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Animal Crossing New Horizons’ 2.0 update has launched early

Here’s how to get The Roost on your island and everything else you need to know

Let’s face it, Animal Crossing New Horizons was there for us when we needed it most. Released just days before the entire world was engulfed in a killer pandemic and we were confined to our houses, the cute island getaway sim gave us the escapism we so sorely needed. 19 months on, ACNH’s active player count is thinning, and Nintendo are still giving us regular updates to keep us interested. Well, for now.

This is the update we’ve all been waiting for and the biggest yet. A collection of both beloved Animal Crossing characters, and even some brand-new ones, will be introduced to New Horizons for the first time. There are also new items and new places to visit. However, it will be the last free update to Animal Crossing New Horizons. Ever. At least they’re going out with a bang.

How to get Brewster and The Roost

Any long-term fans of the franchise will be well aware of Brewster and his coffee shop, and the fanbase has been begging for him to join ACNH for some time. Well, this is it. Update 2.0 flies Brewster and his coffee shop, The Roost, to your island, as well as a whole bunch of other exciting new additions that almost make the game feel like new all over again.

If you’re a coffee fan like us, you’ll have already found ways to get your daily caffeine fix on your island. There are plenty of ways to build your own coffee shop, either inside or al fresco, using the likes of the customisable Stall, the Menu Chalkboard and even fashion items to dress you character or your islanders as professional-looking Baristas. But it’s just never quite the same.

Now, by talking to Blathers after the update, you can get Brewster to set up shop on the first floor of your museum. Not only can you grab your daily cup of joe, but you also invite friends and islanders to drink with you in the new cosy coffee shop.

Kapp’n adds a new way to get off the island

When you grow a little tired of your beautiful, exotic island getaway (can’t compute), you have the opportunity to get off the island and visit… another island. This is nothing new to ACNH, but the introduction of Kapp’n gives you another way to travel, sailing off with Kapp’n as he serenades you with animalese sea shanties.

Kapp’n’s Boat Tours are a step up from the mystery tours you’re used to, as you may find yourself on a beautiful island filled with mysterious new flora, or even in a completely different season to the one back home. This will give you the opportunity to gather items and even collect fish and bugs that you might otherwise not be able to get.

Isabelle’s Island Ordinances

You are now also able to involve your islanders in the upkeep of your island like never before. By talking to Isabelle and selecting an Island Ordinance rule, you will be able to change the way your island operates. There are four different Ordinance types:

Beautiful Island

Ever logged on to an island full of weeds and roaches in your home? Of course you have, who hasn’t? Well, that’s all in the past with the Beautiful Island Ordinance, which invites your islanders to clear up the island when you’re not around. Super handy.

Bell Boom Island

Bell Boom is basically just capitalism and inflation in play. The prices you and your friends get for selling items on your island goes up, but then so does the amount things cost in the first place.

Early Bird Island

If you find you predominantly log into your game once all the shops have shut for the night or long before they open in the morning, one of these last two Ordinance rules might be for you. The Early Bird Island option requests your shop owners to open their businesses earlier in the morning…

Night Owl Island

..while the Night Owl option does the opposite, and your businesses will stay open later at night. These two rules will also affect the schedules of your island residents, as they will either get up earlier or stay out later.

You will only be able to use one of these at a time, though, so it still won’t make it too easy on you.

Find out more about the other new additions coming to version 2.0, including new farming mechanics and cooking recipes, in our original article about the update.

You might have automatic updates enabled on your Switch, in which case you should find that Animal Crossing New Horizons will update without any intervention. However, because of the early launch, you might need to give it a little push in the right direction. Head to ACNH in your games list and press the + button on your right joy con. From the menu that appears, go to Software Update and select Via the Internet. This will search the ol’ world wide web for update 2.0, and push it into action.

What’s next for Animal Crossing New Horizons?

While this may be the last free update to Animal Crossing New Horizons, it’s certainly a meaty one. There’s so much to keep us busy for some time yet. And, on top of that, the key is the word “free,” as there is the paid-for DLC coming soon as well. Happy Homes brings even more additional content to ACNH, in which you travel to other islands to provide your excellent interior design skills to those who need it.

Happy Home is available to pre-order now on the Nintendo eShop, and is also free for owners of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

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Pokemon Go Update Hits For Early April

Pokemon GO update hits for early April [APK Download]

In the latest update to Pokemon GO for both Android and iOS, users will find a wide variety of updates to the UI features of the game. Included in this update are a new loading screen – part of which you’ll see in the hero image of this article (slash guide). Another bit that’s updated is new language support – the Traditional Chinese Support language pack is here at last! Another feature in this update shows a brand new Scroll Bar for movement between screens.

Users will find a number of updates within Pokemon entries in their game as well. A real silhouette for multiple Pokemon evolutions has appeared for several Pokemon. This change appears to take place whether or not the player has actually seen that evolved form of Pokemon in the wild, too.

SEE: Pokemon GO’s Easter Event we’ve been waiting for

What’s especially interesting about this update is the difference between the average evolution and those that have to do with gender (aka the sex of the Pokemon, Male or Female). Luckily this appearance of either evolved form does not have an effect on which form the Pokemon is actually able to evolve into.

Take for example Poliwhirl (seen below) – using Poliwag candy only a Poliwhirl is able to evolve into a Poliwrath. If a Poliwhirl is Male, the evolved form Poliwrath will appear with an image in their listing page. If a Poliwhirl is Female, it’ll show a Politoed with an image. Again, this does not have an effect on what’s required to evolve nor what the Pokemon is able to evolve into – if you still have a King’s Rock and want to use it, you can still make a Politoed even if you have a Male Poliwhirl.

Text for caught VS seen Pokemon has changed a bit – from black to purple. Users will find silhouettes in the Pokedex to have a bit more purple in some areas – we’ll find out what that’s all about soon, we’re assuming.

For those lovers of the Pokemon Eggs who’ve noticed that the dates were all wrong for the past couple of weeks – it’s time! The update for the fix is in. All the eggs that are caught from now on – and many that were caught recently – have their dates all fixed up nice.

Everyone who’d love to download this latest update on Android can do so through APK Mirror now. This is version 0.61.0 — and be sure to remember that anything you download outside of the Google Play app store is done at your own risk! Those on iPhone will need to wait for the update to go live in the iTunes App Store as version 1.31.0 this morning.

And what about Easter? It could be that this is the precursor to something bigger – like increased spawns for large amounts of Spring-Themed Pokemon. But unless you see a whole lot more Spinaraks around your area or a slightly shinier coat on Eevee, don’t get too pumped up. We’re crossing our fingers for a breeding update – bunnies!

Celebrate Pytorch 2.0 With New Ai Developer Performance Features

PyTorch 2.0 celebrates with new AI developer performance features and more exciting news inside Torchinductor CPU FP32 Inference Optimized

In this article, we have discussed the insights on PyTorch 2.0 with new AI developer performance features. Read to know more about PyTorch 2.0 with the new AI developer features.

As a component of the PyTorch 2.0 compilation stack, TorchInductor CPU backend optimization significantly boosts performance over celebrating PyTorch 2.0 eager mode through graph compilation.

Utilizing the PyTorch ATen CPU kernels for memory-bound operations with explicit vectorization on top of OpenMP*-based thread parallelization and the Intel Extension for PyTorch for Conv/GEMM ops with post-op fusion and weight pre-packing, the TorchInductor CPU backend is made faster.

These improvements, combined with the potent loop fusions in TorchInductor codeGen, allowed us to outperform three sample deep learning benchmarks-TorchBench, HuggingFace, and timm1-by up to 1.7 times in terms of FP32 inference performance. The development of low-precision support and training.

See the Improvements

This TouchInductor CPU Performance Dashboard tracks the performance enhancements on multiple backends.

Make Graph Neural Network (GNN) in PYG Perform Better for Inference and Training on CPU

GNN is an effective method for analyzing data with a graph structure. On Intel® CPUs, including the brand-new 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, this capability is intended to enhance GNN inference and training performance.

The popular library PyTorch Geometric (PyG) was developed using PyTorch to carry out GNN operations. Currently, PyG’s GNN models perform poorly on the CPU because of the absence of SpMM_reduce, a crucial kernel-level optimization, and other GNN-related sparse matrix multiplication operations (scatter/gather, etc.).

Message passing optimizations between nearby neural network nodes are offered to overcome this:

When the edge index is recorded in coordinate format (COO), message forwarding in scatter_reduce suffers from a performance bottleneck.

Gather A variant of scatter_reduce that is tailored specifically for the GNN computation when the index is an enlarged tensor.

When the edge index is stored in a compressed sparse row (CSR), sparse. mm with the reduced flag experiences a performance bottleneck in message-passing. Reduce flags for sum, mean, AMAX, and amin are supported.

Accelerating Pyg on Intel CPUs discusses the end-to-end performance benchmark results for both inference and training on the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors 8380 platforms and the 4th Gen 8480+ platform.

Unified Quantization Backend to Improve INT8 Inference for X86 CPU Platforms

The new X86 quantization backend, which takes the place of FBGEMM as the standard quantization backend for X86 systems, is a combination of FBGEMM (Facebook General Matrix-Matrix Multiplication) and one API Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN) backends. Better end-to-end INT8 inference performance as compared to FBGEMM as a result.

Accordingly, the X86 backend takes the role of FBGEMM and, depending on the use case, may provide higher performance.

The criteria for selection are:

FBGEMM is always employed on platforms lacking VNNI (such as those with Intel® CoreTM i7 CPUs).

For linear, FBGEMM is usually utilized on platforms supporting VNNI (such as those running 2nd-4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs and the next platforms).

For depth-wise convolution with layers more than 100, FBGEMM is used; otherwise, oneDNN is utilized.

Use the OneDNN Graph API to Speed Up CPU Inference

OneDNN Graph API adds a customizable graph API to OneDNN to increase the possibilities for optimizing code generation on Intel® AI hardware. It recognizes the graph divisions that should be accelerated by fusion automatically. For both inference and training use cases, the fusion patterns concentrate on fusing compute-intensive processes like convolution, matmul, and their neighbor operations.

PyTorch requires little to no changes to enable more recent OneDNN Graph fusions and optimized kernels. User options for OneDNN Graph include:

Before JIT tracing a model, either use the API torch.jit.enable_onednn_fusion(True), OR…

China Has A New Jetliner—Here’s What That Means

On May 5, the COMAC C919 jetliner made its first flight. It’s a major triumph for China, who has invested a lot to build up its civilian aerospace industry.

Let’s talk about the plane: The twin-engined, narrow-body C919 has a maximum takeoff weight of 77 tons, a range of about 2,500 miles (about 3,400 miles for the extended-range version), and space for 160 passengers. Its contemporaries in the world of twin-engine single-aisle crafts are the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, so the market is projected to make up the majority value of $1 trillion, with an estimated 6,000 airliner sales in China over the next two decades. China’s also taken a lead ahead of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), whose similar MC-21 jetliner has yet to make its first flight.

Smartphones of the Skies

The C919 uses LEAP-1C engines made by the French-American joint venture CFM.

Today, aircraft makers like Airbus, Boeing, and COMAC are similar to smartphone makers in that they buy and integrate highly specific, third-party manufactured equipment into the end product, with much of the profit margins coming from maintenance, service, and upgrade contracts. Just like its Airbus and Boeing counterparts, the C919 relies on outside suppliers—often western ones—to supply critical systems like the LEAP-1 engines, avionics, and the landing gear. China hopes, though, that Chinese suppliers will start supplying the C919 and other jetliners with parts. Beijing hopes that the C919 and any eventual domestic supply chain will boost efforts to establish a domestic supply and research base.


After a 90-minute flight, the C919 prototype returned to its home airfield in Shanghai. With already 500 (mostly domestic) preorders, China hopes that the C919 will also have significant export prospects.

Currently, the vast majority of the C919’s 500-plus preorders have come from Chinese airlines. In April 2023, European Aviation Safety Association (EASA) agreed to help validate Chinese aviation authorities’ certifying process of the C919’s airworthiness. An EASA endorsement of the C919’s airworthiness would increase its export prospects, especially in Asia and the Middle East. After EASA certification, the C919 could hope to win approval from the FAA sometime in the mid 2023s.


Designed by the Shanghai Aircraft Research Institute, the Y-10 first flew in 1980, but its outdated technology meant that only three were built. It was retired in 1984, four years after its first flight.

Despite claims elsewhere, the C919 is not China’s first large jetliner. The Shanghai Y-10 was a four-engine narrow-body airliner (like the Boeing 707 and 720) that carried up to 178 passengers and had a 110-ton maximum takeoff weight. It first flew in 1980, after years of development, but retired in after only three aircraft were built, due to its outdated technology (it had to use Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3B engines) and fuel inefficiency. Its autarkist connections to Red Guard ideology did not help it politically, either. Its chief designer, Wu Xingshi, would also design the ARJ-21, the next Chinese jetliner.


The ARJ-21, which first flew in 2006, is a regional passenger jet that marked the revival of China’s ambitions in the jetliner business.

The ARJ-21, China’s first jetliner since the Y-10, would have different problems. As COMAC’s first jetliner, the ARJ-21 is a 98-passenger, 47-ton twin-engine jet in the same class as the Bombardier CRJ700 and Embrarer E Jets. However, the ARJ-21 suffered the indignity of an eight-year gap from its first flight in 2008 to entering service with launch customer Chengdu Airlines in 2024.

This delay can be attributed to COMAC’s inexperience in obtain a flight worthiness certificate from Chinese authorities and quality control issues on the prototype. Presumably, EASA’s willingness to sign onto the C919’s certification process suggests that COMAC has learned from the ARJ-21 experience.


If the C919 is a success in domestic and export markets, it would be a huge step forward for the Chinese aerospace industry. COMAC also has big plans for building jumbo jets. In 2024, COMAC and UAC signed an agreement to co-develop a 250-seat, 290-ton, 7,450-mile-range plane tentatively designated the C929. Its first flight is targeted for 2023, and it will potentially enter into service by 2025. The C929’s construction will use large percentages of composite and titanium parts in order to reduce its weight, thus boosting payload, range, and fuel efficiency to compete with the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350. Like the C919 (and MC-21 for the matter), the C929 will likely use foreign parts, especially in the engines.

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Zoom Update Timeline: New Features And Enhancements Released Recently

Organizations across the globe have been using Zoom to keep their operations running, and the platform has been trying its best to deliver a sense of security and peace of mind to the users. In the wake of Zoomboming — a form of cyber trolling — Zoom has vouched to stop releasing any fancy updates for the next couple of months and focus solely on the security of the platform.

In this piece, we’ll give you a roundup of the recently-released Zoom updates, making sure you don’t miss the most important releases.

Zoom Web

Detailed release notes — including developer options — can be found on this link.

Date Changelog

29 Apr 2023 New fields added (meeting_password_requirement,recording_password_requirement) in User Setting API, Fixed the bug which prevented many Chrome users from joining a meeting, Minor bug fixes

27 Apr 2023 Fixed an issue where users needed to re-authenticate on the same account to view cloud recordings

26 Apr 2023 Turned off the feature that let Only authenticated users join meetings from Web client, Minimum password length now 6 characters, Same domain matching removed, Sharing enabled for cloud recordings, Added expiration date for cloud recordings, Data center can be viewed while scheduling a meeting, Rename meeting hosted with PMI, Resolved the issue where Lastpass was automatically filling in the incorrect password, Other minor bug fixes

19 Apr 2023 Searching for same domain contacts removed, Enhanced privacy option on user profile landing page, Skype for business users will now join seminars as attendees by default, Support to select data center regions for meeting/webinar traffic, Dashboard shows additional data center details, Option to club multiple Zoom accounts together, Option to report participants, Settings to display participants’ profile pictures, Configurable cloud recording password requirements, Enhanced 256-bit encryption, Require minimum length for voicemail PINs, Option to set the emergency address to any country,  More details for voicemail notification emails, Bug fixes

16 Apr 2023 Detailed report of upcoming meetings without a password, Minor bug fixes

15 Apr 2023 Added the power to remove the ability to claim host control using host key on Zoom clients versions below 4.6.0

12 Apr 2023 Meeting IDs now up to 11 characters in length, Option to configure meeting password requirements, Dashboard performance enhanced, Bug fixes

10 Apr 2023 Same domain matching removed for paid accounts, Recording passwords setting updated, “Require password for participants joining by phone” enforced if settings is locked, Assign new host within the same account when the host leaves

06 Apr 2023 Improved user eligibility verification, Admin features: added setting “Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client”, added setting “Allow participants to rename themselves”; Web client features: new security icon in host’s meeting controls, Bug fixes

Zoom Windows Client

Date Software version — Changelog

30 Apr 2023 5.0.1 (23502.0430) — Option to disable Personal Meeting ID, Bug fixes

27 Apr 2023

21 Apr 2023

12 Apr 2023 4.6.11 (20559.0413) — 3rd party file sharing re-enabled, Meeting password requirement now supported, Message preview, Bug fixes

07 Apr 2023 4.6.10 (20033.0407) — Meeting ID removed from title bar, Invite button now under Participants, Local file transfer enabled in chat, Security icon in host’s meeting controls dashboard, Bug fixes

Zoom MacOS Client

Date Software version — Changelog

30 Apr 2023 5.0.1 (23508.0430) — Option to disable Personal Meeting ID, Bug fixes

27 Apr 2023

21 Apr 2023

12 Apr 2023 4.6.11 (20561.0413) — 3rd party file sharing re-enabled, Meeting password requirement now supported, Message preview, Bug fixes

07 Apr 2023 4.6.10 (20041.0408) — Removed Meeting ID from title bar, Invite button moved below participants, Local file transfer possible over chat, Security options in host’s meeting control, General bug fixes

Zoom Android App

Date Software version — Changelog

30 Apr 2023 5.0.1 (23478.0429) — Option to disable PMI, Minor bug fixes

27 Apr 2023

12 Apr 2023 4.6.11 (20553.0413) — Automatic prompt to share crash reports, Meeting password requirement support, Show message preview

08 Apr 2023 4.6.20000.0407 — Security icon now available under host’s meeting controls, Original sound support added, Bug fixes,

Zoom iOS App

Date Software version — Changelog

28 Apr 2023

20 Apr 2023 4.6.12 (20589.0419) — Removed Meeting ID from the title bar, Minor bug fixes

14 Apr 2023 4.6.11 (20559.0413) — Automatic prompt to share crash reports, Meeting password requirement support, Show message preview

08 Apr 2023 4.6.10 (20012.0407) — Security icon in host’s meeting controls, Support for original sound, Minor bug fixes

Zoom Rooms for PC

Date Software version (Windows/Mac)— Changelog

26 Apr 2023 5.0.0 (1420.0426)/ 5.0.0 (2236.0426) — Restricted recording permission, AES 256-bit encryption, Robust problem reporting, Host can disable screen sharing for meeting participants, Connected data server now displayed, Bug fixes

Zoom offers an excellent set of features, and it’s good some casual run too. You can play maths, cards and trivia games over Zoom, for example, and even change the background of your Zoom meeting to something you like. Get free Zoom backgrounds here. Last but not the least, download snap cam filters for Zoom to turn yourself to a potato or apply any dramatic effects.

Battlefield: Hardline Review Impressions: Crossing The Thin Blue Line

Battlefield Hardline, a cops vs. robbers spin on the military shoot ’em ups, actually shakes up the series’ tried-and-true formula so much that it barely even feels like Battlefield anymore. 

A bit of bookkeeping up front: We were invited to attend a Battlefield Hardline review event at EA’s offices in Redwood City last week, but as a rule we don’t attend gaming review events. As such, we waited until we got a review code that I could play in the comfort of my own apartment.

And we did get that code! Unfortunately, the PC multiplayer servers were deserted the entire weekend, so I have played 0.0 hours of review-ready Battlefield Hardline multiplayer (though you can read my beta impressions here). It’s not really a huge deal because after the complete mess that was Battlefield 4 at launch, we wouldn’t have felt comfortable slapping a score on this thing anyway until we saw how the servers held up.

I did play Hardline‘s singleplayer campaign though, and I enjoyed it. Here are my thoughts, if you’re interested in the solo side of the game.


My biggest problem with the Hardline multiplayer beta was that it felt like scaled-back Battlefield. You can cover the military’s olive drab with as much blue and black paint as you want, but at the end of the day Hardline‘s multiplayer still felt like I was storming compounds in Fallujah or at the very best reenacting the chaos of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s US-invasion storyline. Just, you know, without tanks.

Hardline‘s singleplayer campaign is an entirely different beast. You play the part of Nick Mendoza, a rookie cop who lands in Miami’s Vice department. Yes, like the TV show. And that’s important, because Hardline is itself taking cues from TV. The entire campaign is set up like an episodic TV show, right down to a Netflix-style “Next Episode” overlay in between missions.

Mendoza quickly discovers that not everything in his department is entirely on-the-level. A name keeps cropping up: Stoddard a.k.a. Sergeant Stoddard a.k.a. your former/temporary partner upon arriving in Vice. Stoddard is a brash hothead who’s quick to go for his gun, but is he dirty? And is anyone else dirty?

“No way! The guy from House of Cards is in this?”

But Hardline is fun. It nails the cop-show feel, with some great acting by Kelly Hu, Benito Martinez, Adam Harrington, and more people who you’ll go “Oh wow, that’s the guy from [insert TV show/movie here].” The characters here are two-dimensional archetypes, sure, but they’re well-written archetypes. And honestly, well-acted too. It’s crazy that when LA Noire launched, the facial tech in that game was so amazing for the time. Now, regular ol’ games like Hardline are hitting that same level of fidelity.

Or this one, of the Los Angeles skyline:

I actually sent that last one to a friend who lives in Los Angeles, I was so excited. “Look, you can see downtown LA! And you can see Hollywood! And if you pan over you can see Santa Monica! And they’re all in the right place!” I spent more time than I’m willing to admit just admiring backdrops in Hardline, be it downtown Miami or Los Angeles or a sunset over the Everglades. It’s all beautiful.

Pacifist run

Which brings us to how Hardline plays. Honestly this is the most interesting part: It plays nothing like Battlefield. Or, at least, it doesn’t have to.

You hear that? Battlefield Hardline‘s singleplayer campaign is not a shooter. If you play it as a shooter, I guarantee you’ll be bored. Encounters often include just a handful of enemies. Even large encounters drop in two-dozen guys at most. This is not the non-stop slaughter you’d expect.

Did I mention the game has a “Press E to pay respects” joke?

And the game doesn’t reward you for being quick with a gun either. Over the course of the game you’ll unlock new weapons and gadgets with your “Expert Rank,” and the only way you accrue experience is through non-lethal action—either arrests, non-lethal melee takedowns, or taser stuns.

So the surprise is that Battlefield Hardline plays like a stealth game, in its optimum form. You can approach up to three enemies at a time, flash your badge to order them to freeze, then put each of them in handcuffs. If you’re spotted while making an arrest, or just spotted sneaking around, the whole base goes on alert and it turns into a shootout, nullifying any experience you might gain from the area.

The whole “Do what you want” idea culminates in the last level, which is (I kid you not) Far Cry. Or like very small Far Cry. You’re on an island, there are enemy outposts, and you can either skirt around them entirely or go in stealthy and arrest the whole crew (with your apparently infinite supply of handcuffs) or just run in guns blazing and blow everything to bits.

Seriously. It’s Far Cry.

Another fun aspect is the evidence collection mechanic, used to solve Case Files. Each mission in Hardline has documents or other items scattered around that pertain to different backstory elements. It’s not hard—your scanner will lead you right to each piece of evidence, if you just pay attention to it. It’s definitely not as involved as even LA Noire‘s simplistic evidence-gathering. But it’s a great, actually-interesting implementation of collectibles. I ended up snagging all of them.

Plus, this enemy is playing Dead Space:

I laughed.

Bottom line

Hardline‘s campaign is a great stealth-lite game packaged with the big-budget presentation of a prime-time TV show—including some incredible musical moments that rival anything Rockstar’s done with Grand Theft Auto/Red Dead Redemption. It’s a weird mix that for some reason worked perfectly on me, though I admit it’s probably not for everyone. if you go into this wanting a Battlefield game? I guarantee you’re probably going to come away disappointed. A shooter, this is not, and if you try to play it as a shooter you’re going to find a pretty short, boring campaign.

I’d urge you to give it a try though, and engage with it on its terms—especially if you’re buying Hardline for the multiplayer component anyway. And that’s not something I say about many shooter campaigns.

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