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Just a while ago, the process of recording your gadget screens over an extended period of time used to be an overtly tedious and cumbersome operation.

In the last few years though, the number of online tutorials (covering every subject under the sky), recordings of gaming performances and a few other video-based things have increased exponentially.


To meet the skyrocketing demand for nimble screen recording software, a number of apps have entered the market.

You will find below our handpicked screen recording apps for your Android apps, which we thought as the best Android apps for the purpose right now.

Google Play Games

Although Google Play Games is principally a Game Centre, curating thousands of games in itself, it also has screen recording functionality, so if the user’s purpose is only recording games, then there really is no need to download a third-party app, with Google Play Games having more than enough functionality to keep all the gamers satisfied with the quality of the recordings.

The app comes pre-installed in most of the Android phones, so you don’t need to install it separately. Just look for it on your Android device and launch the app to use it. In case you don’t have it already, you can hit up the link below to get the app from the Play Store now.

Download: Google Play Games

XRecorder – Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

Download: XRecorder

Super Screen Recorder

Another screen recorder with a high rating is Super Screen Recorder which offers screen recording with no time limit or watermarking. The app can capture the screen at 1080P resolution, 12Mbps bitrate, and at 60 fps frame rate with other lower options to choose from to bring down the size of the recording.

In order to control the recording, you can use the floating window, the app’s widget inside the notification bar, or shake the phone. The screen recorder also bundles with a Facecam Recorder that enables the front camera to capture your reactions while screen recording.

Download: Super Screen Recorder

Ez Screen Recorder

Download: Ez Screen Recorder

GU Screen Recorder

One of the most downloaded apps in this list is GU Screen Recorder which offers screen recording with screenshots and with real-time sound input. The app supports smooth transitions between different screen orientations – landscape and portrait.

You can overlay the front camera in a new window which can be resized and dragged to any position. The app offers the ability to take screenshots and doodle them at will and the one-touch floating window can be hidden for a better experience when the recorder is not in use.

Download: GU Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ screen recorder is, hands down, the most competent app in the market today. It is loaded with features that make it the most appreciated screen recording app.

It can create videos in HD and full HD, it can be paused and resumed while recording the screen (one of the very few apps to be able to do so), it can record audio using a mic, it has a Magic Button and options to decide the video resolution, bit-rate, frame rate, screen orientation.

Download: AZ Screen Recorder

VideoShow Screen Recorder

VideoShow Screen Recorder is a screen recorder and a video editor rolled in one. The simplicity of usage seems to have been the ultimate goal whilst making this app as it is one of the most straightforward apps in this category.

Features include capturing the screen with a single touch, recording videos with no time limit and later editing videos and superimposing on them filters, effects, even music. The end result does not carry a watermark, and no phone rooting is required.

Download: VideoShow Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder with Audio, Master Video Editor

The app allows you to record apps and games with audio and you can also use the face camera to record yourself in the video without any limit. It also features the one tap to hide recording window, shake to stop option, and the ability to edit the screen recording with doodles, compression, and more.

The recorder app can change the aspect ratio to widescreen, vertical or square automatic with support for up to 1440p resolution, 60 FPS, and 12.0Mbps quality. The inbuilt video editor comes with mosaic blurring, multiple songs, special effects, doodles, and more.

Download: Screen Recorder with Audio

REC – Screen Recorder

Like any other app in this list, REC offers screen recording in UHD, FHD, and HD qualities and can works across games, tutorials, video calls, live shows, video players, and more apps. You can choose to save your recordings inside your internal storage, SD card or on a USB stick.

There are no time limits when recording your screen and an inbuilt ‘Stay awake’ mode prevents the screen from going black. The app is offered in over 30 languages and recorded videos can be saved with your own watermark or logo.

Download: REC – Screen Recorder

Capture Recorder Mobi Screen Recorder

The app features a simple UI with one-tap gestures for capturing the screen, taking a screenshot, and closing the floating window. You can use the front camera to record yourself in the video, set a countdown timer before recording and turn up the volume to record external audio.

The screen recorder has an Auto orientation feature which switches portrait and landscape recording when the phone is tilted accordingly. The app also comes with a video editor that equips a mosaic mode to blur anything, multi music with voice input, filters, transitions, fonts, stickers, and gifs to make the recorded video look better.

Download: Capture Recorder

Screen Recorder With Facecam & Screenshot Capture

The app supports screen recorder with the front camera and sound and comes with a 1 touch feature to record games with a floating key. There’s a screenshot button that can capture screenshots even when the screen is being recorded and you can also draw on the screen with on-screen sound and from the microphone.

The screenshot editor can crop photos, make collages, and draw on photos while the video editor can edit video speed, cut clips, and insert music into it.

Download: Screen Recorder With Facecam

Screen Recorder

The app is user-friendly and can be used if you’re willing to customize your screen-recording experience. You can record screen videos, game videos, video calls and more without limits and also take screenshots with one-touch operation. The app can be used offline, and you can crop screenshots and trim videos.

Download: Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder – No Ads

Yes, as you’ve probably guessed already, this is one of those basic apps that primarily aim to act as productivity tools. Apart from covering all the basics, such as uninterrupted screen recording, quick screenshots, and easy annotations, it is one of the very few screen recording apps that can record internal audio. Be warned that this feature is exclusive to Android 10 devices, and even then it won’t probably work with many apps/games.

Download: Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV is another well-used screen recorder app. It leaves no watermark over its recordings (a rare feature), can use two different engines to make the recordings, can use both the front and rear cameras to make the recordings, provides the ability to pause the recording and resume later and needs no root access.

Download: ADV Screen Recorder


Mobizen Screen Recorder

Download: Mobizen Screen Recorder

Master Screen Recorder with Audio – Video Editor

Master Screen Recorder comes with some additional features including one tap to hide recording window, shake to stop topped with some beneficial features such as no recording time limit and no watermark for exported videos. You can also record yourself with the face camera and come up with some original content. But there are significant chances that the app may struggle to record your audio voice while recording the video.

Download: Master Screen Recorder

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10 Best Investment Apps And Finance Apps For Android

The best investment apps for Android

Google Search

Price: Free

Knowledge is power and nothing matters more than knowledge when investing. Google Search is your friend in these instances. You can look up companies to see what they’re all about, find SEC filings, the latest news, and other such things with the push of a button. Google Search also has built-in support for stocks. You simply need to search the symbol and you can see the latest prices. This one is more for active investors rather than passive ones because learning something quickly is the difference between getting out fast with a profit or too slow with a loss.

Robinhood and Webull

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Price: Free

Robinhood (linked at the button) and Webull (Google Play) are brokerages that let you trade stocks on the stock market. Robinhood is the easier of the two while Webull is slightly more stable. Both apps let you deposit money, trade stocks, and withdraw money when you’re done. You can also trade options and cryptocurrency, the latter being rather rare in the brokerage space. These user-friendly, all-in-one solutions are often scoffed at for gamifying the stock market space. However, they are very simple to use. They’re both good for dipping your toes into the stock market.

Traditional brokerage apps like TD Ameritrade

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Price: Free (usually) / Varies

Traditional brokerages were terrible experiences on mobile not that long ago. That’s why Robinhood became popular to begin with. However, most brokerages have simplified their UIs, made a lot of their trading tools more accessible, and lowered their costs. Some examples of traditional brokerages include TD Ameritrade (linked at the button), E*Trade (Google Play), and others. Brokerages not only let you trade in the stock market, but often let you manage your 401k, mutual funds, and other such investments. You’ll want to make sure any new brokerage account has the features you need before signing up so you can be sure you can manage everything all in one place.



Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Price: Free / Varies

Wealthfront is a little bit like Acorns. The difference is you put money into this one manually for the service to automatically invest on your behalf. Wealthfront gives you two options. You can invest in a portfolio they made or design one yourself. Wealthfront then handles all of the trading on your behalf so you can, hopefully, see your money grow. We like this one because it also links your bank accounts so you can see all of your finances in a single app. That gives you more power to make better decisions financially.

Yahoo Finance (and similar apps)

Price: Free / Varies

Yahoo Finance is an excellent beginner app for investing. It doesn’t let you trade or invest any money. However, it’s a great one-stop shop for checking the stock market, seeing the latest news, checking out historical trends, and other stock market metrics. Plus, you can link your brokerage accounts directly to Yahoo Finance so you only have to open one app to check everything. The app does have the occasional bug, but in over two years of use, I haven’t had anything happen so bad that it cost me any money. We especially recommend this one to Robinhood users because Robinhood’s news feed and stock information can be a little anemic and  Yahoo Finance augments that experience nicely. There are other options in this space as well, like chúng tôi and others. However, Yahoo Finance works more than well enough.


Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube is an underrated tool for investing. The app has thousands of creators that do tons of videos about various types of investing. You can learn how 401k plans work, how mutual funds work, how the stock market works, and all sorts of other stuff. I watched this series to learn how stock options work. Videos like those can answer a lot of basic questions much faster than other sources. There are many who make guesses about stock market prices and such, but we recommend proceeding with extreme caution when viewing those. In any case, this is a great spot to learn about the basics of investing so you can decide how you want to proceed with it.

Bonus: Investing games

10 Best Data Recovery Apps For Android

10 Best Data Recovery Apps For Android Top 10 Data Recovery Apps For Android

1. EaseUS Mobisaver For Android

EaseUS is a reasonably easy-to-use data recovery app among all of them. With it, you can successfully retrieve your deleted data, including contacts, messages, images, videos, documents, and audio. And you will be surprised to know that it supports over six thousand Android smartphones from different brands. You can also restore and export the data in various formats, including CSV and HTML.

It can quickly restore external(SD Card) and internal storage data.

You can recover your deleted data in just three simple steps.

EaseUS protects data privacy and security without overwriting it.

2. Wondershare Dr.Fone

Key Features:

The app includes a function that allows users to review files before restoring them.

It enables you to restore data and centralize all of your passwords.

Support for data extraction from damaged Android devices.

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3. iMyFone D-Back Android Data Recovery

D-Back provides a simple method for recovering lost data from Android tablets or smartphones. Even you can recover the data from the phones that have been broken.  The call logs, images, messages, videos, audio, documents, contacts, and WhatsApp data are just a few of the file formats that this software supports. Three simple steps are all that are required to recover deleted data.

Key Features:

Without a backup or rooting the device, recover WhatsApp data.

11 different kinds of Android data recovery are supported.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it requires no technical expertise to use.

Read Also: Best Noise Canceling Apps For Android & iOS.

4. FonePaw

It is an intriguing and simple-to-use data recovery app for Android.  With FonePaw’s assistance, you can quickly recover all types of text and media files. This is among the quickest data recovery software for Android. In addition to your smartphone, this data recovery app is compatible with numerous Android smartphones, tablets, and SD cards. The files can also be previewed before being recovered.

Key Features:

This data recovery software for Android is compatible with Android versions from 2.3 to 9.0.

Recover deleted files from SIM cards, SD cards, and internal storage.

Multiple formats, including CSV and HTML, can export the recovered files.

5. Stellar Data Recovery App For Android

Stellar is one of the best data recovery apps that allows you to restore documents, contacts, call history, messages, music, photo, and videos from any Android smartphone.  The software enables you to export messages in HTML and VCF formats to the location of your choice. You can also use it to retrieve deleted WhatsApp media and chats.

Key Features:

It assists you in recovering formatted & deleted data from the internal memory of an Android device.

You can export restored data in a variety of formats.

It gives various scanning choices depending on the kind of accidentally erased material.

6. Tenorshare UltData For Android Data Recovery

TenorShare is a noteworthy competitor to other data recovery apps on the list because it asserts that it doesn’t need root access for data recovery. It is one of the top data recovery software available. It can quickly recover any type of data/file you need, including WhatsApp messages, text messages, emails, photos, and other files. Your personal information is completely safe with this data recovery tool.

Key Features:

Data can be recovered in any situation, including water damage, backup loss, OS crash or upgrade, and system root.

It enables data recovery from internal memory and SD cards without using a pc or root.

7. Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery

You can recover deleted data/files from your phone or tablet with Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery. It is accessible for Windows and Mac and can restore lost data from eight different situations. Some features are accessible in the free version, but all features are simple to get in the pro version.

Key Features:

Retrieve your data with a damaged device, a forgotten password, or a dark screen.

Deleted text messages and call history from smartphones can be recovered from both external and internal storage.

Supports the backup and transfer of Android data to a PC.

8. PhoneRescu

You can recover deleted or hidden data with the help of PhoneRescue for Android without rooting your device. Utilizing this data recovery software, you can transfer files automatically from your PC/laptop to your device. It is among the best data recovery software programs for recovering data from an Android device, it analyzes your device quickly and has a high success rate.

Key Features:

Even locked devices with data can be recovered.

Additionally, it promises the capacity to locate hidden data without rooting the device, including videos received via WhatsApp.

This software works on iOS and Android devices, making it ideal for households with various mobile devices.

9. FoneLab Android Data Recovery

FoneLab is an outstanding data recovery program for Android devices. Regardless of how bad the data loss situation was, it can assist you in recovering data. In three easy steps, FoneLab can assist you in recovering data from malware and viruses or shattered phones. You can use the software to recover any type of file, including text messages and Microsoft Word documents.

Key Features:

You can recover your data from Android phones, SD cards, and even SIM cards.

Design that is user-friendly and customer-focused.

FoneLab data recovery software for Android is compatible with Windows (XP and above) and Mac OS X 10.7 and later.

10. Disk Drill

Disk Drill can recover your data from any Android phone using cutting-edge technologies. You can quickly recover your data with this straightforward, cost-free tool, whether it has been erased accidentally or corruptively. This data recovery app for Android allows you to recover data from a phone’s internal storage as well as external memory cards by accessing the storage on your rooted Android smartphone.

Key Features:

You can use the Quick Scan, Deep Scan, & Partition Search options.

In addition to Android smartphones, this data recovery software can get data from Android TV boxes and tablets.

You can use it to fix unintentional USB problems and corrupt SD cards.

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To Wrap This Up

So, that’s it for today, guys. I hope you can now recover your lost files using the data recovery software listed above. So give these tools a try and let us know which one worked for you. Also, if you know other tools apart from these, don’t forget to share them with us. We would be happy to hear from you.

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Fonepaw Screen Recorder: Easily Record Screen On Windows And Mac

Most of the good screen recording software that are available for Mac and PC cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. So, if you are not a professional who can afford these costly screen recording software, you end up using apps that not only have an ugly UI but also make it very hard to record your Mac or PC’s screen and annotate your recordings. However, there is a screen recording software on the market which not only promises to give you a good recording experience but also costs a lot less than its competitors. The software that I am talking about is called FonePaw Screen Recorder and in this article, we are going to take a deep dive into this software to find out what it offers and whether it’s worth your time or money or not.

Key Features 1. Record Screen on Windows and Mac

FonePaw Screen Recorder gives you a ton of control over your recordings. You can decide whether you want to record the whole screen or just a part of it. You can change the resolution of recording. You can also record your video using the webcam. I love that FonePaw Screen Recorder allows me to place the webcam recording anywhere I want. You can also choose to record both system audio and audio captured using a microphone to go along with your video.

2. Annotate Screen Recordings

3. Record Audio

While screen recording is the main USP of FonePaw Screen Recorder, it also allows you to create audio-only recordings. As mentioned above, the FonePaw Screen Recorder allows you to record both system and microphone audio. I find the standalone audio recording feature very useful when I want to convert a video lecture or interview into an audio file and listen to it while traveling. The process is so simple that I don’t have to even think about it.

4. Capture and Annotate Screenshots

While both Macs and Windows machines come with built-in screenshot tool, they are not that powerful. FonePaw Screen Recorder not only lets you capture screenshots but also annotate them before saving them. This saves you an extra step from opening a second app just to annotate your screenshots. You can draw on screenshots, mark it up using arrows and other shapes or add a text field.

5. Schedule Recording

6. Export in Multiple Formats

Once you are done with your recording, FonePaw Screen Recorder allows you to export your file in various formats. It means you can set the desired export format so you don’t have to use third-party software to convert the video later. You can even export small videos in GIF format (Windows only feature). While this doesn’t seem like a big feature, I appreciate its inclusion in the software.

Pricing and Availability

Check OutFonePaw Screen Recorder

Get an Affordable and Good Screen Recording Solution

FonePaw Screen Recorder is an easy to use screen recording software for both macOS and Windows operating systems. It’s very easy to use, supports both audio and video capture has an additional screenshot tool and supports annotations for both recording and screenshots. You should definitely check it out.

Best Personal Finance Apps For Iphone And Android

Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone and Android

On Play Store and App Store you can find number of budgeting apps. But not all money management apps are worth downloading. Hence to save you from some of the guesswork here we enlist the top personal finance apps of 2023. Each of the apps listed below are considered “best” for a particular purpose.

Let’s know what are the reasons.

These personal finance apps help manage money, stick to a budget, and make wise investment decisions.

Apps like Mint helps create a budget and track spending while, You Need a Budget (YNAB) helps budget every dollar.

Robinhood is a free investment app while Acorns rounds up each purchase to make you understand how to manage finances.

Pocket Guard simplifies budgeting while Prism is the best app to make bill payments and keep a track.

Goodbudget is the best personal finance management app for couples.

In addition to these apps there are several other top personal finance apps that we have listed. All these apps will help you in personal finance management.

Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Money

Without further delay, let’s begin discussing our first best personal finance tracker app for Android and iOS.

1. Mint: Best Money Management App

Download Now for iOS

Download Now for Android

With over 15 million users, Mint is an effective and one of the premier personal finance apps. Using this free budgeting app you can create a budget, track your spending and get smart about your money. Intuit Inc. (INTU)—the company behind QuickBooks and TurboTax—offers this amazing personal finance and budget management app.

This app lets you link various financial accounts, credit cards so that you can access and manage your finances at one place. Not only this Mint even lets you know when your bills are due, what you need to pay, and what you can afford based on availability of funds. Alongside none of the personally identifiable information is shared with any third parties.

Free credit score is the bonus point of Mint. It is best for managing personal finance, investors, smartphone users, budgets and bill payment. Moreover, Mint is the answer to which is the best financial budget app?

2. You Need a Budget: Best personal budgeting app

Download Now for iOS

Download Now for Android

This personal finance management is available for both Android and iOS and is worth every penny you spend. It helps save more money than you spend on buying YNAB. The money management and personal budgeting app works on three rules:

Give every dollar a job – every dollar in your budget should be for a purpose.

Allocate your true expenses – Monthly allocate your money to all the expenses, be it a birthday, insurance, vacations, etc.

Adjust overspending – Anticipate overspending in certain months to stay on track with long term goals

3. Wally: Best personal finance tracking app

Download Now for iOS

If you like to stay organized with your personal expenses as you do with your tax reports, Wally is the easiest and fastest way to do it. This personal finance management app helps track day to day expenses, set budget, reach your financial goals, add tags to notes, plan upcoming payments, manage foreign currency transaction, etc.

Wally gives you control of your finances by helping you set weekly, monthly, or custom budget periods. This app is perfect for families, friends, households. This app lets you manage joint accounts, share spendings, keep everyone in sync, share a budget and more. Wally is #1 personal budget and finance management app in 22 countries.

4. Acorns: Best finance guide to invest your spare change

Download Now for iOS

Download Now for Android

Want to become good with finance management? Acorns is the app that will help you with it. This personal finance app is free for college students and will help invest, save and spend responsibly. With over 5 million investors Acorns is one of the best investment apps.

Acorns automatically invests spare change from everyday purchases. This means when you make a purchase with a card connected to the app, Acorns rounds it up to the next highest dollar and automatically invests the difference in a low cost exchange traded fund.

5. Best Cryptocurrency App: Coinbase’

Download Now for iOS

Download Now for Android

The fate of cryptocurrencies has been in limbo yet you find people investing in it. Coinbase is a financial management app that helps track movements in the crypto market. Coinbase provides real time information about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin.

Using this cryptocurrency app you can receive payout directly to your bank account . Moreover, Coinbase offers a debit card to spend cryptocurrency with a partner that supports Visa or Mastercard system.

6. Robinhood: Best Investment App

Download Now for iOS

Download Now for Android

A game-changing investment app that offers unique and unbeatable features. Robinhood personal finance app is for college students, professionals, and everyone. No need to pay commissions on stock, no minimum account, streamlined interface are few benefits of this personal finance management app.

Moreover, what makes Robinhood one of the best budgeting and investment app is you can access real time market data before buying stock coin or anything. Robinhood uses cutting edge technology and security measures to protect investor assets and personal information.

7. PocketGuard: Best way to simply personal finance

Download Now for iOS

Download Now for Android

Whether you want to keep track of your spending, make a budget or save more money PocketGuard is your go to app. As the name implies, PocketGuard helps stay on top of your finances by guarding you from spending too much. This budgeting app helps link your credit cards, keep a check on savings, investment, loans. Using PocketGuard you can see all your financed in one place.

Pocket Guard is one of the best finance apps for iOS and Android as it categorizes all your transactions when they take place. Moreover, it helps understand where you spend your money and how you can save it. In short it makes you smarter when it comes to money management.

Furthermore, this top finance app automatically builds a personalized budget, based on income, bills and goals you set.

8. Goodbudget: Best personal finance apps for couples

Download Now for iOS

Download Now for Android

Goodbudget is a budget tracker for couples, if you want to share your expenses with your partner this is the best app. Goodbudget helps spend, save and keep a track. This virtual budget program keeps you on track with family and friends.

Goodbudget finance app for iOS and Android is based on envelope budgeting method and it helps put budget into action with the people who matter. This makes it one of the best personal finance apps for couples and is the answer to which is the best personal finance apps for couples.

So, this is a comprehensive list of best personal finance budgeting apps. Using any of these apps you can manage your budget, save money, and stay organized. Hope after reading this list you have the answers for questions like:

Which is the best financial budget app?

Which is the best free personal finance app?

Which is the best finance apps for couples?

Which is the best finance App for iPhone and Android?

All the apps listed above are best in their own way. Everyone wants to save and budget better, and with these budgeting apps you can actually save and pay bills more efficiently. Do let us know which personal finance you liked and why? Bonus: Most of the apps listed are best free personal finance apps for Android and iOS.

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5 Of The Best Radio Apps For Android

Although the popularity of radio has declined rapidly in recent years, there are still quite a few people who prefer to listen to radio channels and shows on their smartphones. For those folks we present five of the best radio apps for Android.

1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the most popular radio apps out there with over 100,000 stations covering all the most common topics such as Music, Sports, News and Talk Shows along with a host of podcasts. If you upgrade to TuneIn Premium, you will get access to exclusive content around the NFL, Premier League, MLB, and audiobooks.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

2. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a completely free way to catch up on your favorite news, sports and comedy shows from the most popular FM radio stations across North America live and on demand. You can find music playlists for different moods or activities, or build your own free custom music stations from a library of over 20 million songs covering all types of genres. For those interested iHeartRadio also supports Google Chromecast, Android Auto and Android Wear devices. Unfortunately, the service is only available for users in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Price: Free

3. Stitcher Radio

Stitcher allows you to stream over 65000 radio shows and podcasts on demand from a variety of large media organizations including FOX, BBC, CNN, ESPN, This American Life and many more media providers around the world. You can also download shows for offline listening if you prefer. With Stitcher you can create custom stations by “stitching” together your favorite shows into playlists, and alerts you to new shows via personalized recommendations based on what you’re already listening to.

Price: Free

4. PCRadio

Price: Free with in-app purchases

5. Pandora Radio

Price: Free with in-app purchases

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Ayo Isaiah

Ayo Isaiah is a freelance writer from Lagos who loves everything technology with a particular interest in open-source software. Follow him on Twitter.

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