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Expense cards save you from complications of reimbursement, overspending, and confusing receipts. These cards also let you track every transaction, set limits beforehand, block specific merchants, gain security, and much more. The transactions by employees using expense cards are made in accordance with the expense policy of the company for the staff. This gives you complete visibility into their spending.

Best Employee Expense Cards: Top Picks!

RAMP gives you the power to restrict spending on a specific vendor on a specific card or the entire organization. You can use Ramp without any fee, and it provides an unlimited number of physical and virtual cards that are accepted everywhere.


Spending limit: This expense card sets limits on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, quarterly, annually, or in-total. All the card limits reset according to their cycle except for the total limit.

Spending Analysis: It has a Vendor Management dashboard that gives a single detailed view of every vendor, transaction, and document. Ramp is also capable of extracting crucial details like personal credit checks from each contract, and it lets you set payment reminders.

Run on Visa: It is accepted by millions of retailers across the Globe and includes built-in fraud protections and other benefits.

Mobile app: Ramp is available for smartphones, so you can access these prepaid debit cards easily and use mobile receipt capture to check transactions, moreover, it also lets you view the expense policies.

Connect banks: You can connect with any bank like US Bank, Citi, M&T, Wells Fargo, and other 60+ banks.

Integrations: It lets you automate with useful integrations like Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Sage, etc. Ramp also integrates with Slack, 1Password, and many other tools and simplifies managing expenses and cards.

Security: Securely onboard cardholders with the help of Microsoft Azure, Okta, and Google Suite. You can also use 1Password to simplify managing numerous passwords and prevent unauthorized access with two-factor authentication.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It provides suggestions for savings. Bill pay may not be available in a few states.

You will receive an unlimited cashback of 1.5 % with every purchase. It doesn’t work on Chrome.

It doesn’t charge for set-up, annual, or replacements.


Here are the pricing plans of RAMP

Annual Fees Free

Transaction Fees Free

Foreign Transaction Fees Free

Cash withdrawal Fees Free

Hidden Fees No

Key specs:

Card Acceptance: All the places where Visa is accepted.

Wise is an expense card for organizations that has international operations or need their employees to travel frequently. It lets you set up a local account for your company in more than 40 currencies and simplify employee expenses.

This way, customers from overseas can make payments at the same speed as a local transaction. You can also choose from over 170 countries and pay your international staff.


Spending limit: The limit per transaction for Chip and Mobile wallets are Maximum of 10,000 for a single payment on a daily basis and a max of 30,000 monthly. This limit varies according to the type of transactions like online purchases, ATM withdrawals, etc.

Card for everyone: The employee can order a card for only 3 GBP, and you can pre-set their spending limit and track their expense.

Bird’s eye view: You can view all the transactions and spendings at once in a centralized location. It gives you a full breakdown of the transaction with filters like payment method.

Use instantly: Once you order the Wise physical expense card, you will receive the virtual card in your application so you can start using it immediately. You can also have three virtual cards for managing different purchases.

Integrations: It integrates with all well-known accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero, FreeAgent, and many more.

No fees: With Wise, there are no monthly subscription fees or contracts. You will also not require to pay for any foreign currency transactions.

Security: Wise has a dedicated team of experts that protects your money. It also has a 2-factor authentication and keeps the money only with a reputed financial institution. You can also mask your physical card numbers for extra privacy.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can freeze your card within the Wise app after every purchase. It has limited customer support.

It lets you apply for replacement cards instantly if you think your card has been compromised. Sometimes, its mobile app may have a problem confirming the payment.

Highly accurate conversion rates.


Here are the pricing plans for Wise

Annual Fees Free

Transaction Fees 0.43% (varies by currency)

Foreign Transaction Fees 0.43% (varies by currency)

Cash withdrawal Fees 1.75% (If withdrawn over 200 GBP)

Hidden Fees No

Key specs:

Card Acceptance: Online, In-Store, VISA/ MasterCard Merchants, and ATMs. Additionally, accepted on Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other well-known digital wallets for contactless payment.

US Unlocked makes shopping on US sites easy from anywhere in the world. Unlock all your favorite US retailers no matter where you are without needing to go through a complicated process.

Using US Unlocked is simple, you can access your card details simply by entering your three-digit pin. Once you have access, you can start using it like any debit or credit card.


Spending limit: This expense card has one of the highest spending limits for all kinds of purchases. It may be subscriptions for US streaming platforms, online shopping sites, etc.

Spending analysis: US Unlocked offers detailed reporting of all transactions along with Admin tools that help in tracking expenses.

Easy to use: You can load the US Unlocked account and pay a one-time activation fee to start. It is then available to use once the first account load is cleared.

Discounts: With US Unlocked, you will get access to the best tools that will assist in saving money on US shopping sites. You will find ways to get the best discounts and lowest prices.

Security: It is highly secure and also an ideal choice to achieve total control. US Unlocked provides a safe platform for all kinds of online tractions and hides your financial and personal details.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can get merchant-specific cards. Replacement cards cost $5

It has a virtual assistant, Ask Ruby, that answers your transaction history queries.


Here are the pricing plans for the US Unlocked card

Monthly maintenance Fee $3.50

Transaction Fees $0.50/transaction

Load fee starting $3.50+ 3.00% load

Unload Fee $11.50

Hidden Fees No

Key specs:

Card Acceptance: Thousands of US online retailers

Ironvest protects your transactions and helps in checking out securely from anywhere online. These virtual cards can be funded using your bank ACH or real credit card. It masks all your details when you use your cards, emails, and phone numbers for any kind of transaction.

This employee expense card has a biometric security and privacy app that manages passwords and makes sure only you can access your confidential information.


Shop online securely: Leaving information on shopping sites makes your card easily accessible to hackers. Ironvest keeps all your personal information hidden so you can shop anywhere safely.

Spending limit: IronVest has a spending limit that is assigned by the system once you verify your card. Once verified, the support lets you know the card’s limits.

Convenience: Canceling credit cards can be challenging if it gets lost or stolen. If your IronVest card gets stolen, you don’t have to worry, as your details remain masked.

Data control: All your password and username remains safe with these expense management cards. It has a decentralized blockchain infrastructure that makes sure your data is not captured by vulnerable sites.

Always online: IronVest remains online all the time to protect your information. It uses live biometrics for monitoring passwords to make sure it’s actually you.

Security: Its biometric information and tokenized credentials provide extra security. IronVest also uses host-proof-hosting, thus, even its team cannot access your details.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can create an unlimited number of masked emails with higher plans. It doesn’t have a desktop app.

It offers anti-phishing protection. IronVest is expensive compared to other expense cards.


Here are the pricing plans of Ironvest

Plans IronVest Essential IronVest Plus IronVest Ultimate

Masked emails 3 50 Unlimited

Biometric account protection No Yes Yes

2FA protection No Yes Yes

Pricing Free $5.95 $14.95

Hidden fees No No No

Key specs:

Card Acceptance: VISA / MasterCard / AMEX and other credit card companies, it is accepted only online.

You can get its expense cards and payroll cards with real-time card issuing. Wallester has a contactless payment option, and is perfect for online shopping.


Spending limit: These virtual expense cards allow you to set spending limits so your employee can make purchases without fearing budget overruns.

Express delivery: You can create unlimited physical cards and deliver them to any part of the Globe. It delivers cards to you at the fastest rate and lets you use the digital version while you wait.

Worldwide payments: It helps you pay with cards no matter where you are. Wallester is accepted in all the countries that use VISA cards.

No commission: You can make payments in EUR without any commission or other currency. It converts all your payments automatically.

Financial management: Get detailed corporate expense reports, monitor transactions, approve payments, upload invoices through mobile app, and much more.

Individual integration: Wallester gives individual integration for every card that helps in expense management, automates payments, and does your financial accounting.

Security: With Wallester cards, you can get a multi-level 3D secure 2.0 system. It also has instant notifications that reduce fraud risks.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Wallester app can take a photo of the invoice. No notifications to alert when the balance is running low.

It has an API connector that connects it with any online service.


Here are the pricing plans for Wallester virtual card

Plan Name Free Premium Platinum

Virtual cards 300 300 15,000

Physical cards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Pricing monthly Free €199 €999

Hidden Fees No No No

Key specs:

Card Acceptance: Visa, digital wallets, debit, credit

Divvy provides virtual cards for your business expenses and helps in managing subscriptions and shopping online for office supplies. You get a unique card with every vendor, and you can also avoid overcharges and fraud.

It lets you manage subscriptions in one place by creating a specific card for every vendor and allows you to set limits. You can also view all the online purchases as it notifies every swipe that your employee makes.


Spending limit: You can see how much expenses were made on a card and set hard limits. Setting limits reduces exposure, and its forced expiration dates protect against overcharges. You can also create cards for each vendor to spend accurately and limit amounts on them.

Unique card number: Every card of Divvy corporate credit card has a unique 16-digit number, but you can control how many credit lines a specific vendor can access.

Tracking: It lets you track all spending in real-time, including the card charges, so you know where and how much was spent.

Notifications: When someone spends using a virtual corporate credit card, they are sent a notification to fill out the required custom fields needed for accounting.

Integrations: Divvy integrates with applications like Sage Intacct, Quickbooks accounting software, Oracle, etc. Its team matches your chart of accounts by customizing Divvy.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can freeze individual cards. The support after implementation is not up to the mark.

It lets you send payments with extra control.

You can easily move funds around.


Here are the pricing plans of Divvy

Annual Fees Free

Transaction Fees Free

Foreign Transaction Fees Free

Cash withdrawal Fees Free

Hidden Fees No

Key specs:

Card Acceptance: Visa and Mastercard accepting platforms

7) Pleo

This virtual card gives you complete visibility into your spending, and it includes automated expense reports. Pleo lets you track, review and reimburse money that you owe to your staff. It also allows you to manage and pay invoices instantly with its automated solution.


Individual spending limits: You can set individual spending limits per employee and per purchase to have more control over expenses. It also lets you freeze and cancel cards anytime, unlike regular personal credit cards.

Set limits: Pleo allows two types of limits on its cards, the first is monthly, totally, or limitless, and the second is limited per purchase.

Automation: Save as many hours as possible by changing your receipts into digital format and automating expenses and invoices.

Security: It is certified by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), hence, your data and money are always safe.

Integrations: Pleo directly integrates with Quickbooks accounting software, DATEV, Xero, economic, etc. It also has a customized CSV export feature that works with numerous cases.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You get your first three Pleo cards free of cost. You may face outages at times during payment.

It lets you track and review all kinds of spending in real time.


Here are the pricing plans for Pleo

Plan Name Starter Essential Advanced

Cards Plastic and virtual Plastic and virtual Plastic and virtual

Cashback No 0.5% 1%

Pricing monthly Free $39 $79

Hidden Fees No No No

Key specs:

Card Acceptance: Wherever Mastercards are accepted.

8) Privacy

Privacy lets you shop securely and masks all your card details with automatically generated virtual card information. It allows you to block overcharging and all kinds of unwanted subscriptions. You can check out quickly with its extension that auto-fills your secure card numbers.


Spending limit: Privacy lets you customize the amount of a card and how many times it can be used on a daily, yearly, monthly, and total basis. The spending limit also helps you avoid overcharging and hidden fees.

Merchant Locked cards: The Privacy cards lock to the first merchant where they are used, so if this seller is compromised, your card number becomes unusable everywhere else, which provides an extra layer of security.

Flexibility: You don’t need any other bank or credit card application to use Privacy. It doesn’t require any minimums, perform credit pulls, and you have no fear of debts and interest rates.

Block hidden fees: It lets you create a limit on each card and lets you block double charges and hidden fees on repeated expenses. In case the spend crosses the limit, it auto declines.

Security: It uses virtual cards instead of credit and debit cards. Privacy is a PCI-DSS complaint and has the same security as a bank.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Get 1% cashback on your purchases In the free plan, you cannot mask your transaction information

It includes a dashboard that gives real time alerts when the card is used.

Pause and unpause the cards as you like.


Here are the pricing plans for the Privacy expense card

Plan Name Personal Pro Teams

No. of cards 12 36 60

Cashback No 1% 1%

Pricing monthly Free $10 $25

Hidden Fees No No No

Key specs:

Card Acceptance: Online shopping, wherever credit cards and debit cards are accepted.


Expense cards are prepaid cards that help employees conveniently spend within the limits set by the company. This helps the organization control employee spending and gives financial convenience to the employees while also offering transparency to the company.

There are two types of expense cards:

Single-use cards: Used for one-time online payments.

Recurring cards: For regular recurring payments and subscriptions

Limit cards: These cards let you set a daily, monthly or total expense limit.

Some of the tips to manage expense cards effectively are:

Set different types of spending limits.

Select cards with cashback offers.

Track your expenses.

Use separate expense cards for recurring expenses.

Connect it with expense management software.

Some of the drawbacks and limitations of expense cards are:

Possible overspending if there are no proper limits set and expense management, is overlooked.

Technical problems and lack of support, even during emergencies.

Misuse of cards and fraud, and unauthorized transactions.

The main difference between prepaid and virtual expense cards is that prepaid cards can be used in-store, while virtual can only be used for online transactions.

Best Employee Expense Cards: Top Picks! Verdict

All the above expense cards provide a reliable service and are a trusted platform. However, here are our top recommendations:

We recommend Ramp as one of our top choices as it is an entirely free expense card that doesn’t charge for any transactions.

Wise is also a reliable expense management platform as it has minimal charges.

Finally, IronVest is also a good option as it provides one of the best securities for its users.

You're reading 8 Best Expense Cards For Contract Employees (2023)

Best Amd Radeon Rx 590 Graphics Cards

That’s why we always put a lot of thought and research into any recommendations or tips we give out to fellow gamers. At the WePC offices, we spend all day testing out new products and researching components to make sure we are recommending only the best options for you.

We aim to cut through all the jargon and make your graphics card choices easier to make with comprehensive reviews like this which show you all the pros and cons of each model.

In order for us to recommend or consider something ‘the best of’, it must show great performance during our tests and also outshine the competition in terms of features and/or design.

The majority of the products we recommend are those which have been put through a strict testing process. We look at everything ranging from the price to the performance, design, efficiency, and how it looks. We push each product to the limit to see how it performs under intense pressure to ensure that it can handle everything.

This ensures we’re giving accurate reviews of each product so you can take a look and familiarise yourself with a product before buying it.

This is one of the things that is top of the list when it comes to searching for a graphics card. The chances are, if you’re looking at the best Radeon RX 590 cards, performance is important to you. No one wants a slow graphics card after all.

With the modern games market, games are becoming more and more demanding and need a lot more from their graphics cards. That’s why it’s important to have a graphics card that can meet this demand and also set you up for the future, where the game market is inevitably likely to change.

You won’t need the most expensive, highest performing graphics card out there unless you play exceptionally demanding games or need it for other things such as video editing – and of course, have the budget to throw at it.

Most people won’t need to drop $500-$600 on a card if they are only playing simulation games.


If you are looking for high performance, it’s always a balancing act. You need to also make sure that your system has adequate cooling. Graphics card manufacturers will always include cooling systems on their cards which should be fine if you’re running the card at an expected level.

However, if you are considering overclocking, you may need to look into other cooling systems on top of this as greater stress on the card will raise the temperatures.

Without adequate cooling, this could compromise your hardware efficiency or even lead to some damage. You will need to make sure you pair your graphics card with additional cooling systems to ensure temperatures are at as low a level as possible.


This is something that a lot of people overlook when they buy graphics cards. Everyone’s so focused on the clock speed, fans, RGB lighting and so on that they forget the most important thing – can it even fit in your PC case?

With more modern and powerful graphics cards, they’re often larger in order to accommodate the extra fans needed to keep things cool. This often makes the horizontal length of the card the thing to look out for.

The good thing to note is that a larger card isn’t always better. You won’t need the biggest card out there to get the best performance, so don’t worry if the big cards don’t look like they will fit in your case.

Make sure you measure inside your PC case to check you have enough room in there. It’s also important to bear in mind that you will need some space leftover for airflow and to fit in extra fans if necessary.

What Budget Should I Set For An AMD Radeon RX 590 Graphics Card?

Finally, we come to pricing. Your budget, of course, plays a huge part in your buying decision, but as we mentioned above, you don’t need the biggest budget in the world to get your hands on a decent graphics card.

If you have narrowed down your search to the RX 590, it might surprise you to know that prices can vary depending on what model and manufacturer you go with.

This should give you some idea of the kind of budget you’ll need going forward.

8 Best Apple Fitness+ Alternatives To Consider In 2023

Apple Fitness+ is a pretty neat tool to help achieve your fitness goals. It offers a variety of workouts and a premium yet affordable experience. However, it’s still new and falls short in some aspects.

For instance, it’s heavily dependent on the Apple ecosystem and requires users to have an Apple Watch. Moreover, it’s not widely available across the world yet. Luckily, there are plenty of other fitness apps.

I did some exploring and found some of the best Apple Fitness+ alternatives that are worth trying. Let’s get going!

1. Peloton: At home fitness – Editor’s choice

Peloton is known for its exercise equipment such as bikes and treadmills, so it’s no surprise that it’s the closest fitness streaming app for those who have such at-home workout equipment. This could include dumbbells, yoga props, a treadmill, and other tools.


You can choose from several categories, including treadmill running, outdoor running, HIIT, cycling, strength, yoga, walking, stretching, cardio boot camp, and meditation.

Most workouts are set up assuming that you have some machines to use, but even if you don’t, you can go for the cardio and outdoor exercise classes such as running and biking.

The program focuses on live classes, and you can look at the schedule and sign up for whichever sessions interest you. As someone who loves planning, I liked the convenience of setting my workout schedule ahead of time. Of course, you can also watch the live sessions later on-demand.

What I loved?

I also really enjoyed the audio-only guided running workouts. Compared to Apple, it’s got a more comprehensive package and an immersive experience pairing perfectly with the wealth of live workout events it offers.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku. You can also tune in via the web on your laptop.


On its own, the Peloton streaming service costs $13 per month, but with a Peloton bike or treadmill, it’s $40 per month.

Although the equipment is expensive, it would be a valuable investment if you’re serious about your long-term fitness goals and want to avoid the close-contact environment of traditional gyms. This makes it an especially attractive option considering the current situation.


Incredibly motivating

Up to 3 people can use an account

Accessible on almost any device

Syncs with your iPhone’s Health app

Goal-oriented programs with expert instructors


Limited workouts for those without equipment

Equipment is expensive


2. Nike Training Club – Affordable alternative

Want to stay fit for absolutely free? You’re in luck because Nike is currently offering this premium app for free to encourage work out at home. With such a lucrative offer, how does it measure in terms of value and effectiveness?


When you open the app the first time, you’ll be asked a few questions to gauge your fitness levels and interests. The recommendation algorithms will then suggest the best workout programs for you.

What I loved?

I love how it focuses on building strength and making you emerge as a fitter individual. It also has an intuitive UI that’s super easy to use. Feedback loops analyze your progress to suggest the subsequent workouts you should do, and you also have the option to target specific body areas like abs, arms, glutei, etc.

The voice instructions in every workout are pretty detailed and easy to follow along, reminding you which muscle groups to focus on and how to breathe. Lastly, if you’re a sports fan, you’ll love the workouts recommended by athletes and celebrities!

Availability: iPhone and Apple Watch.


The “Premium” version, until recently, cost $14.95 a month, but it’s currently completely free. Thanks, Nike!


Complete multi-week training programs for free

Workouts for any space, any equipment

Syncs with iPhone’s Health app

Includes mindfulness guides for mental health


Some workouts require gym equipment

You can only do one program at a time

Not accessible on a smart TV, but you can use AirPlay or Chromecast


3. adidas Training by Runtastic – Best for beginners

Here’s another great alternative for Apple Fitness+ that’s especially beneficial for beginners – it will help you take small steps towards a healthier body with short daily sessions.


Choose from plenty of ready-made workouts or create a custom one based on what areas you want to focus on, such as abs, legs, glutes, etc. You’ll be led through the sessions with instructional video and audio.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscles, or just commit to staying fit, this app is a perfect choice. It’s optional to add warmups and stretches to your sessions, but I always choose to include them.

What I loved?

The app tends to focus more on cardio-based bodyweight exercises that are great for overall health. However, if you want a truly holistic approach that includes nutrition and wellness guidance, you’ll have to pay for the premium version.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. It also beautifully integrates with the Health app.


A monthly subscription is $9.99, a six-month subscription is $39.99, and a yearly subscription is $49.99 per year. The prices might vary by location.


Easy for beginners

Custom workouts

Variety of free workouts


Not much motivational talk


4. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout – Best for busy people

I might be reviewing fitness apps, but I’m also the first to give the excuse of being too busy to work out.

Well, here’s an app that solves that problem in just seven minutes! The J&J official 7-minute workout specializes in providing quick, high-intensity exercises that you can fit into your busy schedule.


This app offers 22 preset workouts of varying intensity and duration, ranging from 7 to 32 minutes. They can be customized to create over a thousand variations. You can learn the exercises with 72 high-definition video tutorials.

Further, the Smart Workout feature gauges your fitness and motivation level to create tailor-made workouts just for you. I love how you can motivate yourself to keep on track by setting workout and inactivity reminders.

What I loved?

You don’t need any equipment, and it feels good to stay fit with a minimal time commitment every day. And when you have some extra time, you can always opt for one of the longer sessions.

I think this would be a helpful app to use in conjunction with another full-fledged fitness program mentioned on my list.

Read the complete review: J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch


It’s completely free. So there’s no excuse not to get it!


Super easy to use

Effective in building a workout habit

Keeps you motivated

You can play and control music directly from the app


It needs to be updated more frequently with new options.


5. iFit: At-home fitness workout – Best to use with gym equipment

If you’re well-armed with gym equipment, look no further than iFit. It’s an excellent fitness app that syncs with tons of different treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, and other home workout machines.


All the workouts I tried on iFit were high-energy and engaging. The trainers are experts who provide adequate guidance and motivation. For equipment-based workouts, the app pairs your machines for instructor-led exercises. It automatically adjusts speed/incline/resistance to keep you going.

What I loved?

I especially enjoyed the outdoor videos in which trainers interact with those around them and share little snippets about the scenery, history, architecture around them, etc. This adds a personal connection to the workouts and makes me feel like I’m traveling along with them.

In fact, these “global workouts” are what make iFit stand out from other apps on this list. It’s like being able to train in exotic locations worldwide, from Bora Bora to Antarctica! Further, I loved the energy of iFit Studio classes.

Availability: iPhone and iPad


iFit offers a free 30-day trial, following which it costs $15/month, making it a bit more expensive than Fitness+. However, it’s available in more locations and offers a variety of workouts.


Works with a wide range of gym equipment

Available in more locations than Apple Fitness+

The unique global workouts feature


No search functionality

Not available on Apple Watch

Slightly more expensive than Fitness+


6. Sweat – Fitness app for women

Moreover, it incorporates nutrition and diet insights that have transformed my life for the better.


Sweat is the app equivalent of the famous BBG workout—otherwise known as the Bikini Body Guide and propagated by the Australian fitness expert Kayla Itsines. It’s aimed at transforming and sculpting your body with quick, 28-minute workouts.

Along with the BBG workouts, you also get access to eight additional workout programs based on your goals and resources. It’s beginner-friendly but also caters to those looking for more challenging exercises with weights and other equipment.

You get to choose from various trainers and workouts such as yoga, cycling, running, etc. Moreover, you can also use it to get in shape postpartum.

What I loved?

I especially enjoyed this app’s community aspect that offers forums to share your fitness journey and connect with others. Further, I loved how you can sync Sweat’s workout planner with your phone’s calendar to schedule days to focus on different areas like cardio, legs, etc.

It’s pretty multipurpose since it offers food and nutrition guidance too. You can get instructions to cook up simple yet delicious meals that aid your fitness journey.

Moreover, you can access a weekly shopping list and delicious day-by-day meal plan based on your dietary preference, such as vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, Lacto-vegetarian, etc.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch


Sweat starts at $20/month, so it’s pricier than Apple Fitness+. But I think it’s worth it, given the women-centric workouts and the personalized, holistic approach.


Combination of different kinds of workouts

Go at your own pace

Specifically designed for women

Helpful community


The nutrition program could be improved


7. DeltaTrainer: 1-on-1 coaching – Best for personalized training

DeltaTrainer is a unique fitness app that leverages the power of the Apple Watch and artificial intelligence. It’s essentially a remote personal training service that’s a lot more affordable than an actual personal trainer.

When you sign up for the service, you get a “free” refurbished series 3 Apple Watch, which your trainer uses to automatically detect your sets, count your reps, and analyze your form.


You start with an initial interview with the trainer to create a personalized weekly workout plan for you. You can then access this plan any time on your iPhone and exercise as prescribed.

There are detailed instructions available, and you can reach your trainer via video call or in-app chat. After your workouts, your trainer reviews your stats, gives feedback, and modifies your plan as needed.

What I loved?

I loved how it sets you up for success from the get-go by letting you choose your goals, how often you want to work out, and for how long. Moreover, the one-on-one connection with a personal trainer adds to the appeal.

Of course, your trainer also keeps you motivated and accountable along the way, which is a component that’s somewhat lacking in other alternatives to Apple Fitness+.

Availability: iPhone and Apple Watch


This program costs $100 per month, but you can try it free for the first 30 days. That is, cancel anytime during the first 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. The most expensive one on the list, but considering its 1-on-1 coaching, I’d recommend buying it if you are a serious fitness enthusiast.


Highly personalized training

High motivation and accountability

Cheaper alternative to directly hiring a personal trainer

30-day free trial


It costs a lot more than other fitness programs.


8. FitOn Workout & Fitness Plans – Best for holistic wellness

This is the best holistic, all-in-one fitness app I could find. It helps you stay active, cut stress, and feel good through various workouts and meditations. You get unlimited access for absolutely free, including extra resources such as articles on caring for your physical and mental health.


From cardio and HIIT to strength training, yoga, pilates, and more, there’s something for everyone on it. I love how you get the chance to work with celebrity trainers such as Cassey Ho (of Blogilates), Danielle Pascente, Jeanette Jenkins, Katie Dunlop, Kenta Seki, among others.

You can browse by workout category, body part, length, and intensity. And when you’re short on time, opt for quick HIIT 10-minute workouts.

What I loved?

The way the app keeps you motivated by joining the live leaderboard for friendly competition!

Moreover, there are also meditations to reduce stress, get better sleep, improve breathing, relax your body and rejuvenate your mind with short and effective meditations.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV


It offers unlimited free access to workouts, but you have to pay for the Pro subscription to access the meal plans and nutritional information. Subscription starts at $19.99 per month.


Unlimited free content

A holistic approach including mental and physical health

Celebrity fitness trainers

Wide variety of goal-oriented workouts


The app poses as completely “free,” but you have to pay for nutrition and meal plan features.


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Author Profile


Mehak has a master’s degree in communication and over ten years of writing experience. Her passion for technology and Apple products led her to iGeeksBlog, where she specializes in writing product roundups and app recommendations for fellow Apple users. When not typing away on her MacBook Pro, she loves being lost in a book or out exploring the world.

8 Best Video Logo Remover To Use In 2023

8 Best Video Logo Remover to Use in 2023




Brands rely on unique logos to build their identity but if you want to remove them from a picture or video, you will need a dedicated remover.

It is not simple to do that and requires using specialized

software with c

ontours smoothing, automatic color balance, and more.

In this guide, we will also cover some interesting

video logo remover software options.

Get the right software to support your ideas!

Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




3D models & infographics

Many other artworks

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Logo remover software consists of special programs that are able to remove the company logo from all kinds of images that are found online.

These tools are really helpful if you want to use a particular image for a project that you’re working on and you don’t want to have a bold and bright logo, or a watermark splashed all over the images.

There are various logo remover programs on the market, and they come with their own features. We picked the best that you can currently find so that you’ll be able to choose the right one for your needs.

What is the purpose of logos and watermarks in photos?

Although it’s a pretty clear matter, we need to remind you that a logo or a watermark placed on a photo or in a video is a type of copyright protection.

You can only remove them if you’re the owner of that content or if you will use it for your personal interest, and not for commercial purposes or to broadcast it to the public.

There are laws that prohibit that so you should be very careful about what you do with the modified result and avoid getting into legal trouble.

What is the best logo remover software for Windows PCs?

If you’re looking for an easier-to-handle tool, inPixio Photo Studio Pro 12 will help with removing logos from any photo in just three steps.

Unlike Adobe, which is more professional, inPixio has fewer features, and beginners might find it easier to use.

With inPixio, all you need to do to cut an unwanted logo from a photo is to upload the photo in the program, get the Erase tool and cut around the logo, then delete it. It’s that easy!

Similarly, you can cut any interfering object in your photo – lamp posts, cars, wires, etc, even people.

The Cutter tool in inPixio will help with a similar purpose. Besides, you can also use this feature to take a certain detail in a photo and paste it into another.

And if you’re pasting it on an image, the tool comes with an edge smoothing function to soften the contours for a seamless transition between the object and the background.

The software comes with a Demo version so you will only get a preview but if you want to use it, you will have to buy the full product.

Let’s go through its best features:

Friendly and simple interface

Easy to use, without the need for special guiding

Can eliminate any logo or other objects seamlessly

Contours smoothing

Improves the quality and the colors of your pictures


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Photo Studio Pro 12

Remove unwanted logos from any picture in just three steps and give your photos a new, fresh look.

Check price Visit website

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard when it comes to photo editing. This complex tool has all the features you need to create amazing images that will draw people’s attention.

If you want to remove logos from images and videos, Photoshop is the right solution to get the job done quickly while preserving the image quality.

The Object Selection tool is a highly versatile Photoshop feature that you can use to draw a rectangle or lasso around particular objects to select them for further image manipulation.

So, irrespective of the logo shape, you can use this option to isolate the logo area, define the edges, and then remove it.

Then, use the Spot Healing Brush Tool, and more specifically, the Sample all Layers option to create a new layer and paint it over the logo.

To clean up and soften the edges, we recommend using the Clone Stamp Tool. So, there you have it, you can easily remove logos using three of Photoshop’s built-in tools.

You have the option to get Photoshop as stand-alone software or part of the Adobe Creative Cloud app and access the 7-day trial option.

Other key features of Photoshop include:

Plenty of versatile selection tools such as The Marquee Selection, Magic Wand Selection, and Lasso

Automatic color balance

A wide array of effects to turn your photos into masterpieces

Plenty of tools to create your own logos if you want to replace the one you removed

Steep learning curve for most actions

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editor on the market so it’s the way to go if you want to remove a logo.

Free trialVisit website

Wondershare Filmora is a software tool that will help you get a logo off a video, and it’s really effortless to use an app that also comes with a step-by-step guide.

It is one of the best logo removing options that you can find right now and download online for free.

The program comes with all the necessary tools that you will need to eliminate a logo, and all of them are straightforward to use.

Wondershare Filmora also has a user-friendly interface and even beginners will be able to handle the processing easily.

This tool is specialized in videos so it won’t be effective if you want to remove logos from your photos.

However, the application goes as far as even replacing a logo with your own or blurring the existing one with just a few actions.

If you want to go beyond removing a logo, the app is excellent for editing videos and brushing up your own recordings to the level of studio-made films.

Here are the best features that are included in the program:

⇒ Get Wondershare Filmora

The VirtualDub MSU Logo Remover is a high-quality free logo remover plugin that is intended to remove static opaque logotypes from all kinds of video sequences.

This tool comes with different types of work and parameters to control the quality and speed of processing.

The updated application supports the semi-transparent logos unlike the first version of the app, and it also managed to fix the bug with crashing on Intel processors, and other flaws.

Now, the VirtualDub MSU Logo Remover works flawlessly, and you can also try it out for yourself.

The tool works with static opaque logos, semi-transparent static logos, and also with opaque animated logos as well.

However, you should also know that it’s not the most simple program to work and the interface is a bit outdated.

You will need guidance to use it but there are plenty of examples and tutorials on the website so you will get to know it pretty quickly.

Check out more essential features included in this program:

The mask of the logotype can be manually edited

Automatic logo detection functionality

There are two modes of work, one-pass, and two-pass

Manual mask editing for the two-pass mode

The filter is able to remove logos from films easily

⇒ Get VirtualDub

AviDemux is also a really popular free video editor, and this program manages to successfully combine both video editing with video conversion in just one software.

Using AviDemux, you’ll be able to remove logos from all kinds of videos and images, and fortunately, the program is available to download on all platforms.

Expert tip:

The program includes a lot of filters, and the Sharpness from the menu has the popular MPlayer DeLogo filter. This will open your configuration window where you’ll be able to see more settings.

If you are looking to simply remove a logo, you should select the space where the watermark is and then use the parameters that are available at the top to surround the logo.

Take a look at the most impressive features of AviDemux:

Designed for simple cutting, filtering, and encoding tasks

Supports many file types such as AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, ASF and MP4 using a variety of codecs

The tasks are able to be automated using projects and powerful scripting capabilities

Friendly and intuitive interface

⇒ Get AviDemux

However, you can also download the dedicated app and use it on your Windows PC. The installer is only a few megabytes so it won’t impact your storage.

The tool has an impressive list of accepted formats, including MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, WMV, WebM, 3GP, AVI, ASF, M4V, Mpeg, MPG, and TS.

If you choose to download it, Apowersoft Online Video Watermark Remover is a really small and lightweight program that comes with a user-friendly interface.

All you will need to do is to load the video or image into the software, and then you will have to select the area where the logo is placed, and this program will make sure it goes away.

The tool is so simple to use that you can figure out yourself what to do but when you start it, you will be greeted with a small tutorial for the process.

However, there are some limitations. You can’t convert more than two files at the same time but the image output is a maximum of 4K.

Let’s see some of its most important features:

⇒ Get Apowersoft Online Video Watermark Remover

Using Remove Watermark Pro, you will be able to clean up all kinds of images for unwanted elements.

This program uses various blending techniques in order to clear watermarks off images and restore as much of the original images as possible.

Remove Watermark Pro is a great software that you can use when you have a really beautiful picture, but it is marked with a timestamp or a watermark.

Its interface looks a bit outdated but it’s easy to use so you don’t need any professional skills to work with it.

Check out the most impressive features and functionalities packed in this software:

It comes with a mixture of tools such as a rectangular area, a freehand selection, and a specific color selection

After you select that area where the logo is placed, you can let the program do the rest

It is able to remove dates and time stamps

Removes small objects from the images

⇒ Get SoftOrbis Watermark Remover

One of the easiest to use watermark removers comes from HitPaw. The software will delete any pesky item that is ruining a good photo.

At a first glance, you’ll notice that the program looks a lot like a video editor, having a preview window and a timeline to view all the changes made.

However, under the hood, there’s an intricate system that automatically analyzes pictures, figuring out where the watermark is, then completely eliminating it and filling up the space using algorithms.

Doesn’t matter how big or complicated the timestamp is, HitPaw will take care of it completely, with ease.

Stripping the watermarks away from stock photos or other content which you’re going to use for presentations is a must since nobody wants to see that distracting and annoying text. That’s when HitPaw Watermark Remover comes into play.

Additionally, the software isn’t limited to photos. It can actually remove watermarks from videos. The process takes seconds and the interface is pretty straightforward as well.

The only thing you need to do is upload the content in the editor, edit whatever you wish to, preview the final result, then save your work.

HitPaw supports imported file formats such as F4V, AVI, FLV, MKV, MPEG, MOV, MP4, RMVB, MTS, TS, WebM, MVM, and many others.

There are many other similar software tools out there, but most of them keep their features under an expensive paywall.

In comparison, HitPaw Watermark Remover is quite affordable at $4.99 for one month, and it also includes a free trial to test it out before you upgrade.

Here are some of the software’s main features:

Remove watermarks from videos and images

Preview the effects before exporting

Fully-functioning free trial

Powerful removing modes for video and image watermarks

Simple interface

Affordable price of only $4.99/month

⇒ Get HitPaw Watermark Remover

How to remove the logo by cropping the image?

Usually, logos are placed in the corners of images so you can get rid of them by simply cropping the image and leaving out the logo.

Of course, you will get a smaller image in the process so it’s recommended to use some of the tools from our list but if you don’t mind the lost pixels, it’s a lot easier.

There’s really nothing more annoying than an image or a video being marked by some kind of logo or a watermark date and getting rid of these might sometimes be tricky.

This is where logo removing software will definitely come in handy to help you get the job done. We also have a guide on how to remove a watermark in Windows.

All these logo-removing programs that we’ve listed above come with great sets of features, and after you check them out in detail, we’re sure that you’ll find the best option for your needs.

If you managed to clear your image from logos, you might be also interested in how to erase photo backgrounds using the best online tools.

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The 8 Best Online Sequencers For Music Enthusiasts

Computer technology has opened up the world of music creation to everyone. People armed with nothing more than laptops and creative vision can pop musical hits out easily and share them on social media or music streaming services such as SoundCloud. 

You could install any free music production software to get started, but you don’t have to download music sequencer software if you don’t want to. Choose one of the online tools from the list below.

Table of Contents

Audiotool is an audio production suite that’s free. It offers a simulated audio production environment with virtual replicas of many popular instruments and studio gadgets.

Audiotool uses a modular design that lets you hook up its synthesizers and pedals to create the sound you want. It’s an excellent way for people who have worked with traditional studio equipment to get going quickly.

Audiotool includes plenty of tutorials to help you learn. Also, load one of the demo tracks to see what a pro can get out of this software.

Officially, Chrome Music Lab is a Chrome Experiment aimed at helping kids learn to make music. However, adults who want to dabble in the basics of digital music can use it too. 

Rather than being a single unified sequencer and instrument tool, the lab is broken up into several simple, colorful, and friendly music creation tools. The Song Maker is one tool that best demonstrates the principles of creating melodies and sequencing notes. The music lab isn’t the best place to create sounds for serious projects, but it’s the most approachable website for making music online for sure.

Sampulator is a straightforward tool for creating musical samples so that you can use them in a sequencer to build songs. The tool comes with several free sample packs, and you can buy more as part of various themed packs. It has a simple, straightforward multitrack timeline, so it should be possible to create complete songs with it. Each sample pad is linked to a key on your keyboard. So, after putting in some practice, hit the record button and create your tune. 

The only problem is that we could not figure out how to export our song. Online research suggests that Sampulator supports exporting WAV files, but we couldn’t find the button to do it, which is a puzzling omission.

4. Soundation Studio (Free With $1.99 and $6.99 Options)

Soundation Studio is one of the most fully-featured online music production tools you can use today. The killer feature of Soundation is its collaboration projects, where you and other team members can work on a single music project together in the cloud.

The free version has serious limitations that make it unsuitable for professional products, such as limited audio export quality. However, you can simply sketch out some ideas and learn the software without paying.

Rather than being a full music sequencer, PatternSketch is “just” an electronics drum machine written as a web app. 

It’s incredibly intuitive to put together beats for your project and to export audio for use in your main sequencer. There are preset patterns if you just want a classic beat to use quickly and plenty of drum kits to choose from too.

6. Acid Machine (Free With $7 Windows and Mac App)

As the name suggests, this browser-based tool, which is still in Beta, is designed for the Acid House genre of music. Acid House:

Supports synth and drum machine virtual instruments

Has a pattern editor and sequencer you can use by activating song mode

Can be purchased as a standalone desktop app for Windows and Mac

BeepBox is a simple melody sequencer that sounds like classic 8-bit video game chiptunes. It has a simple interface, so you’ll be making cool bleep-boop tunes in no time. 

One ingenious feature is that you can store notes and settings in the actual URL. You can “save” your songs by saving the URL in a text file. BeepBox is also available as a downloadable app. It’s probably more convenient to use the save and export feature built into the app itself.

Online Sequencer has the most apt name of any website listed here. It’s a music sequencer in the purest sense. Simply pick the instrument you want and use the pattern editor to sequence notes in the proper order and time.

You don’t have to start from scratch either. Others have created almost two million sequences that you can load up and modify.

You now have the pick of eight fantastic music tools that will run in a web browser. There’s no reason to procrastinate on those jam sessions. If you do end up cutting or remixing tunes with these tools, post the link down below.

8 Best Ipad Pro 2023 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

As expected, the brand new iPad Pro has arrived. Despite a low-key introduction courtesy COVID-19 outbreak, the iPad seems to have set the ball on a roll with a series of top-tear specs including custom-designed LiDAR Scanner, pro-grade camera and of course the support for the long-awaited trackpad. Needless to say, these specs appear to have made even the ageless MacBook Pros look old-fashioned – let alone PCs that are already struggling to match the beastly speed of the iPad. With these high-grade specs comes the responsibility to safeguard the iPad Pro. Having just wrapped up a lineup of the top keyboard cases for the new iPad Pro, I’m all set to round up the best 2023 iPad Pro screen protectors (for both 11-inch and 12.9-inch models), considering the ever-mounting repair cost of the retina display.

Best 2023 iPad Pro Screen Protectors

When it comes to offering a full-screen safeguard against scratches and bumps, tempered glass screen protectors have a clear edge over the liquid screen guards. So, we have chosen the high-grade screen defenders made of tempered glass. Boasting industry-standard hardness (9H), they are fully equipped to keep the retina display guarded against the usual suspects. Let’s explore the roster to get one for your all-new iPad Pro 2023. We have also included a special screen protector for people who styluses likes Apple Pencil with their iPad Pro. With that said, let’s get to our list, shall we?

1. ESR

ESR is well-known for producing strong screen protectors, and this offering seems in line with its reputation. Made of tempered glass, the screen guard is scratch-resistant and can also resist bumps. With the neat cutouts, it also doesn’t interfere with the microphone and front camera. As a result, the Face ID and the microphone will continue to work as expected. Being very responsive to the touch, the screen guard also works seamlessly with Apple Pencil, allowing you to take notes and sketch images.

2. Paperlike

Buy from Paperlike: $36.59


Featuring laser-cut dimensions, the OMOTON screen guard offers maximum protection to the iPad touchscreen, without interfering with the camera and microphone. The 9H hardness plays a key role in helping it survive both sharp scratches and nasty bumps. Another notable feature is the 2.5D rounded edges which help the screen guard fit perfectly on the screen. If you use Apple Pencil for jotting down thoughts or sketching images, you would appreciate its touch sensitivity. That’s not all, OMOTON offers this screen guard in multiple packs, which make it one of the cheapest screen protectors for 2023 iPad Pro.

Buy from Amazon: $8.99 for both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models (pack of 2)

4. amFilm

Made of high-grade tempered glass, amFilm promises to offer uncompromising safeguards to the retina display of the iPad. Endowed with the industry-standard hardness, the screen guard is equally efficient both in terms of resisting against scratches and fighting out bumps. Plus, the ability to keep fingerprints, sweat, and dust also help it keep the touch sensitivity intact for long. As a result, it allows you to use your digital pen without any issue. Everything considered; amFilm is a reliable screen defender for your iPad Pro 2023.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99 (11-inch) and $13.99 (12.9-inch) iPad Pro models (pack of 2)

5. Ztotop

Buy from Amazon: $13.99 for both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models (pack of 2)


Whenever I have made a roundup of the top screen guards for iPhone or iPad, SPARIN is the one name that has never failed to find a safe spot in the roundup. What I have always found appreciable in the screen guard is the durability that offers a reliable shield against impact and scratches. Aside from trusted defense against scuffs, it has also lived up to the mark in terms of providing improved transparency. And looking at this screen guard, I can say that it has taken care of all the essential aspects.

7. Spigen

Though Spigen is more popular for producing reasonably good cases at an affordable price point, the accessory maker is second to none when it comes to offering highly protective screen guards. That’s why I have made it a point to include its offering in this coveted lineup of the best screen guards for iPad Pro 2023. Talking about features, it has covered all the basics like neat cutouts, 9H hardness, case-friendly design and touch sensitivity to be a long-lasting companion of the iPad.

Buy from Amazon: $16.99 for both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models 

8. JETech

For those looking for comparatively cheap screen guards for the 4th-gen iPad Pro without compromising on the protection factor, this offering from JETech seems to be a safe bet. At 0.33 thickness, the screen guard has got a bit extra cushion to fight out shock and also endure the onslaught of scratches. Despite being a bit thicker than many other counterparts, it’s up to the task in terms of responsiveness and clarity. Besides, it’s also designed to case-friendly so that you can use any cover without any pain.

Buy from Amazon: $15.98 for 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models (pack of 2)

Choose Best Screen Guards for Your 4th-Gen iPad Pro

Considering how the high screen repair cost, it always pays to offer uncompromising protection to the touchscreen. With these top screen guards at the disposal, I hope you have found the right screen defender for the retina display of the iPad. By the way, which one of the above screen guards has caught your eyes? Do not forget to tell us its name and also let us know the name of the screen protector that may be missing from the lineup.

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