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Are others unable to hear you when you speak in the Discord app? There could be an issue with the microphone settings either in the app or on your device. Let’s check various ways to fix the problem of the Discord mic not working on PC, Android, and iPhones.

1. Restart Device

Be it the computer or the mobile phone, you should restart the concerned device to fix the Discord microphone. A single restart will often fix a temporary issue that could be hampering the Discord mic.

2. Reconnect External Microphone

If you are using an external microphone, you should unplug and replug it. Also, make sure that the USB port or the 3.5 mm jack on your device is clean. You can try blowing some air through it to remove any dust particles.

Similarly, if you are using Bluetooth headphones like AirPods, disconnect and reconnect them with your mobile or computer.

3. Unmute Yourself (PC) 4. Grant Microphone Access

The Discord app must have permission to use the microphone on PC and mobile, otherwise, the microphone will not work in the Discord app.

Allow Discord to Use Microphone on PC

    Scroll down and enable the toggle next to “Let desktop apps access your microphone.”

      Relaunch the Discord app on your computer to enable Discord to recognize your microphone.

      Allow Discord to Use Microphone on Android

      Open “Settings” on your Android phone or tablet.

      Go to “Apps” and tap on “Discord” in the list of all apps.

        Go to “Permissions” on the “App info” page. Make sure “Microphone” shows up under the “Allowed” section. If it doesn’t, tap on “Microphone” in the “Not Allowed” list on the same screen and select “Allow.”

        Allow Discord to Use Microphone on iPhone

        Open “Settings” on your iPhone.

        Scroll down and tap on “Discord.”

        Enable the toggle next to the “Microphone.”

        Alternatively, you may grant microphone access from “Settings → Privacy → Microphone” – enable the toggle next to Discord.

        5. Log Out and Log In Again

        Sometimes, logging out from your Discord account and logging in again helps fix microphone issues in Discord.

        To log out from the Discord mobile apps, tap on the “Account” icon in the bottom bar, then scroll down the screen and tap on “Log Out.”

        6. Select Correct Microphone as Input Device (PC)

        Typically, your computer automatically detects the microphone connected to your device. However, if you want to switch between input devices or you think that the Discord app isn’t picking up the right microphone, select the desired microphone manually.

          Adjust the input volume using the available slider for optimum results.

            Take the mic test built into the Discord PC app to check whether the issue is fixed or not – start by pressing the “Let’s Check” button.

            7. Disable Advanced Voice Features

            Go to “Discord Settings → Voice & Video” on the computer.

            On mobile, tap on the “Account” icon at the bottom and go to “Voice.”

              Turn off the following features:

              Automatically determine input sensitivity or Auto Sensitivity

              Noise Suppression

              Echo Cancellation

              Noise Reduction

              Advanced Voice Activity

              Automatic Cain control

              Quality of Service (QoS)

              When I Speak (located under Attenuation)

              8. Change Audio System (PC)

              Often, one type of audio system works on some computers whereas a different one works on other computers. So try switching between different types of audio systems in the Discord app to see which one works for you.

              Open the Discord app and go to “Settings → Voice & Video.”

              Scroll down to the “Audio Subsystem” section and switch to each system (Standard, Legacy, Experimental) one by one to discover the source of the problem.

              9. Check Input Mode

              Discord offers two input modes: Voice Activity and Push to Talk. By default, the Voice Activity mode is selected, which means the microphone is actively listening for voice activity and you can speak into it whenever you want. However, if Push to Talk is selected, unless you press the relevant button when you want to speak, your voice isn’t captured. Consequently, you may chalk this down to a faulty microphone.

              Check Input Mode on PC

              Open “Discord Settings → Voice & Video.”

              If “Push to Talk” is selected under the input mode, set a shortcut using the “Record Keybind” button, then lower “Push to Talk Release Delay” using its slider.

                Be sure to use the same shortcut whenever you want to speak on Discord.

                Alternatively, switch to the Voice Activity mode instead of Push to talk and see if others are able to hear you.

                Check Input Mode on Mobile

                Tap on the “Account” icon and go to “Voice.”

                  If the “Input Mode” says “Push to Talk,” open any Discord channel where you want to speak and press the “Push to Talk” button whenever you want to say something.

                    If you want to switch to the Voice Activity mode, go to “Voice” settings and select “Voice Activity” from “Input Mode.”

                    10. Clear Cache (Android)

                    Clearing the cache of the Discord app on Android can help delete temporary files that could be affecting the normal working of the app.

                    Open “Settings” on your phone.

                    Go to “Apps” and tap on “Discord.”

                    3. Go to “Storage” and hit the “Clear cache” button, then restart your phone.

                    11. Run Discord as Administrator (PC)

                    If you are using Discord on a Windows computer, try running the app with administrative privileges – the lack of proper app permissions can eventually hamper services like the microphone.

                    12. Reset Discord Voice Settings (PC)

                    If changing the above settings didn’t fix the microphone not working issue, you should reset Discord’s voice settings. Reverting to the default values can help overcome issues with the microphone.

                    13. Run Sound Troubleshooter (PC)

                    Windows offers a native troubleshooter to detect and fix problems. You can use it to fix the microphone if it doesn’t work in every app including Discord.

                    Open “Settings” on your Windows PC.

                    Go to “System → Sound.”

                    Tip: If you don’t find the troubleshooter in the Sound section, go to “Settings → Update & Security → Troubleshoot → Speech” to locate it.

                    14. Check Microphone Settings (PC)

                    A certain Windows feature allows some programs to have complete control over the audio driver, which could cause the microphone to stop working in some apps like Discord. Disable this feature to see if it fixes the microphone.

                    Open “Control Panel” on your Windows PC.

                    Go to “Sound.”

                      Go to the “Advanced” tab and uncheck the boxes under “Exclusive Mode.” Hit the “Apply” button.

                      On a Windows computer, input and output sound fails to work if the audio driver is outdated or corrupted. You must update the audio driver or re-enable it when the microphone is not working.

                      16. Reinstall Discord

                      If nothing helps, you should uninstall the Discord app, restart your device and then install the Discord app again. Please note that uninstalling the app will not delete your Discord account. However, you will be logged out from your account and the settings in the Discord app will be reset to default values.

                      Enjoy Discord Once Again

                      Once the microphone starts working again, you can go back to enjoying Discord. Start by discovering a few interesting Discord servers and learning Discord keyboard shortcuts.

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                      Mehvish Mushtaq

                      Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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                      How To Quote Text On Discord For The Desktop And Mobile

                      Have you ever felt the need to quote someone on Discord but you’re not sure how to go about it? You’re not alone, and luckily, this is an easy task to accomplish. Now, many users like the quoting feature because it allows them to easily reply to certain messages in the chat.

                      How to quote something or someone on Discord

                      When it comes down to quoting persons on Discord, there are multiple ways to get the job done. Also, the steps to quote other users in a chat are the same across desktop and mobile versions of Discord.

                      How to use the Single-line Quoting feature in Discord

                      If you only want to quote text that takes up a single line, then it makes sense to use the single-line quoting method.

                      Open the Discord app on your device of choice.

                      Navigate to the conversation where you want to quote a message.

                      Hit the Space key once.

                      Finally, add the text you want to quote.

                      How to use Multi-line quote in Discord

                      Folks who want to quote more than just a single line of text must use the multi-line quote method.

                      Again, fire up the Discord app.

                      Go to the relevant conversation.

                      Hit the spacebar key.

                      Add the text you want to quote.

                      Finally, select the Enter key to complete the task.

                      Back in 2023, Discord released a new update that introduced Code Blocks to the feature set. By using the Code Blocks, users can easily highlight messages with ease, so let us look at how to do this.

                      If you want to create a single-line of Code Block, type (`). As in, only the backtick inside of the brackets. So, the message should look a little like the following:

                      `The Windows Club is the best there is. `

                      For those who want to add multiple lines of text, we suggest typing (‘’’), which is all three backticks in the bracket. It should look like the following when you’re done:

                      ‘’’The Windows Club is the best website for news and reviews.‘’’

                      That should be enough for quoting text in single and multiple paragraphs. As you can see, the tasks are simple and do not take a lot of time complete.

                      How to use the Discord quote bots

                      There is also the option to use a Discord quote bot on your preferred device. There were quite a few such bots on GitHub, but these days they are pretty hard to find. Luckily, Quote from Deivedux is still available, though no longer on Discord.

                      Deivedux/ Quote: As for this one, then, well, it brings to the table several features that we find very pleasing. For example, message link & ID quoting, deleted/edited message snipping, message cloning, personal quoting, server quoting, server-based language responses, and more.

                      Read: How to export Discord chat messages using DiscordChatExporter

                      Why aren’t quotation marks working on Discord?

                      If you confuse the backtick symbol with the quotation symbol, things will not turn out as intended. It’s up to you to make sure the correct symbol is in use before pressing the Enter key.

                      What does Quoting do on Discord?

                      OK, so whenever a message or text is quoted in Discord, you either reply to a user or highlight important pieces of text. This is super important if you’re in a chat with hundreds of users who are communicating at the same time.

                      Blue Snowball Mic Not Working: 4 Thorough Solutions

                      Blue Snowball Mic Not Working: 4 Thorough Solutions Check verified solutions that fix every problem with the mic




                      Blue Snowball mic is used by many across the globe, but some recently reported that it’s not working.

                      The issue usually arises due to misconfigured settings or problems with the connection.

                      Other solutions here are to fix things, update the driver or modify the power settings.



                      To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

                      Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

                      Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

                      Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

                      Fortect has been downloaded by


                      readers this month.

                      Even though the Blue Snowball mic is one of the best mics in the market, many users reported that it’s not working on their computers.

                      While the problem seems intermittent in some cases, the Blue Snowball mic was not showing up altogether for others. So, let’s find out how to fix things.

                      Why is my Blue Snowball mic not working?

                      Here are some of the reasons why the Blue Snowball mic is not working on your PC:

                      Connection problems – This is the most common underlying cause when your Blue Snowball mic is not turning on and should be the first thing you check for.

                      Issues with the driver – Corrupt or outdated drivers are just as likely to cause the problem, and updating the microphone drive should do the trick.

                      Misconfigured settings – If the settings don’t permit apps to access the mic, you may find that the microphone is not working.

                      How do I fix my Blue Snowball mic if it’s not working?

                      Before we try the slightly complex solutions, here are a few quick ones that might fix things:

                      Make sure the connections are in order. Plug the microphone into another USB port, and if you use a USB hub, remove it and connect the Blue Snowball mic directly to the port.

                      Gently wiggle (move) the end of the cable connected to the microphone. Though it may sound foolish, the method has helped many users fix things.

                      Install the latest available version of Windows.

                      Use a different cable to connect the mic and computer.

                      Check whether the Blue Snowball mic is working on other computers. If it’s not, chances are that there’s a hardware fault to blame, but if it does, you will need to look at the software aspect.

                      If none of the above tricks worked, head to the ones below.

                      1. Reinstall the device


                      If you can’t find the Blue Snowball mic, go to the View menu and then select Show hidden devices.

                      In most cases, it’s the Blue Snowball mic driver error to blame when the device is not working; it should be there now. However, if the problem persists, head to the following method.

                      2. Update drivers

                      Expert tip:

                      On the other hand, you could try updating your drivers or uninstalling them completely and reinstalling them using dedicated third-party driver updaters and fixers.

                      These work automatically by scanning your PC and cross-referencing their online database to find the right driver for your particular hardware model and ensure you get the latest available.

                      Here’s how to do it:

                      Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

                      Launch the software.

                      Wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

                      Afterward, it will show you a list of the drivers found to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

                      Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

                      Outbyte Driver Updater

                      Use this software and solve all driver-related issues from your PC.

                      Free trial Download now

                      Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

                      3. Modify the power settings

                      Often, the OS stops powering USB devices, and the Blue Snowball mic might stop working. Simply disabling the USB selective suspend setting should do the job.

                      4. Check permissions

                      Also, if the Blue Snowball mic is not working in Discord, make sure that you have enabled the permissions for the app individually.

                      Before you leave, find out what to do if the microphone volume is low and fix the problem efficiently.

                      Still experiencing issues?

                      Was this page helpful?


                      Snip And Sketch Not Working? Try These Fixes

                      Snip and sketch is a handy tool when using your desktop or laptop. But sometimes, when trying to take a quick screenshot, it hits you with a “This app can’t open” popup message. What is it? And how can we fix it?

                      There could be several reasons why the app is crashing. Some users say that the screenshot they take is not showing. Some say the app does not open at all. This problem could happen to anyone because of outdated versions of their app or maybe more than that.

                      A simple fix like turning on notifications may solve your issue with the app. In the article, we help you navigate the causes and give you solutions to fix snip and sketch not working.

                      Why is my Snip and Sketch Not Working

                      Sometimes, snip and sketch might not work because you use a much older version. Third-party apps can also cause this if it interferes with app usage. There could be a single cause for multiple issues on your app. So, before we go to the fixes, let’s see what might be causing your app to stop working.

                      Older Version App: If you’re using an older version of snip and sketch, then this might be the potential cause for your app to crash frequently. Apps keep updating to fix their bugs, so if you don’t update the app, you will be using an app with many bugs.

                      Notifications: If your screenshots are not saved, or you’re not able to view them, it is because you have your notifications turned off for snip and sketch. Your device will not show that you have taken a screenshot; that is why you’re not able to view your snips.

                      Third-Party Apps: Any third-party apps that also take screenshots for you may be interfering with your working space with snip and sketch. For example, OneDrive also takes screenshots, so your app may crash if you don’t manage this.

                      Fixes for Snip and Sketch Not Working

                      Now that we’ve navigated the causes, here are some solutions you can try to fix snip and sketch easily.

                      Restart Your App

                      Let’s try restarting first as it is the easiest among troubleshooting and also works most of the time. Restarting the app will give it a new environment to work, resulting in better performance.

                      Follow these steps to restart your app:

                      Turn On Notification

                      If you have not turned on notifications for snip and sketch yet, then do it now. Turning on your notifications will show that you have taken a screenshot. You will also be able to edit and sketch easily after that.

                      Here’s how to do it:

                      Now, check whether you can view and edit your screenshots or not.

                      Disable Focus Assist

                      Turning on Focus Assist will help you focus on your work by disabling notifications. So, when you use Snip and Sketch, you won’t be getting any notifications. If you want to use snip and sketch despite being on focus assist, you can turn it off or even exclude snip and sketch from focus assist.

                      To exclude Snip and Sketch from focus assist

                      After this, you will be getting notifications whenever you take a screenshot. You will be able to view and customize your snips now.

                      Try SFC / DISM Command

                      The SFC and DISM command is used to detect and fix any system-related issues. If there are any corrupted or damaged files in your system, it will find and correct them.

                      Reset/Repair Snip and Sketch

                      Deleting the app data on your device can also fix many problems. You can reset or repair your app through settings if the app is not working properly. Try repairing the app first. If the app is still not performing, you can try to reset it.

                      Reinstall Snip and Sketch

                      If nothing works, delete the app from your desktop. Go to Microsoft Store and reinstall the app. Now, your app will be as good as new. 

                      You can uninstall the app from the settings

                      Frequently Asked Questions Where Do Snip and Sketch Pictures Go?

                      If you are wondering where the snips go, the screenshots that you take are saved to the clipboard. You can watch your clipboard history by tuning on Clipboard History through Settings.

                      Why Is Snip and Sketch Shortcut Not Working?

                      The shortcut Windows+shift+S might not be working because you have set the hotkey to Print Screen(Prt sc). You can always change the hotkey from the settings.

                      How to Take Snips on Mac Using Shortcut Key?

                      You can take screenshots on mac by using a simple shortcut. To take screenshots press Shift+command+5 / Shift+command+4. 

                      Pc Matic Is Not Working In Windows 10/11: 3 Easy Fixes

                      PC Matic is Not Working in Windows 10/11: 3 Easy Fixes PC Matic is one of the best users’ choice antivirus solutions




                      PC Matic uses its Super Shield feature to secure devices from attacks.

                      Windows Defender is compatible with PC Matic antivirus because the latter doesn’t have a firewall.

                      The PC Matic not loading issue affects all operating systems PC Matic is available on like Windows, Mac, and Android.

                      ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

                      Anti-theft support

                      Webcam protection

                      Intuitive setup and UI

                      Multi-platform support

                      Banking-level encryption

                      Low system requirements

                      Advanced anti-malware protection

                      An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

                      PC Matic is one of the best antivirus software that provides high-level cyber-security protection for your devices. It protects your computers and home network from cyber threats and malicious attacks.

                      With lots of users across the globe, PC Matic is one of the best users’ choice antivirus solutions. However, it doesn’t mean that PC Matic is free of downsides or errors plaguing it. Common issue users complain about is the PC Matic not working.

                      Super Shield is a tool that helps list apps and software into a Whitelist protection. It means any app or program that is not on the whitelist will not load and will be denied access to run.

                      Does PC Matic stop viruses?

                      The PC Matic whitelisting approach to protection can prevent viruses from gaining access to the user’s device. So, we can say PC Matic stops viruses by not giving access to unauthorized programs to run on your computer.

                      Even though there are complaints about the whitelisting approach like blocking legitimate sites, PC Matic still offers commendable protection.

                      It scans and scrutinizes the files on your computer for threats or intruders like ransomware, viruses, Trojans, and other malware.

                      Is PC Matic compatible with Windows Defender?

                      Because PC Matic doesn’t have its own firewall, it can work smoothly with Windows Defender to render more effective protection.

                      What causes issues between the Windows Defender and antivirus software is that only one firewall service can work. Hence, it can cause the Pc Matic not loading error.

                      However, PC Matic is compatible with Windows Defender because only one firewall is available on the computer.

                      What can I do if PC Matic won’t load/work? 1. Restart your computer 2. Uninstall and reinstall PC Matic 3. Check if PC Matic is down

                      An easy way to do this is by going to PC Matic’s social platforms and forums to check for new updates about the current situation. If there is any information about the server’s breakdown, you can’t do anything else than wait till it is back up.

                      Alternatively, the server may be overworking with activities from different users. So, it can sometimes cause PC Matic not working error on some user’s device.

                      Also, PC Matic has a free version, where users can explore it in a free trial mode. Furthermore, it has an affordable paid version.

                      Still experiencing issues?

                      Was this page helpful?


                      Start a conversation

                      Gmail Not Working On Iphone Or Ipad? 14 Real Fixes!

                      When Gmail stops working on your iPhone, you might not be able to login to an app or service, change other websites’ passwords, miss bank alerts, and more. In short, things can get chaotic. Thankfully, this issue can be fixed successfully. In this article, I’ll explain why Gmail is not working on your iPhone or iPad and show you how to fix the issue.

                      Why is Gmail not working on my iPhone?

                      Before going for the fixes, it is vital to understand why Gmail is not working on your iPhone or iPad. And the primary reason for this is security. If you are in a different region (say on a trip to a different city or country), Google might prevent Gmail from working to safeguard you, as it might think someone else is trying to access your emails.

                      In contrast, sometimes the error may lie on your iPhone or in the mail app. There have even been situations when mobile data was off for the mail app, which prevented new emails!

                      Worry not. I have covered fixes for all these issues below. The first five solutions are related to checking things from Google’s end. In the rest, we make sure to correct things on the iPhone’s end.

                      1. Check Google status dashboard

                      Visit the official Google Workspace Status Dashboard and make sure Gmail is not facing any service disruption or service outage.

                      2. View device activity

                      3. Check the Gmail website for alerts

                      When Google prevents you from signing in, it will send an email to the same email (and/or the recovery email). If you can open this email on any other device or iPhone browser, please do that. Next, inside this email, tap ‘review your devices now’ or something similar. Follow the prompts to let Google know that it was you who was trying to sign in.

                      4. Perform CAPTCHA reset

                      5. Check IMAP is Enabled

                      This could be one of the important reasons why Gmail may not be working on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to check this.

                      Now let us move to the next part of the solutions that ensure everything is okay from your iPhone’s end.

                      You can access Gmail via the in-built iOS Mail app, the official Gmail app, one of the various third-party email apps, or the web. Follow the fix accordingly, wherever applicable.

                      6. Ensure you have internet connectivity and VPN is off

                      Open an iPhone app like Safari and try to visit a website. If you can, that means you have a working internet connection. In case the internet isn’t working please check the following guides.

                      Next, in case you are using a VPN (especially a free one), please turn it off. Several services are inaccessible via VPN.

                      Tip: If you are on mobile data, it is vital to ensure that the mail app is allowed to use it. For this, open the Settings app and tap Cellular. Now, scroll down and make sure that the toggle for your email app (like Mail, Gmail, or what you use) is enabled.

                      7. Force close the mail app

                      At times when an app misbehaves, force closing and reopening it helps. To force quit the mail app, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and hold. If your iPhone has a front Home button, quickly double press it. Now, drag the email app card all the way up to force close it. After a few seconds, relaunch the email app and let it refresh.

                      8. Restart your iPhone

                      Restarting your device is a basic yet essential fix for dozens of little problems. If Gmail is not connecting successfully, turn off your iPhone and, after a minute, turn it back on.

                      9. Disable iPhone restrictions

                      Did you (on purpose or mistakenly) restrict the Mail app? This could yet be another reason why Gmail is not working on your iPhone or iPad. Follow the quick steps to ensure this isn’t the case.

                      App updates fix bugs and improve the overall compatibility. To fix the Gmail not working issue, make sure you update the app. To do this, long-press the App Store icon and choose Updates. Pull down this screen to refresh the page. Finally, tap UPDATE next to Gmail (or the email app you are using).

                      You can update third-party email apps (steps above). But what about the inbuilt iOS Mail app. Additionally, when the apps and the operating system are updated, things run smoother. Thus, open the Settings app and tap General. Next, tap Software Update to get the latest version of iOS on your iPhone.

                      12. Uninstall and reinstall the mail app on iPhone

                      To delete an app, long-press on its icon from the Home screen or App Library. Next, tap Remove App → Delete App → Delete.

                      13. Remove your Gmail account and set it up again

                      In case the above solutions bring no luck, it is time to get rid of the Google account from your iPhone and add it again. Here is how.

                      14. Reset all iPhone Settings

                      This will not delete personal data like apps, music, photos, videos, etc. However, all settings will be deleted and restored to default. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, and more.

                      Author Profile


                      A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.

                      Update the detailed information about Top 16 Fixes For Discord Mic Not Working On Pc And Mobile on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!