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Have you ever discovered that your iPhone it warm to the touch? It’s not common, but sometimes an iPhone can even get outright hot to the touch, where the rear of the iPhone and the screen of the device is hot to touch, sometimes enough to be uncomfortable to hold and make your hands sweat.

It’s pretty annoying to have an iPhone running hot because it also almost always coincides with rapid battery drain and general performance sluggishness. We’ll walk through a few simple steps that can help to fix a hot iPhone and help it cool down and regain regular performance again.

My iPhone is hot, why?

The most common reason an iPhone feels hot to the touch is software related, this is usually because some app or process running on the iPhone is making heavy usage of the devices processor, leading to excessive energy usage and heat dissipation. The good news is that because the problem is usually software related, the fix is usually easy as well.

Of course there are other reasons an iPhone could be hot too, for example if you let it sit on top of a heater vent or in the direct sunlight on a warm day, that would cause the device to warm up as well. In those situations, just remove it from the heat source.

How to Fix an iPhone Running Hot

Here are five simple solution to fix an iPhone if it’s running too hot:

0: Wait, did you just update iOS system software?

If you just updated to a new version of iOS system software and now the iPhone is hot, the iPhone sometimes runs warm for a while as the device reindexes data on your phone. This is normal and it will sort itself out over time, typically if you leave an iPhone plugged in over night (in a well ventilated setting) the indexing will complete and the iPhone will return to normal temperature.

1: Quit Apps

Sometimes an app can be going sideways and cause the CPU to be used excessively and lead to a hot iPhone. Thus, quitting apps can sometimes fix the issue.

Double-tap on the Home button to bring up the multitasking switcher

Swipe up on each app to close and quit those apps

Generally if an iPhone is running hot and you aren’t sure which app is the problem, quitting all apps is reasonable. Then wait a few minutes to see if the iPhone starts to cool down.

2: Update Apps

The rogue app may be having an issue because it has a bug, if this is the case updating your apps can be helpful because the developer of the app may have issued a bug fix.

Open the App Store app and go to the Updates tab and choose to “Update All”

After apps have been updated, if the reason the iPhone was heating up was due to an app specific bug that was remedied, it should be resolved with an update.

3: Update iOS

More rarely, sometimes the software problem relates to a bug or issue with iOS itself. If this is the case, usually updating iOS will resolve the problem. Always back up your iPhone before updating iOS system software.

Back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, or both

Open the “Settings” app and go to “General” and then to “Software Update”

Download and install any updates available

Once the update installs your iPhone will then reindex data on the device, as mentioned in step ‘0’ which ironically can make a device run warm for a while. In this situation, just wait it out, it will likely cool down when tidying and indexing has complete, sometimes it’s best to leave it plugged in overnight to finish this process.

4: Reset All iPhone Settings

It’s possible a setting somewhere in iOS is causing the device to heat up and run too hot. Thus, resetting the device settings can be helpful sometimes – this is NOT the same as resetting the device to factory state, it’s simply resetting settings and customizations to thing like screen brightness or wi-fi preferences. You should back up your iPhone before doing this just to be safe.

Open the Settings app and go to “General” and then to “Reset”

Choose “Reset All Settings”

Confirm that you want to reset all settings on the device

When the iPhone reboots you will have no custom settings, meaning you will need to change things like bold text, screen brightness, wifi preferences, DNS, etc.

5: Backup & Restore

I know, nobody wants to do this. It’s a big pain to backup your iPhone and to restore it, but it can be a necessary troubleshooting step. In fact if you all Apple Support they will almost always make you do this before taking a device for repair. It can be effective, which is why it’s worth mentioning despite the inconvenience and time commitment.

Back up iPhone to iTunes by connecting to a computer and choosing “Backup” in the iTunes app

When the backup has completed, connect the iPhone to a computer with iTunes and choose “Restore”

Walk through the restore process and restore the device from a backup

The backup and restore process can take several hours if not longer (a large iPhone with heavy storage use can take many hours…. the last time I backed up and restored my iPhone it took about 6 hours for example…. it’s not fast so set the time aside for this). Be patient and only start this process if you have the time commitment.

The good news is that if backing up and restoring can be an effective troubleshooting technique and it might remedy your hot iPhone issue.

Rare: The Temperature Warning

On rare occasions, the iPhone can even outright overheat and lead to a temperature warning on the device but that is almost always due to an external heat source like being left in the sun or atop a car heating vent or a heater outlet in a house or office. When this happens it’s not subtle because iPhone displays a temperature warning when the device is overheating and the phone becomes unusable until it cools down, if that happens you need to rapidly remove it from the heat source and let it cool down (placing such an overheated iPhone in front of a fan in the shade usually works well).

iPhone is still hot, now what?

If the iPhone is still hot after doing all of the above steps, including leaving it plugged in overnight in a ventilated spot, then you might have a more rare issue with the battery or hardware. This is quite unusual but it does happen sometimes, and typically if that is the case you would need to have the iPhone service by Apple through an official support channel or an authorized repair center.


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Why Is Google Penalizing My Exact Match Keywords?

This problem started after I sold a new client on my services, which revolved around creating the ideal campaign structure.

I really sold it. The client was impressed. I then went on to talk about the trivial nature of keyword match types.

“Exact match keywords are exactly what the user typed. If the keyword is extremely relevant to the ad it serves and the landing page is extremely relevant, also, then Google will reward you by raising your quality score for that keyword, which will lower your cost.”

I was on a roll…

“Exact match keywords are going to be much more relevant to your ad and landing page than broad match, because you’re targeting exactly what that user is looking for with your keyword, ad, and landing page.”

Damn, I am good…

So the client was sold, and I began the process of building out their campaign based on what we had discussed. That is where we ran into some issues that I’m still trying to sort out.

I created, as I always do, segmented campaigns. Each campaign targeted only the U.S. I like to start there and segment by state, then city once I get enough data to start selecting the highest performing areas for the particular product or service. I created separate campaigns based on device type: a computer campaign, a mobile campaign, and a tablet campaign since people behave differently on each device.

Here is a breakdown of the campaigns I created:

U.S. Non-Brand – Computers (Modified Broad)

U.S. Non-Brand – Mobile (Modified Broad)

U.S. Non-Brand – Tablet (Modified Broad)

U.S. Non-Brand – Computers (Phrase)

U.S. Non-Brand – Mobile (Phrase)

U.S. Non-Brand – Tablet (Phrase)

U.S. Non-Brand – Computers (Exact)

U.S. Non-Brand – Mobile (Exact)

U.S. Non-Brand – Tablet (Exact)

I thought about adding a negative exact match keyword to the phrase and broad matches but decided against it since I just wanted to get some traffic going first before refining the campaign. What happened over the next several weeks startled me.

I dove in further and discovered that Google was apparently penalizing my campaign structure. Specifically, it was penalizing my exact match campaigns and rewarding my modified broad match campaigns.

Here is a breakdown of what my average quality score looked like:


Average Quality Score

U.S. Non-Brand – Computers (Modified Broad)  


U.S. Non-Brand – Mobile (Modified Broad)          


U.S. Non-Brand – Tablet (Modified Broad)          


U.S. Non-Brand – Computers (Phrase)                  


U.S. Non-Brand – Mobile (Phrase)                        


U.S. Non-Brand – Tablet (Phrase)                          


U.S. Non-Brand – Computers (Exact)                    


U.S. Non-Brand – Mobile (Exact)                          


U.S. Non-Brand – Tablet (Exact)                            


Obviously, Google favored my modified broad match over my phrase match and favored my phrase match over my exact match.  This is exactly the opposite of everything I ever thought I knew about PPC marketing. This prompted me to satisfy my curiosity by testing out a duplicate campaign that targeted just broad match (without the modifier).  The results after just a week were stunning:


Average Quality Score

U.S. Non-Brand – Computers (Non-Modified Broad)


U.S. Non-Brand – Mobile (Non-Modified Broad)      


U.S. Non-Brand – Tablet (Non-Modified Broad)       


So why would Google penalize you for targeting exact match, phrase match, and even modified broad match, while favoring non-modified broad match instead?

It appears instead that Google just wants you to build some poorly structured, broad match campaigns, trust their better judgement, hand over your credit card, and shut the hell up. That’s the impression I got from their customer support, which kept reciting the same tired script over and over to me whenever I called.

So we are stuck with Google favoring their profits over the success of our campaigns. The solution? Stop segmenting traffic. Build a non-segmented campaign. Group all the device types, all the keyword match types, all the regions you sell in, and don’t even think about day-time parting! Let that campaign build traffic and quality score, and then, maybe, just maybe, you can “test” segmenting it out after maybe six, nine, or even twelve months.  Perhaps by then Google will have figured out that it can’t screw its customers for long before they cancel their credit cards.

Why Are My Gmail Filters Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Among billions of emails that get sent everyday, 80% of them are spam. According to Google, Gmail spam filter blocks 99.99% of these emails before it reaches your inbox.

But what if, you still are getting spam emails? Did the spammers get smarter? Or there’s a flaw on your filter?

If your Inbox is full of useless emails, even after these protection, your gmail filter could be facing some issue. In this comprehensive guide we will list out all the possible troubleshooting methods to fix Gmail Filters not working.

Why Are My Gmail Filters Not Working?

There are several reasons why your Gmail filters are not working, and it depends on the type of filter you are using.

There are two types of Gmail filters. One is Gmail’s official spam filter which is constantly in use and is automatic. The other is a custom filter that you, the user can setup.

Gmail Spam Filter

Gmail’s spam filter is a powerful tool that uses AI and machine learning to determine which emails are spam. It learns by itself and analyzes millions of emails for trigger words, IP addresses, domains, and user input to filter spam.

However, some spam emails still make it through that combing process. Now, the problem arises when you accidentally mark a normal email as a spam email. Gmail’s spam filter gets confused temporarily, and your normal email may sometimes get sent to the spam directory.

You also cannot turn off Gmail spam filters, as it runs by itself in the background. You cannot even configure Gmail spam filters. There are limited actions you can do with it. You can, however,:

Move spam emails to the spam directory.

Report the email as spam.

Block the user’s Gmail, and their future emails will all go to the spam directory.

Gmail Custom Filter

The other type of Gmail filter is a custom filter set up by the user. It works differently than the Gmail spam filter, but it can also filter spam. 

Rather than using machine learning and AI to differentiate emails, the custom Gmail filter uses your configured settings and search filter to differentiate emails. You can also use it to organize all the emails in your Inbox.

How to Fix Gmail Spam Filter Not Working?

Gmail’s spam filter runs on its own, and there isn’t much you can do about it. But, if your Gmail spam filter seems not to be working, there are limited options for you to fix it.

Double-Check Before Marking An Email

You may have accidentally marked a spam email as a normal email or a normal email as a spam email. As a result, Gmail’s AI spam filter may misplace your emails. And they could end up in different places.

This problem is only temporary, and as long as you do not make more of these mistakes, the Gmail spam filter should run as it should. You can even take your time to personally sort out the disordered emails to get Gmail back on track.

Change Your Password

If you are getting some involuntary approval and suspicious site on your emails, your Gmail account could be compromised. Just to be on the safe side, it is always a good idea to change your password in every few months.

If your account is showing suspicious activities recently, and you seem to receive even more spam emails, immediately change your password.

Lastly, if your Gmail spam filter is still not working as intended, you can use a custom filter to override some of the Gmail spam filter’s functions.

How to Fix Custom Gmail Filter Not Working?

Custom Gmail filters have a wide variety of settings configurations, and any small changes could lead to Gmail filters not working as intended. Before jumping to conclusions about the issues, let’s learn how to set up a Custom Gmail filter properly.

Setting Up Custom Gmail Filter

The Custom Gmail filter is versatile and easily moldable with its wide variety of options and settings. It has several purposes like organizing incoming emails, overriding some of the Gmail spam filter functions, automatically forwarding emails, etc. However, its wide range of settings and functions allows for much user error.

To properly set up a custom Gmail filter, follow the steps below.

More often than not, people usually misconfigure the settings in Step 5, and the filter does not perform its desired effect. Read the method below for properly configuring settings.

Configuring Filter Settings

There are several applied settings to choose from in filter settings, and people can easily get them wrong.

Your custom filters work independently of Gmail spam filters. If you are setting up a custom spam filter, please note that your filtered spam will never end up in the Spam category. However, you can create a label for the spam and group it in a different directory you made.

To group your spam in another directory:

Now, your custom spam filter will filter per search criteria and label them by the name you have given. Make sure you hit the Skip the Inbox option or your filtered emails will still show in Inbox.

You can use this method to filter many emails and group them. You won’t see it in your Inbox, and you can head to any particular directory to see the filtered emails. For example, I get a lot of emails from Reddit, and my custom filter filters all Reddit emails to a directory named Reddit. It makes my Inbox look much cleaner.

The rest of the options are rather straightforward, and their names pretty much give away their function. Customize the filters to your liking.

Remove Overlapping Filters

One of the reasons your filters are not working could be because there are too many filters. Keep in mind that only one filter can work at a time. If an email meets two different filter search criteria, only one of the filter settings is going to be applied.

If your emails end up in the wrong places, disappear, or are randomly marked as important or spam, it is likely due to overlapping filters.

To solve this issue, you can make the filter search criteria more strict or remove unnecessary filters.

Here’s how to edit or delete a filter.

Disable Override Filters

Your Gmail has a default setting of overriding filters when it is marked as important. Google uses your past actions to determine if an email is important. If some emails that should clearly be filtered still show up in your Inbox, it could be Gmail’s arbitrary decision.

To disable Override filters settings, follow the steps below.

If you would also like google to stop marking important emails based on your past actions, do this. Above the Override filters option, choose Don’t use my past actions to predict which messages are important options and hit save changes.

Why Ios 15 Is Not Available On My Phone?

iOS 15 has been officially launched for iPhones and is bringing a lot of interesting changes. With this iterative update, Apple has focused on productivity, refinement, and privacy. You get features like Focus to get more work done, SharePlay to stream your favorite content with people you care about, and even iCloud enhancements to keep your files and memories as safe as possible.

iOS 15 is easily one of the most refined OSes Apple has ever released for iPhones, which makes sense considering the hype the new release has generated. 

Sadly, not everyone has been fortunate enough to try out the new OS, and today is all about telling you why. Now, without further ado, let us check out why iOS 15 is not available on your iPhone.

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Why iOS 15 is not available on my phone?

Generally, iOS updates are pretty dependable and are delivered uniformly to all compatible devices across the globe at once. However, under special circumstances, they can take a bit longer than usual. Below, we will discuss the top five reasons why iOS 15 is not available on your iPhone. 

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#1 Your device is not supported

Apple is famous for extending iOS support to half-a-decade old devices, and iOS 15 is no exception. Any phone newer than iPhone 6s or 6s Plus is eligible for iOS 15. If you are running an older device, your device will not get the latest version of iOS. For more clarity, refer to the list of supported devices below:

iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max

‌iPhone SE‌ (2024)

iPhone 11‌, 11‌ Pro, 11 Pro Max

‌iPhone‌ XS and XS Max

‌iPhone‌ XR

‌iPhone‌ X

‌iPhone‌ 8 and 8 Plus

‌iPhone‌ 7 and 7 Plus

‌iPhone‌ 6s and 6s Plus

‌iPhone SE‌ (2024)

iPod touch (7th generation)

So, if you have an iPhone 4, 5, 6 or older iPhone, or any other phone that those listed above, then you are simply not eligible for the iOS 15 update.

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#2 An issue with Apple servers

Apple’s servers are pretty dependable most of the time. However, when millions of users are trying to download a 3GB file, even the best servers are bound to be stretched thin. When that happens, Apple’s servers might become unresponsive and fail to offer you iOS 15 right away. Usually, such congestions are cleared within a few hours, but if the traffic is a bit too much, you might have to wait a day or two to get your hands on the latest OS. 

Fix: Simply wait for Apple to push the update to your phone.

#3 You are running a jailbroken OS

Fix: You will have to wait for your jailbreak-OS provider to release the latest iOS 15-based jailbreak. Generally, these are time-consuming endeavors and might keep you from enjoying the latest version for a couple of months – and even that’s being very hopeful.

Apple’s iOS releases tend to cover almost every country there is. However, if you still do not see the update, your country or region might be experiencing unexpected delays. You should have a chat with Apple support to know more.

Fix: Simply not worry and wait for a couple of days to a week for the update to show up. It will, we are sure — unless there’s some other issue.

#5 You do not have access to WiFi connection

Fix: Connect to a faster Wi-Fi connection.


Here’s Why Oppo Reno8 T 5G Is The Current Best Mid

Over the years, the Reno series of Oppo has seen many improvements. From being just regular budget-friendly phones to all-rounder devices, Oppo has offered them all in this series. To see how actually the lineup could be pushed without raising the price tags, Oppo was busy improving the Reno8 T 5G. And the results paid off.

Eye-Catching Design of Oppo Reno8 T 5G

Even though the Reno8 T 5G is a mid-range phone, its outlooks tell a different story. The phone comes with a 3D curved screen, which features a 56-degree curve with an arc of 1.9 mm. This curvature not only gives the device a premium look but also ensures a comfortable grip.

But it is not just the back of the Reno8 T 5G that looks good. The front has a similar approach. The AMOLED screen that the phone comes with features a 93% screen-to-body ratio. It features 1.57 mm bezels on the side, while the lower chin is just 2.3 mm. In other words, it gives an almost edge-to-edge screen experience.

Durability to the Level Max

Oppo has integrated a lot of display optimizations to enhance the screen’s durability. For example, you have the DT -Star2 protective glass on the Reno8 T 5G. At the core, it is a secondary glass material that ensures better resistance to shattering and screen glass damage.

In fact, Oppo has made the Reno8 T 5G go through 23 quality tests across different categories. So, it is not just the screen that is durable. Instead, you can expect the overall phone to be long-lasting.

Crystal Clear Images with the 108MP Camera

Furthermore, you have a 2MP microscope lens on the back. It brings 40x zoom, enabling you to take much closer shots of objects. Oppo did not even back out on the front camera of the Reno8 T 5G. The front comes with a 32MP selfie shooter that can offer high-resolution images.

The Reno8 T 5G also has many image processing tricks. For example, you can easily access professional editing and cropping features. With those, you can make the shots look exactly how you want them to be. The editing features even allow you to highlight important parts of the image.

What about night-time photography? The Reno8 T 5G will not disappoint in that regard either. The 108MP sensor boasts NonaPixel Plus binning technology. This tech combines nine pixels into one, which results in a 1.92μm size for each. As a result, the sensor is more capable of absorbing light.

Gizchina News of the week

Other AI enhancement features are available in the phone’s camera system. With those, you will not need to retouch your shots to make them social-media-ready.

Fully Charged Reno8 T 5G In Less Than An Hour

Fast charging is an essential feature for many these days. Thankfully, Oppo kept it under consideration for the Reno8 T 5G. The phone features a 67W SuperVOOC charging capability, allowing you to get the battery from 0 to 100% in just 44 minutes.

And it is not like the battery is small in size. The Reno8 T 5G packs a 4800mAh battery, offering superior screen time numbers. Also, you will not need to worry about safety issues when charging the phone. It comes with extra shielding layers that will keep the phone and you safe during the charging session.

To ensure you get the most from the battery, Oppo integrated an exclusive Battery Health Engine. It monitors the performance and makes sure that the battery’s health does not degrade rapidly.

In fact, according to Oppo, with the Battery Health Engine, the lifespan extends to up to 1600 charging and discharging cycles. That is double the industry standard, 800 cycles. In other words, you can expect the Reno8 T 5G battery to last about four years.

Superior Performance for the Money

Yes, the Oppo Reno8 T 5G will not win any benchmarks. But it will not disappoint you in terms of day-to-day performance. The device has a Snapdragon 695 5G, which Oppo paired with 8GB of RAM. Thanks to such a combination, you can expect the phone to offer smooth performance in most of the apps.

Talking of smoothness, the AMOLED panel of the phone has a 120Hz refresh rate. With its ability to show 1B colors, it offers a vivid scrolling and gaming experience. Also, there’s no need to worry about storage capacity. The base model of the Oppo Reno8 T 5G is 128GB, which is more than enough for most users. And if you don’t think 128GB will be enough for you, Oppo is offering a 256GB option for the Reno8 T 5G.

Overall, the phone does a lot of things right. And considering the fact that the phone costs just $340, you are indeed getting a lot for your money.

Why Aren’t My Products Selling On Amazon?

You’re following everything you’ve learned on YouTube or Facebook about listing optimization for Amazon.

Maybe you’ve even paid an agency to optimize your listings.

But still, you just aren’t moving product.

A few years ago, if you just made sure you had a strong title, bullets, and images, it was enough to get your listing to sell on Amazon.

Making your listing easy to find on Amazon has become more challenging.

You will likely need a strategic plan, including a well-optimized listing and a well-thought-out ad strategy.

If your listing is not selling, this article will help you troubleshoot what could be stopping it from getting to the top of the Amazon search results.

Proper Keyword Research

One of the most fundamental pieces of a successful listing on Amazon is proper keyword research.

On Amazon, people primarily find products through search.

When customers visit Amazon, unless they come from an external link to a product, they are most likely typing what they want into the search bar.

They might enter hundreds of potential keyword research to find products.

There are several tools to help with keyword research.

I recommend a tool specializing in Amazon because the keywords you need will be different than for Google or other search engines.

Also, choose a tool that specifically shows you the potential search volume on Amazon.

My favorites are Merchant Words, Sellzone, and Helium10; each has its own strengths and we use a combination of all three.

Think of each keyword phrase as another potential door for people to find your product.

Each keyword phrase will attract specific types of customers.

Make sure you are ranking well for the most relevant keyword phrases for your product with search volume.

One of the most critical aspects of marketing products on Amazon is to make sure you have done the proper keyword research.

Missing important keyword phrases can significantly decrease your overall sales on Amazon.

As you do your keyword research, look at your product’s potential demand.

Here is a list of questions you should review after completing your keyword research:

Is there an existing search volume for my brand or product name?

Is there search volume for the keyword phrases my customers are most likely to type into Amazon?

Are there similar products selling well on Amazon?

You will need at least one of these questions to be a yes, for most products to succeed.

You will have the best start for a quick launch if your brand already has search volume because you can rank quickly for your name.

If no one is looking specifically for your brand or product, it is vital to have at least some highly relevant keywords to your product that have significant search volume.

If not, there might not be enough demand for your products yet on Amazon.

You can use Helium 10 or Merchant Words as a search volume estimator.

If you see that very similar products are selling well on Amazon, that shows you that there is demand for the product.

Do a reverse ASIN search on any of the earlier mentioned keyword tools to make sure you have correctly identified all of the most important keyword phrases your competitors are using to capture sales on Amazon.

If you notice that other sellers have the same difficulty with sales, there may not be enough demand for the product you are trying to sell.

Alternatively, if you search and cannot find other people selling the product, it may be because there is not enough demand.

Once you have done your keyword research, look at the title, bullets, and structured data of your listing to make sure you have included your root keywords (the individual words that make up your essential keyword phrases).

Make Sure You Are Indexed

For example, if someone is searching for a women’s black cotton t-shirt on Amazon, you want specific terms indexed, such as “black shirt,” “women’s shirt,” and “cotton t-shirt.”

Customers cannot find you via those search terms if you are not indexed.

Not being indexed for the right keywords considerably affects your sales, affecting how customers find your products.

The easiest way to determine if you are indexed for specific keywords is to use the ASIN (Amazon standard identification number) tools on the Amazon market.

Enter your ASIN and look at the various keywords already indexed.

If you notice you are missing critical keywords, you may need to adjust.

You can also use the reverse search function of Merchant Words (ASIN Plus) or Helium 10 (Cerebro) to see the keywords those tools identified and are already indexed for your product.

Optimize Your Content And Product Descriptions

Optimizing your content and product descriptions is a balancing act.

You need to include as many root keywords as possible while making sure your copy is compelling to your potential buyers.

A few years ago, you wanted to include as many root keywords as possible.

It was all about increasing the number of keyword phrases your product could show up for in search.

However, since there is a finite number of ways and characters to index for on Amazon, you want to focus on the keywords with the most chance of ranking in the top three positions; this means being selective about the keywords you prioritize in your listing.

You also need to ensure that the content and product descriptions differentiate you from your competitors while providing enough information about the product and answering any questions customers may have.

Additionally, you need to ensure that you have the right keywords in your content to get indexed where you need to be indexed.

If you notice that your product is still not selling, it may be time to play around with your content and product descriptions.

Consider rewriting the content or hiring a professional writer to help you, and see if your conversion rate improves.

Optimize Your Images

Written content is essential, but a picture says a thousand words.

Having well-optimized images is vital on Amazon, especially when you consider that only your title and images are above the fold on mobile.

Many customers decide to do business with one seller over another simply because the other sellers’ images make their products more appealing.

Images should highlight the product, the product’s essential features, and the direct benefits.

While there are stringent rules about your primary image, your secondary images can give you a chance to provide important information about your product.

It also is one of the few areas on the Amazon Product Detail Page where you can create some brand continuity.

If you have trouble with your conversion rate, look at your competitor’s images. What questions do they answer that your images do not?

Do they showcase the product in a better light?

Do they show something about the product that your images are not showing?

If your competitors’ pictures are better than yours, it may be time to upgrade your images and see if you can increase your conversion rate.

Organically Gather Reviews

Another common reason your Amazon listing may not be converting is that you do not have reviews.

Nearly every buyer on Amazon takes the time to read at least a few reviews to determine if the seller is legit and if the product is worth the money.

As a rule of thumb, you should try to have at least 25 reviews to be retail-ready.

You may need fewer reviews if you are in a more specialized or niche category.

If you are in a more competitive category, you may need more reviews.

You do have to start somewhere, so if you have fewer reviews, focus on getting conversions for your product.

It is expected that about 1% to 3% of Amazon customers will leave a review.

If you do not have reviews, you can obtain them in a few different ways.

You can use the Amazon Request a Review Button.

You can use Vine (eligibility requirements).

You can use third-party tools to request reviews.

Additionally, you want to ensure that your reviews are honest and reputable.

Not only can you get in trouble if you pay for good reviews, but it may turn off buyers if they suspect the fake reviews. If you get one or two negative reviews, do not worry.

However, if you start getting many negative reviews, address why they are happening and work to prevent them.

Amazon is very sensitive about fake reviews and review programs.

This includes not having family or friends review your products or your competitors.

It is vital to read and understand Amazon’s policies around reviews.

Determine Whether You Have A Traffic Or Conversion Problem

If we haven’t found a glaring issue, it’s time to look into why our product may not be selling.

Amazon provides sellers with a report called the Detail Sales and Traffic Report (under Reports, Business Reports).

Unfortunately, many sellers miss this valuable report, but it contains vital information that can help you determine if you may have a traffic or conversion issue.

Pay close attention to the Unit Sessions Percentage, ultimately, your conversion percentage.

The report also tells you how many page views and sessions your listing gets over a specified period.

By reviewing this report, you can see if your product is getting traffic or not.

If the traffic is low, you know to find a way to boost traffic.

You have a conversion issue to address if you see that you are getting traffic, but people are not buying.

You may have low-quality images or poor content preventing people from purchasing from you.

In this case, address why your product is not selling before you attempt to increase the overall traffic to get your product to sell.

Identify The Number Of Keywords On Page One

If you have been around digital marketing for any period, you have probably heard the joke that the best place to hide a dead body is page two of a search.

This is just as true on Amazon as on any other search engine.

We talked about reverse ASIN searches a few times in the article.

I recommend you look into both you and your primary competitors already selling well on Amazon for two things.

First, how many keywords are you in the top 10 positions compared to your competitors?

To do this:

Filter the search for organic positions between 1-10.

Compare your product to your competitor.

Suppose your competitors index for a significantly higher number of relevant keywords.

In that case, they are outranking you on the keywords with the highest search volume, which will be a primary reason they are outselling your product.

To combat this, run Sponsored Product campaigns for the keyword phrases to help increase your conversions for those keyword phrases.

This approach can allow you to climb the SERPs for your most important keyword phrases.

Make Sure Your Ad Campaigns Are Successful

Even if produced as a result of an ad, each conversion can help your organic ranking on Amazon.

These increased conversions, especially through sponsored products, can help you move up in the rankings for important keyword phrases.

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