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 “Why is it faster to fly a briefcase of cash around the world than it is to send an electronic payment? You should be able to move money anywhere in the world in 3 to 5 seconds.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sean Safahi recently, the CEO of Bold Financial Technologies, and he asked me this pointed question. It’s rhetorical, but it makes you really think: why can’t I send money anywhere in the world that quickly?

Consider all the times you’ve sent money from bank to bank electronically. In a lot of cases it takes three to four business days. There’s no denying it, Safahi’s got a point. Moreover, if individuals have a hard time with this issue what is it like for a startup company trying to grow?

He’s cultivated his poignant insights about payments because he actually grew up in the payment processing space. Both of his parents were entrepreneurs themselves in this market vertical.

“There’s a lot of folklore around family businesses and you inherit the traits. It so happened that I aligned well in the financial space,” says Safahi. “Coming from that space I was well versed in the inefficiencies that exist around payments, financial services, and the way money moves.”

As he currently sees it, there are startup companies popping up all over the place that have payment needs not being met by traditional banking processes. Having to deal with all the red tape and unmet needs takes away from their core focus – all startups want to do is serve their customers.

In that light, Bold employs a whole team of payments and compliance experts that startups can offload their payment troubles onto. Granted, it’s an incredibly difficult process that has taken Safahi over a year to optimize and support clients with. However his persistence and dedication paid off.

To date they’ve been able to streamline Bold’s process so that with a call, email, 10 minute meeting, and a handshake any company is set up and integrated. It’s refreshing for Safahi and his team who don’t have to deal with a 16 to 18 month sale process, but they also think it’s crucial startups get on board with Bold earlier rather than later.

“If we weren’t doing this for them they’d be doing it themselves. But putting this type of operation together is a lengthy, time consuming, and expensive endeavor that a lot of these companies incur themselves,” Safahi explains.

According to Safahi, a startup can have a team of tech wizards who can code breathtaking UX, build robust platforms, and innovate like crazy. However, he sees that the majority of startups hit a wall when it comes to payments. I think it’s important to distinguish that he’s not claiming that they’re unaware of the payment issue, or that it’s a non-priority by any means. All he’s saying is that it’s overwhelming.

In fact, as Safahi says, to do what Bold does you need specialized payments knowledge. You can obviously see how taking on that burden could be the kiss of death for some companies.

“You say ‘payments’ and you can be referring to tons of different ‘payments’ – it means so many different things,” explains Safahi. “Startups, more often than not, just need to move money from one bank account to another. This lack of highly specialized knowledge is in no way the fault of the startup company.”

It all circles back to where we started: there are an inordinate amount of efficiency flaws in the payments system. To truly understand the entire scope of the payments landscape you have to become completely embedded in it.

Fact: ain’t nobody got time for that. But at the end of the day that’s why Safahi built Bold. He and his team are determined to deliver faster, cheaper, and more competitive payment options for an industry in dire need of a champion.

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Why Does Nintendo Seem To Resent Its Fans So Much?

It isn’t just pricing and launching high profile items before arbitrarily snatching them away despite the pleas of fans, but also the fact that Nintendo seems to have this very strange hang-up with supporting the esports scenes that appear around some of its games. Super Smash Bros. is far and away the best example of this. The vast majority of the Super Smash Bros. tournaments held each year, whether they’re for Melee or Ultimate, are grassroots efforts, with the organizers themselves raising money for prize pools and taking care of the logistical work involved with putting on a tournament.

This is abnormal for a company that publishes competitive video games. As Hungrybox points out in his speech, there are other publishers out there who seem happy to support their esports scenes, with Capcom being the one that he mentions directly. There’s also a very specific parallel to be drawn here between Nintendo and Microsoft, because Microsoft recently put $75,000 toward the prize pool for Hidden Cup 4, an Age of Empires II tournament that happened in March.

Like Super Smash Bros Melee, Age of Empires II is an old game with a very enthusiastic esports scene. The Age of Empires II community largely kept the competitive scene alive on its own for years, just like the Melee community has for their game of choice, but the difference is that Microsoft eventually took notice and put its support behind the community. In 2023, Microsoft released Age of Empires II Definitive Edition, a remastered version of the game that’s receiving ongoing support from Xbox Game Studios and the company is now helping fund Age of Empires II tournaments.

The Melee and Ultimate communities have shown some amazing self-sufficiency when it comes to organizing these tournaments, so I think many TOs would be happy to continue doing the heavy lifting if they could just get Nintendo to sponsor more events. We know Nintendo has the money because the Switch has been an incredible success, so why does it still insist on keeping the Smash competitive scene at arm’s length?

Sadly, when the Melee community does hear from Nintendo, it tends to be bad news instead of some kind of exciting development. Last year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo sent a cease and desist letter to the organizers of The Big House, one of the largest annual Smash Bros. tournaments. Nintendo, apparently, didn’t approve of the tournament’s use of a Melee mod called Slippi, which enables online play in Super Smash Bros. Melee and works shockingly well.

Super Smash Bros. Melee, for those who may not be aware, launched in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube, and like most console games of the time, lacked online matchmaking entirely. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping everyone at home, the Slippi mod allowed for Melee tournaments to continue happening remotely, which was a huge win for the scene. Nintendo, however, took issue not only with the mod, but also with the fact that Slippi would require an emulated version of the game, which Nintendo described as “illegally copied versions” of Melee in a statement to Polygon.

I don’t think anyone is going to deny that Nintendo has the right to put a halt to what it feels are unauthorized uses of its games, but this seems particularly cruel. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a 20-year-old game that Nintendo does not produce anymore for a console that hasn’t been in production since 2007. Is it really necessarily to be this protective of a game that, were it not for the grassroots Melee scene Nintendo is firing off cease and desist letters to, would just be sitting dormant anyway? It definitely feels like Nintendo shut down The Big House just because it could, not because there was any good reason too.

The sad thing is that the Ultimate community would probably love to have online functionality like what we see in Slippi, but instead they’re stuck with Nintendo Switch Online and the lag-filled matches it creates. Fans have been begging Nintendo to improve Nintendo Switch Online, but it seems like all that begging has fallen on deaf ears. It’s to the point where I avoid playing Switch games online because Nintendo’s network is such a crapshoot, and that’s a real shame because I really do love playing Ultimate online when it’s working well.

What Is Big Data And Why Does It Matter In 2023

blog / Data Science and Analytics What is Big Data? Let’s Analyze its Rise and Implications

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The big data market is valued at a whopping US $103 billion. Analyzing infinite data streams allows businesses to make informed, logical decisions. A holistic approach toward it entails combining sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and traditional analysis tools. So let’s delve into what is big data. 

At a time when over 97 per cent of companies around the world are investing in machine learning, one thing is certain: something deep is brewing in the seething data cauldrons of industries. But, we must first learn about its history and importance and walk the chronology to know how it came to be! 

Brief History 

Alan Turing invented the first massive data-processing machine at the helm of the Second World War in 1943 to decipher Nazi codes. 

The USA launched its first digital data center in 1965.

In 1997, Google launched its first domain, highlighting the climb of industries catering solely to collecting and processing data.

Roger Mougalas coined the term ‘Big data’ in 2005. That year also saw the invention of Hadoop, a Nutch-based open-source software that later merged with MapReduce (processes information parallelly on multiple nodes).

What Exactly is Big Data?

It can be defined as extremely large data sets that can be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations. Big data is stored in a secure system but can be easily accessed and analyzed to help answer questions, provide valuable insights, and give confidence in making strategic business moves.

Define the Three V’s of Big Data


This refers to the colossal amount of data in the servers of internet giants. It is one of the key concepts that depend on the number of users of a platform. For instance, Facebook has a

250-billion-image repository

which increases every single day.

Twitter handles about 500 – 700 million tweets

daily on average. Volume is a defining characteristic.


It means how quickly data comes to the existing servers. Taking the example of Meta, the

350 million images added to its servers each day

determine the velocity. Sensor efficiency for the Internet of Things(IoT) also depends on velocity, as the efficiency of devices depends on how much information is transmitted every second.


Different kinds of information, such as PDFs, images, audio, and video, define the variety. Take examples of multimedia posts that use videos, audio, reels, and GIFs. They are all encrypted and unstructured. 

What are the 3 Types?

Structured Data:

It is tabular in the form of relational databases where all rows have an equal number of columns.

SQL (Structured Programming Query Language)

is used to process structured information.

Unstructured Data:

It can either mean there is no pre-defined model or there is no particular way in which large sets are organized. They usually include videos, audio, and binary files devoid of a specific structure.

Semi-structured Data:

Scoring midway between structured and unstructured, this kind of information has no relational databases but does follow a rudimentary structure. These sets comprise documents of JavaScript Object Notation, graph databases, and key-value stores, giving them a notion of structure. 

What are Some Use Cases?

It ensures strong predictive models that help industries identify hidden market trends and customer choices and streamline business operations with robust analytics. Understanding what it is, entails moving hand-in-hand with the tumultuous rise of AI and machine learning. These exterior analytical elements aid data scientists in rapid management & structuring. 

Identification of Risks: With its predictive algorithms, analytics help us evade different forms of unexpected threats and provide effective risk management solutions.

Innovation: Data from various customer bases enable distinguishing between what is desired and what is necessary. Keeping track of current marketing practices and fusing them with insights helps maneuver buying trends and track customer behavior.

Customer Retention & Acquisition: Observing consumer behavior is central to a customized shopping experience. Amazon has made the best use of customers’ digital footprints and practices laser targeting.

Streamlining Company Costs: Finally, storing and systematically computing reduces company costs and drives efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions  #1: What Industries are Known to Use Big Data Analytics?

Media & communications

Banks & security services


Governance & administration



Retail and wholesale trade

#2: What are the Risks of Big Data?

With great power comes great responsibility. There are many risks that companies need to be aware of, including:

Malevolent usage of the data in organized crime

Data Usage Transparency by companies

High potential for breach of privacy of individuals

Unintentional damage by third-party sharing of private information

#3: Where Can Big Data be Stored?

Data warehouses and lakes. While the former can hold only structured data, the latter can hold all forms, including semi-structured information. Data stored in a data warehouse has been cleaned and processed, ready for strategic analysis, while data stored in a data lake may lack consistency and structure.

#4: How is Big Data Collected?

Online monitoring (caches & cookies)

Surveys & Interviews

Transactional tracking

Online forms

#5: What are the Four Big Data Models?





If you are looking for world-class online courses in analytics and data science, explore Emeritus’ portfolio. 

By Bishwadeep Mitra

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Why Take Digital Marketing And Seo Courses?

Digital marketing is now a crucial component of all business strategies. The way individuals consume information and make judgments about purchases has fundamentally changed as a result of the internet’s, social media’s, and mobile technology’s explosive expansion. As a result, in order to compete in their respective industries, firms must adapt and create an online presence.

Benefits of taking a digital marketing and SEO course

Any company that wants to be competitive in the modern digital marketplace must invest in digital marketing and SEO. The information and abilities required to put effective tactics into practice and accomplish corporate goals can be found in a digital marketing and SEO course.

Staying updated with the latest trends

You may access the most recent studies, resources, and case studies that show how effective digital marketing and SEO strategies are run by enrolling in a course. The most recent innovations in search algorithms, social media platforms, and other digital channels will be covered. Your ability to maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing and SEO tactics may depend on this understanding.

Get new career opportunities

Many career opportunities are available in the quickly expanding industries of digital marketing and SEO. Your employment prospects can be improved in a variety of ways by finishing a course in digital marketing and SEO.

Your knowledge and expertise in SEO and digital marketing are given to you through a course. Potential employers may find you more appealing if you do this since it shows that you are dedicated to your professional development and ongoing education. The practical experience you receive from the course projects can also help you build a portfolio of work to show potential employers your abilities.

Finishing a digital marketing and SEO course indicates your capacity to change with the newest developments in the industry. Employers are increasingly searching for people that can stay up with the most recent trends and apply them to their job as digital marketing and SEO continue to develop. You can execute successful digital marketing and SEO initiatives by taking a course to equip yourself with the most recent knowledge and abilities.

Increase the visibility of your business online

A solid internet presence is crucial for companies. You may boost your company’s online presence in a number of ways by taking a digital marketing and SEO course.

You can learn how to make your website and content search engine friendly by taking a course. This includes techniques like keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, all of which can raise the position of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). As a result, your company may become more visible to potential clients who are looking for goods or services in your sector.

You may learn how to create a social media marketing strategy that will enable you to reach a larger audience by taking a digital marketing and SEO course. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few examples of social media sites that provide businesses with a great way to engage with their target market and boost their online presence.

Learning experience by industry experts

Taking a digital marketing and SEO course is one of the finest methods to pick the brains of business leaders and keep on top of the game.

An excellent course is often instructed by skilled professionals with extensive industry knowledge who have worked in the sector for a number of years. You may learn a lot from these professionals about the most recent trends, industry-recognized best practices, and effective digital marketing and SEO methods.

A quality education will give you practical experience and transferable skills in addition to instruction from specialists that you can use at work. This entails utilizing the most recent technologies and techniques, working on practical projects and case studies, and getting input and direction from professionals in the field.

Measuring the results of your business

Results can be measured, which is one of the main benefits of completing a digital marketing and SEO course. You may get knowledge of what’s working and what isn’t in your digital marketing campaigns by learning how to measure and evaluate them. You can then use this knowledge to make data-driven decisions to change your approach and get better results.

You will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO and digital marketing campaigns by using a number of tools and metrics from a reputable course. You can track website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates using tools like Google Analytics. You can also track engagement, reach, and return on investment with social media analytics tools.


When compared to more conventional educational or training options, digital marketing, and SEO courses can be an affordable method to acquire marketing strategies and tactics. These are some justifications −

compared to more typical educational options like graduate or four-year college degrees, digital marketing, and SEO courses may be less expensive. You can avoid the costs of attending a physical facility or moving to a new area because many courses are offered online and can be finished at your own pace.

Courses in digital marketing and SEO frequently include practical, hands-on training that emphasizes skills and tactics used in the real world. Compared to theoretical training that doesn’t offer real-world applications, this kind of training may be more cost-effective. By acquiring useful methods and abilities, you may put your new knowledge to use right away and boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Final Verdict

Why Are Googlers So Confident About Link Spam?

Google’s John Mueller recently discussed the disavow tool and how some inside Google feel it’s unnecessary. The reason it’s presumed to be unnecessary is that Google’s ability to ignore spam links makes the disavow tool no longer useful to Google or to web publishers. Does Google really catch and ignore all spam links?

It may be that the reason Google keeps the tool around is to give publishers a way to disavow bad links they are responsible for and for publishers who have received a manual action.

Disavow Tool Causes Unnecessary Work

John referred to the disavow tool as a tool that causes people to do unnecessary work. He shared that many within Google feel that it’s an unnecessary tool because, presumably, Google already catches spam links.

“There’s a lot to be said for removing a feature that worries many folks, and suggests they need to do unnecessary work (assuming we can be sure that we handle it well automatically)…

That’s certainly one way to look at it, and it’s a view that some folks here share as well. If we can remove unnecessary complexity from these tools, I’m all for that — there’s enough other work involved with running a good website.”

Disavow Tool is for Relieving Anxiety?

John then acknowledged that the tool helped web publishers deal with the anxiety that Google was attributing spam links to their websites and allowing their rankings to suffer as a consequence.

Here is what Google’s John Mueller said:

“On the other hand, some sites see a lot of weird links, and I can understand that site owners don’t want to have to trust an algorithm to figure out that these links aren’t something they want to be associated with.

I kinda like the angle of “if you’re really worried, then just take care of it yourself” which is possible here.”

Gary Illyes Confirms Negative SEO Doesn’t Work

Gary Illyes stated at PubCon Florida 2023 that out of hundreds of negative SEO reports he has examined, none of them were real. The reason the sites experienced ranking drops were due to other reasons.

Google is Confident About Spam Links

The interesting point in the above statements is that John Mueller’s statement expresses confidence that Google is ignoring spam link relationships. This point is clearer when he shared that Googlers have expressed the opinion that the tool should be removed because it causes “unnecessary work” for publishers.

The implication of the phrase “unnecessary work” is that Googlers have a high confidence that Google is already ignoring spam links, making the tool “unnecessary work” for publishers.

Is the Disavow Tool Necessary?

That level of confidence must come from somewhere. It may be reasonable to assume that the Googlers who oversee the workflow associated with the disavow tool see firsthand that the tool is not useful for discovering spam. This could happen if Googlers are consistently seeing that the links in the disavow reports are already being ignored.

John Mueller has said in the past that the disavow tool is not necessary for the vast majority of sites. The tool itself was originally meant for publishers to be able to disavow spam links that they are responsible for and to help alleviate fears that negative SEO was subverting their rankings (Read: How Negative SEO Shaped Disavow Tool).

Should Google Share Disavow Tool Statistics?

If Google is going to remove the disavow tool, it may be useful for Google to share with the Web Publishing community what percentage of links uploaded via the Disavow are already ignored by Google.

Knowing how well Google catches spam may help relieve publishers of the anxiety that spam links are hurting them. This in turn will convince them to avoid the “unnecessary work” of disavowing links. And that will help publishers focus on creating quality web experiences that satisfies site visitors. That’s a win-win for Google and publishers.

Chatgpt Bad Gateway: What Does It Mean & How To Fix It

ChatGPT Bad Gateway: What Does It Mean & How to Fix It Expert solutions to regain access to your favorite chatbot




The Bad Gateway error on ChatGPT usually results from server issues at the backend.

The last time users encountered the error, free accounts gained access to the chatbot before the ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

You could clear the browsing data in case ChatGPT works fine for others.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Since it was first launched to the public, Chat GPT, the AI-powered chatbot, has taken the world by storm. In the initial days, users encountered a network error, but recently, the Bad Gateway error on ChatGPT has been widely reported.

Users across the globe are facing the error, and while for some, things started to work fine in an hour or two, others reported extended outages for over two days. So, let’s learn about it and check the solutions that worked for others.

What is the Bad Gateway error on ChatGPT?

The Bad Gateway error on ChatGPT indicates an issue with the backend server. In this case, there isn’t much users can do except wait for the downtime to pass.

And the error may appear at any point out of the blue without any prior indication. At least, that’s what we understood from the previous outage, which resulted in many ChatGPT Plus subscribers being unable to access the AI-based tool.

Besides, the accounts that were able to access ChatGPT during the previous spell of the Bad Gateway error couldn’t view the chat history.

How do I fix the ChatGPT Bad Gateway error?


There are no sure-shot fixes for the Bad Gateway error since it has to do with an issue at the backend, but we identified a few tricks and workarounds that could help you access ChatGPT during the downtime. Before you proceed, make sure to check the ChatGPT Status first.

Before we start with the slightly complex ones, here are a few quick things you can try:

Press Ctrl + Shift + R on the browser window to do a hard refresh.

Restart the computer.

Connect to a different network. Try a wireless one or use a mobile hotspot to access ChatGPT using the mobile data and verify whether it works.

If the error persists, head to the solutions listed next.

1. Login using a free account

Expert tip:

Signup error on ChatGPT

So, use your free account to access ChatGPT. However, if you haven’t yet created a free account and are trying to register during the downtime, chances are, the Signup is currently unavailable, please try again later error may appear.

2. Disable the VPN

If the Bad Gateway error on ChatGPT is region-centric, i.e., being faced by users in a particular state or country and not worldwide, using a VPN might help. When routing the connection via a VPN, select the servers for the country where the chatbot is running.

There are several free and paid VPN tools available, though the free options usually have limited features and servers. Also, Opera has a built-in free VPN, so you could try using the browser.

3. Clear browsing data or use the incognito mode


The steps listed here are for Chrome, but the process to clear browsing data remains pretty much the same for every browser.

In case others are able to access ChatGPT while you are the only one facing the Bad Gateway error, it’s likely to do with the browser cache and cookies, and clearing them should do the trick. Alternatively, you could use the incognito/private mode in your browser.

That’s all we have on the error! If these don’t work out, we recommend you wait out the downtime or contact ChatGPT support for a resolution.

Also, go through our step-by-step guide on using ChatGPT in WhatsApp.

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