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Choose a format

The Kindle is the most popular e-reader currently on the market. As a result, most ebooks are available in the Kindle’s proprietary format accessible only to Kindle e-readers and Kindle apps. If you aren’t a Kindle fan, don’t worry. Different devices and different formats exist, giving you many alternative ways to read ebooks.

The epub format is the open ebook standard supported by most of the alternative e-readers. If an .epub file isn’t locked down, then it can be downloaded and used across any of these devices. Unfortunately, most ebooks purchased from the major online stores come locked down with Adobe DRM, meaning you are restricted to reading this book only on the device or account you used to buy it. Still, if you don’t want to invest in the Amazon ecosystem, the epub format is the best way to go.

Alternatives formats include PDFs and TXT files. The vast majority of ebooks sold in stores cannot be acquired in these formats, and they lack the easy formatting options that come with reading an epub on an e-reader or in an app.

Pick a device

There are many e-readers to choose from, such as the NOOKs by Barnes & Noble, the Sony e-readers, and the Kobo e-readers.

The ability to read ebooks from the comfort of your browser is a new trend sweeping the e-reading landscape. While Google Books has had this functionality for years now, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have both jumped on board and allow online access to your personal libraries. This makes it easy for you to read wherever you are, even if you are stuck at work while your e-reader rests on your bedside nightstand.

Choose a store

eBooks can be found all over the Internet. Feedbooks is a bookstore with a wide selection of free and public domain material alongside a decent selection of current bestsellers. Smashwords and Lulu provide independent authors with a place to self-publish and distribute their creations. Project Gutenberg provides a massive selection of public domain material in a plethora of formats, including TXT and HTML. New initiatives such as StoryBundle provide regular exposure to new or independent authors. Occasionally even the Humble Bundle team will put out an ebook-centered bundle.


If you want to read ebooks without using a Kindle, there is no shortage of options. You only need to know where to find them. Most alternatives use the epub format, and this format is an open standard that you can feel comfortable knowing it will continue to be around for quite a while. The ebook market is a highly competitive market with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, Apple, and Sony all competing heavily with one another. One benefit of reading ebooks as opposed to traditional books is the wealth of indie content available to choose from, whether its tucked away inside the stores of these major players or lurking within indie-centric initiatives such as Smashword and StoryBundle.

Bertel King, Jr.

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15 Ways To Read An Rss Feed

No doubt you have seen those small orange ‘XML’ or ‘RSS’ buttons beginning to spread across some of your favourite web sites.

ever viewed the source code to a web page, it looks a little similar.

completely ignore the code itself, just like you can ignore the source code behind web pages that you visit – you are only interested in the end product that the code is designed to produce for you, the end user.

In the case of RSS, that end product is up to date news on the topics you are interested in.

For example, if you want to keep up to date with the latest information on financial markets, or growing marigolds, or your Aunt Mildred’s blog as she travels across the Antarctic, and you see a feed on that particular topic, you can ‘subscribe’ to it and receive messages via the feed, each time the publisher of the feed updates it.

generally known as a ‘news reader’.

downloading some software, some involve visiting a web site, some are free, and some require a small investment.

Once you have chosen a particular news reader, you simply take that address that you have copied, and, following the instructions provided with the news reader to subscribe to, or add a new feed, simply paste it in – the reader will take care of the rest, and keep you updated with your new feed. Once you have done it once, you will see just how simple it really is.

Here are 15 different news readers you can choose from, in approximate order of recommendation under each category:

– blogging tool with an integrated news aggregator

script that sends you new messages from your feeds via email

It’s useful to spend a few minutes researching some appropriate choices – once you’ve decided on one that you believe to be suitable, you can start picking up new feeds straight away. It’s Really So Simple, you won’t look back.


Top 10 Crypto Mix Platforms Other Than Tornado Cash To Use In 2023

Investors have to be extremely careful before choosing crypto mix platforms in these volatile time

The use of

chúng tôi is a user-friendly and secure platform for new crypto investors. It is one of the best crypto mix platforms in the market, it enables users to handle operations even without possessing technical knowledge, besides, its user interface is quite easy to handle and interact upon. chúng tôi facilitates a service fee between 0.5% to 2.5%, where each user will be entitled to choose the amount that is to be paid for each transaction.  


Unijoin is a mixing service that leverages the CoinJoin technology to mix transactions with others in the pool. Currently, it only supports Bitcoin transactions, but further plans to integrate Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether mixing services into its platforms. One of the primary features of the platform is its usability. The platform is quite easy to use for beginners, as well.  


ChipMixer is one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency mixers that gives users complete control of the mixing process and does not even change service fees! It also offers the capability to save mixing sessions and pick up where they might have left. ChipMixer also facilitates a variety of chip sizes ranging from 0.001 BTC up to 4.096 BTC tokens, enabling users to place bets using the provided chips.  


FoxMixer is a popular and reliable Bitcoin tumbler service that provides a user-friendly interface and high-quality mixing services for complete anonymity. The platform also ensures no trace-backs by deleting all the transaction logs within 24 hours after completion of the transaction.  


Anonymix is another popular crypto mixer that offers tons of features and is quite beginner-friendly. The best part of Anonymix is that it comes with speed and security. It is a high-capacity mixer that holds crypto assets in both hot and cold storage. The mix can handle over 180 BTC tokens at one time. The platform can also increase the security of the mix by making deposits from multiple wallets.  


Ultramixer is one of the top crypto mix platforms that offer a high degree of confidentiality by using a mix of Bitcoin addresses for transactions. The system provides a fast and reliable transaction and charges a very small amount of commission after the payment has been confirmed.  


MixTum makes the process of crypto assets quite easy and convenient for clients. The system would need one confirmation of the transaction, after which new clean coins are sent to the specified wallet. Users can also control latency for processing their transactions. MixTum is basically an offshore service, and its sites are also located offshore.  

Bitcoin Laundry

Bitcoin Laundry is another popular Bitcoin mixer that offers competitive fees and a high degree of anonymity. It supports over 10 different payout addresses and gives the option of manually deleting logs permanently and instantly, before 7 days of completion of the transactions.  

Mixer. money

Mixer. money is a Bitcoin blender that splits the funds received from each user into smaller parts and mixes them with funds from other clients. The platform deploys two blending algorithms and deletes almost all data regarding transactions, within a period of 48 hours. Besides, the service does not require any user registration, enabling enhanced security and protection of personal information.  

Mixer Tumbler

Why Geometric Intuition Of Logistic Regression Matters More Than Other Intuitions?

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon

Introduction to Geometric Intuition of Logistic Regression

Hello folks! You may generally come across the term classification and regression in our data science or machine learning community, this two are the main pillars of machine learning. classification is all about predicting the label and regression is all about predicting the real-valued data. There are many machine learning algorithms which we will use for the classification tasks, generally, most of you use the naive Bayes, KNN, logistic regression. So, here we will discuss details of logistic regression works, what is geometrical intuition, what is mathematical intuition, etc… Before going ahead we will take a brief introduction to logistic regression for better understanding.

Image 1

Logistic Regression

Here, the name suggests logistic regression that it is a regression algorithm but stop thinking that!!! in reality, it’s a classification algorithm. It is the most popular classification machine learning algorithm that is used to solve many real-world problems. It is called regression because its main assumption is to find the line or plane which linearly separates the classes label. As it separates linearly to the data points so it will term as a regression. It is a very very simple algorithm by geometrically we can easily understand the flow of the algorithm.

We can derive logistic regression from multiple perspectives such as from probabilistic interpretation, loss- function but here we will see how to derive the logistic regression from the geometric intuition because geometry is much more visual much more easy to understand the problem. We also go through the probabilistic and loss-function approach but not in deep.

Understanding Geometric intuition of Logistic Regression

We didn’t have to forget our assumptions, the logistic regression is trying to find a line or a plane that linearly separates the class labels. on the basis of this assumption, we draw our plane and data points.

Imagine if we have two classes of points as you see in the image all the red points are our negative labeled points and all blue points are our positive labeled points, and draw a plane if it is in 2-D or if it is in N-D then draw a hyperplane. So, we draw a plane π which is linear separates the datapoints. as you can see in the image that on the plane there is normal W which is perpendicular to the plane.

We know that the equation of a plane in high dimensions is:

plane (π) = W^X + b

if the plane passes through the origin then b=0. overall we have to find or discovered the W and b which corresponds to the plane such that the plane π separates the +ve and -ve points.

Suppose we take a datapoint Xi as you see in the image which is our query point and we have to find a distance of that point from the plane (π). So the distance Di is written as:

So this is the distance of the point Xi from the plane but how would you determine that the current distance of the point is considered as positive or negative?

As you can see in the image that the one side our point Xi and another side there is point Xj and we have corresponding class label Y, the distance of Xi to plane is Di, and Xj to the plane are Dj. so we take constraints as:

* if Xj and its distance Dj are opposite of the normal W then we considered that the distance Dj< 0 or Yj is negative.

How you can say that a certain point is positively or negatively predicted? so let’s check some simplifying assumptions or cases:

2. if our class label is negative Yi = -ve(actual class label) and the W^Xi < 0 means point is opposite of the W then the classifier predicted the correct class label.

3.  if our class label is positive Yi = +ve (actual class label) and the W^Xi < 0, So when this will happen then our actual class label is +ve and the classifier is predicted its -ve then the prediction is wrong.

So our conclusion from the above cases is that classifiers have to predict the maximum number of correctly predicted points and a minimum number of incorrect predictions. So we have to find that optimal plane that maximizes the correctly predicted points and having a minimum no, of incorrect points.

So our optimal Equation will be:

How outlier will impact the model?

Generally, in our data, there are outliers are also present and they will impact our model performance, So let’s take a simple example to better understand how the model performance got impacted by the outlier.

Suppose, we take an example of two plans π1 and π2 that are used to separate the two-class label data points +ve and -ve. 

As you can see in the image there are plane  π1 and plane  π2 which separates two class label data points positive and negative. These points are equidistant from the plane as you can see in the image and there is one outlier present which was farther away from the plane π1 as compare to other data points and very close to  π2 as compare to other data points.

If we calculate the Yi * W^Xi of π1 then it will be negative and for the plane π2, it will be positive. So as per our calculation, we conclude that the plane π2 is best fit the plane that we are finding and plane  π1 is a dumb plane, Don’t think that in reality if we see that our plane π1 gives use best accuracy then our plane π2.  π2 didn’t correctly classify the more no. of point as compare to  π1. So such outliers impact more on our model.

To preserving the model from the outlier we have to modify our optimal function W* = argmax( Σ Yi * W^Xi ). We will use Squashing.

Modifying Optimal Function using Squashing

To modifying our optimal function we will use the squashing technique, the idea is that:

1. if signed distance or the distance of a point from the plane is small then we will use it as is.

2. if the signed distance is large that we saw in the previous example, then we convert it into a smaller value.

We will use some function over our optimal equation for preserving the model from such outliers. Below you can see that we will convert optimal term by applying the squashing technique.

We will use the sigmoid (σ(x) )function to optimizing our equation. If the distance of Xi is increased from the higher plane then our sigmoid function squash that distance into the value between 0 – 1. It provides probabilistic interpretations.

Image 2

The sigmoid function is written as:

σ(x) = 1/ (1 + e-x )

maximum value of sigmoid function is: 1

minimum value of sigmoid function is: 0

And, if the distance of point Xi from the plane is 0 then its probability will be 0.5.

After applying the sigmoid function to our optimal equation then our function looks like this:

So, this is our optimal sigmoid function which will help for preserving the optimal equation from the outlier.

End Notes

So this is the geometric intuition of the logistic regression, and further, we solve our optimal function by using some interpretation in part 2. So hope you like this article.

Thank You.

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5 Ways Linkedin Advertising Is Different From Other Social Platforms

There’s plenty of informal marketing channels out there such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat. But these platforms are tailored more for our personal digital profile.

Additionally, these channels enable you to widen your reach through their direct sponsored messaging options.

Yet, LinkedIn’s unique capabilities extend beyond the shared characteristics of various social network outlets.

The following are intended to help you think more strategically about LinkedIn’s role in your overall media mix.

1. The Only True Professional Social Platform

Users on LinkedIn actively engage with content that aligns with their career interests and professional profile.

The platform is a playground, if you will, for people looking to:

Advance their careers.

Connect with peers.

Follow industry news.

Promote their skills and knowledge.

While LinkedIn is home to 600+ million users, other social networks boast an even larger user base, most notably Facebook with over 2 billion people engaged on its platform.

And because you’re interacting with them in a professional setting, they’re also more receptive to your marketing message.

2. Targeting By Professional Profile

LinkedIn enables you to target by:

Skill set.



Company size & name.

Job title.

Job function.

And more.

Your marketing assets can run in the:

News Feed.

Side Panel.

InMail (delivered right to a user’s profile).

This gives you the variety you need to test multiple creative formats.

Targeting algorithms vary across different social media platforms.

Each platform aims to create a statistical profile based on several variables in order to deliver personalized information to an audience.

LinkedIn takes targeting a step further.

LinkedIn profiles are rarely static. Members continually edit and update their academic and professional backgrounds, professional certificates, and any other significant achievements.

Experience (e.g. job function, seniority, title).

Company (e.g. company name, industry, size, followers).

Education (e.g. degrees, fields of study).

Other relevant interests and demographics.

Is your ideal customer graduated from CalTech, has worked for Apple in the past 5 years, and lives in Cupertino, California? LinkedIn will direct your ad only to users who meet these exact criteria.

Through LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail feature, your target user would receive a personalized message only when he or she is actively using the platform – whether they follow your company or not.

Other social networks only allow you to distribute direct private messages to individuals after they’ve opted in. For instance:

Entering an email address.

Forfeiting additional contact information.

3. Better Conversion Rates

In today’s ad-saturated world, competitive conversion rates do not happen by accident.

LinkedIn can accurately deliver your message to the right prospects and therefore generate a higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

On LinkedIn.

4. Higher Advertising Costs, But Bigger ROI Potential

Any changes you make to your campaign’s Budget & Schedule will immediately show in the LinkedIn Advertising Platform.

The name of the game is ROI: a costly investment that generates a greater return is preferable to a smaller investment that doesn’t deliver.

By comparison, other social network channels allow you to invest as little as $1 per day in a campaign.

But the big caveat is that you might get what you pay for.

In other words, your campaigns might not connect with your target audience and fail to achieve their conversion goals.

5. Matched Audience Targeting

Shortly after its official launch, LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences program has become the secret lead-generating weapon for today’s digital marketer.

Much like other popular social media networks, LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences enables you to:

Retarget your website visitors for further engagement.

Build customized audiences and run account-based marketing campaigns by uploading CSV lists of contacts, email addresses, or company names.

Based on your website visitors, target accounts, and contact lists, you can also identify your lookalike audiences. Consequently, you can market to new customers who have similar characteristics to your existing ones.

To this day, no other social network rivals LinkedIn’s business proposition.

The great majority of users promote their most authentic, professional, and up-to-date digital profile on LinkedIn.

Often, it takes several ad impressions to convince users to convert.

When a potential lead comes across the ad you’re currently displaying on LinkedIn (be it on their fifth, sixth, or even seventh impression), your business is by default perceived as being legitimate, professional, and trustworthy.

In fact, your mere presence on LinkedIn will help you reach that status.

But for businesses looking for a platform that enables superior targeting of their ideal customer, LinkedIn is a digital marketing powerhouse – the kind any business needs to rely on in order to drive growth.

Not All Social Advertising Platforms Are Created Equal

Keep pace with the latest trends.

Get your message in front of the right people.

Explore new pathways to business success.

More Resources:

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by author, July 2023

Ouya Poaches Amazon Kindle Engineer

OUYA poaches Amazon Kindle engineer

The folks behind the Android-based gaming system OUYA have revealed this week that they’ve been holding back a “secret weapon” of sorts in their bid for Kickstarter supremacy: Muffi Ghadiali of Lab126 from Amazon. This fellow worked on the Kindle product line in both software and hardware and was responsible for interacting with engineering, product design, industrial design, supply chain, QA teams, and operations. Now that the OUYA project has more than $5 million USD in funding via Kickstarter before it’s even launched AND they’ve got the support of a proven winner, what’s to stop them?

The man that’s being shown off by the OUYA team today, Ghadiali, is letting the world know through his own announcement that he loves gamers, that he knows as a “product guy” that the gaming universe is unique. Noting that he’s seen gamers “follow products from the first idea all the way to market,” Ghadiali expresses his glee in being part of not only OUYA as a product, but as a Kickstarter project specifically.

Ghadiali set down a list of items that he and the OUYA team will be working with in the coming weeks and months:

In short, I’m here to deliver OUYA.

I know from experience that this can be done:

• I’ve built consumer technology products for more than 15 years–both hardware and software. I’ve worked on set-top boxes, media streaming devices, handheld devices, content services, and other big consumer products. 

• I’ve been playing a key role in designing the path that will take OUYA to market, from technology to production. 

• And while it may seem aggressive, the technology here is actually fairly standard. We’re not building a hovercraft or a nano-bot.

• If you look online at the teardowns of other devices with some of the same components, you’ll see that our device can be built for well under $99. 

• What IS innovative is the beautiful design from Yves Behar, and our model for working with game developers. From my perspective, I’m tackling the easy part. 

So here’s what we’re doing now…

• Developers, we’re working to get an SDK in your hands as fast as we can, please be patient. It will be pretty simple to start, using the existing Android SDK and adding the ability to promote your game, and to charge OUYA customers. We’ll add to it as we go.

• We’re getting our ducks in a row on the hardware production. NVIDIA is helping us with production designs, and selecting the right device manufacturer. We’re in talks with a few manufacturers. I was just playing with our circuit board yesterday.

• NVIDIA is also helping us maximize the performance of our Tegra 3 chips — they’ll work even better than the demos you see online. We’ll be able to support some intense games.

He also mentioned that the console will be getting an Ethernet jack before it’s set to be produced and that there wont be many (if any) more changes to the specifications of the final product before it hits the market.

Stay tuned for more OUYA as it inches closer to reality – and check the timeline below to see how far it’s progressed thus far!

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