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Holiday shopping accounts for a significant share of retail sales in the United States.

Americans spend billions of dollars on gifts, decorations, and food for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays throughout the year.

To cash in on holiday spending, take some time to set up a well-planned holiday marketing campaign.

Don’t miss your chance to attract new clients, skyrocket your sales, and gain high profits.

Here’s a six-step strategy to help you develop an efficient holiday marketing campaign.

1. ‘Holidize’ Your Website

Setting a festive mood and tapping into holiday emotions are essential .

Visitors will stay longer on your website and explore it with greater enthusiasm if they sense the approaching holidays on each and every webpage.

Bring emotional context to all your website’s elements, including footers, headers, CTAs, and other elements.

Decking your site with holiday cheer reinforces the connection users already have with your brand.

Holiday Discounts First

If you offer holiday discounts, make sure they are the first things visitors see on your website.

Keep in mind that the average visitor doesn’t have a lot of patience.

2. Email Campaign

A festive email is a must for every marketing campaign. Customers are eagerly waiting to receive special email offers and save money on pre-holiday discounts.

Use colorful designs, beautiful pictures, and numbers that prominently display discounts.

No one wants to read large chunks of text, so keep it simple and to the point.

Keep Your Most Loyal Customers Closer

You are probably planning to announce special holiday discounts and freebies, which is definitely a great idea.

Consider expanding your offerings with a special email to your current clients.

Provide extra rewards to make them feel special and to encourage them to visit your website more often.

Keep Cool & Be Helpful

Don’t be too pushy, which could easily turn people off. Remember, you are not the only business out there with festive Facebook posts and colorful campaigns.

Hundreds of brands put high hopes in the holiday season, and some remind their audience of special offers as often as four times a week.

However, if your strategy is well planned and your content is engaging, twice a week should be more than enough.

Holiday Email Campaign Ideas

Although they may seem somewhat cliche, keep in mind that some people wait to receive exclusive emails so they can shop with holiday discounts.

Here are five ideas for your email campaign:

Discounts for Early Birds: Encourage shoppers to purchase holiday gifts early, offering attractive discounts for a limited period of time.

Special Prices for Online Orders Only: Capture your customers’ attention with a tempting offer of extra discounts when they purchase gifts without leaving home.

Exclusive Discount Code Inside: Intrigue shoppers with an offer of exclusive bargains.

Last Chance for Any Online Order: Create a sense of urgency and engage shoppers to order before it’s too late. Let them know the last possible date they can safely expect a package to be delivered on time.

Greeting Card: Send your final email on the eve of a holiday. Make it a simple message with a beautiful design.

The final holiday email serves two goals:

It builds lasting relationships with your customers.

It encourages last-minute shoppers to choose your store.

3. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Use Facebook, Twitter, and similar social media platforms where your potential buyers are likely to rest, have fun, and communicate with close people.

Make enticing offers and create a warm holiday atmosphere to encourage web users to buy, share posts with bright pictures and inspiring phrases, come up with a special hashtag, and provide gifts for mentioning it.

Also, pay attention to Instagram and Pinterest. Being visual is essential during the holiday season. People are searching for handmade gifts, inspiration, ideas for food and entertaining, greeting cards, and more.

Don’t just sell your product. Create a montage that depicts it in full holiday splendor. And don’t forget to link to your website!

If you offer some professional services, LinkedIn would be of great use. Ecommerce companies should consider holding promotions on marketplaces and providing discounts to clients ordering several services at once.

4. Organize a Contest

Contests are great social media tools, and the holidays offer an especially perfect opportunity to entertain your customers, since everyone is happy to get an extra gift.

If you sponsor a photo contest on your website, don’t just limit it to one or two winners. Use the best photos to create a special blog post, or to create a complete webpage.

You can really get creative with this one, and people will be pleased to see their photos online, even if they don’t win first place.

Festive contests bring more traffic and engagement, and attract new subscribers.

This approach works perfectly for both large brands and local companies.

5. Posts with Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Some people put off holiday shopping until the last minute.

Reach out to procrastinators who still need a gift or two just days before the holidays.

By offering last-minute gift ideas, you provide a valuable service to your customers, and save late shoppers from the stress and embarrassment of not finding an appropriate gift.

Use phrases like “last minute gift ideas” in your posts as perfect triggers to get the attention of your audience.

6. Launch Your Holiday PPC

Don’t limit your campaign to your existing audience. Let new customers discover your business – and buy from you.

Advertise your brand to the right people in need of your services during the holiday season. Find your target audience in Google Ads, come up with catchy phrases, and expand your business.

There are no rules for when to start your PPC campaign. Launch it any time before the holidays, or use the classic Advent theme to offer new items each day.

You can change your entire holiday ad campaign daily, or every few days.

If you have an online store on Amazon, this is a great place to realize your PPC strategy. This platform offers ready solutions (Sponsored Products vs. Sponsored Brands) so that you do not even have to struggle to come up with something new.


Now is the time to check your marketing campaign (and check them twice) so you can start spreading some holiday cheer.

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Setting Up Marketing Campaign Tracking In Google Analytics

Setting up campaign tracking in Google Analytics to track campaign response

In this months poll I asked readers of this blog to see which campaign tracking techniques they or their company or clients tend to use. Later in this post I explain how to setup campaign tracking.

Around 100 people voted, thanks!, how you voted is shown below:

We asked readers to tick all that apply even if  you didn’t generally use a channel, like display or affiliates, but still knew how to tag, track and review it.

The results seem to confirm what I find when I meet people face-to-face which is that:

2. If segments are used, it’s most likely paid and natural search because these are important traffic drivers for most and the segment is automatically created for Google Analytics – the option is shown in our guide.

3. Email marketing and paid search are used relatively often.

How to setup Google Analytics Advanced Segments for campaign tracking

Advanced segments are one of the most powerful ways of using web analytics to review and improve the effectiveness of your online marketing. But I’ve found when training on the Google Analytics course for Econsultancy that surprisingly few know how to setup campaign tagging, particularly for some digital channels.

Advanced segments enable you to:

1. Compare relative performance of digital media channels. For example, resource volume and by ticking more than one box

2. Isolate a channel to review customer behaviour. If you only select one box you can understand where visitors arrive on the site and their forward paths – which content they consume, which routes to conversion they follow.

3. Review performance of an individual creative, ad placement or partner site. As well as showing the medium that visitors were referred from you can also setting up tracking for an individual ad or site where it’s placed.

4. Review performance of a specific search keyphrase or Adwords campaign. You can also drill-down into paid and natural search to see which phrases or groups of phrases are performing.

5. Offline campaigns can be tracked. If you use campaign or “vanity” URLs like chúng tôi then these can be tracked.

Introduction to campaign tracking

Defining a standard set of online marketing source codes is essential to determining the value of different referral sources such as ad campaigns or email campaigns.

Many companies will track AdWords because of it’s automated integration enabled from Google AdWords, but they may not track other codes or have a standard notation which needs to be defined and then added to all links involving media placements.

Google Analytics uses 5 standard dimensions for a campaign which need to be incorporated into the query string of the URL for each ad placement as this example shows:

The campaigns report in Google Analytics will then enable you to compare media.

The table explains each of these 5 dimensions which refers to this example:

Variable Explanation

Recommended The name of the marketing campaign, e.g. Spring Campaign.

Required Media channel (i.e. email, banner, CPC, etc).

What is the ‘distribution method’ that is used to get our message out to our clients?

Required Who are you partnering with to push your message. A publisher such as chúng tôi or for paid search, Google, Yahoo, Live Search, etc

Optional The version of the ad (used for A/B testing) or in AdWords. You can identify two versions of the same ad using this variable. This is not always used and is NOT included in the above example.

Optional This is not always used and is NOT included in the above example.

The Google URL builder can help with creating these links.

Note that in the major Fall 2008 upgrade to Google Analytics, Advanced segmentation provides some standard source codes for campaign types such as paid search.

Tracking offline campaigns in Google Analytics

Many companies will reference promotional URLs or so-called vanity URLs (we hate that term) in offline Print ad, Direct Mail and TV campaigns to make it easy for the customers to fulfil the offer.

Of course, they also want to track the effectiveness of different promotions.

Best practice in such offline or multichannel tracking has been explained well by Avinash in his post: Multichannel Analytics: Tracking Online Impact Of Offline Campaigns.

As with digital campaign tracking, offline campaign tracking should use standard codes for medium, source and campaign name.

Checklist Of The Top 10 Ico Marketing Tools In 2023

ICO marketing is efficient in promoting exclusive ICO campaigns. It is not a good idea for an initial coin offering to be launched without a marketing strategy. A good online reputation is essential for launching an ICO campaign.

To promote an ICO, you need a checklist. An ICO marketing checklist is a list of key points and steps that must be completed in order for your initial coin offering to be successful.

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any ICO launch. This means that you need to invest more time and effort in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. You’ll waste months of effort creating prototypes and ideas that never see the light.

This is where you might be asking yourself: Which are the top 10 ICO Marketing Checklists? Let me give it a try!

Top 10 ICO Marketing Checklist 1 The Informative Content of an ICO Whitepaper

A whitepaper is the cornerstone of a successful ICO. A whitepaper must be prepared before a project is launched. It also covers everything you need to know before making a decision about whether to buy, invest in, or use the utility token. This includes information about the new coin’s financial, technological and commercial aspects in a language that is easy to understand for anyone, not an expert. The Whitepaper should include an ICO. The whitepaper should include the industry analysis, project idea, and future. The entire team should be involved in the analysis and have a deep understanding of the industry and its specialization.

2 Landing Page or Website for ICO Marketing

While building a website to promote your ICO campaign, don’t forget about the exploration phase. To improve your chances of achieving your goal, you need to determine the current market situation, the key competitors, and their promotional strategies. If you have a reliable website, you can also kill many birds with one stone.

Identifying your target audience.

Validation of the market.

Introduce a product.


Promoting the brand.

Also read:

10 Best Android Development Tools that Every Developer should know

3 Social Media Profiles

Many cryptocurrency traders spend a lot of time online. You can still keep your followers updated on the latest developments in your ICO by posting concise updates on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

4 Discord marketing

5 Blog posts 6 Influencer Marketing

7 Search Engine Optimization

SEO will be a key factor in ICO campaigns. This makes it a clear shot. It seems that the blockchain industry is the only one that doesn’t care much about SEO. It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your ICO via natural search engine results. Moreover, if we look at the most successful ICOs in terms of traffic, we will notice a similar pattern. You should also focus on SEO and content strategy to increase your traffic over time.

8 Press releases

Press releases are the best and most efficient way to spread the word about your ICO project. The press release that you create can be used to invite celebrities to participate in your ICO. You can also submit press releases to a variety of quality websites. These sites may be crypto-specific and can help you reach your target market. To get the best out of your outreach efforts, it is important to do extensive market research and build strong relationships with high-quality websites. It is important to create quality material that can be shared easily.

9 Email Marketing

10 Promote your ICO with Paid Advertising

Who’s the Best ICO Marketing Agency in America?

ICOs can be promoted using a variety of strategies to make them more successful. Blockchain App Factory is a professional when it comes to marketing an ICO. They can help you make an impact with your ICO.


Your ICO should have a top ICO marketing list. To market your ICO, you should also follow the checklist. To make your ICO successful, you should get the best service possible from an ICO development firm. They provide reliable and efficient ICO marketing services that are result-oriented.

How To Sketch A Campaign Map That Boosts Marketing Cohesion

Cohesive customer journeys rely on brand and growth marketers working together

Many modern-day marketing departments are now split into two distinct groups: brand marketers who are tasked with building consumer awareness and growth or channel marketers who are tasked with transforming that awareness into action. Although both parties play for the same team, they often possess different internal priorities. It is easy for silos to emerge that make collaboration an uphill battle.

There is overlap between what brand marketers and growth marketers provide. They each play pivotal roles in fueling department-wide success — but only if they work in tandem to create cohesive customer journeys.

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When, why and how to use different types of marketing plans. It will also be useful for any manager involved in setting future marketing direction for their business or their clients

Access the How to structure different types of marketing plans

Cohesion matters

Modern-day consumers will no longer tolerate irrelevant, inconsistent marketing campaigns — and if Marketing Week’s 2023 study is any indication, brands are struggling to keep up with the times.

So what does an inconsistent customer experience look like, and why does this happen so often? Here’s just one example:

Some customers are unnecessarily lost due to a disconnected customer experience.

At the end of the day, brand marketers and growth marketers need to ensure every touchpoint along a customer’s journey projects consistent messaging, benefits, offers, copy, and colors. Otherwise, the audience will quickly lose interest and seek an alternative option.

To continue the previous example, many marketers who can’t change the homepage create landing pages — one for every target audience, campaign, or promotion. Oftentimes, there isn’t enough traffic to gain statistically significant insights on a single landing page, and there isn’t a strategy to consistently design and develop pages to capture insights across multiple pages because of team structure.

There are several ways to boost collaboration and cohesion across these two groups, but in my experience, building a campaign map can prove to be the most helpful.

Mapping your customer journey

Campaign mapping is just as it sounds: You create a visual representation of the entire campaign and map out every possible customer experience. The goal is to connect the dots across all touchpoints, show all parties how their efforts feed into the big picture, and ultimately drive customer actions to a single business goal.

A great campaign map will feature a high-level view of everything going on in a campaign. It should include every acquisition channel that is in play: TV and radio spots, paid display, paid social, and any other piece of content. Most importantly, it should also show where each channel intends to drive the customer.

If, for example, your creative team sits down to design and develop an asset, the campaign map should show where the customer is coming from and where he or she will go next. It should provide much-needed context and increase the likelihood that this asset will fit perfectly with all other assets along the buyer’s journey.

So how exactly do you go about creating a campaign map? The following four steps will point you in the right direction:

Think through the customer’s journey, and pinpoint where each marketing initiative drives him or chúng tôi example, does your TV spot lead consumers to type your URL into the search bar, or will they feel compelled to Google your brand? If they Google you, which landing page will pop up first? Do the same exact exercise with your paid social placements, acquisition emails, and any other outreach you conduct. This is a key first step to crafting a great campaign map.

Be wary of which campaigns drive traffic to your homepage, as this isn’t always an ideal destination for consumers. For example, people coming from a podcast will likely have already received a sales pitch from a trustworthy source (the host). They will have a strong understanding of your product and have higher intent to sign up or purchase right away. The main website needs a clear and easy path for someone who is ready to purchase to take the next step.

2. Forge a path to lifetime value

Most campaign maps end after step one, but they need to go further. It is crucial to keep thinking through the rest of the flow. Ask yourself, “What are the core actions I want consumers to take after they find my brand?” and “Where do I want them to go from the landing page or homepage?”Some common options include downloading your app, signing up for a free trial, or subscribing to your newsletter. In the case of music streaming services, for example, the ideal next steps would be for someone to sign up, launch the platform, and begin listening.

It’s easy to go a bit overboard during this step, but your end goal is to capture the remaining steps consumers need to take toward first-time use.

3. Identify where customers might drop off (and how to bring them back) 4. Incorporate key benchmarks and metrics

Using your map as a single place where all key benchmarks and metrics live will turn it into an essential tool for your entire marketing department. As each party pursues its priorities, it can have the other one’s goals in chúng tôi this isn’t just about establishing benchmarks; it is also about optimizing future efforts toward what’s already working. When a marketing team has limited dollars to make a certain impact, it can double down on the channels that work.

For example, if the marketing team sees that one target audience is performing better than others and needs to hit its end-of-year sales goals, it can create a campaign that is especially targeted for that segment or channel. If one particular email in a win-back series performed the highest, what was the message, content, or offer that could be applied to acquisition.

Everyone in your marketing department should be focused on the same goals: gaining new customers and growing the business. It only makes sense to create a map — a campaign map, at that — that keeps everyone connected and moving in the same direction.

Absolut Vodka And Their Marketing Campaign Have Stood The Test Of Time

Absolut vodka and their marketing campaign have stood the test of time

Sometimes a simple marketing campaign can far outshine a complicated and expensive one. This is the same for more than just marketing campaigns and usually is true across a lot of things in life in general. Simple and effective is more often than not the way to go. Let us see how Absolut vodka did that.

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The history

Absolut as a company was founded in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith and is produced in Åhus, Sweden. He challenged, and beat, the city of Stockholm’s liquor marketing monopoly with his vodka. He sold it just outside the city border at a lower price than the monopoly’s product. Smith even offered free boat rides to the distillery and “Rent Brännvin” made Smith a fortune. The signs of being different and delivering quality at the same time is rooted in the history of the brand.

In 1917, the Swedish government monopolized the country’s alcohol industry. Vodka was then sold nationwide under the name “Absolut Rent Brännvin”. The name changed with intervals, and in 1979, the old name Absolut was picked up when the upper-price range ABSOLUT VODKA was introduced.

It was only sold in Sweden for a century before it hit the global market in 1979. At this time they were entering a market which was filled with powerhouses like Smirnoff. It was a bold move and for them to stand out they needed to be different. Part of the difficulty of standing out was the fact they had little to no branding and their bottle design was very understated.

The Play

With the branding and bottle design being so simple it was tasked to the company to try an make themselves known to the global market. Shortly before the campaign started, Absolut sought the expertise of consultants, the most important being Gunnar Broman, a well-known adman in Stockholm. Mr. Broman began with nothing—no brand name, no package, not even a vodka.

With an ethos of purity being the main expectancy of their USP, Brooman went to the US with his simple brief.

At a meeting in New York with the top creative team from ad agency N.W. Ayer ABH International, Mr. Broman presented five different concepts for a Swedish vodka. In what would later become a familiar pattern, the suggestion that met with the most extreme reaction—both positive and negative—was “Absolute Pure Vodka.” – Adage

Absolut went out of its way to avoid head-to-head comparisons with rival brands. Instead, the positioning strategy relied on the promise of an entirely new experience.

“Absolut’s positioning strategy relied on the promise of an entirely new experience” – Brooman

Absolut became an iconic bottle when it piqued the interest of Andy Warhol, who created Absolut’s famous print campaign in 1986. According to the Absolut Book: 

“Over dinner one night, Warhol tells Michel [Roux] that he’s enthralled by the artfulness of the Absolut bottle. He reminds him that while he doesn’t drink alcohol, he sometimes uses Absolut as a perfume . . . Warhol proposes painting his own interpretation of the Absolut Vodka bottle . . . When Warhol was finished, [Roux] loved it and thought it would make a great Absolut ad.”

This was it, they knew what they needed to do and how they wanted to do it. The next 25 years would see 1,500 variations of the ad created for the brand and it would take the company global.

The possibilities

With Andy Warhol lighting the spark that would eventually turn into a fire, Absolut explored every avenue of creativity. The idea could be used to get in with current seasonal activities.

Being linked with things like Christmas only went to resonate with consumers. By being in touch with the human side of life, like friends and family, then you open the door to a consumer brand relationship.

They could position adds in locations and make them fall in line with their surroundings. This ad was created for duty-free in airports.

By doing this it kept the consumer in the physical arena they were in and added their brand to it. Duty-free and alcohol are a couple which is always seen together due to the high tax of alcohol within economic zones. Why not buy your favourite bottle before you leave the airport?

They realised they could be part of current events and sporting events. All they needed to do was put it in the shape of the bottle and voila, Absolut is reaching another subsection of their consumers. This is what they did with their World Cup edition.

Finally, their most successful and creative campaigns came around a geographical location. This was a masterstroke from Absolut as it made it more personal to people and where they live. If a brand speaks to you personally then you are more like to purchase from them. It has been proven time and again so Absolut was very clever to use this tactic.

The outcome

This campaign ran non stop for 25 years and racked up more than 1500 variations. They were used globally and generally focussed locally. This meant that people felt connected, and when people feel connected they’re happier to purchase from you.

In the US alone they saw a rise of 10,000 cases sold in 1980 to 4.5million cases in 2000. They made up more than half of the imported brands to the entirety of the US. The company saw a rise in cities around the globe and they did that by making their bottle the star of the show.

This campaign did so well because it embodied the values and original USP of the brand. It was pure.

What To Give Your Very Good Dog This Holiday Season

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

Written By Sara Chodosh

Updated Nov 23, 2023 8:31 AM

Good dogs deserve good presents, and Christmas morning is so much better when there’s a happy dog running around with a new toy.

Shelters aren’t great at identifying breeds for the pooches in their kennels—it’s difficult to do on sight alone. But if you’ve ever wondered what your pup is made of, you can buy this DNA kit and figure it out for sure. Purebred dogs are massive inbred, which makes it easy to identify which traits come from which lineages, plus you probably don’t have to worry about privacy issues with this one like you would for a human DNA test.

Keep track of your dog while you’re away or just when you’re too lazy to get up and see where they’ve gotten to with this GPS tracker. More seriously, if you’ve got a pet that loves to run off this could be an actual life-saver. The collar will send you updates if your pooch has strayed too far, so you can go out after them before they’ve gotten away entirely.

Note: Whistle’s version requires a small monthly fee (many others do too) to give cellular service to the device—that’s so it can tell you where your pet is from anywhere, not just within Bluetooth range.

“Industry experts” call this doggie ball the best in the world. It floats, bounces, and tastes like mint, plus it’s super durable. Fair warning: you may end up hating it because your dog won’t let you stop playing fetch.

Amazon/Big Dog Antler Chews


Give this to your big dog to make him feel wild. Or give it to your tiny pup and giggle as he tries to drag it around. Either way, it’s an excellent chew toy for pals who rip up every gift you’ve ever given them.

Help your pup get smarter by teaching him or her how to solve puzzles. You can start with beginner level if your doggie is kind of an idiot, then work your way up. Or jump right into the intermediate level if your pooch is a genius. Either way, she gets treats!

It wobbles. It’s bright and adorable. It dispenses food. It’s everything your dog wants in a toy. You can put treats in here or an entire meal’s worth of kibble and watch your puppy bat it around trying to get that last morsel out. Hours of entertainment for all.

Really a gift for you and your dog, because with the Chuckit you’ll be able to throw that tennis ball farther for longer. It’s basically a long flexible arm that increases your chucking power—plus it grips the slimy ball for you, so you don’t have to touch a bunch of drool.

Okay, so your pooch may not actually enjoy this shower tool, but he’ll sure appreciate when he’s clean enough for people to want to pet him. The attachment fits onto your shower or a garden hose, for indoor/outdoor rinsing, and it even has a hook on top so you can hang it nearby instead of throwing it on the ground.

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