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InQubeta (QUBE), Lido DAO (LDO), and Solana (SOL) are emerging as the top altcoins to buy as cryptocurrency markets turn bearish. The InQubeta presale has emerged as one of the most promising opportunities in the crypto space as investors who get in early stand to 4x their investment during the ten stages of the presale. 

Lido DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is also generating lots of investor interest as one of the select tokens that have almost fully recovered from the 2023 crash. It’s an Ethereum (ETH) liquid staking solution that allows stakers to still participate in on-chain activities like lending. 

Solana is one of Ethereum’s main rivals and its platform also allows for the creation of decentralized applications. It offers faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and improved scalability than Ethereum’s older blockchain. 

InQubeta investors bullish despite bearish cryptocurrency market

InQubeta’s presale success is mirroring the exponential growth the artificial intelligence (AI) industry has enjoyed in the last several years. Total investments in the space have grown exponentially from 2024, going from $12.75 billion back then to $119 billion in 2023. This number is expected to rise to $1.5 trillion by 2030. Some of these funds will be poured into AI-linked platforms like QUBE. 

InQubeta’s ecosystem bypasses the obstacles preventing countless people from using mainstream investment firms. Anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet can now purchase equity in promising AI startups, helping to push the technology forward. 

AI is poised to become the next major technological revolution as products powered by it become more viable. Self-driving cars are already being mass-produced while companies like Tesla® work on humanoid robots that can perform menial tasks. AI and the new opportunities provided by it will drastically change many industries much like the internet did in the late 90s.

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Alibaba quickly capitalized on the internet’s infrastructure by building their services around it and have drastically changed their respective industries over the years, while making investors exponential returns on their investments. For instance, a $10,000 investment in Amazon during its 1997 initial public offering IPO would be worth over $2.2 million today. Investors who back the right AI startups today can expect similar profits in the future. 

Startups create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on InQubeta’s platform that represent equity and bonuses like profit sharing. Investors purchase these NFTs on the marketplace with $QUBE tokens – the network’s native currency. 

Visit InQubeta Presale

Lido DAO (LDO) expected to see price increases

Lido DAO is a liquid staking option that allows users to liquefy and use their assets for other protocols while staking them on the Ethereum network. It’s one of the most popular liquid staking platforms and it’s compatible with other blockchains like Solana’s. 

Lido prices have been trending upward since April and that’s expected to continue as more investors purchase its tokens. 

Solana (SOL) picking up steam

Solana has emerged as one of the top altcoins to buy as it proves to be an improvement over its main rival, the Ethereum blockchain. Solana’s platform can be used to develop decentralized applications and it offers more scalability, faster transaction speeds, and lower fees than Ethereum. The platform combines a proof-of-stake mechanism with a proof-of-history protocol. 


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Top Defi Tokens That Would Help You Beat The Bear Market

Bridges play an important role in everyday life because they make it easier to link people and places by allowing us to travel from one part of the world to another. Let’s say you have Pounds (GBP) and want to buy things or pay for services in the US, where the currency is USD (Dollars). You can’t possibly pay for anything with your Pounds. Instead, you have to change it to USD, which usually costs a small fee. Blockchain bridges make this movement possible, but instead of using regular money, they use a digital currency called cryptocurrency. Blockchain bridges or cross-chain bridges facilitate the transfer of native tokens and information seamlessly between blockchains. They allow decentralized applications (dApps) access to the strengths of different blockchains, which boost their capabilities and provide users with access to new platforms and services, allowing them to leverage various chains and their benefits. In this article, we are going to highlight top DeFi tokens making the round in the Crypto world and will help you beat the bear market- Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and

The Blockchain Leader: Ethereum (ETH)

Before the concept of blockchain bridges, blockchain networks like ETH, BNB, and TRX existed. A leader amongst them is the Ethereum (

Build Better with Binance Coin (BNB)

While the Ethereum blockchain is regarded as the foremost blockchain technology, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) recently surpassed Ethereum in daily active users. According to the on-chain data analytics business Crypto Rank, this makes it the most used blockchain by this metric. In terms of daily transactions, BSC has surpassed Ethereum. This turn of events can be attributed to Ethereum’s fees, which have led users to seek cheaper blockchains for transactions in BNB.  

Enjoy Seamless Token transfer with Supontis ($PON)

Supontis (

More information:

Bridges play an important role in everyday life because they make it easier to link people and places by allowing us to travel from one part of the world to another. Let’s say you have Pounds (GBP) and want to buy things or pay for services in the US, where the currency is USD (Dollars). You can’t possibly pay for anything with your Pounds. Instead, you have to change it to USD, which usually costs a small fee. Blockchain bridges make this movement possible, but instead of using regular money, they use a digital currency called cryptocurrency. Blockchain bridges or cross-chain bridges facilitate the transfer of native tokens and information seamlessly between blockchains. They allow decentralized applications (dApps) access to the strengths of different blockchains, which boost their capabilities and provide users with access to new platforms and services, allowing them to leverage various chains and their benefits. In this article, we are going to highlight top DeFi tokens making the round in the Crypto world and will help you beat the bear market- Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and Supontis ($PON) Before the concept of blockchain bridges, blockchain networks like ETH, BNB, and TRX existed. A leader amongst them is the Ethereum ( ETH ) blockchain network, which houses most of the dApps. Ethereum has proven to be the most popular blockchain for executing smart contracts, developing decentralized applications, and implementing DeFi. Most crypto tokens are built on the (ERC-20) Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum’s capacity to facilitate the development of additional networks led to the initial launches of other significant projects, including Tron. Ethereum’s blockchain is among the largest since it provides multiple functions that Bitcoin cannot. Because of this, it has been growing at a steady rate to achieve the current number of users. The number of active Ethereum addresses has surpassed the previous record of over 676,000.While the Ethereum blockchain is regarded as the foremost blockchain technology, BNB is a solid challenger and trumps ETH in several ways. Due to its high speed of transaction and low cost of transactions, BNB is generally preferred to ETH. BNB and ETH have extremely similar use cases. You can use BNB to pay Binance exchange transaction fees. Because the network now supports dApps and smart contracts, BNB is utilized as both the native token that runs the network and the token for engaging with smart contracts and dApps. The popularity of PancakeSwap, which executed many transactions with cheap fees, instilled confidence in the Binance Smart Chain.Binance Smart Chain (BSC) recently surpassed Ethereum in daily active users. According to the on-chain data analytics business Crypto Rank, this makes it the most used blockchain by this metric. In terms of daily transactions, BSC has surpassed Ethereum. This turn of events can be attributed to Ethereum’s fees, which have led users to seek cheaper blockchains for transactions in BNB.Supontis ( $PON ) is building ease of service that lets you transfer digital assets across multiple blockchain networks. Supontis will facilitate the cross-chain transfer of assets between the blockchain networks of Ethereum, Binance, Tron, and Fantom. The platform will include a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in its governance and will provide users with a high level of decentralization previously unattainable. The platform will also include a staking component powered by $PON, a BEP20 token built on the BNB Smart Chain. Supontis allows its users to make extra cash by staking the native token, $PON. The native utility token of the ecosystem, $PON, is a BEP20 token built on BNB Smart Chain, which can be used to pay transaction fees. The team chose the BNB Smart Chain due to its high transaction speed, high level of integrity, and low cost of transactions. The $PON token will also be available on PancakeSwap and UniSwap upon launch. Users can pay transaction fees to transfer assets between blockchains with the bridge system with this coin. Holding this token also exposes users to governance rights. There is a total supply of about 10,000,000,000 $PON tokens, .and about 2,500,000,000 are available for presale. Presale closes on November 18. Hurry to enjoy a 6% discount on your first purchase and a 4% and 2% discount on your second and third purchases, respectively.Presale: chúng tôi Website: chúng tôi Telegram: chúng tôi

Looking For Cryptos With 30X Potentials? Buy These 4 Cryptos Now

With so many cryptocurrencies in the coin market, crypto traders must meticulously search for a coin that can give them a massive return on investment. To do this, they scout the market to find cryptos that have succeeded in the past, like FLOKI (FLOKI), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), and ImmutableX (IMX). Additionally, traders look for cryptos in their presale stage that show excellent success potential.

Uwerx is one crypto in its presale stage that has caught traders’ attention with its benefits. In this article, we shall look at the features of Uwerx and discuss why we believe it has 30x potential alongside FLOKI (FLOKI), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), and ImmutableX (IMX).

FLOKI (FLOKI): Welcome to Valhalla

FLOKI (FLOKI) is the utility token of the FLOKI ecosystem that seeks to distinguish itself from other meme coins by integrating utility with meme coins. Top in its offerings is an NFT gaming metaverse called Valhalla, a play-to-earn gaming metaverse where users can earn rewards for battling and trading or holding on to assets obtained in the metaverse. The team behind FLOKI (FLOKI) plans to incorporate elements from games like Pokémon and Skyrim into Valhalla. 

FLOKI (FLOKI) also offers DeFi utilities, a crypto education platform, and an NFT marketplace. These offerings make FLOKI (FLOKI) stand out in the crypto market.

The FLOKI (FLOKI) is down to almost -6.2% in the last seven days, priced at $0.00003531. Despite this price drop, analysts are optimistic and predict that FLOKI (FLOKI) could rise to $0.00001516 within Q1 2024.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is Aiming to Unseat Ethereum (ETH)

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is a high-performance blockchain that offers users the features of Web3 without the limitations experienced in other blockchains. By offering faster transaction speeds, better interoperability, and higher throughput than Ethereum (ETH) and other competing blockchains, NEAR Protocol is well on its way to outperforming the competition in the coin market.

NEAR Protocol can achieve up to 100,000 transactions per second with zero transaction fees. If compared to blockchains like Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), and Algorand (ALGO), with 3,000 TPS, 4,500 TPS, and 6,000 TPS, respectively, you can see why traders prefer NEAR Protocol for transactions.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) recently partnered with BORA, a Web3 gaming subsidiary of METABORA.

Based on this new partnership and its offerings, crypto analysts predict that NEAR Protocol (NEAR) could hit $2.93 within Q4 2023 from its current price of $1.64. This makes it an excellent option to consider.

ImmutableX (IMX): Making Blockchain Gaming Better

ImmutableX (IMX) is a Layer 2 developer platform for Web3 games. The project offers some exciting perks, including zero gas fees, access to instant trades and games, and carbon-neutrality.

ImmutableX (IMX) has attracted partnerships with Warner Bros Sports and Mineloader, giving the crypto much-needed attention from users and developers.

ImmutableX (IMX) price is $0.77, an 11.11% decrease from the last seven days. It is predicted to cross an average price level of $1.27 by Q1 2024, thus making it a coin to consider adding to your portfolio.

How Uwerx (WERX) Will Disrupt the Freelance Industry

Uwerx will be a project that will utilize the latest blockchain technology to bring new benefits to the freelance industry. It will offer unique features like decentralization, high transparency, and protection of intellectual property rights. Additionally, the platform offers integration with apps such as Trello, Asana and Slack as well as new ways for users to earn; through gamification and incentive based collaboration.

In a bid to disrupt the freelance industry and rank higher than its competitors, Uwerx will offer features that have never been seen before in the freelance industry. Based on these features and the fact that Uwerx has passed audits from InterFi Network and SolidProof, we believe it will likely unseat Upwork and Fiverr over time.

Additionally, because the team behind Uwerx is committed to transparency and fair play in the crypto space, they will renounce smart contract ownership when taxes reduce to zero. This move comes after carefully considering the crypto market’s notorious volatility and the increasing number of online scams that threaten investors. By giving up contract ownership, Uwerx will give equal access to all investors while effectively blocking potential backdoors that could lead to rug pulls.

Since experts are of the opinion that the global freelance market will grow at a 15% rate through 2026, we strongly believe investing in Uwerx now will translate to a 30x return on investment (ROI).

So what are you waiting for? An Alpha release is due for release next week. Check out these links to join the ongoing presale anbd enjoy a 20% purchase bonus.


Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps In The Market

Here is the list of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps in the market

When it comes to the mobile app industry, businesses of all sizes and specialisations confront strong competition. This position compels them to keep up with all developing digital developments in order to maintain their worth. Recognizing the huge influence of artificial intelligence on business, top firms such as Amazon, eBay, and Tinder make extensive use of AI in their applications to generate tailored mobile user experiences and improve profitability. Start-ups also raise more investment for AI integrations, propelling them to high marketability and competitiveness. Annually, more AI apps go viral, bringing greater exposure and revenues to their owners. Some of these applications have even proven to be vital. Let’s take a look at the top 10 AI apps in the market now.  

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant, Google’s AI-powered virtual assistant, is primarily available on smartphones and other electronic home platforms. It is built on a set of technologies designed to handle languages such as English, Español, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, and many more. Users may interact with Google Assistant using natural speech and keyboard input. This AI assistant will perform a variety of tasks that people would expect it to perform, such as playing music, searching for a favourite restaurant, phoning individuals, and even assisting them in obtaining vital information from Google.  

2. Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s artificial intelligence-powered robotic assistant. This AI programme works in tandem with Amazon Echo. Typically, Amazon Alexa improves voice commands, natural language processing (NLP), and other technologies to give a broad range of capabilities to its consumers, such as voice interaction, music streaming, query resolution, and so on. It can also create to-do lists, set up alarms, download podcasts, play audiobooks, and offer real-time information on weather, transportation, news, sports, and other topics. Alexa converts speech to text and utilises Wolfram language to deliver the best responses to all of the clients’ questions.  

3. Youper

Youper is an AI-powered mental health assistant app accessible on both Android and iOS. When individuals can connect with them quickly, this software can help them take care of their mental health. Users can be guided via customised meditations by Youper. With the help of Youper, users may better understand themselves and track their moods. Youper uses AI to customise a variety of approaches. The programme has received rave ratings in app stores and is highly regarded by specialists.  

4. Siri

Siri is based on speech inquiries and a natural language user experience. This AI-powered voice assistant will make phone calls, send a text messages, answer queries, and make recommendations. Siri learns from its users’ language usage, queries, and expectations over time.  

5. Fyle

Fyle is an AI-powered expense tracking programme that is available for PC, Android, and iOS. Fyle is a significant player in smart expenditure accounting, and it has announced direct connectivity with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. Fyle is used by companies like Royal Enfield and Communicorp because it offers useful features like real-time data extraction, trying to report operating expenses, business card tracking, real-time decision evaluations, compliance business processes, travel improvements, travel requests, research, and assimilation with important transport management, HRMS, accounting, and ERP applications.  

6. DataBot

DataBot is a virtual assistant powered by AI that is accessible on Windows 10, Android, and iOS. It is also released on the Xbox One, Android tablets, iPad, iPod and Windows Mobile devices. This app uses voice to answer your questions and discuss the issues that are important to you. DataBot offers digital platforms that deliver pictures, information, and interactive presentations centred on the topic of your choice. Obtaining information from Google searches, Wikipedia, RSS networks, and other sources. You may customise DataBot based on your accent, voice, and other preferences. DataBot understands and speaks English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.  

7. ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is a popular AI-assisted English language learning software. This programme allows users to practise pronouncing English and conversing in the language in short bursts. They can hope to make rapid progress since AI gives them timely evaluations. The buyer must order ELSA Pro within the trial period, which lasts seven days. ELSA Speak is accessible for Android and iOS, however, at the time of publication, there were no PC or Mac versions available.  

8. Cortana

Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, is AI technology that hardly requires an introduction. Invoke, Microsoft Band, Windows Mixed Reality (MR), Amazon Alexa, Windows 10, Windows Smartphone, Android, iOS and Xbox One all support this AI-powered virtual assistant. Cortana gives hands-free assistance, answers questions remember, takes notes, manages assignments, and assists with scheduling.  

9. Socratic

Google recently announced that it has bought Socratic, an AI-enabled software that helps kids with arithmetic and other projects. Students will use their mobile phones to snap photographs, and Socratic will utilise its AI tools to provide visual examples for the concepts they need to learn. Socratic is a text and voice processing programme that can assist students in learning physics, math, art, and social sciences, among other subjects. This application is compatible with the iPad and is available for Android and iOS. Users just need to snap a screenshot of their assignment to obtain help from this software, which will then present them with relevant concepts that they may utilize to solve issues quickly.  

10. Replika

Replika, widely regarded as the best AI buddy, converses with her users as if she were a person. It was initially created for Apple users, but it is now available for Android users as well. The software may learn user preferences and behaviours, starting with general replies and progressing to more detailed and personalised ones. The AI apps we just looked at will undoubtedly demonstrate how beneficial AI can be to your business, but developing an AI app may be difficult! Because AI is a specialised skill, you might want to enlist the help of a respected mobile app development firm.  


Top 5 Smartwatches To Buy In Early 2023

A smartwatch, also known as a connected watch, offers a lot of features beyond just telling the time. It can serve as a fashion accessory, a fitness tracker, and a notification device. The convenience of having all the essential information at your fingertips. Without having to take out your smartphone makes it a popular choice for many consumers. However, it is essential to be selective about the notifications you receive on your wrist to avoid distractions.

In addition to being fitness trackers, smartwatches also have health features that serve individuals looking for a better quality of sleep. By tracking sleeping patterns, the watch can provide insights on how to improve sleep quality. For those who do not exercise regularly, connected bracelets are also available as an option.

With the abundance of smartwatches in the market, choosing the best watch can be a hard task. We have compiled a list of the best 5 smart watches in 2023 that will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The best smartwatches to buy in early 2023

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

One of the standout features of the watch is the 1.4-inch AMOLED screen, which allows for easy interface navigation, even in direct sunlight. The light sensor automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to match the lighting conditions. There are several watch faces to choose from, and the WearOS operating system is responsible for managing the watch’s interface with the One UI Watch interface. The ecosystem of applications and measurements offered by Samsung is also extensive. Providing users with a broad range of features and functionality.

Despite these drawbacks, the Samsung connected watch’s overall performance remains impressive, with an autonomy of over two days being one of its key selling points. This is a rare feature among smartwatches, and it sets the Samsung watch apart from many of its competitors.

For those seeking a more affordable option, Samsung has also released the Galaxy Watch 5, which is similar to the previous generation of watches. However, the battery life on this model is still limited, and tests suggest that users should consider investing in the Pro version instead. Overall, the Samsung connected watch series provides an excellent daily-use smartwatch with a strong emphasis on sports performance.

Apple Watch Series 7

Are you an iPhone user and searching for a smartwatch? Look no further than the Apple Watch, as it seamlessly integrates into Apple’s ecosystem to create a seamless relationship between your iPhone, smartwatch, and Mac.

Recently, Apple unveiled its latest release in the Apple Watch lineup, the Watch Series 8, which includes new features such as a temperature sensor. It’s worth noting that two other versions are available as well, the Apple Watch SE 2 and the Apple Watch Ultra.

The seventh generation of the Apple Watch may seem paradoxical at first glance, as it primarily focuses on increasing the size of the screen. However, this development has greater implications than initially apparent. While the dimensions of the case itself remain relatively unchanged, with a millimeter added in both height and width, the display takes up significantly more space with a 20% increase in display area compared to the Series 6. This translates to a watch that is easy to read on a daily basis, especially when paired with a 70% brighter Always On mode.

Despite these changes, internal components remain relatively the same, with the new processor primarily managing the additional pixels without burdening the battery life. The battery has also slightly increased in size, mainly to compensate for the larger screen. In practice, the battery lasts for a full day, but charging time is faster when using a 20 W charger. Allowing for 8 hours of autonomy in just 8 minutes of charging.

On the software front, watchOS 8 brings a host of new features. While the Apple Watch Series 7 may not be revolutionary, it does take significant strides forward in terms of its format and charging capabilities, and it remains one of the best smartwatches.

However, the Series 7 will soon be replaced by the new generation, namely the Apple Watch Series 8, and therefore will not be available in stores. While the Series 8 smartwatch only includes a few improvements, the real interest lies in the SE and Ultra versions.

Consider the Apple Watch SE (2024) for a more affordable option. This latest version of the Apple Watch was released alongside the iPhone 14 and has received great feedback in reviews. It offers a wide range of features, from installing apps to tracking fitness activities. Making it a versatile smartwatch suitable for everyday use or sports enthusiasts.

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The user experience is comprehensive, although the watch can only be paired with an iPhone, which is a potential drawback. However, the Apple Watch SE (2024) provides excellent value for its quality and features. Making it one of the best options on the market for those on a smaller budget.

Huawei Watch 3

Huawei, the Chinese tech giant known for its smartphones and other gadgets, has recently introduced its latest model of smartwatch, the Huawei Watch 3. While the brand has been known for its relatively affordable models in the past. The Watch 3 marks a move towards the premium end of the market. Not only that, but it also boasts a new operating system – HarmonyOS. Making it the first Huawei watch to use this technology.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Watch 3 impresses with its elegant design and impeccable finish. However, it is also quite big in size, which could be a concern for people with smaller wrists. Nevertheless, the Watch 3 is available in several variants, including elastomer and steel bracelets, which fit different preferences.

The Watch 3’s digital crown on the edge of the device is similar to that of the Apple Watch, offering easy navigation. Meanwhile, the AMOLED display panel is bright and readable in all circumstances, adding to the watch’s convenience. The Huawei Health app offers nearly 300 references for different watch faces, although many of these are not free options.

When it comes to activity monitoring, the Watch 3 provides all the classic measures, except for an electrocardiogram. However, it does have a unique feature: the ability to measure skin temperature. Which can warn wearers in case of fever. The battery life is average, lasting around 3 days on a single charge.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Watch 3 is the HarmonyOS. Which is a relatively new operating system that Huawei has developed to compete with Android and iOS. The watch’s interface is well thought out, with intuitive features and easy navigation. However, the downside is that third-party applications are still very few, despite the system being open to developers.

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit is a well-known brand in the fitness and health tracking market. Offering a range of activity trackers and connected watches. While their watches have been met with mixed success, the Fitbit Sense has recently surprised consumers with its 100% healthy approach. Embedding all the sensors available to date.

The Fitbit Sense offers a range of sensors, including the very classic cardiac sensor, ECG, temperature sensor, electrodermal activity sensor, and oxygen saturation monitoring. With just over four days of battery life, the Sense is a reliable device that provides long-lasting monitoring.

Overall, the Fitbit Sense is a highly reliable watch that provides a comprehensive approach to health monitoring. While it may not offer all the features of a full-fledged smartwatch, it is highly regarded for its focus on health and wellness.

Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics company, has recently released a new smartwatch model under the Redmi brand. Which is targeting the affordable smartwatch market. The Redmi Watch 2 Lite adopts a rectangular square format, which is visibly similar to the Apple Watch. However, unlike many of Xiaomi’s other watches, this watch is more basic and comes with a single button on the edge and an all-plastic finish.

Despite its basic features, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite offers a more than decent LCD screen for the price. However, the Always On mode is not available on this watch. The motion detection feature, on the other hand, is relatively effective. Providing users with an improved experience compared to other smartwatches in the same price range.

When it comes to the watch’s application features, users are limited to what is pre-installed on the watch. Additionally, the watch is dependent on the user’s smartphone for connectivity. However, the pre-installed apps are basic yet effective, and cover most everyday uses. Furthermore, the watch offers cardiac monitoring. Which is an essential feature for individuals who are keen on monitoring their heart rate. Additionally, the watch can be in use to track physical activity with relative ease.

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite has an autonomy of about two days, which is considered adequate for normal use. The charging of the watch is done through a proprietary cable, which may not be as convenient for some users. While the watch is not expected to revolutionize the smartwatch market, it provides a good compromise between a connected bracelet and a more expensive smartwatch.


In conclusion, the market for smartwatches in 2023 is full of vast options that cater to a range of needs and preferences. Smartwatches offer convenience, style, and functionality all in one device. They are an excellent tool for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and those looking to monitor their health and fitness progress. With the best smartwatches in 2023, you can expect a range of features. Including heart rate monitoring, GPS, SpO2 monitoring, and long battery life. Whether you are looking for a stylish accessory or a tool to help you achieve your fitness goals, the above-listed smartwatches are the best.

Eth’s Price To Reach $2K Soon? Top 8 Cryptos To Invest In Right Now

Ethereum (ETH) has endured a volatile week so far as it briefly seemed to be racing towards $2k before it came crashing down again. Of course, this is all to do with the United States debt ceiling discussion and any volatility is to be expected due to the air of uncertainty hanging over the market.

Bitcoin (BTC) has had a near identical few days having looked like it was on its way to $30k at one moment. So what does this mean for Ethereum and the market in general? Well, it might be better to avoid the bigger altcoins and instead look at options like Wall Street Memes ($WSM), AiDoge (Ai), Spongebob Token ($SPONGE), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), yPredict (YPRED) DeeLance (DLANCE), and Launchpad XYZ (LPX).

All of these are either going through presale or available at rock bottom which means they should be exempt from any damage the market may take if the debt ceiling decision goes wrong for the market. On the other hand, they should also see any positive growth if the debt ceiling is raised as most expect it to be.

Gambling on Ethereum is a risky one

The above chart shows the 7-day performance of Ethereum (ETH). You can see as we said above it briefly looked like the number two crypto was going to soar past $2k before it came crashing down again. The debt ceiling factor that is controlling the market at the moment refers to the United States basically running out of money.

Wall Street Memes- The famous Twitter account now has a crypto

Anybody who has any experience with Twitter and crypto circles within the app will be familiar with Wall Street Memes. The account is one of the most popular with crypto lovers because of its market analysis and humor. Well great news, now we have Wall Street Memes ($WSM) token.

The huge following the account has will likely transfer to the crypto world and its presale is likely to sell out very fast. It’s an easy addition to our list as its brand name will also likely get great listings like Binance for example.

AiDoge- The coin that is breaking every presale record in site

The key to a good presale nowadays is an original idea that the market craves. AiDoge (Ai) does that x2. The coin couples together Ai technology and meme coins which are so topical in the crypto world right now it is bound to draw in investors.

However, it also introduces us to meme-to-earn. Their platform, which uses AI technology to help its users make the best memes, will also reward the users that the community votes make the best memes with native currency. This is why AiDoge has already raised over $13.5 million and is one of the best cryptos to invest in right now.

Spongebob Token- The potential heir to the PEPE throne

Pepe Coin (PEPE) really shook up the whole market and its overnight success has led to countless investors searching for its successor. We think Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) has that potential. The key to these projects is a memorable meme that resonates with the crypto community.

Spongbob as a show is steeped in internet culture and the chosen meme for this project is a very popular one with crypto users online. It is also available at a very low price currently so it represents a low-risk investment but with a high upside.

Ecoterra- Green cryptos are the future and Ecoterra could be the best choice

It is no secret that the market needs to pivot to more green practices and while that might be slow there are already projects with real-life positive effects on the environment. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) will reward its users for recycling thus contributing to a greener world.

The project has partnered with Lion who own tonnes of supermarket brands all over the world and are recognizable by their reverse vending machines that give customers store credit for returning bottles and other containers from the store. With the Ecoterra app users will be able to use these machines to scan their items, recycle, and earn ECOTERRA. A great idea that makes it an easy addition to our buy now list.

yPredict- The platform that will give its users a market edge

We have decided to christen YPredict (YPRED) the ‘If you can’t beat them join them’ platform. This is because their game plan is to have all the best AI/ML experts, financial quants, and traders on their platform by incentivizing them to do so.

The problem for traders nowadays is there are so many bots and different algorithms out there at the moment that it is hard to find an edge. Ypredict will offer all the best of these a place to display their work and charge for it using a subscription service. A great idea to give investors an edge and a worthy inclusion on our list.

DeeLance- Changing the freelancing game for the better

We mentioned unique ideas are a good thing to look out for, well an idea that improves on a traditional service is likely going to be a winning formula too. That’s what DeeLance (DLANCE) will do as they introduce Web 3.0 technology in order to improve the way employers and freelancers connect.

Through their decentralized platform, the site will improve on many things like payment problems, ownership, and disputes that users currently have with sites like Upwork. Deelnace will even be able to charge employers and freelancers less than traditional sites. This is a project that will likely draw a lot of attention once the site is fully functional and therefore DLANCE is worth getting involved with during presale.

Launchpad XYZ- Making Web 3.0 technology easy for everyone

A very annoying thing about the crypto world is how unwelcoming it can be to beginners. With the introduction of Web 3.0 technologies to almost everything now that has gotten even worse with technical jargon making it hard for beginners.

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) aims to change that by having everything anyone would need in one place. Need to learn something you don’t understand? They’ve got you. Want to play the next big Web 3.0 game? They’ve got you? Want to know the best Web 3.0 project to invest in? Yup you guessed it, they’ve got you. We can see this platform taking off once launched so it represents a great option to invest in now.

Dogecoin- Is it braced for a comeback?

With this revival of meme coins thanks to viral trends, is there a chance that the king of meme coins, Dogecoin (DOGE) could make a comeback? Anytime DOGE pumps it’s normally due to a viral trend so with all the publicity meme coins are getting now it could certainly be worth a gamble.


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