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How to Reset iPhone or iPad Passcode in Easy Ways and Steps Try to recall your Password

While recalling your password, remember that trying your password for more than 6 times will disable your iPhone or iPad temporarily.

How to unlock disabled iPhone Unlock Phone using iTunes

Follow the below-mentioned steps to unlock iPhone using iTunes:

Connect your phone with the device you synced with previously.

Go to iTunes. If iTunes does not ask for a Passcode you can proceed. If iTunes asks for a Passcode, this method won’t work for you; you can switch to another way to reset iPhone Passcode.

If iTunes does not ask for a Passcode, wait for some time and iTunes will sync your phone and will create a new backup.

After the completion, tap on your iPhone or iPad on Restore from iTunes backup.

How to reset iPhone Passcode using Recovery Mode

Remember, using recovery mode on iPhone will remove all your data permanently.

Connect your iPhone with the computer. Open iTunes on your computer.

Press hardware key combination for entering the recovery mode (based on the model of iPhone). Below-mentioned is the combination of iPhone hard keys:

For iPhone 8, iPhone X and above: Quickly release and press Volume Up key. After this, press and quickly release the Volume Down key. After this, press and hold the Side button till the recovery mode opens up on the screen.

For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: hold and press the Side and Volume Down at the same time. Hold the keys until you see the recovery-mode

For iPhone 6s, iPad and earlier: hold and press the Home and Topside button at the same time. Hold the button until you see the recovery-mode

After the restoration process, you can set a new Passcode for your iPhone or iPad.

Short Tips for iPhone and iPad users

In this case, you have successfully reset iPhone Passcode, but in the worst-case scenario, you might lose the data permanently. Therefore, please note the below-mentioned short tips:

Keep your iOS up-to-date: Apple keeps on launching new updates, therefore, keep iPhone software updated from time to time to not lose the data permanently.

Always keep easily recognizable Passcode: in order to not lose the data, create a Passcode which is strong and easily memorable. Like, you can use your birth dates to keep the strong and memorable Passcode.

Always back up the data on time: in order to not lose the data, keep creating back for your iPhone and iPad.

I hope this article helped you to reset your iPhone Passcode. Comment down and let us know if you face any issues during the process. Follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms for tech-related updates.

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How To Factory Reset Iphone Or Ipad: Wipe Ios & Start Afresh

We cover everything you need to know about resetting your iPhone or iPad right here. 

In summary How to soft reset an iPhone or iPad

If your phone has frozen and you want to restart it but none of the buttons work, don’t fret; you can simply perform a soft reset.

For modern iPhones without a home button (iPhone X and later) press and release the volume up button, then the volume down button, then press and hold the side button (sleep/wake) until the Apple logo appears.

If you’ve got an iPhone with a home button, hold the power button and home button down at the same time until the device turns off and you see the Apple logo.

Back up before you reset

There are occasions where you might want to factory reset your device, not because you want to give it away, but because it’s playing up.

The easiest way to back up your iPhone or iPad is to use iCloud – the 5GB of free storage should suffice for most backups, but you can purchase more storage if required. 

Top tip: check the Encrypt iPhone backup box if you want all your passwords to be saved.

If you’re running macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, iTunes has been replaced by Finder. To back up using the Finder, plug your iPhone into your Mac, open a Finder window and look for your iPhone in the left-hand menu. Select the General tab and locate the Backups category. Select Back up all of the data on your iPhone to your Mac to initiate the process. 

Once that’s done, you can begin the reset process. It’s also worth remembering to remove your SIM card before you pass on the iPhone or iPad on, as this may have information stored on it, and you might want to continue using it in a new phone or tablet.

How to reset an iPhone or iPad

The steps or wording might vary slightly depending on your version of iOS or iPadOS, but generally speaking, here’s how to reset an iPhone or iPad. 

Step 1. Tap Settings, then General. Scroll down until you see Transfer or Reset iPhone (also labelled as Reset in earlier versions of iOS).

Step 2. Tap Erase All Content and Settings. Depending on whether you’ve set a Passcode and / or a Restrictions Passcode (they are different) you might have to enter that code or password in order to erase and reset it. There is no way to reset the device unless you enter the code(s).

Step 3. You’ll be shown a summary of all the data being removed from your iPhone. To confirm, tap Continue. At this point, you’ll have to enter your Apple ID password. This is so the account can be removed from your device, and Find My iPhone can be switched off.

If you merely restore an iPhone via iTunes, you’ll be asked to enter the Apple ID and password when it reboots. Resetting it using the method we’re describing here will prevent the iPhone asking for an Apple ID when it restarts.

Step 4. The reset process can take a minute or two, after which you’ll see the welcome screen asking you to swipe to continue. It’s then ready to be sold on, handed to a family member or taken to an Apple Store for repair.

How To Restore Or Reset An Iphone Without Itunes

How To Restore or Reset An iPhone Without iTunes Is it possible to reset or restore an iPhone without iTunes? Is there any solution to this problem wherein I can restore an iPhone without iTunes?

Fixing a malfunctioning iPhone device

Removal of viruses and deleting of files

Configuring of the device to its default settings

Clear memory space on your iPhone

To remove all confidential details from iPhone

If upgrading when one wants a fresh start

When sending your iPhone for repairs

With the iPhone, iTunes came into existence that has enabled the user to manage and restore his device in no time. But as the saying goes, change comes with time and here, Apple announced a year back to discontinue the app and it will be replaced by three segments of one particular software.

How To Restore iPhone Without iTunes

Before you know how to reset or restore your iPhone without iTunes, it is important to know the difference between both. Reading further to understand the difference.

Restore An iPhone & Resetting An iPhone: Difference Ways To Reset Your iPhone Without iTunes

Factory resetting an iPhone is an easy process both with and without iTunes. While you are looking for the ways to factory reset an iPhone without iTunes ensure that your iOS device is working properly. Resetting your iPhone requires you to the steps below:

On your iPhone, ensure that your phone is not linked to iTunes.

Now, go to the phone Settings

Before your iPhone resets, you’ll have to enter the passcode and the process will then take a while to complete. That’s all! This is how you can reset your iPhone without iTunes.

Restore Your iPhone Without iTunes

Here we are using FonePaw to help you restore an iPhone without iTunes. This amazing software lets you process restore both the ways, including:

1. If your iPhone is unresponsive.

2. To restore data on your iOS device.

If your phone is disabled, locked or unresponsive, you need to download the FonePaw iOS system recovery app on your iPhone. The app is available for free and also has a paid version. Just like any other app, the free version limits usage while the paid version fulfils all your purposes. Once your app is installed, pair your iPhone to the computer using USB cable. The restore process won’t work if you have connected through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other tools.

The process of restoring your iPhone may vary depending on the condition of your iPhone. If your phone is in Recovery mode, the app will identify it automatically, all you have to do is tap on Confirm to proceed. On the other hand, if iOS device is disabled, you have to navigate through the Advanced Mode. Later on, follow the instructions on screen and get your phone back into the Recovery mode.

You’ll then be asked to provide the phone’s information. Type in the device category, model, type and version you wish to download during the process of restoring your iPhone. Confirm the details and tap on the Repair tab.

Restoring or Resetting An iPhone Is Easy- Isn’t It?

Resetting your iPhone means you are factory resetting it and bringing it back to its default style and settings. To reset you can directly head to your phone Settings and follow the steps explained above. The resetting process will not be available if your phone is stuck in either disabled or is in the Recovery mode. Other than FonePaw, chúng tôi and Tenorshare are also quite helpful apps to help you restore your iPhone without iTunes.

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How To Refresh Location In Find My On Iphone Or Ipad

If you use Find My with iPhone to keep track of location of friends, family, items, or Apple devices, you may be wondering how you can refresh the location when you’re looking at the Find My map.

Refreshing the Find My location can be necessary for many reasons, for example if you’re wanting to see the most up to date location for something like a lost iPhone, or a person who is traveling. If you’re wondering how to refresh someones location, or force Find My to update, this may be helpful to you.

We’ll show you a few different ways to refresh the location of people and things using Find My from an iPhone or iPad.

Refreshing Find My locations via Find My app

The Find My app allows you to see people and devices on a map, but sometimes the Find My location data is outdated or hasn’t been updated recently. If you wish to refresh the person or things location in Find My, you’ll notice there currently is not a refresh button available.

Instead of a refresh button, here’s how you can refresh location in Find My using iPhone:

Open “Find My” and select the person or object you want to refresh the location for

Leave the Find My screen open for a minute or few and don’t let the display go to sleep, it should refresh automatically

Alternatively, you can force quit Find My app, then relaunch the app, select the object or person, and let the screen sit on the map again, it should update.

Older versions of the Find My app included a refresh button, where you were able to watch the location changing of a device or person rather quickly and tap to refresh at any time, but that is not available in current version of Find My. However, you can still use Refresh for Find My with people by using the Messages app, which we’ll cover next.

Refreshing Find My locations with Messages app

Interestingly, the Messages app includes a Refresh option for Find My, so if you’re using Find My to locate a person then you can easily refresh the data available on the Find My map – but only through Messages app.

Open the Messages app and go to the message thread with the person you want to locate with Find My

Tap on the persons name then choose “Info”

If the person is sharing their location with you, you’ll see a map here, so tap on that map

Tap on the circle refresh button in the upper right corner to refresh the Find My location of this person

Sometimes you need to tap the refresh button several times to have the Find My location actually update.

The Messages approach offers refresh, which works to refresh the Find My location immediately. The downside to this approach is it only works with people sharing locations (through Find My or Messages) and it will not work with a device, like an AirTag, iPhone, Mac, iPad, or other.

What if the location says “Not Available”?

If location data is not available, there are several possible reasons why. It’s possible the person or device is out of cellular or GPS range, or not connected to a network, their device is turned off or has AirPlane mode on, the device battery died, or there’s a brief blip in network communication which usually resolves in a few minutes but can happen just about anywhere. If you see “Location Not Available” or other location unavailable messages, then try again in a few minutes or after some time, the location may become available again.


10 Ways To Fix Net­flix App Not Work­ing On Iphone Or Ipad

There can be several reasons why Netflix has stopped working on your iPhone or iPad. The issue may be from your end. It may be a faulty Wi-Fi connection or too many devices exceeding your Netflix plan’s quota. On the other hand, it may also be Netflix’s error. Their server may be down, or the content you are trying to access may not be available to stream yet in your country.

So in this post, we’ve lined up ten solutions to fix the Netflix app not working issue on iPhone or iPad.

1. Check your internet connection

If not head over to our articles:

2. Check Netflix server status

Visit Is Netflix Down to check whether there is a temporary issue on their end. If there is, you will have to wait. If everything is fine here, move on to the next fixes mentioned below.

3. Force close the Netflix app

On iPhone with Face ID: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold.

On iPhone with Home Button: Quickly double press the Home Button.

Now, drag the app card for Netflix up and dismiss it.

After fifteen seconds, open the Netflix app again and try using it.

Touch and hold the App Store icon

Tap Updates.

Tap Update next to Netflix.

The best way to ensure that your device always has the correct date and time is to enable set automatically from the Settings.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad

Tap on General → Date & Time.

Switch ON the option for Set Automatically.

6. Restart your iPhone

To restart your iPhone use the buttons as you usually do. You may also open the Settings app, tap on General → Shut Down from the bottom of the list.

After a minute, switch on your iPhone and iPad.

7. Make sure Netflix is not under restricted

Open the Settings app

Tap Screen Time.

Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. Enter your Screen Time password if asked.

Turn OFF the toggle for Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Now, force close the Netflix app and open it again

8. Reinstall Netflix app

This will delete any shows and movies that you have saved offline.

From your iPhone Home screen, press on the Netflix app icon.

Tap on Delete App and confirm.

Restart your device

Open App Store and search for Netflix

Tap on the download icon to install the Netflix app.

Log in, and hopefully, it should work

9. Remove devices from Netflix settings

Netflix plans have a limitation on the number of screens you can watch on at the same time. For mobile and basic plans, it is one. For standard, it is two, and for premium, it is four. So, if you have reasons to believe that your friends or family members who have your password are streaming on Netflix at the same time as you, and it is exceeding the number of screens permitted, then in such case, you will have to remove their devices from Netflix settings.

Open Safari (or any browser) on your iPhone or iPad and go to chúng tôi on Sign In from the upper right.

Now, tap on


A and Request Desktop Website.

Tap on your account profile picture from the upper right

Now, tap on your Account.

Tap Recent device streaming activity to see your account activity details.

Go back and tap Sign out of all devices to revoke access to your Netflix account on other unauthorized devices.

10. Reset All Settings

This is an ultimate end solution that will reset all your iPhone settings. It will remove your Wi-Fi passwords, VPN configurations, home screen layout, keyboard settings, etc. So, it is recommended that you proceed after having a backup of your device.

Open the Settings app

Tap on General → Reset.

Tap on Reset All Settings.

Enter your password and tap on Reset All Settings from the bottom popup to confirm.

After that, you might have to enter your Apple ID and set up your preferred settings once again.

That’s all, folks.

Most of the time, a simple force close app or restart of the device fixes the Netflix not working issue. I hope one of the above solutions worked, and you are back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies. Finally, you may like to take a look at how to lock the Netflix profile with a pin.

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4 Easy Steps To Seo

We all know which issues blog templates usually have with SEO – and one of the most wide-spread problems is a duplicate content one: blog home page, categories, tags and archives basically have same content.

This post looks at easy ways to eliminate the problem at blog category pages to make them SEO-friendlier.

Disable Indexing of Your Categories

(Warning: if you use this step, you don’t need the rest of the post)

If you are sure that your category pages are not going to generate any search traffic for you, you may just exclude them from Google’s index. One option is to use All-in-One SEO Pack for that.

However a much smarter plugin for that is Meta Robots WP plugin that allows to use noindex,follow robots meta tags for category pages to forbid indexing while allowing to follow the links to individual posts:

If you still want your category pages to be able to appear in search engine result pages, skip this one and proceed to the following steps:

1. Eliminate Duplicate Content

The hugest issue with your categories is that they don’t have unique content. We’ll change that though:

1. Display category descriptions:

Most people are aware of the fact that there’s a handy extra field at your category editor page called “Description“. Few people use it to the full potential though.

By default, the category description is shown when you hover over the category link in the sidebar widget. To display it on your individual category page you will need to use the following code:

2. Work on the list of posts

You want to make the category pages lightweight and as unique as possible. For that you need to either:

Strip the post extract and only display the list of post headings; OR

Display excerpts of the page (to strip images, formatting, links, etc).

For the first option you will just need to go to the theme editor and remove

part that follows each page title.

And for the second option you will need to change that for:

Now, if you need to modify which type of HTML tags you want to strip in your excerpts, use this plugin that:

Keeps HTML markup in the excerpt (and you get to choose which tags are included)

Trims the excerpt to a given length using either character count or word count

3. Optimize Paging Structure

WordPress SEO Pager plugin implements a multi-page customizable pager to replace the standard, boring WordPress “Earlier Posts” and “Newer Posts” links. This improves SEO as well as usability.

Add page numbers to category and archive listing page titles.

Optionally excerpt posts on page numbers greater than 1.

Let the search bot easier access deeper pages:

4. Interlink your categories

Yes, your categories are already linked to sitewide from your blog sidebar. However you should also link to them organically from the post content as well as vary the internal anchor text:

Use this method I described earlier to smartly interlink your blog pages automatically;

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