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How to download and install Microsoft Expression Studio on Windows 10






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In the past Microsoft created many great tools, and one of these tools is Microsoft Expression Studio.

Many users are concerned whether these old tools can work on modern operating systems, therefore today we’re going to show you how to install Microsoft Expression Studio on Windows 10.

Microsoft Expression Studio was a set of tools designed for building web and Windows applications along with rich digital media content.

Expression Studio was released in 2007, and over the years Microsoft has enhanced the Expression Studio suite with new and exciting features.

Unfortunately, the Expression Studio was discontinued by Microsoft in 2012, and the last version of this tool was released in June 2010.

Install Microsoft Expression Studio on Windows 10

Microsoft Expression Studio is available for download, and you can easily install it on Windows 10 by following these steps:

Navigate to Microsoft Expression Studio download page and download the tool.

Once you’ve download the tool, run the setup file.

After the setup process is completed, just start any of the tools.

If you don’t know which tools are available in Microsoft Expression Studio, we did a quick test for all of them, and all tools ran without issues without using the compatibility mode.

First tool is Microsoft Expression Web and this tool is used for creating HTML websites.

In addition to Expression Web, there’s also Expression Web SuperPreview available that allows you to test your websites in different resolutions for different versions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Blend is a tool designed for creating Silverlight applications, and we’re happy to say that this tool works without any issues on Windows 10.

Microsoft Expression Design is a photo editing tool, and you can use it to design your applications, websites or to edit photos.

Next we have Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture that is used to record your desktop, so it’s great if you’re making video tutorials for example.

Last tool on our list is Microsoft Expression Encoder, and this is a video editing tool that you can use to create and edit your own videos.

As you can see, Microsoft Expression Studio works without any issues on Windows 10, and you can download and install it by following our instructions above.

Keep in mind that Microsoft Expression Studio has a trial version with a period of 60 days.

Because it is an old tool, its system requirements are modest. It needs a PC with 1 GHz or faster processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 2 GB or more of available hard-disk space.


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How To Install Android Studio And Sdk On Windows 11/10

The Android SDK, short for Android Software Developer Kit, is arguably the most powerful software utility widely used by programmers who indulge in Android app development. The Windows version of this toolkit serves as a helping hand to developers, and ships several other features like launching apps on the side using the Windows CMD. If you think that this could be of help to you, you can follow this guide to download and use Android SDK and Android Studio on Windows.

How to download and use Android SDK on Windows

The Android SDK by Google allows developers to create Android apps in a very simplistic manner, without them having to be full-blown experts at developing apps. It packages inside the Android Studio, which is Google’s own IDE, and several other necessary libraries. Although there is an option for users to download the SDK without Android Studio, most developers prefer to create with it. We will be looking at how you can use Android SDK both, with Android Studio and without it.

Use Android SDK command line version on Windows (Install Java)

If you’re just interested in the Android SDK to execute command lines, you’re required to download and install the latest version of Java first.

Here, download the ‘x64 MSI Installer’ file and install it

Once you’re done installing Java, its time for you to install the SDK Command Line

Scroll down to find the ‘Command Lines Only’ head and download the ‘.zip’ file for Windows

It will take a few minutes for the ‘.zip’ file to download, after which you can extract it and find the “cmdline-tools” program available inside it. Now, go to your C: Drive and create a folder named ‘Android’. Inside it, create a folder named “cmdline-tools” and inside that folder, another new subfolder by the name of “tools”. In this final subfolder, paste all the contents that you’ve just extracted from the SDK Command Line folder.

Let us now see how you can initiate the process of using SDK’s Command-Line version. To do that, follow the steps below:

Run Command Prompt as administrator

Now paste the following command line:

cd C:Androidcmdline-toolstoolsbin

This will open the bin folder in the tools directory we just created. Now, given that you have downloaded and installed Java, paste the following line of code and press enter:

SDK manager –list

This command will show you the list of installed and valid commands that came with the SDK Command Line

If you are interested in installing platform tools as well, execute the following command

sdkmanager "platform-tools" "platforms;android-33"

Once you do that, you’ll find a “platform-tools” folder automatically created in your Android folder.

How to install Android Studio on Windows

Let’s look at the flip side now, where you would want to use Google’s Android Studio for your app development processes. The reason we suggested why you may wish to omit to install Android Studio is that it takes up a lot of space, but the convenience and easy-to-use UI it brings along makes it worth it.

This version accompanies a feature called Android Virtual Device. Developers use this to test their prototypes and products, but you don’t need to download this along with the main file

Select the theme you want to run with your Android SDK and if there are any extra components that you’re interested in

Where is Android SDK installed in Windows 11/10?

There can be confusion on your mind as to where the Android SDK application file is stored upon being downloaded since the network of files can often get very elaborate and complicated. A way to ensure you remember where it is stored is to manually select the directory in which you want to install it. Alternatively, you can resort to its default saving location:

c:UsersusernameAppDataLocalAndroidSdk. How do I install platform tools on Windows?

The Android “platform-tools” is a command line functionality used almost exclusively by app developers. Usually accompanied by the Android SDK Manager, they come in handy for complicated tasks like developing and debugging apps. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to download and install platform tools separately on your Windows PC, you can get a ‘.zip’ file for the same from an online repository. Alternatively, the platform-tools utility can also be installed while running the SDK Command-line version.

How do I fix the “SDK tools directory is missing” Error?

You may face the “SDK tools directory is missing” error while starting Android Studio on Windows. To fix that, you have to open the SDK Manager, deselect the ‘Hide obsolete packages’ option on the bottom-right corner, and further, install the Android SDK Tools(obsolete) folder. A new folder by that name will be placed in the same directory as the main Android Studio files.

We hope that you find this post helpful.

Download And Install Gcam On Xiaomi Civi

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Xiaomi CIvi Camera and Other Highlights

The Xiaomi Civi comes with a 6.55-inch FHD+ OLED display. It also has a 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution, a 20:9 aspect ratio, and 402 PPI density.

Inside, the phone carries a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset. It integrates an octa-core processor, Adreno 642L GPU, and is paired with up to 12GB of RAM. The internal storage is 256GB maximum, and there is no option to expand it.

In terms of photography, the Xiaomi Civi features a triple-camera module. The latter consists of a 64MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens. and a 2MP macro lens. On the opposite side, there is a 32MP shooter. Due to such a combination of sensors, the phone is capable of taking quality images in normal daylight conditions. But most of you will be disappointed with what kind of photos it takes nighttime. This is where GCAM comes in. Thanks to a special algorithm, the software helps to take way better photos in low-light conditions.

GCam APK for Xiaomi Civi

As you know GCam stands for Google Camera. It’s a unique camera app that originally comes our way from Pixel phones. But Google has decided to make it available for other brands and devices as well. For this, you have to download the GCam APK. In this sense, it has an installation sequence that differs from the apps you can get from Play Market.

Gizchina News of the week

Of course, as we are dealing with APK, there are chances some of these features won’t work properly. But when we tested the offered GCam APK for Xiaomi Civi, everything was working. At least, we can prove that the below-mentioned features will work 100%:

HDR+ Enhanced

Portrait Mode

Night Sight

Astrophotography Mode

And More (Likely Everything)

Download GCam for Xiaomi Civi from the following links:

Many thanks to LatestMobileFAQ for providing the link.

How to install GCam APK on Xiaomi Civi

First, you need to download Google Camera APK from the downloading links mentioned above. Once done, you have to tap on the downloaded APK file. Your phone will ask for authorization. Simply enable or allow “Installation from the Unknown Sources” from the privacy settings.

That’s all, folks! Once the APK is installed, you can freely use GCam on your Xiaomi Civi smartphone and take better photos.

If You Still Encounter Problems

If anything went wrong or you need to check whether the GCam APK has been installed correctly, open your file manager and look for the Gcam folder. If it is not there, you need to create the GCam folder manually. Once done, you need to create a configs folder inside the GCam folder. Now, move the config file that you have downloaded into the config folder.

After, launch the Google camera app and double tap on any black area. Select the config file that you have downloaded. Tap on RESTORE. After following this instruction, the Google camera will restart and now it is ready to use.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2023 New Features; Now Available For Download

Microsoft has recently announced the General Availability of Visual Studio 2023. After months of beta testing it as a public preview, Microsoft is finally ready for the IDE to be available as a stable release.

Microsoft mentions that Visual Studio 2023 ships with several new features that help you to:

Develop: Stay focused and productive with improved performance, instant code cleanup, and better search results.

Collaborate: Enjoy natural collaboration through a cloud-first workflow, real-time editing and debugging, and code reviews right in Visual Studio.

Debug: Highlight and navigate to specific values, optimize memory use, and take automatic snapshots of your application’s execution.

Today, we will be checking out the latest new features that come with this new release.

There are a number of new features and improvements that come with this stable release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2023. Some of them are,

Improved search experience

Formerly known as Quick Launch, our new search experience is faster and more effective. Now, search results appear dynamically as you type. And, search results can often include keyboard shortcuts for commands, so that you can more easily memorize them for future use.

Refactorings improved

New C# refactorings make it easier to organize your code. Simply invoke the refactorings by pressing Ctrl+. and select the action you want to take.

Better IntelliCode

Visual Studio IntelliCode is an extension that enhances your software development efforts by using artificial intelligence (AI).

Cloud-first workflow

The start window presents you with several options to get you to code quickly. We’ve placed the option to clone or check out code from a repo, first.

Live Share

Visual Studio Live Share is a developer service that allows you to share a codebase and its context with a teammate and get instant bidirectional collaboration directly from within Visual Studio. With Live Share, a teammate can read, navigate, edit, and debug a project that you’ve shared with them, and do so seamlessly and securely.

Integrated Code reviews

We’re introducing a new extension that you can download to use with Visual Studio 2023. With this new extension, you can review, run, and even debug pull requests from your team without leaving Visual Studio. We support code in both GitHub and Azure DevOps repositories.

Better performance

Whether you’re coding in C++ or .NET Core, data breakpoints can be a good alternative to just placing regular breakpoints. Data breakpoints are also great for scenarios such as finding where a global object is being modified or being added or removed from a list.

And, if you’re a C++ developer who develops large applications, Visual Studio 2023 has made symbols out of proc, which allows you to debug those applications without experiencing memory-related issues.

One can now search while they are debugging

You’ve probably been there before, looking in the Watch window for a string amongst a set of values. In Visual Studio 2023, we’ve added search in the Watch, Locals, and Autos windows to help you find the objects and values you’re looking for.

The debugger can now be taken snippets of

Get a snapshot of your app’s execution in the cloud to see exactly what’s happening. (This feature is available in Visual Studio Enterprise, only.)

Itunes Doesn’t Install On Windows 10

iTunes doesn’t install on Windows 10




If you own any Apple device, then you must have iTunes installed at one point or another.

However, some users have reported having difficulties installing iTunes.

This article is just one of many included in our dedicated Software Fix Hub. 

For more tech-related help, browse the articles from our Windows 10 Fix section.



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readers this month.

iTunes is a popular multimedia player and irreplaceable tool if you have any iOS device. Unfortunately, users reported that iTunes won’t install on Windows 10, and since that can be a big problem today we’re going to show you how to fix it.

How do I fix an iTunes that won’t install on Windows 10?

There are many problems that can prevent iTunes from installing on your Windows 10 PC. Speaking of problems, users reported the following issues with iTunes:

Problem with Windows installer package iTunes – This is a common error message that appears while installing iTunes. Fortunately this isn’t a big problem, and you should be able to resolve it by using one of our solutions.

Errors occurred during installation iTunes – According to users, sometimes certain errors can occur while trying to install iTunes. If any of these errors appear, they will prevent iTunes from installing.

iTunes won’t update to latest version – Few users claim that this problem occurs only when trying to update iTunes to the latest version. This can be a problem since you won’t be able to install the latest version at all.

iTunes won’t install Missing program – Sometimes Missing program error message can appear while trying to install iTunes. This is usually caused by corrupted installation package.

iTunes won’t install error 2324, 193 – There are various errors that can appear while trying to install iTunes. According to users, 2324 and 193 are the most common installation errors.

iTunes update won’t install Invalid signature – Another common problem while updating iTunes is Invalid signature message. This is a relatively rare problem, so you most likely won’t experience it.

iTunes won’t install insufficient privileges, system not modified, missing dll – There are various error messages that can prevent iTunes from installing on Windows 10. According to users, Insufficient privileges or missing DLL files are the most common causes for this problem.

iTunes won’t install keeps rolling back – This is another common problem with iTunes. According to users, iTunes can’t install since the installation keeps rolling back.

iTunes won’t work, open, launch Windows 10 – Another common problem with iTunes is the inability to open the application. According to users, iTunes won’t launch at all on Windows 10.

With this type of dedicated tool, you resolve all existent issues regarding the problematic application. Hence, an uninstaller will thoroughly scan the computer after removing the program for erasing all temporary files.

Besides, you can also clean your PC of any residual files that a typical uninstall would otherwise leave behind.

2. Extract the setup files

On the same note, it is recommended to use specialized tools for extracting different formats of files correctly.

To perform this without any difficulties, the most efficient method is to use the best file compression software to manage infinite files effortlessly.

3. Download iTunes for older video cards

Users reported that you can fix this problem by downloading and installing iTunes for older video cards. To do that follow these steps:

Download iTunes chúng tôi Windows.

Run the setup file and install iTunes.

After the installation is complete start iTunes and check for updates.

Follow the instructions and download the latest version.

This is a useful workaround and many users reported that it works, therefore be sure that you try it.

4. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable

According to users, you can fix this problem by installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update.

After downloading the necessary components install them and you should be able to install iTunes on Windows 10 without any problems.

5. Remove all iTunes related keys from the registry

Users reported that related keys are usually the following:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesInstallerProducts477BAEFBCD7C23040BA5ADF5C 77B3B56SourceList

In addition, it might be a good idea that you create a backup of your registry in case any problems occur.

This is just our example, and you should delete the key that has an array of random numbers and letters in its name.

6. Run the setup as administrator

If iTunes won’t install on Windows 10 you need to install it as an administrator.

Expert tip:

Alternatively, you can use Command Prompt to do that by following these steps:

7. Uninstall your antivirus software

Users reported issues with AVG antivirus, but bear in mind that almost any antivirus software can cause this error to appear.

8. Try installing iTunes in compatibility mode

Sometimes iTunes won’t install on Windows 10 due to compatibility issues. This is a minor problem and you can easily fix it simply by running the setup file in compatibility mode.

After setting the setup file to run in compatibility mode, your issue should be resolved.

9.  Use Ninite

If iTunes won’t install on Windows 10, you might want to try using Ninite. This is a useful service that allows you to create an application bundle and install multiple applications simultaneously.

The service is completely free, and after creating an application bundle using Ninite, users were able to install iTunes on their PC. This is a simple workaround, and several users reported that it worked for them, so be sure to try it out.

10. Remove all other Apple’s applications from your PC

According to users, sometimes iTunes won’t install on Windows 10 due to other Apple’s applications. To fix this issue, it’s recommended to remove the following applications from your PC:

Apple Software Update

Apple Mobile Device Support


iPod for Windows



Keep in mind that you might not have all these applications installed on your PC.

After you remove other Apple’s applications, you need to delete their directories from your PC. These directories are usually located in C:Program Files or C:Program Files (x86) directories.

Lastly, you need to delete temporary files from your PC. To do that, follow these steps:

Some users are also recommending to use Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove any leftover files. You can check Solution 7 and download the Cleanup Utility from there.

After removing all Apple’s applications and all files associated with them, the issue should be resolved and you’ll be able to install iTunes without any problems.

11. Remove AnyConnect

According to users, iTunes won’t install on Windows 10 due to third-party applications such as AnyConnect. Users reported that this application can prevent iTunes from installing, so if you use it, be sure to remove it from your PC.

After removing AnyConnect, the problem should be completely resolved.

12. Reregister Windows Installer service

If iTunes won’t install on Windows 10, the problem might be the Windows Installer service. To fix the issue, users are recommending to reregister this service.

After you reregister the Windows Installer service, try to install iTunes again.

Not being able to install iTunes on Windows 10 can be a big problem, especially if you own an iOS device. This problem can be serious, but we hope that you managed to fix it by using our solutions.

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Can We Install Safari Browser On Windows 10?

Can we Install Safari Browser on Windows 10? What is Safari?

Safari also features DuckDuckGo search engine which boasts trackless surfing with an incredibly fast JavaScript Engine. It has a share button that can be used to share anything you come across while surfing and at the same time. It even prevents loading harmful websites that have a hint of malware. Moreover, the Safari browser does not have huge tabs or bars on the top and utilizes the maximum of the computer screen for browsing only.

Why should I install Safari Browser on Windows 10?

Besides trying out new programs, there are many reasons why you should install Safari Browser on Windows 10:

Safari Browser developed by Mac has a premium look as compared to other browsers and has an easy-to-use and enjoyable interface. No one really cares about how the browser looks like as long as they help surf the Internet. But in the case of Safari, I actually paid a lot of attention to Safari’s features. It might be because I have been using Chrome for a long time along with Opera, Firefox and Edge but Safari was from a different world of software altogether.

Safari browser is not only the default browser on Apple devices but also is the most preferred among millions of Mac OS users today.

To install Safari Browser on Windows 10 can also prove important for people who regularly switch their work between Windows and Mac computers.

You can also download Safari for Windows 10 for developing, designing and testing related tasks as this would help to check the compatibility of a webpage on old Apple computers.

It can be used for training and simulator purposes for people in tech support who can help people with older computers.

 How to Install Safari Browser on Windows 10?

Download Safari Browser for Windows 10 from here:

After the installation file is downloaded, follow the below-mentioned steps:

There is no tweak up till now to install the latest version of Safari browser Ver 12 on Windows 10 as Apple discontinued developing Safari for Windows due to lack of users. But if you really want to try out the new version of Safari Browser then you can install Mac OS on Windows 10 computer through a virtual machine.

On a final note, I would not recommend downloading the Safari browser for Windows 10 for any tasks that require your credentials like emails, banking and online shopping due to lack of security and privacy updates. But when it comes to plain surfing or browsing the web, Safari browser for Windows 10 can still give you the feel of using a premium product by Apple.

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