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Marware, one of the leading accessory makers for Apple’s mobile devices, has sent us two of their latest iPad mini cases for review. Both cases are unique in their own right, but both are built with versatility and quality materials. Check our reviews of both the Marware Axis and Marware MicroShell Folio cases for the iPad mini below.

Design/build quality:

The Axis (pictured above) is a high-quality, genuine leather case for the iPad mini. The case features folio-style construction so you have to flip the leather cover in order to access the iPad mini’s display. The iPad mini sits in a hard, plastic-like-material-shell. This shell snaps into the leather exterior body of the Axis case. The case’s materials are of very high-quality and this case feels like it can work well for a long time. The case has a luxurious feel to it that many iPad mini owners will surely appreciate. While we tested the black unit (which looks fantastic), Marware also ships in tan, blue, purple, and red models.

Protection: With its high-quality leather exterior, the Axis provides solid protection for the iPad mini. Coupled with the hard plastic internal membrane that actually tightly holds the iPad mini in place, your iPad mini will be getting solid protection from damage due to nicks and drops. This case is not as heavy-duty or as strong as something like the Otterbox Defender Series case, but it will likely get the job done for many people. For added protection, the case includes a strapping mechanism to keep the folio lid covering the iPad mini’s screen shut. This will come in handy if your drop your iPad mini while it is in the Axis and you do not want the display cover falling open.

Features: Besides being a case for the iPad mini, the Axis includes a neat feature that allows users to prop up the iPad mini in portrait mode. While most people like watching video and using apps in landscape mode, the portrait position, I have found, is great for typing with an external keyboard accessory. The Axis includes a mechanism to rotate the iPad mini while still inside the case. The iPad mini can than be clipped into a secure portrait position. This feature, I have found, is handy. Another great feature is a strap to hold your hand in while holding the iPad mini (in the Axis) with one hand. This strap works well and, I believe, alone is a worthwhile reason to pick up the Axis iPad mini case. It truly makes the iPad mini even more usable.

Wrap-up/pricing: Marware’s iPad mini Axis case is a well-contructed, seemingly long-lasting, leather protective accessory. I found that it works well, offers solid protection, and has an air of luxury. Combined with its unique features, this is a great iPad mini case. The Axis comes in at just under $45, but is heavily discounted at Amazon right now. 

Hands-on gallery:

Design/build quality: The MicroShell Folio feels like an iPad mini version of Apple’s Smart Case for the full-sized iPad. It has a front flip cover that is made out of a light, yet seemingly protective and well-contructed material. The back piece of the case is made out of a rubbery, hard-plastic-like material. The case is built to be folio style, so you can easily flip the cover to use your iPad mini. The front flap is well-attached to the case’s back piece, so it should last a long-time.

Ports: The MicroShell Folio provides the same port access as the Axis case reviewed above: Lightning connector, speakers, sleep/wake button, volume/mute ports, and the rear camera.

Protection: Because of its lighter design, the MicroShell feels slightly less protective than the Axis case. However, it still offers decent/solid protection for your iPad mini. It includes the same strap as the Axis to ensure that the front flap stays secure, and the rear plastic shell will work to protect most of the rear iPad mini casing from damage. As with the Axis, this case is not a substitute for some of the other heavy duty options on the market. Seriously think of this case as a smaller version of Apple’s Smart Case (Apple only offers this case for the iPad with the 9.7-inch screen).


The MicroShell’s front flap has the ability to flap backwards and sit in a special slit to hold the iPad mini in ideal video watching position. I was pleasantly surprised to find how secure and sturdy this positioning mechanism is because of how light the case’s overall construction is.

Wrap-up/pricing: We recommend the Marware MicroShell Folio for anyone who wants to bring a Smart Case like experience to their iPad mini. The MicroShell typically costs just under $35, but we have located some great deals on this case at Amazon. The MicroShell comes in black (which we tested), purple, and blue.

Hands-on gallery:



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Review: Ipad Mini Smart Case

I briefly talked about Apple’s new Smart Case for the iPad mini in yesterday’s iPad mini with Retina display review, but after giving it some thought, I think it deserves some more attention.

Let me just start out by saying that I’ve not used the Smart Case for the full sized iPad Air, so I can’t really speak on that. In fact, this is my first experience with a Smart Case. I’ve used Smart Covers plenty of times in the past, but never opted for a Smart Case until now.

Why I chose the Smart Case instead of the Smart Cover

The reason I opted to go with the Smart Case instead of the Smart Cover really isn’t complicated. No, I’ve never been a big proponent of cases, but with the way I use my iPad mini, it behooves me to use a case.

I’m someone who travels often with my iPad mini. I estimate that I take it out of the house at least 5 times a week while traveling around the city from place to place. I don’t have it all the time like my iPhone, but 9 times out of 10, it’s on my person.

With that in mind, I needed a case, and the Smart Case is the best option available for the iPad mini. Not only does it look good and feel good in the hand, but it provides the protection I was looking for.

Unlike the Smart Cover, the Smart Case covers the entirety of the iPad mini. It covers the front, just like the Smart Cover, but it also covers the rear of the device — an area that’s susceptible to nicks and dings.

With the Smart Case, I can now confidently toss my iPad in my bag, lay it on any table, lay it on the floor, even. All the while I can be confident that no physical harm will take place.


As far as quality goes, you’d be hard pressed to find a 3rd party case that matches Apple’s quality. The Smart Case isn’t devoid of flaws, but the quality of the case is apparent.

Best of all, the Smart Case feels ridiculously good to hold in hand. The leather, while not Corinthian or anything like that, is adequate enough and feels good to the touch. The bottom line is that it’s pleasurable to hold the iPad mini while it’s in its Smart Case.

The cutouts for all of the ports and buttons are done so in a reasonable manner. The Lightning connector cutaway is big enough to accommodate third party Lighting adapters and some other accessories. You’ll still run into situations where you have to remove the iPad mini altogether, but for your average Lightning connector, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

The camera hole on the rear of the case is big enough to avoid interference with the camera. The same goes for the microphone ports, and headphone jack.

For the volume buttons and the mute switch, I have to admit that the case is a bit annoying when interfacing with them. Since the Smart Case completely covers the volume buttons and sleep button, some of the tactile feedback is lost in the process. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is definitely noticeable and something to consider.

The mute switch cutout is probably the most annoying aspect of the Smart Case’s cutouts. The switch is so deep that it’s hard to use the switch without thinking about it. It would have been nice if Apple could have tapered this hole a bit more to make it easier to adjust the mute switch.

As a stand

The Smart Case is superior to the Smart Cover when it comes to functioning as a stand. The chances of it falling over and collapsing are much less, due to the fact that the cover is a part of the case as a whole. The Smart Cover has a tendency to disconnect while standing, because of the relatively weak magnets.

Sleep/wake functionality

Like the Smart Cover, the Smart Case features magnets near its opening to interface with the iPad’s sleep/wake mechanism. This allows you to close the case or open the case to sleep or wake the device respectively. This has always been one of the iPad’s flagship features, and it makes it much easier to just pick it up or sit it down without thinking too much about it.

The hinge

Outside of the recessed mute switch issue, the only other glaring flaw with the smart case is with its hinge. The hinge works, but the Smart Case’s front cover never sits perfectly flush with the iPad’s screen.

The buckle in the Smart Case could potentially invite foreign debris, but it’s unlikely. It’s more of an aesthetic annoyance than an actual problem in real world usage.

What’s more annoying, to me at least, is how sharp the hinge is. When holding the iPad mini with the Smart Case closed, the hinge has a tendency to dig into your hand, and that proves to be a bit irritating. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue while using the iPad with the Smart Case open.

Ease of installation

Removing the device from the Smart Case is just as easy. I recommend that you do so from time to time to remove any foreign debris that may have introduced itself behind the case.

Final thoughts

Despite what others may say, I think that the iPad mini’s Smart Case is a great peripheral. It’s a bit steep at $69.99, but that’s the price you’ll pay for near total peace of mind.

The leather is classy feeling, easy to clean, and best of all, it takes the thought out of taking care of your newly acquired iPad mini with Retina display. I highly recommend it.

Ipad Mini Release Date And Details Splatter

iPad mini release date and details splatter

If you’re following along with the iPad mini and its imminent release, there are a collection of details you can readily assume to be true – even without Apple revealing the release date, the models, and the specifications in each device. This release will be primarily a filing of a market hole: where there’s no tablet in the market other than the iPad to placate the masses addicted to the idea that Apple’s solution is best, there will soon be two – or three, depending on how you look at the situation. If you want an iPad that costs less than $399 and you want it soon, you’ll only have to wait until November 2nd – if several sources saying the same thing are accurate.

With rumors abound that 24 models of new iPad-like devices have appeared in the Apple SKU listing in the sky, it would seem that there are two kinds of iPad mini on the way. You’ve got two different color combinations (black and white) up front, three different internal storage capacities (16GB, 32GB, and 64GB), and the option to have wi-fi-only or a mobile data connection. There being four different distinct code combinations (P101, 3, 5, or 7), we might be seeing four different color combinations instead of just two.

So that’s black, white, red, and green, six iPad minis in each category, three for wi-fi, three for mobile-data-equipped, with each of the three being 16, 32, or 64GB capacities. How does that sound to you? Another possibility is a fourth internal capacity size: 8GB.

With the iPad mini appearing to be looming with an October 23rd event date now on the books, it’s not out of the question that each of these units could be coming out on the 2nd of November. With a tablet made with the specifications that’ve been tipped many times over, we can assume we’ll have a device with a 7.85-inch display, a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and the same ratio as each iPad on the market today, and a bezel that’s significantly smaller than the current model.

These devices will appear larger than the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (the 7-inch version, at least), and will be larger than the Google Nexus 7 as well. With a price point somewhere between $200 and $300 based on estimations done with component costs, we’ll likely be seeing a competitor for the 7-inch tablet market that doesn’t beat their cost, but certainly does beat their desirability for the Apple-loyal fans in the world today. Expect a device that’s not going to rock the tablet world to its knees like the original iPad did, but one that fills the gap for Apple users who want to work with a slightly smaller device on a regular basis.

You’ll get the full lowdown when we hit up the main event on the 23rd – expect live updates from us right here on SlashGear from morning until night – you shall know all!

Review: Lifx Mini Is A Bright And Hub

LIFX added support to their Wi-Fi connected bulbs, making them one of the most enticing options in the smart home lightning market. The LIFX Mini requires no hub, supports HomeKit, and a variety of special effects within the LIFX app.

Especially with the range of colors and effects, you really need to check out the hands on video to get the best idea of the LIFX Mini.

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The HomeKit smart lighting category continues to get crowded as more and more companies add support, or introduce new products. LIFX belongs to the former, as they retroactively added HomeKit support to their existing product line.

The LIFX Mini is a more compact version of their flagship bulb. The big difference, other than size, is that it is not quite as bright as its big brother. It maxes out at 800 lumens, while the standard LIFX bulb reaches 1100. Compared to others on the market like Philips Hue and Sylvania, 800 lumens is plenty, as they about max out at that.

HomeKit support makes the bulbs even more useful, but the LIFX app really starts to set them apart from others.

Setup process

Setting up the LIFX Mini is easy, and straightforward. You simply screw in the bulb, turn the light on, then use either the LIFX app, or the Home app to add it to your Wi-Fi network and HomeKit setup.

You aren’t limited to just HomeKit and LIFX’s app either. There is a whole list of other supported smart home platforms you can integrate with.

You’ve got options for HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and even Nest.

Since I use HomeKit as my platform of choice, and the fact we are an Apple-focused site, it was my main focus when testing out the LIFX Mini.

Using HomeKit

Like any other HomeKit bulb, once connected to your Home, the bulb will be available via Siri, and in any HomeKit capable app.

You can turn it on and off, change the brightness, temperature, and color.

Since we are talking about colors, the colors in the LIFX Mini are exceptionally vivid. More vivid than my Hue lights by far, but sometimes they could be a bit too saturated. For instance, when I set the bulb to a warm white light, it came off as more of a deep orange color instead of a warm white.

Other colors look great, and they were able to nail the more difficult colors. Green, yellow, and blue were all colors that Philips has struggled with, but LIFX gets them down.

HomeKit also allows you to automate your lights. You can tie them to your location, motion sensors, wall switches, or time.

I have some that turn on when I arrive back from the office, other rooms that turn on based on a motion sensor, and even outdoor lights tied to a contact sensor on the door.

LIFX app

The LIFX app has a ton of other neat effects you can run with your lights. For instance, one of their newer ones allows you to automatically adjust the color of the bulb based on the time of day. Kind of like Night Shift, but for your home’s lights.

Wrap it up

Since the bulb connects directly to Wi-Fi and doesn’t require a hub, it means there are no additional purchases to get going. Hub-free also means less delay when controlling the lights.

If you want to try the LIFX Mini for yourself, it is available for $43.50 on Amazon for the full color version, $29.99 for the day to dusk version, and only $24.5 for the white-only.

Let us know if you own the LIFX Mini, or what your favorite smart light is down below.

Incipio’s Ngp Case Hugs The Ipad Mini

Incipio, as one of the largest world-wide accessory retailers, continues its line with fresh offerings for the iPad mini. Concurrently with the launch of the mini, Incipio hit the ground running with a few of their staple cases specifically tailored for Apple’s newest iPad addition.

Today, I take a look at the Next Generation Polymer (NGP) impact protective shell. One of my biggest fears is scratching that beautiful black anodized shell and the NGP may be the ticket…

Design and Protection

The goal of Apple’s design process is to keep products trim and pristine. Consequently, covering them up with cases is irksome. Openly, I only use cases that are equally minimalistic and only to protect my expensive premiumly priced electronics. Big, bulky cases or ones that have no protective value, such as designer cases or the like, are a complete waste to me.

With that in mind, I am happy to receive the NGP from my friends at Incipio for review. The polymer is 1.8mm thick, which is more thick that a simple plastic clip on shell, but the rubberized impact resistant material will stand up to a fall or tumble. Soft to the touch, the semi-rigid case easily slips around the edges of the mini, but feels completely turgid once in place, giving it a solid feel despite its malleability. Crazy, I know.

With that in mind, I am happy to receive the NGP from my friends at Incipio for review. The polymer is 1.8mm thick, which is more thick that a simple plastic clip on shell, but the rubberized impact resistant material will stand up to a fall or tumble. Soft to the touch, the semi-rigid case easily slips around the edges of the mini, but feels completely turgid once in place, giving it a solid feel despite its malleability. Crazy, I know.

Precision cut port openings grant easy access to the Lightning port, stereo speakers, rear facing camera, headphone jack, mute switch, and microphone. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered, which is my only gripe. I appreciate cases that cover buttons that do not necessarily need to be exposed to operate. However, because of the semi-rigid material, it is surprisingly difficult to operate either the volume or sleep button. To step out on a limb, if you are going to hand your NGP bedecked mini to a child for their Angry-Birding-pleasure, I would not be shocked if they could not operate those particular buttons. Now that I think about it, it may be a good thing if you don’t want the volume turned up.


Overall, I really like the soft touch and general feel of the NGP shell by Incipio and feel like $24.99 is a reasonable price. It is slightly thicker than a simple plastic shell giving it extra protection for drops and bumps. However, the difficult to press sleep/wake and volume buttons is particularly annoying. Will I continue to use the NGP? Yes, but only if I am traveling and need the extra protection. If you are interested, hop over to chúng tôi and choose from pink, purple, grey, or black.


Semi-rigid shell

Minimalistic with protection

Thin enough to retain the small feel of the mini, but thick enough to resist bumps


Difficult to press covered sleep/wake and volume buttons

Best Bumper Cases For Iphone 12 Mini In 2023

I love the glass back and sleek edges of the iPhone 12 mini. But scratches, bumps, and other kinds of damage are a constant threat. So it’s wise to invest in the best bumper cases for iPhone 12 mini.

These are made of sturdy materials that resist impact and reinforce the sides of your device. So you can use it without worrying about nasty dents and falls. Take your pick from my roundup of the best cases.

1. Spigen ultra hybrid case – Crystal Clear

iPhone 12 Mini comes in five amazing color options, and you might want to show it off. One of the most noted Apple accessories manufacturers brings the perfect solution, a dependable clear case. Crafted from hybrid technology, it blends a TPU bumper with a durable PC back.

This allows the case to sport crystal clear transparency while lending basic protection from everyday wear & tear. Moreover, it adds just the right amount of depth, so you get a comfortable and easy grip.


Crystal clear back

Great grip

Tactile buttons


Fingerprint magnet

Check out on Amazon

2. Smartish bumper case – Super slim

Are you clumsy or accident-prone? Well, then you might need Smartish’s super grippy texture to put all odds in your favor. This bumper case boasts just the right amount of grip, so your iPhone 12 Mini faces lesser drops and falls.

And in case it does slip, the durable construction and air-pocket corners keep it well-cushioned & protected. Remarkably, it does so while maintaining an ultra-light & elegant form factor.


Superior grip

Lay flat-screen guard design

Value for money


Buttons are slightly tough initially

Sweat & oil marks show easily

Buy it from Smartish

3. Otterbox defender series – Protective case

As the name suggests, the rugged case is designed to defend your phone from severe drops, dirt, scrapes, and bumps. Its multi-layer construction lends 4x military standard drop protection.

Providing all-around protection, it sports port protection and raised edges for the screen and camera lens. Moreover, you can also avail of a hands-free viewing experience, thanks to the included holster that doubles as a handy kickstand & belt clip.


Sporty, rugged looks

Delivers extreme drop protection

Includes port protection



A bit bulky

Buy it from Ottorbox

4. SUPCASE clear bumper case – Fade proof

A worthy choice when you want 360° protection; the UB EXO Pro features a full-body design bumper case with a  built-in screen protector. The scratch-resistant, clear exoskeleton back frame allows the device to shine out while lending an enhanced grip.

It also incorporates deep bezels & texturized carbon fiber on the edges to minimize accidental slips. In all, the unique design maintains the sleekness and functionality of your iPhone 12 Mini while keeping it safe from scrapes, dints, bumps, & scratches, and falls.


Military-grade drop protection

Built-in screen guard

Firm & comfortable grip


Suppresses the speaker output a bit

Slight weighty

Check out on Amazon

5. JETech shockproof case – Anti-scratch clear back

A slim and lightweight clear case that incorporates superior shock-absorption. The TPU bumper is fitted with impact-resisting corners for effective cushioning and protection during a fall.

Its scratch-resistant coating ensures that the ultra-transparent hard PC back looks fresh even after vigorous use. Further, a tiny dots design on the inside keeps those ugly watermarks at bay from the phone’s back & sides.


Shockproof bumper

Micro-dot design

Affordably priced


Fingerprint magnet

No anti-yellow coating

Check out on Amazon

6. Ringke onyx case – Lightweight

Here’s an excellent option for those looking for a minimalist bumper case. It’s made of flexible, long-lasting TPU for heavy-duty defense. Simultaneously, it boasts a matte, granulate texture that is anti-skid and anti-fingerprint.

Further, you can bolster the protection by attaching a hand or neck strap using the built-in dual QuikCatch lanyard holes. It’s compatible with all cases and wireless charging for everyday convenience.


Supports wireless charging

Matte texture

Lanyard holes

Four color options


Not much drop protection

Check out on Amazon

7. Casetify custom case – Wireless charging compatible

This one offers the best of three worlds, the benefit of a transparent back, the quirkiness of a colorful bumper, and the security of a shock-absorbing material. You can either opt for your favorite solid color or gradients to the edges.

Or even add initials or name on the back! And that’s not all; this one is engineered for protection. Thanks to a proprietary material, dubbed as qìtech, the ultra-slim case can withstand up to 6.6 feet drops.

Furthermore, an antibacterial DEFENSiFY coating eliminates 99% of bacteria to keep the germs at bay.



6.6 feet drop protection

DEFENSiFY coating


Bit Pricey

The black camera ring & branding is distracting at times

Buy it from Casetify

8. Velvet caviar nebula case – 8 ft. drop tested protection

As observed by the cases mentioned above, protection doesn’t have to be boring. And this iridescent designer case inspired by Nebula’s colors and feel takes the style quotient up by a few notches.

The shimmer, clear surface catches the light beautifully and showcase a different shade or pattern accordingly. While the protective has a scratch-resistant coating, it is still vulnerable due to its delicate materials.

To avoid that, you could use a grip or pop-socket, and guess what, you could avail matching grip ring from the brand itself.


Iridescent shimmery back

1 Year Warranty


Delicate back

Bit expensive

Buy it from Velvet Caviar

9. THREEBEES ultra slim case – With antioxidant layer

This sleek and slim case is only 1.2 mm thin, so it fits your iPhone like a glove. It offers the protection of a bumper without adding any bulk. So it’s perfect for keeping away the scratches, smudges, and scuffs.

It’s made of high-quality rubber that ensures your iPhone does not slip. Simultaneously, the raised edges on both the front and back keep the camera and screen away from scratches or friction. Lastly, it’s soft to touch and comfortable to handle.



Precise cuts

Excellent grip


Might get yellow over time

Check out on Amazon

10. elago hybrid case – Full body coverage

Elago boasts an in-house ecosystem; the company handles everything from design to manufacturing. This allows an immense level of quality control and snug fit with every case.

The hybrid design mixes polycarbonate and TPU to offer everyday protection from drops, dirt, dust, and oil. What we love are the pastel soothing bumper color options that beautifully complement the iPhone 12 Mini colors.


Full-body bumper

Subtle, classy look

Anti-yellow coating


Grip is that great

Check out on Amazon

That’s all for now! 

It will help our readers and us to make better choices. Can’t decide which case is the best for your iPhone, try out these listings to check all available options.

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