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How to Save Pictures from Pinterest on Computer Learn what to do to download your favorite pictures




Downloading Pinterest images allows you to save them for



In this article, we explore a few ways to save



on your




Pinterest offers a built-in option to save pictures directly to your device, which you should check out beforehand.

If you cannot save pictures from Pinterest, restart your device, reset your browser’s cache and cookies, and check the Pinterest server’s status.

Pinterest is a popular image-sharing and social media service that offers saving and discovery of information on the internet. It allows you to share your creative work through images, GIFs, or videos with other users on the platform.

That being said, if you discover something worth saving to your smartphone or computer, there is a download option as well.

In this article, we explore a few ways to help you save a Pinterest picture on your computer and smartphone, as well as what to do in case you cannot download the pictures.

How can I save Pinterest pictures to my computer and smartphone? 1. Download pictures directly from Pinterest 1.1 Save a picture from Pinterest on a computer

1. Log in to your Pinterest account.

2. Search for the image that you want to download.

4. Choose Download image from the list of options.

The image will be downloaded to your computer hard drive, and you will be able to use it as you would any other saved picture from the internet.

1.2 Save a picture from Pinterest to a phone

If you want to save the image to your smartphone, here’s how to do it.

Launch the Pinterest app on your Android phone.

Once logged in, open the image that you want to download.

Tap the three dots and select Download Image.

All the saved images are available in your Gallery app.

Expertsphp for PC

You can download the image in multiple resolutions from Expertsphp.

Android Phone

Open the Pinterest app on your Android phone.

Open any image that you want to download.

Tap the three-dots icon and select Copy Link.

Next, open the Expertsphp link in your phone’s browser.

Paste the link and tap on Download.

3. Download all the images from Pinterest Board

If you have configured your Chrome download settings to prompt you to ask every time something is downloaded, then you may see multiple pop Windows openings asking for permission.

Why can’t I save pictures from Pinterest?

In case the methods previously mentioned do not work and you cannot save Pinterest pictures, it is most likely a glitch. Restarting your PC or smartphone is likely to solve the problem.

If that doesn’t do the trick, here are other possible reasons why you cannot download the images, as well as what to do in case they apply to you:

There isn’t enough free storage on your PC or smartphone – check whether you have any disk space available, and, if not, try to delete a few files from your device.

There is a problem with your browser – delete your browser’s cache and cookies.

The Pinterest website is down – wait until the website gets back online. You can check the Pinterest server’s status to be up to date with it.

Being able to save Pinterest images to your PC and smartphone allows you to save and share high-quality images that are otherwise not possible if you happen to take a screenshot of the image.

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How To Save Money On Apple Tv+

Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming service, featuring original TV shows, movies and documentaries. You can subscribe here for the standard price of $4.99 per month. However, there are some lesser known ways to get Apple TV+ and save money off the headline price in the process.

One common misconception about Apple TV+ is that you can only watch it on Apple devices. This is not true.

Although the best audio and video quality of Apple TV+ content is available through the Apple TV set-top box, you can get the TV app on a wide range of smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku sticks, PlayStation, Xbox and more. First and foremost, if you want to try out some TV+ content, do not think you have to shell out $150+ for an Apple TV box.

If you are interested in Apple TV+ content but you are looking for cheaper alternatives to the $4.99 per month subscription fee, here are some options to reduce the cost …

Free trials

Firstly, free trials for Apple TV+ are widely available. Any new customer can sign up through the TV app or website and get a 7 day free trial. So if there’s just one series you want to binge, you can do that in the seven day span, cancel, leaving the service never having spent a dime.

Similarly, if you purchase a new Apple device, you can get a 3 month free trial of Apple TV+. The 3 month free trial cannot be redeemed more than once. That is, you cannot buy a new iPhone two years in a row and get the free trial twice. However, if it’s your first time subscribing, 3 months free is a decent deal. If you don’t want to pay, set a reminder to cancel before the end of the 3 month window. Unlike standard App Store subscriptions, the Apple TV+ hardware trial cannot be canceled early — or you lose out on all your remaining free period.

Free trials are also available through other retailers. Target Circle members can get a free 4-month Apple TV+ trial. Some smart TV manufacturers are also including Apple TV+ trials as a limited-time promo.

Free with Apple Music Student

If you are an eligible student, you can enjoy both Apple Music and Apple TV+ at a significant discount. A student subscription to Apple Music only costs $4.99/month (reduced from the standard $9.99/month rate for individual subscribers). And you get Apple TV+ thrown in for free.

To qualify for Apple Music Student, you must be a student studying at a university or college. After signing up, simply log into the TV app with the same account and you will have access to the full library of Apple TV+ content at no extra charge.

Save money with a yearly subscription Save money with an Apple One bundle

You can buy Apple TV+ as part of an Apple One bundle. If you already use other Apple services, there’s a good chance you can save money by switching from individual subscriptions to a bundle deal, especially if you already use Apple Music.

Apple One is available in three flavors; Individual, Family and Premier. Apple TV+ is included in every tier. Apple One Individual costs $14.95 monthly and provides access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and 50 GB of iCloud storage. If paid for separately, these subscriptions would cost you $20.96.

Apple One Family adds Family Apple Music and an additional 150 GB of iCloud storage, priced at $19.95 compared to $27.96 if bought as separate subscriptions. And you can max out with Apple One Premier, and get 2 TB of iCloud storage along with News+ and Fitness+ for $29.95 per month.

Save money with Family Sharing

Apple TV+ subscriptions can be shared with up to six people. You and five friends or family members can setup a Family Sharing group, which allows you to share all your purchases and subscriptions. Whereas Apple Music charges extra for a Family plan, Apple TV+ costs the same $4.99 price regardless of whether you have one person or five using it.

Family Sharing works with Apple One too. Even if you are subscribed to the ‘Apple One Individual’ bundle, you can still share Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade with up to five family members via Family Sharing. So you can split the bill and save some cash.

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10 Tips To Get More Followers On Pinterest

What if I told you there’s a way to build an online empire through posting photos you love?

And what if I told you those photos don’t even have to be your own?

You’d shake your head. Impossible.

But what if I told you someone actually went and did it?

In fact, many people did it. One of them is Joy Cho.

Joy Cho started her creative design blog in 2005. As a way to grow her brand, she joined Pinterest as a beta user before it became public.

Since then, Cho has never stopped using Pinterest to grow her business. The result?

A gigantic creative empire and 12 million Pinterest followers.

And you can grow your brand through Pinterest, too. All you need is the right strategy.

Pinterest: A Treasure Trove for the Online Marketer

Pinterest is all about fantastic photos, unique interests, and creative ideas. It’s about sharing what you love with other people who love it.

But it’s not only that. It’s also a huge platform where you can market your brand and expect outstanding success. Take a look at these facts:

Pinterest has 322 million active monthly users.

90% of weekly Pinterest users log in to make buying decisions.

A survey conducted by Pinterest concluded that 73% of pinners welcome content from brands.

So how can you stand out on Pinterest and gain millions of followers, cement your brand, and invite tons of traffic to your website?

Here are 10 proven strategies that will get you noticed on Pinterest.

1. Be Selective of Your Boards

Pinterest is a little different from other social media platforms.

It’s not about the person posting the content, but the content itself and how people relate to it.

For instance, let’s go back to the example of Joy Cho. She has 77 different boards on Pinterest.

Her most popular one? The board on hairstyles.

Joy Cho’s Hair board has over six million followers. And while girls with long hair might not follow Joy Cho herself, they’ll follow her Hair board.

What this says to you is don’t waste time promoting all your boards.

Choose the ones that are the most successful and pour all your energy into promoting them.

Tip: As you can see from the above example, the board with the most pins might not be your most popular board. Joy’s For the Home board has 3,587 pins and four million followers, while her Hair board has only 351 pins but six million followers.

2. Pick the Best Time for Pinning

When you pin is as important as what you pin.

No matter how fascinating your pins are, they won’t do you good if no one sees them.

So when is the best time to pin?

According to Buffer, you should pin around the afternoons and evenings. On weekdays, the Buffer team clusters posts between 2-4 p.m. and 9-11 p.m. Eastern.

Tip: You can also research at what time your target market is most active, and pin then.

3. Take Advantage of Red Letter Days

Unlike with Facebook, users on Pinterest don’t log in to their accounts to keep tabs on their ex or find out which new tourist spots their friends have visited.

Pinterest is action-driven. Pinners log in to find inspiration for a birthday party, learn new ways to style their hair, or try out a mouthwatering recipe.

So if it’s Christmastime, Thanksgiving, or Halloween? It’s the perfect time for you to pin content related to the holiday.

Here’s an example.

If it’s almost Christmas and you’re wondering how to wrap your presents, you’d be the first to save this pin and follow the board.

Tip: It’s a good idea to pin holiday-themed content a little earlier than the holiday itself. For example, pinning Christmas ideas in November is a good practice.

4. Spark Engagement with Contests

When you give away something awesome through a contest, you get immediate attention.

For instance, take a look at this contest.

Users notice it because who wouldn’t want six free nights in Hawaii enjoying wellness treatments, sumptuous organic meals, and culture classes?

Tip: Go all out with your contests, but avoid these spammy tactics:

Running contests too often.

Requiring Pinners to endorse your website or blog.

5. Keep an Eye Out for Popular Boards

On Pinterest, there are boards that allow multiple Pinners to share their content.

Here’s an example of one.

As you can see, the board on the left features a small circle at the bottom that shows more than one profile photo. This means the board has multiple contributors.

The best thing about joining a group board is you’ll get exposure to new followers. Post something that stands out on the board, and they’ll surely be curious about you.

Tip: Don’t join boards with only a few followers. To make your time and talent worthwhile, look for those with over a thousand followers.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Curate

As Pablo Picasso once said, “art is theft.”

But on Pinterest, you don’t have to worry about “stealing” beautiful photos. In fact, that’s what Pinterest is all about!

On Pinterest, you’re like a museum curator. You select the most fascinating works of art, organize them, and then display them for the public to enjoy.

So don’t be afraid if you only have a few of your own photos. Pinning content from other users will make you popular just the same.

For inspiration, here’s a look at Maryann Rizzo’s board, Everything.

Most of the photos pinned to the board aren’t Maryann’s own. They’re photos she genuinely cared about and saved to her board.

The result?

Four million followers.

Tip: Be selective about the photos you pin to your boards. They should fit your niche and catch attention at the same time.

7. Make the Necessary Connections

Your Pinterest account shouldn’t stand on its own.

That’s why you should connect it to your website, social media accounts, or online shop.

When you do this, Pins from these accounts get attributed to you.

You can also get analytics on your Pinterest content.

8. Be Consistent

To gain millions of followers, don’t just pin when inspiration strikes you.

Pin every single day!

The more high-quality pins you have, the more followers you’ll get. It’s that simple.

For instance, take a look at Poppytalk’s board At the Lake – Interiors.

This board has more than 1,000 pins and 3 million followers!

Tip: No matter how busy you get, make it a rule to pin at least one photo every single day.

9. Follow Other Pinners

Following other Pinners gives you two benefits:

It brings beautiful content to your Pinterest home screen.

Many of those you follow will follow you back.

Tip: It’s a good idea to follow Pinners within your niche. When you do, the content you get will be relevant to re-pin to your boards.

10. Stand Out

It goes without saying that when you do something different, people will notice.

So be creative. Be yourself. Take risks.

Here’s a lovely board to inspire you. If pink makes you smile, that is.

Are You Ready to Go Viral on Pinterest?

So, are you utilizing Pinterest as a huge marketing platform that’ll grab attention, establish your brand, and drive tons of traffic to your site?

If not, you should start right now.

Stand out on Pinterest.

Create and curate fascinating photos.

Engage with other users.

Who knows? With a little time and persistent effort, you can gain your own 12 million followers.

More Resources:

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All screenshots taken by author, November 2023

Know Who Unfollow You On Pinterest

If you’re wondering why your Pinterest follower count is low, there’s now a third-party app from Innovatty that lets you monitor the users who unfollow your account. Followers on Pinterest is an iOS application which lets you find out who is not following you back and who unfollowed you. It also enables you to track new followers, mutual friends, fans and more.

Getting and Keeping Your Pinterest Followers

Although you can now track who unfollowed you on Pinterest, as well as those who never followed you back, that doesn’t mean that you can just let your number of followers decrease. Good thing, there are helpful and simple tips that you can use to get and keep your Pinterest followers.

Connect Your Existing Social Networks

One of the best ways to generate hundreds of followers on Pinterest is to connect your account to your other social networks. That’s because any content you post on this online pinboard will be shared on your other account. In turn, a lot of your existing followers and fans will see this, and they will have an easy link to your Pinterest account.

Optimize Your Pinterest Boards and Content

Another way to expose your Pinterest account and content is to optimize it. As much as possible, incorporate your primary keywords on your Pinterest board label, file name and description. That way, it has a chance of ranking on search engine result pages that could give your content the exposure it deserves.

Follow Other Users

Of course, you cannot expand your brand or content’s online presence on Pinterest if you don’t follow other users. After all, this virtual pinboard is also considered as a social networking site. This means that you have to connect with other people if you want to garner followers.

Pin Regularly

When you are a content provider, it’s important that you post content regularly. The same thing goes with Pinterest. Posting regularly will keep your followers engaged, as well as it will give them a reason to check your account from time to time.

Provide Pin-worthy Content

What makes a Pinterest user follow-worthy is the fact that he or she provides pin-worthy content. After all, this online pinboard is designed for users to share various and high-quality content on the World Wide Web.

As of the moment, it is the only Pinterest app that offers this service. Followers on Pinterest is available for download on iTunes for $1.99.

Source: Pinterest Home Page

How To Fix No Sound On Windows Computer

How To Fix No Sound On Windows Computer How To Fix No Sound On A Computer? Part 1: Windows Sound Not Working Only In A Particular App

If you are facing issues with your computer audio while using a particular app, you need to try restarting your PC. And, if you are still unable to fix the audio issues, follow these steps.

Reboot your computer.

If you are still unable to get the sound on, try uninstalling the program and reinstalling it back again or try to update the program.

Part 2: No Sound On A Windows PC- Fixes To Know 1. Update Sound Drivers

If you do want yourself to face any hassle, you can directly try updating your PC sound drivers using inbuilt Device Manager. Follow the steps below to update sound drivers on a Windows PC:

Press Win+R to open ‘Run’ window and type in msc. It will open the Device Manager.

You’ll see a list of options. Locate Sound, video and game controllers.

Then go to the Driver tab and choose the action you want to perform. For instance in this case where your PC has no sound, you must choose ‘Update Driver’.

You will see a question on the next screen ‘How do you want to search for drivers?’ If you aren’t sure about drivers, choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’.

Your PC will search for updated drivers online. You can then download the updated drivers if prompted.

Download Smart Driver Care using the link above on your computer.

Once the installation is complete, open the application to start searching for outdated drivers and updating them.

2. Adjust Speaker Properties

You can fix Windows sound not working by adjusting speaker properties. Follow the steps below:

Wrapping Up:

That’s all folks! This is how you can fix all your sound related issues on Windows computers. Try these hacks and let us know which one of these hacks helped you to fix Windows sound not working properly error. If you have recently updated Windows and encountered ‘Windows 10 no sound after update’ issues you can try these fixes with no doubts. Check them out and let us know which hack helped you fix the audio issues.

Keep reading Tweak Library for more such content.

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Akshita Gupta

How To Save Snapchat Filters

Using Snapchat filters is easy—all you have to do is to open up the camera and tap on the smiley face icon.

Once you tapped on the smiley face icon, you can choose a filter by scrolling left and right.

Alternatively, you can search for a filter by selecting “Explore”.

On the “Explore” page, you’ll be able to find user-created Snapchat filters.

However, saving these user-created Snapchat filters is a bit more complicated.

At times, you might find a filter that you really like, and you might want to save it.

However, you might be unsure of the best way to save that filter on the app.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to save Snapchat filters/lenses in two ways so you can re-use them for your future snaps.

How to Save Snapchat Filters

To save Snapchat filters, find the filter that you want to use, take a photo/video using it, and save it.

After you’ve saved the photo or video, it’ll be added to your filters on the camera.

To find it, go to Snapchat, select the camera icon, select the smiley face icon, and the filter will be there (in the middle).

Alternatively, you can go to the explore page, hold down a filter, and select “favorite”.

Once you’ve selected “favorite”, the filer will be saved to your favorites.

You can access your favorites by navigating to “Favorites” section on the explore page.

Whenever you take a photo or a video with a filter, it’ll automatically be added to your filters.

However, you need to save the photo or video to your camera roll.

Otherwise, the filter will not be added to your list of filters on the camera.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can save Snapchat filters.

Step #1: Find the filter that you want to use

The first step is to find the filter that you want to use on Snapchat.

To begin with, open Snapchat and navigate to the camera on the app.

Once you’re on the camera, tap on the smiley face icon.

After you’ve tapped on the smiley face icon, a list of filters will appear.

On the bottom navigation bar, tap on “Explore” to see user-created filters.

On the explore page, you can search for user-created filters in several ways.

The first way to search for them is to use the search bar.

Alternatively, you can use the trending, holidays, face, world, or the music tab to find filters.

After you found the filter that you want to use, tap on it to use it.

In this example, I’ll be using the “Red Indie Horns” filter.

You’ve successfully searched and found a filter on Snapchat.

In the next step, you’ll learn how to save the filter for future use.

Step #2: Take a photo with the filter and save it

After you’ve tapped on the filter that you want to use, the camera will be opened.

In order to save the filter, you need to take a photo or a video using the filter.

Otherwise, it will not appear on your filters.

Simply take a random photo or video using the filter.

In this example, I’ve taken a photo of a cat from Google Images using the “Red Indie Horns” filter.

You can either do the same or take a photo of yourself using the filter.

After you’ve taken the photo, you need to save it to your camera roll.

You can do so by tapping on the save icon on the bottom left of your screen.

Once the photo is saved, you’ll be able to view it in your camera roll.

The filter will also be saved in your Snapchat filters.

You’ve successfully taken a photo and saved it in your camera roll.

In the final step, you’ll learn where the filter is saved to.

Step #3: Go back to your filters

Open the Snapchat camera and the filter will show up in the middle of your Snapchat filters.

Finally, go back to the camera on Snapchat.

Then, tap on the smiley face icon to access your filters.

The filter that you’ve used in the previous step will now show up in the middle of your Snapchat filters.

If the filter is not showing up, you probably didn’t save the photo or video that you took while you’re using it.

If that’s the case, you’ll have to take a photo or a video using the filter again and save it to your camera roll.

Now that the filter is saved, you can use it for your future snaps.

However, if you don’t want to use the filter anymore, you can remove it from your filters.

To remove the lens, tap on the info icon, then select “Remove Lens” to remove it.

After you’ve removed it, it’ll no longer show up on your filters.

Congrats, you’ve successfully saved the Snapchat filter!

Now that you know how to save Snapchat filters, you can repeat the steps to save other ones that you want to re-use.

How to add Snapchat lenses to your favorites

Adding Snapchat lenses to your favorites is one way to save it.

If you like a Snapchat filter, you can favorite it to easily find and use it again.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can add a Snapchat lens to your favorites:

Open Snapchat and tap on the camera icon.

Tap on the smiley emoji.

On the bottom navigation bar, select “Explore”.

Search for the filter that you want to favorite.

Press and hold down the filter.

Tap on the star icon to add the filter to your favorites.

After you’ve added the lens to your favorites, you’ll be able to find it on the explore page.

The lens will be located at the top of the explore page under the “Favorites” header.

Can we save Snapchat filters?

Yes, you can save Snapchat filters.

Snapchat filters will be automatically saved if you took and saved a photo/video using it.

You’ll be able to find it when you tap on the smiley face icon on the camera.

Alternatively, you can favorite a Snapchat lens to save it to your favorites.


Snapchat filters are a fun and interactive way to change how you look on camera.

There are a ton of filters on Snapchat that you can choose from.

From holiday filters to music filters—the options are endless.

If you happen to find a filter that you like, you can easily save it by following the methods in this guide.

That way, you can easily find and use it for your future photos or videos.

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