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Email recall is a powerful tool for any user of Outlook Web App. It allows users to recall an email after it has been sent in the event that it contains mistakes or confidential information. By following simple steps, users can easily take advantage of this feature and make sure their emails are always up-to-date and accurate. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to easily recall an email in Outlook Web App.

The process of recalling an email involves several steps, such as locating the recalled message, changing its settings, and confirming the action. It is important that these steps are completed correctly in order to ensure successful email recall. Additionally, users should be aware of any potential limitations associated with using this feature and consider the risks before proceeding. This article provides comprehensive instructions for using Outlook Web App’s email recall feature and taking full advantage of its benefits.

Understanding Email Recall

Email recall is a feature available in the Microsoft Outlook Web App that allows users to recall emails sent in error. This feature allows users to take back an email before it is seen by the recipient, replacing it with a new version or deleting it altogether. The process of recalling email can be straightforward and simple, allowing users to make corrections and prevent potential communication issues caused by mistakes.

The first step in successfully recalling an email is to open the mailbox that was used for sending the original message. Once open, click on the ‘Sent Items’ folder, which will bring up a list of all emails sent from that account. By selecting the email in question, a menu will appear with options for actions including “Recall this message”.

Clicking this option brings up two choices: either replace the original message or delete it entirely. If choosing to replace the original message with a new version, users should note that only changes made to the subject line and body of text are allowed; any changes made to attachments will not be processed. Choosing to delete the message instead removes it completely from both sender’s and recipient’s mailboxes.

Locating the Recalled Message

Recalling an email in Outlook Web App is a straightforward task. It involves locating the recalled message and reverting the sent email back to its draft status. This section outlines the steps to take when attempting to recall an email from Outlook Web App.

First, open the Sent Items folder and select the message that needs to be recalled. Once this message is selected, click on ‘Actions’ located at the top of the page. A drop-down menu will appear with several options; select ‘Recall This Message’. Upon selecting this option, a dialogue box will appear asking if you want to delete unread copies of your message or replace it with a new one. Select either one of these options and click OK.

The process of recalling an email in Outlook Web App is now complete. The sent message has been reverted back to its draft status and any unread messages have been deleted or replaced, depending on what was selected in the dialogue box. All that remains now is for the user to make any necessary edits before sending out their revised message.

Changing Recalled Message Settings

Every day, office professionals are inundated with emails that arrive in their inboxes. For those who use Outlook Web App, the ability to recall an email is a tremendous asset. It is important for users to understand how to easily recall an email using the Outlook Web App and take advantage of this innovative feature.

Users can access various settings related to recalled messages through the ‘Recall This Message’ tab within the Outlook Web App. These settings determine whether a recipient of a recalled message will be informed about the recall request or not. Furthermore, depending on system administrator settings, users may have additional options for recalling a message such as deleting it from the recipient’s mailbox or replacing the original message with another version.

Changing these settings can give users greater control over the way they manage their emails and increase efficiency when dealing with important messages that require immediate attention. With these changes, users can be sure that their communications are sent according to their specifications and provide an invaluable tool for managing their inboxes.

Confirming the Action

In order to recall an email in Outlook Web App, users must first confirm their action. Confirming the action is a straightforward process that requires users to take the following steps:

1. Click “Recall This Message”on the email or message that you wish to recall. 2. Select one of two options: “Delete unread copies of this message” or “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message”. 3. Click “OK”once your selection has been made.

At this point, the recall request will be sent and can take up to 15 minutes for the target mailbox to receive it. During this time, any read recipient will still be able to view the original message; however, if they attempt to reply or forward it, they will receive an error message stating that the content cannot be accessed. Furthermore, any unread recipients will no longer receive the original email and instead receive a notification informing them of its recall from sender’s mailbox. It is important to note that some recipients may not get the notification at all due to certain restrictions set by their respective organization within their Outlook Web App account settings.

With these steps successfully completed, users have now successfully recalled an email from Outlook Web App in an easy and efficient manner.

Limitations of Email Recall

Taking action to recall an email in Outlook Web App is a straightforward process, but it is important to consider some of the limitations associated with this feature. Once an email has been sent, there is no guarantee that the recipient will not receive or open the message before it can be recalled. In addition, certain types of emails cannot be recalled from Outlook Web App.

Recalling emails from Outlook Web App requires that both the sender and receiver use Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 or later versions. If either party uses a different server, such as IMAP or POP3, then recalling an email may not be possible. Furthermore, if the recipient opens the message before it can be recalled, then there is no undoing this action regardless of which server version they are using.

Because of these technical restrictions and potential scenarios, it is important for users to consider their options thoroughly before sending an email in order to avoid potentially embarrassing situations. It is recommended that users double-check all emails for accuracy before sending them in order to reduce the chances of needing to recall an email altogether. This precautionary step can help present a professional image and ensure that important messages are properly communicated without any complications or misunderstandings.

Potential Risks of Email Recall

Recalling an email can be a useful tool to help users correct mistakes or retract messages sent in haste. However, it is important to understand the potential risks associated with the use of email recall. While recalling an email may seem like a relatively straightforward process in Outlook Web App, there are many things that could go wrong.

First, if the recipient has already opened the message, the recall will not work. Furthermore, even if the message has not yet been opened by the recipient, they still may receive a notification that a message was recalled. This can be embarrassing for the sender and create confusion for both parties. Additionally, if multiple recipients receive a recalled message, it is possible that some will have already read it before it gets recalled and others will never see it at all.

Because of these risks, users should always exercise caution when choosing to recall an email and make sure their messages are accurate and appropriate before sending them in the first place. Taking steps such as double-checking content and avoiding sending emails while emotional can help reduce the chances of needing to use Outlook’s recall feature.

Setting Up Email Recall

Email recall is a simple and convenient process that allows users to instantly retract an email after it has already been sent. This feature is especially useful when the user sends a message with incorrect information or needs to add something before it reaches the recipient. To set up email recall, Outlook Web App users must first access their account settings.

Next, they must ensure that all of their accounts are properly linked to each other. This can be done by selecting “Account Settings” from the main menu bar and then clicking “Linked Accounts” in the sidebar. Once all accounts are linked, users can click on the “Options” tab where they will find a link for enabling email recall.

After clicking this option, Outlook Web App will prompt users with simple instructions on how to configure their account for email recall. They should follow these instructions carefully in order to successfully setup email recall and avoid any potential issues down the line. With this feature enabled, users can now confidently send emails knowing that they have the option to quickly retract them if needed.

Initiating Email Recall

With the ever-increasing digital landscape, it is essential for users to have the ability to recall an email in Outlook Web App (OWA). Recalling an email requires a few simple steps and can be done easily. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to recall an email in OWA.

The first step is to open the email you want to recall in OWA. From there, select “…” from the top right corner of the message window, then select Recall This Message. You will then be taken to a new window where you can choose either “Delete unread copies of this message” or “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message”. After making your selection and clicking OK, Outlook will begin to process the request.

The status of your recall action can be monitored by selecting “Recall Status” from the same menu as before. The Recall Status window will show you which recipients opened the recalled message and which ones still need to receive it. It is important to note that there is no guarantee that messages sent through OWA will be successfully recalled – if a recipient has already opened or read the original message, it cannot be recalled. However, using this method is still helpful for stopping unwanted emails from being sent out or correcting errors that were made in previously sent emails.

Reviewing the Recalled Message

When a message has been recalled in Outlook Web App, the sender will receive an email notification that the recall process was successful. The recipient of the recalled message will also receive a notification informing them that the original message has been removed from their mailbox. To ensure that both parties are aware of the recall, it is important to review the recalled message.

Reviewing the recalled message can allow users to verify that the recall process was successful and to understand what steps need to be taken going forward. Below are some key points for reviewing a recalled message:

– Check if an email notification was sent to both parties. – Confirm if the original message was removed from all folders in Outlook Web App. – Review any errors or warnings associated with recalling the message.

By following these simple steps, users can effectively review their recalled messages and take appropriate actions accordingly. In doing so, they can ensure that their communication is secure and reliable while also maintaining good relationships with recipients of messages.

Troubleshooting Email Recall Issues

When attempting to recall an email in Outlook Web App (OWA), it is important to be aware of potential issues that may prevent a successful recall. In some cases, the email may not be successfully recalled due to recipient settings or other restrictions beyond the sender’s control. To ensure optimal results when using this feature, users should take the time to understand the limitation of OWA’s email recall feature and how best to troubleshoot any potential issues.

It is important to note that if the recipient has already read or accessed the message prior to its attempted recall, then it cannot be recalled, as Outlook Web App does not have authority over the recipient’s mailbox. In addition, emails sent outside of an organization may not be able to be recalled by OWA as those recipients may not use Outlook at all. Furthermore, certain virus scanning programs used by a recipient can also interfere with a successful recall.

Recalling an email in OWA should always be done with caution and awareness of any potential limitations that could affect the outcome. It is therefore advisable for users to consider alternative methods for communication whenever possible and use OWA’s email recall only when absolutely necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to recall an email sent to multiple people?

Recalling an email sent to multiple people is indeed possible, although the process for doing so differs depending on the mail program used. When using Outlook Web App, users can recall emails sent to multiple people with the Recall This Message feature. However, due to potential privacy issues that may arise from recalling a message sent to multiple people, it is important to consider all possible consequences before attempting this action.

Is there a limit to the amount of emails that can be recalled?

When attempting to recall an email sent to multiple people in Outlook Web App, the limit of emails that can be recalled is dependent on the version of Outlook used. For instance, Microsoft 365 and Exchange Server 2019 both offer unlimited recall capabilities for emails sent to multiple recipients. On the other hand, older versions of Outlook are limited to only recalling up to 10 messages per day. It is important to note that this limit does not extend to single recipient emails, which can be recalled in any version of Outlook.

Are there any additional costs associated with email recall?

When it comes to email recall, there are no additional costs associated beyond the service plan that is already in place. The service plan will include any fees for the features or services that have been subscribed to, such as an email recall feature. Depending on the service provider and the package chosen, this could include a cost for using an email recall feature. It is important to note that some providers may not offer an email recall feature, so it is important to check with the provider’s terms of service before proceeding.

Can I recall an email sent from another user on the same domain?

Recalling an email sent from another user on the same domain is dependent on the mail server’s capabilities. If the server supports recall functionality, then a user may be able to successfully recall an email sent from another user. The process of recalling an email from another user is typically done by accessing the recipient’s mailbox and sending a request to delete or recall the message. However, this option may not be available in all cases and users should contact their mail server administrator for more information.

How long does it take for an email to be successfully recalled?

The successful recall of an email can take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours, depending on the recipient’s email server. The Outlook Web App attempts to send a recall message immediately after a user requests it, however, the process may be delayed if the recipient is offline and their mail server cannot accept the message. The amount of time it takes for an email to be successfully recalled also depends on the size and complexity of the original message.


Email recall features have become increasingly popular in the modern digital age, allowing users to quickly and easily take back emails that were sent in error. While this can be a useful tool for many businesses, it is important to understand the details of how email recall works before attempting to use this feature. Knowing if an email sent to multiple people can be recalled, if there are associated costs, and what the time frame for a successful recall is will allow users to make informed decisions about when and how to use this feature. Taking the time to understand these parameters ensures that users will be well-equipped with the knowledge necessary for effective utilization of the email recall feature.

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