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Windows 10 build 14955 issues: unresponsive apps, Edge crashes and more




Microsoft just released the new build 14955 for Windows 10 Preview. The new build is available to all Insiders on the Fast Ring on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Build 14955 doesn’t bring any noticeable feature to Insiders who installed it. On the other hand, it solves some of the previously known issues and bugs and brings a few more system enhancements. And just like every Windows 10 build, build 14955 also causes some issues of its own.

Microsoft already listed some of the issues affecting Windows 10 build 14955, but as you probably know, that’s not an accurate report as there are many more issues affecting users.

We checked out Microsoft’s forums to look for problems reported by actual users, and we found some issues that Microsoft didn’t list under ‘Known issues’. In this article, we’re going to let you know about the issues we’ve found and try to find solutions for at least some of them.

Windows 10 build 14955 reported issues

As always, we start off our report article with the installation issues, reported by users all over Microsoft’s forum. But this time, it looks like Mobile users are much more affected by installation issues than their peers on PC. As Microsoft already acknowledged and addressed this issue, we’re not going to talk about it in this post. If you’re having problems with installing the latest build on your Windows 10 Mobile device, check out this post.

The fact that mainly Mobile users experience build installation issues doesn’t mean PC users don’t. However, it looks like very few Insiders have encountered this problem on PC, so we can finally say that Microsoft delivered a build that’s not so hard to install. Here’s what two users who actually have installation problems say:

I had the same problem with 14951 which I could not get passed. I have run the Windows Update Troubleshooter several times but still it hangs.  Any suggestions???

My system got to 80% of the installation process and then failed. A restart of the system triggered a roll back. Any recommendations on how to get it installed?

Microsoft actually acknowledged this issue by saying those who have a third-party antivirus program installed on their computers might face build installation errors. But since various things can prevent a new build from downloading and installing, we’ve decided to mention this problem in our post.

Expert tip:

One Insider complained on the forums of problems with the Feedback Hub app in build 14955. Apparently, the Feedback Hub doesn’t work anymore and when uninstalled, won’t install again. Here’s what the Insider who reported this issues said:

Fortunately, another user had a proper solution for this problem. If you’re facing this issue as well, uninstall the Feedback Hub from the Settings app and then install it from the Store once again. If you’re not sure how to do that, we’ve prepared a set of instructions for you:

Open the Settings app

Once the app is fully uninstalled, head over to the Windows Store, search for the Feedback Hub, and install it once again.

Another user reports he’s unable to find homegroups in Windows 10 build 14955. Here’s what he said:

Insider Preview computer can no longer find existing homegroup. Homegroup still exists and other 2 computers on 14393 are still functioning normally. Any suggestion ? Other than removing them and starting again ?

Unfortunately, no one from the forums had a proper solution for this problem. We have an article about problems with finding a Homegroup in Windows 10, so if you’re facing this problem as well, check it out.

Issues with web browsers are quite common in the last few Windows 10 builds. It looks like web browsers still don’t work properly for some Insiders on build 14955. This time, one user reports that Internet Explorer randomly crashes when he tries to open a certain web page.

Surface Pro 3 Build 14955 . Internet Explorer seems to be having some issues. The below error is with home page set to chúng tôi I also get the same message if I try to open a link in Facebook.

Unfortunately, no one had a proper solution for this problem, but a few more people confirmed they have similar problems. This is a sign for Microsoft to pay more attention to browser stability in Windows 10 builds, and deliver a permanent fix soon.


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Microsoft Edge Crashes When Printing In Windows 11/10

If Microsoft Edge crashes when printing in Windows 11/10, the solutions provided in this article will be sure to help you resolve the issue. According to the affected users, Edge crashes every time they give the print command. Some users also stated that the problem started occurring after installing the latest Windows Update. There could be many reasons for the Edge browser crashing or freezing issues, like a corrupted printer driver, a corrupted Edge user profile, corrupted system image files, corrupted cache and cookie data, etc. If you experience this issue, follow the suggestions provided in this post.

Microsoft Edge crashes when printing in Windows 11/10

You can try clearing your browser cache and cookie. If Edge still crashes when printing on your Windows 11/10 computer, use the following fixes.

Repair your system files

Restart Print Spooler Service

Change your default printer

Delete the User Data folder

Uninstall the latest Windows Update

Remove all devices with the Driver is not available message

Uninstall and reinstall your printer driver

Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

1] Repair your system files

One of the causes of this issue is the corrupted system files. Hence, we suggest you repair your system files by using the System File Checker and Deployment Image Servicing and Management tools. Run these two tools one by one. After the scan gets completed, check if the issue persists.

2] Restart Print Spooler Service

One fix that you can try is to restart the Print Spooler Service. Print Spooler Service manages print jobs and handles the interaction with the printer. If you turn off this service, you won’t be able to print or see your printers. We also suggest you restart the Print Spooler Service. Go through the following instructions:

Open the Services Manager.

Look for the Print Spooler Service.

This should work.

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3] Change your default printer

If the issue still persists, change your default printer and select the virtual printer, like Microsoft Print to PDF or Microsoft XPS Document Writer. After making any of these two printers as your default printer, the page you want to print will be saved on your disc when you print from Edge. Now, you can easily print that file.

4] Delete the User Data folder

If your Edge user profile is corrupted, you will experience issues in Edge like this one. The corrupted user profile in Edge can be fixed easily by deleting the User Data folder. This folder is located at the following location:


Copy the above path in the address bar of the File Explorer and hit Enter. Replace the UserName in the above path with your user name. You will see the User Data folder there. Now, open the Task Manager and end all the Microsoft Edge Processes.

5] Uninstall the latest Windows Update

Some users reported that the issue started occurring after installing the Windows Update. Updating the Windows operating system to the latest version not only provides new features but also makes users’ systems more secure than before. Hence, Microsoft always recommends users to install the latest updates. Sometimes, Windows Updates may cause issues. In such cases, you can uninstall the recently installed update.

If you are experiencing this issue after installing the Windows Update, uninstalling that Windows Update will fix the problem. If it does not help, you can perform a System Restore.

6] Remove all devices with the Driver is not available message

All the printers and scanners that you connect to your system are available on the Printers & scanners page in Windows 11/10 Settings. If you have installed more than one printer on your system, the problem might have been occurring due to a bad driver conflict. Follow the steps written below:

Open Windows 11/10 Settings.

Remove all those devices which show the “Driver is not available” message.

When you are done, restart your computer and see if it helps. If this does not work, we suggest you remove and add your printer again.

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7] Uninstall and reinstall your printer driver

All the hardware devices that we connect to our Windows computers need a dedicated driver to work properly. If this driver gets corrupted, the affected device stops working. If none of the above solutions fixed your problem, we suggest you uninstall and reinstall your printer driver. The following steps will help you with that:

Open the Device Manager.

Expand the Print queues branch.

Visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of your printer driver.

Install the driver manually.

Is Microsoft Edge good for Windows 11?

Yes, Microsoft Edge is good for Windows 11. It is the default web browser in Windows 11/10 computers and it is loaded with a lot of unique and helpful features. Microsoft does not force its users to use Edge. If you do not like Edge, you can install other browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, etc.

I hope this helps.

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Dead Age Issues: Game Crashes, Quests Won’t Launch And More

Dead Age issues: game crashes, quests won’t launch and more




Dead Age is a challenging survival game where players need to manage survivors, craft materials, and make difficult decisions. The zombie outbreak puts your life in danger and the thought of permanent death will definitely force you to do your best to survive. Defend your camp against hordes of the undead and stay alert all the time because you never know when the next zombie army strikes again.

Unfortunately, many gamers have already reported various Dead Age issues, ranging from locked quests to game crashes. For the time being, there are no workarounds available to fix these bugs.

Dead Age reported bugs 1. Quest won’t trigger

In the past I remember it triggering in the earlier parts of the forest. This time I was in the 12+ areas and still nothing…

2. Early missions are too lengthy and health items too scarce

Players also criticize the overall game set up, and complain that health items are difficult to get and early missions take too long to complete, sentencing your companion to die before you reach your destination. Other players went as far as to say that the game is based more on luck, than on strategy.

All of my first missions are these “Date” missions that seem to have no end. If you skip the prologue, you begin with no medical supplies, no crafting supplies, no materials to buy supplies. Since there is no way to avoid damage, and given the length of the mission, your companion is doomed to die before your destination.

3. The game crashes

Expert tip:

You can sometimes find civialliens that stay after the battle and will fight in the next battles until they die. this is most likely a bug but not the real problem just a part of it. […] when i reached position 4 with a wave fight the game broke. nothing happens after the fight just an event picture with the open truck but no options to select from. this is the secound time this happend and i’m just playing an hour.

4. Audio bugs

Players also report that all attack command audios are only on the left speaker. This configuration is fine with range attacks, but not with melee attacks. When using headphones, this can get really annoying because gamers hear audio only on one ear. This becomes even more bugging when the action takes place on the right side of the screen.

5. Controller issues

Dead Age’s developers added controller support only recently and already rolled out an update while the game was still in beta to fix certain controller bugs. However, some gamers report they can’t accept the pop-up “Gamepad is active and mouse is deactivated.”

The controller support was the only reason i bought the game. The first message in the menu was a popup “gamepad is active and mouse is deactivated…. ok” all i have is my controller and i can not accept this message, ok i connected via remote to my pc and tried to deativated this message than i received a new message ” mouse is active controller deactivated” I tried every button on my x360 controller but i can not accept the popup 🙁


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Windows 10 Mobile Forges On: Build 14322 Improves Action Center, Cortana, And More

Microsoft may be de-emphasizing its Windows smartphone hardware, but it hasn’t stopped rolling out new updates on its Insider program. Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14322 was released to the Fast ring on Thursday, and includes several tweaks as well as more substantial upgrades. 

The most functional improvement concerns two new additions to the reminders function within Cortana. You can already tell Cortana to remind you to go to the store to buy a bottle of wine—but with the upgraded reminder, you can add a picture of said wine to help you identify it on the shelf. Microsoft has also made Cortana a target of shared content. Recall that you can store an article in the Edge Reading List to look at later. In the new build, you can share that story within Edge to Cortana, and ask her to remind you to read it at a later time.

Microsoft also beefed up the Windows 10 Mobile lock screens with camera and media controls. Plus there’s some fun stuff: new emoji!

Why this matters: We may be forgiven for assuming AI and digital assistants simply spring forth, like Athena from the forehead of Zeus. Even if Cortana and Windows 10 are just incrementally improving, their progress still indicates that Microsoft’s forging ahead, despite continued uncertainty around the fate of Windows phones.

Lock screen and messaging upgrades

Media controls now appear on the lock screen.

Insiders have been asking for media controls on the lock screen, a feature that other smartphone platforms have included for some time. That capability has been added to Windows 10 Mobile with this build. In addition, for those phones that lack a dedicated camera button, you’ll be able to trigger that capability from the lock screen as well.

Microsoft promised it would soon be enabling a preview of the “Messaging everywhere” feature in Windows 10, which allows you to send and receive text messages from your phone directly from your Windows 10 PC—a handy way to send SMS texts from your computer’s keyboard.

Microsoft also said it’s given the Microsoft Edge browser better tab management  and copy/paste improvements.

A fistful of UI polish

Images are now displayed more prominently within Action Center notifications.

Most of the other upgrades within the new build concern icons. Again, the most useful here concerns Windows 10 Mobile’s Quick Actions, the shortcuts that you can pull up by swiping down from the top of the screen. A new setting allows you to turn each off and on as you choose, so you can pare them down to the bare minimum.

Microsoft also assigned each setting in the Settings menu its own icon, to identify what’s what more easily. 

And, of course, there’s the new emoji, which have a crisp, clean look. Microsoft slightly rejiggered the emoji layout, which now comes in several categories: Favorites, Smileys and Animals, People, Celebrations and Objects, Food and Plants, Transportation and Places, Symbols, and the more generic ASCII emoticons. Those emoji first made their appearance in the recent Build 14316 for Windows 10 PCs. Eventually Windows “ninja cats” will be added, too.

Fix: Battlefield 4 Crashes And Low Fps On Windows 10/11

FIX: Battlefield 4 crashes and low FPS on Windows 10/11




True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

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Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Battlefield 4 players have reported various issues on Windows 10, such as crashes, low performance and missing .dll files. All these problems can ruin your Battlefield 4 experience, but fortunately for you, there’s a way to fix all of these problems.

Fix Battlefield 4 Issues On Windows 10 1. Disable SLI / Crossfire

It has been reported that Battlefield 4 has some issues with SLI and Crossfire on Windows 10, and if the latest drivers don’t help you with crashes, maybe it’s the best solution to temporarily disable SLI or Crossfire.

To disable SLI follow these instructions:

If you use AMD cards, you can disable Crossfire by following these steps:

After disabling SLI or Crossfire your game performance might drop, but the game should be more stable.

2. Update your graphic card drivers

According to players, Battlefield 4 crashes after 5 minutes of gameplay. It seems that there’s a memory leak that causes performance to drop from 150 fps to 40 fps before the game crashes. This makes the game impossible to play, but there’s a solution available.

This sounds like a serious issue because it significantly reduces game performance, but there’s a way to fix that. To fix this issue you just need to go to your graphic card manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers. It has been confirmed that Nvidia has released a new set of drivers that fixes this issue, so make sure that you download them as soon as you can.

2.1 Update drivers automatically and avoid the nuisance

It can be annoying to update drivers manually, so we suggest using a special tool to automatically do this. By using this kind of tool you will avoid file destruction and even irreversible damage to your computer while updating the right version of drivers.

Ensure your system performs smoothly and avoids all GPU driver errors by using a complete driver update assistant, namely Outbyte Driver Updater, that will do the job for you. Here’s how to safely update your drivers:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Now, it will show you a list of all faulty drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.


Keep your GPU in a flawless state without worrying about possible driver issues.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

3. Disable hardware acceleration in your browser

Users report that Windows 10 uses hardware acceleration for browsers differently then previous versions of Windows, and this is one of the reasons for frame rate drop in Battlefield 4.

Since you launch Battlefield 4 using your browser, the issues with hardware acceleration persist throughout the game, but you can fix this by disabling hardware acceleration in your browser. We’ll show you how to disable hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer, but if you use a different browser, make sure that you disable hardware acceleration for a browser that you use.

After the restart, try running Battlefield 4 again. Hopefully, you’ll see some performance improvement.

4. Change Registry settings

This solution applies to you only if you have Battlefield 4 DLCs installed, but you can’t run any maps from DLCs. When trying to run a map from DLC you’ll get a Requires Additional Expansion Pack message that will prevent you from starting the selected map. In order to fix this issue, you need to change a few values in your registry, so let’s see how to do that.


Repeat steps 6 to 12 until you’ve added all Xpack keys for all Xpack folders from Step 2.

5. Disable automatic driver installation and download older version of graphic card drivers

Windows 10 automatically updates your drivers, and sometimes that can create issues with certain games, such as Battlefield 4 in our case. So in certain cases it’s better that you disable automatic driver updates:

After doing that you can uninstall your current graphics card driver and download the older version from your graphic card manufacturer. Remember to download an older version of the driver only if the latest version isn’t working properly for you.

6. Close EVGA Precision X

EVGA Precision X is an overclocking tool for Nvidia graphic cards, and it has been reported that the latest version of this tool causes some issues with Battlefield 4. According to users, they can’t even launch the game because it crashes to desktop all the time.

So far, only solution is to disable EVGA Precision X while playing Battlefield 4, or if you really need to use EVGA Precision X, you can switch to the previous version that works great with Battlefield 4.

7. Disable antivirus / firewall and run Origin as administrator

Expert tip:

If running Origin as administrator doesn’t help, you might have to temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall and try to start the game again.

8. Lower graphic quality and game resolution

Users have reported DirectX function, free virtual memory and total resource memory errors. These errors are caused by the lack of graphics card memory, and the only way to fix this is to lower your in game graphic settings and game resolution.

In the worst-case scenario, you might have to upgrade your graphics card with a new one that has more memory.

9. Create a new cfg file

Creating a new .cfg file might help you with frame rate issues and lag, so let’s see how to create a .cfg file in Windows 10.

Open Notepad and add the following lines to it:

GameTime.MaxVariableFps 60

PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1

PostProcess.DynamicAOEnable 0

RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 0

RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1

RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0

WorldRender.DxDeferredCsPathEnable 0

WorldRender.FxaaEnable 0

WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0

WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0

WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256

WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0

Now you need to save file as chúng tôi To do that do the following:

10. Change anti-aliasing and anisotropic settings

If your game freezes or crashes during the loading screen, you can try changing anti-aliasing and anisotropic settings in Nvidia Control Panel.

11. Move chúng tôi to Battlefield 4 installation directory

If you’re getting an error saying that chúng tôi is missing, you can easily fix this by moving the chúng tôi to Battlefield 4 installation directory. To do that, follow these steps:

12. Install Visual C Redistributables

If you’re getting error saying that chúng tôi or chúng tôi is missing you need to reinstall Visual C Redistributables. You won’t have to download anything because you can install Visual C Redistributables from Battlefield 4 installation directory.

Just go to C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesBattlefield 4_InstallerVCvc2012Update3redist folder and install x86 and x64 version of VCredist.exe.

13. End chúng tôi process using Task Manager

It was reported that Battlefield 4 minimizes every time you press the Caps Lock button on your keyboard. This can be extremely frustrating if you press it by accident while playing, but there’s a way to fix that.

Start Task Manager. You can start Task Manager by pressing Windows Key + X and choosing Task Manager from the list.

When Task Manager starts you need to find the process called chúng tôi and end it.

Now you can start the game, and the game won’t minimize if you accidentally press Caps Lock again.

We have to mention that you’ll have to repeat this step every time you want to start Battlefield 4 in order to avoid this problem.

14. Disable Origin in-game 15. If you run Windows 64bit, set BF4 to 64bit as well 16. Clean boot your computer

This solution is particularly useful for low-spec and mid-spec computers. By performing a clean boot, your computer can use more resources to run the game. Also, if the BF issues that you’re experiencing are caused by software incompatibility problems, this solution should fix them.

We hope that our solutions were helpful, and we have also covered Battlefield 4 crashes, so you might want to read that for more information.


Still experiencing issues?

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Windows 10 Update Kb4038788 Fixes A Bunch Of Issues And Bugs

Windows 10 update KB4038788 fixes a bunch of issues and bugs




Another month, another Patch Tuesday. This time, Microsoft released the new cumulative update KB4038788 for Windows 10 version 1703.

This is a regular cumulative update for the system, which means it brings no new features. Its main focus is improving the overall stability, and of course, fixing some of the known issues caused by previous updates. And this time, cumulative update KB4038788 indeed brings a handful of bug fixes.

Here’s the complete changelog of update KB4038788 for Windows 10:

“Addressed issue where the color profiles do not revert to the user-specified settings after playing a full-screen game.

Updated HDR feature to be turned off by default in the OS.

Addressed issue where you can’t open the Start menu when you add a third-party IME.

Addressed issue with scanners that rely on inbox driver support.

Addressed issue where some machines fail to load wireless WAN devices when they resume from Sleep.

Addressed issue where Windows Error Reporting doesn’t clean up temporary files when there is a redirection on a folder.

Addressed issue where revoking a certificate associated with a disabled user account in the CA management console fails. The error is “The user name or password is incorrect. 0x8007052e (WIN32: 1326 ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE)”.

Addressed issue where LSASS is leaking large amounts of memory.

Addressed issue where enabling encryption using syskey.exe renders the system unbootable.

Updated the BitLocker.psm1 PowerShell script to not log passwords when logging is enabled.

Addressed issue where saving a credential with an empty password to Credential Manager causes the system to crash when attempting to use that credential.

Updates to Internet Explorer 11’s navigation bar with search box.

Addressed issue in Internet Explorer where undo is broken if character conversion is canceled using IME.

Addressed issue with the EMIE where Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer repeatedly switched between each other.

Addressed issue where a device may stop responding for several minutes and then stop working with error 0x9F (SYSTEM_POWER_STATE_FAILURE) when a USB network adapter is attached.

Addressed issue where some apps cannot be opened because the IPHlpSvc service stops responding during the Windows boot procedure.

Addressed issue where spoolsv.exe stops working.

Addressed issue where the Get-AuthenticodeSignature cmdlet does not list TimeStamperCertificate even though the file is time stamped.

Addressed issue where, after upgrading to Windows 10, users may experience long delays when running applications hosted on Windows Server 2008 SP2.

Addressed RemoteApp display issues that occur when you minimize and restore a RemoteApp to full-screen mode.

Addressed issue that sometimes causes Windows File Explorer to stop responding and causes the system to stop working.

Addressed issue that causes the Export-StartLayout cmdlet to fail when exporting the layout of tiles at startup.

Addressed issue where the option to join Azure AAD is sometimes unavailable during the out-of-box experience.

Re-release of MS16-087- Security update for Windows print spooler components.

Security updates to Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows kernel-mode drivers, Windows shell, Microsoft Uniscribe, Microsoft Edge, Device Guard, Windows TPM, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Hyper-V, Windows kernel, and Windows Virtualization.”

Besides KB4038788 for Windows 10 version 1703, Microsoft also released cumulative updates for all other supported versions of Windows 10: KB4038782 for Windows 10 version 1607; KB4038783 for Windows 10 version 1511; KB4038781 for Windows 10 1507 (initial July 2024 release).

For more info about Windows 10 cumulative update KB4038788, as well as all other updates released this Patch Tuesday, visit Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update History page.


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