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Can’t Connect to Microsoft Services Error: Use These 4 Fixes Using the Network Troubleshooter is a fast solution




In most cases, you may have an internet problem; once this is fixed, the error should disappear.

You will have to wait out the error on rare occasions since the MS servers may be down. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If the error looks like we can’t connect to one of our services right now, you are not alone, especially if you are a Windows 10 user.

When an attempt is made to create a new user with their current Microsoft account, a green screen appears with a revolving disc accompanied by the respective error message.

However, the error message is a problem associated with the Microsoft account, primarily services such as Microsoft Store, Skype, OneDrive, Outlook, Xbox Live, Office 365, and Groove Music.

What causes the Looks like we can’t connect to one of our services right now error?

From user experience, we gather that a few factors might be responsible for this error. On top of this list are the following:

Bad or unstable internet – Before troubleshooting, ensure you have good internet. You may even try a wired internet connection.

Issues with your MS account – There may be minor issues with your account on Windows that need to be fixed before you can connect.

Date and time settings – If your computer’s date and time are incorrect, you cannot connect to most internet services.

Proxy connections – Depending on your browser, you will need to force a system proxy server; if not, MS servers may not work.

There are a few variations to this error, including the looks like we can’t connect to one of our services right now error on Teams, error 0xcaa80000, HTTP 404, and error 0xcaa70004.

Fortunately, we have compiled some solutions to solve this problem.

How do I fix Can’t connect to Microsoft services error?

Expert tip:

Double-check that your internet connection runs well.

Give it a few minutes and try again.

1. Synchronize your Microsoft Account

Ensure you have a working Microsoft Account to access all Microsoft services. This error may be due to an invalid account or because you do not have a Microsoft Account.

Also, after following these steps, you can download the Windows store or access other Windows services on your PC to test this fix.

If the error message looks like we can’t connect to one of our services right now persists, try the next solution.

2. Use Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant

If the error message looks like we can’t connect to one of our services right now persists, try the next solution.

3. Disable the Proxy server on your web browsers

Another reason for the cannot connect to Microsoft services at the moment error problem is that the proxy server is enabled. Therefore, Microsoft services may not be accessible if the LAN connection is anonymous, i.e., proxy.

4. Run Network troubleshooter

In conclusion, if you get the error message looks like we can’t connect to one of our services right now, you can try out any of the fixes enumerated above to solve it.

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Lenovo Won’t Connect To Wifi? Try These Fixes

No matter how sturdy and well-built the Lenovo Laptops are, they are not immune to the common problems that plague other manufacturers’ devices. Issues with Wi-fi connectivity is one such problem frequently experienced by Lenovo Users.  

The majority of Lenovo products come with Broadcomm chips, which have been known to have serious bugs that cause Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The main contributors to this problem appear to be bugs in WLAN adapter drivers and misconfigured Power management settings on Windows. 

Other factors are also contributing to this issue, which we will discuss in detail and offer solutions to help you connect to Wi-Fi. 

Wi-fi Switch on the Laptop is turned off

Issues with the Router

WLAN is disabled in BIOS

Wireless adapter driver is disabled

Incorrect password used for connecting to the Wi-fi

To begin, check to see if you have enabled Wi-Fi from the system tray. If you can’t turn on Wi-Fi or connect to a Wi-Fi network, restart your computer and see if it works now. Sometimes some minor glitches in Windows can also cause such connectivity issues that get fixed by the system restart. 

Another possible cause of this Wi-Fi connectivity problem is not properly configuring the Wi-Fi Network’s authentication process. Check that you are attempting to connect to the right network and that you have entered the correct password.

Lenovo laptops include a dedicated Physical switch that can be used to turn the device’s Wi-Fi on/off.

On most Lenovo Laptops, pressing Fn + F5 gives you access to the Wi-fi controls. For the Idea Models, pressing this key combination will open the Lenovo Wireless Device Settings window. Ensure that the Wireless Network card is On in this setting. 

For the latest Thinkpad models, pressing the F8 gives you the option to enable or disable the Wireless Radio. Make sure to change its Status to On if you find it disabled. 

The issue could very well be related to your Wireless Router. Therefore restarting the router is always the first thing to do for most connectivity issues. 

 For this, disconnect the Wireless Router from the power source. Wait for about 30 seconds and plug it back. Finally, check if the Lenovo Laptop can get connected to the Wi-fi network. 

If you’re still having connection problems, try connecting to the Wi-Fi with another device (Mobile phone, tablet etc.). If the connection does not get established on the other device, the problem is most likely with the router or the ISP. Contacting the ISP would be a good option in this case. 

If the connection issue is limited to your Lenovo laptop, try the fixes suggested below.

Most of the time, users unknowingly leave their devices in Airplane mode. This will disable all connection mediums on your device, including cellular and Wi-Fi networks. 

Now, see if you can connect to the Wi-fi. 

Users can configure their wireless connections (WLAN and Bluetooth) from the BIOS. Connecting to the WiFi would be impossible if the WLAN was disabled in the BIOS of your Lenovo device.

Restart the computer and enter the BIOS. 

Go to the Config or Advanced Section. 

Navigate to the WLAN device option. This option also can be named as a Wireless device on some models of Lenovo Devices. 

Set the option to Enabled. 

Save the changes and Exit from the BIOS. 

When Windows Boots up, turn on the Wi-fi and check if it can connect to the network. 

WLAN adapters driver plays a crucial role in the operation of Wi-fi on your Lenovo device. If these drivers are disabled, you wouldn’t be able to get connected to the Wi-fi. Follow these steps to enable it from the device manager.

Press Windows Key + X and open the Device manager. 

Wi-fi Drivers are important for establishing communication between the network adapters and your Lenovo Laptop. If these drivers suffer any corruption or get outdated, it can trigger connectivity issues as such. Updating the Wi-Fi driver can resolve most of the issues with it. 

Press Windows Key + X and open the Device Manager. 

Select Update Drivers. 

 Choose the option Search automatically for drivers. 

Follow the prompts and install the latest available drivers. 

If there is no Wi-Fi icon in the system tray and Wi-Fi drivers in the device manager are missing, this indicates that the drivers have not been installed on your Lenovo device.  You can install the Wi-Fi drivers manually on Windows. The same process can be followed to update the drivers manually. 

Go to the Lenovo Support Website. 

Select the Lenovo Device you own from the list. It also has the option to detect your device model automatically. 

 Once you reach the dedicated page for your device, go to the Drivers & Software section.

Find the Networking: Wireless WAN driver and download it.

Run the executable file and install the Wi-fi Drivers. 

The WLAN AutoConfig service chooses the wireless network with best signal and connects the computer to it automatically. If this service does not start, it may cause problems with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can manually restart this service to resolve the issue.

Press Windows Key + R, type servies.msc and hit enter. 

In the Services, locate a windows service named WLAN AutoConfig. 

You can perform this from the Command prompt as well.

Type netsh and hit enter.

Now, type WLAN and hit enter. 

When the wireless network is idle or inactive, the power management configurations on Windows disable the WiFi adapters for power efficiency. You can turn off this power management configuration to solve the issue if this is the case. 

Open the Device Manager. 

Go to the Power Management tab. 

Uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. 

Resetting Windows is your last resort if your Lenovo device still won’t connect to the Wi-Fi despite using all of these recommended fixes. For this purpose, we have a detailed guide for you on how to reset the Windows. 

Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall? Use These Solutions

Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall? Use these solutions




Microsoft Teams is a reliable online collaboration tool that’s guaranteed to boost your productivity

This multi-layer platform will help you keep things organized thanks to its compartmentalized design

However, if you want to permanently uninstall Microsoft Teams, keep on reading this guide to learn what are the steps to follow

This article is part of our Microsoft Teams troubleshooting section. Bookmark it in case you need it later



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Microsoft Teams may be a great communication platform for some, but not for all. Therefore, quite a few users want it gone from their computers.

However, there are major issues with uninstalling Microsoft Teams, as one user reported on the Reddit forum:

I’m getting really frustrated. I delete it, after every restart it just keeps returning. Aggressively. Doesn’t like the password (because we’re not paying for it as part of our O365), but insists on badgering for a password that does not exist. Has anyone been successful in getting rid of this program permanently?

So, the OP wants to get rid of this tool permanently. Every time the user deletes it, Microsoft Teams comes back after restart.

As a consequence, even if you uninstall it from Apps, the program refuses to go. This is an annoying issue and today we will show you how to get rid of Microsoft Teams permanently.

Microsoft Teams won’t go away? Here’s what you need to do 1. Clear the cache in Teams

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and open Task Manager.

Go to File Explorer and paste “%appdata%Microsoftteams” in the location box.

Open and delete all files from Application Cache, Cache folder, database folder, GPUCache folder, IndexedDB folder, Local Storage folder, and tmp folder.

After you completed all of the above, you can go on and uninstall Microsoft Teams.

Replace Microsoft Teams with one of these collaboration software for excellent results.

2. Use a PowerShell script

Press the Windows Key and type “PowerShell”.

Type this command that allows scripts to run: “Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned”. Then, press Enter.

Type “A” and press Enter.

Copy the following script in PowerShell:

$TeamsUsers = Get-ChildItem -Path “$($ENV:SystemDrive)Users”




So, there it is. These somewhat easy solutions will fix for you an annoying issue. Use them and Microsoft Teams will be history.

Also, if for some reason you want to install it back to your computer, you will find it on the Microsoft website. Check out our article that will guide step-by-step in this process.

Go to Apps & Features, and type teams in the search bar

Select Microsoft Teams in the list of results

Select Uninstall and confirm your choice

Why does Microsoft Teams keep reinstalling?

Microsoft Teams  will keep on reinstalling itself if you only remove the Microsoft Teams app but don’t delete the Teams Machine-Wide Installer. Use a dedicated tool to uninstall software leftovers to fix the problem for good.

Is Microsoft Teams a virus?

Microsoft Teams is not a virus, it’s a workplace collaboration software the company has built with employee productivity in mind. Teams is a secure platform offering multiple security layers.

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Microsoft Launches Staffhub To Connect Deskless Workers

Microsoft is taking another step toward serving workers who aren’t at computers all day with a new Office 365 service launched Thursday. StaffHub, which is part of the company’s enterprise productivity offering, allows managers to set schedules for deskless workers like retail employees and service technicians.

The service is designed to let managers set schedules for and distribute company resources to employees through a simple interface. Employees can use the service to swap shifts with one another and chat, too.

The new offering is part of Microsoft’s push to expand usage of Office 365. While the cloud productivity service has had a strong following among knowledge workers, it has traditionally held less utility for people who aren’t editing Word documents and sending emails through Outlook all day.

Each StaffHub user, whether they’re an employee or manager, will need a subscription to the cloud productivity service. For deskless workers, enterprises can purchase Microsoft’s Office 365 K1 plan, which costs $5 per user per month, and doesn’t include access to the Office desktop apps. StaffHub is also available through Microsoft’s E1, E3, and E5 plans.

StaffHub also puts Microsoft in competition with companies like Zinc, which are trying to focus on deskless workers like service techs and retail employees, and which are using Microsoft’ historical lack of focus on that sector as part of their pitch.

At launch, StaffHub will be available through a web portal, along with Android and iOS apps. Bryan Goode, the general manager of Office 365, said in an interview that Microsoft had worked closely with the customers for StaffHub, and decided to release on those platforms first, but may expand to others in the future.

Managers will be able to set schedules for their employees using a graphical interface where they can block out time for shifts and assign particular people to each one on a color-coded calendar. Those schedules are then pushed to employees through the StaffHub mobile app.

In the event something comes up, employees can also request to swap shifts with one another. That request first goes to the employee and is then sent off to a manager for final sign-off.

Managers can also use StaffHub to distribute files to employees and share links to other company resources through the app. That way, StaffHub can be a central location for employees to access important resources from one place.

The software also has its own chat function, so that workers can talk with one another and communicate with their superiors in the same app that they use to check schedules and access company resources. While Microsoft has Teams and Skype For Business, which are other chat systems for Office 365 that it could have implemented in StaffHub, the company instead opted to create a simple chat interface that doesn’t interoperate at this point.

In the future, it’s possible that could change, but the company is keeping things simple right now.

StaffHub is built on top of Office 365 Groups, which means that the system’s file management is actually just a front end for a SharePoint site. Administrators who are used to managing SharePoint will be able to handle StaffHub in a similar way, though managers can interact with it using a simplified console.

According to Goode, this is a sign of things to come for Microsoft, which will be doing more to make Office 365 useful for people who aren’t traditional knowledge workers.

“And so you should expect to see more of us here, focusing on empowering these staff workers, as well as empowering small businesses, which is a separate category altogether,” he said.

Runtime Error R6025: Fix It With These 4 Easy Solutions

Runtime Error R6025: Fix it With These 4 Easy Solutions Reinstalling the faulty app should fix this issue effortlessly




An internal issue usually causes the runtime error r6025 with the app triggering it.

You can fix the issue by repairing and reinstalling the C++ redistributables.

Another quick and effective solution is to uninstall and reinstall the faulty app.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Runtime error r6025 warning usually appears when specific programs or processes are being simulated to stop forcefully.

This error is typically linked to the Visual C++ framework and occurs due to incompatibility with third-party software or missing program components. This guide will show you quick ways to fix this issue for good.

What causes Runtime error R6025?

The Runtime error R6025 error can be due to various factors. Below are some of the prevalent causes:

Issues with the third-party app: The most common cause of the Runtime error R6025 error on Pure Virtual Function Call, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Fallout 4, or Adobe edition is an issue with the affected app. The solution to this is to update or reinstall the app.

Faulty display driver: This problem can sometimes be due to issues with your display driver. The best thing to do here is to reinstall or update the driver.

How do I fix Runtime Error R6025? 1. Uninstalling the faulty app

You have to uninstall Bing Desktop, Visual Studio 2030, AutoCAD, or any app you are running when you get the runtime error r6025. Ideally, you should check if there are updates available for the app before uninstalling it.

But the safest option is to reinstall because the error denotes an internal problem with the app.

Sometimes, the runtime error r6025 can be due to issues with your display driver. So the first thing to do is to check for updates. If the Windows update can not find the latest driver, you can go to the manufacturer’s website to download it.

If this does not work, you should try rolling back the driver and even reinstalling it if everything fails.

Another option would be to use a third-party program that can scan your PC and install the display drivers for you within seconds.

Expert tip:

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

3. Repair/reinstall C++ 2010 for Skyrim

If you are getting the runtime error r6025 on Skyrim, it might be because of issues with the C++ redistributable file. You need to repair or reinstall the file to fix the problem.

4. Perform a clean boot

If you find it hard to pinpoint the app causing the runtime error r6025, you should perform a clean boot. This will disable all startup apps and processes and only start your PC with the necessary services.

If this fixes the issue, you must enable the apps in batches to find the faulty one.

We have come to the end of this detailed guide on fixing the runtime error r6025—problems with the app triggering usually cause this issue. Thankfully, you should be able to fix it for good with the solutions in our guide.

If you are facing a similar issue, like runtime error r6025 in Visual C++ on Skyrim and Fallout, check our detailed guide to fix it.

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Snip And Sketch Not Working? Try These Fixes

Snip and sketch is a handy tool when using your desktop or laptop. But sometimes, when trying to take a quick screenshot, it hits you with a “This app can’t open” popup message. What is it? And how can we fix it?

There could be several reasons why the app is crashing. Some users say that the screenshot they take is not showing. Some say the app does not open at all. This problem could happen to anyone because of outdated versions of their app or maybe more than that.

A simple fix like turning on notifications may solve your issue with the app. In the article, we help you navigate the causes and give you solutions to fix snip and sketch not working.

Why is my Snip and Sketch Not Working

Sometimes, snip and sketch might not work because you use a much older version. Third-party apps can also cause this if it interferes with app usage. There could be a single cause for multiple issues on your app. So, before we go to the fixes, let’s see what might be causing your app to stop working.

Older Version App: If you’re using an older version of snip and sketch, then this might be the potential cause for your app to crash frequently. Apps keep updating to fix their bugs, so if you don’t update the app, you will be using an app with many bugs.

Notifications: If your screenshots are not saved, or you’re not able to view them, it is because you have your notifications turned off for snip and sketch. Your device will not show that you have taken a screenshot; that is why you’re not able to view your snips.

Third-Party Apps: Any third-party apps that also take screenshots for you may be interfering with your working space with snip and sketch. For example, OneDrive also takes screenshots, so your app may crash if you don’t manage this.

Fixes for Snip and Sketch Not Working

Now that we’ve navigated the causes, here are some solutions you can try to fix snip and sketch easily.

Restart Your App

Let’s try restarting first as it is the easiest among troubleshooting and also works most of the time. Restarting the app will give it a new environment to work, resulting in better performance.

Follow these steps to restart your app:

Turn On Notification

If you have not turned on notifications for snip and sketch yet, then do it now. Turning on your notifications will show that you have taken a screenshot. You will also be able to edit and sketch easily after that.

Here’s how to do it:

Now, check whether you can view and edit your screenshots or not.

Disable Focus Assist

Turning on Focus Assist will help you focus on your work by disabling notifications. So, when you use Snip and Sketch, you won’t be getting any notifications. If you want to use snip and sketch despite being on focus assist, you can turn it off or even exclude snip and sketch from focus assist.

To exclude Snip and Sketch from focus assist

After this, you will be getting notifications whenever you take a screenshot. You will be able to view and customize your snips now.

Try SFC / DISM Command

The SFC and DISM command is used to detect and fix any system-related issues. If there are any corrupted or damaged files in your system, it will find and correct them.

Reset/Repair Snip and Sketch

Deleting the app data on your device can also fix many problems. You can reset or repair your app through settings if the app is not working properly. Try repairing the app first. If the app is still not performing, you can try to reset it.

Reinstall Snip and Sketch

If nothing works, delete the app from your desktop. Go to Microsoft Store and reinstall the app. Now, your app will be as good as new. 

You can uninstall the app from the settings

Frequently Asked Questions Where Do Snip and Sketch Pictures Go?

If you are wondering where the snips go, the screenshots that you take are saved to the clipboard. You can watch your clipboard history by tuning on Clipboard History through Settings.

Why Is Snip and Sketch Shortcut Not Working?

The shortcut Windows+shift+S might not be working because you have set the hotkey to Print Screen(Prt sc). You can always change the hotkey from the settings.

How to Take Snips on Mac Using Shortcut Key?

You can take screenshots on mac by using a simple shortcut. To take screenshots press Shift+command+5 / Shift+command+4. 

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