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It’s better to stick with a longer stick rather than a shorter stick – you can always break part of a stick off if it’s too long, but there’s no way to make a short stick longer.

Alternatively, you can use sharp pieces of bone if they’re available.[3] If you’re in an area known for volcanic activity (such as the Hawaiian islands), you may even want to look for naturally-occurring obsidian around old, cooled lava flows.


The feathers aren’t absolutely necessary, but they will improve your arrow’s accuracy by stabilizing it as it flies.


Glue the pointed rock to the end of the stick. This can be done by cutting a small notch into the stick deep enough to hold about a 1/4 of the length of the rock. Glue the rock in place, then coat the part of the stick near the rock with glue. Wrap a string around the notch and the base of the rock, making sure it grips the stick and the rock tightly. Tie the string securely, then coat it with glue to improve its strength.

Allow the arrow to dry. Carefully lay your arrow down so that none of its weight is being supported by the tip and allow it to dry. Leave it in the sun to speed the drying process, carefully turning it over after an hour or so to ensure the glue dries evenly.


Cut a small notch at the “back” end of the stick. When you fire your arrow, the bowstring will fit into this notch, helping the keep the arrow steady.[5] This notch doesn’t have to be terribly deep – 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch will usually do, based on the thickness of your bowstring.


Attach the feathers. Cut your feathers down the center. Place some glue on the shaft of your arrow and glue half of the feather down this in a way so it curves slightly. Arrange four feather halves so that they’re evenly spaced around the circumference of the back end of the arrow and they all curve in the same direction. The spiral arrangement of the feathers will cause the arrow to turn in a spiral as it flies (like a well-thrown football or a rifle bullet), which tends to make it fly straighter and and more accurately.

Traditionally, a thin cotton thread would be used to tie the feathers on by ruffling them the wrong way so a gap appeared to place the string while the feather was held to the shaft. You may choose to replicate this practice if you desire. If you do, wrap the thread around the feathers so that they’re tightly held against the shaft of the arrow, then glue the thread in place.

Let the arrow dry again. Let the glue dry for about 2 hours – your exact drying time will vary depending on the type of glue you use and the construction of your arrow. Again, make sure that your arrow is arranged so that neither the feathers or the point of the arrow are bearing any weight as the glue dries – otherwise, they may dry crooked.

Test your arrow. When you’re sure the glue is completely dry, gently flex the tip and the feathers to test their strength. If they’re securely attached and don’t budge at all, your arrow’s ready to fire! Notch your arrow in your bow, pull the bowstring back, aim, and let your arrow fly! Never shoot your arrow at people or animals – even stone age arrows can seriously hurt someone – after all, they were originally used for hunting.


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How To Insert An Arrow Symbol In Word Document

Typing arrows in Microsoft Word does not have to be a chore. The application has provided multiple ways for users to accomplish this task, and we’re going to talk about how to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word document

Arrows are useful symbols for getting across information more efficiently than normal. This can save folks from typing long explanations when a simple arrow could suffice. Now, not everyone who uses Microsoft Word knows how to get this done, but believe us when we say that it doesn’t take much.

How to insert an Arrow symbol in Word document

We’re going to show you how to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word via AutoCorrect, Shortcuts, and Symbols, so the following solutions should help:

1] Use the AutoCorrect feature to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word

OK, so the first thing to do here is to try and use the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word to type arrows. From our point of view, this is probably the fastest way to get the job done, well, when it works because there are rare times when it doesn’t.

So, let us look at how to do this right now:

Open the Microsoft Word application, then launch into a new document or an old one.

Move the mouse cursor to the location in the document where you want the arrow to appear.

Now, type the relevant combination of characters to create arrows.

2] Create arrows in Word using Shortcuts

Let’s assume that AutoCorrect in its default form does not produce the type of arrows you need. You can always create a keyboard shortcut for Emoji in Office apps

This will help you add your own arrows that are not found by default in Microsoft Word.

3] Type arrows using special characters in Word

For those who are wondering, the option is there to type arrows by the means of special characters. We do not view this as the ideal way, but there are some arrows from the section of the special character that cannot be brought to the forefront via AutoCorrect.

To learn how to get this done, please read our post on how to use Special Characters and Letters.

4] How to type Arrows using equation mode in Word

Microsoft Word has an equation mode that makes it possible for users to use mathematical symbols. With this feature, users can insert arrows into their documents, so let us look at how to get this done.

Place the mouse cursor where you want the arrow to appear.

Next, you must press the Alt+= buttons to fire up the equation mode section.

You must now type a Backslash along with the relevant Math AutoCorrect shortcut.

Press the Space button and the shortcut text will transform into a specified arrow.

The following are examples of shortcuts you can use, along with what the arrows look like:

uparrow ↑

Uparrow ⇑

downarrow ↓

Downarrow ⇓

leftarrow ←

Leftarrow ⇐

rightarrow →

Rightarrow ⇒

nearrow ↗

nwarrow ↖

searrow ↘

swarrrow ↙

leftrightarrow ↔

Leftrightarrow ⇔

updownarrow ↕

Updownarrow ⇕

Longleftarrow ⟸

Longrightarrow ⟹

READ: 10 Default Microsoft Word settings you need to change

Why can’t I use Arrow keys?

If you are having problems with using the arrow keys on your keyboard, then chances are it has something to do with the turning on of the scroll lock feature. Look for the scroll lock button on your computer keyboard to see if it is enabled. If this is the case, the button usually lights up, so disable it promptly.

How many Arrow keys are there?

There are a maximum of eight arrow keys on a full-sized keyboard. On other types of keyboards, the number sits at four, and that’s fine since most computer users have no need for using eight arrows. But if that is not the case, then purchasing a new keyboard is always an option.

4 Ways To Make An Easy Paper Box

For this particular Method, square paper should be used. Origami paper is ideal for a gift box. Make sure your paper is completely even on each side. Either use square paper, or measure and cut the paper so each side is the same size.


Fold the paper in half diagonally, then unfold. If using patterned paper, make sure the pattern is on the inside. Turn the paper 90 degrees and repeat this step. You should now have four sections. [4]


Fold each corner into the center. You should start with the paper patterned side down, folding each corner to reveal the pattern side of the paper. The plain side should be covered up now. Your paper should now look like a smaller square made up of four identical triangles.


Fold two parallel edges to the center. The newly folded sections should be folded down on top of the corner folds you just made in Step 3. The paper should now be a rectangle. When folded completely, you should see only two rectangular flaps that meet at the center.


Fold the shorter edges to the center. The folds should be made over the ones created in Step 4. The shape will now be an even smaller square. The only visible pieces at this point should again be two rectangular flaps that meet at the center.


Unfold the paper partially. Rotate Stop unfolding once you have the square made up of triangles that you made in Step 3. Fold two parallel edges back towards the center on the already creased fold. There are two sets of edges to choose form, but they are identical. You are not making a new fold. Let them sit vertically, as these will be the beginnings of your box’s sides.


Lift the paper by either of the central widthwise triangles. This should partially unfold one shorter end of the rectangle. Don’t use too much force to avoid tearing the paper. You may need to re-crease any edges that aren’t crisp. You should now have three outwards-facing triangles, two of which with a central crease. The base of each triangle forms three sides of the square that will make up the next side of your box.


Push the two creased triangles back inward. Pinch the central creases together to invert the triangles and push them down. Push inward on the creases and line the triangles against the central crease of the new side. The paper should start folding, lifting the new side up.[5]


Fold the remaining triangle into the box. This last triangle’s base will be the crease that will create the inner lower edge of this side. After folding in, the last triangle should now be in the bed of the box, creating a square with three other identical triangles.


Repeat Steps 7 through 9 with the opposite side. All four triangles should fit perfectly into the bottom of the box. Your box’s bed will look like the square made up of four triangles in Step 3. If you want the triangles to stay perfectly flat, you may need to tape them down.


How To Make An Instagram Avatar

Similar to Apple Memojis on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can create an avatar on Instagram. Then, use your avatar stickers in direct messages or Instagram stories you create.

Whether you want an exact look-alike of yourself or something a little different, you can create and customize almost every pixel of your mini-me.

Table of Contents

Ready? Here’s how to make an Instagram avatar on your mobile device.

Create an Avatar on Instagram

As of this writing, the avatar feature is only available in the Instagram app on Android and iPhone. You cannot create or edit your avatar or see the avatar stickers on the Instagram website.

Head to the Instagram


tab and select the


icon on the top right.



and then





on the Account settings screen.

If you have Instagram and Facebook linked, you may see a message letting you know that you can use your Facebook avatar (if you have one) on Instagram. Choose Yes, use my avatar if you prefer to just use the Facebook option. Otherwise, pick No, create new avatar to set up your little self.

Start by selecting your Skin Tone and choose Next to continue to the customizations.

Customize Your Avatar

You can see a preview of your avatar along the way at the top of the screen. On the top right, below Done, is a mirror icon. Select that to display a picture of yourself next to the preview using your device’s front-facing camera. This is a fun way to match your current appearance.

Beneath the preview, you have a toolbar with all of the options you can select. You can swipe left or right on the toolbar to arrive at a particular item at any time.

Hair Style and Color

If you follow the toolbar order, you’ll begin by picking your Hair Style from many options. Then, select Hair Color directly to the right and pick your shade.

Face Shape, Markings, and Lines

Next, choose the Face Shape option and select the shape you want to use. This is when the mirror option comes in handy for getting that right shape.

Then, pick the Face Markings option to add freckles or other beauty marks and the Face Lines option to include those lines we all love.

Eye Shape, Color, and Makeup

Now you can pick the Eye Shape from many, many options. Then, choose Eye Color to select your shade. If you want to enhance your eyes with some eyeliner, pick the Eye Makeup tool and choose a fun or elegant look.

Eyebrows, Color, and Bindi

Moving on, you’ll see the Eyebrows option to match the shape of your brows, followed by the Eyebrow Color you want to use. Next, you can choose a Bindi option if you like.

Eyewear and Color

If you wear eyeglasses, you can select a cool pair of Eyewear for your avatar. Match your current look or try something new. You can then pick the Eyewear Color.

Nose and Piercings

No matter the shape of your nose, you’ll find it with the next option for Nose. If you have a nose piercing, be sure to add that next with post and hoop options in the Nose Piercings section.

Mouth and Color

Next, comes the Mouth area for you to pick the shape of your lips. Of course, you can follow that up by adding Lip Color.

Facial Hair and Color

Have a mustache, beard, or goatee? Select your style in the Facial Hair section and then use the Facial Hair Color area to match it up.

Body, Outfit, and Headwear

Instagram avatars are for all shapes and sizes, so move onto the Body section to select yours. Then, get rid of those boring clothes and pick a cute, colorful, or cool Outfit. There are many, many to choose from for all tastes and styles.

If you want to add a cap, beret, or other gear, use the Headwear option and then select the Headwear Color.

Ear Piercings and Hearing Devices

If you have pierced ears, pick out a pair of Ear Piercings next. For those with a hearing device, you can choose the style and color in the Hearing Devices and Hearing Device Color sections.

Save Your Avatar

Once you finish customizing your avatar, pick Done in the top-right corner and then Save changes in the pop-up box. You’ll see a brief message as your avatar is being updated; select Next when it finishes.

That’s all there is to it! You now have a nifty little you to use in messages and stories.

Share Your Avatar Sticker

You can use stickers of your avatar in Instagram messages and stories. Plus, you can use them in Facebook and Messenger too. You’ll see many expressions for your avatar that range from a celebration to love to a simple “Hi”.

Add a Sticker to a Message

To add an avatar sticker to a direct message, tap the sticker icon to the right of the message field.

Select Avatar and then pick the expression you want to use. The sticker will land in the message to your Instagram pal.

Add a Sticker to a Story

To add an avatar sticker to your story, start creating your story as you normally would. At the top of the screen, choose the sticker icon.

Select Avatar and pick the expression you want to use. When the sticker displays on your story, tap and drag to move it where you want it. Then, continue to edit or share your story as normal.

Edit Your Avatar

Maybe you got a new hair style or color, grew a beard, or got a new pair of glasses. You can edit your Instagram avatar any time you like one of these ways:


Edit Profile

on the


tab. Then, choose

Edit avatar


You’ll then see your current avatar in the preview with all of the same customization options as you did initially. Make your changes, select Done, and pick Save Changes to save the new you.

If you prefer to remove the avatar completely, choose the trash can in the preview section and then confirm you want to get rid of your avatar by selecting Delete.

After you have some fun making your Instagram avatar, how about trying your hand at creating your own emoji?

How To Make New Friends As An Adult

In high school and college, you make friends with ease. Between classes, recreational activities, student groups, and on-campus parties, you’re constantly exposed to new people with similar interests, with whom you can forge tight-knit bonds. Once you graduate, however, many people move to different parts of the country or the world. As family and work commitments start to take up more time, these relationships begin slipping away—study after study has shown that the number of friendships we can maintain goes down as we get older.

Faced with this fact of life, you could confide in a robot or join an online forum—but digital friends won’t grab margaritas with you after work or help you smuggle cheap snacks into the movie theater. So how do you build up your IRL social circle? Counterintuitive as it may sound, you can turn to apps to spark new connections.


Facebook isn’t just for your existing friends’ vacation photos. Facebook

Okay, okay, you’ve probably already heard of Facebook. You might be sick of your current News Feed, but the app can also help you meet new people. You just need to use it to get out of your usual rut. Search for and join public groups in your area. Or get involved with local community pages—for example, see if nearby parks have their own pages. Once you’re a member, start reaching out to fellow group members and attending the events these pages host. You’ll be connecting and making friends in no time at all.

Facebook for Android (free) and iOS (free)


Friender connects people based on interests. Friender

Friender takes some of the legwork out of finding potential buddies. First, you fill out a survey indicating your interest (or lack thereof) in more than 100 different topics and activities. Then, much like a dating app does, Friender suggests compatible folks who live in the local area and share some of your interests. Unfortunately, the app is only available on iOS—for now.

Friender for iOS (freemium, from $5.99/month)

Hey! Vina

Hey! VINA is just for the ladies. Hey! Vina

Hey! Vina for iOS (free)


Me3 connects you with more than one person at once. Me3

If a one-on-one first meeting feels too much like an awkward first date, go for safety in numbers with Me3, which connects you with two new people rather than one. The card-based interface has the feel of Tinder: You set out your own interests and traits before swiping through potential friends. But with Me3, you’re looking to make a “tribe” of three with other like-minded folk in the surrounding area.

Me3 for Android (free) and iOS (free)

Meet My Dog

Turn your pup into a way to socialize with Meet My Dog. Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog for Android (free) and iOS (free)


MeetMe is a bit less regulated and open to anyone in the world. MeetMe

Compared to the other options on this list, MeetMe is a bit more of an unmoderated free for all. As a chat app first and a friend-finder second, it can connect you with people all over the world, rather than staying in just one locale. So you’ll meet a broader range of people, but unless you specify that you want friends who live in your area, those connections might not be available to hang out in person. That said, MeetMe is still a good option for expanding your social circle based on where you are, what you’re interested in, and other criteria.

MeetMe for Android (freemium, $2.99+) and iOS (freemium, $2.99+)


Pick the right events, and Meetup does the rest. Meetup

Meetup is based on attending events rather than meeting people. But of course, the two often go hand-in-hand. Chances are, if you join a local walking club or sewing class, you’ll find other people you get along with. The number of events and activities the app covers is impressive, and many are free, although some charge for attendance. The freemium app costs nothing if you plan to attend Meetup events, but if you want to organize your own, you’ll have to start paying.

Meetup for Android (freemium, from $9.99/month) and iOS (freemium, from $9.99/month)


Nextdoor connects you to your community. Nextdoor

Maybe your next best friend is living a few doors down from you. So Nextdoor aims to connect you with your neighbors. It starts by asking you where you live (obviously) and then putting you in touch with people nearby. In addition to introducing you to your neighbors, the app helps users get involved in local events, find babysitters, and put up classified listings.

Nextdoor for Android (free) and iOS (free)


Patook is strictly for platonic relationships. Patook

Patook promises to help you build platonic friendships with people near you—emphasis on platonic. The app actually includes an automatic flirting detector to discourage any unwanted romantic moves. Patook can match you with people nearby based on your character and shared interests. If you prefer casually chatting online to meeting in person, there’s a discussion board section as well.

Patook for Android (free) and iOS (free)


Rendezwho connects you with just one other person. Rendezwho

Rendezwho is a very focused app, determined to match you with that one friend you’re really going to connect with—no matter where that person lives. It includes results from all over the world, so you may have to cover some ground to actually meet your matches in person. Before that, you can use messages, GIFs, and quizzes to see if you really have found your new best buddy.

Rendezwho for iOS (freemium, $0.99+)


Stitch helps you make friends in your 50s and beyond. Stitch

Aimed at the over-50 crowd, Stitch bills itself as a “companionship app,” although you can use it for dating if you want. You can browse through other Stitch users based on common interests and activities, as well as look up events happening in your area. Unfortunately, the app is only available on iOS, but if you don’t have an iPhone, you can try the web version.

Stitch for iOS (freemium, from $10/month)

9 Ways To Fix Hulu Error Code 2(

Sometimes while streaming content on Hulu, sudden error messages might pop up on your screen. If you have encountered error code 2(-998), it means a playback failure. Hulu might prompt you to restart your device.

Well, minor app bugs and glitches on Hulu can lead to this error. However, you can troubleshoot this issue on your own by force restarting your app or by updating the app on your streaming device. Besides, we have compiled several fixes with simple steps to solve the error.

What Causes of Hulu Error Code 2(-998)?

Some of the probable reasons you encounter Hulu error code 2(-998) are as follows.

Disturbed Internet Connection

Corrupted App Cache Data

App Bugs and Glitches

Hulu Server Outage

Outdated app

Using VPN

Ended Subscription

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 2(-998)?

Firstly, you can try logging out of your Hulu account from the streaming devices and logging back into your account. If the account issues are causing this error, it should help fix it. However, if the error still shows up on your screen, you can follow the fixes given below. 

Force Stop Hulu 

If you are unable to log out of your account due to the error, you can force-stop Hulu. When you force-stop, it will completely end the running process thereby solving any existing glitches and minor bugs. You can start using the app again from the start. It should help solve the error code 2(-998). 

Along with Hulu, close other running apps in the background, as it might lead to errors like system freezing. Check out the steps on different streaming devices below. 

On Android

On iPhone

On Windows

On Fire TV

On Nintendo Switch

Press the Home button to open the Home menu.

Locate Hulu.

Press the X button.

Choose the Close option.

On Xbox One

Press the Xbox button.

Select Hulu.

On your controller, press the Menu button.

Choose Quit.

Restart Your Streaming Device 

If force stopping Hulu app does not solve the error code, it is time you restart your streaming device. Restarting will fix system lagging and RAM issues. Moreover, it will also troubleshoot app errors on your device. So, check out the given steps below.

On Android

On iPhone

On Windows 

On Fire TV

On Nintendo Switch

On Xbox One

Press the X button on your Xbox One and hold it until the power menu appears.

Pick Restart Console.

Again, choose Restart to confirm.

Check Hulu Server 

If you still encounter the error, you can check Hulu Server to see if there are internal outages within Hulu itself. If such technical and hardware errors exist, you cannot troubleshoot them alone. But you can constantly check their server page to know updates. You can go through their official Twitter page to check the status.

Check your Membership Status

If your Hulu subscription has ended, you cannot stream videos. Thus, you might see the error code with a message on your playback screen. So, you can check your membership status from the account page. You will need to renew your monthly or yearly subscription to continue streaming if it has ended. Here are the steps for it.

Update Hulu

You will encounter Hulu error code 2(-998) when using an outdated software version of the app. Therefore, you can update the Hulu app on each of your streaming devices to fix the error. There might be fixes for some pesky bugs and errors in the new software update. You can update the app from the Google Play Store, App Store, or Microsoft Store.

Clear Hulu App Cache 

Uncleared corrupt cache data on streaming devices can be another cause for Hulu error code 2(-998). Therefore, you can clear the Hulu app cache for better performance, which helps load app data more quicker.  Follow the steps given below.

On Android

On iPhone

On Windows

On Fire TV

On Nintendo Switch

On Xbox One

Try Streaming From Other Web Browsers

Sometimes buggy extensions on a web browser can lead to error code 2(-998). Therefore, you can try streaming from the next web browser to see if the issue persists in others too. You can use the latest versions of any Hulu-supported web browser. For Instance, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.

Disable VPN 

Since Hulu is only US-based, its streaming is restricted internationally. You might encounter this error if you use a VPN with a different location. Also, if you are trying to stream it beyond the US, Hulu might detect VPN and block it. Therefore, you can disable it on your streaming devices and try using the app again.

Contact Customer Support 

You can report your issue to Hulu customer support as a last resort if the error still appears on your screen while streaming. The professional team will guide you with fixes for the error.

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