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Flair AI has a freemium pricing model. This means that while there is a free version available, there are also paid options with additional features and benefits. In this article, we will explore the details of Flair AI’s pricing structure and what you can expect from the free version.

In today’s digital landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are becoming increasingly popular and valuable. Flair AI is one such tool that offers a range of AI-powered features to assist individuals and teams in various creative endeavors. However, it’s essential to understand the pricing structure of Flair AI to make an informed decision about using the platform.

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Flair AI operates on a freemium pricing model, which means it provides both free and paid options for users. The free version serves as a starting point for individuals or teams who want to explore the platform’s capabilities without committing to a paid plan immediately.

The free version of Flair AI is designed to give users a taste of what the platform has to offer. It doesn’t require a credit card to sign up, making it easily accessible to anyone interested in trying it out. Here are some features of the free version:

The free version allows users to identify successful approaches and replicate them throughout their team or organization.

Flair AI’s free version includes access to custom AI features and integrations, enabling users to enhance their creative projects with AI-powered assistance.

Users of the free version can opt for annual billing, providing them with the convenience of a longer-term payment arrangement.

While the free version offers a range of useful features, Flair AI also provides paid options with additional capabilities. The pricing tiers ensure that users can choose the plan that best suits their needs. Here are the pricing tiers and their corresponding features:

The monthly subscription plan grants users full access to Flair AI’s product photography feature. This feature allows for collaborative, tailor-made designs that align with a brand’s identity. It serves as a comprehensive design tool for an entire team.

Flair AI also offers custom pricing plans for teams or organizations with specific requirements. These plans provide personalized features and support tailored to the unique needs of the users.

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One of the standout features of Flair AI is its AI-generated product photography capability. With this feature, users can create high-quality product images without the need for professional photography equipment or expertise. The AI technology employed by Flair AI ensures that the generated images are visually appealing, consistent with the brand’s style, and scalable.

Flair AI extends its reach through its mobile app, available for download on the Apple App Store. The app allows users to access Flair AI’s features conveniently from their mobile devices. Additionally, the app offers a free trial, providing users with an opportunity to explore its functionality before committing to a subscription.

Flair AI is currently in private beta, which means it is continuously evolving and improving based on user feedback. As part of this process, Flair AI offers a free trial period for users to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand. This trial period enables individuals and teams to assess how Flair AI can enhance their creative workflows and achieve desired outcomes.

1. Can I use Flair AI for free?

Yes, Flair AI offers a free version that allows users to access certain features and functionalities without any cost.

2. What is the pricing for Flair AI’s monthly subscription?

Flair AI’s monthly subscription starts at $10 per month and provides full access to the product photography feature and other premium capabilities.

3. Is the AI-generated product photography feature available in the free version?

No, the AI-generated product photography feature is part of the paid subscription plans and is not available in the free version.

4. Can I try Flair AI before purchasing a subscription?

Absolutely! Flair AI offers a free trial period, allowing users to explore its capabilities and determine whether it aligns with their creative needs.

5. Are there custom pricing plans available for specific requirements?

Yes, Flair AI offers custom pricing plans for teams or organizations with unique requirements. These plans provide personalized features and support tailored to the users’ specific needs.

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What Is Generative Ai?

Generative AI is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to generate original media such as text, images, video, or audio in response to prompts from users. Popular generative AI applications include ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E, and Midjourney.

Most generative AI is powered by deep learning technologies such as large language models (LLMs). These are models trained on a vast quantity of data (e.g., text) to recognize patterns so that they can produce appropriate responses to the user’s prompts.

This technology has seen rapid growth in sophistication and popularity in recent years, especially since the release of ChatGPT in November 2023. The ability to generate content on demand has major implications in a wide variety of contexts, such as academia and creative industries.

How does generative AI work?

Generative AI is a broad concept that can theoretically be approached using a variety of different technologies. In recent years, though, the focus has been on the use of neural networks, computer systems that are designed to imitate the structures of brains.

Highly complex neural networks are the basis for large language models (LLMs), which are trained to recognize patterns in a huge quantity of text (billions or trillions of words) and then reproduce them in response to prompts (text typed in by the user).

An LLM generates each word of its response by looking at all the text that came before it and predicting a word that is relatively likely to come next based on patterns it recognizes from its training data. You can think of it as a supercharged version of predictive text. The fact that it generally works so well seems to be a product of the enormous amount of data it was trained on.

LLMs, especially a specific type of LLM called a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT), are used in most current generative AI applications—including many that generate something other than text (e.g., image generators like DALL-E). This means that things like images, music, and code can be generated based only on a text description of what the user wants.

Types of generative AI

Generative AI has a variety of different use cases and powers several popular applications. The table below indicates the main types of generative AI application and provides examples of each.

Strengths and limitations of generative AI

Generative AI is a powerful and rapidly developing field of technology, but it’s still a work in progress. It’s important to understand what it excels at and what it tends to struggle with so far.


Generative AI technology is often flexible and can generalize to a variety of tasks rather than specializing in just one. This opens up opportunities to explore its use in a wide range of contexts.

This technology can make any business processes that involve generating text or other content (e.g., writing emails, planning projects, creating images) dramatically more efficient, allowing small teams to accomplish more and bigger teams to focus on more ambitious projects.

Generative AI tools allow non-experts to approach tasks they would normally be unable to handle. This allows people to explore areas of creativity and work that were previously inaccessible to them.


Generative AI models often hallucinate—for example, a chatbot’s answers might be factually incorrect, or an image generator’s outputs might contain incongruous details like too many fingers on a person’s hand. Outputs should always be checked for accuracy and quality.

These tools are trained on datasets that may be biased in various ways (e.g., sexism), and the tools can therefore reproduce those biases. For example, an image generator asked to provide an image of a CEO may be more likely to show a man than a woman.

Although they’re trained on large datasets and draw on all that data for their responses, generative AI tools generally can’t tell you what sources they’re using in a specific response. This means it can be difficult to trace the sources of, for example, factual claims or visual elements.

Implications of generative AI

The rise of generative AI raises a lot of questions about the effects—positive or negative—that different applications of this technology could have on a societal level. Commonly discussed issues include:

Jobs and automation: Many people are concerned about the effects of generative AI on various creative jobs. For example, will it be harder for illustrators to find work when they have to compete with image generators? Others claim that these tools will force various industries to adapt but also create new roles as existing tasks are automated.

Effects on academia: Many academics are concerned about ChatGPT cheating among their students and about the lack of clear guidelines on how to approach these tools. University policies on AI writing are still developing.

Plagiarism and copyright concerns: Some argue that generative AI’s use of sources from its training data should be treated as plagiarism or copyright infringement. For example, some artists have attempted legal action against AI companies, arguing that image generators use elements of their work and stylistic approach without acknowledgement or compensation.

Fake news and scams: Generative AI tools can be used to deliberately spread misinformation (e.g., deepfake videos) or enable scams (e.g., imitating someone’s voice to steal their identity). They can also spread misinformation by accident if people assume, for example, that everything ChatGPT claims is factually correct without checking it against a credible source.

Future developments: There is a lot of uncertainty about how AI is likely to develop in the future. Some argue that the rapid developments in generative AI are a major step towards artificial general intelligence (AGI), while others suspect that we’re reaching the limits of what can be done with current approaches to AI and that future innovations will use very different techniques.

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What Is Shark Ai Ultra?

Are you tired of spending hours cleaning your floors? Introducing Shark AI Ultra, the revolutionary 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop that combines cutting-edge technology with convenience to give you a complete clean from start to finish. With its ultra-powerful vacuum and Sonic Mopping capabilities, Shark AI Ultra is designed to make your cleaning routine easier and more efficient than ever before. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Shark AI Ultra, highlighting why it is the perfect choice for those seeking a hassle-free cleaning experience.

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Shark AI Ultra is a true multitasker. It can simultaneously vacuum and mop your floors, saving you time and effort. Whether you have carpets, hardwood, or tile floors, this versatile cleaning solution is up to the task.

One of the standout features of Shark AI Ultra is its effective mopping capability. The robot’s bin releases the right amount of cleaning fluid, and its unique wiggling motion while mopping ensures thorough scrubbing of the floor. If you want to spot-clean a specific area, simply select UltraMop in the app, and you’ll notice the difference it makes.

Shark AI Ultra utilizes Matrix Clean Navigation, a cutting-edge technology that allows the robot to clean your floors from multiple angles in a matrix-like grid. This ensures that every nook and cranny of your carpets and floors is covered, leaving no spots untouched.

Controlling and customizing your cleaning experience with Shark AI Ultra is a breeze. The device is compatible with voice control assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to command it with simple voice instructions. Additionally, the mobile app provides a user-friendly interface to conveniently schedule cleaning sessions, adjust settings, and monitor the cleaning progress.

Shark AI Ultra is designed to be self-sufficient. When the robot’s battery runs low, it will automatically return to its charging dock to recharge. This ensures that it’s always ready to clean whenever you need it, without any manual intervention required.

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If you have a smart home setup, you’ll be pleased to know that Shark AI Ultra can seamlessly integrate into your existing ecosystem. With a few simple setup steps on your smartphone or tablet, you can connect the robot to your smart home devices and control it with ease.

Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, Shark AI Ultra is suitable for everyday cleaning. Whether you have a busy household, pets, or simply want to maintain a consistently clean environment, this robot vacuum and mop can effortlessly handle the task.

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In conclusion, Shark AI Ultra is a game-changer in the world of automated cleaning. With its 2-in-1 vacuum and mop functionality, powerful cleaning performance, and intelligent features, it provides a comprehensive cleaning solution for all types of flooring. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and intuitive controls, Shark AI Ultra ensures that your floors are spotless and your cleaning routine is hassle-free.

Yes, Shark AI Ultra is capable of cleaning multiple rooms. Its Matrix Clean Navigation technology enables it to navigate through different areas of your home and ensure a thorough clean.

Absolutely! Shark AI Ultra comes with a mobile app that allows you to schedule cleaning sessions according to your preferences. You can conveniently set the robot to clean while you’re away or during specific times of the day.

The frequency of replacing the cleaning fluid depends on the size of the area being cleaned and personal preference. Shark AI Ultra’s bin releases the right amount of cleaning fluid, and you can refill it as needed to maintain optimal mopping performance.

Yes, Shark AI Ultra is compatible with popular voice control assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. You can easily integrate the robot into your smart home setup and control it using voice commands.

Yes, Shark AI Ultra comes with a standard warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or contact customer support for detailed warranty information.

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How To Use Midjourney Ai For Free? An Ultimate Guide

Midjourney AI is a small, self-funded team that is turning the imagination power of humans into realistic images.

The open beta version of Midjourney AI was launched on July 12, 2023, and it is accessible to all users around the globe.

You can use Midjourney AI by creating a Discord account, then look for the “newbies-#” channel in Midjourney’s official server and create images using the “/imagine” Command. You can also upscale or create image variations and save the generated image on your device.

But can we use Midjourney AI for free?

Continue reading to learn if you can use Midjourney AI for free and how to create desired images through prompts.

What Is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney AI is an independent research lab launched by San Franciso-based Company called Midjourney, Inc.

It is an AI art generator that converts your text descriptions called “Prompts” into realistic images, similar to Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

However, unlike Stable diffusion and DALL-E, you can’t use Midjourney AI on your computer as a web app; you will need the Discord App to access it.

Furthermore, the new V5 version of Midjourney AI was launched on March 15, 2023.

Midjourney V5 works on a neural network architecture and has excellent tools to create hyperrealistic images.

You must provide crystal-clear prompts like lightning, aesthetics and mood of images to acquire the desired output images from the AI.

However, Midjourney AI is still upgrading its capabilities and AI generator tools.

Therefore, sometimes it might produce inaccurate images that do not meet the user’s requirements.

How Can You Use Midjourney AI?

Midjourney AI is best known for creating images by analyzing images in its database.

You can follow the steps below to use the Midjourney AI.

1. Join The Discord 2. Find A Newbies Channel

After joining Discord, select any “newbies-#” channel on the official Midjourney server.

Note: You can also generate images with Midjourney Bot on other servers after you invite the bot to the server.

3. Use The “/imagine” Command

Now you can use the command “/imagine” or “/imagine prompt:” to interact with the Midjourney Bot.

You can type the description of the image you want to create in the prompt section.

4. Wait For The Image To Process

As shown below, the Midjourney AI will take some time to generate the image.

Therefore, wait patiently for the image to generate, or use the “/info” command to check your remaining time.

5. Upscale Or Create Variations

The images will generate in a grid form with two rows of buttons, as shown in the image below.

The U button upscales your selected image, generating a larger image with more details.

And the V button creates images with slight variations from the previous images.

Furthermore, the 🔄(re-roll) button produces a new grid of images.

6. Save Your Image

If you are using a mobile device, long tap on the image and tap the download icon to save the image.

Additionally, all the images are saved in the “ chúng tôi .”

Read on to learn if you can create images using ChatGPT and the differences and similarities between ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion.

Can You Use Midjourney AI For Free?

Unfortunately, Midjourney AI halted the free access to its user on March 30, 2023.

Before the halt, users were provided with 25 free images, and now, you will need to pay for a subscription to generate any images.

The halt to free image generation was due to the extreme demand of the new users.

Furthermore, in an email to The Verge, CEO David Holz states that the halt is because of users making throwaway accounts to generate free images.

Additionally, the cause of the halt links to the creation of fake images of Donald Trump being arrested and the Pope wearing a stylish jacket.

However, Holz notes that the free trial does not have access to the V5 version of Midjourney, which is thought to be used for making those fake images.

Create Desired Images Through Prompts On Midjourney

You should know how to provide appropriate prompts to Midjourney AI to create images according to your requirements.

Therefore, learning about the structure and details of prompting can be helpful.

1. Structure Of Prompts

Advanced prompts consist of image prompts or URLs(Uniform Resource Locator), text phrases and one or more parameters.

The Image Prompts section consists of the image or the URL of the image, and we place it at the front of the prompt.

Following the image prompt, we need a text description of the image you want to generate.

After the text prompt, we can also place parameters that can change the aspect ratios, models, upscale, etc.

2. Prompting Ideas

While providing prompts to the AI, we should consider some notes about prompting to get our desired images.

Prompt Length

The length of the prompt will affect image generation in the Midjourney AI.

If you provide a very short prompt, it will provide its default style image, and very long prompts are also not better.

Therefore, keep your prompt descriptive and focus on the main concepts.


The AI does not understand the grammar and sentence structure, but providing more descriptive synonyms and fewer words can be helpful.

It would be best to consider using commas, brackets, and hyphens to organize your prompts.

3. Focus On What You Want

If you ask the Midjourney bot for an image with “no trees,” it will include trees.

Therefore, you need to focus on what you want in the images rather than what you don’t.

4. Details Matter

Anything you leave out unsaid in the prompt will be randomized, so get into the specific details you want in the images.

Details in the images can be subject, medium(photo, painting, sculpture), environment, lighting, color, mood and composition (portrait, birds-eye view).

The Bottom Line

The Midjourney AI is an eye-catching tool for creating hyper-realistic images through text prompts.

It is easy to access and requires a Discord account to create images inside the app using the “/imagine” prompt.

However, its free trial of 25 image generation has been stopped, so you must pay for the subscription fees.

Read on to learn about the best alternatives for Writesonic and the top Notion AI alternatives worth considering.

Is The Modern Warfare 2 Beta Free?

Is the Modern Warfare 2 Beta Free?

Find out if you can play the MW2 beta for free.

Are you wondering if the Modern Warfare 2 beta is free to play?

It’s a bit complicated, but there is a free way to take place in the beta.

BUY NOW: Meta Quest Pro

Unless you pre-order the game, you’ll have to wait until September 24 if you want to play.

Let’s take a look at the details on the cost of the MW2 beta.

Is the Modern Warfare 2 Beta free?

If you’re on the fence about the whole pre-ordering thing, it is the best way to get into the beta right now. Furthermore, the free beta will only last a weekend, from the 24th to the 26th.

So if you want to get quality time with the multiplayer, now’s a great time to jump in. But is it worth putting down the full price just to get early access? That depends.

If you’re a massive fan of 2023’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare, we would say yes. The production quality is there, the aesthetic of modern special forces is there, and the gunplay is as tight and satisfying as ever.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Preorders

There’s also the matter of what system you’ll want it for. At this point, the PlayStation honeymoon is over, so if you’re an Xbox and PC player, you can decide over the next couple of days if the extra time is worth it. PC players take note of whether your system can handle the game.

You’ll also get early access to the campaign a week before the game launches on October 28th. But don’t consider this an iron-clad endorsement of pre ordering. We understand it’s complicated and ultimately boils down to personal choice.

For instance, you can only get operator skins in the beta like Ghost, Soap, and Price by pre-ordering the Vault edition of the game. This feels a bit like a shakedown, but that’s modern gaming for you, “games as a service” is not going to go away anytime soon.

What Versions of Call of Duty Modern Warefare are there?

So how much is it going to cost precisely if you do decide to take the plunge, and what do you get if you go the whole hog on the Vault edition of the game?

We have an in-depth guide to the editions, so if you want to take a full deep dive, read that article. If you want the short version, here it is.

If you buy the standard edition, you get:

Early access to the single player campaign

Early access to the multiplayer beta

If you buy the Vault edition, you get:

Early access to the single player campaign

Early access to the multiplayer beta

The Ghost Legacy Pack

Red Team 141 Operators Pack

FJX Cinder Weapon Vault

Battle Pass + 50 Tier Skips

The standard edition will cost you $70, and the Vault Edition $100.

As far as we’ve noticed, there isn’t a deluxe physical edition with any cool swag. It is a shame because 2023’s Call of Duty came with an excellent set of night vision goggles, so it’s disappointing not to see a tremendous big bundle for the ultra COD fans.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Free FAQs

Is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Free?

There will be a free weekend on September 24-26. If you want play earlier you must pre-order the game to get early access.

Are all the Operators Playable in the Beta?

You’ll only get access to operators like Ghost, Price, and Soap if you pre-order the Vault edition of the game.

Phil Svitek, 360 Creative Coach


Because of my job, I’ve been extremely blessed to do incredible things. I’ve gotten to go backstage at major WWE events. I’ve met and befriended some of the biggest celebrities. I’ve seen the rise of hundreds of hosts go from their early beginnings to their dream jobs. And so on. But this isn’t a session where I brag to you. No, the point is we all have experiences that are extremely wonderful and meaningful. Maybe even sacred. Artist Andy Goldsworthy has a quote about this very notion. It goes, “There are extraordinarily beautiful moments… Those are the ones I live for.” These moments are ones worth living for. And I sincerely wish them upon you.

However, it is not these moments that concern me on a day to day level. What concerns me is the moments in between these rare ones. The moments that are much more quiet and subdued. The ones that could even be classified as mundane like laundry, an activity that has to be repeated over and over throughout life.

These types of moments we don’t talk about much. They’re certainly not written about it books or shown on TV. If we talk about activities such as doing laundry with anyone it’s usually in a begrudging manner. Like, “crap, I have to do laundry.”

But even though we don’t talk about them or consider them much, I want to pose to you that these moments are equally as profound as the once in a lifetime events. Maybe even more so. Here’s why. Because if we can’t learn to find meaning in the everyday then we’ll end up depressed. You can’t just go from one amazing experience to another amazing experience. More often times than not, these monotonous moments amount to more of our time than the special ones. Even successful people that you admire have moments of down time that they need to fill. Social media has only escalated this false view that other people’s lives are more glamorous than yours. They may get to do fantastic things, but they too have moments of doubt and worry. I certainly do. I recognize I’m not the most successful person but I also realize that the experiences I’ve had are ones that certain people only dream of in their lifetimes. And I can tell you firsthand I have my fair share of ordinary moments. It is how we fill these moments that defines us.

Ever know someone who can’t sit still? It is because they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. They need another activity to stimulate them. Some people loathe down time because it’s when thoughts flood their mind. Thoughts they don’t want to think about. Or if they’re not thinking at all then they default to an emotion they’ve long associated with such activities – such as anger, frustration or boredom.

This line of thinking is not only depressing but can lead to terrible actions. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that we’re seeing so many suicides as of late. I am of the belief that conflict, like matter, cannot be created nor destroyed. The majority of us don’t have to worry about food, water or shelter and so our conflict becomes internal, escalating into an existential crisis.

How we deal with it can have life or death importance. Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy is completely based on this idea. Logotherapy is an existential analysis focusing on the will to meaning as opposed to a doctrine of will to power or will to pleasure. It states that a strive for meaning in life is the primary, most powerful motivating and driving force in humans.

Ok, all this is well and good but what’s the solution? We can’t eliminate entire parts of adult life such as eating, shopping, driving, showering and so on. Just like conflict can’t be destroyed, neither can these aspects. Even if they’re minimized or streamlined they leave room for something else to crop up. Is that scary to you? It was to me for a long time. But it doesn’t have to be because the solution is much simpler than elimination. As has been the theme of most of my lessons, it’s a matter of perspective.

In his book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman writes a quote that his mentor taught him. The quotes goes, “there are no ordinary moments.”

Wait, what? How can that be? All I’ve done is highlight ordinary moments so far and how they pose a threat to our daily lives. Well, yes and no. I’ve framed them this way very deliberately but the capital t Truth is you get to decide how to view these things.

The stoics understood that life contained many hardships and surprises. But they conditioned themselves to expect the unexpected and therefore were never thwarted by such obstacles. One such example of true stoicism happened when Edison’s facility caught fire and was burning down. Rather than get angry, cry or worse, quit entirely, he gathered his family and told them to observe for a fire such as that was a rare site. Huh? Why would he do that? Because what other option did he have? Getting emotional wasn’t going to change what was happening in the moment. The facility was going to burn down one way or another. And it did. Now here’s the really remarkable thing. Edison rolled up his sleeves and weeks later he had rebuilt most of the facility and was back at work. Better yet, he was creating things that were far better than before. The fire not only burned the facility but it burned all the useless failed projects that were taking up physical space as well as mental space. Edison was afforded a new start. Edison saw meaning in the fire. That was no ordinary moment. But he chose to remain positive and solution oriented. I use the word chose purposefully as opposed to him defaulting to a subconscious reaction such as anger or sadness.

Now, it can be argued that a fire such as this is a life altering moment and not ordinary at all. Fair enough. But it does illustrate the power a person holds over how they see meaning in life. How they derive purpose from experience. You can derive meaning from anything. Isaac Newton’s primary life work began with the falling of an apple from a tree because he saw something in the moment no one else had seen before. That was no ordinary moment for him. And yet to us, an apple falling seems not that special. I’ve seen hundreds of apples fall from a tree and never came close to a revelation let alone an epiphany.

But this is where the work of choosing comes in. Last week I spoke about my philosophy that talent is a process and not a skill. This is because life is all about action. It is about doing. Through actions we showcase to the world and ourselves who we truly are. It’s not an easy task. Sometimes we get tired. It’s easy to default to something we’ve grown accustomed to rather that having to work towards something different and better. It’s why misery loves company. It’s why there are only a select few that go on to be successful. Because if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Well, everyone can do it. And it starts with you.

“There are no ordinary moments.” Practice everyday in deriving meaning from experience. And by that I don’t mean just saying “today sucked because…” No! Perhaps phrase it like “today I learned … because of …” Or how about “even though this happened today, what I gained from it was…”

Another trap I see people fall into, including myself, is we focus on the problem instead of the solution. This is because there’s some inherent belief in us that says in order to find a solution we must know what caused the problem. This doesn’t have to be. Yes, it is a wonderful skill if you are able to simplify things succinctly for people. But it’s a fool’s errand at times. I’ve come to learn that life is too unpredictable for us to know why something happened. We can never truly isolate the variables down to a singular one. Scientists everywhere are cringing at this statement. But even science admits its only accurate to a certain degree. Fact is fact until it is proven wrong. The world was flat. Now it’s not. Go figure. By focusing on the cause of something you’re focusing on the past. Some physiologists call that time traveling. Don’t do it. Instead focus on the solution. The good news is that there’s no one single solution just like there’s really no single cause of a problem that we can discern. This benefits us because it allows us to try something, see if it works and if it doesn’t alter our approach.

If you start to recognize that there are no ordinary moments, then solutions can present themselves to you from anywhere. Just like they did for Newton. The choice, as always, is yours.

There will be days where you’ll be so exhausted like me that you just won’t want to do it. It is in these moments that we discover our true strength. If you falter, so be it. Course correct. None of us are perfect. So don’t fret.

To help reinforce today’s lesson, here’s some wonderful quotes I like.

“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.” – Dan Millman

“There is no good or bad without us, there is only perception. There is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means.” – Ryan Holiday

“It’s time you realized that you have something in you more powerful and miraculous than the things that affect you and make you dance like a puppet.” – Marcus Aurelius

“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca

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