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You might have noticed that when a coworker or collaborator opens a Word document you’ve carefully styled, it looks a little different. This often happens because the user doesn’t have the same fonts you do. And when you use one of those fonts in your document, their copy of Word can’t recreate it. Instead, Word just picks either the default font or a similar font and does its best.

For everyday documents, this isn’t so much of a problem. But for documents where appearance matters, this can be a major downside. It’s one of the reasons that many people use PDFs to distribute content, but PDFs don’t offer the same editing capabilities as Word documents. If you need your text to stay the same and preserve editing capabilities, you’ll have to embed your fonts in Microsoft Word.

What does embedding fonts do?

Embedding the font saves the font file inside your Word document. This will have the effect of increasing the size of the file since now the font needs to ride along with the document. However, if you already have embedded images, the difference isn’t likely to be too noticeable. There are also space-saving measures you can take to reduce your file’s footprint.

This only works with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher, and only with the Windows version of the applications. It won’t work on Mac, iOS, Android or web versions of any application.

Further, the font can only be embedded if the font allows it. This is called “embedding permission,” and not every font will allow it. It’s a way to limit the font’s usage to a number of machines, so licenses might exclude this use to lower the cost. If this happens, you’ll find that the recipient can view and print the document but not edit it.

How to embed fonts in Microsoft Word

To embed fonts in Microsoft Word, you’ll need to have the relevant document open and active.

4. Find “Preserve fidelity when sharing this document,” and check the “Embed fonts in the file” option.

5. If you want to reduce the size of the file, check the “Embed only the characters used in the document (best for reducing file size)” option. This will only include characters that already appear in the document, reducing file size. However, your recipient won’t have full editing capabilities, and other styles of the typeface, like “Light” or “Semi-bold,” will not be available if they don’t already appear in the document.

6. Make sure to leave the “Do not embed common system fonts” option enabled. This will avoid shipping the document with common fonts like Calibri and Times New Roman. You can likely assume the end recipient already has those fonts installed.


If you need to preserve the appearance of your Word document, you can embed unusual fonts with the document itself. This will prevent font-related display errors and replacements. But it can significantly increase the size of the file, so be wary. PDFs may be a better option if editing is not a concern.

Alexander Fox

Alexander Fox is a tech and science writer based in Philadelphia, PA with one cat, three Macs and more USB cables than he could ever use.

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How To Insert An Arrow Symbol In Word Document

Typing arrows in Microsoft Word does not have to be a chore. The application has provided multiple ways for users to accomplish this task, and we’re going to talk about how to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word document

Arrows are useful symbols for getting across information more efficiently than normal. This can save folks from typing long explanations when a simple arrow could suffice. Now, not everyone who uses Microsoft Word knows how to get this done, but believe us when we say that it doesn’t take much.

How to insert an Arrow symbol in Word document

We’re going to show you how to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word via AutoCorrect, Shortcuts, and Symbols, so the following solutions should help:

1] Use the AutoCorrect feature to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word

OK, so the first thing to do here is to try and use the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word to type arrows. From our point of view, this is probably the fastest way to get the job done, well, when it works because there are rare times when it doesn’t.

So, let us look at how to do this right now:

Open the Microsoft Word application, then launch into a new document or an old one.

Move the mouse cursor to the location in the document where you want the arrow to appear.

Now, type the relevant combination of characters to create arrows.

2] Create arrows in Word using Shortcuts

Let’s assume that AutoCorrect in its default form does not produce the type of arrows you need. You can always create a keyboard shortcut for Emoji in Office apps

This will help you add your own arrows that are not found by default in Microsoft Word.

3] Type arrows using special characters in Word

For those who are wondering, the option is there to type arrows by the means of special characters. We do not view this as the ideal way, but there are some arrows from the section of the special character that cannot be brought to the forefront via AutoCorrect.

To learn how to get this done, please read our post on how to use Special Characters and Letters.

4] How to type Arrows using equation mode in Word

Microsoft Word has an equation mode that makes it possible for users to use mathematical symbols. With this feature, users can insert arrows into their documents, so let us look at how to get this done.

Place the mouse cursor where you want the arrow to appear.

Next, you must press the Alt+= buttons to fire up the equation mode section.

You must now type a Backslash along with the relevant Math AutoCorrect shortcut.

Press the Space button and the shortcut text will transform into a specified arrow.

The following are examples of shortcuts you can use, along with what the arrows look like:

uparrow ↑

Uparrow ⇑

downarrow ↓

Downarrow ⇓

leftarrow ←

Leftarrow ⇐

rightarrow →

Rightarrow ⇒

nearrow ↗

nwarrow ↖

searrow ↘

swarrrow ↙

leftrightarrow ↔

Leftrightarrow ⇔

updownarrow ↕

Updownarrow ⇕

Longleftarrow ⟸

Longrightarrow ⟹

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Why can’t I use Arrow keys?

If you are having problems with using the arrow keys on your keyboard, then chances are it has something to do with the turning on of the scroll lock feature. Look for the scroll lock button on your computer keyboard to see if it is enabled. If this is the case, the button usually lights up, so disable it promptly.

How many Arrow keys are there?

There are a maximum of eight arrow keys on a full-sized keyboard. On other types of keyboards, the number sits at four, and that’s fine since most computer users have no need for using eight arrows. But if that is not the case, then purchasing a new keyboard is always an option.

How To Add Fonts To Canva (Desktop & Mobile)

If you found a font online that you love, but Canva doesn’t have it, you’re not out of luck. That’s because it is actually possible to add new fonts you find into Canva with a few quick steps.

Learning how to upload fonts in Canva can be a great way to give your designs a unique style others won’t have. Not only will this help you create stunning visuals for social media, websites, and presentations, but the process is surprisingly simple. 

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to get those new fonts you found into Canva and start putting them to use.

Plus, I’ll share the best websites to find fonts that don’t have copyright issues if you don’t know where to look.

How To Upload Fonts To Canva  Step 1: Download Your New Font 

Before you can add a font to Canva, you need a font to download. There are plenty of websites to find great fonts. I’ll go over the best sites later, but for now, I’ll use Google Fonts, for example. 

First, go to the website where you wish to download your font. You can use the search bar to find the type of font you’re looking for. Or, scroll down and browse the most recent fonts. 

Step 2: Choose Your Brand Kit Or Create A New Brand Kit

When you add a new font to your Canva account, you don’t just add it to a universal font book within Canva, but instead to a specific “Brand Kit.” 

A Brand Kit is a way to store logo files, color palettes, and fonts so that you have access to them when you want to keep your designs consistent with your brand. It’s also important to note that you can only upload up to 500 fonts to a single Brand Kit. 

Step 4: Upload The New Font To Canva

You will be asked to confirm that you have permission to use the font you’re about to download. Make sure you don’t lie about having permission. Doing so could come back and haunt you in the future. Always make sure you have access to the proper license before uploading a font. 

You will now see your new font under the Uploaded Fonts tab. You can use the trash icon to delete any uploaded fonts at any time.

Step 5: Switch To The Correct Brand Kit 

The first thing you need to remember when using a new font is to switch the Brand Kit in which the font is located. You won’t find the font if you’re in the wrong Brand Kit. 

Once you select the correct Brand Kit, you will find your new font under Uploaded Fonts. 

Step 6: Adjust Your Font 

Once you change the font of your text, you will have limited options as to how you can edit it. 

You can change the size of your font with the size controls in the Options Menu. You will be able to do this with any font that you upload. 

However, when it comes to using Bold, Italicize, and Underline with your downloaded font, you can only make these customizations if there is a version of said customization in the font family. 

When it comes to adding Effects to your downloaded text, only some effects will look great with your new font. Basic effects like Shadow will usually work fine. 

Before After

How To Add Fonts On Canva Mobile

Adding a font to Canva on your mobile device is similar to doing it on the desktop version.

Step 1: Launch Canva On Your Mobile Device 

You can upload fonts to your Canva account through the official Canva app and the Canva website through your favorite web browser. 

Step 2: Tap On Brand Kit 

At the bottom of your screen, tap the Menu button. 

On the page that opens up, tap Brand. 

After tapping the Brand button, you will be presented with a list of all the Brand Kits created with your account. Choose the kit that you want to add your new font to. 

Step 4: Locate Your Font On Your Device

To add your font to the Brand Kit, tap the Plus button next to Brand Fonts. 

You will be asked if you have permission to use the font you’re uploading. Tap Yes, Upload Away to confirm. 

You will now see your new font under the Uploaded Fonts section. 

Step 5: Test Out The Font

The last thing to do to ensure everything went smoothly is to use your font in a design. 

First, select a text block. Then, tap the Font button at the bottom of the screen. 

Scroll down to the Uploaded Fonts section and tap on your newly downloaded font. 

Before After

Where To Find New Fonts For Canva

There are tons of different websites where you can go to find the perfect font. Here is a list of some of the best websites you can find free fonts. 

Google Fonts is an online library of free, open-source font families created by designers worldwide. Anyone is allowed to download and use these fonts for any type of visual project, from web pages to documents. There are over 1,400 fonts on Google Fonts. 

Some of the fonts you find on this website will already be included with Canva, but hundreds of fonts are not. Whether you’re looking for a modern serif, an elegant script, or a classic display font, you should be able to find a great font that’s not already on Canva. Check out the official website to start browsing. 

Envato Elements is a subscription-based service that gives you unlimited access to a growing library of creative digital assets. This includes fonts. There are over 17,000 fonts on this site. 

Envato Elements uses a simple license structure. As long as you’re a subscriber, you’re free to use as many fonts in as many projects as you’d like.

Creative Market is an online marketplace that provides access to hundreds of thousands of digital goods, such as fonts, graphics, photos, templates, and more. There are over 69,000 fonts to choose from on this site. 

With a Creative Market account, you can browse and purchase items from their library to use in your own projects.

Do You Need Canva Pro To Upload Custom Fonts?

Check out Canva’s price plans here. 

What Font File Types Are Supported In Canva?

Canva supports the following font file types: TTF (True Type font), OTF (Open Type font), and WOFF (Web Open Font Format). 

The size of each file must also be a maximum of 50MB. 

Popular Word Games For Windows From The Microsoft Store

Wordiness is fun, isn’t it? Especially Scrabble, where at one point, it will make you question everything about your intellect. That’s the power of word games; they are easy and yet can be very frustrating if you lose. And, if you are a Windows user, then this list of the best word games for Windows 11/10 from the Microsoft Store is set to get you through those very boring afternoons or even train journeys.

Believe it or not! If you have been like me, who keeps a list of words on print as stand-by while playing ‘Words with Friends’ online and likewise games. This list is catered exactly for you, then.

Popular Word Games for Windows 11/10

Word Connect

Word Crossy

Word Cookies – A Word Puzzle

Word Search – Puzzles

Simple Word Search

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Word Chef

Words Search (Free)

Word and Landscapes

Word Unscrabble for Minecraft.

1] Word Connect

Word Connect from Microsoft Store is by far one of the most addictive word games available online. First of all, no Wi-Fi? No problem then. You can play Word Connect anytime and anywhere.

With more than 1000 different levels, you are not going to get bored any time soon. No time limits and tons of words to choose from. You swipe and build a word with the letters. And, that’s how easy yet mindful this game is.

Looking to pump up your vocabulary? This is the game for you then.

2] Word Crossy

Crosswords, blankets and a hot cup of coffee; a comfort recipe that always works. Much like crosswords and word search, you connect the letters and build a word. Once you fill in a word the puzzle moves on.  Each level has a number of puzzles to complete.

You would be surprised how such a simple yet careful brain teaser this game can turn out to be. Get it from here free.

3] Word Cookies

A perfect brain teaser that helps you kill your lazy afternoons or even if you love getting your full-on mode for word games. Word Cookies – A Word Puzzle is designed to innovate your vocabulary, exercise your concentration skills. Basically to just make you the wise hermit among your friends.

Being a wise hermit is the new ‘Cool’ now. Many levels to play on and you don’t need a Wi-Fi if you want to kill your time either. Download it from here.

4] Word Search – Puzzles

It is a simple and very clear design for users and also kids. You can just find the words from the grid. Their game screen adjusts to every device you are using, and there are multiple levels to soar.

Now, you can put your feet up and download it from here. Also, it supports many different languages.

5] Simple Word Search

Remember the lazy Sunday crossword puzzles in the newspaper? Now, just forget the newspaper and just relax with Simple Word Search. You don’t even have to have an account, just download and start your word game saga.

It is free to play and no in-app purchases either. Get it easily from Microsoft Store.

6] Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Look, I get it shuffling from app to app is not easy trying to get your fill on word games. So, Microsoft solved that problem. Microsoft Ultimate Word Games is a combo pack of word jumble, crosswords, and a few other amazing wordy games.

You get amazing challenges daily and available for Xbox too. Just log in and start playing and share with friends. You can also challenge your friends who are a wordsmith just like you. Get it from here.

If you are looking for a word puzzle that you can easily spend hours with, then Word Chef is probably your go-to game. You get an endless list of levels and challenges with no time limits either. Just download it from here.

8] Words Search

Everything you need to know about this wordy game is right in the title itself. Words, Search, is all you will need to be stuck to this game. Simply download it from here and train your brain and vocabulary.

Just challenge them and find out what kind of a wordsmith you are.

9] Word N Landscapes

Do you like word jumbles, scrambles, and shuffles? Then Word and Landscapes is geared to grab your attention for quite some time.

One of the well-designed and deceptively challenging word games that make you want to soar levels, Word and Landscapes would be your ideal choice. Even better is that you can also play this offline.

Download it for free from here.

10] Word Unscrabble for Minecraft

I will come to a pointed end with this game on my list. Because, being a crazy Minecraft fan myself, finding a game that adds words to it, just wins my list.

So, if you like words and unscrambling them and running around building blocks, then Word Unscrabble for Minecraft is your game.

Download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

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Well, those were my best word games from the Microsoft Store. Simple, addictive, and a total wordsmith’s best friend. Make your pick and spend all your free time stimulating your brain.

Happy Gaming!

How To Create Beautiful Personalized Holiday Greeting Cards In Word

Christmas and New Year are around the corner, and if you like DIY projects, you can try something different this year; how about creating personalized greeting cards for your love ones?

There are many paid and free software that you can find to do this, but the thing is that there is a good chance that you already have all the software you need for this kind of project. In this How-To guide you are going to learn how to create beautiful personalized holiday greeting cards using Microsoft Word 2010, easily and quickly — just keep in mind that you can use the same concept to do this in previous version of Word as well.

Follow these steps to create a holiday greeting card in Word

4. Now it is time for the editing and making the greeting card personalized and special. You’ll notice that the template is on landscape mode and it comes with two pages: the first page contains the front and back part of the card and as you might have guessed the second page is where the main message is going to be printed. Note that any aspect of the card can be customized to your likes; the font, color, text, images, etc.

Quick Tips:

5. When you are done editing, go to File and Save the document.

How to print a greeting card

Printing greeting cards from your computer can be a little bit tricky, so here are the steps to get the print right at the first time.

Oh! One more thing, at the time to print, you could use standard paper, but greeting cards look much better when they are printed with the right paper, like with Hallmark Blank Cards Half-fold Matte



1. Add a blank card paper to the printer

(add just one sheet to start with) and continue with the following steps.

3. From the print stage area, make sure that you are:

Printing only 1 copy

Selecting the right printer

Under the Pages filed, selecting Manually Print on Both Sides and NOT the Print One Sided option.

Quick Tip: Instead of printing with the blank card paper, try first printing with regular paper, and see if the printout comes out OK, then use the paper to .

Instead of printing with the blank card paper, try first printing with regular paper, and see if the printout comes out OK, then use the paper to print greeting cards

4. Hit the Print button on the top, when you do this Word is going to print only the first page and you’ll be prompted the following warning: “Please remove the printout of first side from tray and place it in the input bin. Then press OK to continue printing.”

As you can see creating holiday greeting cards can be a fun project for the holiday season, plus you can add a more personal touch on each card. And you may find out that using Microsoft Word for this DIY, you won’t have to spend extra money on software that does the same job, and if you have many family members and friends you can save some money there as well.

; the perfect way to give them exactly what they’re hoping for –.

The 30+ Best Free Fonts For Photoshop (Must Have Fonts!)

Typography is an essential element of graphic design and is often used in photo editing, especially when creating collages or other image layouts. Using the best fonts for Photoshop in your projects will help you create stunning visuals no matter what project you are working on.

However, finding the right font for your design can be tricky, especially when trying to scroll through the several fonts in Photoshop. You may also want to explore other fonts that aren’t located in the program by default.

I have compiled a complete list of the most popular fonts built into Photoshop and found through Adobe fonts. If you have a subscription through Adobe with any program installed, you will have access to Adobe Fonts, where you can download new font families from the extensive list.

When it comes to fonts and other design elements, there are usually strict licenses determining how you can use the element. You can use Adobe Fonts for free and commercial purposes as long as you own a Creative Cloud subscription. You can read the full font licensing information on the Adobe website.

The Best Built-In Fonts To Use In Photoshop

The following fonts are automatically available in Photoshop as soon as you install the program. You won’t need to download or activate these fonts before using them, and they are saved on your system and not in the cloud.

1. Times New Roman

If you are looking for a timeless and trusted font that won’t let you down and will display seamlessly across all types of displays and digital software, then look no further than Times New Roman.

Pair Times New Roman with Georgia or Avenir for best results.

The light-looking line weight is versatile and suitable for headings and larger text. You can use Century Gothic in body text if the text is short and large in size since the spaces between letters in the Century Gothic style may take up too much space when used for long paragraphs of text.

3. Arial 

Arial is a popular sans-serif font created for IBM in 1982 and has become a default font on many digital programs and software. Since Arial is pre-programmed into most word processors and design programs, it’s a popular font for logo design, and you can use it in headings and body text.

The neat and straightforward font is excellent for reports and presentations and is a go-to for resume design. The professional yet classy font is well-suited for everyday use in design.

You can pair Arial with Oswald or Georgia for a stylish and clean look.

4. Arial Rounded

Arial Rounded is a variation based on the Arial family and consists of the same typeface as Arial, with rounded corners instead of sharp corners. The round edges are more prominent when using the bold variation of the font. 

Arial Rounded creates a more informal look on documents and can be used as a heading or body text for causal designs such as social media posts, blog feature images, or content designed for children.

5. Bauhaus 93

Bauhaus 93 is a decorative sans-serif font suited for a quirky design, such as on posters or brochures, due to the bold and bubbly font style. You can use this font for large sub-titles or pull quotes, but the text won’t work well for body text as the large letters are hard to read and will become illegible at small sizes.

Pair Bauhaus 93 with a font such as Proxima Nova or Arial for the best results.

Brush Script is a decorative font designed by Robert R. Smith in 1942. The brush style creates a similar look and feel to cursive handwriting. The font is suited for informal designs where a more casual font is needed, such as on posters or social media content.

The elegant font is best suited for headings and large titles to keep the font legible. I don’t recommend using Brush Script for long lines of text or body text, as the handwritten look becomes unreadable quickly when scaled down or used on long sentences.

Myriad pro is an Adobe Originals design that was released in 1992. The elegant sans-serif font was created as a timeless font that pairs well with various other fonts, such as Garamond or Museo Slab. 

Myriad Pro is well suited for use on screens and works well with big and small text, meaning you can use it for your headings or body text. The Myriad Pro font family contains over 30 different styles, including italics, bold, condensed, light, and more. The versatility of the font family means that it will fit into almost any type of design.

Adobe Garamond Pro is an update of the Adobe Garamond typeface, designed by Adobe as a historical revival of the popular roman types from Claude Garamond. You may have seen the standard Garamond font used widely, such as in the American editions of the Harry Potter series and Hunger Games trilogy books.

The Adobe version is a serif font with six styles to choose from and can be used on a wide variety of print and digital design projects. The font has kept the balance and elegance of the original Garamond typeface while adding a contemporary style suited better for screen use and print.

Cooper Black was designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper and released in 1922 as an ultra-bold weight for the Cooper Old Style font family. The thick lettering is used as a stand-alone font because of its demanding presence that catches the reader’s eye when used in the heading or title text. 

Due to the thick lettering, Cooper Black isn’t suitable for large blocks of body text or small text. However, the font complements a design when used conservatively to draw attention to certain headings or to break up blocks of text.

Franklin Gothic Book refers to a large family of fonts with multiple variations designed by various foundries. The sans-serif typeface is loaded as Franklin Gothic Book in Photoshop as a built-in font. The typeface has a modern look with clean lines that work well as a header, title, or body text.

You can use Franklin Gothic Book for magazines, newspapers, and posters. It’s also suitable for digital screens on websites and social media content.

Programmers often work with Courier or similar fonts when adding blocks of code, and the font is also commonly used in screenplays and technical documents. Use Courier for specialized design rather than as a go-to font for everyday design work.

12. Lucida Handwriting

Lucida Handwriting is a decorative font created as a modern variation of the cursive style used for printing in the 15th and 16th centuries. The looping font connects most of the letters, with a few offering small gaps in between.

As with most decorative and cursive-styled fonts, Lucida Handwriting is best for niche design used as a heading or title text and isn’t suitable for body text to the lack of readability.

Calibri is a modern digital font from the sans-serif typeface family and was designed by Luc de Groot between 2002 and 2004. The font was launched in 2007 through Microsoft office. The subtle roundings found on the corners and stems of the font create a modern and professional font that is widely used by designers and other professionals.

The font includes italics and small caps and has several numeral sets for users to explore. The neat font is suitable for large and small text, meaning you can use this font almost anywhere. This font is commonly used on resumes because of its tight form and professional feel.

Verdana is a sans-serif typeface designed for the Microsoft Corporation by Matthew Carter, with improvements added by Thomas Rickner. The font is creatively designed to be highly readable even when used to type small text on digital screens. However, the large spaces between the letters may take up too much space in large bodies of text.

I recommend you use Verdana for headings or if you want to create readable text in small sizes for screens. Adobe Fonts has a slight variation called Verdana Pro, which you can activate for Adobe products. You can pair Verdana with Arial or Futura PT.

Georgia is another typeface that was designed by Matthew Carter and Thomas Rickner for Microsoft Corporation, but this one is a serif typeface. As with Verdana, Georgia was also created as a readable font that is legible when used to type small text on screens and when printing small text.

You can use the elegant typeface in everyday designs for body text, headings, and titles. Georgia works on digital projects and written text, such as the body copy in books and newspapers.

Baskerville is a serif typeface designed by John Baskerville in the 1750s to move away from old-style typefaces at the time. The font has a stronger contrast between the thick and thin strokes to produce a more tapered serif. 

Baskerville is a suitable alternative to Times New Roman with its sleeker look while keeping the font simple and tight enough not to waste space on a page. You can use the font for body text due to its readability and popularity in book design. You can even use it as a header text because of its bold and clean look.

The Best Adobe Fonts To Use In Photoshop

Adobe Fonts is an excellent resource for finding new fonts for your projects if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Once you have signed up to use an Adobe program, you can go to the Adobe Fonts website and sign in with your Adobe login details. 

Neue Haas Grotesk is an elegant sans-serif font that has now been updated into the popular Helvetica typeface, known and loved by many designers. The font offers over 20 variations to give users the choice of feather-light text or bold and striking text. 

While the original Neue Haas Grotesk wasn’t translated to digital devices, Christian Schwartz was commissioned to restore the typeface in 2004. The font is highly readable and ideal for copy of all sizes, depending on which variation you use for your project.

When using Neue Haas Grotesk as the body copy, a great font to use for the heading is Albiona ExtraLight.

Futura is a trendy sans-serif typeface that was designed by Paul Renner. The minimalistic, versatile, and highly readable font is ideal for everyday use in design and for documents, including resumes and presentations. The clean typeface doesn’t distract from other elements on the page and can be used on packaging, posters, and branding elements.

The geometric shapes within the font are a tribute to the Bauhaus design style of the period when Futura was designed in the 1920s.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic was designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase as a condensed sans-serif font. The geometric typeface is made up of basic shapes that the creators made using a T-square and compass. The laid-back font is similar in style to the Bauhaus movement designs.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic is ideal for short body copy, pull quotes, and headlines. The font will work well to highlight bold shorter texts that you want to stand out from the rest of the design.

An excellent pairing for this font is Museo Slab 300.

Roboto is a highly popular sans-serif web font used on various professional and casual projects due to its modern and classy look that creates highly readable text, whether large or small. The font was designed in 2011 as the default font for Android operating systems and is now commonly used on Google services, including Google Maps, Play, and Images.

Roboto consists of over 10 weights readily available on Adobe Fonts. The typeface works well as a brand font due to the variety and professional yet friendly look. However, due to the font’s versatility, you can use it just about anywhere.

Roboto pairs well with several fonts, especially Lato or Open Sans.

Mrs Eaves is a highly elegant serif font designed by Zuzana Licko and named after Sarah Eaves, who became the wife of John Baskerville (the creator of the Baskerville typeface). Mrs Eaves is based on the Baskerville font and offers a high level of sophistication to any design.

Mrs Eeaves is an ideal font choice for wedding invitations, magazines, and business cards. Overall the font adds class and professionalism to your designs.

Soleil is a geometric sans-serif font designed by Wolfgang Homola, offering designers a fresh and dynamic font for headlines and body copy. The design of the font is based on the idea of bringing simplicity, fluidity, and clarity into the space of geometric font creation.

Soleil has a large x-height, making it ideal for large-scale designs such as billboards or posters. The font is also legible at smaller sizes so that it can be used in body text for magazines and books and more extensive projects like branding and signage.

Merriweather is a bold and well-structured serif font designed by Sorkin Type. The font is versatile and can be used basically anyway, but it is highly readable on screens and works exceptionally well as header text or to make pull quotes stand out on the page. 

The uniform vertical strokes make the font stand out from other serif fonts that vary the weighting along the vertical strokes. Merriweather, on the other hand, varies the stroke weight on the diagonal points to create a stand-out font type. This unique design thinking is futuristic and has led to a long-lasting font.

Try pairing Merriweather with Open Sans or Merriweather Sans.

Oswald is a san-serif font created in 2011 by Vernon Adams, with an update in 2023 that includes more variety in the font weights. The typeface is well-suited to grab the reader’s attention, meaning you can use it as header text or to highlight stand-out body text, such as lists, pros and cons, or main features.

The typeface has narrow letters with long vertical strokes that create a striking look on the screen or page. The bold font is perfect for highlighting important text without being too flashy. 

Suitable pairing for Oswald includes more subtle san-serif fonts like Lato or Roboto.

Alegreya was created by an Argentinian designer named Juan Pablo del Peral, specifically for literature because the clean and simple design is highly readable and creates a rhythm that helps readers absorb long texts. 

The font has won awards due to its elevation of the calligraphic style of font creation. This font type is perfect for book design for both the cover design and the body text found within the book. You can also use Alegreya for long-body texts, as it is a comfortable font to read.

An excellent pairing for Alegreya, if you use it as an elegant heading, is Forma DJR Micro.

Proxima Nova is the complete sans-serif font family with over 40 variations and was the updated version of the designer Mark Simpson’s previous font family called Proxima Sans. The classic look of Proxima Nova offers designers a versatile font that can be used on presentations, reports, headlines, or even cover pages for proposals and other documents. The font family finds a balance between being too plain and too overwhelming.

This serif font is a classic and was inspired by the 18th-century serif font design and font types such as Baskerville. The font contains bold letterforms with thinner hairline strokes, which mimic the steel-pointed pens and portray the move away from quills that couldn’t create such letterforms.

This font also gained popularity as printers improved and could print a broader range of thick and thin strokes on one letter. Playfair Display is best used in headers and large text because the more delicate strokes will disappear when scaled down to body text size. I recommend using the font for both print and web on logos or fashion blogs and magazines.

Try pairing Playfair Display with Roboto or Lato for a clean look.

Kepler is a large contemporary serif font family designed by Robert Slimbach under the Adobe brand. The modern typeface aimed to blend the elegance of modern font design and the old-style calligraphic detailing to create an energetic font for everyday use.

Museo Slab is a slab serif variation of the popular Museo font family. The typeface is robust but welcoming, with a modern feel and clarity that allows the font to be readable at decent sizes. The font offers 12 variations and is an ideal option for logo design, packaging, posters, and other designs that require a bold and warm font.

Museo Slab pairs well with ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro Book.

Adobe Text was designed by Robert Slimbach as an addition to the Adobe Originals foundry. The sophisticated and elegant serif font comes in six variations, allowing users to get the most out of this font family on any design. Adobe Text is perfect for body copy as the font is highly readable even when used in long sentences and passages.

The contemporary font can be used in print and digital projects and is a great font to use in everyday designs. An ideal pairing for Adobe Text is Kyrial Display Pro Black.

Montserrat is a sans-serif font created in the early 20th century by Julieta Ulanovsky, who lived in the historic Montserrat neighborhood. The creator took inspiration from the neighborhood in the form of the cafe, shop, and street signs. 

You can pair this with Mortise X-Light or Roboto.

Where To Find Font Pairings For Your Photoshop Projects

When adding fonts to your designs, there are a lot of best practices to follow to ensure your design looks clean and portrays the intended message. Using more than one font to create a dynamic and appealing design is always a good idea. However, you shouldn’t add more than three different font families to one design.

Now, when adding more than one font to a project, you want to choose fonts that work well together and create a seamless design rather than an incomplete or mismatched-looking design.

Finding font pairings for your projects is easy, and you can use Adobe Fonts. To find a font pairing on Adobe Fonts, you must search for the first font you chose. For instance, if you use the Mrs Eaves Roman Petite Caps font as the header text, you may want to find a suitable font for the body copy.

Under recommendations, you will find a section labeled Mrs Eaves font pairings. This section has a few different suitable font pairings for the Mrs Eaves font. You can then use the linked text to find the new font page and activate it in your programs.

You can use the arrow to scroll to the right and find more pairing options, which in this case, includes a heading font if you are using Mrs Eaves as the font for the body copy.

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