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Taking screenshots on a MacBook Pro 2020 is an incredibly useful tool for capturing important information and images. With the right approach, anyone can learn to take screenshots with ease. This guide will provide a step-by-step breakdown of the process, detailing exactly how to take and store screenshots from your MacBook Pro 2020. It will also discuss potential applications for this highly convenient feature, helping users to get the most out of their device. With this resource in hand, anyone can become an expert in taking and managing screenshots from their MacBook Pro 2020.

Understanding the Screenshot Function

The Screenshot function is an invaluable tool in the MacOS operating system that allows users to capture images and videos of their computer screens. This feature can be used for a variety of purposes, from taking quick notes to creating a visual record of software bugs. In order to use the Screenshot function, it is important for users to understand how the feature works.

The Screenshot functions are located in two main areas: the menu bar and the keyboard shortcuts. Through the menu bar, users can access a drop-down menu from which they can select specific screenshot options. These include capturing full screen shots, selecting specific sections of the screen to take screenshots from, and recording videos of their screens. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts provide another way to access these options quickly and easily. The most common shortcut used for screenshots is Command+Shift+3 which captures a full screen shot of whatever is on the user’s screen at that moment.

Overall, understanding how MacOS’s Screenshot function works is an essential skill for any user who wants to make the most out of their machine’s capabilities. With knowledge about both the menu bar and keyboard shortcuts available for taking screenshots, users can more effectively utilize this powerful feature in any situation they might encounter.

Taking a Screenshot of Your Entire Screen

Taking a screenshot on a Macbook Pro 2020 is an easy and efficient process. It involves pressing two or three keys to capture the image of whatever is currently displayed on the screen. This makes it a useful tool for saving information quickly, whether for work, school or leisure.

The first step is to understand how the screenshot function works. The Macbook Pro has multiple keyboard shortcuts that can be used to take screenshots in different ways. The most common and versatile of these shortcuts includes pressing the ‘Shift-Command-3’ key combination which captures an entire screen shot of the current display.

When this shortcut is used, all visible content on the screen will be captured as an image file, which can then be saved and edited if desired. This makes it an incredibly useful tool for quickly capturing information without having to type it out or manually save it as a file. By understanding how this function works, users can easily take advantage of its capabilities to capture what they need when they need it.

Taking a Screenshot of a Selected Portion of the Screen

Taking a screenshot of a selected portion of your screen can be particularly helpful when you want to capture an image or text that is too long to fit on one page. To do this, simply press Command + Shift + 4, which will turn your cursor into a crosshair. Then, click and drag the crosshair diagonally across the area you wish to capture. When you let go of the mouse button, the screenshot will be saved as an image file on your desktop.

In addition to taking screenshots of portions of your screen, you can also take screenshots of individual windows. To do this, press Command + Shift + 4 and then press the Space bar. Your cursor will change into a camera icon and you can hover it over any window to highlight it in blue. When you click on the window, it will take a screenshot of that window only and save it as an image file on your desktop.

Capturing screenshots is beneficial for quick reference or record keeping purposes. It allows users to quickly copy images or text from their device without having to manually type out information or search through multiple files for something they’ve seen before. With these simple steps, users are able to quickly and easily take screenshots of both their entire screen and individual windows in no time at all.

Taking a Screenshot of a Window

Capturing a screenshot of an individual window on your Macbook Pro 2020 is as easy as taking a screenshot of the entire screen. All that’s needed is to target the specific window you would like to capture and press Command + Shift + 4. With this shortcut, the cursor will turn into a crosshair; click and drag the crosshair across the window’s frame until it has been completely selected. Once you have highlighted the desired window, release your mouse or trackpad button and the image will be captured.

If you want to save this screenshot immediately, press Spacebar after releasing your mouse or trackpad button; this will open a miniature version of your selected window with a “Save As” option in its corner. If you choose not to save now, then your image will be saved automatically onto your desktop as a PNG file with the title “Screen Shot” followed by the date and time it was taken.

Capturing screenshots can be an effective way to quickly document any changes that occur on your Macbook Pro 2020. It is also useful for capturing images that may help troubleshoot problems or simply illustrate what is happening on-screen during presentations or lectures. Screenshots are valuable tools that allow users to preserve information from their screens for future reference.

Taking a Screenshot of a Menu

Capturing a menu on your MacBook Pro 2020 requires a few steps. Firstly, you must navigate to the specific menu you wish to capture. Secondly, press and hold the Command (?) and Shift keys together, then press 4. Thirdly, you will be presented with a crosshair cursor; position your mouse over the menu and click your mouse or trackpad and release all of the keys simultaneously. This will automatically capture a screenshot of the menu and save it to your Desktop as an image file that can be opened with any image editor. As capturing screenshots of menus is simple yet efficient when done correctly, users can enjoy the ease of use on their MacBook Pro 2020 in order to capture screenshots effortlessly.

Setting a Timer for Taking Screenshots

1. Setting a timer for taking screenshots is a useful feature that allows users to capture images of their computer screens at a predetermined interval. 2. Timer preferences and options vary depending on the specific software used, as some programs may have more advanced features than others. 3. For example, some programs may offer the ability to set a specific time interval for screenshots or adjust the number of screenshots taken in a given time period. 4. Additionally, users may be able to set preferences such as the size, resolution, or file type of the screenshot for specific purposes.

Setting Timer for Taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots on MacBook Pro 2020 can be a simple process when done with the correct approach. One important step to consider is setting a timer for the screenshot, as this can help ensure that all desired elements are included in the picture. To set a timer for taking screenshots, users can press Command+Shift+5 and select “Options” from the capture window. From there, they should select “Start Timer” and choose a delay of either 5 or 10 seconds. Choosing either option will cause the screenshot to be taken after the allotted time has passed. This allows users to take an accurate picture by allowing them to properly position and adjust any windows or items that they want included in the screenshot. As such, setting a timer for taking screenshots is an essential part of capturing desired images accurately on MacBook Pro 2020.

Timer Preferences and Options

Once the timer has been set, users of MacBook Pro 2020 have a few options to choose from in terms of how they want the screenshot to be taken. They can use a keyboard shortcut such as Command+Shift+5 or they can set the timer and then press the space bar when they are ready for the screenshot to be taken. There is also an option to capture a specific area of the screen, which can be done by selecting “Capture Selected Area” from the same window used to set the timer. This allows users to select any desired area of their display and take a screenshot without having to worry about capturing other items that are not necessarily relevant. Furthermore, this feature allows for more control over what elements appear in screenshots taken on MacBook Pro 2020. Finally, users may also opt for a timed capture of all windows which includes all open windows on their desktop and captures them at once when the timer runs out. This feature is particularly useful for those who wish to document multiple open windows at once without having to individually take screenshots of each one.

Editing Screenshots

Taking screenshots on a MacBook Pro 2020 is relatively simple and straightforward. After capturing an image of the screen, users can edit the resulting screenshot to make it more meaningful or to better fit their needs. Editing screenshots can be done using several methods.

The simplest way to edit a screenshot is directly within macOS’ Preview app. This allows for basic things such as cropping, rotating, changing brightness/saturation levels, and even adding annotations or shapes. Additionally, one can open the screenshot in many third-party photo-editing software programs which offer more comprehensive editing capabilities:

  • Color adjustment tools
  • Layers and blending modes
  • Filters and effects
  • Text tools
  • By taking advantage of all of these editing features, users have greater control over how their screenshots look; they can make them more visually pleasing or they can emphasize certain elements within the image. With creativity and imagination, users are able to turn a simple screenshot into something much more impactful.

    Capturing a Screenshot to the Clipboard

    1. Taking a screenshot on a Macbook Pro 2020 can be done by pressing Command + Shift + 3 simultaneously. 2. This will capture the entire desktop of the device and save the screenshot as a .png file on the user’s desktop. 3. Copying the screenshot to the clipboard can be done by pressing Command + Control + Shift + 3 simultaneously. 4. This will capture the entire desktop and store the image in the clipboard for pasting elsewhere. 5. Once the desired screenshot has been captured and stored in the clipboard, it can be pasted to the desired location by pressing Command + V. 6. After pasting the screenshot, the user can modify it according to their needs and save it as a new file.

    Taking a Screenshot

    Capturing a screenshot to the clipboard on a Macbook Pro 2020 is a fairly simple process. It involves pressing two keys simultaneously to capture the entire screen, or press three keys to capture a selected area of the screen. First, press and hold the Command (?) and Shift (?) keys together, then press the number 3 key. This will save an image of your whole screen as a PNG file to your clipboard. If you would like to capture just a part of your screen instead, hold down Command (?), Shift (?), and number 4 keys together. Your cursor will turn into crosshairs that you can click-and-drag around your desired area of the screenshot. Once you have finished selecting an area, release the mouse button or trackpad and it will be saved to your clipboard as a PNG file. This image can then be pasted into any document or application for further use. With this simple step-by-step guide, capturing screenshots on Macbook Pro 2020 is easy and accessible for anyone with minimal technical know-how.

    Copying Screenshot to Clipboard

    Once the screenshot is taken, it must be copied to the clipboard in order for it to be added to other documents or applications. Copying the screenshot to the clipboard involves using a few simple steps. Firstly, press Command (?) + Control (^) + Shift (?) + 3. This will copy the entire screen image to the clipboard. Alternatively, if you would like to copy only a portion of the screen image, press Command (?) + Control (^) + Shift (?) + 4 and drag your cursor over the desired area before releasing it. The image will then be saved to your clipboard as a PNG file. Finally, with this procedure, you can easily add any screenshot taken on Macbook Pro 2020 into any document or application that supports images. With its user-friendly design and intuitive controls, copying screenshots on Macbook Pro 2020 is both quick and straightforward for anyone with minimal technical know-how.

    Pasting Screenshot

    Once the screenshot has been saved to the clipboard, the next step is to paste it into any desired applications or documents. This can be done by navigating to the appropriate application and right-clicking with the mouse, selecting ‘Paste’ from the menu that appears. Alternatively, this action can be performed from within an application itself by pressing Command (?) and V at the same time. Pasting a screenshot in this way allows users to quickly add screenshots to any document or application. Moreover, advanced users have even more options; they can edit pasted images with various tools such as cropping and retouching for more precise results. In short, no matter what type of user you are, pasting screenshots on Macbook Pro 2020 offers plenty of features and functions that make it easy for anyone to quickly add screenshots wherever needed.

    Saving Screenshots as Files

    The ability to save screenshots as files is a highly sought-after feature for Macbook Pro 2020 users, offering a convenient and efficient way to capture the content of their computer screens. Capturing screenshots can be advantageous in a range of scenarios, ranging from academic study to professional projects. It is therefore essential that users understand how to take and save screenshots on the Macbook Pro 2020.

    The process of saving a screenshot as an image file on the Macbook Pro 2020 involves several steps. Firstly, press Command+Shift+3 keys simultaneously to take the screenshot. This will take an image of your entire screen at once. To take a picture of only part of the screen, press Command+Shift+4 instead; this will allow you to select which area you would like to capture with your mouse cursor. Once you have taken your desired screenshot, it will appear as a thumbnail at the bottom right corner of your screen.

    To save this screenshot as an image file, click on the thumbnail and drag it onto your desktop or into any other folder location. The file will then be saved in .PNG format for easy access later on. With these simple steps, users are now equipped with the knowledge necessary to efficiently capture and store their screenshots on their Macbook Pro 2020 device.

    Common Applications for Screenshots

    The ability to take screenshots is a useful tool for many users. From capturing the contents of a webpage to creating tutorials, screenshots are a versatile asset. With the release of the 2020 MacBook Pro, Apple introduced some new methods for taking screenshots.

    In addition to the standard method of pressing Command+Shift+3 or Command+Shift+4 on the keyboard, the new MacBook Pro offers touch bar users several other options. By tapping and holding the touch bar, users can select from a list of available screenshot options such as:

  • Capturing part of the screen (Command+Shift+5):
  • Selecting an area of the screen by dragging with cursor
  • Using freehand selection for more precise snap-shotting
  • Saving specified sections as files or clipboard
  • Recording whole screens (Command+Shift+6):
  • Setting up recording timers
  • Recording entire screens
  • Capturing windows (Command+Shift+4 then Spacebar):
  • Highlighting certain windows for easy selection and capture
  • The addition of these features makes it easier than ever to capture what one needs in an efficient manner. Furthermore, this versatility allows users to customize their screenshot experience however they please. Whether it be saving specific sections of pages as files or recording entire screens, this evolution in screenshot technology is sure to streamline user experiences across multiple platforms.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I take a screenshot of a video playing on my MacBook Pro 2020?

    Taking a screenshot of a video playing on a MacBook Pro 2020 is possible. This can be done by pressing the Command-Shift-5 keys at the same time. This will open up an onscreen menu that allows users to capture a portion of their screen, record their entire screen, or record part of their screen. Additionally, users may also use the Grab utility application that comes preinstalled with macOS to take screenshots. The Grab utility application allows for users to select a specific window, capture the cursor and even set a timer before taking the screenshot.

    Is there a limit to how many screenshots I can take?

    When taking screenshots on a MacBook Pro 2020, there is typically no limit to the amount of screenshots one can take. However, depending on the type of file being captured as a screenshot and the space available on the computer or external storage device, it may be necessary to delete some screenshots after they are taken. Users should also keep in mind that their laptop’s operating system may impose restrictions on how many screenshots can be taken at once.

    Can I take screenshots with a keyboard shortcut?

    Taking screenshots with a keyboard shortcut is possible on the MacBook Pro 2020. This can be done by pressing the Command + Shift + 3 keys simultaneously, which will capture the entire screen and save it to your desktop. If you need a screenshot of only a specific area of the screen, press the Command + Shift + 4 keys and then select the specific area by simply dragging your mouse across it. The selected area will also be saved to your desktop.

    Can I take a screenshot of a website?

    Taking screenshots of websites is an easy task with the right tools and software. On a Macbook Pro 2020, you can take a screenshot of a website using the built-in Grab utility or by using keystroke combinations to capture the entire page or part of it. Moreover, there are third-party apps that allow for more precise selection and editing of website screenshots. By following these simple instructions, you can easily take screenshots of websites on a Macbook Pro 2020.

    Can the screenshots be shared over social media?

    When it comes to sharing screenshots over social media, the answer is yes. Macbook Pro 2020 users have the ability to share their screenshots with friends and family across various social media platforms. To do this, one must first take a screenshot by pressing Command+Shift+3 or Command+Shift+4 at the same time, then choose which file type they wish to save it as (PNG, JPG) and store it on their computer’s desktop. After that, users can upload the screenshot to any desired social media platform by selecting ‘Share’ or ‘Upload’ then selecting which platform they want to share it in.


    Taking screenshots on a MacBook Pro 2020 is an incredibly useful skill to have. It allows users to capture the contents of their screen, whether it be a video, website or image. With keyboard shortcuts and in-built tools, taking screenshots is very straightforward. Additionally, these screenshots can be shared with friends and family over social media platforms.

    This guide has outlined steps for taking screenshots on MacBook Pro 2020, and answered some common questions about the process. By following this guide, users should now be able to take screenshots with ease and use them as they wish. In conclusion, taking screenshots on MacBook Pro 2020 is an easy task that offers a range of uses for users of all levels of experience.

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