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You can add multiple pictures to any Instagram post or story. If you choose multiple photos from your camera roll and upload them to your stories, Instagram will upload each as its own slide.

But what if you want to add multiple photos to one Instagram story (as opposed to separate stories)? There are several ways to do it using Instagram’s built-in tools and third-party apps.

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to Add Multiple Pictures on One Instagram Story Using the Layout Feature

Instagram has features that allow adding multiple images to a single Insta story. One of these features is Layout. Using the Layout tool, Instagram users can easily create a photo collage from the pics they have on their phone without using third-party apps.

However, this option comes with certain limitations. For example, you must crop your pictures depending on your Layout template. In addition, you won’t be able to overlap or layer your photos one on top of the other.

There are also only five configurations that you can use. They allow you to add two, three, four, or six photos and place them on your screen in a certain way.

To add multiple pictures to a single story on Instagram, follow the steps below. The instructions are the same for both Android and iOS users.

    Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and log into your Instagram account.

    Select the

    plus icon

    from the bottom of the home page, swipe the screen to the right, or long-press

    Your story

    on top of the screen to start creating a new Instagram story.

      Select the


      icon from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Then select one of the Layout configurations for your story.

        You can take new pictures for your story using your camera or add pictures from your phone’s gallery by choosing the photo gallery icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.

        Instagram will automatically crop the pictures to fit the selected Layout configuration. If you want to remove or replace any images, tap this image and select the

        trash bin

        icon to remove it.

          After editing the images, select the

          white circle with the check mark icon

          to continue.

            On the next page, you can add text, stickers, music, and gifs to your Instagram story. Once you’re ready to publish your story, select

            Your story

            in the bottom-left corner of the screen or the

            Share icon

            in the bottom-right corner to choose one of the alternative sharing options.

            How to Layer Multiple Photos in One Story Using Instagram Stickers

            A different way to add multiple images to a single Instagram story is to use Instagram’s Photo Sticker. This method is just as easy to use as the Layout, but it gives you more freedom to get creative with your Insta stories.

            When you use the Photo Sticker, you can select any background color you like or even choose to use one of your pictures as the story background. On top of that, there’s no limit to how many pictures you can layer in one story. You can make them as big or small as you like and place them anywhere you want on your story screen.

            Follow the steps below to add different pictures to one Instagram story using the Photo Sticker. The instructions are the same for iPhone and Android users.

              Open Instagram on your smartphone.

              Start creating a new story.

              Take a picture or select one from your camera roll to use as a background. If you want a solid background instead, select


              from the options at the top right corner and use the

              brush tool

              to paint over the image or long-press on the screen to create a solid background of the selected color.

                Swipe up from the bottom of the screen or select the

                Sticker icon

                at the top of your screen to open the sticker options.

                From the stickers, select the

                Gallery icon

                to add a saved picture from your gallery, or select the

                Camera icon

                to add a real-life photo to your story. You can resize, rotate, overlap, and move your pictures in any direction across the screen. If you want to remove or replace any of the images, hold and drag them down into the trash bin.

                  You can customize your story by adding music, text, and gifs.

                    When finished editing your story, select

                    Your story

                    in the lower-left corner of the screen to publish it.

                    How to Use

                    Third-party apps to Add Multiple Images to One Instagram Story

                    While Instagram offers a few tools for adding multiple pics on a single story, you might be looking for more creative options. If you want more freedom with how you use your pictures in a story, you can check out third-party apps offering additional photo-editing functionality.

                    Canva is a fantastic graphic design app that you can use to create unique Instagram stories for free. The app has numerous templates for various occasions, including Instagram stories. You can design your stories from scratch or use a template and only change a few elements.

                    Canva has a free plan for iOS, Android, and desktop users. You won’t need to download the app if you’re using it on your desktop. Create a free account and start making your stories.

                    You’re probably already using Google Photos to store your photo collection. You can also use Google Photos as a photo collage app.

                    Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

                    Social media is where you must constantly develop new ways to make your content stand out, and Instagram is no different. Luckily, Instagram as a platform has many other tools that can help you make your stories and regular posts unique. For more Instagram tips and hacks, check out our piece with fun and creative ideas for your next Instagram story.

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                    3 Ways Top Websites Personalize On

                    Your product or service isn’t one-size-fits-all, so shouldn’t your content be dynamic, too?

                    The best websites convince potential customers to continue their journey and ultimately convert with high-quality, conversion-friendly, personalized content.

                    This requires a solid understanding of your audience and their behaviors both on and offline.

                    In this article, you’ll see how three top websites use personalized on-site content to turn prospects into customers.

                    We’ll also share how small businesses can implement realistic and affordable solutions that accomplish the same goals.

                    1. Netflix Uses Data to Dominate Streaming Services

                    With 209 million subscribers, how can Netflix offer such personalized, curated content just for you?

                    From recommending titles specific to your family profile to sending a binge-worthy list of films straight to your inbox, it all starts with data collection.

                    Netflix understands not only who its customer is but how that customer interacts with its platform.

                    3 Ways Netflix Masters Personalized On-Site Content

                    1. Personalized Recommendations

                    Netflix may have an army of data analysts and a sophisticated algorithm that learns about its audience via a combination of human and AI-driven programs, but small businesses can gain handy insights too by using free or premium software. See the examples below to help you offer personalized, dynamic content.

                    2. Trends

                    Netflix gains insights from third-party data to build relevant content for its website and viewers.

                    Small businesses have access to similar software, including the options listed below, to keep on top of trends within their respective businesses.

                    3. Original Content

                    Netflix found its place in the oversaturated world of T.V. and film by offering original content on its streaming service with original series like “House of Cards,” “Narcos,” and “Orange Is the New Black.”

                    You can create original content that includes all of the same elements as a nail-biting television series: well-written copy, informative content, an engaging narrative, and a memorable takeaway or call to action.

                    Tips and Tools for Small Businesses

                    Create Personalized and Dynamic Text, Images, and CTAs

                    There are affordable tools that you can use for your website like:


                    Google Optimize.



                    Right Message.

                    Track What’s Trending in Your Industry

                    You can use these tools:

                    Google Trends.





                    Create Original, SEO-Friendly, and Engaging Content

                    This requires the skill of an experienced writer. It’s an investment that will offer a significant ROI if done correctly.

                    You can then utilize one of the personalization tools mentioned above so your high-quality copy, videos, or images adjust depending on the user’s behavior and demographics.

                    2. Aveda Creates an Interactive Experience by Using Quizzes and AI

                    According to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to shop for brands that provide a personalized experience.

                    Many successful beauty brands, such as Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, and Sephora offer customers personalized, on-site expertise by learning about each customer’s individual needs.

                    Aveda offers customers “tailor-made” products by asking a series of questions to keep the visitor on the website longer, guide them towards purchasing the right product or service, and conveniently merge an in-store and online shopping experience.

                    Quizzes and AI tools make for an effective lead generation tactic.

                    In most cases, the shopper will have to enter their name and email address to get their results. But even if the customer doesn’t make an immediate purchase, you can use their results to send personalized emails and retargeting campaigns to nudge the customer along their journey.

                    3 Ways Aveda Masters Personalized On-Site Content

                    1. Interactive Quizzes

                    Consumers demand personalization and will share their information to get it. Ninety-one percent (91%) of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

                    Aveda’s quiz asks several questions about the user’s hair, for example. Once the results are ready, Aveda will offer the best products and services for the user’s hair type and concerns, as well as highly relevant blog articles and resources.

                    2. AI

                    Try-on tools driven by sophisticated computer programs and artificial intelligence are popping up on sites across the web.

                    For Aveda, this meant a 220% jump in try-on tool traffic and a 5x increase in salon locator visits vs. site average.

                    While the technology is currently in its infancy, expect to see an explosive growth of websites in all industries using try-on technology over the next few years, allowing for more affordable solutions to arise.

                    3. Personalized Retargeting and Remarketing Campaigns

                    Aveda strategically uses its on-site data to lure off-site traffic back to the site.

                    Before you dive into either of these, it’s best to understand the difference by reading, Remarketing vs. Retargeting: Are They The Same Thing?

                    Aveda and other companies use multiple forms of retargeting and remarketing, such as:

                    Off-Site Retargeting.

                    Cross-Channel Retargeting Ads

                    Email Retargeting Ads

                    Dynamic Retargeting Ads

                    Google Remarketing Ads

                    TikTok Retargeting Ads

                    On-Site Retargeting.

                    Cart abandonment messages/popups relating to the products in the customer’s cart.

                    Blog and product recommendations based on items the shopper viewed.

                    Tips for Small Businesses and Tools to Use

                    Include Quizzes on Your Site

                    Gain visitors’ confidence and improve your lead generation by including impressive and affordable quizzes on your site.

                    Here are some tools worth exploring:








                    Create On-Site Try-on Experiences

                    The average business doesn’t have the resources to hire a team of engineers and developers to create artificially intelligent virtual shopping experiences.

                    But don’t let that deter you from exploring the following options that offer business owners the ability to create their own on-site try-on experiences:





                    Looking for the right tool to help with your retargeting efforts?

                    Here’s a list of popular SAAS companies offering solutions for businesses of all sizes and budgets:

                    SharpSpring Ads.







                    3. Adidas Embraces an All-Encompassing On-Site Personalization Strategy

                    Before on-site personalization became the standard, Adidas created a functional website that:

                    Allowed customers to curate and save products to wish lists.

                    Implemented attribute-based and collaborative filtering product recommendations for new customers.

                    And began offering behavior- and interest-based recommendations for repeat customers.

                    In addition, Adidas developed a phone app and loyalty program to complement consumers’ on-site interactions to create an even more integrated and personal relationship between Adidas and its followers.

                    3 Ways Adidas Masters Personalized On-Site Content

                    1. Proactive Listening: Give Them What They Want

                    Adidas sends personalized messages to its users.

                    Even more impressively, Adidas taps into its Salesforce data to deliver a dynamic homepage with copy, images, and videos specific to each user.

                    Adidas puts its brand in its consumers’ hands and adapts its message and brand accordingly.

                    2. Creators Club Loyalty Program

                    Adidas learned early on that it would have to put the consumer first with V.I.P. treatment to develop a loyal fanbase. Today, the Creators Club loyalty program offers attractive members-only benefits.

                    3. Adidas Mobile App

                    With Google’s focus on mobile-first indexing, expect significant growth of brand-developed applications. Mobile apps bridge the gap between brands and consumers by tracking them across their customer journey on multiple devices.

                    For example, the Adidas mobile app provides users with an exclusive shopping experience. In addition, the app delivers personalized content such as news and blogs after learning about the user’s style preferences and analyzing their behavior on the app and website.

                    Tips and Tools for Small Businesses

                    Implement Dynamic Content on Your Website

                    Create and use data-driven product or service recommendations, site search with dynamic content, dynamic CTAs, smart popups, dynamic on-page copy and images, and dynamic on-site banners.

                    Find the solution that works best for you and your audience — here are some to try out:





                    Utilize Loyalty Programs

                    Here are some programs worth exploring:

                    Open Loyalty.







                    AI Trillion.


                    Invest in a Mobile App

                    Add value to your brand by developing a mobile app. Plan carefully and work with app developers who understand your objectives.

                    If you start small and take on this task yourself, you can try one of the tools below:





                    Content Personalization Drives More Exceptional Experiences

                    This article covered ways top websites personalize on-site content, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

                    The next time you are on your favorite brand’s website, look beyond the product and note what they’re doing to create an exclusive, personalized experience for you.

                    Better yet, ask yourself how you can apply those lessons to your own website.

                    More Resources:

                    Featured image: Leonid Zarubin/Shutterstock

                    2 Ways To Add Reminders To Instagram Stories And Posts

                    1. Open the Instagram app (Android, iOS) and go to your profile.

                    2. Here, tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner and select Settings.

                    6. You can choose to display it on your profile and tap Done.

                    7. On the next page, opt for a Business account and tap Next. Reminders are currently not available for Creator profiles.

                    9. You’ll now see the steps to set up your professional account. Tap the cross at the top left to close this window.

                    That’s it. You have now successfully converted your personal profile to a professional business account. You can now access and add reminders for upcoming launches and events to your Instagram posts and stories.

                    Now, that we have switched to a business account on Instagram, let’s look at the steps to add a reminder for Instagram Feed posts.

                    2. Select Post from the pop-up menu, and choose the image or video you want to post on your profile. You can also switch to the camera to capture a fresh photo or video.

                    3. Once you have selected the media, tap the Next button in the top right corner.

                    4. Edit the photo or video if required. Then, tap the Next button in the top right.

                    6. Now, enter the reminder name and set a start time. You can also select the end time if you want to.

                    7. Next, tap Done at the top right corner.

                    8. Complete your post by adding a caption, hashtags, music, or location if required.

                    Your Instagram photo or video post will now be published with a reminder. Your audience can tap the Remind Me button below the post. This will add it to their list of upcoming events.

                    Instagram will automatically remind them twice- a day before the event and just before the event begins.

                    2. Select Edit from the pop-up menu that appears.

                    3. Now, tap the event name and time above the post caption.

                    5. If you want to remove the reminder from your post, tap the red colored Delete Event button.

                    As discussed above, similar to posts, you can add reminders to Instagram stories as well. Let’s have a look at the steps to do so.

                    3. You will now see the list of events. Select the event you want to add a reminder for.

                    4. Now, tap the arrow at the bottom right, select Your Story, and tap the Share button to publish the story.

                    Your story viewers can now tap the sticker to set a reminder for the said launch or event.

                    All you need to do is select Add Reminder when creating a post and tap + (plus icon) next to the old reminder. This way, you can access and reuse the same reminder for multiple posts without having to create a new one every time.

                    As of yet, there’s no way to check all your events in one place on Instagram. However, you can see your reminders when trying to add new reminders and through notifications.

                    To delete a reminder from an Instagram post, tap the three-dot menu and select Edit. Then tap the reminder name or date and hit Delete Reminder. Once you delete a reminder, it will be removed and Instagram will no longer remind anyone who signed up for it.

                    On the other hand, Reminders gives you a “Scheduled” sticker for stories and also a “Remind Me” option for your posts. It is available only for professional business accounts. Using it, you can give your audience an option to set reminders for an upcoming event or launch.

                    This is how you can add reminders to your Instagram posts and stories. It’s an excellent feature for businesses to schedule product launches, events, and meetups. And apart from being used for marketing, it can also be used by general users to promote their events and meetings if required- all they have to do is switch to a professional business account.

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                    3 Ways To Split And Use Multiple Chrome Tabs At Same Time

                    While you can open tabs in a new window and view more than one tab at once by resizing them, it does not look as good as on a split screen. Moreover, it’s quite tiring to resize the windows every time. Today, you will see some best methods to split your browser tabs and use them simultaneously on one screen.

                    Mac has a built-in Split View feature by which you can fill your screen with two apps without having to resize them. Using it, you can easily split and use multiple Chrome tabs at the same time. Follow the below steps to use it.

                    Step 2: If you are working with your browser in full screen, tap on the green dot at the top to exit the full-screen mode.

                    Step 3: Press and hold one of the opened tabs and drag it away from the other to open it in a separate window.

                    Step 4: Now, press and hold the green dot on one of the tab windows on the top-left side and select how you want it to tile- Left of the Screen or Right of the Screen.

                    Moreover, on Mac’s split view, you can adjust the size of each tab. To leave the split view, tap on the green dot on one of your tabs.

                    Unlike Mac, Windows doesn’t have a built-in feature to split and use more than one tab simultaneously, but there are some extensions available on the Chrome Web Store by which you can achieve the same.

                    Split Screen for Google Chrome Extension

                    Step 1: Open the Chrome Web Store on the browser.

                    Step 2: Search for Split Screen for Google Chrome and tap to open the extension page.

                    Step 4: Once added, open two tabs in a different window; if you use the extension without opening tabs in a different window, it will open a new tab window in the split screen.

                    Step 5: Tap the extension menu icon at the top and select Split Screen for the Google Chrome extension.

                    Step 6: Now, select a layout of how your browser windows will be organized. You can browse up to four websites on a single screen.

                    Tab Resize – Split Screen Layouts Extension

                    Like the above ones, the Tab Resize – Split Screen Layouts extension allows users to choose from different layouts to split Chrome windows. Moreover, you can also use short keys to split the window for their respective layout. Follow the below steps to install and use the extension.

                    Step 5: Enter the dimensions if you wish to and select a layout.

                    Once you do, the browser will split in your chosen layout.

                    This is how you can split and use multiple Chrome tabs at the same time. I hope the above article helps you split and use the multiple tabs on the Google Chrome browser at the same time. If you have any queries related to the article, let us know, and stay tuned on Browser To Use for more such articles and How-Tos.


                    19 Instagram Story Ideas That’ll Bring You Tons Of Engagement

                    Posting on Instagram isn’t a nice-to-have strategy, it’s a need-to-have for your brand! But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in a rut with the same plain, old posts.

                    How it can feel when you need to add more variety to your Instagram page.

                    That’s where fun placements, like Instagram Stories, come in. They spark your follower’s interest, as 58% of Instagrammers say they like a brand more after seeing them post a Story. So how do you make a unique Story on Instagram that will catch your audience’s eye? We’re so glad you asked! Today, we’re walking through everything you need to make an Instagram Story fit for your brand, including:

                    Cool Instagram Story ideas

                    Creative Instagram Story ideas

                    Instagram Story ideas for businesses

                    Get your followers to slide up on your Instagram Stories by sliding down in this post to get all your key Instagram Story info.

                    Instagram Story ideas anyone can use

                    Regardless of whether you’re building your personal brand or looking to promote your business, these Instagram Story ideas are sure to do the trick:

                    Cool Instagram Story ideas

                    If you want an interactive Story that will leave your followers wanting more, check out these cool Instagram Story ideas:

                    Run a poll

                    The poll feature on Instagram Stories is a fun and simple way to engage your audience. Found in the sticker menu when creating a Story, you can add your own custom poll question as well as potential responses for your viewers to choose from.

                    The added benefit of this Instagram Story idea is that you’ll be able to see who responds to your poll and which option they chose. This can provide key insights into your Story viewers.

                    For Instagram Story poll ideas, you could ask your followers something entertaining just for fun to build a brand community, like what their favorite season is. Alternatively, you could have an Instagram Story poll that’s more pointed toward your social media goals, like what your customers or followers are hoping to see next from your brand.


                    Find out how to do a poll on Instagram here.

                    Host a Q&A

                    Similar to an Instagram Story idea around a poll, a Q&A sticker can be just as effective in building your personal or business account. You’ll add the question via the sticker menu like you would a poll, but you can choose what question you’re asking responses to.

                    In some cases, Instagrammers use this Story feature to bounce the questions back to their followers for them to answer instead by using the Q&A option as a blank slate for a “ask me anything” session. You can still get insights into who responded, and this can help you uncover what your followers might want to see more of from your brand on Instagram.


                    Showcase your top talents, products, or services

                    Odds are, you’re looking using these Instagram Story ideas to optimize for certain goals within your social media marketing strategy. For example, you might be looking to promote a suite of products or services. Highlight this on your Instagram Story by sharing a picture or video of what you have to offer along with a unique value proposition.

                    81% of people are on Instagram to research products or services. So not only will this Instagram Story idea help you meet your goals, but it will also cater to what your viewers might be looking for.


                    Do a how-to video

                    A how-to video can help you elevate your video marketing strategy as well as your Instagram Stories. Whether you want to simply show your followers a quick hack that you incorporate in your day-to-day, or walk through a full-on product demo, this type of Story idea is both purposeful and effective.

                    72% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products, services, or DIY projects over any other type of content. That means a how-to video Instagram Story is sure to be well-received by your audience.

                    Cute Instagram Story ideas

                    If you want to transform your page into one your followers will absolutely love, try these cute Instagram Story ideas:

                    Try a trivia quiz

                    Test your followers’ knowledge with this cute Instagram Story idea. Trivia is a great way to connect with your audience, and you can frame it around whatever topic you like. For example, you could ask trivia questions about your brand’s history, top products or services, or just do simple trivia questions about an interesting or entertaining topic in pop culture and more.


                    Show your appreciation for your customers or followers

                    Showing you care about your customers or followers is key when building brand loyalty. If you have a superstar customer or a loyal follower, ask their permission to highlight them on your Instagram Story.

                    A simple “thank you” post with their handle tagged or a picture added should do the trick. You could also include a fun fact about them or a blurb about what makes them great to show your followers you truly care about those that support your brand.


                    Create an aesthetically pleasing collage

                    About two years ago, Instagram added the Layout option to be applied to Instagram Stories. With Layout, you can make an Instagram Story idea come to life using a collage of multiple pictures in one Story view.

                    For those looking for a cute Instagram Story idea, this can be an ideal option because you could post a Layout that fits your brand’s “look” in a stylish way. For example, you could share a few photos that all include your small business logo, or are all in the same colorway, to create a visually captivating aesthetic. If finding the time to craft a collage is too much, you can always use these Instagram Story templates instead.

                    Share your favorite seasonal recipe


                    Creative Instagram Story ideas

                    Looking for something a little more “out of the box” for your page? Look no further than these creative Instagram Story ideas:

                    Invite a fellow Instagrammer to do a takeover

                    You don’t have to be the only one executing your Instagram Story ideas all the time. If you have a superstar employee, follower, friend, or community member that is open to adding their perspectives to your Instagram Story, a “takeover” is the perfect opportunity to do so. When you have someone do a takeover, they’re posting stories to your account directly as if they owned the account for the day.

                    This Instagram Story idea can help you give your followers fresh content to consume by hearing a new or different voice on your platform. You could have an employee takeover to share a “day in the life” of working at your business, or a community member takeover to share tips on how to celebrate a social media holiday or observance.


                    Start a countdown


                    Try other interactive stickers

                    There are plenty of other fun stickers you can use to get your audience active on your Instagram Story. For example, you could have them use the slider bar to “rate” your latest story content. This type of sticker is a popular social media trend, so this Instagram Story idea will showcase how your brand stays on top of the latest and greatest on social media.


                    Instagram Story ideas for photos

                    It can be tricky to make a stagnant photo engaging, so take a look at these Instagram Story ideas for photos to spice things up:

                    Share a memory

                    You can repost old image content to your Instagram Story as a way to connect with your audience over old memories. This Instagram Story idea can add a personal touch to your social media marketing strategy while making the most out of old content.

                    Promote your latest posts

                    When you have a new photo post that you’ve freshly added to your feed, be sure to promote them on your Instagram Story. Not only will this bring attention to your new posts to help them gain traction, but it will also add a twist to your Instagram Story strategy.


                    Run a contest or giveaway

                    A social media giveaway or contest via an Instagram Story is ideal for businesses looking to rapidly expand their social presence. Incentivizing your followers to interact with your Story using a small prize, like a coupon, gift card, or freebie, can do the trick to boost your account.


                    Add a fun filter

                    Instagram offers plenty of interesting, funny, and artistic filters for you to choose from to add flair to your Stories. Simply slide your finger across to evaluate all your filter options. Adding a filter to your Instagram Stories with photos can help your brand stand out from the multitude of Stories your followers may be scrolling through.


                    Instagram Story ideas for business

                    Whether you’re hoping to increase sales, grow brand awareness, or anything in between, these Instagram Story ideas for businesses can help you reach your goals:

                    Provide company updates

                    Your followers will most likely be eager to be the first to know the latest and greatest from your business. An Instagram Story is a wonderful outlet to broadcast any news revolving around your business. For example, you could post a story letting viewers know about any updates for major holidays, like changing your operating hours. Similarly, you could also tease an announcement of a new product or service, a new hire, and more.


                    Repost content from others

                    It’s a best practice when executing on your Instagram Story ideas to have a mix of content that’s from your own brand and from others. In fact, the 4-1-1 rule of social media says that for every six Stories you would post only two can be self-serving, promotional Stories—for example one “soft sell” and one “hard sell.” The other four Stories should be enriching content for your audience, like reposts.


                    Highlight a superstar employee

                    An amazing team is at the heart of any thriving small business. Show your appreciation for a top-notch employee by posting a photo or video of them to your Story with a caption about what makes them great.

                    This Instagram Story idea can help you build out your employer branding strategy.  It can pique the interest of your followers, too, as 29% of people say how a company treats its employees is their number one deciding factor when becoming a loyal customer.


                    Link to your website

                    You could use a link sticker to drive to a social media landing page, your website homepage, and more.


                    Related: Get your website ready for traffic coming from your Instagram Story with LocaliQ’s free website grader.

                    Brighten up your social strategy with these Instagram Story ideas

                    Instagram Stories are not only easy and quick to create, but they can also be super fun and rewarding. Another reassuring aspect of Instagram Stories is that they only last 24 hours, so don’t be afraid to try out a new Instagram Story idea as it won’t be stuck on your account forever.

                    If you feel like you need more assistance to make your Instagram Story ideas come to life, you’re not alone. That’s why our marketing experts have got your back for all things social media and are always here to help.

                    Susie Marino

                    Susie is a senior content marketing specialist at LocaliQ where she uses her experience as a PPC consultant to share tips, tactics, and best practices. Outside of work, Susie loves to get outside for some snowboarding or (once the cold weather melts away) hiking!

                    Other posts by Susie Marino

                    Top 3 Ways To Optimize Your Supply Chain In 2023

                    Supply chain optimization was important even before the Covid-19 pandemic created congested ports and labor shortages in global supply chains. As the global geopolitical situation creates new supply chain challenges (see Figure 1) for organizations around the world, business leaders and governments are putting more effort into strengthening supply chain operations.

                    Figure 1. Global supply chain disruption level

                    Source: WEF

                    This article explores 3 ways to optimize supply chain operations to assist supply chain leaders in operating and growing their businesses in the ever-changing business environment.

                    1. Strive towards resilience

                    Prior to the pandemic, most supply chains worked towards lean operations and reduced inventory levels. While working in complex distribution channels with third parties, the main aim was to keep the goods circulating with lower levels of inventory and costs and increasing sales.

                    However, this system was vulnerable to disruptions such as the pandemic. Now supply chain leaders are focusing on resiliency, or in other words, the supply chain’s ability to be able to respond to sudden fluctuations and volatility in demand and supply.

                    Here are some ways you can improve supply chain resilience:

                    Bring production closer

                    Relying less on offshore suppliers and manufacturers is a way to improve supply chain resilience. Reducing the distance between supply and demand can significantly reduce logistics lead times. 

                    For example, Ford recently moved its battery producing plant to home (South Michigan) due to increasing demand for electric cars and getting more control over the supply.

                    Expand supplier network

                    Having a higher level of inventory with a few suppliers will increase the dependence on those suppliers. If those suppliers fail to deliver, the whole supply chain may shut down. Increasing your supplier network and making it more diversified will help supply chains maneuver through major supply disruptions.

                    Optimize inventory management

                    For a market with volatile demand, supply chain leaders are now focusing on implementing a just-in-case inventory model, where inventory is kept in large quantities at different hot spots of the supply chain.


                    UCBOS helped a company implement a unified inventory tracking and management platform for its whole supply chain.

                    UCBOS offers a composable no-code supply chain platform to help organizations implement customized digital solutions to optimize every part of of their supply chain.

                    2. Move towards digital 

                    Even though many business leaders understand the importance of supply chain optimization, few have turned words into actions. Organizations need to focus more on implementing digital solutions to improve their supply chain performance.

                    Leverage digital solutions

                    To learn more, check out our comprehensive article on how digital transformation can improve supply chain and logistics operations.

                    Balance digital technology and dexterity

                    Successfully implementing digital solutions in your business requires also transforming your human resource. Reskilling and upskilling the workforce is important to achieve a balance between digital technologies and digital dexterity. 

                    To learn more, check out our article on how to strengthen digital dexterity in your business.

                    You can also check our sortable and filterable list of digital transformation consultants to guide your digital transformation journey.

                    3. Focus on sustainability

                    Sustainability is considered to be only about environmental issues, but this is not the case. Sustainability can not only help reduce carbon emission but also drive profitability, increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately improve the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) score. 

                    Strive towards environmental sustainability

                    The supply chain accounts for the largest chunk of carbon emissions in an organization, and here are some ways to decarbonize it:

                    Encourage a sustainable culture across the organization

                    Create a separate department for supply chain sustainability

                    Optimize logistics operations with green solutions

                    Work with carbon consciousness organizations

                    To learn more, check out our article on how to reduce your corporate carbon footprint

                    Strive towards social and economic sustainability

                    Social sustainability refers to ethical practices within the supply chain. This involves sourcing from sustainable suppliers and encouraging ethical internal and external practices. These unethical practices in the supply chain can lead to expensive lawsuits and can damage the company’s reputation.

                    Having a positive work environment not only increases employee morale and productivity but also helps avoid the significant costs of firing and hiring new employees. 

                    Improving supply chain sustainability can also lead to significant economic benefits such as reductions in costs. For example, energy efficiency across the supply chain can reduce substantial costs and carbon emissions at the same time. 

                    BCG explains the importance of supply chain sustainability:

                    Attract business partners

                    By improving supply chain sustainability, potential business partners can get attracted to collaborate. Since collaboration is an important part of supply chain optimization, sustainability can help attract potential suppliers and other business partners to join the supply chain. 

                    To learn more, check out this quick read on how to improve supply chain sustainability.

                    Further reading

                    If you have any questions regarding Supply chain optimization, feel free to contact us:

                    Shehmir Javaid

                    Shehmir Javaid is an industry analyst at AIMultiple. He has a background in logistics and supply chain management research and loves learning about innovative technology and sustainability. He completed his MSc in logistics and operations management from Cardiff University UK and Bachelor’s in international business administration From Cardiff Metropolitan University UK.





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