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Surprisingly, new Apple TV has no built-in podcast app even though it was promised during the launch; icon of Podcast app was flashing on the pre-release material of Apple TV. Apple has shipped its Apple TV without podcast app, but if users want to get podcasts on the new Apple TV, there are some workarounds to enjoy podcast app.

How to Get Podcasts on New Apple TV

Get Podcasts on your Apple TV through AirPlay

One of the simplest options is to use the built-in AirPlay feature on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You can easily stream podcasts on the Apple TV with AirPlay. Agreed, that you have to use two devices to watch one podcast, but your job is done with this simple solution.

Step #1. Open podcasts on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Play the podcast you want to stream on Apple TV.

Step #3. Tap on AirPlay.

Step #4. Choose new Apple TV as source.

For audio podcast listeners, they are supposed to launch Now Playing view first.

Step #1. Open Podcasts on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Play the podcast you want to stream on Apple TV.

Step #3. Tap on Mini Player and enter Now Playing.

Step #4. Now tap on AirPlay.

There are many iPhone and iPad users, who own devices without built-in AirPlay button; in this case, they can use universal AirPlay in Control Center.

Step #1. Open preferred podcast app.

Step #2. Play the podcast you want to stream on Apple TV.

Step #3. Swipe up from the bottom to pull up Control Center.

Step #4. Tap on AirPlay (in the center)

Step #5. Now tap on Apple TV source you want to connect AirPlay with.

This method has a drawback though; in the middle of playback, if you receive any message or FaceTime call, the playback will be interrupted on your Apple TV.

Get podcasts on Apple TV through Home Sharing

Use iTunes and get podcasts on the Apple TV. Home Sharing helps you connect to the iTunes library on Mac or Windows computer; make sure that devices are on same Wi-fi network. Now you can stream any audio/video content from library, which may include podcasts you have subscribed.

For users, who haven’t set up Home Sharing, do it without fail.

Step #2. Type in your Apple ID.

Step #4. Type in Apple ID password.

Now you can easily access your podcasts.

Step #3. Now select the podcast you want to watch or listen to.

Step #4. Next, select any particular episode to watch or listen to.

Get podcasts on your Apple TV via YouTube app:

Download your favorite podcasts from YouTube for Apple TV and you can enjoy watching those in your way.

If you haven’t got YouTube on Apple TV, follow the steps.

If you don’t find YouTube in Featured app list, search the app under trending searches.

After successful installation of YouTube, you can find podcast you want to watch. If you have already saved or subscribed playlists, sign in to get easy access.

Step #2. If you haven’t signed in, do it now.

The screen will show an activation code if you are not signed in.

Step #3. Launch chúng tôi on your mobile or desktop browser.

Step #4. Log in the account you want to activate.

Step #5. Type in activation code shown on Apple TV.

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How To Watch Apple Tv On Roku

Roku gives you access to some of the world’s most popular streaming services, including Apple TV. If you want to watch Apple TV’s content, but you don’t have the Apple TV box, now you can do that just with your Roku device.

To start watching Apple TV on Roku, you need a Roku device that supports this streaming service. Then, it’s just a matter of adding an appropriate channel to your device, and you can start streaming.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Check Your Roku’s Compatibility With Apple TV

Not all Roku devices work with Apple TV. So, first, find out if your Roku device is one of the supported devices.

Find your Roku’s model number using these steps:

Below is a list of Apple TV-supported Roku devices. Match your Roku’s model against these models, and see if yours is one of the supported ones.

Roku TV: 7000x, C000x, 8000x, A000x, 6000x

Roku Streambar: 9102

Roku Streambar Pro: 9101R2

Roku Smart Soundbar: 9101

Roku Smart Soundbar: 9100

Roku Express: 3900, 3930

Roku Express+ (Plus): 3910, 3931

Roku Express 4K: 3900, 3940

Roku Express 4K+ (Plus): 3910, 3941

Roku HD: 3932

Roku Streaming Stick: 3600, 3800

Roku Streaming Stick+ (Plus): 3810, 3811

Roku Premiere: 3920, 4620

Roku Premiere+ (Plus): 3921, 4630

Roku Ultra: 4640, 4660, 4661, 4670, 4800

Roku Ultra LT: 4662

Roku 2: 4205, 4210

Roku 3: 4200, 4230

If your Roku’s model number matches one of these models, go to the sections below to add Apple TV to your device.

Step 2: Add the Apple TV Channel to Roku

There are two ways to get the Apple TV channel on Roku. One way is to add the channel from your Roku device itself. The other way is to add the channel from the Roku website. We’ll show you both methods.

1. Add the Apple TV Channel From the Roku Device Itself

If you don’t have access to a computer or a smartphone, use your Roku device to add the Apple TV channel.

Access your Roku’s main interface.

Select Home, scroll down, and choose Add Channels.

Select Featured from the categories on the left and choose Apple TV on the right.

Select Add channel on the Apple TV screen.

Wait for Roku to install the Apple TV channel.

A Channel added message box will appear. Select OK in this box to close the box.

2. Add the Apple TV Channel From the Roku Website

You can use the Roku website to find and add streaming channels to your device. This is an ideal method to use if you’re already using a computer.

Open a web browser on your computer and head over to the Roku website. Log in to your account if you haven’t already.

Select your profile icon from the top-right corner and choose Channel store.

Select Featured at the top of the page and then choose Apple TV in the channels list.

Select Add channel on the Apple TV screen.

If the site asks you to re-enter your Roku login details, do so and continue.

The Add channel button should turn grey when the channel is added.

Step 3: Configure and Use Apple TV on Roku

You’ve successfully installed Apple TV on your Roku device. Now, like any other channel, you can start using this newly added service and consume its content.

Launch the newly installed Apple TV channel by selecting Home and then Apple TV on Roku’s main interface.

Select Start Browsing on the Apple TV screen.

A Device Analytics page will open. Here, choose if you’d like to send analytics data from your app to Apple.

Apple TV’s main screen should appear. From here, you can find and watch your favorite shows.

On the Sign In screen, select a login method. You can log in by either using your phone or using your Apple ID login credentials.

Apple TV should now display personalized content for your account.

Now that Apple TV is added and configured on your Roku, you can start watching your favorite shows and movies that this service has to offer.

Remove Apple TV From Roku

If you no longer wish to keep Apple TV on your Roku, you can delete the channel, and that will remove access to the streaming service. Know that removing the channel doesn’t delete your Apple account.

Select Home and then highlight Apple TV on your Roku.

While Apple TV is selected, press the asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.

Select Remove channel from the Apple TV menu.

Choose Remove in the Confirm channel removal prompt.

Apple TV is now removed from your Roku. To add it back again, follow the earlier process on how to add the Apple TV channel.

How To Save Money On Apple Tv+

Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming service, featuring original TV shows, movies and documentaries. You can subscribe here for the standard price of $4.99 per month. However, there are some lesser known ways to get Apple TV+ and save money off the headline price in the process.

One common misconception about Apple TV+ is that you can only watch it on Apple devices. This is not true.

Although the best audio and video quality of Apple TV+ content is available through the Apple TV set-top box, you can get the TV app on a wide range of smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku sticks, PlayStation, Xbox and more. First and foremost, if you want to try out some TV+ content, do not think you have to shell out $150+ for an Apple TV box.

If you are interested in Apple TV+ content but you are looking for cheaper alternatives to the $4.99 per month subscription fee, here are some options to reduce the cost …

Free trials

Firstly, free trials for Apple TV+ are widely available. Any new customer can sign up through the TV app or website and get a 7 day free trial. So if there’s just one series you want to binge, you can do that in the seven day span, cancel, leaving the service never having spent a dime.

Similarly, if you purchase a new Apple device, you can get a 3 month free trial of Apple TV+. The 3 month free trial cannot be redeemed more than once. That is, you cannot buy a new iPhone two years in a row and get the free trial twice. However, if it’s your first time subscribing, 3 months free is a decent deal. If you don’t want to pay, set a reminder to cancel before the end of the 3 month window. Unlike standard App Store subscriptions, the Apple TV+ hardware trial cannot be canceled early — or you lose out on all your remaining free period.

Free trials are also available through other retailers. Target Circle members can get a free 4-month Apple TV+ trial. Some smart TV manufacturers are also including Apple TV+ trials as a limited-time promo.

Free with Apple Music Student

If you are an eligible student, you can enjoy both Apple Music and Apple TV+ at a significant discount. A student subscription to Apple Music only costs $4.99/month (reduced from the standard $9.99/month rate for individual subscribers). And you get Apple TV+ thrown in for free.

To qualify for Apple Music Student, you must be a student studying at a university or college. After signing up, simply log into the TV app with the same account and you will have access to the full library of Apple TV+ content at no extra charge.

Save money with a yearly subscription Save money with an Apple One bundle

You can buy Apple TV+ as part of an Apple One bundle. If you already use other Apple services, there’s a good chance you can save money by switching from individual subscriptions to a bundle deal, especially if you already use Apple Music.

Apple One is available in three flavors; Individual, Family and Premier. Apple TV+ is included in every tier. Apple One Individual costs $14.95 monthly and provides access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and 50 GB of iCloud storage. If paid for separately, these subscriptions would cost you $20.96.

Apple One Family adds Family Apple Music and an additional 150 GB of iCloud storage, priced at $19.95 compared to $27.96 if bought as separate subscriptions. And you can max out with Apple One Premier, and get 2 TB of iCloud storage along with News+ and Fitness+ for $29.95 per month.

Save money with Family Sharing

Apple TV+ subscriptions can be shared with up to six people. You and five friends or family members can setup a Family Sharing group, which allows you to share all your purchases and subscriptions. Whereas Apple Music charges extra for a Family plan, Apple TV+ costs the same $4.99 price regardless of whether you have one person or five using it.

Family Sharing works with Apple One too. Even if you are subscribed to the ‘Apple One Individual’ bundle, you can still share Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade with up to five family members via Family Sharing. So you can split the bill and save some cash.

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Tuesday’s Best Deals: New Apple Tv 4K $159, 11

All of today’s best deals are now up for the taking and headlined by the latest Apple TV 4K with new Siri Remote at $159. That’s on top of the ecobee3 lite at $120 and 11-inch M1 iPad Pro at $99 off. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Apple TV 4K packs the new Siri Remote

Adorama is now offering the new Apple TV 4K 32GB with Siri Remote for $159. Normally fetching $179, today’s offer is a new all-time low on the recent release and undercuts the Amazon all-time low by $10.

ecobee3 lite delivers HomeKit-enabled heating for $120

Amazon is now offering the ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat for $120. Normally fetching $169, you’re looking at the best Amazon price of the year with today’s offer beating previous new condition discounts by $10.

With cooler weather rolling in, today’s ecobee 3 lite discount arrives at the perfect time to set up a smart climate control system through fall and winter. Alongside just being able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, there’s also the added perk of energy savings thanks to the scheduling and automation features. Not to mention support for Siri, Alexa, and Assistant to round out the touchscreen-centric design. 

Save $99 on Apple’s latest 11-inch M1 iPad Pro

Amazon is now discounting Apple’s latest 11-inch M1 iPad Pro starting at $749 for the Wi-Fi 128GB model. With as much as $99 in savings across various storage capacities, you’re looking at some of the best prices to date at Amazon and the lowest in nearly two months. Centered around the M1 chip, Apple’s latest iPad Pro delivers an 11-inch Liquid Retina display alongside Thunderbolt connectivity. The iPad also has Wi-Fi 6, Face ID, and all-day battery life, alongside staples in the iPadOS lineup like Apple Pencil support and more. Ideal for everything from media consumption to digital artistry and other work, the compact iPad Pro delivers plenty of power in a portable package.

Score Apple Pencil 2 for $110

Woot is now offering the Apple Pencil 2 for $110. Normally selling for $129, you’re looking at the third-best price of the year that matches our previous mention. Apple Pencil 2 delivers an upgraded iPadOS experience that’s just as compelling on the latest iPad Pros as it is on the all-new iPad mini and more. Alongside the newer design that magnetically snaps onto the side of your device for storage and charging, there’s also a more ergonomic form factor to help you tackle note-taking, digital art, and more.

Apple’s new AirTag Loop on sale for the first time

Adorama is currently offering the Apple AirTag Loop for $19 in the Deep Navy style. Normally fetching $29, like you’ll pay at Amazon right now, today’s offer amounts to the very first notable discount since launching earlier this year and a rare chance to save on an official Apple accessory. This first-party AirTag Loop covers your new item finder in the usual premium polyurethane material that Apple uses for its accessories. The unique design can help you add an AirTag to everything from keys to a backpack, bag, and much more, as well. 

Beats Studio Buds drop to $125

Amazon is currently offering the New Beats Studio Buds for $125. Down from the usual $150, today’s discount is the largest we’ve tracked for a new-condition pair and marks a new Amazon all-time low.

Best trade-in deals

9to5Mac also keeps tabs on all the best trade-in deals on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and more every month. Be sure to check out this month’s best trade-in deals when you decide it’s time to upgrade your device. Or simply head over to our trade-in partner directly if you want to recycle, trade, or sell your used devices for cash and support 9to5Mac along the way!

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Siri Not Working On Apple Tv? 9 Ways To Fix

There’s a lot you can do with Siri on Apple’s streaming devices. Similarly, there’s a lot you can’t do if Siri isn’t 1`working on your Apple TV. The article will show what to do when Siri fails to recognize or respond to voice commands on Apple TV. 

Before anything, make sure you’re activating Siri the correct way. Press and hold the Siri button (with a microphone icon) on your Apple TV Remote (or Siri Remote), ask Siri to perform an action, and release the Siri button. Pressing the Siri button once or intermittently won’t activate Siri.

Table of Contents

Try the troubleshooting steps below if Siri is not working and won’t respond to voice commands when you press and hold the Siri button.

1. Enable Siri

First things first: ensure Siri is enabled on your device. The virtual assistant isn’t enabled by default on Apple TV. You have to manually activate Siri when setting up your Apple TV or from the tvOS settings menu.

Open the Settings app and select General.

Set Siri to On.

Toggle off Siri and turn it back on if the virtual assistant isn’t working despite being activated. If Siri is greyed out, that’s because your Apple ID or iTunes account is set to an unsupported country. Then, jump to method #5 to learn how to restore Siri to your Apple TV. 

2. Change Apple TV Language and Region

Siri may fail to respond to voice commands if your spoken language doesn’t match the language in the Siri settings. Head to the tvOS settings and configure Siri to recognize the language you speak.

Open the Apple TV Settings app on select General.

Scroll to the “Siri” section and select Language.

Scroll through the list and select your preferred Apple TV language. This will also double as Siri’s language.

You’ll find several variations of English on the page. Select the variant you can speak fluently or one that’s commonly spoken in your region.

3. Enable Dictation

Open the Settings app and select General.

Scroll to the “Keyboard and Dictation” section and set Dictation to On.

4. Charge Your Remote

Your Siri Remote might malfunction if the battery is low or drained. Check your remote’s battery level and make sure it holds at least 50% charge.

Charge your Apple TV Siri Remote for at least 30 minutes using an Apple-certified lightning cable and power adapter. One more thing: make sure there’s no interference between your Apple TV and Siri Remote. Remove objects, electronics, and appliances blocking the Apple TV and Siri Remote.

5. Change Your Apple ID Region

Siri on Apple TV isn’t supported in all countries and regions. Currently, the virtual assistant is only available on Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K connected to an Apple ID or iTunes account from the following countries:

Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States.

You can’t activate or use Siri on your Apple TV if your account’s region is set outside these countries.

Note: You must cancel all active Apple subscriptions before you can switch your Apple ID to a different region. Check out other factors to consider before changing your Apple ID country.

Change Apple ID Country on iPhone/iPad

Open the Settings app and follow these steps:

Select your Apple ID name.

Select Media & Purchases and select View Account.

Select Country/Region and follow the prompt on the next page to switch your Apple ID country.

Change Apple ID Country on PC or Web

Visit the Apple ID page on your browser, sign in to your account, and follow the steps below:

Head to the Personal Information section on the sidebar and select Country/Region.

Select Change country / region.

On the “Payment Method” page, select the Country / Region drop-down and select the country you want to use in Siri and other Apple Services.

Enter your payment information, shipping address, and billing address, and select Update at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Change Apple ID Country on Mac

If you have a Mac laptop and desktop, you can change your Apple ID country from the App Store.

Open the App Store and select your account name in the bottom-left corner.

Select View Information.

Enter your Apple ID credentials in the provided boxes and select Sign In.

Scroll to the “Country/Region” row and select Change Country or Region.

6. Restart Your Apple TV

The problem with Siri not working could be due to a temporary system malfunction. Restarting your Apple TV will refresh the operating system and hopefully get Siri working again. A device reboot is also recommended after changing your Apple ID country.

Note: If you have the first-generation Siri Remote, press and hold the Menu and TV buttons simultaneously until the Apple TV status light blinks rapidly. If you have the second-generation Siri Remote, press and hold the Back and TV buttons. Release both buttons when the status light on the Apple TV starts blinking rapidly.

Better yet, unplug the Apple TV from the power source, wait for 6-10 seconds, and plug it back in.

7. Update Your Apple TV

Installing the latest tvOS updates on your Apple TV will add new features and fix performance issues. The tvOS 15, for example, added new languages for Siri in Hong Kong, Italy, India, and Taiwan. Likewise, support for Siri (in Apple TV and Apple TV apps) in South Korea rolled out with the tvOS 15.1.1.

8. Reset Apple TV

Consider this troubleshooting step a last resort if Siri still is not working after restarting and updating your Apple TV. If your Apple TV is connected to the internet, it’s best to update its software during the factory reset process.

9. Buy A Replacement Remote

The problem here could be a faulty remote. Although the Apple TV Siri Remote is sturdy, dropping it too often or submerging it in a liquid will damage it. Also, Siri won’t work if (either of) the dual microphones in the Siri Remote are faulty.

Your Siri Remote is likely damaged if some (or all) buttons occasionally fail or don’t work at all. A new Siri Remote costs $59 on Apple’s official store.

Contact Apple Support

How To Organize Spotify Podcasts In Playlists

Recently, Spotify has enabled users to combine music and podcasts into the same playlist. This means that you can now create your own podcast block! Simply add a podcast track, some songs in between as palate cleansers, and sandwich the songs with another podcast episode. This format really comes in handy for creating road trip soundtracks, having something to listen to while tackling projects around the house, or just for a nice solitary listening session.

If you are already a part of the podcast craze, then you probably have a ton saved to your Spotify just waiting to be properly placed into a playlist. For their sake and your sanity, let’s learn how to organize your Spotify podcasts in playlists.

Creating Podcast Playlists Mobile Device

First, “follow” the podcast you’d like to include in your playlist.

Tap the podcast you need to access.

Next to the podcast episode you’d like to add, there will be three dots. Tap the dots to bring up menu options.

Scroll down the menu until you see the “Add to Playlist” option.

If you already have a playlist you want to add the track to, tap the name.

You can also make a new playlist with the track. Tap the green button that says “Create Playlist.”

After creating your playlist, give it a name and tap “create.”

Once you have added your podcast content to your desired playlist, you can go ahead and rearrange the tracks as needed.

Rearrange Podcast Tracks in Playlist

Unlike the desktop app, rearranging tracks on your mobile device takes a few more steps.

iOS Spotify App

Open the playlist you need to rearrange.

From the top of the screen, drag out the playlist window to access the search bar.

Tap “Filters” next to the search bar and select “Custom Order.”

You will be taken back to the playlist screen.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, tap the three dots and select “Edit”.

Drag the tracks and drop them into whatever order you want!

Be sure to press “done” when you are finished.

*Remember that every new song you add will be automatically added to the top of the playlist.

Android Spotify App

It took a while, but Spotify finally made it possible for Android users to rearrange their songs two years ago.

Select the playlist you wish to edit.

Tap the three dots in the right corner of the screen and select “Edit Playlist”.

You can now drag and drop songs where you need them to go.

Deleting Podcast Episodes from Playlists

Added the wrong podcast episode to your playlist? No problem! Part of organization is getting rid of things that don’t belong.

Go into the desired playlist and scroll down until you find the episode you’d like to delete.

Menu options will appear. Scroll until you see “Remove from this playlist.”

Tap this option to delete.

A Note on Transferring Podcast Episodes from Existing Playlists

Moving podcast episodes from one playlist to another doesn’t remove it from its current playlist. You have to first add the episode to the new playlist and then remove the track from the current one. It might feel tedious, but it is certainly possible to do.


We all start with high expectations of playlist perfection when we sign on to Spotify, but sometimes our playlists fall by the wayside. With the ability to now add podcasts, however, perhaps we should see organizing our playlists as more of a self-care routine as opposed to a task. Podcasts have offered many people comfort, entertainment, and education. Why should we keep our favorite podcasts hidden in a list of virtual clutter?

Have fun customizing your podcast blocks!

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