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Among Us has become hugely popular during the pandemic despite having been released for all platforms back in 2023. The popularity arises from the unique gameplay offered by Among Us where you are part of a space crew and are tasked to find the imposter amongst your crew. Among Us involves deception and teamwork which has managed to gain huge popularity among gamers.

If you are one of those who want to play Among Us on the web on their laptop or Chromebook because you can’t install the game and are thus wondering about Among Us Unlocked, well, here’s everything you need to know. We will discuss what Among Us Unblocked is, doe sit really offer the game, is the game playable online for real, and what is your best shot if none of this is happening for you. Let’s give it a go!

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Is Among Us free?

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What is Among Us unblocked?

Among Us unblocked is a recent trending topic on the internet for pirated web versions of Among Us. These versions aren’t exactly the game itself but malware posing as Among Us in an attempt to infect your system. As many players wish to play the game for free on their PC, malicious publishers across the internet are trying to capitalize by promoting web-based versions of Among Us that don’t really work.

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Is there any way to play Among Us in your browser?

Sadly, no.  Even though Among Us is a light game that might not seem like a resource-intensive title, it still requires local storage to function properly. Unlike other web-based games, it does not rely on Adobe flash which incidentally will also stop being a thing after this year. And game’s developer Innersloth, don’t look like to be in the mood for that.

This means that even if someone was going to make an Among Us clone for the web browser, they would have to rewrite the entire game in a different language that is going out of business at the end of this year. This is highly improbable and considering that all unblocked Among Us listings seem to be some sort of phishing attempt or malware, it is safe to say that you shouldn’t fall into this trap.

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Can you play Among Us for free on PC?

Yes, you can sideload Among Us .APK file to an Android emulator on your desktop system which will allow you to play the game for free. This is a completely legal way to use the game that has been approved by the developers themselves. Here’s a guide you can follow to download Among Us on PC for free.

The game is known to function without any glitches when using an emulator and the only performance hit that you will be taking is by running an Android emulator. This performance hit will be more or less equal to having Steam running in the background so it should work on most modern-day systems without causing performance issues.

How to get Among Us for free on PC

Among Us on PC can be acquired free of charge if you use an android emulator on your system. Android emulators help emulate an Android filesystem along with Google Play Services. This will allow you to install any mobile application compatible with Android on your system. You can use this option to get Among Us running on your desktop system free of charge.

If you are new to Android emulation, then check out this detailed and comprehensive guide from us that will allow you to install and run Among Us for free on your PC using Bluestacks.

► How to get Among Us for free on PC

How to get better controls in Among Us when running it on an Android emulator on PC

This can become cumbersome over a period of time and can result in frustrating gameplay issues where you are unable to control your character properly. There is although a nifty workaround that you can use to get better controls while emulating Among Us. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Not only this, you can move your mouse around to have your character follow you around in real-time.

Why are people looking for Among Us unblocked?

Well, it is not like players aren’t willing to pay for the game, it is just that most players that are looking to jump into the hype are using Chromebooks so that they can play it on the web. Among Us does not support Chromebooks natively and especially the ones provided by educational institutions that have blocked access to the Play Store.

If you are one such user that has stumbled upon this search term in an attempt to play Among Us on your Chromebook then you should take a look at this guide. It has detailed workarounds on how you can get Among Us working on a Chromebook without falling for such scams.


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What Does Self Report Mean In Among Us?

Among Us has managed to garner a huge fan base in the past few months. What was popularized by Twitch among audiences is now everybody’s favorite pass time. You are put on a spaceship with other cremates and your goal is to find the imposter.

This might seem like an interesting task but it gets surprisingly complex when you start discussing amongst yourself. Each meeting after a reported death or emergency meeting lasts for a specific amount of time which is usually less than 2 minutes.

Moreover, some part of this time is dedicated to voting which means you are going to get far less time with your teammates. This is the reason why Among Us seems to have developed its own slang where information can be conveyed in a fast and concise manner.

If you have played ‘Among Us’ then you have probably come across the term ”self-report”. Let’s take a quick look at it.

What is ‘self-report’ and what does it mean?

‘Self-report’ is a slang in Among Us that is used to denote that the ‘death reporter’ himself is the imposter. When you kill someone as an imposter in Among Us, you get the ability to report the death immediately. This takes away the risk of hiding in vents or closing nearby doors to prove your innocence.

In the early days, this was a great way for imposters to evade suspicion and blame other players. But now everyone in the community is now well versed in this tactic and when one suspects that the death reporter is the imposter themselves, they use the slang ”self-report”.

If somebody says ”self-report” it means that they are suspicious of the reporter and think that they are the imposter.

How to identify the discoverer of the body

Once a meeting has been called, you will be taken to the player tally screen where you can see all the players that are currently alive as well as those who have died over the course of the game. Here, you should see a speaker icon in front of the person who has called in the meeting.

As for the death, before the meeting is called, you will be shown a splash screen that will show you why the meeting was called. You will see an emergency splash screen if you are being called to an emergency meeting or a ‘Body found’ splash screen if someone is reporting a death.

When you see a ‘body found’ splash screen, you can easily identify the reporter by looking for the speaker icon in the player list.

Is ‘self-report’ safe?

Well, nothing is safe in Among Us. Imposters have been known to misguide crewmates by using the exact phrase ”self-report”. This helps them nullify a legitimate report and sometimes even get a crewmate ejected in the process. This takes them one step closer to their victory.

If you see someone claiming ‘self-report’ then you should ask questions. Ensure that the person has enough proof or suspicion to make the allegations. More often than not, imposters will fail to answer basic questions and make up a story. Their story can then be scrutinized and negated by all the crewmates which should help you identify the imposter much more easily.

What Is Roblox Premium And Is It Worth It?

Roblox is a hugely popular and free-to-play online game platform available on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Xbox One. Roblox enables users to create, share, and play games online. 

While Roblox is free-to-play, it also offers a premium subscription service. So, what does Roblox Premium offer, and is it worth it? 

Table of Contents

What Does Roblox Premium Offer?

Roblox is a platform that hosts thousands of sandbox games (similar to Minecraft) developed by users. Arguments against game subscriptions aside, Roblox Premium allows you to access several additional features that aren’t available on the free-to-play version. 

There are three levels of Premium membership for Roblox. These are known as Premium 450, Premium 1000, and Premium 2200 and differ only in the amount of Robux that you are granted per month. 

Premium 450 grants a stipend of 450 Robux and costs $4.99 per month. 

Premium 1000 grants 1000 Robux and costs $9.99 per month. 

Premium 2200 costs $19.99 per month, and you guessed it, grants 2200 Robux. 

Robux is the in-game currency for Roblox and enables users to purchase various games and in-game options. 

The monthly Robux stipend from each subscription tier actually provides more Robux than buying it directly. Combine this with the 10% bonus to Robux purchases and you can save a decent amount of money (if you frequently buy Robux, that is). 

What Can You Buy With Robux?

The way Roblox works is that users can create an endless number of unique games and items. Each of these games can also feature its own in-game currency that can be used to purchase in-game items or abilities. 

Many developers choose to include Premium-only items, levels, game passes, or abilities to increase their revenue. And, although most games are free to play on Roblox, developers can choose to charge a fee (25 to 1,000 Robux) for users to play. 

The in-game items can be purchased in the Avatar store and are used to customize your avatar. Some of these are also Premium-only. 

What Are Some Other Benefits of Roblox Premium?

The other perks of a Roblox Premium membership include: 

Access to Premium-only levels and games – Some designers choose to limit their games or parts of their games to Premium users. 

Boosters within particular games. 

Exclusive items – You are able to purchase Premium-only items and avatar upgrades in the Avatar Shop. 

Exclusive discounts – Premium members often receive special discounts in the Avatar Shop when purchasing items. 

10% more Robux for every Robux purchase. 

Ability to trade items – Only users with a Premium subscription are able to trade. Trading enables you to swap items with other players, receiving them without having to pay Robux (and potentially making a profit in Robux, too!). 

Ability to monetize created shirts, t-shirts, and pants. 

Access to the Developer Exchange program –  if you’re a Roblox Premium member with at least 100,000 Robux, you are able to create a DevEx account and earn money from games that you create (if you do this, make sure to make a memorable username!). 

Increased revenue from monetized games. 

One thing Roblox Premium doesn’t provide is extra customer support when it comes to errors or issues with the game. 

Keep in mind that the only way to get a Robux Premium membership is via the legitimate Roblox website or apps. 

The Developer Exchange Program

Developer Exchange, or DevEx, enables Roblox game creators to monetize their games. If you provide services on the Roblox platform, you’re able to earn Robux by adding purchasable items, clothing, abilities, levels, and game passes to your games. 

DevEx enables you to cash out your earned Robux as real money at a set exchange rate. 

To access this program, you must be at least 13 and need to have: 

A Roblox Premium Subscription.

At least 100,000 Robux (that you earned) in your account.

A verified email address.

A DevEx account.

A good standing in the community.

Is Roblox Premium Worth It?

Whether or not Roblox Premium is worth it depends on how much you play and whether you wish to create items or games and earn money from them. For dedicated Roblox players, Roblox Premium is probably worth it. It’s definitely worth it if you are or plan to be a developer as the subscription grants you the ability to more effectively monetize your games and items.

However, if you’re a more casual user you may not find much benefit. Keep in mind there are other ways to make small amounts of Robux! 

What Is Wpsystem Folder? Is It Safe To Delete It?

While deleting some files from the hard drive, some users have found a folder named WpSystem. According to them, they did not create this folder on their hard drives. Most of them have found this folder on the drive other than the C drive. If you are wondering what this folder is, then in this post, we will explain what is the WpSystem folder and if it is safe to delete the folder.

What is WpSystem folder? Is it safe to delete?

In Windows 11/10, the apps that you download from Microsoft Store are stored in the WindowsApps folder. This folder is located in the C drive and is hidden by default. But you can view it by enabling the Show hidden files and folders feature in the File Explorer.

You can find the WindowsApps folder at the following location:

C:/Program Files/WindowsApps

To save space on the C drive, Windows 11/10 has an option to change the default save location for Microsoft Store apps. By changing the default location, you can install Windows apps to another partition, external drive, and external storage device.

When you change the install location for Microsoft Store apps, Windows will create the WindowsApps folder in that drive. Along with the WindowsApps folder, three more folders are also created automatically in the same drive, namely:



Program Files

The WpSystem and WUDownloadCache folders are created on the installation of some specific apps from the Microsoft Store. According to the users, some of these apps are the VLC app, Halo app, Halo 5: Forge game, etc. Some users have also confirmed that the WpSystem folder was created on their hard drives after the installation of some specific games via the Xbox Game Pass. One of these games is Microsoft Flight Simulator.

To test this, I have changed the installation location of Microsoft Store apps to my disk partition G and then installed some apps from Microsoft Store. I did not find the WpSystem and WUDownloadCache folders on my G drive until I installed the VLC app from Microsoft Store.

Can I delete WpSystem folder?

From the above discussion, it is clear that the WpSystem folder is created to store the data of some specific Microsoft Store apps. Therefore, deleting this folder can cause the apps like Halo, VLC, Microsoft Flight Simulator, etc., to malfunction or crash. Therefore, you cannot delete this folder until you have the apps installed on your computer, the data of which is stored in the WpSystem folder.

Some users have tried to delete the WpSystem folder but received the following message:

You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this file

If you receive this error message while deleting the WpSystem folder from your hard drive, you can try the following solutions.

Take ownership of the WpSystem folder

Boot your computer in Safe mode

1] Take ownership of the WpSystem folder

By default, your SYSTEM is the owner of the WpSystem folder. You can view this by opening the WpSystem folder’s properties. The steps to do this are as follows:

Select the Security tab in the WpSystem Properties window.

From the above error message, it is clear that you need permission from SYSTEM to delete the folder or to modify it. Hence, the problem is occurring due to permission issues. To solve this problem, take ownership of the WpSystem folder and then see if the issue persists.

After taking ownership of the folder, you should be able to delete it. If you still experience the same issue, try the next solution.

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2] Boot your computer in Safe mode

Some of you might have come across a situation where you are not able to delete a file or folder simply by pressing the Delete key. In this case, you can try different methods to delete such types of undeletable or locked files and folders, like:

Run the CHKDSK scan.

Delete the file or folder by using CMD or PowerShell.

Delete the file or folder by booting your computer in Safe mode.

Use File Deleter software to delete such types of files and folders.

What is WpSystem on flash drive?

The folder WpSystem is created when you install some particular apps from the Microsoft Store. According to some users, these apps are Microsoft Flight Simulator, VLC app, Halo, etc. The WpSystem folder contains the data of Microsoft Store apps. Therefore, if you delete this folder, the apps that use this folder will crash or not work properly.

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What happens if you delete a folder?

Deleting a folder also deletes all the content inside it. If you delete a folder that stores the crucial data of apps or software, like executable files, DLL files, etc., you will not be able to use those apps or software. You may also experience permission issues while deleting some files or folders. In such a case, taking ownership of those files or folders will help.

Hope this helps.

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What Is A Customer Data Platform And What Is Use It?

A Customer Data Platform, also known as AI HTML3_, is a piece of HTML3_ programming HTML3_ that combines information from different apparatuses.

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP), a piece of AI programming, is an AI program that blends data from different apparatuses to create a single concentrated client data set. It contains information on all touchpoints and associations with your administration or item. The CDP data protection database can be divided in a variety of ways. This allows for more targeted showcasing efforts and data protection.

Understanding what CDP programming does, the most effective way to make sense of this is as a visual demonstration. Say an organization is attempting to get a superior comprehension of their clients. The CDP will be used to collect information from social media platforms such as Facebook and email. The CDP will collect the data, then combine it into a client profile that can be used for other purposes, such as the Facebook promotions stage.

This cycle allows the organization to use division to better understand its audience and to make more targeted showcasing efforts. The organization could undoubtedly make a publicizing crowd in light of every individual who has visited a particular page on their site and furthermore the organization’s live talk include. Or on the other hand, they could rapidly fragment and view information on location guests who’ve deserted their trucks.

This is one way Drift can customize its showcasing efforts. Segment’s Personas are used to help with three tasks.

Personality goal – To unify client history across all gadgets and channels, into one client view for each client.

Quality and crowd-building – Synthesizes data into crowds and attributes for each client, including clients who have expressed expectations. This coordinates with generally speaking record movements.

Actuation- This pushes their client to different instruments in their stack in order to coordinate custom, continuous outbound information.

How to Use a Customer Data Platform?

1. Online to Offline Connection

Combine offline and online activities to build a customer profile. When customers enter a brick-and-mortar store, you can identify them from their online activities.

2. Customer Segmentation & Personalization

3. Predictive Customer Scoring

Enhance your customer profiles by using predictive data (probability to purchase, churn and visit, email open).

4. Smart Behavioral Retargeting & Looking Alike Advertising

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5. Recommendations for Product

6. Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing

You can quickly transform your pages’ appearance. Our smart website overlays (popups) or cart abandonment emails can help you increase your ROI. You can create different designs and see which one performs best with automation.

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Top 10 Trending Technologies You should know about it for Future Days

7. Omni-Channel Automation

8. Email Delivery Enhancement

Increase email opening rates. An AI-powered algorithm allows you to determine the best time to distribute each user’s email based on their email opening patterns and reach them at that optimal hour.

Msiexec.exe Msiexec.exe: What Is It And What Does It Do?

Msiexec.exe: What is it and What Does it do? Installs software or applications that are packaged as .msi files




Msiexec.exe is a part of the Windows Installer that helps in the installation of MSI and MSP packages.

The process usually appears in the Task Manager when you run a .MSI file or when it runs automatically as part of an installation process.

MSI files are designed for i

nstalling, updating, and uninstalling programs



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you have ever installed, updated, or uninstalled an application on your computer, you have likely used chúng tôi even if you didn’t intentionally run the file or know about it.

Without the chúng tôi file, you won’t be able to access the Windows Installer service, which is responsible for performing installation-related tasks.

When you come across the chúng tôi process running in the background for the first time, and you’re curious about what it is and what it does, this guide is for you.

What is a msiexec EXE file?

Msiexec.exe is an executable file core component of the Microsoft Windows system. It stands for Microsoft Installer Execution and is responsible for initiating, installing, modifying, and removing software packages that use the Windows Installer technology.

It uses MSI (Microsoft Installer Package) files, which are special database files that hold important information about software packages.

These files hold details about what files to install, registry entries, and instructions for installing and removing the software. When you run an MSI file or start an installation using a setup program, the chúng tôi program executes the installation process.

In addition to installations, chúng tôi performs the tasks of repairing, modifying, or uninstalling software on your computer.

Is chúng tôi a malware file?

The chúng tôi file is not malware, and it is considered safe. It is highly unlikely that chúng tôi would cause any harm to your system. However, malware can target the file to carry out malicious actions, just like any other executable file.

If you want to verify whether the chúng tôi file is malware, you can check its file location on your computer.

If the file is located elsewhere, it is a trojan masquerading as a system file.

To safely remove the infected file virus, you should start your computer in safe mode and then use reliable antivirus or anti-malware software to scan your entire system for any infected files.

Can I delete the chúng tôi file?

If you try to delete the chúng tôi file, you won’t be able to do so because you don’t have special permission from TrustedInstaller. However, you can gain permission from TrustedInstaller to delete the file.

In case you kill or delete the file, you won’t be able to install or uninstall apps because this file is necessary for the Windows Installer Package tasks.

Remember, while removing programs, reliable uninstaller software is often the best approach since it deletes any leftover files and Registry entries.

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