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Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of people using it for entertainment, business, and communication. Despite its many benefits, some may find themselves wanting to delete their Instagram account in 2021; this article will present a step-by-step guide on how to do so. The guide will cover all the necessary steps from logging into your account to disabling any third-party applications associated with it. Furthermore, it will provide insight into potential solutions for those who are encountering difficulty during the deletion process. By following this guide, users can confidently take control of their online presence and delete their accounts with ease.

Logging into Your Account

The first step in deleting an Instagram account is logging into the account. To log in, users must enter either their username or phone number and password, and then click the ‘Log In’ button. If logging in with a phone number, users must also input their country code before the phone number. It is important to note that if two-factor authentication is enabled on the account, users will be required to enter a security code sent via SMS or generated through an authenticator app.

After clicking on ‘Log In’, users will be directed to their profile page where they can access the settings menu. On this page, users should click the gear icon located at the top right corner of their profile page to access account settings. Here, they can view all of their settings and adjust them as needed.

From this page, users can select ‘Privacy and Security’ from the list of options. This will take them to a new page where they can review various privacy settings for their account. Here, they can also find instructions on how to permanently delete their Instagram account.

Accessing the Settings Page

In today’s digital age, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It allows users to connect with friends, family, and other users from around the world. However, some may want to delete their account for various reasons such as privacy concerns or lack of interest in using the platform. This step-by-step guide explains how to delete an Instagram account in 2021.

To begin the deletion process, users must first access the settings page on Instagram. This can be done by tapping the profile icon located at the bottom right of the home page. From there, select ‘Edit Profile’ and then click on ‘Temporarily Disable My Account’ under ‘Account Settings’. After entering a reason for disabling your account, you will then be asked to re-enter your password for confirmation purposes.

Once this is completed, you will be taken to a final confirmation page with a warning that all content associated with your account will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered once deleted. If you are sure that you would like to proceed with deleting your account, click ‘Temporarily Disable Account’ and it will be disabled within 24 hours. Your account will remain visible only to its current followers until it is completely removed from Instagram after 30 days.

Disabling Third-Party Applications

In order to disable third-party applications, it is important to review the account settings of your Instagram profile. This is because third-party applications can access and store information from your account. To begin, open the app and go to the ‘Settings’ page. Then navigate to ‘Security’ and select ‘Apps and Websites’. On this page you will find a list of all the third-party applications that have been granted access to your Instagram account.

The next step is to remove any unnecessary apps by clicking on each one and selecting ‘Remove’. When prompted, click ‘Yes’ to confirm that you want to revoke access for the app. Once all unnecessary apps have been removed, return to the ‘Security’ page and scroll down until you reach the end where it says ‘Disconnect from Facebook’ or ‘Change Password’ depending on if you are accessing your account with a Facebook login or an email address respectively.

Following these steps will ensure that your Instagram account is secure from unauthorized apps and websites gaining access to it. Additionally, changing your password regularly will help protect your personal data even further as well as improve the security of your account overall.

Deactivating Your Account

The process of deactivating an Instagram account is a straightforward task. It requires the user to access the settings page and confirm that they would like to deactivate their account. However, many users are unaware of the implications of deactivating their account or the steps required in order to complete it. In this section, we will outline the steps needed for successful deactivation of an Instagram account in 2021.

To begin with, navigate to the Settings tab within the app. From here you will see an option labelled ‘Account’; select this option and then scroll down until you reach ‘Temporarily disable my account’. Selecting this option will bring up a new window prompting you to enter your password and select a reason why you wish to deactivate your account. Once you have entered this information, click ‘Temporarily Disable Account’; once clicked, your account will be successfully deactivated and any posts, stories, followers or direct messages associated with your profile will no longer be accessible from the app or website.

It is important to note that after your account has been successfully deactivated it can take up to 90 days for all of its data and content to be completely removed from Instagram’s servers. During this time period, it may still be possible for other users to view certain posts that were previously made on your profile; however, these posts cannot be edited or interacted with in any way. After 90 days has passed, all data associated with your profile will have been permanently deleted from Instagram’s servers and your profile will no longer exist online in any form.

Confirming Deactivation

Once you have deactivated your Instagram account, the next step is to confirm the deactivation. This can be done by logging into your account again after a short period of time. To do this, simply open the Instagram app and enter your username and password as usual. If you are successful in logging in, then your account has not been fully deactivated. However, if you are unable to log in and receive an error message stating that your account has been deactivated, then your deactivation was successful.

It is important to understand that confirming the deactivation process may take up to two weeks for the changes to take effect. During this time, it is still possible for other people to view your profile and posts while logged in. However, once the two-week period has passed, no one will be able to see any of your content or profile information anymore. Additionally, all comments or reactions that were made on posts before deactivating will still remain visible even after the two-week period has ended.

Once you have confirmed that your Instagram account is successfully deactivated, all of the data associated with it will be deleted from Instagram’s servers within 90 days of confirmation. This includes all posts, photos and videos associated with the account as well as any conversations or messages sent through direct messaging on Instagram. After this 90 day period has passed, all associated data will be permanently removed from Instagram’s servers meaning that there will be no way for anyone to view any information related to your deleted account ever again.

Reactivating Your Account

Instagram provides its users with the ability to deactivate their accounts if they no longer wish to use the service. This is a good option for those who want to take a break from social media but may not be ready to delete their account permanently. Reactivating an Instagram account is easy and straightforward, and it can be done in just a few steps.

The first step in reactivating your Instagram account is to open the app on your device or computer. Once you have opened the app, you will need to log in using your username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can click “Forgot Password” on the login page and follow the instructions provided. Once you are logged in, you will need to go to your profile page and select “Settings” from the menu bar located at the top of the page.

In the Settings page, there will be an option to “Reactivate Account” which will allow you to restore all of your account data and settings as they were before deactivation. After selecting this option, confirm that you would like to reactivate your account by clicking “Yes” and then follow any additional instructions or prompts that appear on-screen. Your Instagram account should now be back up and running as it was before deactivation.

Erasing Your Account

The option to delete an Instagram account is a feature that has become increasingly popular amongst users, and it is easy to understand why. Erasing an account can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Whether an individual is looking to start anew or simply wants to step away from the platform, there are a few steps they must take in order to successfully remove their profile from the social media network.

This article will provide readers with a step-by-step guide on how to delete their Instagram account in 2021. Firstly, users must log into their Instagram account through the website or app. Once logged in, they must navigate and select ‘Settings’, which can be found at the bottom right of the page when using the app or at the top right of any page when using the website. Here users will find ‘Help Center’ as well as ‘Delete Your Account’. Selecting this option will bring up further instructions on how to erase an account permanently from Instagram.

Following these guidelines may seem straightforward; however, it is important for users to remember that deleting an Instagram account is permanent and cannot be undone. Therefore, before taking any further action, users should ensure that they have downloaded all images and videos associated with their profile for future use if required. Doing so will ensure that all memories remain intact even after erasing their presence from Instagram.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Deleting an Instagram account requires careful consideration of the consequences. Before one begins the actual deletion process, they should carefully review their posts and profile settings to ensure that all that is necessary is preserved or exported if needed. Additionally, it’s important to think about any third-party services that are connected to your account, such as Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts, which may be impacted by the deletion.

Troubleshooting common issues related to deleting an Instagram account can be a challenge for some users. However, there are some tips and strategies one can use to make sure they have the best experience possible. These include:

  • Double-checking any third-party connections before deleting the account
  • Making sure all data has been backed up or exported from the account
  • Reviewing any posts or messages in which you’ve interacted with friends prior to deleting the account
  • Adjusting profile settings before deleting in order to control who can view your content
  • Confirming your password when prompted during the deletion process
  • Though it may seem like a daunting task at first, troubleshooting common issues related to deleting an Instagram account doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple steps and precautions taken beforehand, users can successfully delete their accounts while preserving memories and data as needed.

    Alternatives to Deleting Your Account

    Deactivating an account is a way to temporarily remove content from public view and disable the account from being used without deleting it. This allows users to take a break from social media while still having a chance to reactivate the account in the future. Another alternative to deleting an account is to change the privacy settings. This allows users to control what content is visible to the public and who can view posts, images, and videos. Lastly, deactivating or changing the privacy settings can be used to protect user’s data from being accessed by third-party applications.

    Deactivating Account

    It is no secret that social media can be a powerful tool in today’s world. However, it can also be overwhelming for many individuals who feel the need to take a break from it. As such, deactivating your Instagram account is one way to remain connected on the platform while taking a break. Deactivating an account does not delete it; rather, it hides the account from public view and pauses all activity such as likes, follows and posts. This allows users to take time away from their accounts while still retaining access when they decide to reactivate again at any time.

    Another alternative to permanently deleting an Instagram account is to switch accounts from private to public mode or vice versa. When an account is set to private mode, only followers approved by the user will be able to view their content; however, posts can still be liked and commented upon by other users. On the other hand, public accounts allow anyone with an active Instagram profile to view content posted by the user without needing approval first or even being followed by them. Switching between these two options gives users more control over how much of their data they want visible online as well as who has access to it.

    Ultimately, individuals looking for a break from their Instagram accounts have several different options available depending on what works best for them. Whether they choose deactivation or changing privacy settings, they can rest assured knowing that they have taken steps towards controlling their digital presence in 2021.

    Take a Break

    Taking a break from social media can be an important part of self-care, especially for those who feel overwhelmed by the amount of content they consume. As such, there are alternatives to deleting an Instagram account that allow for users to take a break without losing access to their account entirely. One way to do this is by deactivating the account, which hides it from public view and pauses all activity related to it. This allows users to take a break while still having the option of reactivating when they feel ready. Another alternative is switching between private and public mode, depending on how much visibility the user wants on their content. Both of these options give users more control over their digital presence and provide them with an opportunity to take a break while still staying connected.

    Change Privacy Settings

    When taking a break from social media, users may also opt to adjust the privacy settings of their accounts. This allows them to control how visible they want their content to be to other users. For instance, users can set their account to private and choose who is able to access their posts or stories. On the other hand, they can also switch to public mode and make all of their content available for anyone with an internet connection. Additionally, it is possible to customize visibility settings for individual posts and stories, allowing users more control over who can view them. Such adjustments give users the freedom to decide who gets access to their content while still maintaining an active presence on the platform. As such, they are able to take a break from social media without having to delete their accounts entirely.

    Benefits of Deleting Your Account

    Deleting your Instagram account can be a beneficial decision for many reasons. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, as users no longer feel pressure to post content that will get approval from their followers or to keep up with trends. Additionally, people may find more time in their lives for physical activities or other hobbies since they are no longer spending countless hours scrolling through social media feeds. Furthermore, deleting an account allows users to take a break from the constant stream of digital communication and focus on spending quality time with family, friends, and themselves. As a result, taking a break from the digital world can be incredibly beneficial for mental health and overall wellbeing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I delete my Instagram account from the mobile app?

    Yes, it is possible to delete an Instagram account from the mobile app. Users must first log in to their account and then navigate to Settings. From there, users should select ‘Help’ and then ‘Delete Your Account’. Once this option is selected, users will be asked to confirm the deletion of their account. After confirming the deletion of their account, the user’s profile, photos, videos and comments will no longer be visible on Instagram.

    Can I delete my Instagram account without deactivating it first?

    It is not possible to delete an Instagram account without first deactivating it. Deactivating an account requires users to navigate to the Instagram website, login, and select the ‘Temporarily disable my account’ option under the ‘Edit Profile’ tab. After deactivation, users may delete their account from within the same menu. It is important to note that once an account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered and associated information such as likes and follows will be lost permanently.

    How long does it take for my Instagram account to be completely deleted?

    The process of deleting an Instagram account can take up to 90 days from the date of initiation. During this time, Instagram removes all content associated with the account, including posts and messages, but it may take a few weeks for the account and its data to be completely removed from their servers. Additionally, Instagram reserves the right to retain certain information such as IP addresses for security purposes.

    Can I delete my Instagram account without losing my photos?

    It is possible to delete an Instagram account without losing photos; however, it is important to note that users must first download their photos prior to deleting the account. The process of downloading photos can be done through the Instagram app or website, and requires users to access their profile settings and navigate to the “Data Download” option. Once downloaded, the account can then be deleted from the same profile settings menu. It is also important to note that when an Instagram account is deleted, all posts and followers associated with the account will also be deleted.

    What will happen to my account if I disable the third-party applications associated with it?

    Disabling third-party applications associated with an Instagram account may result in a number of changes to the account. For example, any previously granted access to the account may be revoked, including access from websites and other apps that have been connected to the Instagram account. Furthermore, any existing data such as profile information or content shared on the third-party app may be removed or deactivated. As a result, users should make sure they are aware of any potential repercussions before disabling any third-party applications associated with their Instagram account.


    In conclusion, deleting an Instagram account can be a difficult process. It is important to consider the implications of deactivating or deleting an account before taking action. Deactivating an account will temporarily remove it from public view, while deleting it will permanently remove all associated content and data. Additionally, disabling any third-party applications associated with the Instagram account can help protect user data and maintain security. Ultimately, understanding how to properly delete an Instagram account in 2021 is essential for those looking for privacy and control over their online presence.

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