. However, the hurrying ants on your Windows tablet will definitely attract your cat’s attention.

And when your pet notices that it can smash them, it will just turn her on and keep her busy for a while.

There’s the Classic Mode, where ants move in a straight line, and the Crazy Mode, where ants move in a zigzag line.

The only problem is that the cat will not get the job done in protecting the food from the bottom of the screen, so you will need to refresh the game pretty often.

⇒ Get Smash the ants!

6. Cat App – High creativity

This is an ant-smashing game that is sure to give your feline immeasurable excitement.

The gameplay is simple; your cat only needs to smash the moving ants on the screen. The sound and the squishing of the ants will surely make your cat enjoy the game.

The good thing about this game is that the developers are fully committed. They release frequent updates to improve the gameplay constantly. So, it is one of the games for cats on a computer you can commit to in the long term.

⇒ Get Cat App

How can you play with your pet on the tablet?

It’s only for a few years we discovered that there are apps for our pets, and even if it sounds unusual, they seem to work on many of our cats, anyway.

We’re not saying that you should leave your cat to play on the tablet all day long, but it can be fun and engaging for a few minutes at least. Here’s what you should look for.

1. Make sure your device is protected

First of all, ensure your tablet or device is safe. We are not telling you anything new, but we must remind you that cats have sharp claws.

And cats can also push your computer or tablet with their paws easily when playing games. So, make sure you have a scratch-resistant screen before starting the game.

Also, ensure that the tablet or smartphone is not on an unstable surface or in a position to drop or hit in any way.

A glass protection foil over the screen should do just great in protecting it if you don’t have a Gorilla Grass scratch-resistant screen already.

2. Look for moving objects apps

Any app with moving objects can be fun for your cat as they easily get distracted by any movement.

3. Make sure the cat is safe

As we already mentioned, you need to protect the cat’s eyes in the same way as you protect yours or your kid’s.

In other words, don’t leave your cat staring at the screen. Most of the time, they will naturally get tired and abandon the game but if they don’t, close the session after a few minutes.

After all, let’s face it, even though the games can be entertaining even for them, a tablet or computer is not for cats.

And while we’re on the pet subject, you can also look at our selection of the best virtual pet games online for your or your kid’s entertainment.

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Save Up To $30 On Playstation 5 Games At Best Buy

Save up to $30 on PlayStation 5 games at Best Buy

First-party titles have had prices slashed.

If you’ve been lucky enough to pick up a next-gen PlayStation 5, you might have spent all your time worrying about whether or not you could actually secure the console before you even thought about potentially getting any games for it. Luckily enough, you will be able to save a couple of bucks in order to equip yourself with some of the best games that the platform has to offer. These are predominantly first-party titles, meaning that you’ll be sure to get yourself a good experience, with absolutely everything that Sony’s brand-new platform has to offer.

Demon’s Souls

Inarguably the highlight of the PlayStation 5’s launch lineup, you can get Demon’s Souls for $30 off at Best Buy, meaning that you’re able to get to experience a remake of FromSoftware’s seminal action RPG hit, with a slathering of brand-new graphics, enhanced quality-of-life improvements and a new art direction for the title. Featuring unrelenting gameplay, strong storytelling and a method of asynchronous multiplayer that other titles simply wish that they had, Demon’s Souls is a boundary-breaker in every sense of the word, and its short running time means that it’s an excellent way to steel yourself for FromSoftware’s latest gothic action RPG, Elden Ring.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

Auteur Hideo Kojima released has now released his director’s cut of Death Stranding on Playstation 5. Death Stranding is an odd tale of the people and places that you see after the world has descended into ruin, featuring asynchronous multiplayer in a world that no longer cares about you, but you still have to fulfil your duties as Sam Porter Bridges, a man whose name couldn’t be more on the nose for what is essentially a canonical mailman. With a huge number of names and faces to see, Death Stranding offers a huge number of ways to play the game and is genuinely something creative and new in an industry full of templated, copy-paste design by committee AAA titles. Don’t miss out on it.

The Nioh Collection

Team Ninja are masters of third-person character action titles, and Nioh brings forth the same tenets of design that Demon’s Souls first introduced, and builds upon them in meaningful ways with multiple weapons, stances and skills with a Stamina regeneration system that’s akin to the Active Reload systems from Gears of War, making for intense, fast-paced combat. While FromSoftware remains to be the masters of the genre, Team Ninja are greats themselves, producing titles like Ninja Gaiden 2 and more, so you can be sure that you’ll have a great time with The Nioh Collection, so be sure that you’ve got a stiff drink nearby so you can swig every time you die.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

If you enjoyed the romp into the world of New York City as Peter Parker on PS4, you’ll have a whale of a time with Spider-Man: Miles Morales, where you play as Miles Morales himself, under the guidance of Peter Parker as he unravels mysteries of his own, while battling with the balance between his personal life, and being, you know, a Spider-Man. Featuring an open-world frankly littered with things to do and places to go, Miles Morales offers a ton of fun replayability, in addition to using the Dualsense controller in smart ways that genuinely enhance the experience as you play the game. It’s not the most earth-shatteringly good game that you might play, but it sure is great to swing around Manhattan punching fools.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut


Housemarque returns with their first foray into creating an unforgiving 3D roguelike in the form of Returnal, half bullet-hell and half shooter, Returnal offers you endless replayability and brutal challenge that will make even the most hardcore of gamers wince. Though, if you manage to pick up loot, you will be able to use the best items and gear to help you see this title through. It might not be the best-looking game in the world, but you should certainly consider Returnal if you’re after a chewy, meaty gaming experience that will almost certainly leave you wanting more of this style of unrelenting action. It is not for the faint of heart, so you have been warned. This is another Sony title that appeared in the GeForce Now leaks.

Sackboy’s Big Adventure

We get it, a lot of the games on this list can be considered pretty difficult. So, if you’re looking to be spoonfed some fun, with very few failure states to speak of, what better way to play than with Sackboy’s Big Adventure, which is an inventive 3D platformer with Dualsense features that’s fun for all of the family, with the ability to additionally play the game via local co-op. It’s quite reminiscent of the Super Mario 3D World games, meaning that you are able to get yourself the best possible chance of success if you find yourself bounding off of games like Demon’s Souls, Nioh or Returnal, as we specified. Otherwise, get this one for your kids, as it’s a genuinely fun time, and much better than other licensed titles that report themselves to be fun, because, uh, they’re not. This is actually very good, so be sure to pick it up at a discounted price while you can.

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