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Apple has removed the 256GB model from the iPhone SE lineup

You can now choose between two versions: 64GB and 128GB

iPhone SE pricing hasn’t changed

iPhone SE storage capacities get reduced to 64GB and 128GB tiers

64GB iPhone SE: $399

128GB iPhone SE: $449

256GB iPhone SE: No longer available

The current color finishes (white, black and red) remain available when purchasing a new iPhone SE from the Apple online store or elsewhere. As iDB reported earlier, Apple had to make some other choices to help trim the fat a little bit.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 mini also pulled from sale

For instance, Apple is no longer offering Pro models of the iPhone 12 family that launched in 2023. Instead, iPhone 12 buyers can only choose between the following non-Pro models:

64GB/128GB/256GB iPhone 12 mini: $599/$649/$749

64GB/128GB/256GB iPhone 12: $699/$749/$849

The color options are the same as before: purple, blue, red, white, black and green.

Power users who want sensor-shift stabilization along with the improved sensors and wide camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max may be able to get the handset from resellers and other places, while supplies last, but Apple’s online storefront is not where you’ll get it any longer.

Why is iPhone XR no longer available?

Aside from iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple has also pulled the iPhone XR series. This isn’t a surprise — Apple typically reshuffles its offering of smartphones once per year.

The iPhone XR models no longer offer the same value for money in 2023 as when they launched back in 2023 alongside the iPhone XS series. Hence, Apple discontinued iPhone XR. Putting it simply, technology marches forward and there’s nothing we can do about it.

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As for the’s iPhone 11 series, which debuted in 2023, Apple removed the iPhone 11 Pro model from sale immediately after launching the iPhone 12 family in 2023. As a result, iPhone 11 shoppers are restricted to the 64GB/128GB non-Pro models at $499/$549 (available in the same purple, green, red, white, black and yellow colors as before).

You can compare iPhone models side by side via Apple’s Compare iPhone Models webpage.

When will Apple update iPhone SE again?

Apple released the original iPhone SE in 2024.

iPhone SE isn’t on Apple’s annual release schedule: The first model went without a refresh for five full years until the second-generation iPhone SE launched in 2023. Reliable analysts and other sources are expecting the third-generation iPhone SE to arrive sometime in 2023 as a replacement for the current iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 models.

With 5G, the next iPhone SE should replace the iPhone 12 mini an iPhone 13 mini models as Apple’s most affordable 5G-enabled smartphones in the offering. As a result, Apple is expected to stop cease producing the mini models of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

Rumors has it that the third-generation iPhone SE will be powered by the same new Apple A15 chip that the company debuted in the new iPhone 13 series and the sixth-generation iPad mini.

Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the iPhone SE 3 will be the “cheapest 5G iPhone ever.”

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Apple Iphone Se (2024) Review

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What is the iPhone SE?

The car world has a practice it calls restomodding. It involves upgrading classic cars with modern engines and electronics while keeping them looking totally stock from the outside. Apple has taken a similar approach with the iPhone SE. Pick up an SE from 2023 or the latest model we’re reviewing here and you’d be totally forgiven for thinking it’s an iPhone 8. The SE has the same rounded edges as the 2023 budget iPhone, the same 4.7-inch screen, and a Touch ID home button. 

Inside, however, things are much different. The 2023 SE comes toting Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, which is a huge leap from the chip inside the iPhone 8 and a two-generation jump from the A13 Bionic found in the 2023 iPhone SE. You’ll feel that jump much more from an older chip since the A13 is still very capable.

Unlike the 2023 version, the new iPhone SE supports 5G sub-6GHz, which is the most common flavor of 5G. It lacks mmWave compatibility, however, so if you’re hoping for blazing fast ultra-wideband support, you’re out of luck. That 5G compatibility also tacks on an extra $30 to the price, bringing the 2023 SE price up to $429, up from $399 for the 2023 model. 

Who should buy the iPhone SE?

If you’re considering a new iPhone SE, you’re likely either looking to downsize from a massive current-gen device or step up from an iPhone that’s getting old. I spent a few days with the SE as my main device and compared it against some current and older iPhones, including my regular iPhone 13 Pro Max and my son’s aging iPhone 8. 

Switching from a bigger iPhone

The iPhone 13 Pro Max (left) feels huge compared to the iPhone SE (right). Stan Horaczek

If you’re used to a screen larger than 6 inches, the SE’s 4.7-inch display will absolutely feel tiny and sometimes cramped—at least while you get used to it. After a few days, though, it became the norm. Scaling down for a little while actually helped me realize how preposterously large the 6.7-inch 13 Pro Max really is. 

Switching back to Touch ID for logging in is simple, but breaking the swipe-up habit and going back to the home button for navigation took a little longer to get the muscle memory back. 

If you’re used to a higher-end iPhone, you may miss some of the other creature comforts that come with the pricier, more feature-rich models. The SE charges wirelessly but doesn’t have the magnets in the back of the device that would allow it to snap easily onto a MagSafe charger. 

While the iPhone SE’s camera has improved over the previous version in terms of the overall image and video quality, the lack of night mode makes a considerable difference when it comes to media shot in very low light. When the lights get really low, the SE feels a little outdated. 

When it comes to battery life, the new SE will likely last you all day unless you’re pushing it really hard, but you’ll definitely have to charge it every night. Fall asleep without it on the charger and you’ll wake up to a dead battery where you might not on an iPhone 13 or bigger. 

If you can get past differences like that, however, the SE is a very capable device. I edited some raw photos in Lightroom CC, did some Apple Arcade gaming, and scrolled through a bunch of TikToks while waiting for car service and it was all just fine. It wasn’t as luxurious as a big flagship phone, but it also doesn’t feel like the massive downgrade I expected. Plus, it gave my pinky a much-needed rest from holding a giant device.

Upgrading from an older iPhone

There are still plenty of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices out there in the world performing just fine. As the compatibility limit starts creeping up on them, though, people will be looking to upgrade to something with a longer shelf life. Apple currently supports devices back to the iPhone 6S, which goes all the way back to 2024, so the new SE will likely have software support for a long time to come. 

From a usability standpoint, the SE really does feel like using an iPhone 8 with a turbo booster on it. You’ll notice a difference more with resource-intensive activities like gaming and media creation, but everything feels snappier in general on the SE. My son’s beat-up iPhone 8 doesn’t come close to lasting him a full day on a single charge anymore, which is likely the case for many older iPhone devices out there, so this more efficient performance will likely be a huge boon in that regard. 

The camera is also substantially better than it was on iPhones even just a few generations ago. Apple’s newest flavors of HDR and other computational photography features have made big leaps of late, which means you’ll enjoy drastically better image quality overall, even if that doesn’t apply to situations with extremely low light. 

If you’re already used to a phone without a huge screen, Face ID, or MagSafe, you won’t miss them. You will, however, notice the better battery life, faster performance, and hundreds of dollars you save. 

Because Apple upgraded the glass on the front and back of the new SE, it should also be more durable, though I haven’t had a chance to test that because I haven’t dropped it—yet. 

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 13 Mini Some final thoughts about the iPhone SE

Personally, I would love to see a bigger, slightly dummer iPhone along the lines of an SE Plus version. I had an iPhone 8 Plus for some time and liked the form factor a lot. A cheaper 5.5-inch phone with guts fast enough to do everyday tasks and some light content creation would make a ton of sense from a consumer standpoint. Maybe we’ll see something like that in the future.

Ultimately, the Apple iPhone SE isn’t flashy, but it will do everything you need an iPhone to do while saving some cash—and maybe your pinky—along the way. 

Apple Watch Se Review: The Smartwatch For The Masses

About this Apple Watch SE review: We spent 10 days using the Apple Watch SE as our main wearable. It was paired with an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and received one minor bug update (watchOS 7.0.1) during the evaluation period. Android Authority purchased the watch directly for this review.

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You’ll find the Apple Watch is a fine tool to have strapped to your wrist on the fitness front. It can automatically track many workouts, such as walks, swimming, or cycling, and can manually track many more. I found indoor and outdoor tracking to be very accurate. For example, I took the Watch SE on a regular (outdoor) hike that I do, and it got the mileage exactly right, with step counts that were about average for the trek. I also tested the Watch SE for walks on the treadmill. Its margin of error was within 0.03 miles, which is quite good over a 2.5-mile walk.

For an in-depth look at the Apple Watch SE’s fitness features, be sure to read our review of the Apple Watch Series 6.

Smartwatch features

Smartwatch functionality abounds on the Apple Watch SE. It includes all the core behaviors you expect from a modern smartwatch.

First, and perhaps most importantly, apps. If there’s one thing the Apple Watch SE does well, it’s apps. Apple has an entire app store just for its smartwatches, and developers have actually filled it with wrist-sized versions of their smartphone apps. For example, I can use the Starbucks app to pay for coffee or the United app to scan my boarding pass, or I can use the Spotify app to control my playlists or the CNN app to check the latest headlines.

Apple stuffed a plethora of its own apps aboard the watch, too. Smartwatch essentials, such as calendar, messaging, stopwatch, and compass are aboard, as are nice-to-haves such as the camera shutter release, Apple Maps, and Apple’s Memoji app.

There’s a new service called Family Setup. As long as you buy an LTE version of the Apple Watch SE and have an iPhone, you can set up multiple watches for the family. Think of it as the easiest possible way to get your kid a phone/smartwatch combo. Because the watch has LTE (this service does not work with GPS-only watches), it can send/receive messages, phone calls, and connect to the App Store for discovering apps. We were unable to test this, however, because we don’t have an LTE-capable Apple Watch.

Apple Watch SE review: Price and competition

Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS): $279

Apple Watch SE (44mm, GPS): $309

Apple Watch SE (40mm, LTE): $329

Apple Watch SE (44mm, LTE): $359

You can spend as little as $199 on an Apple Watch or as much as $1,249, depending on the series and options you choose. The base prices are fairly straightforward. The Series 3, which is now the “budget” Apple Watch, slots in at $199, while the SE starts at $279, and the Series 6 starts at $399. Adding LTE, jumping to the larger screen size, or adopting a stainless steel band will set you back more.

Since we published this review, Apple has launched the Series 7, which doesn’t bring too many fundamental changes over the Series 6. However, it does introduce a more prominent face with a tougher coating. At $399, it’s a more futureproof alternative to the Apple Watch SE than the Series 6 if you don’t mind the unreliable heart-rate sensor.

Yes, the Apple Watch SE is still worth buying in 2023, especially if you’re on a budget but want an Apple Watch. We’d recommend the SE over the Series 3.

The Apple Watch SE officially launched in September 2023.

Apple doesn’t give a concrete support timeline for the Apple Watch SE, but it’s safe to say it’ll be supported for a few more years yet. Apple only just severed support for the Series 3 with watchOS 9, a model that launched in 2023.

Yes, provided your Apple Watch SE is connected to your phone, you can send and receive messages and use other communication features, like Walkie Talkie.

Best Apple Arcade Puzzle Games For Iphone

Apple launched its game subscription Apple Arcade with a handful of new games across various categories. We have already created a list of the best games you can play on this platform. However, in this post, we are looking only at the best puzzle games on Apple Arcade. To play these games, you can start a one-month free trial, and after that, it is $4.99 per month. You may also ask your family or friend to share your Apple Arcade subscription.

All the puzzle games listed here are family-friendly, and you can enjoy them anywhere. Games listed here have a minimalistic yet mesmerizing look, and you can play these on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. This shows that the game developers for Apple Arcade have put in a lot of work. Not only the games listed here but almost all the puzzle games I played on Apple Arcade are well-created. So, what are you waiting for? Here, we look at some of the best Apple Arcade puzzle games.

1. Possessions

It is a beautiful zen puzzle that I have been hooked to. The 3D layout feels so satisfying when I rotate it to complete the problem.

Possessions welcomes you to a world where your eyes deceive you. What you see at first is not what it is. You have to look at various objects from various different angles. You will score or complete the puzzle only when you look at the object from the right angle.

The game has beautiful soothing colors, and the smooth 3D visuals are a treat to watch. Once you start rotating, zooming, and perfecting the room’s layout, there is no turning back. You will want to solve and move to the next chapter. It is engaging!.


2. Spek

Just two colors can never look so beautiful! This puzzle game makes it possible. In earlier levels, it uses black on a whitish background. In later stages, it uses another set of colors. The whole 3D rotating and viewing the block like puzzle is one of a kind.

In Spek, you have to guide a dot along the edges of an unseen world. In this journey, you have to collect mysterious fragments of the broken dimension. In simpler words, you have to guide a circle dot along the edges and make them touch square or other shapes that pop up at random places on edge.

The game is perfect and straightforward to play on your Subway or Uber ride.


3. Word Laces

Do you have kids at home? Well, here is the perfect game for them which at times you too can enjoy for fun.

Every stage of Word Laces has an image at the top. Related to that image, jumbled letters are shown. You have to swipe the words in the correct order and form a word. There are over 1000 such puzzles. When you pass through a level, you are given a shoe. The goal is to collect as many!

Word Laces is addictive. The hunger to quickly swipe and make words will make it your perfect recess companion. Like other games on this list, the entire family irrespective of age group can play, learn, and enjoy. Word Laces also has new daily puzzles.


4. Dear Reader

This unique concept game turns your classic literature into clever word puzzles. Here you have to unscramble passages from famous books like Pride and Prejudice, Wizard of Oz, and more.

The developers of Dear Reader believe that this is the first game where you can play with the actual written words from so many famous books.

Dear Reader is a bit on the higher side. It is for Age groups 12 and above. I played this game for a considerable amount of time, and I guess it helped me revise my English Grammar!

The look and presentation are simple, on point, and beautiful. If you make the wrong choice, you lose a drop of ink. Get playing and be smarter every day.


5. Lifelike

The moment you open Lifelike, the incredible opening graphics that spell the game’s name will make you excited. You will wonder, ‘Wow! This looks amazing!’


These were five puzzle games from Apple Arcade that I think are the best. Your choice may differ. At the time of writing this, there are a total of fifteen puzzle games on this subscription service. New games will be regularly added to this category.

Apart from puzzle games, there are many other games across various categories that you can currently play on Apple Arcade.

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Is Apple Positioning Apple Music’s Connect As Vevo/Youtube Alternative With New Video Embed Option?

It’s no secret that Apple has had a hand in producing video and other content for artists since launching its new Apple Music streaming service. While we’ve known it has been hosting videos for artists using its own video player inside Apple Music, Apple quietly started adding an embed button to the video player that takes it out of Apple Music and makes it sharable across the rest of the web. The feature is notable for a few reasons and could mean big things to come for Apple, video, and its relationship with YouTube and other competitive music and video services…

The new sharing option began appearing sometime in recent weeks as new videos from Drake and the company’s latest Apple Music ad featuring Kenny Chesney included an embed button on Apple’s usual video player. It’s currently hidden, only appearing on the videos in some locations and only when videos are copied from raw webpage code, but it looks to be something Apple could really exploit. 

It’s likely Apple’s main motivation for producing videos and using its own web player is to help bring in exclusive content for Apple Music while promoting one of the service’s differentiators, a feature called Connect that lets artists upload content on-the-fly and interact with fans. Some of the earliest proponents of the service, like artists Pharrell Williams and Drake, released exclusive content through Apple Music that we later found out Apple itself likely helped to produce in one way or another. We later confirmed that Apple was indeed actively hiring video producers for such in-house projects.

Apple’s own player that is being used by Pharrell, Drake, Kenny Chesney and many other high-profile artists, on the other hand, plays the video directly within the app. And Apple’s player, unlike third-party players, includes an Apple Music link to drive users to the service when embedded on the web. It would make a lot of sense that Apple would want to avoid promoting YouTube through Apple Music and it can only do that if it offers artists another way to easily upload and share video content on the web.

But it could be a sign of even bigger things to come in terms of Apple and video. Apple just launched the fourth generation Apple TV and we reported it’s planning to launch its own video streaming service, not unlike Apple Music but for video, on the Apple TV early next year. Having its own web player could come in handy for sharing video clips and promoting the service in the same way as Apple Music, and having artists upload directly to Apple with its own video player would give it a big catalog of music videos to pull from for the service. And if the new video service perhaps includes creator/upload features like Connect, it would already have the infrastructure in place.

It’s certainly possible the embed option will just be a handy way to share Apple’s content on the web, but Apple has the ability to take it well beyond that. By opening it up to all, it would encourage more artists to go directly to Apple Music with exclusive content, rather than uploading to YouTube or another competitive service first, and it would allow Apple to drive users back to Apple Music by promoting exclusive Connect content across the web for non-subscribers to get a taste.

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4 Extraordinary Features You Need To Know About Iphone Se

Introduction to iPhone SE

However, rumors of a new upcoming iPhone device (iPhone SE / iPhone 5SE) started in January 2024. iPhone SE is the most powerful 4-inch phone Apple has ever unveiled. It is a low-cost iPhone series model designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Apple officially announced it on March 21st, 2024, at its headquarters in Cupertino.

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The slogan for iPhone SE is “A big step for small,” It states the company is focusing on improving earlier iPhone size models after the success of big-size iPhone models (iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus). The SE in the iPhone SE model is reportedly an acronym for Special Edition.

iPhone SE:- Everything We Know

A detailed explanation is given below:

1. Technical Specifications

Let’s see the detailed technical specification for iPhone SE.

Size capacity: It will be available with 16 GB and 64 GB variants; and 2GB of RAM.

Finishes: The finishes available will be similar to the iPhone 6S models, i.e., Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.

Display: It will feature a 4-inch (diagonal) screen with a retina display, LED-backlit widescreen, and a Multi-Touch display. The pixel resolution of the iPhone SE is 1136*640 at 326 ppi pixel density. The contrast ratio will be 800:1, and the maximum brightness as 500 cd/m2. The display will contain a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. It provides support for the collection of multiple languages as well as characters together.

iSight Camera: iSight is the name Apple uses for the rear-facing cameras on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It has an iSight camera with 12 megapixels and also supports Live Photos (brings photos to life by capturing a few seconds of video when taking a photo on your iPhone). True Tone flash mode and autofocus are also features. It supports Panorama, which is up to 63 megapixels. Images captured have Auto HDR, a five-element lens, Sapphire crystal lens cover, burst mode, timer mode, Hybrid IR filter, improved local tone mapping, improved noise reduction, Backside illumination sensor, Auto image stabilization, f/2.2 aperture, photo geotagging, and face detection.

Video Recording: It supports 4K video recording with 30 FPS (frames-per-second), 1080p HD video recording (this comes with 30 FPS/60 FPS configuration), and 720p HD video recording (which is at 30 FPS). It also has True tone flash, autofocus video, Time-lapse video with stabilization, improved noise reduction, cinematic video stabilization, and Slow motion video. It also has 3X zoom, playback zoom, Video geotagging, and Face detection. While recording 4K videos, you can even take 8-megapixel still photos.

FaceTime HD Camera: 2 megapixels photos, a Backside illumination sensor, Retina flash, 720p HD video recording, f/2.4 aperture, Auto HDR for images, Exposure control. It has also improved local tone mapping, Face detection, Timer, and Burst modes.

Weight and Dimensions: It weighs 3.99 ounces (i.e., 113 grams) with 87*2.31*0.30 inch in dimension (height*width*breadth format).

Touch ID: It has a Fingerprint sensor built right into the Home button.

Location: It has got Assisted GPS as well as GLONASS, 11 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, digital compass, NFC, Cellular, and iBeacon micro-location built into it.

Carriers: It is tied up with carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, and Verizon with special offers in the US.

Apple Pay: It supports the Apple Pay feature, i.e., you can pay at select outlets that support Apple Pay right from iPhone using Touch ID. You can even receive and redeem rewards using rewards cards that Apple offers.

Audio/Video Calling: It supports FaceTime audio, VoLTE (i.e., Voice over LTE), and Wi-Fi calling. It also supports FaceTime calling over Wi-Fi or cellular.

Audio Playback: It supports Audio formats such as AAC (bit rate from 8 to 320 Kbps), HE-AAC, Protected AAC (audio that is from iTunes Store), MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and The audio playback has got user-configurable maximum volume limit.

TV and Video: It has features such as AirPlay mirroring, videos and audio, and photos out to Apple TV (2nd generation or higher). It also supports video formats such as H.264 video (with a maximum of up to 4K), 30 fps, i.e., frames per second, stereo audio in .mp4, .mov as well as .m4vfile formats; High Profile level 4.2; Motion JPEG, MPEG-4 videos and PCM stereo audio which comes in. AVI file format.

Built-in apps: It comes with several built-in apps, which are the same as those with the earlier iPhone model. These built-in apps are an important part of your iPhone device experience. This model design is effective in using less than 150MB of storage, apart from built-in apps, which are a few free Apps from Apple with a 64 GB capacity on the iPhone SE variants. These apps are iTunes U, Numbers, Apple Store, iMovie, Keynote, Trailers, Pages, Remote, GarageBand, and Music Memos.

Siri: It has in-built Siri, which can send messages and set reminders using your voice. You can get proactive suggestions, use the device hands-free, and listen to songs using Siri.

Power and Battery: It has a talk time of up to 14 hours on 3G, internet use of up to 12 hours on 3G, and 13 hours on LTE/Wi-Fi. It has video playback of up to 13 hours, audio playback of up to 50 hours, and standby time lasting up to 10 days. It has got a Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can charge iPhone SE via USB to the computer system or use the power adapter.

Sensors: It has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor (which uses to unlock the device and pay via Apple Pay), accelerometer (which uses to determine orientation), proximity sensor (which uses to detect nearby objects), three-axis gyro (which uses to determine navigation) and ambient light sensor (which use to control brightness).

Network: It supports GSM / CDMA / 3G / HSPA+ / EVDO / LTE / LTE Advanced network technology.

Headphones: It comes with Apple EarPods and a user guide. EarPods come with a Remote and Mic, which have a communication function. It also has Storage as well as a travel case for the EarPods.

Mail Attachments Support: The supported mail attachments are viewable document types shown below the table.

             Type          Formats supported

Images .jpg, .tiff, .gif

Microsoft Word .doc and .docx

Web Pages .htm and .html

Keynote .key

Numbers .numbers

Pages .pages

Preview and Adobe Acrobat .pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx

Text .txt

Rich Text Format .rtf

Contact Information .vcf

Microsoft Excel .xls and .xlsx

Others .zip and .ics

Languages: Below table shows languages that iPhone SE supports

      Language                                           Region                                                             

English Australia, Canada, UK and U.S

Chinese Simplified, Traditional, Traditional Hong Kong

Spanish Latin America, Mexico, Spain

French Canada, France

Portuguese Brazil, Portugal

German, Italian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. Other parts if world

Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean,Romanian, Russian, Finnish, Greek.

Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish,Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian.

SIM card: It has Nano-SIM slots. It is not compatible with existing micro-SIM cards.

iPhone and Environment: Apple takes care of the environment while designing Apple devices. A complete product life cycle approach has been taken into consideration to determine the impact on the environment. It is specially designed with the below features to reduce the impact on the environment:


LED-backlit displays are Mercury-free.


Recyclable aluminum enclosure

Brominated flame retardant-free

Display glass that is Arsenic-free

2. iPhone SE guide

Image 3 shows a detailed guide for the iPhone SE device.

The touch ID Sensor is a center circle button at the bottom of the device, which acts as a home for your device. You can even pay using Apple Pay using this Touch ID sensor. The locked iPhone device that uses fingerprints can be unlocked by placing a finger on the Touch ID sensor.

The volume Up/Down button is on the right side of the device, which is circular. The plus symbol on the button indicates the Volume Up button, whereas minus sign on the button shows the Volume Down button.

The ring/Silent button is on the right side of the device, just above the volume button, and is a flat rectangular shape. You can set your device in silent mode by pushing this button down, whereas in ring mode by pushing it up.

The on/Off and Sleep/Wake button is a single buttons present on top of your iPhone SE device. This is a single button with multiple functionalities. You can set your device to sleep mode by pressing this button once and to wake mode by pressing it again. If you want to switch off the device, press and hold this button until the switch-off message appears on the screen. If your device is switched off, you can switch it on by the media and hold this button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

5 mm headphone jack is present at the bottom of the iPhone SE device. It is used to connect your Apple EarPods, which can be used to listen to audio or to communicate using Mic and Remote.

The microphone is next to the headphone jack to send your voice electronically over the cellular network.

A lightning connector slot can use for multi-purpose. It can charge your device using an 8-pin dock connector or a data cable to access on Macbook or another device.

The built-in speaker is on the extreme right side of the iPhone SE. Uses as a speaker that doesn’t require EarPods, e.g., Listening to audio while playing a movie or keeping your iPhone SE in speaker mode during ongoing call conversation.

3. Cases

Cases are accessories that protect the iPhone from damage and boost the device’s looks. These are available right from Apple stores as an accessory. It is also available from different vendors that offer various designs.

Apple has designed a leather case in two variant colors, i.e., black and midnight blue. Image 6 shows how it appears when used with a midnight blue iPhone SE leather case. It is available in Apple Store for $39.00 in the US.

Cases available for iPhone SE are compatible with all models of the iPhone 5 series, i.e., iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5c, and iPhone SE.

Cases particularly designed by Spigen are quite popular in today’s market. They are much more attractive with elegant designs. Other issues, such as clear cases, are available in the market and are very simple in design, as shown in image 7.

4. Pros and Cons

Pros :

When compared to the other iPhone 5 versions, it performs admirably.

It has great battery life for an iPhone

It is low cost, i.e., it starts at $399 in the U.S.

Cons :

It has a too-small screen size

It has an old front camera as well as a Touch ID sensor

The base model available has only 16 GB of internal storage

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