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For tweaking Ubuntu in general, there is the Ubuntu Tweak that take care of most of the system tweak and configuration. However, if you are using the Unity desktop, there are some features that are not covered by Ubuntu Tweak. This is where Unity Tweak Tool comes in.

Unity Tweak Tool is a configuration tool for the Unity Desktop, providing users access to features and configuration options. While most of the configuration options are available in the System Settings as well, Unity Tweak Tool brings them all together in a single place so you don’t have to search high and low for each setting.



apt-get install


For Ubuntu Quantal and below, you have to add the PPA:


add-apt-repository ppa:freyja-dev




apt-get update


apt-get install

unity-tweak-tool Usage

There are tons of things that you can tweak here. In the Launcher settings, you can customize the behavior of the launcher, like setting it to auto-hide, the auto-hide animation, reveal sensitivity, and more.

The Panel section is where you can configure the settings for the indicators in the system tray.

The next section is the Window Manager section where all the application window settings are found. The workspace is inactive by default in Ubuntu Raring, so this is where you can turn it on and set the number of horizontal and vertical workspace.

The Windows Spread, Windows snapping and Hot Corners sections are where I spent most of my time on because they helped me to improve my productivity.

Windows Spread is a feature where you can get an overview of all the opened applications with the shortcut key “Super + W”.

Windows snapping allows you to define the action when the application window is dragged to the various corners of the screen. For example, I can set it to maxmize the window when I drag it to the top of the screen.

Hot corners allows you to set the action when you move your mouse to the various corner of the screen. For example, I can get it to show the desktop when I move the mouse to the right-bottom corner.

The Appearance are general tweaks related to the look and feel of the desktop. I tend to leave them as default as I am pretty happy with the default theme in Ubuntu Raring.

For the System section, under the Scrolling icon, there is an option for you to configure touch scrolling. This is useless if you are using Ubuntu on a desktop, but since Canonical is merging Ubuntu Touch into the desktop version, this could come in handy for a touch-enabled device like your tablet or phone.


As mentioned in the name, this tool is a configuration tool for the Unity desktop, so you don’t expect to find system tweaking settings (like backing up or cleaning up of the system) here. Nevertheless, Unity Tweak Tool is a handy tool that helps me to get used to the Unity desktop faster. In the past, I used to loathe the Unity desktop because of the limited customization option. With tool like Unity Tweak Tool, it makes using Ubuntu (and Unity) fun again.


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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You're reading Tweak And Perfect The Ubuntu Unity Desktop With Unity Tweak Tool

Add Keyboard Shortcut To Unity Lenses

Do you know that all the default Unity lenses come with a keyboard shortcut that you can use to quickly access it? For example, you can use “Super + a” to open the Application lens and “Super + f” to open the Files lens.

What if you have installed a custom lens and want to assign a keyboard shortcut to the lens? Here is how you can do so:

1. Open Nautilus and navigate to the folder “/usr/share/unity/lenses“. Find the lens that you want to add keyboard shortcut to and open it with superuser permission. For example:

gksu gedit













2. At the end of the [Lens] section, add a new line:



where “c” is the alphabet that you want to set for this lens. Save and exit.

3. Now you can access the lens with “Super + c” (or the alphabet that you have set).

That’s it.


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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Review + Giveaway: Abstergo Jailbreak Tweak Finally Fixes Ios Notifications

When Apple introduced Notification Center in iOS 5, they changed the way most people manage notification on their iOS devices. For the most part, they were right. Unfortunately, Notification Center introduced its own deficiencies and now people are looking for changes once again.

Today, change has finally come in the form of a jailbreak tweak called Abstergo, and we’ve got five free copies for our readers. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the tweak and more information about how you can win a copy.

The problem with push

Abstergo (derived from the Latin word for “to wipe away”) is a new approach to dealing with individual push notifications. Currently with stock iOS, you can either clear an application’s notifications all at once from the Notification Center. If your phone is locked, you have even fewer options. You can get a notification off of your lockscreen only by unlocking the phone, and then all of the other notifications that were there disappear as well. Abstergo fixes all of that and more.


With Abstergo, when notifications come in on the lockscreen, you can swipe across the body the message to to delete it just like you would an email or text message thread. On the lockscreen, you can also clear all of your notifications at once without having to unlock the phone by pulling the list of messages down to reveal another banner at the top. This banner looks like a regular notification, but swiping the icon from left to right will clear away all of your other notifications.

Notification Center

Like the lockscreen functions, Abstergo lets you delete individual items from your Notification Center. The tweak is smart, and will let you clear calendar alerts from here as well, without allowing you to accidentally remove an actual event from the calendar section. Anything that isn’t affected by the “clear all” button above a given section isn’t affected by Abstergo (unlike some other previous attempts at similar tweaks which allowed you to delete anything and caused problems). From the notification center, you can also add a notification back to the lockscreen with the same tap-and-hold gesture.


Even better, you can trigger reminders for text messages and iMessages by tapping and holding on the message itself inside the Messages app. It even works with the popular Messages replacement app BiteSMS. Tapping and holding a received message in one of these apps reveals the regular copy/paste menu, which contains an extra button to create a reminder.


Abstergo has changed the way I personally deal with my push notifications for the better. I don’t know how we managed to make it this long without a tweak like this being developed, and I’m actually surprised Apple hasn’t already put this feature into iOS natively. If you’re tired of the “all-or-nothing” approach that the current push system takes, you should absolutely give this tweak a try.

Abstergo is $1.99 and is available on the BigBoss repo today.

Giveaway (ends 1PM EST, Tuesday 4/23)

Want to win a copy of Abstergo for yourself? We’ve teamed up with the developers to give away five copies to our readers. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Share this post on Twitter with the hashtag #AbstergoSunday

Comment below with a link to your tweet and your Cydia account number

Make sure your Twitter account isn’t set as private. We won’t be able to verify the tweet if it is.


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Lautus Is A Tweak That Lets You Clear App Caches Using 3D Touch

Over time, apps accumulate cache files that will take up valuable space on your device. Since iOS devices don’t have upgradeable storage, users of devices with smaller storage capacities have to be careful and closely monitor the amount of storage space their apps are using.

Lautus is a new free jailbreak tweak that empowers users with clearing app caches as they grow over time and it utilizes 3D Touch for use. In this review, we’ll walk you through how the tweak works and talk about what it does.

App caches eat storage

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube can generate large app caches as thumbnails, pictures, and other files are saved to your cache folder as you scroll through them and load content in order to help make the app load faster the next time you use it. Caches can easily grow into the hundreds of megabytes if a power-user doesn’t maintain the cache.

iOS automatically handles cache storage on its own, but that’s not typically how users want things to work. When your caches get large, it can become more difficult to install more apps on your device, especially larger ones, because your limited storage space can become easily cluttered.

By managing your cache manually, you have greater control over maintaining your device storage manually, and you can prevent storage space errors in the future.

Using Lautus to clear app caches

Lautus is a great solution to this problem because it makes it so you can use 3D Touch on any app icon from the Home screen to clear your app’s cache. The Clear Cache option appears under the Quick Actions menu when the user presses firmly on an app icon from the Home screen, as shown above.

iOS doesn’t have a manual cache-clearing option, except for certain applications that build this simple feature in themselves. Instead, users have to delete and reinstall an app to reset its cache file prior to this tweak. This became a nuisance for those using apps where you have to sign in all the time after removing and reinstalling the app.

Lautus works with all apps, whether they’re stock or third-party, and works on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus with 3D Touch, or on older iOS devices with a 3D Touch simulation jailbreak tweak installed on it, such as revealMenu or Forcy. In combination with these tweaks, you’ll just tap and hold on app icons instead of pressing firmly on them.

My thoughts on Lautus

For apps that don’t offer a cache clearing feature, clearing app caches the old fashioned way was never fun in my opinion. I hated removing apps and reinstalling them just so I could start with a fresh slate, but I think Lautus is on to something. It uses a gesture that never gets in the user’s way, and makes it easy to clear a cache for an app without removing the app from the device.

Since Lautus hides within the 3D Touch menu for your apps, you don’t have to worry about accidentally tapping the button because you have to deliberately seek the feature out for yourself. I like this because it prevents unwanted cache clearing from unwary users.

3D Touch is a feature that Apple builds into its latest iPhone handset, and I feel like it’s under-used in iOS 9. With that being said, this tweak gives the feature yet another useful purpose that I think some power users are going to embrace.


If you want a faster way to clear your app caches, and you are rocking a jailbroken iOS 9 device, then Lautus just might be your new best friend. The tweak can be downloaded for free right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

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Top 8 Things To Consider For A Perfect Business Intelligence Tool

There’s a very little discussion that Business Intelligence (BI) tools profoundly affect the manner in which organizations analyze data and make decisions. The benefit of checking on consolidated data from all frameworks all-inclusive gives a more precise image of the strength of a company instead of taking a look at siloed data one piece at any given moment. Basically, you have no real way to ‘see the backwoods through the trees’ with that approach. With regards to business knowledge (BI) tools, there are a wide variety of choices in the market. Choosing which device to purchase and which tool to utilize have turned out to be overwhelming tasks for the management board. Here are a few tips to enable you to settle on a wise and informed choice.  

Solution Expectations

Remember that the demo dependably looks incredible. After the purchase, you may find that the application you work with the tool doesn’t look as smooth as the demo. You may understand that you can’t generally build a production-grade “genuine world” BI solution in a couple of hours. That is on the grounds that your real business requirements won’t be as easy as a “Welcome World” demo. The vendor demo never needs to stress over interoperability, information purifying, client security and data security issues. You have to ensure you have the correct expectations.  

Integration Easy to use interface

Strong users like business analysts focus on specific features, for example, adaptability, in the product they’ve chosen. Along these lines, the highlights they value above all else incorporate model creation, UIs, and characterizing work processes. When you select a propelled business analytics tool, you will find that it has the ability for guiding clients who have zero piece of information about innovation through the entire model creation process. In the meantime, they offer up a rich, compensating relevant experience similarly as data analysis alternatives are concerned.  

Pricing models

Comprehend different pricing subscriptions and models. A few sellers offer flexible subscription-based pricing while others may require yearly licenses dependent on a number of administrator and general client seats. Be persevering about revealing details of required extra work, for example, integrations, customizations, extra equipment requirements etc.  


Because of the increased utilization of cell phones and tablets in our regular day to day existences, it is indispensable that organizations pick an intelligence programming that underpins all the distinctive platforms. A mobile-friendly business intelligence tool is absolutely a help for business officials who are always traveling and also have the ability to get to diagrams, graphs, designs whenever, anywhere according to their convenience.  

Real-time data IT Support

A simple method to make both your business and technical users cheerful is to run with a self-service BI tool. Self-service BI permits business clients a simple BI experience; opening up your IT office to concentrate on different assignments. Ensure that while your choice gives self-service capacities, despite everything it takes into account IT to effectively control the deployment and avoid “end-users confusion”. Not all clients would need to utilize self-service alternatives, some will simply be simple shoppers and not all users ought to have a similar level of information access and control. Ensure your vendor additionally has a completely able support team to oblige any issues or questions your technical users may have. You need to ensure you’re depending on a specialist, flexible seller who will help develop solutions custom to your company’s needs or issues. Vendor support groups that go well beyond truly have a significant effect on your whole BI experience.  


This is a standout amongst the most essential considerations a business needs to remember when obtaining business intelligence tools, particularly for cloud-based firms. Organizations need to value their most critical information, which for this situation is the confidential worker data and pricing. They have to consider watchful methods of putting away these details, and business intelligence can help in such scenarios.

Blockchain And Bitcoin: The Perfect Duo For A Digital Era

Blockchain and Bitcoin are two technologies that have taken the world by storm

There are many reasons why blockchain and Bitcoin make a perfect duo for a digital era. From their decentralized nature to censorship and tampering, many elements make them ideal for use in financial transactions, medical records, and more. This ensures that the transactions are faster, cheaper, and more efficient, as there are no intermediaries to delay or complicate the process. Blockchain technology offers a transparent and auditable ledger of transactions. All transactions are recorded and stored on the blockchain, enabling anyone to view and verify them. This makes the process more transparent and accountable, as there is no room for hidden transactions or discrepancies. Bitcoin is highly divisible, which means that it can be used for microtransactions. This is important in a digital world where small transactions are becoming more common.

Also, decentralized technology offers a high level of security by using complex algorithms to encrypt and validate transactions. Once a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it becomes virtually impossible to alter or reverse it. This ensures that the transactions are secure and cannot be tampered with, protecting users from fraud and hacking. The partnership between blockchain and Bitcoin allows for fast and efficient transactions. Unlike traditional financial systems, which can take days to process transactions, blockchain-based systems can process transactions in a matter of seconds or minutes.

The Future of Blockchain and Bitcoin

The future of blockchain and Bitcoin is bright. As more people become aware of the benefits of these technologies, we can expect to see them used in a wide range of applications and platforms. top sectors that blockchain technology will disrupt in the future.

Banking and Finance

In the finance and banking sector, blockchain poses several benefits in terms of transparency, security, and improved record-keeping. It makes it a perfect solution for banking purposes such as Anti-Money laundering, client onboarding, or fraud prevention. The obvious use is monitoring, as blockchain provides transparency, better traceability, and faster analysis thanks to being digital.

Software Security

Blockchain technology may significantly increase the security of software by offering automated, tamper-proof, and decentralized software dependency controls. The value of software traceability to an organization’s security posture is demonstrated by incidents like the supply chain assault on NPM. In-depth dependency graphs will be sought for by software buyers in the future, just like the ingredient lists on your favorite food.


Blockchain can be used to develop applications to manage patient data, control drug supply, automate medical examination and treatment transactions, and more. In particular, concerns about the production and distribution of counterfeit vaccines have been resolved. Because blockchain will be an effective tool to verify the authenticity of vaccine shipments and track vaccine distribution.

SAAS Companies

Blockchain technology is a good fit for SAAS businesses that require credit lines and have a steady income. Historically, this procedure has been difficult and time-consuming, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to fill income gaps for their businesses. A founder may use smart contracts to safely submit their annual recurring revenue and obtain a credit line in less than five minutes.


Online learning might not just be a temporary solution, but it could serve as a new norm for education. Blockchain can play an enormous role in the digital learning landscape, enabling the delivery of unalterable records. The pupils will be in charge of their data and be able to decide who has access to it. This strategy will ensure that the data is trustworthy and regularly inspected while also helping to standardize it across platforms.

Regulatory Challenges: Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, and there is a lack of clear regulations governing its use. This can result in regulatory challenges and uncertainty, as governments struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology.

Energy Consumption: The process of validating transactions on the blockchain requires a significant amount of energy, as it involves complex mathematical calculations. This can result in high energy consumption, leading to environmental concerns and increased costs.

Scalability: Blockchain technology is still in its early stages and is not yet capable of handling a large volume of transactions. This can result in slow processing times and delays, making it difficult to scale the technology to meet the needs of a growing user base.

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