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A strong password is the first step to securing your online accounts from unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection. Two-factor authentication in iCloud or Apple ID is a permanent action. Once you set up or use 2FA in your iCloud account, there’s no going back. The security mechanism cannot be turned off, deactivated, or disabled—either temporarily or permanently.

You’ll need to provide a six-digit verification code after entering your password whenever you sign in to Apple ID on a browser or new device. 2FA codes are sent to your phone number and devices connected to your Apple/iCloud account. But what happens when you lose your phone or Apple device?

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It can be difficult to access your iCloud account without 2FA, but it’s not impossible. In this tutorial, we’ll show how to bypass two-factor authentication in iCloud.

How to Bypass Two-Factor Authentication iCloud

As mentioned earlier, It’s not impossible to bypass iCloud’s two-factor authentication. However, the process can be quite daunting and time-consuming. To access your iCloud account without a 2FA code, you’ll need to prove to Apple that you own the account.

All you need is your email address, phone number, and your iCloud credit card details. You may need to initiate an account recovery process if you don’t have this information.

Add Another Trusted Phone Number

Adding a new phone number to Apple ID is one easy way to regain access to your account. You aren’t exactly bypassing the two-factor authentication system by doing this. Rather, you’re creating a new medium to receive 2FA codes.

This is the easiest way to access your Apple account if you lose the (primary/old) phone number where you receive 2FA codes.

Add Trusted Phone Number on iPhone or iPad

You can only add a trusted phone number from an Apple device linked to your Apple ID. Here’s how to add a trusted phone number from an iPhone or iPad:

Go to your Settings and select your Apple ID name, and select Password & Security.

    Select Edit in the “Trusted Phone Number” section, select Add a Trusted Phone Number, and enter your iPhone or iPad’s passcode to continue.

      Select your country code and enter your phone number. Apple will send a verification code to the number you provided. Select how you want to receive the code (Text Message or Phone Call) and select Send.

      Enter the verification code and wait for Apple to link the phone number to your account. You should now get 2FA codes on the new number when you attempt to sign in to Apple ID on the web or unrecognized devices. 

      Add Trusted Phone Number on a Mac

      Follow these steps to add a trusted phone number to your iCloud account on a Mac desktop or computer.

        Select the plus icon.

          Enter your Mac’s password and select Allow.

            Select your country code, enter your phone number in the dialog box, select how you want to verify the phone number (text message or phone call), and select Continue.

            When you next sign in on the web or a non-Apple device, you should get a 2FA code on the newly-added trusted phone number.

            Provide Credit Card Information

            Your credit card details may get you access to your iCloud account, especially if you can’t access your trusted phone number(s) and Apple devices.

            Select Didn’t get a verification code? on the two-factor authentication page.

              Select More Options.

                Enter the phone number that receives the two-factor authentication codes and select Continue.

                This helps Apple confirm that the iCloud or Apple ID account truly belongs to you. If you don’t remember the phone number, you’ll need to either reset your Apple ID password or initiate an account recovery process. Jump to the # section to learn more. Otherwise, proceed to step # to continue to recover your Apple ID.

                  Select the Continue button and Apple will proffer recovery solutions based on your selection.

                  If you select “Is your device offline?”, Apple will list steps to get a verification code from devices connected to your iCloud account.

                  Selecting the “Can’t use your phone number?” option will refer you to the page with instructions to update your phone number on Apple devices.

                  You’ll have to recover your Apple ID if you no longer have your phone number or Apple devices. Select Continue in the “Don’t have access to any of your Apple devices or your phone number?” section, and follow the prompts below.

                    Select Continue anyway to proceed.

                      Apple will send a verification code to your email address. Enter the code and select Continue. Otherwise, select Can’t use this email address? if you use a different email address. You’ll be prompted to enter details of the (credit) card connected to your Apple ID.

                        Select Don’t have access to this card if you no longer have the credit card.

                          Select Continue to proceed.

                            Enter your phone number on the next page if you can’t provide the verification code (sent to your email address) or credit card information. Select how you want to receive account recovery instructions—via text message or phone call—when Apple verifies your identity.

                            Apple says the verification process could take a few days or longer—depending on the information you provide. The more info you provide, the shorter the “wait time.” So, verifying your identity with your iCloud credit card is a quicker way to bypass iCloud two-factor authentication and regain access to your account.

                            You’ll get instructions to recover your account via text message or phone call when Apple verifies that you own the account.

                            2FA Can’t Stop You

                            Contacting Apple via chat or phone call won’t expedite the account recovery process because Apple Support representatives aren’t trained to verify users’ identities. They can only guide you through the steps.

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                            Amp: Is It A Google Ranking Factor?

                            AMP is an HTML framework that helps desktop-optimized sites deliver ultra-fast mobile versions of webpages.

                            When you think about it, AMP ticks several boxes that suggest it could be a ranking factor:

                            Developed by Google ✅

                            Makes websites more mobile-friendly ✅

                            Improves page speed ✅

                            Despite actively encouraging people to use it, Google has debunked claims that AMP is a ranking factor.

                            Case closed, right?

                            But we can’t write it off and ignore the impact it has on other elements that do matter for SEO.

                            Here’s what the evidence says about AMP’s impact on search results and its connection to other ranking factors.

                            And if you have more questions about what is and isn’t a Google Ranking Factor, we answer them all in the latest Google Ranking Factors: Fact Or Fiction ebook.

                            The Claim: AMP As A Ranking Factor

                            The claim here is straightforward – AMP gives pages a ranking boost in Google’s search results.

                            Discussions about AMP as a ranking factor began when Google launched the technology in 2023.


                            People think AMP is a ranking factor because Google has a stake in its success as a technology.

                            Google is responsible for creating AMP and actively encourages using it as part of a more significant effort to speed up the web.

                            In theory, Google could increase the adoption rate of AMP by turning it into a ranking signal.

                            The ranking boost would be a reward for using Google’s new technology. Of course, that would be unfair to any site not using AMP.

                            If Google used AMP to rank search results, you could argue it would be forcing sites to use its technology to stay relevant.

                            Thankfully, that’s not how search works.

                            But AMP isn’t irrelevant to SEO by any stretch.

                            Let’s look at the evidence on how AMP impacts SEO.

                            The Evidence Against AMP As A Ranking Factor

                            This one is pretty easy – Google has confirmed that AMP is not a ranking factor. Again. And again.

                            In Google’s Advanced SEO guide, the company says it ranks all pages using the same signals:

                            “While AMP itself isn’t a ranking factor, speed is a ranking factor for Google Search. Google Search applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page.”

                            This quote touches on something we mentioned earlier about AMP impacting other things, like page speed, which are confirmed ranking factors.

                            Sites that use AMP can potentially benefit from these other signals.

                            As of July 2023, page speed has been a ranking factor for mobile searches.

                            The increased speed has the potential to lead to better rankings. However, sites can generate the same signals without AMP.

                            Core Web Vitals

                            Google’s Core Web Vitals became ranking factors with the rollout of the Page Experience update in June 2023.

                            Leading up to the update’s launch, Google’s communication to site owners has always been that AMP can help achieve ideal Core Web Vitals scores.

                            “There is a high likelihood that AMP pages will meet the thresholds. AMP is about delivering high-quality, user-first experiences; its initial design goals are closely aligned with what Core Web Vitals measure today.

                            This means that sites built using AMP likely can easily meet Web Vitals thresholds.”

                            Google presented data showing that AMP domains were five times more likely to pass Core Web Vitals than non-AMP domains.

                            Passing Google’s Core Web Vitals thresholds can improve a site’s search rankings.

                            Again, as with the page speed ranking boost, you can achieve this without AMP.

                            Decline Of AMP

                            AMP used to carry various perks that could enhance how a page appears in search results.

                            For example, Google’s Top Stories carousel appears at the top of search results when looking for news stories and used to only accept AMP pages.

                            That changed in June 2023 with the rollout of the Page Experience update, which now makes it possible for non-AMP pages to appear in the Top Stories carousel.

                            Another unique feature of AMP pages was that a lightning bolt icon appeared in search results to indicate which pages offered faster experiences.

                            Google has done away with that icon. Now, AMP pages are indistinguishable from regular pages in search results.

                            AMP Decline Continues

                            Since the first version of this ebook was released, AMP has continued to decline steadily.

                            In response to complaints from publishers and readers alike, an update to Google News on mobile bypasses AMP URLs and sends traffic directly to publishers’ websites.

                            Google has a long history of introducing new tools, hyping them up, and retiring them years later. Examples include failed social media site Google+ and Skype competitor Google Hangouts.

                            AMP isn’t retired yet, but it would be on-brand for Google to say that this web technology it developed is no longer relevant.

                            It’s not only Google saying it, but other web companies are dropping AMP from their platforms.

                            Twitter no longer supports AMP links and treats them like Google News by redirecting visitors to the publishers’ domains.

                            As more companies continue to limit the prevalence of AMP, there’s no reason why you should have to do anything different to your website.

                            If you’re currently using AMP and are happy with how your webpages perform in search results, then continue doing what you’re doing.

                            Should the day come when Google shutters the AMP project, it’s not as though your website will stop working. AMP is HTML code crawled and indexed like anything else on the web.

                            Our Verdict: AMP Is Not A Ranking Factor

                            Google has confirmed multiple times that AMP is not a Google ranking factor.

                            AMP can positively impact other ranking factors (e.g., speed), but it is not a factor on its own.

                            Find out more about ranking factors: Google Ranking Factors: Fact Or Fiction.

                            Featured image: Paulo Bobita/Search Engine Journal

                            Is It Possible To Sneeze While You Are Sleeping?

                            Have you ever sneezed so loudly in the middle of the night that you’ve woken yourself up? Think about it. The answer is likely no. In fact, many sleep researchers and neuroscientists think it’s essentially impossible to sneeze while you sleep.

                            First, a caveat. To date, there doesn’t seem to be any published studies that questioned whether we sneeze during our sleep. Instead, physiologists and sleep researchers have attempted to answer this question based on our current understanding of how our brains and bodies work while we sleep.

                            “As far as I know, I don’t think people sneeze during sleep,” says sleep researcher Steven Shea, director of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences at Oregon Health and Science University. “I’ve studied hundreds of people sleeping, and I’ve never witnessed anyone sneezing during sleep…but, I’ve never provoked them, either.”

                            Shea recalls a story which suggests this hypothesis may be true. He once saw a boy with a chronic cough. “He was coughing probably every 10 to 15 seconds of his waking life,” Shea says. But, the boy’s parents told him that the child would stop once he fell asleep. “True enough. I was looking at his brain waves and as soon as he went into the lightest state of sleep, his coughing stopped. And then he would wake up in the middle of the night, cough again, but then he would fall back to sleep and not cough.”

                            Shea has some guesses as to why that boy stopped coughing—and why we don’t sneeze—in our sleep.

                            For one, while in bed, many of us are exposed to fewer things that’ll make us sneeze. There aren’t as many people or pets kicking up dust in the dead of night when we’re catching up on our needed zzz. And for those of us who experience the photic sneeze reflex—sneezing when you see the sun or other bright light—chances are, you’re sleeping in a darkened room.

                            With non-REM sleep, it simply takes more to penetrate into our subconscious. In non-REM sleep, explains Shea, there’s a lot more filtering and suppressing going on. For instance, getting tapped lightly on the hand doesn’t register as strongly in your brain when you are asleep as it does when you’re awake. You can actually see this effect on an EEG monitor. When sleeping human subjects are tapped on the hand, they will produce less electrical activity than if they were tapped with the same strength while awake. (It’s probably why you sometimes have to violently shake someone to successfully wake them.)

                            During slow wave sleep, a type of non-REM sleep, the thalamus and the cerebral cortex (the brain’s relay station and the outer, folded portion, respectively) activate each other to keep things quiet in our brains. “The thalamus and the cerebral cortex are in this dance,” Shea says, “where they’re controlling each other, and it’s sort of blocking the sensory input.” However, Shea points out that this relationship doesn’t block things completely, it just makes it tougher for stimuli to get through.

                            “But the beauty of sleep is that it’s almost immediately reversible when there’s a dangerous situation,” Shea says. If there’s a strong enough stimulus (like the smell of smoke or obstructive sleep apnea), it can pierce through that sleepy, muted stupor and wake us up. Shea reckons that if we were to sneeze in the middle of the night, it would be because some external stimulus that typically causes sneezing would wake us up first, and then we would sneeze.

                            Sleep consultant Don Watenpaugh, vice president of the Texas Society of Sleep Professionals and member of the Sleep Research Society, agrees. “The brain can’t sleep and actively listen, see, smell, [and feel] at the same time,” says Watenpaugh. “However, if a sensory stimulus is strong enough, it can wake us up. This includes things that make us sneeze.”

                            REM sleep, on the other hand, prevents sneezes in a potentially different way. During REM sleep, while we’re dreaming of flying on dragons or fighting bad guys, our brains put our bodies on lockdown to keep ourselves from actually acting out our dreams. “A sneeze is a big coordinated muscular activity,” says Shea, but because of that REM-induced lockdown, “some of those muscles are semi-paralyzed,” and the ability to sneeze nearly impossible.

                            Instead, Watenpaugh says, we might just incorporate the sneeze-inducer into our dreams: perhaps you walk through a jungle thick with cobwebs, or compete in a mad dash through a dusty Ancient Roman track. Sleep tight!

                            Halo 5 Crossplay: Is It Possible On Pc? Everything We Know

                            Halo 5 Crossplay: Is it Possible on PC? Everything We Know Check our expert guide for a detailed overview




                            Are you excited about the release of Halo 5: Forge gameplay? Learn here about this game’s news.

                            Any users that are playing both on PC and Xbox can enjoy this intense gameplay.

                            You can also play Halo 5: Guardians on cross-platform thanks to the Content browser. 


                            INSTALL BY CLICKING THE DOWNLOAD FILE

                            To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

                            Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

                            Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

                            Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

                            Fortect has been downloaded by


                            readers this month.

                            Halo 5 is a popular First-person Shooter (FPS) game with several modes and exciting features. It has a tremendous user base and is the first choice of a large section of the gaming community. But many wonder if Halo 5 supports crossplay.

                            Given the massive appeal and popularity, one would expect Halo 5 to be cross-platform, but the answer comes as a surprise to many. So let’s find out.

                            Does Halo 5 have crossplay?

                            No, Halo 5 doesn’t support crossplay. As per recent reports, while the team has not outright denied the idea, there are no immediate plans for it. So, Halo 5 won’t support crossplay, at least in the foreseeable future.

                            But if you are looking for an alternative, Halo 5: Forge is the best option on Windows. The Forge mode is not new. It has existed in Halo 5: Guardians on Xbox One since its release. It lets you forge levels and invite users from the friend list to play in the Custom game mode.

                            Is Halo 5 on PC?

                            Halo 5: Guardian is currently available only on the Xbox platform and not on Windows PC. And it wouldn’t be listed for download on PC for some time now, given the company’s denial of any plans to do so.

                            What are the requirements to play Halo 5: Forge on PC?

                            First, let’s see if your PC meets the system requirements for playing Halo 5: Forge on your rig. So we’re listing the required specifications below:

                            ➡ Minimum specs

                            CPU: Intel Core i5 @ 2.3Ghz or AMD FX 6350

                            Memory: 8 GB RAM (2 GB VRAM)

                            GPU: AMD R7 260x or GeForce 650 Ti

                            HD Space: 40 GB

                            DirectX 12

                            ➡ Recommended specs

                            CPU: Intel Core i5 [email protected] 3.4Ghz / AMD FX 8150

                            Memory: 12 GB RAM (4 GB VRAM)

                            GPU: AMD Radeon R9 380 / GeForce GTX 970

                            HD Space: 40 GB

                            DirectX 12 4K

                            ➡ Ultra specs

                            CPU: Intel Core i7 [email protected] 3.4Ghz / AMD FX 9370

                            Memory: 16 GB RAM (4+ GB VRAM)

                            GPU: AMD Radeon R9 Fury X / GeForce GTX 980 Ti

                            HD Space: SSD + 40 GB

                            DirectX 12

                            Supported OS: Windows 10 Anniversary (v.1607) or newer

                            How can I get Halo 5: Forge on PC for free?

                            With a download size of 31 GB, Halo 5: Forge on Windows supports resolutions up to 4K and has an online multiplayer mode that lets you invite your friends as long as they are also on the Windows. Plus, it even lets you change your keyboard control bindings.

                            How do I use Halo 5 crossplay?

                            Expert tip:

                            Ability to create content: The most exciting feature is Halo 5 is the ability to create content using powerful tools in the game creation suite.

                            Content shared across platforms: The content you create on Windows using Halo 5: Forge or on Xbox One using Halo 5: Guardians is shared across both platforms. That means that whether you play the game on Windows or your Xbox console, there will be the option to play the same levels.

                            Can’t play at the same time: Although you get to play the same levels, you won’t be able to play Halo 5 at the same time as Xbox users.

                            Support for mouse and keyboard: While the Xbox controller remains the first choice for many, with Halo 5: Forge on Windows, gamers can finally use their keyboard and mouse to play the game.

                            Halo app comes bundled: When you download Halo 5: Forge, it comes bundled with the Halo app, which offers the latest developments on the platforms, video tutorials, community content, update notes, and a lot more, all in one place.

                            What more should I know about Halo 5: Forge?

                            Halo 5: Forge on Windows 10 also comes with all of the original 15 pre-made Arena maps, essentially giving you much of the Halo 5 multiplayer for free. This also means you can host your own custom Arena matches as well and invite your friends for a game.

                            It’s not all dandy! There are quite a few issues still with the PC release. To name a few, there are quite a few people with mouse input latency issues and frame rate capped at 60 at the moment. And there is no way to find a game since there is no server browser or matchmaking.

                            Even the interface – while modified for PC – was originally designed for consoles and thus has massive thumbnails and large text.

                            Halo 5: Guardians cross-platform play

                            Even if you can’t cross-play Halo 5: Forge on PC and Xbox, you can do so with Halo 5: Guardians.

                            The Anvil’s Legacy expansion introduced the Content Browser that allows both Xbox One and PC gamers to join custom matches in progress, pretty much like a server browser.

                            Until then, there is a Discord servers website where like-minded PC players seem to have gathered to organize a few matches themselves.

                            Many users are complaining that the gameplay is very different on PC from the Xbox console, and the reasons are pretty obvious. That is why not many players want to mix the two worlds together, and the PC multiplayer servers are pretty deserted.

                            That’s all there’s to Halo 5 crossplay on Windows and Xbox, and by now, you should have a fair understanding of how it works.

                            Also, if you are a fan of PC games, discover some quick tips and tricks to boost Windows gaming performance.

                            Still experiencing issues?

                            Was this page helpful?


                            Start a conversation

                            How To Bypass Error 5: Access Is Denied?

                            Have you ever wanted to install software on your Windows or tried to access a file or folder but faced this issue Error 5: Access is Denied? It is a very commonly known issue. Here I will tell you how to fix this problem using five easy methods.

                            The main reason you may be facing this error is mainly because of a Windows Configuration problem that does not give you the necessary permissions required to make these changes, or a corrupted user account where the UAC does not give permission to a local user.

                            Alternatively, there may also be a corrupt active directory, or firewall software may be blocking the UAC.

                            It is a very broad error, and there are many things you can do about it to fix it all of which may not be relevant to your issue. However, I have compiled a concise solutions list with the procedure that will help you fix this error.

                            This seems like a very easy trick and you may be thinking this will not work, but since this error occurs due to administrative privileges not granted, this may just work for you.

                            You can alternatively move the installer into the OS directory of your system, and then run the installer as an Administrator to see if this works.

                            If this did not work for you, there is a chance that the problem may be deeper-seated. Try the next fix to see if it resolves your issue.

                            The most common reason that Error 5: Access is Denied issue occurs is because of incorrect security Permissions. You can follow these steps to fix this issue:

                            Open File Explorer.

                            Type the following location in the address bar and press Enter.


                            In the Advanced Security Settings for Temp that shows up, tick the box next to Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object.

                            This should get you the administrator privileges required to install the app or get access to the file or folder that was previously inaccessible.

                            If this fails to solve your issue, you can try to enable the built-in Admin account via the command prompt.

                            This differs from the administrator account in the fact that this type of account has all the permissions enabled. This enables the user to perform a variety of functions that would otherwise not be executable.

                            To enable the built-in admin account, follow these steps:

                            Open an elevated Command Prompt. Press Win + R to open the Run dialogue, type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open it in administrator mode.

                            Insert the following command to enable the built-in administrator account:

                                      net user administrator /active:yes

                            Close the command prompt after the command executes. Try to install the software again.

                            You can disable the built-in administrator account any time you want by entering the following command:

                            net user administrator /active:no

                            There are some programs that are not compatible with the User Account Control settings. You can change them to adjust their interference in-app installation and folder access.

                            To change UAC settings, follow these steps:

                            Press Win + R to open the Run

                            Type the text: UserAccountControlSettings press Enter.

                            This will bring up the UAC settings. Adjust the slider to Never Notify and select OK.

                            Try installing the application again with UAC turned off.

                            Turn on the UAC settings again to the previous value once the application is installed.

                            This should allow you full access to your system and let you install the app that wasn’t installing or access the folder which showed this error. If this does not help you resolve your Error 5: Access is Denied issue, you may have to disable the firewall to grant you access to the files.

                            You may have to disable your security software, as it may have been what was restricting the access to your files.

                            Check how to disable Windows Defender


                            Is Google’s Mum A Search Ranking Factor?

                            At Google I/O 2023, Google announced a new technology called MUM (Multitask Unified Model) that it will use internally to help its ranking systems better understand language.

                            Since the announcement, there has been much discussion about if or when MUM would become a ranking factor.

                            What Is MUM?

                            Dubbed “a new AI milestone for understanding information,” MUM is designed to make it easier for Google to answer complex needs in search.

                            Google promises MUM will be 1,000 times more powerful than its NLP transfer learning predecessor, BERT.

                            MUM uses a model called T5, the Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer, to reframe NLP tasks into a unified text-to-text format and develop a more comprehensive understanding of knowledge and information.

                            According to Google, they could apply MUM to document summarization, question answering, and classification tasks such as sentiment analysis.

                            MUM is a significant priority inside the Googleplex, so it should be on your radar.

                            The Claim: MUM As A Ranking Factor

                            When Google first revealed the news about MUM, many who read it naturally wondered how it might impact search rankings (especially their own).

                            Google makes thousands of updates to its ranking algorithms each year, and while the vast majority go unnoticed, some are impactful.

                            BERT is one such example. It was rolled out worldwide in 2023 and hailed the most significant update in five years by Google itself.

                            And sure enough, BERT impacted about 10% of search queries.

                            RankBrain, which rolled out in the spring of 2024, is another example of an algorithmic update that substantially impacted the SERPs.

                            Now that Google is talking about MUM, it’s clear that SEO professionals and the clients they serve should take note.

                            Roger Montti recently wrote about a patent he believes could provide more insight into MUM’s inner workings. That makes for an interesting read if you want to peek at what may be under the hood.

                            For now, let’s consider whether MUM is a ranking factor.

                            [Recommended Read:] The Complete Guide To Google Ranking Factors

                            The Evidence Against MUM As A Ranking Factor

                            In his May 2023 introduction to MUM, Pandu Nayak, Google fellow and vice president of Search, made it clear that MUM technology isn’t yet in play:

                            “Today’s search engines aren’t quite sophisticated enough to answer the way an expert would. But with a new technology called Multitask Unified Model, or MUM, we’re getting closer to helping you with these types of complex needs. So in the future, you’ll need fewer searches to get things done.”

                            Then, the timeline provided for when MUM-powered features and updates would go live became “in the coming months and years.”

                            The Evidence For MUM As A Ranking Factor

                            When RankBrain rolled out, it wasn’t announced until six months afterward. And most updates aren’t announced or confirmed at all.

                            However, Google has become better at sharing impactful updates before they happen.

                            For example, BERT was first announced in November 2023, rolled out for English-language queries in October 2023, and rolled out worldwide later that year in December.

                            We had even more time to prepare for the Page Experience signal and Core Web Vitals. Google announced them over a year before the eventual rollout in June 2023.

                            Google has already said MUM is coming and will be a big deal.

                            But could MUM be responsible for a rankings drop of many sites experienced in the spring and summer of 2023?

                            [Discover:] More Google Ranking Factor Insights

                            Implementing MUM To Improve Search Results

                            As promised, Google announced new and potential MUM applications publicly.

                            In June 2023, Google described the first application of MUM and how it improved search results for vaccine information.

                            “With MUM, we were able to identify over 800 variations of vaccine names in more than 50 languages in a matter of seconds. After validating MUM’s findings, we applied them to Google Search so that people could find timely, high-quality information about COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.”

                            In September 2023, Google shared ways that it might use MUM in the future, including new ways to search with visuals and text – as well as a redesigned search page to make it more natural and intuitive.

                            In February 2023, Google offered insight into how RankBrain, neural matching, BERT, and MUM lead to information understanding. In this post, the following was noted:

                            “While we’re still in the early days of tapping into MUM’s potential, we’ve already used it to improve searches for COVID-19 vaccine information, and we’ll offer more intuitive ways to search using a combination of both text and images in Google Lens in the coming months. These are very specialized applications — so MUM is not currently used to help rank and improve the quality of search results like RankBrain, neural matching and BERT systems do.”

                            “Now, using our latest AI model, MUM, we can automatically and more accurately detect a wider range of personal crisis searches. MUM can better understand the intent behind people’s questions to detect when a person is in need, which helps us more reliably show trustworthy and actionable information at the right time. We’ll start using MUM to make these improvements in the coming weeks.”

                            Later in the post, Google continued describing how MUM could improve search results.

                            “MUM can transfer knowledge across the 75 languages it’s trained on, which can help us scale safety protections worldwide much more efficiently. When we train one MUM model to perform a task — like classifying the nature of a query — it learns to do it in all the languages it knows.

                            For example, we use AI to reduce unhelpful and sometimes dangerous spam pages in your search results. In the coming months, we’ll use MUM to improve the quality of our spam protections and expand to languages where we have very little training data. We’ll also be able to better detect personal crisis queries all over the world, working with trusted local partners to show actionable information in several more countries.”

                            Our Verdict: MUM Could Be A Ranking Factor

                            While Google doesn’t use MUM as a search ranking signal yet, it most likely could in the future.

                            In multiple posts about MUM on The Keyword blog, Nayak promises MUM will undergo the same rigorous testing processes as BERT before Google implements it into search.

                            Featured Image: Paulo Bobita/Search Engine Journal

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