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WordStream has been extremely successful in handling PPC for their customers, and Larry recently told me that one cent of EVERY dollar spent on AdWords goes through WordStream. Can you believe it? We are honored to have Larry join us for our LA SEO and marketing conference, happening in just a few weeks! The title of Larry’s presentation is 7 Ridiculously Smart Facebook and Twitter Advertising Hacks.

How do you decide whether to build a campaign on Twitter or Facebook? Or, when does doing both work best?

You can get crazy awesome results even with tiny budgets like $50, as long as you’re promoting the right content, to the right people, on the right channel. I talked about this just a couple of months ago with Loren Baker in an SEJ ThinkTank webinar — that I love testing content out on Twitter, then promoting it on Facebook. By doing it that way, you can make sure you’re promoting only the best content on Facebook, which keeps your engagement insanely high, driving costs down and getting you crazy impressions.

You have to identify what’s going to make what you’re offering truly different from anything else your target audience is considering. I’m not talking about more clever catchphrases or anything like that…those are just surface level changes that amount to putting lipstick on a pig if your underlying offer and messaging are no good. I’m actually going to be talking about this at SEJ Summit, so stay tuned!

Bonus Question: What was the last great book you read?

Zero to One, by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters. Just an incredible read, not only for entrepreneurs but I’d say for every manager, director, and c-level exec out there. It’s a fascinating deep dive into how Silicon Valley operates, but throughout, you can see how the concepts apply in all areas of business, and in all regions. It was a super smart book and I’ll probably read it again next year.

Thanks so much Larry! I’ve been meaning to read Zero to One. I’ll add it to my Amazon list.

Don’t forget, you can buy your ticket for our SEJ Summit Santa Monica conference, taking place on April 13th at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

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You're reading Larry Kim Spills His Favorite Facebook And Twitter Ad Hacks

22 Facebook Ad Examples To Inspire Your Next Campaign

1. Ad World Conference

What can you learn from this ad?

Ad World is playing off the music festival template to generate excitement about the speaker lineup.

The ad uses different font styles to distinguish the conference headliners, which makes individual names stand out more despite a large amount of text.

The caption creates a sense of FOMO (“50,000+ marketers”) and urgency (“Who’s coming next month?”).


What can you learn from this ad?

The ad’s caption is carefully tailored to the target audience. The copy starts off by calling out the intended audience (“Hey marketer”).

The image is unique and creative — it uses elements of recognizable logos to spell out the unique selling proposition (USP), while also conveying the integrations that Funnel works with.

3. Amstel Beer

What can you learn from this ad?

The ad has an organic look and feel — it looks like a regular Facebook post from your friends at a bar (tip: to achieve this effect, consider using user-generated content).

The ad keeps it simple. There’s no text in the design — the image of people having a good time lets the product sell itself.

The copy and caption are also written like an organic post, with a short caption, emojis, and hashtags.

4. Tropicfeel

What can you learn from this ad?

This ad creates a sense of urgency. It drops the powerful words “last chance” in the copy and mentions a discount, which prompts the viewer to act fast.

The CTA highlights social proof (“+2,000 5-star reviews”), creating trust, which is especially useful for viewers unfamiliar with the brand.s

What can you learn from this ad?

The ad’s caption uses a common marketing template: “We solve problem X, so that you can achieve goal Y.”

The CTAs are specific and consistent across the ad image and copy (“hire now” and “hire top talent now”).

The ad uses cheeky copy and the image’s design (“…can handle more projects than we can fit in this post”) to capture attention.

6. Figma Config 2023 conference

What can you learn from this ad?

The images used in this ad incorporate bright colors to draw attention to the speakers and event name.

Figma makes good use of the carousel format, highlighting one speaker/topic per slide, which makes the viewer more likely to scroll through all the topics and speakers

The ad’s key info is included on every slide (event name, date, “register for free”).


What can you learn from this ad?

Splitting the product image over two (or more) slides compels the viewer to scroll through the carousel to see the other parts. This can work well for all products or designs that take up more horizontal space.

WATT keeps text to a minimum, with each slide only containing one key feature or benefit of the product.

The caption is short and sweet, appealing to the ad audiences’ needs when searching for a new bike.

8. Best Kept Secret Festival

What can you learn from this ad?

The CTA in the copy encourages the audience to “Swipe to discover…” and interact with the carousel.

Using carousels for a multi-day event by splitting each day into a separate slide is a great way to cover a lot of information without overwhelming the design.

Simple design with colors, text, and logos only – no fancy production needed!

9. Moco Museum

What can you learn from this ad?

Each slide corresponds to a different selling point from the ad’s copy (in this case, an art collection).

Rather than just showcasing individual art pieces, the images show people within the museum, helping viewers picture themselves there. This technique can also be applied to physical products (showing people using your product, not just the product itself).

10. Superside

Watch the video

What can you learn from this ad?

The design of the ad makes it appear 3D by mimicking the Facebook user interface and adding a floating dog with a shadow over the ad — a creative way to grab your audience’s attention.

The creative design corresponds well with the ad’s copy (“There’s a new way to get design done”).


Watch the video

What can you learn from this ad?

The MR MARVIS branding is present throughout the whole video, yet is subtle enough that it doesn’t distract from the rest of the ad.

The video shows off the product with close-up shots to highlight features and benefits.

Rather than serving visually appealing but not very informative lifestyle shots, the video highlights the product’s practicality.

The “Shop now” CTA links directly to the specific product collection, streamlining the checkout process by reducing distractions and increasing the chance that viewers will purchase the product or service they saw in the ad.

12. Renault

Watch the video

What can you learn from this ad?

Sometimes simple is best. This ad uses two images and a simple transition, with no fancy animation or high-value production required

Tip: Use this swipe transition to show before-and-after transformations. The ad copy can be used to tease something that’s revealed in the “after” layer of your design.

13. Coca-Cola

Watch the video

What can you learn from this ad?

The color blocking in the ad is very eye-catching, with a large focal point (the “New” badge) directed towards the product.

The “Nieuw” (new) label explains the purpose of the ad (and why someone might be targeted with it) — its purpose is not to raise brand awareness but to highlight a new product launch.

14. Amy Porterfield

Watch the video

What can you learn from this ad?

Amy talks straight to the camera, which is a tactic that works well for service-based and coaching businesses (where the coach, instructor, or service provider is the “product”).

The ad uses social proof to establish trust and prove results (“helped more than 45,000 entrepreneurs”).

It promises an enticing outcome (grow your email list and make more money), well-tailored to the target audience.

The price point of the service (“only $37”) is low enough to be attractive and worth listing in the ad copy.

15. Datadog

What can you learn from this ad?

The design of this ad is optimized for Stories placements (9×16).

The ad uses a precise and relevant CTA (“Download”).

16. Faire

What can you learn from this ad?

The ad design is simple — no video, animation, or graphics, just the value proposition written out with the logo.

You could easily apply your branding to this ad’s design by adding your brand fonts and colors in addition to the logo (and swapping out the value prop for your own, of course).

17. SamCart

What can you learn from this ad?

The ad uses a casual tone of voice, which makes it feel down-to-earth and personal.

The self-awareness of the copy (“This is a paid ad, its purpose is to get your attention”) makes the ad stand out.

Accessibility is important — this ad has subtitles for all spoken audio and thus is optimized for viewing without sound.

18. Lumen

What can you learn from this ad?

This full-screen video ad uses the full 9×16 canvas to showcase the product’s benefits and explain how it works.

The plain, blurred background makes the product stand out as the focal point in the ad.

The branding and key takeaway are shown in the first 1-2 seconds of the ad, ensuring they’re seen before viewers skip or exit.

19. Shopify Plus

What can you learn from this ad?

The ad uses a large font to make the text easy to read on mobile.

20. Gtmhub

What can you learn from this ad?

The ad caption opens with a question related to a common pain point relevant to the audience (organizing teamwork).

The ❌ and ✅ emojis are immediately visible cues that communicate frustrations and benefits.

The caption is spaced out with one sentence per line, making the copy easy to skim.

21. Sendinblue

What can you learn from this ad?

The “Free eBook” value proposition stands out in the design — the accent color contrasts with the rest of the image.

The ad caption is short and sweet (and fits “above the fold”).

All of the text used in the design is purposeful: the logo, hook (“Boost your Email Marketing deliverability”) and the value proposition (“Free eBook”).

22. Namogoo

What can you learn from this ad?

The use of bright color against a dark background makes the key elements (the eBook cover and the CTA) pop.

The image aspect ratio (4×5) is optimized for mobile.

Eye-catching creatives

We know that social media users have ever-dwindling attention spans. As such, ad creatives need to be attention-grabbing enough to stop users from simply scrolling away.

Improve the quality of your ad creatives by:

Minimizing the amount of text on images (while there’s no limit, Facebook recommends covering up less than 20% of your design with text)

Adding movement to stop users mid-scroll (usually in video format or gifs)

Keeping videos short and to the point (15 seconds or less)

Mobile-first design

Uses vertical videos and/or photos (they take up more real estate on mobile screens)

Hook the user’s attention within the first 3 seconds of your videos

Short and snappy copy

In most of the examples, the ad captions didn’t fit above the fold (a.k.a. users have to tap “see more” to expand the full caption). So, it’s important to make the first line of your caption as attention-grabbing as possible. Here’s how:

Write short, clear and concise copy (put the hook in the first sentence or two, above the fold)

Keep short attention spans on mobile in mind (the shorter the better is a great rule of thumb)

Compelling CTAs

An ad’s call to action (CTA) is the most important part of the ad. It specifies what action you want viewers to do after seeing the ad. Here are some tips to optimize your CTA:

Make sure the CTA matches the success metric for your campaign (do you want to ring in sales, collect emails, or drive newsletter signups?)

The more specific your CTA, the better (avoid the generic “Learn more” — Facebook provides over 20 CTA button options across ad formats)

Use A/B testing to discover which CTA resonates the most with your audience

Audience research and thoughtful targeting

Adapt the ad’s messaging based on the targeting (interests, stage of the marketing funnel, age, location, etc.)

Use separate ad sets to create different creatives for each audience segment

Ready to get started? Before going to the creative drawing board, be sure to check out our guides for all Facebook ad image sizes and the top Facebook trends in 2023.

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Easily plan, manage and analyze organic and paid campaigns from one place with Hootsuite Social Advertising. See it in action.

My Favorite Diy Products And Tools

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For my last week in my I Love DIY series, I’m sharing my favorite DIY products and tools. I have no affiliations with these products. They are just products that I love and use constantly. I’m sure that I’ll add to the list as my tool collection grows.

My Favorite DIY Products and Tools

Dewalt mitre saw. I was seriously intimidated by this monster, but now we’re besties. It makes cutting wood so much easier and faster. This was my mother’s day gift 2 years ago.

Scraper. I’ve had this tool for a long time and I use it constantly. It’s obviously a scraper, but it works as many other things. It’s the perfect putty knife when you have small drywall repairs or holes to fill. It can open a paint can. It can work as a flathead screwdriver in a pinch. It can also work as a hammer (use the handle.) I’ve also used it as a mini crowbar for very tiny trim.

Purdy brushes. I know. Everyone says they’re the best. It’s for a reason. They are so soft and lovely. I prefer the shortest handles that I can find so that they fit in my hands well. Short handles make easy work of trim and small spaces. Have you ever tried to paint behind a toilet with a regular paint brush? Bonus tip: Soak them in Murphy’s oil (floor cleaner) to make them soft again. Even rock-hard paint brushes can be saved. It works as conditioner for the bristles and makes them smell wonderful!

Gorilla glue. I’m in love with this glue. It’s the coolest. You spray water on the item that you want to glue, then spread the glue on it and it glides on like butter. Then it cures really hard. I’m a fan. It’s like super glue, only it actually holds!

Howard Feed and Wax. This is MAGIC in a bottle. I think it’s from Hogwarts. I have so many pieces of furniture that aren’t messed up enough to warrant an entire refinishing, but need love. This stuff does the trick. It gets bonus points for smelling amazing. It’s really easy to use. Just put a liberal coat on the piece after you clean it. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then buff the rest off. I sometimes use it with teak oil as well. (Note: it says stain, but it’s a lovely wax.)

Dewalt jigsaw. Our tool kit (see #11) came with a jigsaw and a circular saw. I love the jigsaw. It cuts so smoothly. I prefer a jigsaw to a circular saw (I’m terrified of them.)

Clamps. We have 4 of these and use them all the time. I like the little yellow rubber bits on the clamp that hold your wood in place without damaging it or sliding.

Kreg jig. The kreg jig makes joining pieces of wood together very simple and nearly invisible. It’s fun to use too. It is used to make pocket holes.

Speed square. I mainly use this for drawing straight lines for cuts. It can be used for squaring stuff up, but I cheat for that (#10). It can also be used for making stairs and figuring out angles.

Corner clamps. These make squaring your build so simple and thoughtless. They’re my favorite cheat. What used to take me like 15 minutes to perfect, can now be done in seconds. I have 4 of them now.

Dewalt tool kit. Ours came with more tools as I mentioned above. The driver was a bit scary to use at first because it gets loud as it is shoving the screw in. I love it now and refuse to use our other drills for driving. The drill is good too. Both are pretty lightweight as far as professional-quality power tools go. We use the light more than I thought we would. The reciprocating saw is used a lot outside. My husband loves that thing. It’s great for demo.

Bostitch air compressor and nailer. I’ve confessed my love for this tool before. I love how fast and quiet it is. The staple gun is so easy to use. Full-out emoji heart eyes for this tool.

Carpenter pencils. Flat pencils are the coolest. Plus they make more precise lines. Also, they remind me of my dad. My dog says that they’re delicious.

Porter cable belt sander. I have one of these and it makes quick work of crappy wood. You must clamp your wood down or it will go flying!

One last note: I have no affiliation with Dewalt. Our first drill was a cheaper brand that didn’t last long. On a whim, I bought a clearance Dewalt 18 volt drill. It is still going strong. The difference in power was so dramatic, even before I knew what I was doing. We stuck with the brand because of that purchase. That cheap drill taught us to buy quality tools to begin with, so that we don’t have to re-buy them when they break. We also like that Dewalt tools are used by professional contractors.

Emy is a vintage obsessed mama of 2 DIYer who loves sharing affordable solutions for common home problems. You don’t need a giant budget to create a lovely home. Read more…

What’s Your Favorite Ipad Feature?

I can still remember a few things about owning the original iPad. It was definitely a spur-of-the-moment purchase at the time, a piece of technology that had absolutely no place in my daily routine at the time. But I sure did love that ling. It was big and kinda bulky, and yet still portable. It was mainly a great way to play some mobile games and watch stuff.

Here we are all these years later, so many different versions of the iPad later, and not much has changed in that department. Except basically everything. Sure, there are still some folks out there who believe the iPad –no matter the variant– is still nothing more than a glorified iPhone with a bigger screen, so therefore it’s nothing more than a tool to play some games and watch some stuff. And, honestly, that’s probably true for a lot of iPad owners — and there’s nothing wrong with that!

The iPad mini, both in its previous design and its current “all-screen” option, is a great way to just sit somewhere and peruse the internet. It’s an especially great way to play a lot of different iOS/iPadOS games. And, yeah, if you’re wanting to watch something it can help with that, too. But the iPad mini, especially now, is also a great way to take notes and read books. (Still probably not a direct replacement for an eReader, for fans of eReaders, though.)

I don’t necessarily think we, or Apple, need to have so many different iPad variations. But I can’t argue with the fact that they definitely fill certain use cases better than others. If anything, I think maybe Apple could live with dropping the price of the iPad Air and replacing the standard iPad altogether.

I do want to hear what your favorite iPad model is, but, mostly, I want to know about features. I want to hear from you about the feature, or features, that won you over in the first place. What about the iPad that you currently own, and use on a regular basis, won you over in the first place? And, what keeps you coming back? Is it those initial points of interest, or did something else about the iPad surprise you at some point later, after using it for some time?

I’m one of those crazy people that think an iPad is an incredibly powerful tool. I think it’s a great second screen for getting stuff done — even before there were apps to help with that, and even before Apple built the feature into the software. I think an iPad can be a remarkably useful product, for a range of needs, and it can also be something that just lets me play games and watch movies, too.

The new iPad mini is probably my favorite iPad right now. I love the portability (which is definitely a feature), even if after using a 12.9-inch iPad Pro I miss that thing’s screen and display quality. But I love how handy the iPad mini is for taking notes on the fly, and working as my eReader so I don’t have to constantly use my phone. I wish Apple would engineer a keyboard case for the thing, though. That sounds crazy, I know, but I’d at least give it a shot.

I think my favorite feature is Scribble, though. I love being able to just write in an open text area and watch as the iPad automatically translates the written content to typed words. It’s really handy, especially with the new Quick Note feature, to just get something written down and have it saved automatically. It’s a feature I find myself using almost every single day.

But, what about you? What are your favorite iPad features?

Repairing The Damage If Someone Hacks Your Website

Viewing your website only to notice that something is off is not only unsettling but can cause you to feel immensely stressed and filled with panic, especially if it appears you’ve been hacked and you don’t know by whom. 

There is often no indication of the culprit immediately, and that uncertainty can cause website owners and webmasters to act irrationally or improperly while attempting to fix and remedy the hack. 

To minimize long-term damage, you must know how to effectively repair any damage that has been done to your website by the hack, including to any content or media you have uploaded and shared.

Identify What is Different

The first step to repairing the damage is to identify what has been changed and remove it. Check everything, from URL addresses to the overall code of the individual web pages.

Your Homepage Has Been Changed or Updated

Oftentimes the homepage is changed, updated, or edited to promote the hacker or a message that the hacker is attempting to share and convey.

If you notice any text that is out of place or images and other elements that are loading in unusual spaces, you may have been compromised. 

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You Receive Alerts and Warnings From Google

Another sign is when Google Search or another search engine sends you an alert when you try to visit the page. That means your web page is likely sharing dangerous code such as malware or is undergoing a phishing attack.

You Receive an Email From Your Web Host

An email directly from your web hosting service is another indicator that your website has been hacked or compromised.

Web hosts often scan the websites of their clients to detect potential vulnerabilities as well as malware, viruses, and other unwanted code. They want to protect their web servers and their ability to provide hosting services. 

If a web host contacts you, it is likely that they will suspend or cease hosting your live website until the problem is properly identified and remedied.

Test Your Website’s Speed

Use a website speed checker to test your website’s speed regularly. If your website has been hacked or compromised, you may experience much slower loading times depending on the type of malware or code that has infected the site.

The more often you do this, the easier it will be to prevent serious or long-term damage from hacking attempts.

Check Google Analytics

If your website has been hacked or infiltrated by a spammer, you may notice odd changes and new keyword appearances within your Google Analytics or whatever analytic tool you use to track and monitor website stats. 

For example, if your website promotes an inpatient alcohol treatment center but now you notice keywords such as “animal and pet accessories,” your website has likely been hacked. 

Monitor and track your Google Analytics daily to catch such hacks early. Also, take note of any unexpected or strange spikes in traffic for no apparent reason.

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Use a Site Backup

Whether you own your servers or buy time from a shared or private web hosting provider, you must have backups for your website in the event of an unexpected deletion, hijack, hacking attempt, or system wipe.

If possible, use a web hosting provider that offers regular and automatic daily site backups. That will limit the amount of damage that a hack can do.

Use a Vulnerability Scanning Tool

This will help with monitoring and keep an eye on the overall health and security of your website; verify that your website is currently safe and protected from hackers, and expose your website’s vulnerabilities so you can improve and eliminate them. 

Although facing an attempted or successful hack is never stress-free, remain chúng tôi diligent. Work methodically through the process of repairing your website for the best outcome possible.

While it is not always easy, with the proper knowledge, the right tools, and proper guidance, it is possible to repair the damage to just about any website whether it has been hijacked, hacked, or accessed without permission.

Patrick Bailey

Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them.

10 Hacks That Can Skyrocket Your Content Promotion

You always do your best to improve your clients’ content performance.

You analyze their competitors and industry.

You create relevant and useful content.

However, far too often, you’re completely forgetting about the most important part of content marketing: content promotion.


Usually there are two reasons:

You’re too focused on managing your content plan and want to produce more articles.

You don’t realize that by skipping content promotion, you’re simply depriving their business of profit and value, because such content doesn’t reach its intended audience. That’s how time gets wasted.

According to a recent study by Content Marketing Institute, various organizations across North America have started to approach content marketing differently – and the results are positive.

Forty-five percent of B2B content marketers believe that their company’s content marketing success has increased. The biggest reasons they cite for this: they’re doing a much better job creating content (85 percent) and developing and fine-tuning their content marketing strategy (72 percent).

So it looks like the industry’s morale has finally improved.

This news has inspired me to share with you 10 hacks that will help you promote your content without sacrificing anything or spending sleepless nights looking for answers.

The ideas listed below have proved to be extremely effective and were discovered during various experiments, through trial and error, so you can start using them right away!

1. Mention Your Industry’s Influencers Start a Conversation

Reach out to an expert, or maybe a few of them, with a question and quote them in your next piece of content.

Contact someone you’ve already established a connection or collaborated with.

Building and nurturing a relationship with a new connection takes a lot longer than working with someone who knows you and your work.

In case you don’t have any industry experts among your friends or acquaintances, reach out to at least 10 people. Typically, about 10 percent or less of the people you contact will respond. And they may also take time to answer you back.

To speed things up a little, go on Twitter and LinkedIn and shoot these experts a direct message. Then follow up with a detailed email explaining the reason why they should spend their time answering your questions.

Create a Short Survey & Poll Various Experts

One of the best ways of getting the word out about your new article is by creating a short survey and distributing it to your list of experts. (If you don’t have a list of experts, you can easily make one in BuzzSumo.) That way, you’ll get to ask all the burning questions you have without making your message look too lengthy.

The easiest and fastest way to spread your survey is by posting it on Twitter.

You can create your survey on any platform you like. Recently, I’ve started to work more in TypeForm – an interactive online form service. It’s an easy-to-navigate platform that helps you craft your survey.

When drafting your survey questions, make sure to ask your experts for their contact information so that you can let them know when your piece of content is ready.

And, of course, distribute the results of your survey via Twitter among the experts who participated in it, tagging all of them, and thanking them for taking the time to answer your questions and share their expertise with you.

2. Create a Video Supporting Your Content

Videos get at least two times more engagement than any other form of content. Also, according to Animoto, one of the leading online video creation platforms, 4 times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

Another great thing about videos is that features like autoplay really help them go viral faster.

So here are a few tips that will help you make your video stand out and reach more people:

If you decide to record your video on an iPhone or iPad, then you need to pay careful attention to the quality of your audio. Use a lapel microphone and also a second iPhone or iPad device for an additional audio recording. Besides that, you can use a special program like Voice Record Pro, which will help you record high-quality audio.

How many times have you seen videos recorded with either shaky hands or while the capturer is in motion? Watching videos like that can get annoying, especially when you’re trying to focus on what the person in this video is talking about. To avoid unstable video footage, invest in a tripod. It doesn’t cost much and it will help you dramatically enhance the quality of your video.

To some people, animation sounds like studio design work. Luckily, there are freelancers who will be glad to help you! But remember, if you want to get exactly the type of animated video you ordered, you have to meticulously describe how you want things to appear in your video. Trust me, being obnoxiously particular at the beginning of your collaboration with a freelancer will save you a lot of time and money!

Keep in mind how long each video will be for different social media sites:

Create shorter version designed for Facebook and Twitter. Would you really watch a lengthy video while you’re on Facebook or Twitter? Nobody has time for that when these two platforms are concerned.

Create a longer version designed for YouTube. YouTube is the place where you can pour your heart out while delivering your video message. So knock yourself out, but make sure you keep it relevant.

3. Use GIFs

If you’re on a shoestring budget and can’t afford to spend your time and resources producing a full-fledged video, then GIFs are your best bet!

GIFs are a perfect match for promoting your content on both social media and via email marketing.

But GIFs don’t always magically work with a company’s content marketing strategy. Use them responsibly after analyzing your audience’s behavior.

And, apparently, GIFs have been trending for a really long time now, according to Google Trends.

4. Use Lead Magnets

In order to successfully attract new clients, you really need to get creative and offer a valuable piece of information that is relevant to the subject of your article in exchange for prospects’ contact information. Some of the best lead magnets are:

Offering to register for a webinar. Pick a topic that either supports the subject of your piece of content, or logically continues the discussion. Invite an industry expert, or several of them, and let attendants interact with the guest of the webinar by letting them ask questions or participate in the discussion.

Providing additional information. The best forms for presenting additional information you’d like to share with your users are e-books, whitepapers, case studies, and success stories. All these great materials can help strengthen your brand’s credibility.

5. Use Paid Ads on Twitter & Facebook

By being able to manually select which users to target with your promoted post, you can be sure your post only reaches your potential clients.

To do that on Facebook, set up for your ad promotion to target both your Facebook fans and followers, but make sure they have previously expressed interest in your product.

Ad settings and filters will help you select the right type of audience.

For instance, if I wanted to successfully promote my article about content production, in the ad’s settings, under the ‘Interests’ section, I would specify a parameter that people should have either liked tools for content marketers previously or have content marketing listed among their interests.

6. Set up a Remarketing Campaign

Typically, no more than 30 percent of visitors are willing to give you their contact information. The rest of them will either skim through your content or close the tab and get back to what they were doing previously.

But you still have a second chance with them.

This is where remarketing comes into play.

You need to prepare banners and landing pages that are relevant to your content. These could invite your users to join a webinar or offer exclusive content.

Basically, you can use the same lead magnets that you’ve already integrated into your content page. Prepare a script to automatically exclude existing clients from your remarketing campaign. There’s no need to bother them.

7. Include Your Content in a Regular Newsletter

Scheduling your social media posts to go out consistently is only part of the battle.

If you really want to stay on the top of your clients’ minds, create a newsletter that will include the content you’ve created.

That way, if they miss your post on Facebook, they’ll read about your new article in the newsletter.

8. Create a List of Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

A lot of interesting things happen in private groups on social media.

They’re private for a reason, aren’t they?

If there are certain private groups in which you’d like to promote your content, start researching them.

9. Create a Sexy Preview Image for Facebook & Twitter

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Make sure the image you use for your next content promotion campaign will grab your audience’s attention in a split second.

10. Share This Content With Online Communities

Some people underestimate how powerful Q&A and social media aggregation sites (e.g., Reddit, Quora) can be. There are two definite pros of sharing your content on these websites.

You’ll build links. I’m sure you all know how important link building is.

The number of times your content is viewed by your target audience will substantially increase. For example, a couple of times I shared my posts on chúng tôi and 50 percent of overall traffic for my shared articles came from this online hub for marketers.


You may sometimes feel like you’ve just created a masterpiece and like everyone in your industry will be talking about your incredibly useful article the next morning because, well, it’s so great.

But it’s rarely that easy.

Delivering your content into the hands of your target audience is what you should worry about, not the number of posts published on your blog.

Content promotion may sound a little intimidating, but it’s so worth it.

Try these easy hacks and content promotion will become an incredibly joyous, eventful and productive activity for you.

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Screenshots by Alexandra Tachalova. Taken October 2023.

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