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Ever come back home all tired and sweaty, carrying 5 bags of groceries, only to realize that you forgot to pick something up? We all have been in this situation at least once. Not anymore! You can now write down the groceries you need to pick up and have it all on your Apple Watch. We have scoured the App Store for some of the best grocery list apps for your Apple Watch. Since the shopping apps can be accessed on your Apple Watch, it becomes easy for users to check the list by raising their wrists.

1. Our Groceries Shopping List

OurGroceries is an awesome app for writing down your groceries, available for both the iPhone and Apple Watch. The app is filled with useful features that will certainly come in handy, such as the ability to share grocery lists with others in your family through email or texts, the ability to add links to anything inside your list, and simply adding ingredients through a recipe.

You can create multiple lists at the same time, and cross off items as you go through the list. Adding items to lists is as easy as dictating it to the watch, or you can scribble the letters on the screen.


2. chúng tôi To do list & Calendar is one of the best grocery list apps that you can pick up for the Apple Watch. It is incredibly easy to include items, either through voice or typing. You can also share lists and get related recommendations.

The app can also auto-sort your items in lists by aisles, which makes picking up items much, much easier. You can also set up reminders that trigger when you leave work, which is super convenient. Crossing off lists keeps the items there until deleted, which is incredibly helpful.


3. Grocery List with Sync

Another great grocery list app that you can pick up is Grocery List with Sync, or as it is known on the Apple Watch, “Buy Me a Pie!”. You get some handy suggestions and recommendations while writing out lists, which you can just tap on to add. This feature makes writing grocery lists a breeze.


4. Bring! Shopping List & Recipes

Bring! is another great app for writing down your shopping lists quickly and easily. Just like OurGroceries, you can add items by simply dictating or scribbling on the screen. You can make a number of lists at once, and quickly add items from the catalog, making list creating much, much easier.

You can strike off items as you get through the list, and you can let others know through Force Touch that you are either going shopping or are done with it. It also comes with some helpful templates for different kinds of lists, such as for home or work.

You can also use it in conjunction with Alexa or Siri to add items to lists while you are away doing something else. All of this is completely free, with no hidden fees or anything.


5. Grocery – Smart Shopping List

Grocery stands out from the crowd, not because of a flashy UI or anything like that, but rather its namesake “Smart Sorting” ability and works pretty much the same way as other grocery apps, in that you can create multiple lists of items, cross them off when you pick them up, and adding items is as simple as either typing or through Siri.

As mentioned before, the defining feature of the app is its “Smart Sorting” ability. If you go to the same store and have an order in which you go through the aisles, Grocery will learn your shopping patterns, and arrange your items in the order you go through the aisles, which makes it incredibly easy to shop, as you don’t have to keep squinting at your watch and scroll to find the items on the tiny screen.


That’s all folks!


If you are often absent-minded, or just forget somethings sometimes, something like these apps is often a great way to help you remember to pick up that bottle of facial cream or remind you that you have to get some milk after getting off from work. The possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit. So pick up these apps, see which one suits you the most, and never forget to pick something up at the store again.

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Which grocery list app would you like to install on your Apple Watch? Share your feedback with us in the Comments section below.

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Best Apple Watch Chargers In 2023

Whether it’s for checking notifications on the go, your blood oxygen level, or calories burnt in a strenuous workout, Apple Watch has come a long way. It offers multiple features. However, such extensive use often drains it out of battery. Hence, you need a charger that gets you the full charge fast!

Since there are thousands of chargers, it can be difficult to choose the right one. This is why I’ve curated a list of the best Apple Watch chargers. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Apple Watch magnetic charging cable – Editor’s choice

If we’re talking about the Apple Watch, the first choice for a charger should always be from the same ecosystem. Thankfully, Apple has made its magnetic charging cable available quite readily if you want to use products of the same company. After all, they tend to be highly reliable.

This cable from Apple has a length of 1m and a USB connector. In terms of looks, it’s fairly simple and sleek – designed to fit in with the minimalist approach that Apple is renowned for.

The magnetic connector is large and responsive enough to place your Apple Watch in different positions. It doesn’t have to be oriented in a particular or precise way for the charging to begin.

Moreover, there are no exposed contacts in the entire accessory, rendering this charger extremely safe to use. Regardless of whichever Apple Watch model you use, this charger is compatible with all of them.

Unfortunately, most users have complained about the short length of the charging cable. So, if you’re looking for an Apple Watch charger with a long cable, this might not be the one for you.


Decent design for the Apple ecosystem

Magnetic connector is responsive

No exposed contacts

Compatible with all Apple Watches


Short cable length

2. NEWDERY charger – Best Apple Watch wireless charger

The issue with charging cables has been a longstanding one. When the cable is too short, you might be unable to orient the charger properly. If the cable is too lengthy, it tends to get tangled. The solution? Why not go cableless?

With the NEWDERY Charger, you can say goodbye to the hassle of untangling cables. This magnetic charger comes with a connected USB that can be plugged in for charging the charger itself.

There are no cables involved, making this charger highly portable as you don’t have to untangle the charger if it’s been sitting in your travel bag for too long. Additionally, the charger’s built-in chip is smart enough to charge different Apple Watch models at their preferred speed, extending battery life.

This charger is also safe to use. The company claims that it is shock- and heat-proof. However, some users have reported that the charger runs slightly on the warmer side when used for extended periods.




Charges different Apple Watch at optimized rates

Shock- and heat-proof


Runs warm if used for long

Check out on: Amazon

3. Apple Watch magnetic charging dock – Minimalist and elegant

Many users often want to stay within the Apple ecosystem, thanks to the ease of use that you’re provided with. However, most of the products within the ecosystem can be quite expensive. While this magnetic charging dock is a fairly expensive option to go for, you’d be rewarded with minimalism and elegance.

The charging dock is meant specifically for your Apple Watch (regardless of the model), thanks to the fact that it uses the same inductive charging connector used by your Apple Watch. You can also orient the smartwatch either flat on the surface or the side. If you put it to the side, it puts the Apple Watch into alarm clock mode.

The dock has an output of 5W for charging your watch. Since this is meant specifically for Apple, you can rest assured that your Apple Watch is receiving the optimal charging speeds to extend the battery life.

The only issue with this device is that it’s expensive.


Minimalist design

Can orient either flat or sideways for Nightstand mode

Helps you stay in the Apple ecosystem



4. CulaLuva charger – Best design

Most portable Apple Watch chargers aren’t made, keeping a fancy design in mind. This is even more evident when the charger is directed towards the budget end of the market. Fortunately, the CulaLuva charger for Apple Watch has an elegant design that blends well in a professional and personal setting.

The charging cable has a length of 1.5m, and the design incorporates a black and white braided pattern. Moreover, this charger has a two-in-one feature. One of the chargers is a magnetic connector meant for Apple Watch, and the other is a Lightning connector for your iPhone.

However, the magnetic charging dock provided isn’t very strong. Your Apple Watch may disconnect from it if there’s any disturbance.


Elegant design

Nylon material prevents the ends from splitting

Can charge both Apple Watch and iPhone


Magnetic charging dock isn’t that great

Check out on: Amazon

5. Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger – Comes with 2-year warranty

Belkin is a trusted brand amongst Apple enthusiasts. This is especially true because this charger is engineered with the official technology powering MagSafe chargers by Apple.

This particular charger is compatible with all the latest Apple Watches, iPhones, and AirPods. That’s right – you can charge up to three devices simultaneously with this wireless charger.

Additionally, the charger offers up to 15W fast charging for your phone and smartwatch. Of course, they have to be MagSafe enabled for optimal charging. There’s also the option to orient the charger how you want to, for your convenience. Finally, the charger is protected by a valuable 2-year warranty.

The only caveat with this charger is that the charging speed decreases when charging three devices simultaneously. The developers could improve on this by adding more juice (around 30W) to the next iteration of the charger.


Uses official MagSafe technology

15W fast charging

2-year warranty

Compatible with major Apple products


Charging is slow when all three devices are being charged

6. LVFAN Charger – Highly portable

This charger by LVFAN functions as a power bank for your charger with a battery capacity of 4000mAh. Further, there’s a USB-C port built into the charger, with which you can charge the power bank to its full capacity in 3.5 hours.

If you’ve got a USB-C to Lightning connector, you can charge your iPhone as well. The charger takes only 3 hours to fully charge your smartwatch.

Unfortunately, some users have had issues with the charger heating up abnormally after short periods. I’d recommend you keep this in mind before you make a purchase.


4000mAh category

Charges the Watch in 3 hours

You can also charge your iPhone


Heats up after a short time

Check out on: Amazon

7. BONUS: elago W2 charging stand – Value for money

A point to bear in mind is that this charging stand isn’t compatible with Apple Watch Series 7. For the rest of the smartwatch iterations, it works perfectly.

The charging stand has an elegant design with a matte black finish, preventing scratches. Moreover, the magnetic charging stand has been designed with precise cutouts to keep your Apple Watch and the charger in place. Besides, there’s a cable management hole to prevent the cable from getting tangled.

My gripe with this charging stand is that the Watch’s orientation on the charger must be just right. Even a slight mismatch in the orientation could stop the charging. However, if you’re on the lookout for a minimalist charging stand, this is it!


Precision design

Minimalist looks

Decent build quality

Cable management hole provided


Apple Watch orientation can face issues

Check out on: Amazon

Summing up

So, how did you find this list of the best Apple Watch chargers? I’ve tried to include options for different preferences and budgets into the list.

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Best Apple Pencil Apps You Can Use In 2023

Best Apple Pencil Apps You Can Use in 2023

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Best Apps for Apple Pencil

There are many apps that support the Apple Pencil, which is a stylus designed specifically for use with Apple’s iPad tablets. Here are some popular apps that are compatible with the Apple Pencil:

1. Procreate App

Share your work across different platforms

Provides a seamless user experience with a customizable interface

One of the most powerful and user-friendly digital art tools for artists and designers

Supports various import and export options to work with a wide range of file types

Gestures for quick navigation, and support for multi-touch gestures

Procreate is a paid app, but it is well worth the investment for anyone who wants to create professional-quality artwork on their iPad.

Price: $12.99

Download Link: Get it From App Store

2.  Notability App

Notability is one of the best apps for Apple Pencil to take notes on an Apple device. It allows users to take handwritten notes, type notes, annotate documents and PDFs, and record audio, all in one place. It is available for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and is designed to be used with the Apple Pencil stylus.

Notability App Features:

Provides a range of powerful tools for annotating PDFs and documents

Ideal App for students, professionals, and anyone else who needs to take detailed notes

Ability to combine handwriting, typing, and audio recording in a single note-taking session

Keep track of important information with highlights and share them instantly

Notability supports syncing with popular cloud storage services like iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox, making it easy to access and share notes across multiple devices.

Price: FREE / $14.99

Download Link: Get it From App Store

3.  GoodNotes 5 App

GoodNotes 5 app lets you take handwritten notes, annotate PDFs, and sketch diagrams. GoodNotes 5 is a popular note-taking app that is designed for the iPad and the Apple Pencil stylus. It allows users to take handwritten notes, annotate PDFs and documents, and create digital notebooks, all with a wide range of customizable features.

GoodNotes 5 offers a variety of tools and features that make note-taking and document annotation easy and efficient. This includes a variety of pens and brushes, handwriting recognition, shape recognition, and automatic straightening of lines and shapes.

GoodNotes 5 App Features:

Create custom digital notebooks, with a range of paper types and templates

Add lined paper, graph paper, and dotted paper with a variety of pens and brushes

Easily sync notes with popular cloud storage services like iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Seamless user experience, with a customizable interface and multi-touch gestures

Easily organize and customize to keep track of notes and ideas

GoodNotes 5 is a paid app for Apple Pencil, but its powerful features and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for students, teachers, professionals, and anyone else who wants to take organized and detailed notes on their iPad.

Price: FREE / $8.99

Download Link: Get it From App Store

4.  Adobe Photoshop Sketch App

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a professional-grade drawing and painting app that lets you create high-quality illustrations and designs. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a digital sketching app that is designed for the iPad and the Apple Pencil stylus. It allows users to create digital drawings and illustrations with a wide range of customizable tools and features.

Photoshop Sketch provides a variety of brushes and customizable settings, allowing users to create a variety of styles and effects. It also supports layers and blending modes, making it easy to create complex artwork with precision.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch App Features:

Ability to import images and use them as reference for sketches

Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to use with other Adobe apps

Ability to export sketches to Photoshop or Adobe Creative Cloud apps for further editing

Some features may require a Creative Cloud subscription

Seamless integration and workflow with a free app

Overall, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a powerful and versatile app for digital sketching and drawing on the iPad and is well-suited for both professional and casual artists.

Price: $99.92

Download Link: Get it From App Store

5.  Adobe Illustrator Draw App

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a vector drawing app that lets you create detailed illustrations and designs. Adobe Illustrator Draw is a vector drawing app that is designed for the iPad and the Apple Pencil stylus. It allows users to create vector graphics and illustrations with a wide range of customizable tools and features.

Illustrator Draw provides a variety of brushes and customizable settings, allowing users to create a variety of styles and effects. It also supports layers and opacity adjustments and other Apple pencil uses, making it easy to create complex artwork with precision.

Adobe Illustrator Draw App Features:

Ability to import images and use them as reference for sketches

Ability to export sketches to Adobe Illustrator for further editing and sharing

Great integration and features on the free app (upgradable to Creative Cloud subscription)

Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to work with a variety of other Adobe apps

Support for syncing with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps

Overall, Adobe Illustrator Draw is a powerful and versatile app for vector drawing on the iPad and is well-suited for both professional and casual artists.

Price: $79.99

Download Link: Get it From App Store

6.  Concepts App

Concepts is a versatile sketching app that supports various tools and features for creating detailed designs. Concepts is one of the best Apple pencil apps for iPhone with powerful, professional-grade sketching and designing features. It is also available for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and is optimized for use with the Apple Pencil stylus. The app allows users to create sketches, drawings, diagrams, and designs using a wide range of customizable tools and features.

Concepts offer an intuitive interface with a variety of gestures and shortcuts, making it easy for users to quickly access and use the tools they need. It offers a wide range of brushes and customizable settings, as well as the ability to create custom brushes and palettes.

Concepts App Features

Share your work across different platforms through cloud storage services

Use infinite canvas to work on designs of any size without running out of space

Supports layers, grids, and perspective guides allowing you to create complex designs

Configure iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive to access notes across multiple devices

Variety of import and export options to work with a wide range of file types

Concepts is a paid app, but its powerful features and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for designers, architects, and other creative professionals who need a versatile and professional-grade design tool for their iPad or iPhone.

Price: $29.99

Download Link: Get it From App Store

7.  Evernote App

Evernote is a note-taking app that is available for a wide range of platforms, including the iPad and the Apple Pencil stylus. It allows users to take notes, create to-do lists, clip web pages, and capture audio and images, all in one place.

Evernote offers a variety of tools and features to help users organize and manage their notes. This includes the ability to tag and categorize notes, search for notes by keyword, and create notebooks and stacks to organize notes by topic.

Evernote App Features:

Ability to search within PDFs and Office documents, and more storage space

Integration with other apps and services, including email, calendar, and cloud storage

Share or access your files and notes using cloud platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive

Variety of productivity features, set reminders, create tasks, to-do lists, and share notes

Paid version offering additional features such as offline access to notes

Overall, Evernote is a versatile and powerful note-taking app that is well-suited for individuals and businesses who need a centralized tool for capturing and organizing information.

Price: $8.99

Download Link: Get it From App Store

Final Words:

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Best Temperature Apps For Iphone In 2023

The iPhone has various sensors, but the temperature is not one of them. However, you can use some tools to measure temperature on your iPhone. I’ve compiled a list of the best temperature apps for iPhone to measure room and body temperature with and without proprietary tools.

Best iPhone apps to measure body temperature

Your health is one of the best investments you can ever make, and one way to ensure good health is by regularly monitoring your body temperature. These iPhone apps, with supported thermometers or sensors, can make life much easier.

1. Kinsa – Editor’s Choice

Kinsa is one of the best thermometer apps for iPhone. It lets you track symptoms and medication for everyone in your family. The device looks like a generic thermometer but transfers all data to the Kinsa app. Please note that to use this app, you will be required to get their recommended smart thermometer.

Depending on the symptoms and medications, you and your family can receive guidance based on age. The app also specifies illness. Moreover, it suggests if you need to consult a doctor or if any home remedies are available. Furthermore, the app lets you know about any outbreaks in your neighborhood or the country.


Individual profiles

Record keeping

Personalized guidance

Simple interface


Doesn’t work with other smart thermometers

Price: Free

2. Aidlab – Advanced technology

Aidlab is another beautifully designed app that lets you measure your body temperature with its proprietary Aidlab Chest Strap sensor. The best part is that it tracks the activity of your body throughout the day, including your temperature. As a result, you can visualize your day in an easy-to-view timeline view.

Furthermore, the app will send notifications to motivate you to be more active. Additionally, the strap recognizes a variety of exercises, so you need not worry about manually entering the data.


Smart notifications to keep you motivated

Timeline view

Tracks different exercises and workouts


Doesn’t work without Chest Strap sensor

Price: Free

3. Tempdrop – AI to track your cycle

If you’re someone who wants to track your ovulation, Tempdrop lets you achieve the same. It tracks patterns in your temperature to predict your next ovulation.

It uses the Tempdrop sensor to measure your body temperature and sends it to your iPhone. This data is then sent to the cloud for analysis using some algorithms. The app is free, but you’ll need to subscribe to the Premium version to unlock everything.


Tracks ovulation

Cloud sync


Requires premium subscription to unlock key features

Price: Free (In-app subscription starts at $4.49)

4. Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer – Trusted brand

Vicks is one of the renowned brands in the healthcare world. If you have one of its SmartTemp thermometers, you can measure your temperature through this app. You can create individual profiles for each member and track their temperature changes.

The temperature readings are color-coded in green, yellow, and red to indicate the severity. Moreover, you can also add symptoms and medications in the notes section to share them with a doctor.


Accurate temperature readings

Share logs with the doctor

Individual profiles


Underarm readings can be less accurate

Price: Free

5. Withings Thermo – Timely reminders

If you have a Withings Thermo, an intelligent temporal thermometer, this app is the best companion to it. It syncs with the thermometer to log your data for each user using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You can also set reminders to remind you to take a reading at certain times of the day. Furthermore, you can input your symptoms and medications to assess the illness, and the app will recommend when it’s best to consult a doctor.


Recommendations based on logs

Accurate measurements

Individual profiles


Requires additional equipment

Price: Free

6. iCelsius – Receive alerts

iCelsius is a temperature probe that can turn your iPhone into a digital thermometer. This app can read the temperature, create graphs, and alert you of unusual temperatures. It shows all the useful temperature data in one shot, where you can take a picture and notes alongside.

Furthermore, detailed graphs in the app also support pan and zoom. Additionally, you can also access all the history when needed. Moreover, you can use this probe to measure temperature when cooking.


Accurate temperature readings

Keeps a log of readings

Measure temperature while cooking


No option to share data with doctors

Price: Free

7. Body Temperature App For Fever – No thermometer required

Body Temperature App For Fever is one of the most reliable apps for measuring your body temperature, even without a thermometer. It logs your temperature using your heart and respiratory rates and shows you detailed stats in a graph.

Furthermore, you can add more than one profile to the app to track the temperature of other family members. You can add medications and symptoms to determine any health issue and share it with a doctor as a PDF if there are any.


Beautiful and easy-to-use interface

Measures body temperature without equipment

Share PDF with doctor

Apple Watch support (Premium only)


Little unreliable sometimes

Price: Free (In-app subscriptions start at $2.99)


Best iPhone apps to measure room temperature

Here are some great room temperature apps for iPhone that can help you easily monitor and adjust the temperature in your home or office.

8. Real Thermometer – True to the name

If you don’t want to measure your body’s temperature but the temperature of your room, then Real Thermometer is the right app for you. The Real Thermometer app shows the ambient temperature, so you know about the temperature around you.

Furthermore, you can use this app to read your body temperature and check the temperatures of different locations using the local weather forecast once you enter the zip code. The app is free to download, but you can upgrade to an ad-free version for a one-time fee of $0.99.


Shows room and body temperatures

Three skin options for customizations

Displays weather conditions

Simple interface


Less accuracy

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


9. Thermometer++ – Fast and accurate

Thermometer++ is a simple app that displays your room temperature based on geolocation. Alongside this, it also shows the humidity and pressure at the location. It gets its data from nearby weather stations.

Furthermore, you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Moreover, the app is very accurate in what it does. Since it’s an essential app, it’s free, as you’d expect.


Accurate outside temperature readings

Humidity and pressure readings

Doesn’t require additional equipment


Fewer features

Price: Free


10. @Thermometer – Multilingual support

@Thermometer is an app that displays the temperature in your room to the nearest tenth of the degree in real time. Furthermore, it comes with multiple themes where you can choose the one that best suits you. The app also supports multiple languages.


Multiple themes available for customization

Displays weather conditions

Simple interface

Very accurate


Limited features

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


11. HD Thermometer – Simple interface

The HD Thermometer app shows you the temperature of your surroundings using your location and the weather conditions. The app is straightforward and provides the data in an accessible and readable manner.


Displays room temperatures

Multiple themes available for customization

Very accurate


Limited capabilities

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


Measure temperature the right way…

Whether you want to measure the temperature of your body or outside, the above apps can help you achieve the same. When measuring body temperature, many apps will require proprietary equipment for accurate measurement.

Even if these apps have additional equipment, it’s best to consult a doctor. Try out these apps and let us know which worked best for you.

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Best Erp Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Enterprise resource planning is vital in ushering a business towards productive growth. Whereas a right decision can take your business to an unprecedented high, a wrong one can damage the years of reputation in no time. That’s why you’ve got to be strategically as astute as possible.

With tons of ERP apps designed to help you make immediate decisions easily and securely, even on the move, you can successfully manage your enterprise. How about glancing at some of the best ERP apps for iPhone? Picking only a few out of hundreds of apps is a bit tough. However, when there is a specific desire to find nothing less than the best, the task becomes easy.

1. SAP Business One

“SAP Business One” is an efficient enterprise resource planning app. It allows managers, executives, and sales reps to easily carry out several pivotal tasks like managing contacts and handling sales service activities. They can easily view reports and stay informed about everything significant to them.

Managers can keep track of inventory levels and quickly access product details such as purchasing and sales prices and photos. You remain up-to-date with custom alerts on events, including deviations of approved prices, credit limits, or targeted gross profits. Even better, “SAP Business One” is compatible with multiple languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, etc.

2. EcountERP

“EcountERP” promises to help you manage your business with ease. And you can trust it to make a decisive difference.

The app features several essential features to let you handle inventory, production, sales, purchasing, accounting, payroll, reporting proficiently. Besides, it also allows you to collaborate with your team.

You can easily make invoices, scan barcode labels and keep track of your inventory. As it’s entirely cloud-based, you will securely access your data from any device. Lastly, you need to upgrade to the EcountERP premium ($55) unlock all the features.

3. Salesforce – CRM ERP Hours

This one appears to be exceptionally competent. The app has combined several features to enable you to manage your business with the desired flexibility.

It offers a super handy business partners management system and allows you to track price history and stock information. It has a built-in barcode scanner that works effectively in scanning labels.

You can create sales orders, quotations, work/purchase orders with ease. The bar and pie charts offer better insight into how things are going on. Moreover, the Dropbox integration and collaboration feature further boost its profile as a top-notch ERP app for iPhone.

4. Acumatica

This one appears to be exceptionally competent. The app has combined several features to enable you to manage your business with the desired flexibility.

To manage your workforce efficiently, you would like to have a smart app like “Acumatica.” With this app at your disposal, you will find it pretty simple to handle your inventory, finance, purchases, and sales.

It allows you to track real-time reports and the assigned tasks. You can manage your contacts and smartly create sales orders. The app also lets you check the order status to remain in sync.

5. Invoice pro-for ERP and OA

If you are looking for an app that can let you manage your inventory, account and take full control of your resource planning, this app can be of immense help to you. You can comfortably manage your sales and easily view the latest reports.

The barcode scanning feature allows you to accurately display the name and price and other important information. You will be able to review each product inventory quantities as well as storage locations.

Check out the daily sales, monthly and yearly stats. But the best thing about this app is that you can carry out your work even without Internet connection.

6. Incwo ERP

Incwo ERP can be used for both ERP and CRP as it contains some useful features such as estimates, invoices, purchase, cash flow, inventory and more. It features over 150 training videos on company management which can go a long way in providing you better insights.

You can insert photos in your app, access data of your business fast and also stay updated with the latest features and entrepreneur news.

That’s all!

Your pick?

Which one of these top ERP apps for iOS has caught your eyes? Let us know its name and the features you have found adorable.

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Best Keyboard Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

The default iOS keyboard is quite impressive, with useful features such as support for multiple languages and Memoji. But you can dramatically increase the number of options available when you change the keyboard to third-party options. These can range from apps that let you type faster to specialized ones for GIFs, emojis, fonts, and custom themes. Check out everything that’s possible with these best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. GIF Keyboard

Add a new dimension to your texts with this incredible GIF Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and iMessage. We live in an increasingly audio-visual world, and GIFs are an entertaining way to convey exactly what you want to say.

This app functions like a GIF maker and lets you create the perfect video clippings right from your keyboard. You can personalize them with handwritten notes, doodles, or text. Further, you can also transform GIFs to stickers and make shareable packs of your favorite stickers and GIFs.

Price: Free


2. Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s

This app has got a collection of more than 119 fabulous fonts so you can give your writing a unique look right from your keyboard. It works great for texts, emails, and even social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

It’s a must-have for creative souls who want to express themselves better. Keep in mind, the free version of this keyboard app has limitations. And you will have to go for in-app purchases to unlock features like Cup Cakes, Emoticons, Cute Words, and more.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)


3. Gboard

For a clean and highly functional user interface, the Google keyboard or Gboard is a must-have. It boasts a plethora of impressive features like glide typing, stickers, funny emojis, GIFs, and more.

Further, it supports multiple languages such as English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Hong Kong), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, and Greek. The most notable feature is Google search integration that lets you quickly find news, sports scores, articles, etc. to share with others in a jiffy.

Price: Free


4. Grammarly Keyboard

The precise and clear explanations ensure that you can understand the correction easily. The keyboard app lets you know when it auto-corrects so that you learn from the mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Price: Free (Monthly Plan – $20.99)


5. New Emoji & Fonts – RainbowKey

This top iPhone and iPad keyboard app that lets you express a gamut of emotions with over 5000 emojis and stickers. There are also keyboard themes, GIFs, and fonts to further personalize your experience.

Further, you can even create your own keyboard with your favorite pictures. Use swipe gestures and one-handed typing for added convenience. It also supports several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


6. Avatar Keyboard-Themes, Emojis

Sometimes, words are not just enough! So here’s a keyboard that lets you convey your feelings with fun-filled Avatar emojis. It’s quite similar to Memoji, but there are a few additional benefits like a broader range of facial expressions.

You can choose either a cartoonish look or a more realistic sketch design. You can also create custom keyboards with a background, key-shapes, fonts, colors, sound, and 3D effects of your choice. Give free rein to your creativity!

Price: Free (AVATAR VIP – $7.99)


7. Font App – Cool Fonts Keyboard

Stand out on social media and elsewhere with the coolest fonts that reflect your every mood. At the same time, this fonts app also has a wide variety of keyboard themes for a personalized typing experience.

Moreover, you can also select & share GIFs directly from your keyboard. Needless to say, emojis are available too. What makes this keyboard stand out is the clean yet elegant user interface that’s a breeze to use.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


8. WordBoard – Phrase Keyboard

Here’s a unique iOS keyboard that makes typing easier for you. You can personalize and program it to control the keys’ input and save time typing. Save snippets, templates, frequently used phrases, and more.

Moreover, you can organize shortcuts and quick responses into easily accessible folders. So, whether you’re talking to a customer or a friend, you’ll have your preset templates and phrases ready at your fingertips.

Price: Free (Pro – $19.99)


This one is not just a keyboard for iPhone and iPad, but for Apple Watch too. It can help you type up to three times faster than usual. Deep customization, emoji, and text shortcuts create a fun and fluid typing experience, even on the small screen of your watch.

This app especially stands out for its accessibility features that help visually-impaired individuals. There are options for large keys, high-contrast colors, prominent visuals, and even VoiceOver feedback. Impressive indeed!

Price: $1.99


10. ReBoard Keyboard

Enjoy enhanced multitasking with the collection of  27 mini-apps that comes with this keyboard. For instance, you can use the Clipboard mini-app to save any copied text, or search for and send images from the web when chatting.

Some of the other mini-apps include Calculator, Calendar, Todoist, Dropbox, Reminders, Wikipedia, Slack, OneDrive, Dictionary lookup, local music search, fun emoji search, and even more!

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


11. Air Keyboard

This one is different from all the rest. It’s a keyboard that turns your iPhone keyboard into a wireless remote keyboard and touchpad for your computer.  That means you can use your phone to control your desktop/laptop on the same WiFi network.

There are many benefits and uses to this. For instance, during a presentation, you can easily switch between slides. Or when gaming, you can sit comfortably and play from your phone. You will need to install a program on your computer from the website.

Price: Free (Remove Ads – $0.99) – Download on iPhone

Price: $2.99 – Download on iPad

Summing Up

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