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Get ready for the financial opportunity of a lifetime – Because TOMI are introducing an airdrop worth a staggering $75,000. After its successful NFT sale and IDO, the team wants to broaden access to its ecosystem and incentivize future participation – Claiming the airdrop is very easy, and more than 45 people will win a fantastic opportunity to get involved early in the TOMI ecosystem for free.

Tomi Will Airdrop $75,000 in TOMI Tokens

The launch of Tomi’s ecosystem and the TOMI token has been widely anticipated. Interested parties first had to acquire a Tomi Heroes NFT through openSea to earn eligibility for the TOMI sale rounds.

Those NFTs brought in 459 Ether, which the Tomi team used to buy back TOMI from the market and burn it forever, effectively reducing its total supply by over 12,386,000 tokens. That approach set the tone for a bullish wave of sentiment that is still present today.

Through several 30-minute rounds, investors were able to buy TOMI tokens during a brief IDO window. A total of 485 token holders emerged initially, and TOMI noted an ROI of over 54,600, which is astronomical in the cryptocurrency industry.

Since then, TOMI has held its price very stable, and the overall trading volume holds up well. Thus, there is still substantial buy support for this token, which now counts 1,239 holders. Moreover, there are over 6 million pooled TOMI on Sushiswap, and the asset notes just under 19,400 transactions. 

Following the successful NFT sale and IDO, Tomi’s team now takes the next step. An airdrop will be organized to distribute $75,000 in TOMI tokens. The main objective of this airdrop is to drive community growth and expand the current user base. Users can access this airdrop, which started on October 18 and runs until October 31. 

To participate, you must follow these quick and easy steps:

There will be 45 total winners: 1 winner gets $5,000, 4 people get $2,500, and the remaining 40 people get $1,500. All winners will be announced throughout the airdrop to keep building excitement.

Tomi will announce up to 8 winners every two days, with the final five winners being unveiled right at the end of the airdrop timeline. Participants can re-enter the competition if they tag three different people on social media. 

Giving Back To The Community

At its core, Tomi has always stood out as a cryptocurrency and blockchain project. Instead of consolidating power among early investors, developers, or other backers, Tomi has been built to give back to the community.

That became even more apparent when the team put the community in charge of all TOMI liquidity, even though it wasn’t their first confirmation of this broader transparency and community-oriented control.

The transparency roadmap for Tomi confirms the steps taken so far:

NFT funds were used to purchase TOMI and increase its value

The team

burned the purchased TOMI

assets permanently.

Community gains control over Tomi’s liquidity pools. The team pulled

600 WETH to purchase more TOMI, burn it,

and increase value for users.

Founders and developers hold no TOMI tokens, nor did they keep a share of

over $3.3 million in WETH

after the token launched.

That level of commitment is one of the main reasons TOMI is set to explode over the coming months. No other developer team has been this committed to putting the community in control and empowering every TOMI holder.

They could have taken millions of dollars, yet no founder or developer even entertained the thought. Instead, Tomi is designed to impact people’s lives for the better. As a result, the future price potential for the TOMI token is off the charts and there are still more developments coming!

What Comes Next For Tomi?

Fueling the hype and momentum surrounding the TOMI token are upcoming ecosystem developments. Both TOMISwap and TOMIFundMe are crucial pillars of the Tomi vision, and both will continually bring value to the TOMI token. More importantly, these two pillars strengthen the community-oriented focus of the team and will pave the way for the broader adoption of this project.

TOMISwap shows all other decentralized trading and swapping platforms how to tackle the “Ethereum fee problem’. Instead of relying on the Ethereum network’s gas calculation, TOMISwap charges a flat 0.3% of the transaction amount for all trades and swaps. It is an elegant, simple, and transparent solution that avoids slippage, higher fees, unsatisfying orders, etc.

Moreover, a large portion of these trading fees is put back into the ecosystem by funding TOMIFundMe, another solution that can change many lives.

If you are not excited about TOMIFundMe, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. The solution lets anyone create a business idea and business plan and submit it for Tomi community review.

Approved projects will receive a grant, paid for by the fee share collected from TOMISwap. TOMI holders have the chance to make a meaningful global impact and foster the next generation of blockchain development. The value that brings to the token is priceless. 

The current TOMI airdrop, valued at $75,000, further solidifies the team’s vision of helping the community achieve wealth distribution. Everything that goes on in this ecosystem is to empower the user rather than the creator.

As a first community event, giving away $75,000 sends a strong and clear message to all onlookers. Conducting an airdrop after checking off the transparency milestones and ahead of launching TOMISwap and TOMIFundMe is of tremendous significance and will push up the TOMI value astronomically. 

There is still time to participate in the $75,000 TOMI airdrop. Make sure to complete the following steps:

You do not want to miss out on this opportunity! 

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Windows 11 Commercial Drops Ahead Of Launch

Last Updated on July 22, 2023

This week we see the much-vaunted release of Windows 11, predominantly on new machines but we are sure many people will be moving to the new operating system using a variety of means and methods.

Who is the actress in the Windows 11 commercial?

The girl in the Windows 11 commercial is actress Ima Djie who is pretty hard to track down on the internet for her previous work but she has made a remarkable splash with this appearance, with the internet awash with search queries.

Whether this ad will be the first in a series or a one-off remains to be seen, but ith Windows 11 set to be with us for the foreseeable future, it is quite possible we will be seeing Ima more and more on our screens.

Highlights of Windows 11

(courtesy of Microsoft)

The new design and sounds are modern, fresh, clean and beautiful, bringing you a sense of calm and ease.

With Start, we’ve put you and your content at the center. Start utilizes the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to show you your recent files no matter what device you were viewing them on.

Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops provide an even more powerful way to multitask and optimize your screen real estate.

Chat from Microsoft Teams integrated into the taskbar provides a faster way to connect to the people you care about.

Widgets, a new personalized feed powered by AI, provides a faster way to access the information you care about, and with Microsoft Edge’s world class performance, speed and productivity features you can get more done on the web.

Windows 11 delivers the best Windows ever for gaming and unlocks the full potential of your system’s hardware with technology like DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage and Auto HDR. With Xbox Game Pass for PC or Ultimate you get access to over 100 high-quality PC games to play on Windows 11 for one low monthly price. (Xbox Game Pass sold separately.)

Windows 11 comes with a new Microsoft Store rebuilt with an all-new design making it easier to search and discover your favorite apps, games, shows, and movies in one trusted location. We look forward to continuing our journey to bring Android apps to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store through our collaboration with Amazon and Intel; this will start with a preview for Windows Insiders over the coming months.

Windows 11 is the most inclusively designed version of Windows with new accessibility improvements that were built for and by people with disabilities.

Windows 11 unlocks new opportunities for developers and creators. We are opening the Store to allow more developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to bring their apps to the Store, improving native and web app development with new developer tools, and making it easier for you to refresh the look and feel across all our app designs and experiences.

Windows 11 is optimized for speed, efficiency and improved experiences with touch, digital pen and voice input.

Windows 11 is the operating system for hybrid work, delivering new experiences that work how you work, are secure by design, and easy and familiar for IT to deploy and manage. Businesses can also test Windows 11 in preview today in Azure Virtual Desktop, or at general availability by experiencing Windows 11 in the new Windows 365.

Samsung Galaxy S21: Expected Features And Price Ahead Of January 14 Launch

On January 14 at 10 AM EST, Samsung is hosting its own newest Unpacked occasion , where it’ll announce that the Galaxy S21 family. This time around, the business is expected to announce three devices: the S21 5G, the S21+ 5G, also S21 Ultra 5G.

It is a remarkably early unveiling — after an odd year — and we are anticipating some noteworthy modifications to Samsung’s mainstream lineup this past season. Maybe most notably…

The S21 Ultra brings S-Pen support to the mainline Galaxy family

We have been hearing rumors for weeks that Samsung could leave the Note household and rather incorporate S-Pen support to the mainline Galaxy S collection. That seems to be on course, with the newest rumors suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, at least, can encourage the S-Pen via an optional instance. An FCC filing all but supported S-Pen service for this telephone.

Given it is an optional accessory now round, the pencil seems to fit a chunkier, more comfortable design. As before, it seems to include two buttons and encourage accelerometer-based gestures.

The need for another case will probably come as a disappointment to Note lovers, particularly since it is expected to cost approximately $50 or $40, based on WinFuture.

It would also be fine if the corporation may bring stylus service to the less costly versions, for people who desire a stylus but do not wish to shell out the big bucks for the Ultra version, but it does not seem to be the situation.

Samsung eliminate charger from the S21 versions Beefy cameras

As usual, the Ultra version is forecast to package a specially beefy camera system. In accordance with leaker Evan Blass, the camera may include a 108MP principal camera along with also a 12MP ultrawide. The telephone will even match double 10 MP telephoto cameras, one at 3x zoom and also you at 10x.

Together with digital processing, the camera is expected to provide up to 100x zoom, however, if the quality will probably undoubtedly be useful remains to be seen. The selfie camera is no slouch either, at 40MP.

The non-Ultra versions, meanwhile, will decide on a three-sensor back camera selection: a 12MP principal camera, a 12MP ultrawide, and a 64MP telephoto, presumably in 2x or 3x optical zoom. The telephoto detector’s additional resolution ought to help a little when entering digital zoom land, however.

The usual spec bumps

Cameras aside, here are a Few of the key highlights we Anticipate in the specs Section:

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G:

Snapdragon 888 (US)/Exynos 2100

128/12 GB, 256/12 GB, and 512/16 GB SSD and RAM configurations

microSD expansion

6.8-inch AMOLED display

3,200 x 1,440 resolution

Latest generation under-display fingerprint reader

5,000 mAh battery

Reverse wireless charging

Galaxy S21+ 5G, (same as above, except):

128/8 GB and 256/8 GB SSD and RAM configurations

6.7-inch AMOLED display

2,400 x 1,080 resolution

No microSD storage

4,800 mAh battery

Galaxy S21 5G (same as above, except):

6.2-inch AMOLED display

4,000 mAh battery

Samsung is launching its own Tile-clone tracking tags

Apple has long been rumored to announce an item-tracking system referred to as ‘AirTags,’ but it looks like Samsung is beating them to the punch ‘SmartTags.’

The Fundamental tracker seem to use plain older Bluetooth, but a rumored SmartTag+ attributes ultra-wideband technologies for more precise location information

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The Galaxy Buds Pro take on the AirPods Pro

Samsung often starts new cans using its flagship telephones, and now the business seems to be preparing a rival to Apple’s AirPods Pro. Unsurprisingly referred to as the Galaxy Buds pro, these authentic wireless include headphones a feature that has been missing from your organization’s additional curricular monitors: active sound canceling.

While the past year’s bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live featured ANC, the absence of a suitable seal supposed the buds may never attain just as much noise canceling as you possibly can on a version with a tighter match. A leaked Samsung promotional picture appears to confirm that the headphones feature more powerful sound cancellation compared to the Buds Live.

Expected to cost $199, the cans feature up to 28 hours of battery life (eight hours per charge), IPX7 water resistance, and three cans for sound reduction during forecasts, an ambient noise manner.

Concerning audio quality, the buds seem to match with an 11mm woofer plus a 6.5millimeter tweeter, enhanced by a spatial sound feature which will presumably attempt to emulate the experience of listening to speakers.

Geforce Rtx 3080 Ti Specs Reportedly Leaked Ahead Of Nvidia’s Keynote Event

With a little over a day before NVIDIA GTC keynote speech where the company is expected to unveil the Ampere GPUs, a new leak has shed some light on what we can expect from the flagship GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. The fresh insight comes courtesy of a new video from YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead.

The video ostensibly offers a first detailed look at the specifications of the GPU and how it will compare to the existing line of RTX 2000-series Turing GPUs.

NVIDIA is reportedly gearing up to start things off with a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition. NVIDIA is arming the GPU with a triple-fan cooler, simplified design, 7nm EUV GA102 SKU, 8-pin power connectors, PCIe 4.0 x16, three DisplayPort 2.0, one HDMI 2.1, one USB-C, and 10K resolutions support.

Moore’s Law Is Dead also suggests the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Founder’s Edition will boast 5.376 CUDA cores, a TGP of 220 W to 230 W, boost clock speeds above 2.2 GHz, 18 Gbps GDDR6 VRAM, and a total of 21 Teraflops.

Additional features of the Ampere SKUs include NVCache, DLSS 3.0, RTX Voice, Tensor Memory Compression, and NVENC 8K 60 fps support through H264 and H265 codecs. These should improve frame rates and reduce load times for games that make use of the technology.

Compared to the flagship Turing GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti will up bandwidth by over 40%, a rasterization performance of 40% to 70% when running at 4K, and a 10% IPC improvement. Overall, Moore’s Law Is Dead reckons a 50% performance boost across the entire 3000-series range over 2000-series is on the cards.

Moore’s Law Is Dead also notes that the GeForce RTX 3070 and GeForce RTX 3060 should offer boost clock speeds up to 2.5 GHz, but may encounter CPU bottlenecks when running at lower resolutions like 1080p and 1440p.

On the Ray Tracing front, Moore’s Law Is Dead estimates the Ampere GPU won’t feature more cores, but instead will process intersections faster by a magnitude of four times, aided by more SMs, a higher Tensor core count, and bigger L2 cache. The video suggests even the low-end SKUs will include RT cores.

Moore’s Law Is Dead also shed some light on the release schedule for the GPUs, with NVIDIA planning to launch HPC models by the end of this month and consumer models from September onward.

In the same video, Moore’s Law Is Dead also briefly touched on AMD’s Big Navi GPUs stating that clocked samples only offered a performance boost of around 10% on the current GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, but that this should increase significantly to the point of matching Ampere GPUs for the real thing. As such, we could see a tussle between AMD and Intel to claim the top spot as the company with the best performing card.

While a pinch of salt is always warranted when scrutinizing these types of information dumps, we don’t have long for NVIDia to confirm the details are genuine or off the mark. Tomorrow’s GTC keynote should reveal NVIDIA’s plans in detail. Tune in from 6 am PT.

Analysts Say Market Is Panicking Ahead Of Apple’s Earnings Report On Tuesday

Apple is due to report its fiscal Q2 2023 (calendar Q1) earnings on Tuesday, and analysts are nervous – both about what the company might report for the quarter, and what it may project for the current one.

Recent falls in the share price were the result of Wall Street entering ‘full panic mode’ according to one firm …

Persistent reports of poor iPhone X sales this quarter have driven concern. This has led to nervousness about the tech sector as a whole when the NYSE FANG+ Index took a hit a month ago. The index tracks ten global tech giants, Apple among them, and experienced its worst-ever one-day drop in March.

Weak guidance by Apple chipmaker TSMC heightened fears, as did a report suggesting that Apple’s plan to use LG as a secondary supplier of OLED screens for this year’s iPhones is now in doubt. This could limit Apple’s options to be as competitive on price as it would like, or else hit margins.

GBH analyst Daniel Ives said that supply chain checks and supplier guidance were leading to expectations of particularly poor sales, reports Seeking Alpha.

Ives wrote: “Heading into Apple’s much anticipated March (FY2Q18) quarter next week the Street has gone into ‘full panic mode’ as supply chain checks out of Asia indicate that June iPhone shipments are trending well below expectations.”

The panic follows Apple supplier TSMC lowering its guidance, which led Morgan Stanley to reduce its July iPhone estimates to 34M units from 40.5M units (consensus: 43M units).

Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi agrees.

Bernstein thinks Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Q3 will disappoint the Street due to weak iPhone sales. The firm predicts Apple will guide revenue of $47B to $49B for the June quarter (consensus: $51.9B) when it reports results on May 1.

Analyst Toni Sacconaghi reduces his FY18 EPS estimate from $10.93 to $10.71 (consensus: $11.43) and drops his iPhone focus from 41M units to 38.8M units (consensus: 43M units).

Bank of America Merrill Lynch had earlier warned clients that the ‘magnitude [of the bad news] could be surprising to some.’ J.P. Morgan similarly warned of ‘very weak iPhone shipments in 1H as well as a more cautious view on new iPhone build in 2H18.’

UBS, however, is more optimistic, suggesting that the higher price of the iPhone X has been good news rather than bad, reports Proactive Investors.

UBS acknowledged there “has been little good news regarding iPhone demand given continued supply chain concerns” and question marks in China. Nonetheless, the analysts maintain that Apple “is having success moving buyers up the iPhone price curve.” They estimate that 24% of customers paid more than US$900 for their iPhones, up from only 5% a year ago.

“We think Apple’s pricing strategy has worked better than most investors believe,” the analysts said. “A moderate mix-down is evident, but Apple successfully moved most premium customers in the US$700-US$900 price range to price bands over US$1,000.

And a Reuters roundup reveals that although there has been a big jump in the number of analysts recommending to hold rather than buy AAPL, up from eight in January to 14 today, none recommend selling.

Apple’s guidance calls for revenue of between $60B and $62B, so that will be the key number to watch on Tuesday. We’ll likely get some more specific analyst predictions on Monday, and we’ll of course be bringing you full coverage the following day.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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Chimeras P2E Metaverse Launches Alpha Version And New Nft Collection

Chimeras is launching the Alpha Version of the game, which becomes available to users from March 30th and will last for 2-3 months. Accompanying the Alpha game launch, the Chimeras metaverse is announcing the sale of brand new NFT packs containing regular in-game characters. 

The launch of the Chimeras game is divided into 2 stages. The Alpha Stage includes mining and alchemy options. The Public Stage will involve the introduction of various new features as they are developed.

The New Collection

The new packs on offer at the INOs will contain sets of peaceful Chimeras that players can use in their in-game activities to gain additional income. 

Players of Chimeras are thrust into a world shrouded in mystery shattered by an ancient conflict against Chaos that was ultimately defeated by the efforts of the Magicians and Alathor the Creator. The Chimeras have ever since worked tirelessly to rebuild the broken islands and maintain peace across the land.

Players can rely on their peaceful Chimeras to mine, fish, or extract valuable elements for use in alchemy. The Chimeras are also adept at running entire islands, increasing the efficiency of buildings, and yielding additional income for their masters. All the farming packs and combat units from the first sales round will also be fully playable and applicable during the public release in a few months.

INO Sale Details

The packs set to be placed on sale will consist of 4,880 Tiny Packs at $160 each containing 3 Worker Chimeras, 3 items of Food for increasing Chimera’s grade, 1 Miner’s Tool, and Level 3 Island Upgrade Resources per pack. Another 2,045 Power Packs for $310 each will contain 4 Worker Chimeras, 4 items of Food for increasing Chimera’s grade, 2 Miner’s Tools, and Level 4 Island Upgrade Resources per pack. 975 Wow Packs for $550 each will give players access to 4 Worker Chimeras, 8 items of Food for increasing Chimera’s grade, 3 Miner’s Tools, and Level 5 Island Upgrade Resources.

Farming Income Opportunities

The world of Chimeras provides multiple opportunities for generating income, one of which is the classical farming approach. The packs on offer at the INO provide more profitable boosts for in-game progress but are rightfully limited in quantity. Every pack gives players a great chance to enter the game with solid discounts on valuables.

About Chimeras Game

The Chimeras project is a Play-to-Earn metaverse that takes the Free-to-Play approach of allowing players to earn on the content they generate in-game and the actions and feats they accomplish. The core concept of Chimeras is a thrilling mobile game with integrated DeFi farming and NFT tokenization that revolves around a fantasy world filled with cuddly creatures — Chimeras. Chimeras includes a well-developed backstory that engulfs players with its lore revolving around a vast fantasy world of Chimeras populated with farmers, alchemists, merchants, killers, landowners, and socials, all engaging in a variety of activities.

Anyone willing to join the Chimeras Metaverse still has the chance of becoming an Alpha Version participant. All that is needed is to purchase one of the packs or purchase CHIMs and stake them on the Roseon platform. The mobile game is available for downloading on the Chimeras site (the file is for Android and emulators for PC). The iOS version will accompany the metaverse’s public launch. All players can try out the game and earn their first prizes in NFTs and CHIM tokens.

CHIM tokens are available for purchase on the PancakeSwap exchange. Another listing will take place on a CEX exchange this spring, one with which the Chimeras team is currently finalizing terms of cooperation. The company is also working on a service for NFT staking that they intend to announce shortly.

Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Yuliya Prekrasnova

Contact Telegram: @ChimerasPR

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