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You may have heard the term Live Service Games in recent times, but do you know what these games are and how they work? Not a lot of people do, but if you’re a gamer then we believe it is important to know these things. At the moment, several big video game companies are betting a lot on Live Service Games, and that’s because if successful, these titles can earn companies a lot of money because such games have a constant cash flow rather than pay once and never again.

Live Service Games explained with examples

Games as a Service (GaaS)

Live Service Games have been around for a number of years, but their popularity really took off with the rise of PUBG and Fortnite. Live Service Games, or Games as a Service (GaaS), are some of the most popular games today.

What are Live Service Games?

So, what is a Live Service Game, then? Well, it’s the type of video game that is designed to keep people playing on a regular basis for higher engagement. The idea is that instead of creating one game and then moving to the next to earn more money, it would make more sense to create a single title that spans a few years with new updates.

In order to keep players engaged, developers over the lifespan of the game must add new content on the regular. The more content, the more players will play and spend money, and that, if successful, can earn publishers millions of dollars in a short period of time.

For your information, Live Service Games are also known as Games as a Service or GaaS for short. For the longest time, many gamers were against these types of video games, but as the years roll out, we have witnessed folks warming up to such content.

Now, to some, Live Service Games are a new phenomenon, but in truth, they’ve been around for quite some time. For example, a lot of popular Facebook games in the past were Live Service Games, and the same can be said for World of Warcraft and other Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMO).

What makes a game a Live Service Game?

In order to make a game a Live Service Game, it should have the following features or options:

Such games are played online. So, a good internet connection is required to play a Live Service Game

A single game can be played for years with time-to-time updates

New content or updates are provided regularly (in weeks, every month, etc.)

New achievements are unlocked that keep gamers engaged and the game interesting to play

You get new characters, weapons, maps, etc.

How do Live Service Games work?

When a developer creates a Live Service Game, the plan is to release content on a regular basis that gamers are willing to pay for, hopefully. Such types of content can include weapons, skins, maps, emotes, and more. In some instances, a developer might launch a new game mode for a limited time.

Game developers may even come up with a Season Pass scheme where players pay a one-time fee to gain unlimited access to all the newest goodies in a single season.

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How do Live Service Games differ from others?

In the most important aspect, these types of games are no different when compared to others. The part that sets a Live Service Game apart from others is the online component. For example, a single-player game, if successful, will gain new content several times after launch for a limited time.

However, a GaaS game, if successful, will get extra content for players spanning multiple years. PUBG and Fortnite are some of the primary examples of this as these games are two of the most popular GaaS titles.

Additionally, most Live Service Games are of a free-to-play nature. The developer or publisher makes a profit by including microtransactions among other things. This is why Microsoft launched Halo Infinite as a free-to-play experience because it plans to push GaaS-related services.

The good and the bad characteristics of Live Service Games

Earlier release: Developers can release a game early and tweak it according to player feedback. Bear in mind though if an unfinished game is released in a bad state, then this usually means failure as gamers will probably never return for seconds.

Constant updates: The biggest downside for us where Live Service Games are concerned, is how updates are handled. Expect to download and install new updates up to 4 times or more per month. If you do not have unlimited bandwidth, then we suspect this could be taxing, so please keep all of this in mind.

Are Live Service Games here to stay?

Due to their huge popularity, we see several major publishers looking to this route in a bid to retain players and increase revenue. We believe before long the market might become saturated with GaaS titles, with only a few findings huge successes. So yes, Live Service Games are here to stay, but most won’t reach their full potential.

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Are there any good Live Service Games?

There are plenty of good Live Service Games or GaaS available to play. Below you can see a few Microsoft titles right now:

Halo Infinite

World of Warcraft

Call of Duty: Warzone



Sea of Thieves.

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Explained With Examples + Video

Watch Video – Excel FILTER Function Examples

Office 365 brings with some awesome functions – such as XLOOKUP, SORT, and FILTER.

When it comes to filtering data in Excel, in the pre-Office 365 world, we were mostly dependent on Excel in-built filter or at max the Advanced filter or complex SUMPRODUCT formulas. In case you had to filter a part of a dataset, it was usually a complex workaround (something I have covered here).

But with the new FILTER function, it’s now really easy to quickly filter part of the dataset based on a condition.

And in this tutorial, I will show you how awesome is the new FILTER function and some useful things you can do with this.

But before I get into the examples, let’s quickly learn about the syntax of the FILTER function.

Below is the syntax of the FILTER function:


array – this is the range of cells where you have the data and you want to filter some data from it

include – this is the condition that tells the function what records to filter

[if_empty] – this is an optional argument where you can specify what to return in case no results are found by the FILTER function. By default (when not specified), it returns the #CALC! error

Now let’s have a look at some amazing Filter function examples and stuff it can do which used to be quite complex in its absence.

Suppose you have a dataset as shown below and you want to filter all the records for the US only.

Below is the FILTER formula that will do this:


The above formula uses the dataset as the array and the condition is $B$2:$B$11=”US”

This condition would make the FILTER function check every cell in column B (one that has the region) and only those records that match this criterion would be filtered.

Also, in this example, I have the original data and the filtered data on the same sheet, but you can also have these in separate sheets or even workbooks.

Filter Function returns a result that is a dynamic array (which means that instead of returning one value, it returns an array that spills to other cells).

For this to work, you need to have an area where the result would come to be empty. In any of the cells in this area (E2:G5 in this example) already has something in it, the function will give you the #SPILL error.

Also, since this is a dynamic array, you can not change a part of the result. You can either delete the entire range that has the result or cell E2 (where the formula was entered). Both of these would delete the entire resulting array. But you can not change any individual cell (or delete it).

In the above formula, I have hard-coded the region value, but you can also have it in a cell and then reference that cell that has the region value.

For example, in the below example, I have the region value in cell I2 and this is then referenced in the formula:


This makes the formula even more useful and now you can simply change the region value in cell I2 and the filter would automatically change.

You can also have a drop-down in cell I2 where you can simply make the selection and it would instantly update the filtered data.

You can also use comparative operators within the filter function and extract all the records that are more or less than a specific value.

For example, suppose you have the dataset as shown below and you want to filter all the records where the sales value is more than 10000.

The below formula can do this:

The formula checks each record for the value in Column C. If the value is more than 10000, it is filtered, else it’s ignored.

In case you want to get all the records less than 10000, you can use the below formula:


You can also get more creative with the FILTER formula. For example, if you want to filter the top three record based on the sales value, you can use the below formula:

The above formula uses the LARGE function to get the third largest value in the dataset. This value is then used in the FILTER function criteria to get all the records where the sales value is more than or equal to the third-largest value.

Suppose you have the below dataset and you want to filter all the records for the US where sale value is more than 10000.

This is an AND condition where you need to check for two things – the region needs to the US and the sales need to be more than 10000. If only one condition is met, the results should not be filtered.

Below is the FILTER formula that will filter records with the US as the region and sales of more than 10000:

Since I am using two conditions and I need both to be true, I have used the multiplication operator to combine these two criteria. This returns an array of 0’s and 1’s, where a 1 is returned only when both the conditions are met.

In case there are no records that meet the criteria, the function would return the #CALC! error.

And in case you want to return something meaning (instead of the error), you can use a formula as shown below:

Here, I have used “Not Found” as the third argument, which is used when no records are found that match the criteria.

You can also modify the ‘include’ argument in the FILTER function to check for an OR criteria (where any one of the given conditions can be true).

For example, suppose you have the dataset as shown below and you want to filter the records where the country is either the US or Canada.

Below is the formula that will do this:


Note that in the above formula, I have simply added the two conditions by using the addition operator. Since each of these conditions returns an array of TRUEs and FALSEs, I can add to get a combined array where it’s TRUE if any one of the conditions is met.

Another example could be when you want to filter all the records where either the country is the US or the sale value is more than 10000.

The below formula will do this:

Note: When using AND criteria in a FILTER function, use the multiplication operator (*) and when using the OR criteria, use the addition operator (+).

You can use formulas within the FILTER function to filter and extract records where the value is above or below the average.

For example, suppose you have the dataset as shown below and you want to filter all the records where the sale value is above average.

You can do that using the following formula:

Similarly, for below average, you can use the below formula:


In case you need to quickly filter and extract all the records from even number rows or odd number rows, you can do that with the FILTER function.

To do this, you need to check the row number within the FILTER function, and only filter row numbers that meet the row number criteria.

Suppose you have the dataset as shown below and I only want to extract even-numbered records from this dataset.

Below is the formula that will do this:


The above formula uses the MOD function to check the row number of each record (which is given by the ROW function).

The formula MOD(ROW(A2:A11)-1,2)=0 returns TRUE when the row number is even and FALSE when it’s odd. Note that I have subtracted 1 from the ROW(A2:A11) part as the first record is in the second row, and this adjusts the row number to consider the second row as the first record.

Similarly, you can filter all the odd-numbered records using the below formula:


Using FILTER function with other functions allows us to get a lot more done.

For example, if you filter a dataset using the FILTER function, you can use the SORT function with it to get the result that is already sorted.

Suppose you have a dataset as shown below and you want to filter all the records where the sales value is more than 10000. You can use the SORT function with the function to make sure the resulting data is sorted based on the sales value.

The below formula will do this:

The above function uses the FILTER function to get the data where the sale value in column C is more than 10000. This array returned by the FILTER function is then used within the SORT function to sort this data based on the sales value.

The second argument in the SORT function is 3, which is to sort based on the third column. And the fourth argument is -1 which is to sort this data in descending order.

So these are 7 examples to use the FILTER function in Excel.

Hope you found this tutorial useful!

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What Are Essential Customer Service Skills?

Excellent customer service is the pinnacle of a company. It appears to have the power to unveil all the secrets of success once you have it. Providing faultless service, on the other hand, is not always straightforward.

While the pursuit of excellent customer service skills and competencies is a more contemporary undertaking, many CEOs believe it is as elusive as the mythical grail that inspired the Crusades.

Despite the number of customer service skill assessment surveys you send out, most of the customer attitudes will remain a mystery. Thankfully, researchers have been collecting data on customer service satisfaction for years. However, unlike the quest for the Holy Grail, the search for excellent customer service starts with the personnel you hire.

What is customer service?

Customer service is defined as providing support to both new and existing customers. Client service employees often answer customer concerns via call, mail, chatting, and engagements and they might be in charge of creating self-service support materials.

Organizations can also define customer service according to their values and the type of help they intend to deliver. For example, at Help Scout, customer service is described as providing prompt, empathic assistance while keeping the requirements of consumers at the center of every engagement.

Essential Customer Service Skills?

Following are the customer service skills CRM personnel should possess −

Skills in Persuasive Speaking − Consider your company’s most persuasive speaker. Is it a salesperson or a saleswoman? The answer is almost certainly yes. Persuasion has long been regarded as an essential sales skill, but it may also benefit customer service. Your sales reps transform issues into solutions and sceptics into brand champions every day. Do you feel they don’t need to be persuaded to do the task?

Interestingly, 74 % claim they’ve spent close to 14 percent extra with a company because of good service. That is how powerful it is. As a result, ensure that your sales associates can speak confidently, stay upbeat, and deliver the types of compelling arguments that result in conversions.

Patience − Customer service personnel must be extremely patient. Customers that call customer service are frequently bewildered and annoyed. Listening to customers and addressing them with patience will make them feel as if you are committed to solving their concerns.

It’s not enough to complete client contacts as rapidly as possible. Your team must be willing to fully listen to and comprehend each customer’s issues and requirements.

Customers and coworkers should be asked for direct input − If your boss permits it, ask customers for feedback on your service. This could help you figure out if you’re providing a positive experience for your customers daily. Negative feedback should not be taken personally. Even if it isn’t positive, every consumer feedback is valuable.

Empathy − No set of excellent customer service skills is complete without empathy. Empathy is the capacity to understand and sympathize with the feelings and perspectives of another individual. What is it about empathy that makes it such a helpful service skill? Consider the following: Customers’ perceptions of how they are treated account for 70% of purchasing choices. It’s not whether the issue was resolved, whether reimbursement was issued, and how much time has been spent – at least not entirely or even primarily. Typically, customers’ bottom lines are emotional rather than financial, so people in business are accustomed to concentrating on the bottom line. Simply put, emotions are more significant than evidence.

Adaptability − When you deal directly with the public, your days aren’t the same. People aren’t all the same. Did you know that 60 percent of clients contact you in different ways based on what they’re doing? As a result, you’ll receive phone calls, emails, social media messages, and potentially even personal visits from the very same customers. Fortunately, an innovative CRM can alleviate this problem by integrating ticket origins and keeping customer data available regardless of channel. Customer service employees must have the same conceptual capabilities to adjust to a range of circumstances in the way that your customers demand at the time.

Possessing the Ability to Use Positive Language − If a customer calls you, they are likely having difficulty. However, agents must maintain a good attitude regardless of a customer’s rage, dissatisfaction, or defeatism. It’s OK to empathize with the customer; it’s an essential part of providing excellent service — but keep your tone as positive as possible. To lead the conversation in a positive direction, use positive statements. Keep your focus on the solution. Thank customers for their time, understanding, and treasured loyalty.

Customer feedback reports should be read − If your employer sends service feedback forms to consumers, review them if you get the opportunity. Customer feedback may provide a different picture of your existing customer service abilities than what you’ll get from management or coworkers inside.

How To Use Sticky Keys In Mac? (Explained With Examples) – Webnots

Mac has hundreds of keyboard shortcuts and many users rely on it instead of using the menu items. However, simultaneously pressing multiple keys in the shortcuts can be a problem for people with accessibility issues. For example, it will be quite difficult to use the shortcut keys “Option Shift Command V” in Pages app for “Paste and Match Style” menu. Thing is, it is even difficult for a normal person to hold three modifier keys and then press another key on the keyboard. It is impossible to use such shortcuts when you have movement problems with fingers. There comes the help of Sticky Keys which allows you to press the modifier keys one by one instead of pressing and holding them together.

Sticky Keys in Mac

If you are aware of using Sticky Keys in Windows PC, it works similarly on Mac. However, you have additional options to show the pressed keys on the monitor to make things much easier. Before using Sticky Keys in Mac, make sure you understand the symbols of modifier keys in Mac keyboard.

SymbolModifier Key⌥ or ⎇Option or Alt ⌘Command ⌃ControlfnFunction (or Globe) ⇧Shift⇪Caps Lock

Enable Sticky Keys in Mac

Follow the below steps to enable sticky in macOS Ventura or later versions. The macOS interface will be different if you are using old setup.

Scroll down on the left sidebar and select “Accessibility” option.

You will see list of items in the right pane and select “Keyboard” option under “Motor” section.

Keyboard Accessibility Settings in Mac

Turn the switch against “Sticky Keys” option to enable it.

Enable Sticky Keys in macOS Ventura or Later

Mac will show flash notification with command key mentioning “Sticky Keys On”.

Enable Sticky Keys in macOS Monterey

Any time later you can disable Sticky Keys by following the same steps and you will see a confirmation showing “Sticky Keys Off”. Remember, you can continue to hold all shortcut keys together to trigger the desired action even when you have enabled Sticky Keys option.

Customize Sticky Keys Settings in Mac

Sticky Keys Customizing Options in Mac

Press Shift Key 5 Times to Enable or Disable Sticky Keys

Beep when a modifier key is set – enable this to hear a beep sound whenever you press one of the modifier keys.

Display pressed keys on screen – turn this on to visually see the pressed key’s symbol on your display.

Locking Modifier Keys

Locking feature is one more important thing to understand when using Sticky Keys in Mac.

When you press a modifier key single time, it will simply show on the display. You can press escape or any other key to quit the Sticky Keys.

However, press any modifier keys two times to lock or hold in active state. You can press the same modifier key again to release and disable it.

Mac will play different sounds for single press and double pressing the modifier keys.

Single and Double Press Modifier Key

I wonder why Apple does not show these options clearly in the settings section.

Examples of Using Sticky Keys in Mac

Let me show some examples so that it is easy to understand especially the locking feature.

Example 1 – Command Control Space

Press Command, then Control and then Space keys one by one. You can see Command and Control keys on the monitor. However, when you press Space, all keys will disappear and the shortcut will open Character Viewer.

Example 2 – Command A, Command C, Toggle App and Command V

Let us say, you want to select all content from a Pages document, copy it to clipboard and then paste the copied content in another Word document. Here, you have sequence of actions with same Command key and you do not need to press it each time. Press Command key one time and you will hear a sound and see the display shows the key in a dimmed state. Now, one more time press Command key to hear different sound and the display will show it in bold state indicating the keys is locked.

First, press A key to select all content from Pages.

Next, press C key to copy selected content.

Use Tab to open App Switcher and press Space to select Word document.

Finally, press V keys to paste the copied content in Word.

Now, press Command key to release it and end the sequence.

Example 3 – Undo 10 Times with Command Z

This is another example for effectively using locking feature in Sticky Keys. When you want to undo 10 times in Pages or Word document, simply double press Command key to lock it. And then press Z keys 10 times to undo your changes. Finally, press Command key when you are done to release it.


Sticky Keys in Mac are very useful when frequently using shortcuts for daily work. However, it can easily annoy you if you do not know how to use it properly. I hope the above examples help you to understand better and I recommend using shift 5 times to enable or disable Sticky Keys feature.

What Is Whatsapp Premium – Explained!

WhatsApp Premium: Everything You Need to Know (2024) What is WhatsApp Premium?

WhatsApp Premium is an upcoming subscription service from WhatsApp for businesses. With WhatsApp Premium, business accounts will have additional features such as vanity URLs and more linked devices. To clarify, WhatsApp is not going to charge regular users with a subscription for accessing the app.

WhatsApp Premium: Features

Merely days after we saw reports highlighting the existence of WhatsApp Premium, Meta officially unveiled the subscription service at its Conversations 2023 event. Here’s what to expect from WhatsApp Premium:

Up to 10 Linked Devices

Although you can now use WhatsApp on multiple devices, you are limited to your phone and four other devices. That, however, will change with WhatsApp Premium. Businesses with a subscription will be able to add up to 10 additional devices to their accounts. This should come in handy for small and medium-sized businesses that have a dedicated social media team to handle their WhatsApp accounts.

Vanity URL

As WABetaInfo points out, your business phone number is not hidden when you create a vanity URL. Users will still see the phone number when they contact you via WhatsApp. However, creating a short custom URL with the business name makes it more memorable and could potentially attract new users through word-of-mouth.

Other than these, WhatsApp is introducing a new cloud-based API so that businesses and developers can easily get started with WhatsApp business. It’s worth noting that the cloud API is available for free and is not part of WhatsApp Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there WhatsApp Premium?

Yes. WhatsApp has announced WhatsApp Premium as an optional subscription for businesses.

There’s no info on WhatsApp Premium’s availability at the time of writing this article. However, since WhatsApp has already announced the feature, we could expect the company to roll it out over the coming weeks.

What is WhatsApp Premium’s price?

Regarding the pricing, we don’t know how much the WhatsApp Premium subscription will cost. We will have to wait for the company to reveal the pricing details of the subscription service. WhatsApp says it will have more details to share in the future.

Improve Business Reach with WhatsApp Premium

So, that’s everything we know about WhatsApp Premium at the moment. Once available, you can access and subscribe to the subscription service from your business account across Android, iOS, and desktop. We will update this article as soon as WhatsApp officially announces the pricing of the subscription, so stay tuned for updates.

What Are The Best Apps And Games For Kids? Educational Digital Activities

10 Best Windows 10/11, 8.1 / 8 Apps and Games for Kids




True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Lately we have witnessed a growing trend that seems to be blaming technology for anything that goes wrong with our kids. To be fair, using technology the right way can help improve educational experiences and tap into children’s natural curiosity.

Even games that don’t have a seemingly educational value have been proven by scientific studies to increase spatial perception abilities and paradoxically focus in children. So we thought to scan the Windows app store for some applications interesting enough to catch the attention of your young ones.

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5 Best Windows 8,Windows 10 Educational apps for Kids Children Stories [Free]

Remember when you were little and you went to bed and mom or dad used to tell you a story or read one with you? Now if you have a Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows RT device you will be able to choose from countless stories classified as: Fairy tales, Folklore, Fables or Legends.

There are stories taken from different countries like the Legend of Phat tu or Legend of To Lich. Each story follows the epic trail using simple words that children can understand. The interface is also very cheerful and colorful and is very easy to browse through.

[Update] This app is no longer available in the Microsoft store, therefore we have scanned to find a related app to provide you with great content of stories for connection time with your child. iStory Books has a fortnightly updated library with free e-books and audiobooks. BedtimeStories need no introduction and we hope it helps!

Moral Stories for Kids [$4.99]

Even if it might not be moral to charge for teaching morality, this little app might be worth your money. Every child should hear stories and fables which teach the love of others, the importance of friendship and other important human qualities. The stories are showcased like videos and include animations.

The app includes stories taken from different cultures like The Old Woman with the Pumpkin, The Hare and the Tortoise or Tenali Rama.

[Update] This app is no longer available in the Microsoft store, therefore we can recommend you a new app with 60 stories divided into 4 categories:

cultural stories form around the world;

religious stories from 6 main reliogions;

moral stories including bullying, racism and disability;

historical stories.

This app has on offline library, so you don’t need to be connected to the internet to read the books once you’ve downloaded the app. The author, Paul Urry is an experienced primary school teacher and storyteller.

Fun Math Bingo [$1.49]

If you are already trying to get your kid to work with basic math operation, Fun Math Bingo will prove very useful. First of all it will allow you to choose which kind of operations to you want your kid to start tackling: Plus, Minus, Multiply or Divide. Difficulty levels can also be selected, so the child doesn’t start off with some complicated exercises.

When the game begins the player with be faced with a grid featuring numbers on it. On top of it a problem to be solved will pop up like “9×5” let’s say. The player will have to choose the right answer from the rid below.

[Update] This app is no longer available in Microsoft Store, and we can suggest a similar game for your child’s mathematical skills to develop in a fun digital mode. Get started with Numbers Game and then try to involve them a money game called Change Please. With easy to follow instructions, you can play along with your kid the game of counting coins and mental math.

Get now ChangePlease from Microsoft Store

All children love to color. It helps develop their creative side and not only. Daily Colorbook does exactly what the name says – provides countless of drawing outlines for your child. The kid not only gets to color stuff but the game play also blends other features like having to guess the profession of the character you’re drawing.

The color palate provides the child with a lot of colors and a mixing spot where he/she can make their own colors. It guarantees for hours of tremendous fun.

Expert tip:

Trying to get your kid to learn a language from an early age? Spanish has seen a surge in popularity recently with all the Latin singer and actors attracting the attention to their culture and heritage.

In this game the child will have to do some matching: either match the English word with the Spanish one, or match an object with the Spanish equivalent or match the spoken word to the English equivalent. The different levels are also timed and score, so children can track their improvement.

5 Best Kid Games on Windows 10, Windows 8 Toddler Touch and Drag [Free]

Getting your toddler accustomed to a touch screen device is made super easy with this particular app. It’s pretty simple, but for a toddler it’s actually a pretty big deal.

[Update] This game is no longer available in the Store and we suggest you an alternative.

Every child loves Christmas time and this little app will enable your kid to summon the holiday spirit earlier. Play different mini games which involve finding elves around the house, throw snow balls, learning Christmas songs and what not.

Overall this are memory and dexterity games and will not only help pass the time in a fun manner for your child but also help his development.

Because we love kitties and we’re firm believers that children should be thought to love animals from a young age, we present you Cat Puzzles.

Puzzles are a great way to teach concentration and endurance in a fun, creative way. Children using this app will reconstruct cats. There’s two different game modes and puzzles made up of up to 216 pieces.

Little Mermaid Dodge [Free]

This might be a perfect game for little girls who enjoy Disney movies. Help Ariel the mermaid dodge the evil sharks and get safely back home to her dad and sisters.

The game can be easily played with a keyboard. Dodge as many shark as you can to increase your score.

[Update] This game is currently unavailable, but there is a new app based on this fairytale, with beautiful color illustrations. HD quality might take longer to download, but worths the effort. Free trial is available.

Download now The Little Mermaid from Microsoft Store

This particular app provides a sort of audio book with illustration but with a fun twist.

Within the illustrations children are challenged to find interactive elements that could change the course of the story. The app develops the kid’s attention to details but also his/her imagination.


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