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Pro Evolution Soccer 2023: Most frequent issues




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Pro Evolution Soccer 2023 was released last week and fans of the franchise are excited to finally try the next installment of their favorite sports simulation. But with many people recently reporting various issues in PES 2023.

Luckily, we’ve made a list of the most common issues in PES 2023 based on its earliest reviews. So, if you still haven’t bought the game, keep reading this article to find out what to eventually expect from the game.

We’ll also try to solve as many problems as possible, in hope that you won’t need anything else besides this article to solve your PES 2023 issues.

Reported problems in Pro Evolution Soccer 2023

1. Crash at launch

One of the first reported problems is a crash on launch, an issue many people are facing in the form of the PES stopped working, windows looking for a solution error. Here’s what one player said:

I just downloaded the game and when I launch it, I get a white screen and an error message. Does anyone else have the same issue? Any idea for a workaround?

There are a couple of things you can try to resolve the crashing problem. Since this issue may be caused by various factors, here are some of the most common solutions:

Update your graphics card driver

Update DirectX

Switch Windows sound to Stereo. Go to Search, type sound, and select Sound. Now, select your Playback device, go to Configure, and choose Stereo. Save the settings, and finish configuring your audio device. Restart your computer.

2. No in-game audio

Another player reported that there’s no in-game audio when a computer is connected to a TV through HDMI. Here’s what he says:

Is Konami planning any fix, because it seems that the video game developer needs to handle this as it is working fine with some games and not others?

Expert tip:

Lolo, the workaround I found is to play PES in windowed mode and to use borderless gaming tool (open source, free tool) to make the window take full screen)

3. Unable to play PES 2023 online

Some players also report they’re unable to play online as the game won’t connect to the servers:

hi guys , when I find someone to play with him online in myclub, it is disconnected and get me lose the match without we play ,, how to fix that ? anyone have same problem ? need help please

Unfortunately, we have no confirmed solution for this issue. But, you can check out our article about games being unable to connect to the internet for potential solutions.

4. VRAM crashing issue

One of the most common issues are game crashes due to a problem with the VRAM in a graphics cards.

hi well im very sure that my pc can run pes 2023 without any prob but i get the vram prob i put all the graph settings low but still got a very lagy gameplay the fps don’t even reach 29 what r ur thoughts guys ?!”

Unfortunately, nobody has the right solution yet. We’ll update this article as soon as we get more information or if someone finds a proper solution.

I also had stuttering (micro stutters?) problems although I can achieve high framerates with my TITAN X (Pascal) but could mostly get rid of it by disabling motion blur.

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10 Most Revolutionary Generative Ai Projects For 2023

Here are the 10 most revolutionary generational AI projects for 2023

ChatGPT, a project from OpenAI that can respond to prompts at a human-level level and has been trained using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), is unquestionably the most important Artificial Intelligence development at the moment. It’s amazing how well it works, from making recipes to writing blogs. It is more than just a simple Q&A model like a chatbot because it can admit when it is wrong or doesn’t have enough data, write clear and comprehensive responses, write code, and even write lengthy responses to make people’s research easier. We’ve compiled a list of the Most Revolutionary Generative AI Projects.


While we for the most part catch wind of ChatGPT of late, GPT-3 isn’t going anyplace at any point shortly, as it’s, at last, tracked down a lot of functional applications in organizations. GPT-3, a large language model developed by OpenAI as well, is intended for a variety of natural language tasks like translation, text generation, and summarization. ChatGPT, a component of GPT-3, is designed specifically for Q&A and chatbot functionality.

GPT-3 may not be as easy to use for people who aren’t familiar with AI as ChatGPT, but it has much more potential than that.


CodeGPT is an extension for VSCode that lets you use GPT-3 within VSCode through the official OpenAI API, but it is not an actual application. You can easily generate code, explain code, refactor code, and do more with CodeGPT.

Facial Hugging BLOOM

The BigScience Large Open-science Open-access Multilingual Language Model, also known as BLOOM (BigScience Large Open-science Open-access Multilingual Language Model), was first introduced earlier this year and is capable of generating text in 13 programming languages and 46 natural languages.

Sprout is an autoregressive Huge Language Model (LLM), prepared to proceed with text from a brief on immense measures of text information utilizing modern-scale computational assets. By casting them as text generation tasks, BLOOM can also be instructed to carry out text tasks for which it has not been specifically trained.


Whisper is another OpenAI tool that can perform multilingual speech recognition, translation, and language identification. It is a general-purpose speech recognition model that was trained on a large amount of diverse audio data. OpenAI is hopeful that people will use it for translation and speech recognition because of its high accuracy levels. Whisper is capable of translating between languages and even interpreting them.


Due to its ability to create images from text prompts, OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 took over social media during the summer. DALL-E generates art based on all the images it was trained on by using natural language prompts like “the last selfie that a human would ever take on Earth.” Sometimes it creates something beautiful that can win art competitions, and other times it creates sins against humanity with horrifying outputs.

Craiyon Stable Spread

Stable Diffusion is a latent text-to-image diffusion model that is similar to DALL-E. It stands out from other text-to-image generators because its outputs tend to be more like real life than the stylized, artistic outputs of AI apps like it. The English language label subset of LAION 5b, a general internet crawl developed by the German charity LAION, served as Stable Diffusion’s training data.


Google’s response to both DALL-E and Make-A-Video, Imagen can transform the text into two pictures and recordings. Created by the Google Mind group, Imagen “expands on the force of enormous transformer language models in understanding text and depends on the strength of dispersion models in high-devotion picture age.” Both stylized and photorealistic outputs are possible. Image Editor & Edit Bench can even be used to edit existing images without creating new ones.


Frequent Itemset Mining Using Mapreduce On Hadoop

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon.


Every Data Science enthusiast’s journey goes through one of the most ical data problems – Frequent Itemset , also sometimes referred to as Association Rule Mining or Market Basket Analysis.

Frequent Itemset Mining is one of the most widely used methods for Market Basket Analysis. The goal is to find patterns/regularities in customers’ shopping behavior. Many supermarkets use the customers’ historical purchase data to lure them into buying more products and maximize their sales.

One classic example could be Amazon’s recommender system, which suggests what a user is likely to buy along with an item ‘X’.

Today, let’s try to solve the Frequent Itemset Mining using the MapReduce algorithm on Hadoop.

So if you are excited to be a part of this journey, let’s go.

Things we Need to Pack

We will be using the VirtualBox virtual machine by Oracle for hands-on implementation of Frequent Itemset Mining.

Cloudera Quickstart VM is a virtual machine image with Hadoop pre-installed. This is to avoid the unnecessary hassle of installing Hadoop, as sometimes, things might go wrong if not properly installed.

Okay, so before we start, let’s briefly introduce Frequent Itemset Mining and MapReduce.

The Frequent Itemset Mining Algorithm

Frequent Itemset Mining, which is also termed “Association Rules Mining”, is an algorithm that looks for the frequent items bought in a dataset of items. As the word suggests, it makes interesting associations/deductions about the items that are likely to be bought together.

For example, you go to the supermarket near your home to buy some commodities.

If you buy milk and bread, then it is more likely that you will also buy butter and cheese. This association of the data items {milk + bread} → {butter, cheese} is defined by some rules. These are called transactions.

Support: Support is the parameter that quantifies the amount of interestingness. So, if the support is 20%, then 20% of the transactions will follow that rule.

If A and B are two different items, then the Support for item B, when item A is bought, is the union of the support counts of both the items.

Support(A → B) = Support_count(A U B)

Confidence: Confidence is the parameter that tells us the confidence/probability of customers who bought items A and B together. So, if the confidence is 40%, then 40% of the customers who bought milk and bread also bought butter and cheese.

Confidence(A → B) = [Support_count(A U B)] / Support_count(A)

Now that we have covered the basics let’s move to the next important part of this blog.


MapReduce is a framework that is used to process big data on parallel clusters of hardware in an efficient manner.

As the name suggests, MapReduce consists of two stages –

In the Map stage, the mapper job processes the input data. This input data is stored on Hadoop File System (HDFS). The mapper function basically ‘maps’ the input file line-by-line and process small chunks of the data.

The Reduce stage is a combination of shuffling and reducing. The output of the map stage becomes the input of the reduce stage. The output of the Reduce stage is the final output stored on HDFS.

MapReduce Architecture

MapReduce framework operates on pair. It takes input in the pair and generates the output in the form of.

Some common terminologies used in MapReduce:

• Task: A task is a slice (small part) of a job.

Hands-on: MapReduce for Frequent Itemset Mining on Hadoop

Let’s solve a real-world frequent itemset mining problem using MapReduce on Hadoop.

 Step 1: Open Cloudera Quickstart VM

[source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM installed on my local machine]

Step 2: Clone the following repository on your local machine

Frequent-Itemset-Mining directory contains three files –

frequent_itemset_data.txt – The text data file that contains transactions (input). – The mapper file for Frequent Itemset Mining. – The reducer file for Frequent Itemset Mining.

[source: Screenshot of my local machine] 

Copy these three files inside /home/Cloudera directory. Once done, confirm their presence.


[ Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine]

All three files are present.

Step 3: Test the MapReduce program locally

Now that we have the input data file of transactions and the mapper and reducer files let’s test them locally to see if the program is correct.

Just run the mapper Python file on the input data.

[source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine]

As you can see, all possible pairs of items have been created for each transaction, mapped with count 1 each, and then sorted in lexicographical order.

So far, so good. Now let’s run the complete MapReduce program.

[source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine]

And here we go. These are the pair of items that are frequently bought for minimum support

of 2. The results obtained are as expected. Now we can run this on Hadoop.

Step 4: Create a directory on HDFS

hdfs dfs -ls /

[Image source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine]

Step 5: Copy input file to HDFS

hdfs dfs -ls /frequent_itemset

[Image source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine]

The input file is copied successfully inside the frequent_itemset directory on HDFS.

Step 6: Configure permissions to run MapReduce for Frequent Itemset Mining on Hadoop

Now, we have to provide permission to read, write and execute the MapReduce program before the MapReduce job is executed on Hadoop. We also need to provide permission for the default user (cloudera) to write the output file on HDFS.

sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -chown cloudera /frequent_itemset

[Image source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine]

All the required permissions have now been configured. Let’s now execute Hadoop streaming.

Run the following command on terminal.

> -reducer /home/cloudera/

[ source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine] [source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine]

Step 8: Read the MapReduce output

hdfs dfs -cat /frequent_itemset/output/part-00000

And finally, here is the output of our entire MapReduce program run on Hadoop.

[source: Screenshot of Cloudera Quickstart VM on my local machine]

As we can see, the associating rule after running the MapReduce program on Hadoop for the input dataset suggests a customer is likely to buy:

An orange if bought an apple.

Butter if bought bread.

Milk is purchased bread.

Butter if purchased milk.


So, this concludes the article here. To quickly summarize this blog, we learned –

Introduction to Frequent Itemset Mining

A real-world example of the Frequent Itemset Mining algorithm – Amazon’s Recommender System

The Frequent Itemset Mining algorithm: Explained

Parameters of the Frequent Itemset Mining algorithm: Support and Confidence

Introduction to the MapReduce algorithm

The MapReduce Architecture

Common terminologies used in MapReduce

Hands-on practical on Frequent Itemset Mining using MapReduce on Hadoop.

If you liked my article and would like to talk more on ML topics, feel free to connect with me on my LinkedIn profile. Until next time. 🙂

The media shown in this article is not owned by Analytics Vidhya and is used at the Author’s discretion.


Fix Efootball 2023 Crashing, Freezing, Not Loading Issues On Pc

Here we’ll talk about how to fix eFootball 2023 crashing, freezing, not loading issues on PC. eFootball is a famous football simulation video game available for Windows PC. The game is free to play and has been rebranded from Pro Evolution Soccer. But like any other game, eFootball 2023 isn’t free from problems. Many users have reported crashing, freezing, not loading issues on PC. It’s very easy to troubleshoot the problem. Try the solutions below to get rid of the issue.

Fix eFootball crashing, freezing, not loading issues on PC

Below is a list of all the effective solutions if eFootball is crashing, freezing or not loading issues on your Windows 11/10 PC:

Clear unnecessary background applications

Run with administrative rights

Update Graphics Driver

Run the Game in Direct 10

Disable Overclocking

Change Power Options

Turn off VSync

Remove temp files

Now, let’s take a look at all the solutions in detail.

1] Clear unnecessary background applications

eFootball 2023 is a graphics-oriented game; thus, it needs maximum system resources to run without any problem. Unnecessary background running applications will consume system resources, automatically affecting the gaming performance. You will have to close all the background running applications to solve the problem. To do it, you can take the help of the Task Manager.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.

Once you are done with closing all the applications, reboot the game and check if the problem continues.

2] Run with administrative rights

Sometimes, not having the administrative rights is often the primary culprit behind the problem. You will have to provide the administrative privileges to run the game without an issue. Here’s how to do it.

Switch to the Compatibility tab.

Checkmark Run this program as an administrator.

Restart the game and check if you are still facing the problem.

See: Dying Light 2 keeps freezing or crashing

3] Update Graphics Driver

An outdated graphics is another primary reason behind eFootball crashing, freezing, not loading issues on PC. As a solution, download the latest graphics driver update. After installing the driver, reboot your system and launch the game. Check if the problem continues. If not, you are good to go. But in case the problem persists, try the next solution on the list.

4] Run the Game in DirectX 10

As per many users, the problem was fixed by forcefully running the game with DirectX 10. You can go for the same process and check if it solves the problem for you well. Here’s how to do it.

To begin with, launch the Steam client on your Windows PC.

Head towards the Library option.

Choose Properties from the context menu.

Select General, and enter -dx10 under the Launch Options.

Now, launch the game and check if you are still facing the problem.

See: Need for Speed Heat keeps crashing or freezing

5] Disable Overclocking

Overlocking is one of the best ways to enhance GPU performance. But at the same time, it can also cause stability problems in the system. Due to this, different applications, including eFootball, become vulnerable to crashing issues. You will have to disable overclocking and check if it resolves the problem.

6] Change Power Options

Changing the system power plan is another effective solution you can try to fix the problem in the question. You can configure your system to Ultimate Performance to fix the crashing issue. Here’s how to do it.

 Open the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows + R shortcut key.

Type powercfg.cpl, and press the enter key.

Under Show additional plans, choose the Ultimate Performance option.

If the Ultimate performance option is missing, enter the following command in Command Prompt.

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

After executing the command, you will be able to access the Ultimate Performance plan in the Power Options.

7] Turn off VSync

The next solution you can try is to turn off VSync. You can do it by following the below steps.

Head towards the Manage 3D settings.

Go to the Global Settings tab, select Vertical sync and turn it off.

Save the changes and relaunch the game to check if the problem continues.

Read: Dota 2 keeps crashing or freezing

8] Remove temp files

The problem in the question can also result from junk files stored on your system. You will have to clear temp files to solve the problem. To get the work done, you can take the help of the Windows inbuilt Disk Cleanup utility.

Read: Best Football game apps for Windows PC

Why is eFootball 2023 not opening?

eFootball 2023 not opening on your Windows PC can result from an outdated graphics driver. You will have to download the latest graphic driver update to fix the problem. You can also download the latest game patch update to correct the problem.

Can you play eFootball 2023 on PC?

You can run the game if your system meets the below minimum requirements-

OS: Windows 10 – 64bit

Processor: Intel Core i5-2300, AMD FX-4350


GPU: GeForce GTX 660, Radeon HD 7790

Free Storage: 50 GB available space

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Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Disruptive Technologies In 2023

Do not miss out on these top 10 most innovative companies from varied technologies in 2023

The article enlists the top 10 most innovative companies in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, and Web3 of 2023. Companies like Nike, Ledger, and The Hundreds have boomed in the past. The article covers more innovative companies from Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, and Web3.


Nike made running shoes and sneaker culture popular, and it is now using its 50 years of experience for digital goods.

The business bought the startup Rtfkt, which stands for “artifact” and specializes in developing digital assets for the fashion and collectibles industries, in December 2023.

Beginning in April 2023, Nike started releasing virtual replicas of its fully licensed sneakers under the brand name CryptoKicks. To do this, Nike established Nike Virtual Studios and carried out a series of drops throughout the year.

Ethereum Foundation

The fact that blockchains were created using the resource-intensive proof of work method has been a major criticism of them.

The “work” – the computing effort required to crack codes in exchange for a blockchain’s currency-has had a substantial negative impact on the environment.


Whenever a person’s software wallet gets compromised (usually through a phishing attempt) or there is a big scam (supposedly) on the scale of November 2023’s FTX cratering, the phrase “Not your keys, not your coins” is frequently used in the cryptocurrency community.

For consumers to securely store their cryptocurrency offline as opposed to on a centralized exchange like FTX or Coinbase or a virtual online wallet, Ledger has been providing hardware wallets since 2024.

The Hundreds

Long before NFTs existed, venerable streetwear company The Hundreds knew how to foster exclusivity and camaraderie.

The company’s NFT collection, Adam Bomb Squad (3D digital representations of its “Adam Bomb” emblem), which debuted in July 2023, has since become a shining example of how the Web3 philosophy of “we’re all going to make it” can function even during the crypto winter.

Because The Hundreds developed its own Creator Royalties and Collector Royalties, both artists and their most ardent fans continue to profit from the digital success of The Hundreds.


How are you dressing for the metaverse?

Avatars now turn to DressX, a digital dress designer and retailer, as their go-to courtier.

The start-up provides customers with access to the greatest selection of virtual apparel in the world-more than 3,000 items-so they may dress their online personas or avatars.

The company sells clothing made by a variety of 3D designers, recognized brands like American Eagle and Adidas Originals, and its line.

Costs for dresses made to commemorate Ukrainian liberation range from free to $1,500. (the company was founded by two Ukrainian fashion-world entrepreneurs)


Golf fans can gather virtually-and eventually physically-through LinksDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that went live on January 1, 2023. LinksDAO uses NFT to reimagine both country club membership and a Web3 project with enduring real-world value.

More than 9,000 memberships were sold by the DAO on its first day, raising $11 million and stoking optimism that it might eventually succeed in constructing its golf course in the real world.


For retailers looking to explore the area between two-dimensional e-commerce and in-person shopping, Emperia creates virtual storefronts.

The London-based business launched its Artemis platform in February 2023, allowing luxury fashion brands to easily control product placement in virtual stores depending on how customers behave there-without the need for any prior technical knowledge.

Despite any metaverse-related sarcasm, Emperia assisted Bloomingdale’s, Lacoste, Sunglass Hut, and Dr. Barbara Sturm in creating A-list mall-worthy virtual boutiques over the year.

Milk Road

To become the Morning Brew of cryptocurrency, Shaan Puri, a serial entrepreneur and cohost of the well-known tech business podcast My First Million, and Ben Levy, a former FanDuel executive, founded Milk Road in January 2023.

Despite the crypto meltdown, the daily email swiftly attracted 250,000 subscribers and turned a profit in 2023.


The young techies who were its intended audience were crypto-curious and wanted a daily overview of what was going on, and it brilliantly caught their attitude.


In 2023, the 3D virtual world of Roblox had an average of 56 million daily active users, an increase of 23% from the previous year. The 17 to 24 age group was the group with the fastest-growing usage.

To promote the creation of experiences targeted at elder users, the company unveiled an age guidance system in September 2023. This system is comparable to movie and video game ratings.


To find fraud, crimes, hacks, and scams, Chainalysis examines blockchain data that is available to the public.

The company, which was valued at $8.6 billion after financing $170 million in May, had a very successful year, as one might expect given the plethora of crypto frauds and blowups in 2023.

When its two key product initiatives came together:

Evolution Du Marketing Sur Facebook: Comment S’Adapter?

Il est temps de s’adapter à l’évolution du Marketing sur Facebook et de développer un plan marketing sur Facebook pour élargir votre audience.

Cette année Facebook a modifié le fonctionnement du fil d’actualité pour ses utilisateurs. Ces modifications affectent spécifiquement les marques et la manière dont elles conduisent leurs campagnes marketing via leurs pages Facebook. Ces changements peuvent affecter le plan marketing des médias sociaux de votre entreprise. Pour vous aider à adapter votre entreprise, nous vous donnons un aperçu de quelques questions fréquentes et de leurs solutions. Il est temps de se s’adapter aux changements Facebook et de développer un plan marketing sur Facebook pour élargir votre audience.

Questions fréquentes sur l’évolution du marketing sur Facebook en 2024 Question 1 : Quels sont les changements apportés au fil d’actualité de Facebook en 2024 ?

Avez-vous remarqué que vos publications sur les pages ne s’affichent plus autant qu’avant dans le fil d’actualité ? Est-ce que les niveaux d’engagement de votre entreprise ont baissé sur votre page Facebook ? Il en est ainsi parce que Facebook met en œuvre une modification destinée à améliorer le fil d’actualité pour les utilisateurs.

Selon une annonce datant de Novembre 2014 sur le blog officiel de Facebook, Facebook veut commencer à réduire le nombre de publications trop promotionnelles dans le fil d’actualité de ses utilisateurs.

Dans le cadre d’un sondage en cours, nous avons demandé à des centaines de milliers de personnes ce qu’ils pensaient du contenu de leur fil d’actualité. Les gens nous ont répondu qu’ils voulaient voir davantage d’histoires de la part d’amis et de pages qui les intéressent, et moins de contenu promotionnel.

Voici les publications organiques de Facebook qui paraissent trop promotionnelles:

Les publications qui incitent seulement les gens à acheter un produit ou à installer une application

Les publications qui incitent les utilisateurs à participer à des promotions et à des tirages au sort sans réel contexte

Les publications qui reprennent exactement le même contenu que des publicités

Cela signifie également que la distribution organique est censée diminuer. Par conséquent, si vous voulez faire la promotion de vos services et produits, votre entreprise doit maintenant opter pour Facebook for Business: les publicités Facebook. Si les pages Facebook constituent une part importante de la stratégie sur Facebook de votre entreprise, cela implique que vous devez dorénavant utiliser les publicités Facebook pour obtenir le même engagement sur les publications organiques qui font la promotion de vos produits et services.

Question 2 : Qu’est-ce que ces changements impliquent pour les petites entreprises qui ne disposent pas d’un budget suffisant pour investir dans les publicités Facebook ?

Si vous n’avez pas le budget pour investir dans les publicités Facebook, voici quelques recommandations pour vous aider à aller de l’avant.

Évaluez votre stratégie de marketing sur Facebook et créez du contenu qui sera visible sur Facebook. Ce type de contenu doit fournir de la qualité à votre public ; du contenu qui peut l’informer, qu’il peut partager et avec lequel il peut interagir.

Utilisez le format de lien adéquat lorsque vous publiez des liens sur votre page Facebook plutôt que d’enterrer des liens dans les légendes des photos.

Faites un test de publication sur Facebook pour voir quel genre de publication suscite le plus d’engagement. Par exemple, une grande partie du public de Hootsuite est constituée de responsables des médias sociaux et de petites entreprises. Au lieu de publier du contenu général comme « Joyeux Thanksgiving ! », nous essayons de publier du contenu prodiguant des conseils pour cette occasion, comme : « Saviez-vous que pendant Thanksgiving, les petites entreprises peuvent accroître leurs ventes en faisant ceci… »

Publiez des images et des vidéos sur Instagram que vous transférerez sur Facebook

Servez-vous d’un calendrier de contenu pour les médias sociaux pour organiser les publications sur Facebook

Astuce Pro : Les publications faites en temps opportun profitent d’une meilleure place dans le fil d’actualité des utilisateurs

Question 3 : Que faire si mon entreprise dispose d’un petit budget publicitaire ?

L’un des avantages de la publicité sur les médias sociaux est qu’elle est flexible et qu’elle tient plus compte des contraintes budgétaires que les médias traditionnels. En ciblant vos publicités de manière stratégique, vous pouvez atteindre un meilleur rendement que n’importe quel panneau publicitaire. Les entreprises disposant d’un budget publicitaire limité peuvent aussi utiliser la mise en avant des publications Facebook afin de cibler les publications vers le public adéquat pour élargir l’audience.

Astuces de marketing sur Facebook pour élargir votre portée organique

Utilisez Facebook Insights pour découvrir la répartition démographique de votre public. Les données des statistiques Facebook vous aident à comprendre quel contenu intéresse le plus votre public, et à quel style de communication il répond le mieux.

L’une des raisons principales pour lesquelles Facebook apporte des modifications à son algorithme, c’est que de plus en plus d’entreprises publient du contenu axé sur la vente, plutôt que du contenu intéressant qui offrirait de la qualité à leur public. Facebook essaie de se détacher de ce modèle pour rendre l’expérience utilisateur sur Facebook plus agréable. Si les entreprises sont invitées à modifier leur stratégie de marketing sur Facebook, plus de contenu de valeur sera offert à leur public.

Facebook veut que les utilisateurs ne voient que le meilleur contenu dans leur fil d’actualité. Cela signifie que pour qu’une entreprise voit de l’engagement sur ses publications, il faut qu’elle choisisse du contenu qui a eu du succès sur d’autres canaux de médias sociaux ou sur sa plateforme de marketing de contenu. Le contenu ayant le plus de retweets, de clics et de trafic aura probablement autant de succès sur Facebook (et n’oubliez pas la règle d’or : le meilleur contenu est celui qui offre de la valeur à vos abonnés).

L’un des moyens les plus simples d’augmenter la portée de votre campagne sur Facebook est de donner les moyens à vos employés de participer à votre page Facebook. Plus vos publications sur Facebook susciteront d’engagement, de mentions « J’aime », de partages et de clics, plus vous pourrez augmenter la portée de votre campagne sur Facebook.

Alors, prêt a relever le défi?

Maintenant que vous savez vous adapter à la nouvelle stratégie Facebook, pourquoi ne pas utiliser Hootsuite pour gérer vos campagnes ?

Article traduit et adapté de l’original en anglais Facebook Marketing is Changing—Here’s What Small Businesses Can Do To Stay In The Game rédigé par Donné Torr, rédacteur chez Hootsuite

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